Friday, September 30, 2011

Monday, August 25, 1997

I finally found a box to fit your "dirty clothes" (now clean) & hope to get it mailed tomorrow.  Dale is on vacation so he should be able to take me to the post office.

Paul you remember Jacque Welsh - her oldest daughter is spending her senior year of college in Kyoto, Japan & will graduate next spring from U. of Penn.  She is a smart gal.  Saw Jacque at the store tonite & she hopes to hear soon that she arrived safely.  She spent 3 days with Janelle & family in Calif. & they saw her off.

Called Ruth last nite.  She is doing fine & leaves on Fri. for Seattle & a visit with Joyce & family.   Lila walks with a walker.  Ruth was surprised to see their lawn wasn't cut & in spite of the warm weather Charles never got their window air conditioner in.  We were never told but in May Stella fell & broke her hip & was operated on. She can't live alone & is in the care unit of the Augustana Home in Mpls.  I'm pretty sure David moved to Mpls & a job there.  Then I called Gen.  They had been over to Edith's as Edith & Ed's cousin from Sweden were visiting & staying with Edith.  Things are fine with them.  John is still looking at houses but hasn't bee3n successful so far.

We've been watching a program on ABC entitled "Explosion" showing the exploding of buildings to make way for new buildings.  Also bombings in movies & police having to deal with bombs placed by "crazies".  Very interesting.

Dale is working on his car - has the door completed on the driver's side.  It looks so good.  Next will be to change the wheels on the other side; the door, etc.  Sam m ight buy his present "winter car".

Just want to let you know the pkg is on the way.

We miss having the boys around.  We enjoyed having them here so much.

P.S.  I ordered a Bose radio today.  Should come in a week.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saturday, June 28, 1997

We've had a couple of lovely days.  Yesterday Kim & I picked strawberries - I picked 6 qts.  Wally Johnson (Levina's bro.) picked on Tues & brot us 2 qts & I had bot a qt.  Today I made a batch of jam & might make another batch as I just got 6 jars.

Today our new neighbors moved in.  I met her Thurs nite 0 she was picking weeds & Torey was here & wandered over.  Kim knows them.  Dan Niezmic - he has a 6-figure job at Blairs.  A daughter who will be a senior & a younger son - can't gauge his age.  They lived outside town & the wife wanted to move to town - 10 miles to town got to be too much driving kids around.

Kim was talking to the gal in Johnson's house & she was telling about Mr. Carey.  He didn't make them feel welcomed.  Complained about the kids & used the F word while talking to them.  Paula & her husband are still there & she can't wait to get into her own place.  Guess the Careys argue a lot.

Now it's Tues. July 1.  Thurs. I get my hair done (earlier than usual - holiday) so can get this in the mail then.

Forgot to mention when writing about new neighbors that I met the gal who bot the Holder house.  She is divorced & her last name is Vavala.  She has a guy living with her.  The house will be painted this summer - she has had a lot done to it.

It's been a rainy day & it's cooler sitting on the porch, but nice.  Kim was mover this A.M.  They'll come for supper on the 4th.  Lar will work at camp & Kim will be at the parade.  She is on the board for ARC - they work with those who are less fortunate - they have having a float in the parade.  Nothing fancy but it's extra work & time for the group.

Mon. I did make a 2nd batch of jam.  It looks nice.  Tastes good.

Starting the 4th Barb will be off for a week & Lynn also plans to be at the lake the 1st week of Aug. so Barb will be off when the boys are here.

The 1st game between Yankees & Braves was an exciting one.  I stayed up til the end.  The Mets got creamed by Detroit.  Better luck tonite with Bobby Jones pitching.

Wed. nite.  Mets are no good in interleague play.  Braves had a great win today against the Yankees.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

It's been a rainy, dull day.  This aft. we watched Mets vs. Yankees.  It was a good series, esp. the first game which the Mets won.  But they put up a good fight.  I'm sure they gave the Yankees a scare.  So I think the Mets made a good showing.  I like the idea of inter league play.

Yesterday the A.M. & aft. circles from church went out to lunch at Heritage House in Russell - they take groups of at least 10 & aren't open daily.  We had a nice time & enjoyed the food.

Interruption as Kim & Torey came over for awhile.  Lar was at camp due to the rain.  It's looking so nice - you'll be surprised when you see it.

We'll celebrate Kim's birthday on Sun.  She can't some on Thurs, as usual as she has to teach a 3 hr. course at the Red Cross Thurs. & again on Mon. nite - 6-9.  Her birthday is Sat. but they'll go out to dinner.  Just 2 sessions for the class.

Now I'm watching Braves vs. Toronto & Tor. is ahead so far.  They won.

Barb's been doing some weeding at the library.  Lar got - can't think of the word - like mulch & she put it around the shrubs & it's a great improvement.  Now she is starting in the basement - painting the floor & walls.  A cream color for the walls & a tan floor.  She's going by sections & has one section completed.  What an improvement.  It will take awhile - we have stuff we should get rid of.  Lucky you don't have a basement to collect junk!

Dale is keeping the outside looking nice.

Enjoyed your letter & hearing of your doings.  That is said about Renee but she sounds very cheerful & sure of the results.

Thurs.  It's a beautiful day.  I did a load of wash & hung it outside.  Dale put the hooks up & then the lines so I can dry sheets outside.

When I asked Kim what to serve for her birthday - (when I asked anyone for ideas I don't get much response) Kim suggested salads & to grill hamburgers.  We had steaks for Father's Day.  So I'll make pot. salad, Broccoli Salad & fruit salad.  Noticed Betty Crocker has a small angel food mix that makes 12 cupcakes or a loaf cake.  I'll try that so she can have some candles even tho she doesn't eat desserts - except M&M's.

Now it's Fri A.M.  Will be warmer & more humid today.  They came & checked the air cond. & all is in good order.  We'll probably use it today.

This letter will finally get mailed tomorrow - when I go over town.

Just watched a Western starring Audie Murphy.  Enjoyed it.

Yesterday the movers were here (Conaways) & Dad sat on the porch watching.  They (Harraras) are still here - at least the car is there & the back end opened so I suppose it's the last minute stuff before they take off to N. Dak.  Haven't heard a thing about the new neighbors.

Strawberries are late this year - none so far at Hatch Patch.  I need to make jam.  Usually I pick with Kim. They have raspberries you can pick.  Maybe I'll try that when they're ripe.

Gen was 75 June 13th & it was Fri.  They (Millie, Edith, John, Gen & Ed) went out to dinner & then back to Gen's for cake & ice cream.  Millie & Edith got a special cake decorated with "75".

Think I've "gabbed" enough.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Letter to Eddie (June 1997)

I've been reading about the new Disney movie Hercules.  Have you seen it.  It sound like it would be pretty good.

We have new neighbors, so maybe there will be new boys for you & Andy to get to know.

At the house across the street, (at an angle) and new neighbors next door.  They are moving in now.  They have a dog - a cocker spaniel puppy.  The people across the st. have 2 cats & an all white dog.  One of the cats is all white, too.

Scott comes down with Barbara & they ride their bikes around the block.  Scott has no sidewalks where he lives.  He is finally "potty trained".  See you soon.

Love from us all to all of you.

Letter to Andy (June 1997)

Dale got an ad for Sports Heros and enclosed was a sample about Michael Jordan.  Barbara thought you would be interpreted so I'm sending it to you.

The newspaper has ads for Waldameer Park.  The present coupon expires July 4th.  There will be more so we will watch for them.  Kim said Larry could take a day off so on a Thurs. you could get an early start & spend more time there.

It's been very hot & muggy.  When Kim comes over with Torey, the dog is so hot & pants awhile.  He heads for the dining room & lays under the table.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday, May 16, 1997

The flowers you sent are so lovely - Thanks so much.

Still no spring but 70s are predicted for next week. We have done nothing outside yet. Lar did till the garden but it's still too cold here. Some days are more like March. The furnace goes on every A.M. Dales has mowed the lawn.

Our pastor is taking a sick leave starting June 1st for about 2 months or more. Ray Forstrom (Youngsville & a retired pastor) will preach.

Did you notice that "The Mets" reached & went over the .500 mark. Hope they keep it up. I sure miss their broadcasts. I like to watch hockey but it bothers Dad to watch it. I'm for Colorado -- all the way.

Dale is getting another car - too good to pass up. Sam B. had first "dibs" on it but Dale didn't think he'd want it as it required too much work to be done. Sam has a wife & also a boat so they spend time boating at the Dam.

The car is a Monte Carlo SS - an '85.  Be a winter car & he'll sell the present winter car.  It is good for him to have a project like this to keep him busy when he doesn't go out any more.  He also has projects around the house.

Last Sun. we took Dad to see Lar & Kim's place.  It is looking so nice - floor completed, except for the kitchen area.  He was ready to grout the tile so we haven't seen that completed.  Last nite he said he put the sink & faucet in.  They hope to have the front rooms completed by the 4th of July so they can entertain.

Kim is in Fla. at her sister's.  Left Wed. nite & will be home Mon. nite.  Taury is lost - keeps looking for her.  Sat is the big day when her niece's story she wrote for a school contest is read, along with others in the area.

Back to Lar - they got the cupboards, refrig, stove & dishwasher for $100.00 from one of the Crary homes.  He sanded the cupboards, etc. so now they are light & look wonderful.  The appliances aren't in yet.  Have to do the floor first.

Our freezer gave out so I got another one.  Lost a few things but nothing big.

This week Dale works from 7 A.M. - 4 P.M. & is home for lunch soon after 11 A.M.  So I'll bring this to a close.

Not much goes on here.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday, April 27, 1997

Have a minute while dinner is cooking so I’ll start a letter & see if I can finish it later.

It’s been a rainy day but it looks like it is trying to clear up. It’s suppose to warm up this week.

Dale has a summer schedule at work. Every other week they work from 7-4 with an hour for lunch. This is the 2nd week of early hours. Dale gets up at 5:30 A.M. & showers in the basement so he won’t make too much noise. I’m up at 6 A.M.

Carole & Joyce were home for Ruth’s operation so Sat. A.M. after the operation I called at Ruth’s as I figured they’d be there. Talked with Joyce – all went well & I haven’t heard since. Tried to get Beloit but I guess Gen spends the days with Lila. Signe called & she tho’t Lila was in a nursing home. The hour difference in time makes it harder. Think I’ll call your time& then I’m tired & I forget. Joyce said they sold their home & would be moving to Cle Elum the other side of the mountain. Have property on a mt. at 2400 ft. & they’ll have hot summers and cold winter. They will build & hope to do a lot of the work themselves. Will have to rent for now.

Barb & I got groceries & stopped at the Mall. Was watching Atlanta v. L.A. cut Atlanta can’t lose so I changed channels. Mets are winning, but we don’t get them. ESPN lets us know.

After Larry finished the kitchen floor the 3 plain walls in the kitchen didn’t look good. They were yellow walls. So Barb decided to paint & we got a light beige & what an improvement. It looks so nice & makes it lighter.

We’re watching Larry King interviewing Colin Powell. Interesting.

Tues A.M. Upstairs in cleaned & I’m waiting for sheets to dry & then I’ll take things upstairs to put away.

Dale told me this A.M. that Wed. after work, when he’s cleaned up, etc. he leaves for Rochester for Thurs. & Fri classes for his job. They earned a 5 star rating so last Wed nite (23rd) they had a dinner for all employees at Jackson Valley C.C. The Chrysler organization provided all the food & I suppose the chefs there did the work. Last year they just missed it as one of the employee’s girlfriends had a complaint – the others were disgusted at that.

This week Sam Baughman & wife are spending the week at Shults’ condo in Fla. He won the trip. If a person you recommended bot a Shults car your name would be placed in a pool. San had 6 names in there & his name was drawn. He was happy. Flight down & back & the condo for a week. His folks are in Fla. so he planned to see them.

Tomorrow (Wed) is suppose to be nice & warmer so I’ll go over town & cash a check for my May expenses & look around at D&K. Not much left downtown anymore. But I love to go into D&K – like a rummage sale only better. And I’ll return library books & get more. Finished a Sandra Brown book & it’s quite “steamy”. Also read one by M. C. Beaton. I like them a lot.

Now it’s 7:30 pm. After supper I pulled a few weeds by the side of the house. Need to get some gloves before I really start gardening.

Called Beloit last nite & talked to Genevieve but didn’t really learn anything. Charles was out. Lila and Ruth are both in rehabilitation places.

Did you catch the Mets score on Mon the 28th. Mets 15 – Cincy 2. I love it. Next year we might not get as many Braves games as they are planning to downsize TBN.

Time to send our love to all of you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, April 14, 1997

Ruth called last nite to tell us she will have a hip replacement on Fri. about 1pm. It will be at Swedish American Hosp, Rkfd. She'll be in the hosp. about 5 days & then will go to P. A. Peterson Home for therapy, etc.

At noon today our time Charles called to tell us Lila took a fall yesterday & will have an emergency hip replacement this aft. as soon as the Dr. finises another schedule operation. She has complained of sharp pains & fell a couple of times at home yesterday. T hey went out to a meeting & she fell in the parking lot. They called 911. The nurse said the bone was already broken so the fall didn't cause it. That's probably the only way Lila would see a Dr. or go to the hosp. What a coincidence - both sisters having the same operation.

Chas. mentioned he was in Madison for a mtg. & called at the library to see you.  He said the library is so nice. Think he was surprised.  He spoke with someone who is active in Lib. work & she spoke very highly of you, Paul.  Nice words for a mother to hear!

Cleaned upstairs today.  Usually it's a Tues. job but tomorrow is suppose to be nice & warmer for a change.  So in the A.M. I'll walk over town & cash a refund check (returned 4 cases kitchen tiles ) & go to the library.  In the aft. have circle at church.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday, April 12, 1997

It's a cold rainy day & I had to walk to get my hair done.  It's Dale's Sat. to work & Barb is taking care of Scott while Lynn & Bob are away for the weekend.

Kim talked to Ann Lesser this past week & Ann mentioned the new Lib. director is a man but she didn't say his name.  Ann is thru the end of Apr. & the new dir. comes near the end of May.

I got a book The Cousins by Rona Jaffe but it didn't appeal to me so I didn't finish reading it.  Now I'm reading The Daughter of Cain by Colin Dexter & I'm enjoying it. 

Just wrote a note to Millie who will celebrate her 82nd birthday the 17th.  Millie, Gen, & Edith (Ed's sister) usually go out to lunch at a nice place on birthdays.

Next Tues. I'll be able to watch the Mets on ESPN when they celebrate Jackie Robinson Day.  Baseball has gotten off to a bad start in some areas with all this lousy weather we've been having.  And the Cubs haven't won a game as of the 12th of Apr.  The Mets are a little better!!!  Not much.

Barb didn't look forward to this weekend with Scott.  He is such a rascal.

Thanks for the letter & the pictures.  What a wonderful week you had.  Enjoyed the descriptions of it all & know it was an experience you'll all treasure for a long time.  What a great experience for Andy & Eddie.

I'm watching "The Brian Piccolo Story" & it sure is a touching one.  Because of that I'm not getting much written.

Dale had a nice birthday this past week.  He managed to get home for a 6 pm dinner.  Talk about someone dedicated to his job.  That's about all he does now.  His "summer" car is now being given some repair & a new paint job.  Some of the floor was being eaten away & will be replaced.  At first Dale wondered if it would be worth the money.  But the fellow doing the work said he could do it so Dale agreed.

We are enjoying the Masters Golf on T.V.  I'm hoping Tiger Woods goes all the way.  What a beautiful golf course.

Soon time for lunch.  Barb & Scott just came by.  Will finish later.

Barb said Scott went to be at 9:30 pm and slept thru til 6:30 am.  This A.M. she took Marisa to her cousin's & she'll sleep overnite.  So Barb just has Scott.  She'll be home Sun. aft.

Oh yes, Paula Carey called Fri. to let me know she'll want the house key between 7-8 pm Sun. nite.  She's coming alone, why I don't know, except perhaps he hasn't taken his Pa. law exam.  She starts a new job Mon. A.M. at one of the banks.

Barb & Scott just stopped again.  They went to the Mall to break up the monotony.

Even on Sat. Dale doesn't get home too early & then he's gone to Seaman's to look for car parts.  It's also different with Barb gone & it would be pretty lonesome if we were alone.  So I'm glad Barb & Dale are home with us.

At 2:15 T.B.S comes on with Atlanta vs. Chicago.  I can't stand the Atl. announcers but I'll tone down the audio.  Then golf at 3:30 & that is interesting.  It's time for Chic. to win its first game.  Hope the weather is O.K.

I'm written out.  Things are pretty good with Dad.

P.S.  For Andy & Eddie Cady's store over town sells the Beanie Babies.  They had some this week & sold out fast.  Next time I'll try to get over & get one for each of you.  Any special one you'd like.  Tell your Dad & he can write it in a letter or you can tell me when we talk on the telephone.  Love you, Grandma.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Just a few words.  Finished cleaning upstairs & have some letter to mail for Dale.  I'm enclosing some clippings and a note from Gen, so I won't have to writer about her happenings.

Baseball today - ESPN - 1 pm, 4 pm, & 8 pm.  So you know what we'll be doing.

Followed the temps in Ariz. so I know you had summer weather.  We didn't get the snow the East had - today it's sunny & warming up.  Tomorrow will be even better so I'll walk over town & do some errands.

I'm back to reading.  Angel by Barbara Taylor Bradford & Home Song by La Vyrle Spencer.  Both enjoyable reading.

The kit. floor is so nice but I see more spots than with the rugs - no wonder it got so dirty.  So now I'm going to go after the spots 

Letter to Marion from Gen.
I'm at the Dr's office for Ed.  He has a rash that has been bothering him.

About a month ago he had a mild heart attack.  I went to the Dr. with him & the Dr. wanted to hospitalize him for observation overnight, but Ed didn't want to.  He has slowed down but can't understand why  he can't do what he used to accomplish.  I'm sure if he lets his heart heal a little he will be able to do more, but maybe he should slow down.  He does go up in the wood to cut wood, but he has a wood cutter to cut the logs into pieces.  We use the wood in the breezeway to keep it warm for the 2 cats!  We don't even use that room for ourselves!

They are cut tho and very clean, should have one! or two!

I just grabbed this paper as I came out the door.  Yesterday Ed had an eye major change there.

John wants to buy his own house - doesn't want to live right near to us.  He has looked at several.  There is one in Wilbraham that he likes with a nice view - it is a large ranch.  He's made an offer on it, but quite a bit lower than the people want to accept.  It is empty now & I wonder if they don't sell soon if they will accept his offer.  It was owned by an elderly couple & the husband died & the wife is living with a daughter.  It does need some fixing but Ed says it is the best house John has looked at.  He has looked at several in Longmeadow, too.

Wally & Edna's house was put on the market for 127,500 & the price in last Sunday's paper was 108,000 or something like that.  It is a real nice house, but not the best location.  Betty & Bob scrubbed & painted & fixed everything up to make it like new.

We have robins in our back yard.  So good to see them.  I'm ready for spring.

Hope Barb is better and that the medication is working.

Yesterday after the Dr's we stopped at Gus and Paul's (or Dale) for coffee & a danish.  Wonder where we will stop today.  Ed feels we are entitled to something different once in awhile.

Frank isn't feeling too well, but I guess that is expected.  He's been in the nursing home for over 5 yrs.

Millie & I went out yesterday to do a few errands.  She enjoyed Las Vegas. She'll probably be writing you.

This is Tuesday, the 25th.

It's a gray day but tomorrow is supposed to be clear & warmer.

I should do some ironing & make some Brownies.  I use the Pillsbury Mix - it is so easy.

Sunday, March 23, 1997

Have a great trip & enjoy the warm weather.

Had circle at church this aft & on the way home noticed that Conaway's old house is up for sale again.  The people haven't been here 2 years yet.  A surprise.

Holder's house has been sold but I don't know who bo't it.  They got ride of a pile of junk.  Guess Betty Jean wasn't a good housekeeper.

Keep forgetting to ask if Albert's Cindy is expecting yet.

The kitchen floor is going to be so nice.  Right now things are a mess as Lar can only work a few hours at a time.  But it will be well worth the upset.  It's a lighter floor & will make the room look lighter.  Now I want to get rid of the yellow wall paper on 2 sides of the kitchen.  Maybe a beige color with a touch of peach.  That will mean moving things again.  Have more cards to write.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, March 2, 1997

My cold is much better but I think Dad has it now.

Saw in the paper that Mr. Van Volkenburg died.  He was 72.  He had been ill for some time but I don't know what it was.

Last Thurs. Bensons, Hollertzs, and Forstroms were here for lunch & as usual we had a great time.  Warren is preparing a paper to read at Ridgway's Historical Society & he found an interesting tho't.  When their church was founded by the Swedes they named it The English Lutheran Evangelical Bethlehem Church.  When the next generation were the leaders they officially renamed it The Svenska -----Church.  The new Swedes wanted to be "Americanized", their children wanted to go back to their roots.  In Warren's time they changed it back legally to the first name.

Bensons just came back from a trip to visit friends in Texas & Fla.  In June they are going to Sweden for a 3 week trip.

Signs of spring are appearing.  I haven't seen a robin yet but some people have.

We arranged for an electrician to put in a new elec. box.  But they have to wait for warmer weather.  I think I'm repeating myself but my mind seems to be blank in trying to write a letter.  I'm watching a Claudette Colbert war movie & that doesn't help.  Joel McCrae is in it but I don't know the title as it had already started when I put it on.  Barb & Dale are watching Nascar racing & Dad is asleep in his chair.

Now it's Fri the 7th & I want to finish this so I can mail it tomorrow.

My cold is much better but I did something to my back - lifted wrong or something.  Have had the heating  pad on it so that helps.

The materials for our kitchen floor were delivered.  Don't know when Lar will work on it.

Kim & Lar got the tile for their kitchen & yesterday Lar got most of it glued on.  Just the part left where the tiles must be cut to fit.  He said it looks nice.  They also got the hard wood for the floor & kit. bar.  But I don't remember what kind it is.  So that part of the house will be ready for summer entertaining.  Only the 2 bedrooms to finish.

Today is Lila's 85th birthday.  We plan to call her a little later.

We got a bit of snow overnite & the roads were slippery so school was delayed 2 hours.  It was a sunny day, for a change, so a lot of snow melted.

Gen called recently - have you heard from her.  She got the returned cancel check for Andy, but not Eddie's so she wondered if it was lost.  If so, she'll send another one.  She said she'd write to find out.

Johnny was in Texas for the Company he works for.

Larry G. has to go to Las Vegas for a convention & he wants to take his 10 yr. old son & wants Millie to come so she can care for him when Larry is at meetings.  It might be this weekend.  They'll leave on Fri. so they'll have Sat & Sun free & the mtgs are Mon & Tues. & they'll be home Wed.  Millie doesn't like to fly but they should have a good time.

Time to watch TV.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday, February 21, 1997

This will be a lazy day. Next week will be busy as our 6 friends come for lunch on Thurs. Have the menu planned & will get the house in order. Will have the same meal at nite when Lar & Kim come over. All of a sudden Torey is afraid of Dale - it must be the uniform - someone must have scared the god & now he barks at Dale & it makes Dale feel bad. Before he always went to Dale.

Today at 10 A.M. an electrician is coming about a new outlet box so we won't need fuses anymore.  We also need some new lines for more power when Dale uses the elec. tools.  He wants more power in the garage.  I can't use the microwave & the elec. roaster at the same time without blowing a fuse.

And I ordered new flooring for the kitchen.  Sent 1/2 the cost for the order & will pay the rest when it comes.  Next I need to call about getting the porch painted.  Dale said he'd do the garage windows & big door.  He already did the side door.  So the house will look nice on the outside.  Thanks to Edna.

We've had spring weather but it will change by the weekend.  The snow is just about gone.

Paula Carey was back again for an interview at Northwest Savings.  He has a job but needs to pass Pa Bar Exams.  They even looked at a house.  Lar & Kim ate at Jamie's last Fri nite & Paula & her husband came in & they talked.  Kim wonder why they want to come here - thinks Paula has outgrown Warren.  I think she wants to please her parents.

Do you remember Viola Seaquist - her daughter Betty Ann 59 yrs. died of cancer, due to smoking.  She had moved to Calif. 8 yrs ago to be with her children - 3 of them.  Last Sat they had a Memorial Service at church - 1 1/2 hrs & very different.  Planned by her kids.  They took her death hard.  Viola was in Calif. to help at the end.  They paid to have their pastor here for the service & he stayed at Viola's.  She had a houseful & she is 85 yrs & active.  A good group was there.  I attended the service.

Now I'm dressed, breakfasts are over.  There is a load in the washer & in the dryer.  Paid a few bills & now I'm drinking a 2nd cup of coffee.

Last nite we had halibut I got from Schwans & it was good.  Yesterday I got chicken on a roll - they sound good.  8 in a box.  Wanted to try their chicken meals but he didn't have any.  I'll get them in 2 weeks.  Their froz. peas are delicious.  Even Dale agreed & he isn't that keen on peas.  My orders are getting larger.  They are a little higher in price but since we don't eat out anymore that justifies the extra in my mind.

We called Stella & she is happy to be settled again.  Tried to call Ruth & then forgot to try again.  Maybe I'll connect this weekend.

Did I tell you Barb had more problems with her period.  She got a birth control shot the Dr tho't might help and it has.  She had a pap smear & blood test & all is well.  No cancer & blood O.K.

Should write to Gen so will bring this to an end.  When can  we expect the boys visit during the summer.  One sure thing will be a trip to Waldemeer Park.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday, February 7, 1997

Enjoyed reading your last letter received Feb. 6.  With our library some say their problem is that they have no overall plans for the future.  Don't think Ann Lesser was that good a lib. director - she just let things go along - altho there was the addition ion her time.  Nothing has been said about a successor.

When Taury sees Dale in his work uniform, he barks at him & will have nothing to do with him.  It's so funny.  Tonite the 7th Lar & some of the "guys" are going to a soccer game in Buffalo so Kim will be coming over here.  The game will be in the new arena & it looks like a beautiful place - from the Buffalo paper.  He can tell us all about it.

Barb has had a heavy flow again & cramps for a couple of days.  So she saw the Dr again ready to have an operation.  But they are trying something else first.  Today she will get a birth control shot that should stop her periods.  I hope it will help.

Did you know Charles Cataldo?  He was 46 - his death notice is in today's paper.

It's breakfast time & Dale has gone to work & Dad should be down anytime.  So I'll sign off & wish you a romantic Valentine!