Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday, February 26, 1999

Went over town this A.M. as it is a sunny day.  Cashed a check for Mar. expenses; got vitamin E at CVS & went into D&K, a favorite place to look around.

Last week I saw Dr. Keverline for my eyes.  And I do have a cataract & arranged to have it taken care of Mar. 16th.  He asked me if I'd lost weight & if I get hot - I said I've lost weight & I do get warm but mostly when I working & the house temp.l is at 72 - for Dad's sake.  Next Tues. the 2nd I was suppose to see Dr. McNett but now he won't be in the office but I can see the nurse - more than an RN - a Dr. asst. but I can't recall the title.  She is very nice.  Oh yes Dr. K. wonders if it's thyroid & gave me ma note to give Dr. McN.

Dad has fallen several times this past week.  Mostly because he is so ornery & won't listen.  Many times he tries to hit me & as a result falls - loses his balance.

Larry & Kim think I should talk to Mark Patterson & make arrangements for a funeral.  Many people do that today & it makes it easier at the time of death.  I don't see how Dad hangs on.  He eats so little & now he's sleeping more.  It's hard to feel bad as he has a way of making things so difficult.  I guess I'll have to remember the first 50 years & forget the rest when the time comes.

Tomorrow I get a permanent & I really need one.  Suppose to be in the mid 40s.

We are enjoying golf on T.V.  Really interesting this week as it is a one on one tournament.

I agree with what you said about the Yankees.  And L.A. spending all that money on a pitcher.  Of course my Mets did that on the catcher.  Time will tell.  It's not an equal situation for all the teams.

Talked to Gen this week & she said she, Edna & Linda (Millie's daughter) all have or had thyroid trouble & take medication.  I didn't know that.

Got a new lampshade & it matches one I got before.  They are lighter & make things brighter.

Morning are lighter at 6:30 A.M. & afternoons are lighter longer, almost to 6 pm.  Nice.  Thoughts of spring.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friday, February 19, 1999

Another Fri. A.M., the 19th.  Dad is still sleeping, so I'll start a letter.

Tues/ nite there was a horrible smell in the house.  A skunk must have been scared & let off his "perfume".  Something scared it - a cat or maybe the lite on the garage that comes on with movement.  It was bad.

Mon. nite Barb & I both got bargains at Penneys.  Barb has wanted a skirt to go with a sweater she has.  Looked & looked to no avail & we found what she wanted in a sales rack.  I found a 2 pc. outfit.  A knit skirt & top.  Aqua color.  Skirt a little long but I can take it up.

Got my order from Penney's & all fit fine.  So now I have something that fits!

Oh yes -- kiddingly I asked Barb if she had any dresses I could wear.  Her answer - "they wouldn't fit you."  Last week she caame up with 2 & one I like.  Andn it fits!!!

Mon. the 22nd I see the eye Dr.  My right eye is blurry - have a cataract starting so maybe it's "riper" now.  Edna had cataracts removed.  An easy process today.  Then Mar. 2 I see Dr. McNett for a check-up.

The weather shouldn't be too bad today so I'm going to try to walk over town & maybe browse thru D&K & go into CVS.

Dad sleeps more now & it's harder for him to get around.  Because of that I don't get to church as often as I like.  Last Sun. the pastor was gone & Roger T. preached & John Check had the liturgy.  They are both great.  Maybe too good allowing the pastor to take Sundays off.

So Roger Clemens is a Yankee.  I hope they don't have it this year.  Give someone else a chance.  At least Derek Jeter got some money from George!  More than he wanted to part with.  Also noticed Cal Ripken still wants to play but won't start every game.  Guess it's hard to retire.  I read an article & his wife doesn't like baseball & would rather have him home.  He's had a long career.

Dad fell twice this week.  One day after lunch.  One A.M. I came down & I always check to see if he's in bed.  Went into the bathroom & when I came out he was on the floor & I didn't hear any noise.  Dale got him up & back in bed & he didn't get up til 11:30 A.M.  I made noise but it didn't bother him.  Tried to wake him to no avail.

Ruth sent us pictures of Rachel's wedding.  Arland performed the service in her apt.  I wouldn't recognize Rachel.  Ruth said David's waiting for his S.S. numbers (or whatever) & then he can look for a job.  They are looking for a house & I guess they found one they like & have to wait to see if it goes thru, etc.  Barb thinks Rachel & Mim look more like sisters than mother & daughter.  As I understand it, they'll have a church wedding in Aug.  Another wedding to go to.  Ruth approves of David so he must be OK!

Spring training has started so I hope our spring weather won't be too far away.  Hoping to see robins soon.

Time for a 2nd cup of coffee.

I'm happy for JoAnna - tell me more about what JoAnna will be doing - what is expected of her in this job, etc.  Wonder what her former boss thinks.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, February 12, 1999

Got your letter yesterday.  Glad to hear the boys are doing so good in school.  Would be fun to see Andy play basketball.

This past week we had a beef roast.  With the left over beef I made pasties & they turned out good.  Had rutabaga & potatoes & gravy.  But I didn't have 1 c. gravy as called for, but did have a little onion soup left from lunch & added it to the gravy & it worked out to be very tasty.  Recipe from "Quick Cooking".

The Conewango Country Club is golfing, etc.  The Conewango Club by the library is a men's club as I understand it.  They serve lunch & rent out the bldg. for parties, wedding receptions as does the Country Club.

Dad was up & sitting in a chair when I came down - one that he has a hard time getting out of.  So time out while I attend to him.

Dad is taken care of but not before he had a fall.  I was trying to get him in the wheelchair so he could eat breakfast.  He didn't like something & turned to hit me, lost balance & he went down hard on his rear.  Barb & I were able to get him up & he settled down.  I'm sure he will have a sore tail bone.

We got a card from our friends Ted & Pat Benson.  The end of Feb. they are flying to Portland, Ore. to visit their daughter & son-in-law.  In July they are taking a trip to Norway & Finland.  Next year they plan to see the Passion Play in Germany.  They are enjoying retirement.

Thurs. was a warm day & springlike.  Today it will turn cooler, snow & all that "nice stuff".  On our side of 3rd we have small piles of snow from shoveling (2 l's?).  The opposite side has no snow.  We don't get sun in the front of the house to melt it.

Barb bro't home Lynn's Penneys catalog so I could look it over.  The next day ours finally arrived, but I don't see much that appeals to me.  A couple of tops & slacks, pants or whatever.

At 6 A.M. the temp. was in the low 50's.  At 10 A.M. it is 39.  Some difference.  It is raining now but suppose to turn to snow by 1 pm.  (It came late A.M.  Maybe 2-3")

Found an old spring pink suit that fits me now, so I'll get it cleaned.  It's ages old.  Good to save some things. Bet my wedding dress would fit me now.

Don't you usually go away for the weekend over Martin Luther King's birthday or is it later.

I'm washing so must check the dryer.

Am enclosing a couple of articles about Buffalo.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, February 5, 1999

It's 8:30 A.M. & all is quiet.  This is Dale's early week so I'm up, dressed & set to go.  Where - well I should cash a check for Feb. expenses so I plan to walk over town.  It is sunny so should warm up a bit.

You got 2 letters as I'm trying to write letters on Fri. & mail them Sat. when I get my hair done.  It doesn't always happen.

Early this A.M. - 3:15 I heard a noise & saw a light downstairs.  Dad was up sitting in a chair - 2 lamps on in the L room, back door & basement light on & in the bathroom.  Finally got him up, changed his Depend & got him back in bed.  But I just dozed so I'll probably take a nap this aft.

Been thinking of Cindy & the baby.  Be sure to keep me informed.

Already wrote notes to Millie & Gen.

Am watching the Weather Channel & one gal has a pretty yellow suit on.  Makes me think of spring.  We still have piles of snow in spots - the sun doesn't reach them - and it feels like spring but I know it's too early for W. Pa.

Noticed in the paper that the Mets fired Tim McCarver & hired Tom Seaver.  AND they will be on Ch. WPIX so we'll see some of their games.  Oh Happy Day!  What more could I ask for?

Signe called last Sun. but Carolyn & I talked.  Dad said a few words.  Carolyn said she'd be taking Paul back to college & would miss the wedding.  (Charles)  But maybe Jim would take Signe.  Hope you can make it.

In Buffalo there is talk about moving Children's Hospital & people are very upset about that.  I watch Buff. Ch. 2 news - it is the most investing.  NBC.

NASCAR racing starts Sun. & Dale is happy.  The book on Dale Earnhardt family came & it is so interesting.  Read it thru.  He is family oriented.  Followed in his father's footsteps & learned form him.  Father died at 44 of a heart attack & he still misses him.  Mother, 2 brothers & 2 sisters still in N. Carolina.

Aft. (PM)

I tried to get Dad up & he didn't want to so I let him sleep & went to cash a check.  So I have my cash for the month.  I got him up & he had "brunch", 2 meals in 2.  He was up awhile & now he's sleeping again.

Stopped at the library & got "Pictures of Perfection" by Reginald Hill.  Tried to get a book by Ian Rankin but couldn't find one & didn't have time to check.  In Buff. paper there was a good review of his books in general & the latest one "Black & Blue".  To quote - "There are no barrooms, no four letter words.  And when he romances the town librarian, there are no affecting descriptions of just who does what to whom.  They enjoyed their lovemaking 'he says', and that's all I'm going to tell you on the subject."  My kind of book - tame!

We got a letter today from Messiah Church Auburn inviting us to the 75th Anniversary May 1 & 2.  We can stay with Elfrieda Kennedy but it will be just a dream.  No way can we accept,m as nice as it would be to return to Auburn once again.  I'll have to write a letter.

Better bring to a close.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, January 29, 1999

Dad didn't know or realize it was our anniversary.  But I do have a lot of good memories.  It doesn't seem possible it is 54 years of marriage.

Finally found the belt I got Barb as a Christmas gift.  Had a feeling it was in Dad's closet.  But we looked there.  This A.M. I looked again & there it was hanging on a hook amid Dad's ties.

Gen called on our anniv. & John is in N. Italy skiing & on the way back will spend 2 days in Brussels.  A 10 day trip.  John will be 38 in Nov.  Gen wants grandchildren!

I'm sure you got an invitation to Charles wedding.  Each one of us got one.  Dad & I, Barb, Dale.  I'm sure Lar got one.  Naturally we won't be there.  Will you make it.  Should be interesting.  Lila & Gen will be alone again.  Charles will be 62 in May.  You'll have to tell lus all about it - I'm sure you'll try to make it.

Sounds like Andy is getting to be a good rebounder.  He's getting to be quite the athlete.

Lar & Kim stayed til 9 pm last nite.  A longer visit.  Dad wondered who was here & when were they going home.  He's out of it more lately.  Some nites he doesn't want to take off his trousers & then we're in for a "fight".  I want them off - he doesn't & gets made at me.  Then he wants to hit me & I grab his hands - he's strong but I'm stronger.  Finally he gives up & let's me put his p/j/'s on.  More fun!  But sad.

Mon. it's Feb.  Jan. wasn't bad at all in spite of all the snow.  And Feb. goes fast I hope for a nice spring.

I long for the Fri nites when we used to go out to eat.  I never have anything in mind for Dad & me.  Barb fixes something for herself & Dale has tacos.  (I fix.)  Usually it's fish or waffles for us.

Received your letter today.  Always glad to receive & read them.  Nice you write to JoAnna's folks.  I always wrote to both folks & they appreciated it.

Did you notice your classmate is running for Commissioner - also Andy Yurick, Jr. & the one from Sheffield. We need some young blood in there.  Should be interesting to watch.  It might help our library.  How did the Sun. opening go.  (Library)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Saturday, January 23, 1999

Received your letter today.  Does JoAnna read your letters before they're mailed.  If not I'm going to quote from your letter.

"I still haven't told you about JoAnna's latest free-lancing & job hunting adventures.  She's doing as well as I expected.  It's not amazing to me how well regarded she is.  After all, she is my wife, my partner for the past 15 years, which includes our prenuptial era.  I'm so proud of her."

What a nice accolade.  I'm pleased you are so happy with your life & wife!

But you didn't write about her freelancing & job hunting adventures!

Yes, I think you have to lighten up with the boys.  After all you aren't a ranting & raving Pentecostal preacher!!!  I'm butting in - but don't hand out punishment your can't fulfill.  I'll mind my own business.

I remember once when I'd gotten the kids to bed.  Dad was out & I don't think you were home & Lar wanted me to come upstairs & I refused.  I've regretted that.

When Dale was little he once told me, in Sun. School class the teacher told them that lint from the dryer would be good to put out for the birds to build their nests.  I should have said let's get some lint & do that.  A missed opportunity.

Today Dale worked on the van.  He replaced something with the brakes & I can't remember what else.  Says it works goo.  We need new tires sometime in the near future.

Dad fell on Fri. A.M.  Today he said his tailbone hurts.  He must have bruised it.  I gave him some aspirin & that helps a bit.  I'm amazed he hasn't broken any bones.  Must be the milk he drinks - has all his life.

The snow is melting a bit.  Today they removed snow on 3rd to make parking easier for those who drive to & from home - their kids, that is.  We have a traffic jam on 3rd from 7:50 to 8:10.  Some are on their way to work.

Finally I got to the Mall on Fri. nite.  Barb got 2 tops.  I didn't see anything.  Then groceries.  Good to be out for a little while.

Nice you're getting a raise.  Just turned on TV to watch hockey.  N. Americans against Europeans.  My favorite announcers are on.  Gary Thorne & Bill Clement.  I'm sitting on a chair in the kitchen to watch.  That's why my writing is different.

Tues. the 26th.

A beautiful bouquet arrived from Ekey's today.  A spring bouquet and so beautiful.  Thanks so much.  It's not much of an anniversary.  I told Dad what day it was & I drew a blank. Heard from Millie but no one else.  maybe tomorrow.

Barb went to Jamestown today to get yard & other things she wanted.  I had a short list for her to get.  The sun has come out.

Hope to get this mailed tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, January 18, 1999

Dad is still sleeping & I have rolls in the oven I set last nite.  Also a load in the washing machine.

We haven't seen the amount of snow we have for along time.  They are dumping snow on Beaty Field so the kids have fun sled riding.  It is tough walking - people don't shovel & it is hard crossing the street as they don't make an opening in the snow.

Sun. Dale scraped the ice off the sidewalk.  It has warmed up so the snow is melting some.

I'm putting a puzzle together (got mixed up on spelling).  It is a hard one so it's not finished.  Like to watch football & work on a puzzle.  We never thought Minn. would lose.  Suppose Denver will take it all.  Soon it will be time for spring training & baseball.

Dad is fed, dressed & sitting in his chair listening to music on the radio.

Barb has left & I'm having a second cup of coffee with a roll.

Did you notice that G. G. Greene died.  He was married to Joyce O'Connor's sister Dorothy.  Their son was your age wasn't he.

Do you remember the motel across from the Mall.  Dale said he heard it was sold & they plan to put in a Plaza.  Someone from Pittsburgh is suppose to be doing it.

Kim was mad at Larry.  They were at friends & they had M&M's there.  Something was said about liking them & Lar said "she eats them by the handfuls at my mother's house".  Kim wouldn't let Lar forget.  He thought it was harmless though - a joke.  But being short she is sensitive about her weight & hips.  Lar won't do that again.

It was funny tho when she was telling it.  She didn't eat any M&M's that nite but she came for coffee when there was no school & ate some then.

I see Bill Bradley has thrown hit hat into the Presidential ring.  Does he have a chance.  I would vote for him.

Have you seen Michael J's latest ad with Tweety Bird & Larry Bird.  So cute.

Now it's Fri. the 22nd.  Letters don't get mailed - too hard to walk to the mailbox on 5th & I forget to ask Barb to mail them.

Now we're expecting a rainy weekend so hope it doesn't flood.  And I'm hoping to get out tonite - mall & groceries.

Last nite Kim told of an incident at school.  A jealous boy accused another boy of writing notes to his girlfriend.  So he hit him in the face, then grabbed his hair & shoved his face into the wall.  The kid has a shattered cheek bone, a big cut on the forehead & was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  The kid who did the damage has a drunken father & mother not much better.  The police were called & that kid is in trouble.  Our schools today.  The principal never wants to call the police when any ruckus goes on.  Kim says if he won't & the teachers think it's necessary, they will, take the responsibility & call the police.  Other principals do.  Notice I spell "principal" right.  Reason:  in Jr. hi our principal aid they should be your "pals" & I've never forgotten that.

Good news about JoAnna's prospects.

Dad should soon be waking up.  Barb doesn't take care of Scott today.  He hasn't changed much.  I'd be worried if he were my son.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

I bot a roll of 32-cent stamps in Nov. but the post office is out of stamps - 1 cent - I'll have to get a few 33 cent stamps so I can mail letters.  What a paragraph!

I finally got to the bank & cashed a check for Jan. expenses.  Went into D&K & got glass plates like you got JoAnna.  Now I have to clean out a space for them.

We have a lot of snow & more keeps coming.  But at least it's winter.  But with bad roads I didn't get out for groceries on Fri. or Mon nites.  Barb went during the day.

In last Sun. Buffalo paper there was an article on the plain plates Kim talked about.  I tho't it will give you an idea of what to do.  The week ago Sun. paper had an article on Frank Lloyd Wright.  I meant to cut it out but forgot & then couldn't find the paper.  One enclosed is from last Sun.

Did I mention in my previous letter that Bob. J. called Barb & asked her to watch Scott 4 A.M.'s.  No Fri - Bob home.  She agreed so she has to be there at 9 AM & takes Scott to school at 12:20.  So she is up & out & I can start making noise - T.V. - cleaning, etc.

The pictures you sent of the boys are so good.  I like them a lot.

Barb was shoveling snow & so was Frank across the st.  He said this snow is heavier than cement.  The first snow was light.  Today it was heavy.  School opening had a 2 hour delay.

Carey's left this A.M. for Florida.  While they're gone Dale can park his car in their garage.

Now it's Fri. the 15th.

Dad is still sleeping. I wrote a note to enclose in Signe's birthday card.  Now I want to finish your letter so it can be mailed when Barb gets groceries.  Will have to get 33 stamps - no 1 cent stamps to add to my 76 32 cent stamps.  Get them by the roll.  I'll get them when the rush is over.

No school today - the 3rd day off with only one snow day so they won't get a day off in Mar. & won't get Easter Mon. off.  Because of past mild winters.  They should have known winter would come with a blast.  We have high piles of snow like in years past.  Aren't you glad you're not going to school in Buffalo now.  We   watch the Buff. channel - $2.  Good anchors, reporters, etc.  I wonder if we'll ever get Pittsburgh channels.

This is a mixed-up letter but at least you'll hear & know that all is well.  Dad woke me up at 2 A.M. this A.M. but I got him settled & I went back to sleep.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Dale is off to work & I'm dressed.  Dad is still sleeping.  Just as well as it is cold.  5 at 6 A.M. but up to 12 now.

It was wonderful having you here.  Interesting to see how the boys have grown since the last visit.

We got the tree down on Sun. & all put away.  So things are back to normal again for another year.

Last nite I started to shorten 3 pr. of slacks I'd put away.  Now they fit so I can have slacks that aren't too roomy around the waist.

Mon. we went grocery shopping & to the Mall.  Didn't find any bargains.  

Bob Johanson called Barb last nite.  His father takes care of Scott in the mornings but it isn't working out.  So Barb said she'd help from 9-11:30.  Will take him to school.  She talked about getting a Nanny job but she realized it would be hard if she left.  I hope it's the right thing for her.  Naturally I'm glad she'll be here as I'd be lost without her.  It's not an easy situation.

Larry & Kim went cross country skiing during the holiday.  They go with Nancy & Jay & the dogs.  The dogs have run running.

Barb was disappointed that Buffalo lost but looks forward to a better year next season.  I hope Denver beats Miami.  I see Green Bay's coach is looking around.  If he leaves there will be another opening.  Many this year.

3 are going to Baseball's Hall of Fame.  Bet you're glad Yount made it.  He played for Milwaukee didn't he.

This is going to be a lazy day.  Cleaned downstairs on Mon.  Upstairs yesterday & did some baking.  Need to make dinner rolls.  Lar & Kim come for dinner on Thurs. & I'm making a casserole you make the day before & that salad you copied JoAnna.  Pretzel crust.  Only I'll cut it in half.

Need to write to Gen so I'll sign off with love to all.

Oh yes, our neighbor Dan N. has a snow blower & cleared our walk Sun.  It was a heavy snow.  Dale did the driveway.  Nice of him.  Frank across the st. used his snow blower & cleared the little house's walk as well as his.  Bonace cleared Carey's walk.  Lar did the 1/2 driveway.  Mr. Carey cleared 1/2 so he could get the car out to go to church.  Barb says I should make rolls for Dan as a thank you.  I will.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friday, December 11, 1998

Larry brought our tree this aft. It is beautiful & smells so good. He gets them at a tree farm. Barb is putting the lights on & I'll help with the other decorations. We'll have to remember to keep it watered. Short needles.

We've had 2 sunny days in a row.  I like it.

Have most of my Christmas cards ready to mail.  Have to write letter to Gen & Millie.

Our neighborhood is really "lit up".  People across the street have lights outside on the front & side of the house. Keeney's (Johnson's house) have a lot of lights.  You'll see them in a couple of weeks.

We are glad JoAnna liked her gift.  Barb spotted it & thought it would be something JoAnna would like - color & all.

Dale waxed the Monte Carol & Blazer.  The Blazer has a shine that hurts your eyes.  It really shines.   We should take before & after pictures.  Dale is so proud of his cars.  He worked hard to get them in shape.

When will you leave for Two Rivers?  This might be the last letter as you'll be gone.  What happens to Boxer?

Your dinner (library connected) sounded interesting but I don't think I understand all the food you mentioned. Out of my category.  I'm too lazy to fuss.

When I read about your library, I couldn't help but contrast it with ours.  I'm so glad you are in such a good situation, & that the budget went thru.  Of course you have the U. of W. & that is a drawing card as well as the industry around.  We're just "small potatoes" around here.

I just turned on T.V. to watch The President's Cup at Melbourne, Australia.  The U.S. isn't doing so well.  It's not over there.  Barb stayed up last nite watching to the end - 2:30 A.M.  I went to bed at 10:30.  This is Dale's early week - 7 am to 4 pm.

Now it's Sun. pm.  I'm at the table with cake & coffee.  Want to get this in the mail Mon.

We have the ornaments on the tree & it looks so nice.  Still have a few gifts to wrap.

Got to church today.  Dad didn't cause any problems.

Last nite we had Orange Roughy for supper & Dale had steak - he's not a fish eater.  It was a good meal so I fixed an easy meal tonite - a baked chicken sandwich.  I hit a blank many times when it comes to meal planning.

We look forward to your visit.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday, December 5, 1998

Lar came over & put the rug down on the front porch.  It looks so nice.  Then he was going over to help the people, who bot Dr. Yorg's offices & home, move some furniture.  They have done a lot of work on the house.  They (L & K) are invited to a Christmas party there.

We had an emergency here!!!  I haven't been able to get our favorite & Andy's too - cheese - but today Barb found some at Bi Lo's.  So we are saved!  Andy would be disappointed.

Tho't I might have soup & pie for supper but changed the menu to hamburgers & pumpkin pie.  It's too warm for soup.  As I walked to get my hair done, I met a lady & she said "Happy Easter".  More like Easter weather than Christmas on the way.

The church is having or had by now a "cookie walk" (buy cookies) & a soup & pie luncheon.  I was asked to make 2 pies so I made 2 peanut butter pies.  Used "boughten" pie shells - graham cracker.

Barb put up lights & garland on the front porch.  Colored lights.  Everybody has white lights & the icicles lights so we are different.

Yolanda P. called last nite about the cooky walk as to time etc.  Mardi wondered if you'd be home at Christmas so I gave them the schedule.

Lar hopes there will be water at camp.  Many wells are dry.  You'll have to shower at home.  Come home in your p.j.'s.

We've gotten a few Christmas cards already.  I sent the West Coast cards off this A.M.  Still have notes to write.  My list get shorter as the older ones go to their "eternal reward". 

This A.M. when I was gone Dad asked Barb about finances.  He thinks too much & then gets worried.  I keep him informed but he forgets.  He has nothing to worry about - I'm not spending - just the necessities.

It's clouding up & showers are expected.

Sun. aft.

Have some cards ready to mail so I'll add a P.S. & get this in the mail.

Last nite about 1 A.M. I hard a noise when I got up, Dale got up.  It was Dad stark naked at the L.R. window.  It took an hour to get him back in bed.  Something was bothering him but I don't know what.  Barb got up also.  I just sat in the L.R. waiting for him to wind down which he did.  I didn't get up til 8 A.M. & Dad slept later.  So by the time he was ready to get dressed it was too late for me to get to church.

Barb isn't happy as Buffalo isn't doing that well but it's only the 1st half.

I'll walk over to the mail box at 5th & mail my cards.  It's warm again today but it sounds like the end is in sight.  I need cooler weather to give me a lift.   Welcome winter.  How long before I don't like that!  Good human aren't in charge of the weather.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 27, 1998

I have a turkey casserole in the oven for supper.  Remainder of Thanksgiving dinner.  Also cooked the bones for turkey soup tomorrow.  We were 6 for Thanks. dinner.  Barb left to be at Liz William's by 10 A.M.  Came home for a 4 pm dinner & left about 6:30.  They are to be home by 5 pm.  Liz & her mother.

Kim & Torey stopped by.  Mr. Carey called Larry & said you should take "your mom & Barb out to dinner".  And guess what - he would be a willing to sit with Dad while we're gone.  What a surprise & what a nice gesture.  I'm really touched.  That's what is nice - when one volunteers out of a clear blue sky.  Many say they'd like to help but mostly it's hot air.

Started to get Christmas decorations out.  Do it gradually.  Have Christmas cards addressed but that's all so far.  Have to be in the mood to write notes.

By the time you read this you'll have the Birthday Box.  Dec. is soon here.

Got your letter today.  They are always so interesting.  At least when you're busy the time goes fast.  But again you have to take a breather.  I take a lot of them & also coffee breaks.

The neighbor put up those icicle lights - many people have them.  We think we'd like to do that on the front of the house.  Barb saw one house that had them lite lighted & the bulbs were stars.  Said they looked so nice.  But I don't know where to get them.  *Couldn't remember how to spell "lit" & then it came to me.

Better set the table, etc.

Now it's Sat. aft the 28th.  Did some baking & now have turkey soup simmering for supper.

Am watching Penn State vs. Michigan State & Penn St. is playing like they should have against Wisc!!  44th quarter "we're" ahead 48-14.

We can't believe this weather - it's continuing into the 1st week of Dec.  Mon. I hope to walk overtown, cash a check for Dec. expenses & go into CVS & D&K.

Time out while I attended to Dad.  He slept most of the aft. & I wanted him awake so he'll sleep tonite.

I should soon have my gift shopping completed.  Kim gave me some ideas for Lar.  I'm more interested in Penn St. than a neat letter.  My mind goes ahead of my hand.

Liz Williams was later getting home so she (Barb) left before 6 pm.  Liz came by today with Barb's money.  Barb was upstairs & I just happened to see her approach the house so I answered the door.  She is very nice & easy to talk to.  Barb is disgusted with me as I mentioned that Barb wasn't too fond of dogs.  Now she thinks Liz wouldn't ask her to sit again.  It just came out - Barb is always saying she doesn't like dogs.  I was only telling the truth but sometimes you don't have to tell the truth.  Barb was upstairs with the door closed - as usual.  Life goes on.

Sun aft.

After church I fixed lunch for Dad & me.  Then I got ambitious & cleaned the fridge.  Now it looks nice but for how long.

I'm resting now & I'd like to make sugar cookies.  Make the dough & chill & bake them tonite if I feel like it or maybe on Mon.   Might start Danish - have to have snacks for Dale.  OK, I spoil him but I bet you'll do the same for Andy or Eddie.  Maybe not snacks but something.  You never stop being a parent.  At least "thems my thoughts".

The sun is finally showing itself so maybe we will see the 60s today.

Last nite I watched S.C. vs. Notre Dame.  Bills are on at 4 pm & the Skins Game at 3:30.  I enjoy golf on T.V. esp. the Skins.  Tom Lehman & Mark O'Meara are ahead of Greg Norman & Freddy _____.  Can't remember his last name.  Tom & Mark each have $150,000.  No cash yet for Greg & Freddy.

I'm just rambling so I'll quit.

John Hornstrom was in church today.   He's gained some weight.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday, November 20, 1998

Soon time to get lunch but I'll get a start on a letter.

It's raining today.  Thurs. temp was 57.  A cold weekend & then a warm up on Mon.

I addressed Christmas cards this A.M.  Now the hard part - notes on most of the cards I send.

Barb is still working on the porch.  The old rug came off & that part needed work done before the new rug is laid down.  So it was up to Barb to do it.  Scrape & paint.

This past week Barb met with Liz Williams & where she'll babysit 2 dogs & housesit.  On Yankee Bush Rd.  She enjoyed the visit.  Liz has traveled a lot, was in Italy & lived in Mexico & learned the language.

JoAnna - bring your Bon Ton charge card & maybe you'll find some bargains.  Sales are starting early - lots of sales advertised - even thru Penney's catalog.

The Birthday Box hasn't been mailed yet.  Barb said she'd do it & I hope it will be soon.

Our mailman wen t to another route - one with not so many hills.  After several subs we now have a new regular "mail person" a woman.  We miss the previous mailman but we'll like this one just as much.  Her name is Nancy & just as friendly s we're happy.

Later in the day.

Just got Dad off to bed.  Just like a child - dress & undress him, use Depends, clean him etc.  Lots of fun, but sad.

We got to the Mall for "5 minutes" & I managed to get a few things.  Got a larger pan for potatoes for when we're all together.  It's a nice one - on sale plus 10% off.  Then to County for groceries.

Wed. I ate chili & it must have bothered me as Wed. nite I didn't feel good.  But later in the day on Thurs. all was well.  Gas pains.

Did you read in the T  M. about the robbery at the bank at the Mall.  Such excitement.

What are your Thanksgiving plans.  Will JoAnna's parents be down.  We'll eat about 4 pm,.  Have a 12 lb turkey . Have a 23 lb. in the freezer for when you're here.

Will end here. Soon bedtime & I want to mail this Sat A.M.  Love to you all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friday, November 13, 1998

Have a couple of thoughts so I better get them down before I forget!  Plan to send the birthday pkg. soon so I won't have to wait in line nearer to Christmas.  Just stash it away Paul but don't forget where you put it!  One gift for JoAnna - the rest are Eddie's.  Your suggestion for JoAnna's gift came too late for birthday but it will be heeded.

Your letter was so clever & interesting.  Larry always enjoyed Boy Scouts.  Mr. Myers was the Scout Master & Lar & Bruce were very close friends.

I missed my Mon. nite out (trip to Mall & grocery shopping) so I'm looking forward to tonite.  Barb's done a lot of my Christmas shopping but I hope to do some tonite.  Hoped to walk over town this A.M. but the weather is showery.  ( did in the aft.  Turned nice.)

Dale went to the dentist this 8 A.M.  Teeth cleaned - no cavities.

Would have loved to have gone shopping with Andy.  It is quite unusual to have one so young like to shop for clothes.  When he's been here we most often looked at clothes.  I think it's great as Dale still doesn't like to shop - except for things for his car.

Maybe you'd like gift suggestions from us but my mind is a blank.  Dad doesn't need much except Depends.  His clothes don't wear out.  I don't need anything either.  Just having you all here will be great.  And you'll be staying at Camp.  That will be so nice for you.  Kim has a tree there - at least she did last year.  It should be beautiful out there esp. if we have snow.  And speaking of that - please don't forget winter jackets, mittens, etc.!!!  If it snows they boys can go sled riding at Beaty.

The next 2 yrs. will be very interesting politically.  Be fun to watch the "antics" of who will finally get the nomination in both parties.

I wrapped Christmas gifts last Wed. mainly to get them out of the bedroom.

Forgot to mention I like the paper you write the letters on.

It's 10 A.M. & Barb isn't up yet.  She's the opposite of me.  I like to get my work done early & have aft. free.  She works aft. & into the evening.

Sat A.M.

I'll add a p.s. as this aft. at 1 pm I get a perm & I really need one.  I put it off for a couple of weeks so it will be good for the holidays.  Then I can mail the letter as I want you to know I'm sending the pkg. early.

Yesterday Lar tore down the old steps & put new ones in.  They look so nice.  The old railings won't work so we'll have to get new ones.  Lar said you will share the cost as our Christmas gift.  So thanks so much.  As I said before we don't need anything.

Dale didn't work this A.M. but he's up there putting a new starter in the  Blazer.  It's harder to get at so he wanted to work up there - & to show off his work.  He is so thrilled - as thrilled as we were when we got a new car.  It really looks so nice.  No more junky cars for him.  He should be set for awhile.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Friday, October 23, 1998

Dear Andy,

Have fun on Halloween.

Your dad writes that you are very busy with school work, football & music.  We like your football picture a lot.  We are glad that you are doing so well.

Dale has been working on the Blazer, his winter car.  It is being painted now.  Even Dale has to take tests.  He got a 94 on one of them.  He took another one yesterday.  They have to know that Dale knows what he is doing when he works on cars.  They are all computerized now.

We are proud of you & we love you.

Dear Eddie,

Your dad sent us your latest school picture.  We like it a lot.  I think it looks like you are flirting.

We also like the school calendar and your drawing on the month of September.  We have a budding artist in our family.  That is wonderful.

We hear that you are doing very well in soccer.  Warren High has a soccer team and it wins most of their games.  The football team isn't very good.  Memorial Field where they play football and soccer is being upgraded so it will really e a good field when it is completed.  T hey are spending a lot of moneyh on it.  Bet your dad has read about it in the Warren paper.

Have a fun Halloween.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, October 18, 1998

I went to the library & got books by 3 favorite authors.  "Death of a Snob" by M. C. Beaton.  Takes place in Scotland.  About a small time "copper" who always solves the case.  Finished it -- only 150 pages.  Now I'm reading "Small Town Girl" by LaVyrle Spenser & I enjoy her books a lot.  Next to read "Fat Tuesday" by Sandra Brown.

Read, & listened to the 1st World Series game.  Went to bed at 11 pm when I knew S. D. wouldn't win.

Our new organist is good but she isn't familiar with our liturgy but it will come.

I'm watching Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore & Pitts just fumbled.  Barb would watch Buffalo but they aren't on T.V.

Heard from Millie & she had her bottom teeth removed.  She already had false uppers but will get a new set so they will match.

Heard from Gen finally.  She enclosed a clipping about Merriam-Webster.

Dale has the car ready to take to Fred Blick for painting.  He did a wonderful job on the body work.  So nice & smooth.

Barb has the 1st coat of the pain on the porch after 2 coats of undercoat.  Soon finished.

It was really warm this A.M.  But I still wore a light coat to church - could have gone without it.  Such unusual weather for this time of the year.

Eddie's picture is so cute - looks like he is flirting with someone.

Thanks for the birthday cards.  The roses are still nice - have kept them watered.

Just got Dad's bed made up clean.  The third day in a row I've had to change his bed.

Dad received a card from Signe with $10.00.  Carolyn enclosed a note & she mentioned Signe's stroke.  We never heard she had a stroke.  So she can't write but can sign checks.  She recently had cataract surgery.  I have the start of one in one eye.  Guess there's nothing to it today - taking it off.

My book is calling so I'll sign off.  Have more letter to write but not now.

Mon A.M.

When at Penney's last Fri. nite, the lady ahead of me, at the cash register, was buying 2 pr. of jeans Andy likes & a sweater vest & it cost $113.00 for those 3 items.  I know Andy likes clothes so was wondering if I should get him a pr. of those jeans for Christmas.  If so I'll need size, etc.  I need a suggestion for something besides clothes.  A.S.A.P.!!!!

I told Barb I'd get a "live" Christmas tree if she'd decorate it, etc.  That didn't go over so good we we'll stick to the artificial tree with me decorating it.

Finished my book last nite.  It was so good.  One more to go.  Bad part is I just want to read & that isn't possible.  Am washing 3 loads & have beds to make up clean.  It's 9:30 & Dad hasn't eaten breakfast yet.  He is dressed but wasn't ready to eat.

Be on the lookout for a birthday pkg, Paul.  Have to get it ready for mailing.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday, October 11, 1998

Dad thanks you for his birthday card.  I roasted a chicken for his birthday dinner, mashed pot. & the last of the yellow string beans from the garden.  A birthday cake from Bilows.  His old shower "conked out" so I got him a new one.  He had quite a lot of facial hair to get rid of.

At church we finally found an organist.  She will start next Sun.  The interim organist was very good but would only fill in until we found a permanent one.  She will be available for vacations.  She was good & knew the service.

The playoffs are very interesting.  San Diego is a real surprise.  Hope they win tonite & I'll be so H A P P Y.  Sony, Andy!

Thanks for the pictures of Andy.   I like that pose so much.  I showed it to Sheila (does my hair) & she thought it was good.  The complete uniform surprised her.

I got another pen as the above writing is light but this isn't much better.  Now it is.

Dale is doing such a good job on the rust spots & a few holes on the Blazer.  Tonite he had me feel how smooth the spots he finished are.  Like silk!  You'll be surprised how nice it looks when you see it.  By then it will have a paint job.

When will you be sure if you're coming for Christmas.  If we have to mail pkgs it will make a difference in our choices of gifts.

2 Mon. ago (by the time you read this) I'm sure there were a lot of disappointed people in your household as Green Bay got beat by Minn.  We watched some of the game.  I like the earlier stat for the East Coast.

Penney's has had some sales - today I ordered from the catalog & got 30% off.  I saw a short sleeve sweater I like so ordered it.

Carol Andersen from church sent Dad a nice plant for his birthday.  She moved back to Wrrn. after her husband died so you don't know her Paul.  Dad helped a lot in visiting her elderly parents when we were first here.  Carol has always thought a lot of Dad.  She is a year older than Dad - and has a great sense of humor & can keep on in stitches.  Hope I can keep the plant without the plants dying.  There are 4 different kinds of green leaf plants.  One is ivy.  Larry could probably tell me the names of the other.  I like it a lot.

Barb is still working on the porch but hopes to be finished this week.  Has the floor to paint & a couple of the lattices.  What a relief for her.  Lar & Dale plan to build new steps.  They have step sets you can get to make it easier.  We also want to get a new rug for the steps, etc.

The city will supply the cement for new sidewalks but you have to get the workers yourself.  Lar thinks we should do that - so may be next spring we'll look into that.  The paper said many have taken advantage of this.  Have you noticed the article, Paul.

Mon. A.M. - 6:30.

This is Dale's early week - 7-4 so I'm up early.  So I should get started on things early except Barb isn't an early rise so I don't like to make too much noise.  Dad is still sleeping altho he was up earlier.  Took off his p.j.'s & depend - he does that a lot & then tries to find clothes & starts upstairs after them.  His appetite has really improved.  He received many cards from people at church for his birthday.  Nice to be remembered.

Now it's Wed the 14th.

The doorbell rang this A.M. & it was Ekey's delivering a doz. beautiful red roses.  A first in our lives - red roses.  Thanks so much for the flowers.  What a nice thought.

Mon & Tues were beautiful.  Today it is rainy & cooler.  Suppose to be a nice weekend.

Barb plans to go to Jamestown this aft.  First she has to go for some groceries & Depends for Dad.  We didn't get to go Mon. nite, as we usually do.

This A.M. I made Danish rolls - & the house smells so good from the baking.

I'm having coffee now with Halloween corn candy - my favorite.  I like Brach's best & C.V.S. has them so I got a supply!  My comfort food.

Time to get back to my chores.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunday, October 4, 1998

This has been a week of more lows than highs.  The high was :  I had a Dr. appt & he said my colesterol is fine, heart OK, blood pressure OK, so it was a good report.  Weight 145 lb.

Tues A.M. I awoke to a mess - Dad, of course, blanket, sheets, etc.  I had a bowl of water to clean him up & I dumped the dirty water into the toilet & forgot the soap was in the water & it plugged up the toilet.  So I had to use the plunger & it was successful.

Thurs. A.M. Dale woke me up - Dad wasn't in his bed & the back door was opened.  We found him in the garage - he must have tried to get in the car.  He was on the floor - no slippers, no robe.  We got him back in the house - Dale carried him in.  How he managed to unlock doors, open back garage door is beyond me.

Thurs. nite he was in the Lazy Boy chair & he wouldn't get out no matter how much I tried.  He said put a blanket over me & let me sleep here.  So what's what I did.  Toward morning he awoke & tried to get out of the chair.  He fell as well as the lamp.  So again Dale had to get him up.  He's just skin and bones but as dead weight is very heavy.

Now this A.M. I cam down & found him on the kitchen floor.  Must have lost his balance while trying to get a drink as a clean glass was there.  I tried to get him up & finally had to wake Dale up.  So that's my saga - lots of fun!

Dale is busy working on the Blazer.  Now he's welding to cover rust spots.  Cuts the part away, welds a new piece in.  He got a welder's helmet so he is protected.  He does a nice job.

It rained Sat the 3rd.  Kim was here having coffee with me & then Lar came over & he put the carpet on the back stairs.  Looks so nice.

Barb is working on the lattices & is soon finished.  There are 4 of them.  And she's started to take the paint off the porch floor.  It rained all day Sat so she couldn't paint.  It's still cloudy today & I want to walk to the mail box.  Need to get out of the house.

Lar bro't Dad a walker.  It was someone's at the Crary home - she fell & broke it & had to go to a nursing home.  Lar fixed it & bro't it over here.  He rescues stuff & so does Dale.  Dale took a vacuum cleaner from the trash bin at work, fixed it up & is using it to catch the dust when he is smoothing out his welding.

Kim wants to know if the boys have sleeping bags.  She was thinking of them for Christmas.

I want to know if Eddie would like a Walkman to listen to his tapes.  You mentioned he was using yours. I need ideas for the boys - clothes & otherwise.  We get our Christmas clubs the end of Oct. & I've also been saving a little each month for Christmas.  I don't get out that much so much time is needed to get thing bo't.  Catalog buying is best for me, or easiest.

Baseball play offs were a disappointment for me.  Was rooting for Houston & Chicago.  Was glad Cleveland won.  I'm sure it will be Atlanta vs. N.Y.

As long as I take things with a grain of salt all is well here.  Just have to spout off a bit.

Enjoyed hearing about Andy's new heartthrob - Kira.  Cute.  Poor Meagan.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunday, September 27, 1998

We had a thunder storm this aft. & it rained heavily.  Barb got home just in time from a bike ride.  But the bad thing it affected the T.V. - no T.V. & I bet the football fans are furious.  It's close to 6:30 so it's been off a few hours.

Barb just called Kim & they don't have any power & don't know when it will be back.  A mini tornado o W. 5th - trees & wires down.  At least we have power.

We all received Andy's thank you cards.

I hope Eddie would like those tearaway pants as I saw a pair at Penney's & got them.  I also got him a legos helicopter set he said he'd like when he was here in Aug.  Plan to get him a top also.  (Shirt.)

Kim paid - interruption.  Barb said T.V. is back on - the last payment on the camp & as a celebration they went out to dinner at Nickel Inn last nite.  Pittsburgh is ahead of Seattle 13-10 with 3 1/2 min. left.  Hope they can win for a change.  They did!

The Mets didn't do so well in their final games - in fact they were awful.

I'd like to see Houston play in the World Series.   Time will tell.

Tomorrow after work Dale goes to Rochester for a Tues. session.  He doesn't want to go as he has a lot of work on hand & after work he wants to work on the Blazer.  He's anxious to get it painted.  He's hoping they'll say he won't have to go.  What I don't like - it's another Mon. nite & because Dale has the trip, Barb & I can't get to the Mall & the grocery store.  I look forward to getting out.

Since Fri. I've read 3 books.  2 were short one.  The last The Potter's Niece by Rona Randall was my favorite.  English novel.  Later setting - after the Puritans left England & settled here.  I enjoyed it & I didn't do  much but read - only the necessities.  Took place in England but some characters had been to "the colonies"

Mon aft.

Your letter arrived today - thanks for the pictures.  Your living-dining room area looks so nice.  The new area looks like a good place to read a book.  Enjoyed reading about the boys in your letter.

Finally it has cooled off.  Sept. has been such a warm month - not even cooling off overnite.

Tomorrow I see the Dr. for a checkup.  It's suppose to be a nice day so I can walk home & stop at C.V.S. & the bank.  Will cash a check for Oct. monthly expenses.

How did your fund raiser for Jon go.  Can't remember the last name & the letter isn't close by.

This A.M. Barb went shopping at the Mall.  S he got a navy Fall jacket at BonTon.  40% off.  It is nice looking & a good buy.  Has a zip out lining, also.

My favorite "soap" in on T.V. & I'm not writing but watching so will sign off with all our love.

P.S.  I found a baseball that must be Andy's.  An M on it - must be for Michigan.  Will keep it safe.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, September 21, 1998

Got your letter today.  Thanks for the pictures of Andy.  He looks so good in his uniform.  I can picture him in a few years answering the telephone calls from the gals.

We enjoyed Carole and Arland's visit this aft.  Got all the news.

Guess it's serious with Rachel & her English boyfriend.  He's sent out resumes & has had a few nibbles.  But he must have a U.S. visa before they will hire him.  They are working on that.

Joyce & her husband are building a home in Cle Elum, Wash.  Their oldest daughter is to be married in Nov, I think Carole said.  The youngest one has a boyfriend, also.

None of Dad's sisters are too good except Ruth.

C. & A. attended the 150th anniversary of the former Augustana Church.  They bro't us a program & booklet about it.  Lots of former Augustana pastors there.  Would have been nice to be able to go.  They met Ruth & Russ Thelin who attended.

Suppose it will be awhile before you know how Ritalin will help Eddie.  Are there any side effects.  I liked his answer to the Dr.  The impulses are something he can't help.

Dad is in bed, Barb is ready for bed & Dale is in Troy.  Now that it gets dark early Dad is ready for bed early.  I'm watching Mon. nite football as well as trying to write a letter.

Were you able to take in a Milwaukee vs. St. Louis baseball game to see McGwire hit a home run.

It's suppose to cool off on Tues & I hope it's true.  It has been a bad time for me - perspiring.

Carole looked so nice.  Arland is getting a little tummy.  It's only a 2 hr. trip from Pittsburgh to Mpls.

Back to Andy's pictures - I'm glad you included the names as now I can put a name to a face - names of friends you mention.  Ross for one.

 Andy, Ross, Riley

I've hit a snag so I'll close for tonite & hope I don't forget to mail it.

Now it's Tues. nite.

Dad fell yesterday & Barb managed to get him up.  Again tonite he fell & I called for Lar but he wasn't home yet so Kim came over & got him up.  It scares him to fall.  He starts walking & then loses his balance & falls.

Kim was telling us she saw Karen Seeley Setili & she said Rick had a job offer in Toronto but she wouldn't leave Rose.  Rick works for the hospital now.  In computers.  He's a great guy.

It's nice that Andy & Eddie can stay along when you go out.  Of course the money is an encouragement.  And I used to sit for 50 cents, 7:30 - 10:30 or 11 pm.  Money went further or is it farther in those day.

 Now it's Wed.  I'll sign off & Walk to the mail box at 5th Ave.

Have a pumpkin cake in the oven.  Recipe from Women's Day.  Sounds good so I hope it tastes good.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saturday, September 12, 1998

Just had a coffee break & will start a letter.  Am also watching St. Louis/Houston & I'm rooting for Houston to win so they get home field thru out the play offs.  They did win.

Kim said her sister got a year old computer for 300.00.  Cost $2,000.00 originally.  The one who owned it works with her husband & gave them a good deal.  It has the internet & E Mail.  So she wants Lar & Kim to get the internet, etc. so they can E mail each other.  Kim has been thinking of it but has to wait til aft. Oct.  Too many bills & that is the last payment of the Camp.  Denny Johnson told Kim the internet is great for ideas for Psy. Ed (Gym) so she's had it on her mind.

Betsy Moran had a birthday this past week & Fri. nite Lar & Kim were invited to her birthday dinner at a restaurant in Jamestown -- can't rem at the Iron Stone.  (It finally came to me - the name.)  It was Betsy, her husband, her father-in-law, her mom & bro. Bob.  Mother-in-law died a couple of yrs. ago.

Barb is getting the porch finished.  Still has the floor, etc. to do.  Looks so nice.

Now it's 7:30 & the Braves are on.  Kim stopped by this aft. & that ended my writing.  Hope I can remember what I wanted to tell  you.

Betsy M. is married to a Jim Senger - he worked at United Refinery.  Kim said she & Lar aren't in their "League".  Jim gave Betsy a gold necklace & it's not a cheap on, Internet service, & a nice Santa that wasn't cheap.  One weekend in Nov. they - Jim & Betsy, Lar & Kim - plan to go to Toronto to see a show, shop, etc.  Kim was surprised when Lar said they'd go.  Leave Sat A.M. & return Sun. aft.

Dale's been working on the Blazer.  Got it cleaned up, etc.  Fred Blick will paint it - he'll have time to work it in between jobs.  Dale hopes to get it ready soon so it can be painted as Fred said it should stand for a month so it sets up.  Dale could still work on it when he gets it back from being painted.

Hatch Patch still has corn so we had corn for supper & it was delicious.  Corn & hamburgers.

Andy - Sammy S. has hit his 60th home run.  I'm still hoping he'll surpass 61 homers.  It's an exciting baseball season.

Almost forgot - Thanks for the calendar & congratulations to Eddie for his art work.  That is wonderful.  I remember working with you kids on vocabulary, esp. Dale.  I don't think you needed a lot of coaching, Paul.

Now it's Sun aft. & I'm watching Pittsburgh vs. Chicago & you know who I'm rooting for.

I tried to get the book you tho't I'd like but it was out.  I did try one of Russell Banks - "Hamilton Stark" but I can't get into it.  But I did enjoy "Pretend You Don't See Her" by Mary Higgins Clark & I really enjoyed that.  More my style.

The latest "Bud" ad on T.V. is a cute one I like to watch.  The one where the frog (I think it's a frog) says "I can't work in this environment", when the other creature won't stop "talking", or is it a burp?

Football is taking over letter wiring & I think I've hit all the highlights.

Sun 20th a week later.  This got pushed aside & never mailed.  So a p.s. & it will get mailed as Rose S's birthday is Tue.  She's having back problems & can't get out.

This weekend is an Augustana Synod doings at Chautauqua & Carole & Arland are there.  Carole called & they will stop Mon. aft. for awhile on their way to Pittsburgh's airport.  They rented a car.  Will be fun to see them.

Tomorrow Dale goes to Troy, N.Y. for a sessions on Tues.  When the class is over at 4 pm he drives to Rochester for a class on Wed. & will be home Wed nite.  1st class on computer for cars.  Can't remember the 2nd class.  He has to go to these classes so they can be a 5 star outfit.  A long ride.  Time for supper preparations.