Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, June 22, 1991

Dad says thanks for the Father's Day greetings - the pictures of the boys are so good - I know we're missing a lot but that's how the ball bounces!  The one of Andy on the bed with Paul & Eddie looks like he has a real satisfied smile.  His world is great.  And Eddie is such a "doll", even if he is a boy.  You are very lucky parents.

Today Ed & Gen are entertaining the Swedish Vasa lodge - at their place.  Pot luck picnic.  I know they've been busy inside & out but I'm sure Edith is helping & maybe Edna as they are members.

The Carey wedding was great.  Lar & Kim told us all about it.  Figured the dress was in the $1500.00 range.  At the country club first they served hors d'oeuvres - expensive ones - caviar, etc.  For the meal, which was buffet -- delicious & tender Prime Rib, fresh salmon, etc.  About 25 were Lisa's friends, the rest Dr. & wives & important people.  Lar & Kim sat with Jack's secretary & her husband.  Lisa's husband has 2 sons, oldest is 16, both were there.  Paula has a b.f. & is living with him.  It must have really cost them a bundle - Mrs. C said they'd have to increase the coffer before there would be another wedding.

We celebrated Kim's birthday & Father's day together as she planned a picnic for her coed group on Fri.  She loved your gift Barbara.  Mon nite they went to Galen's golf supply & each got a putter as they could turn in their old ones for a rebate plus the sale price so they did OK.  I got her another gift - have you seen the mop dolls - Debbie at Penney's Salon makes them & made one for me & it is so cute.  Kim had seen one at a friends last week & loved it so was pleased to get one.  It will go in their new bedroom.

At the last trustee's mtg - one of the men talked to Lar about the apt. & Lar told them what he'd like to do.  He told Lar to go ahead with plans & get an estimate for the board.  He said to plan on a furnace too.  That really pleased them.  The present bedroom would become a dining room & the large room where Mrs C. painted could become 2 bedroom & a bath.  They'd have 3 bedrooms & one would be an office.  We hope it works out for them.  He wants a fellow from Youngsville to do the work & he came to look it over.  Lar is busy but has plans in mind.

This Thurs. the 27th we meet Warren & Anna again at Cook's Forest & go out to eat & then play miniture miniature golf (decided to look up the correct spelling).

Dale says he's taking the 2nd week of July as vacation.  No plans.

Tell Andy I'm crying because the Mets are in 3rd place & they can't seem to win when they need to.  Sid should be back in a couple of weeks.

Rijo did a foolish thing for the Reds by stealing (trying to) 2nd & breaking his ankle.  It will be Pitts. vs. L.A. in the playoffs.  Dale is happy.

Dad plays 9 holes of golf twice a week with Don from Jamestown.

Erie is having its problems with random shooting from cars - rival gangs.

In today's paper a couple were camping out at Heart's Content & they were shot at.  They are investigating the matter.

The neighbors (at Conewango) are having a yard sale.  Guess they plan only to have 2 children as baby things were for sale & not just clothes.  Larger articles in the nursery.

Guess I've rambled enough.

Sat nite P.S.

Rose stopped by & talked with us on the porch.  Karen & Rick sold their house & will move in July.  They got the price they wanted.  Rose said Segals are the riches people in Warren.  Rick has been there a year now & he'll get a raise.  I didn't realize Elliot S. was married & is expecting a child.  But he didn't marry a Jew so they won't recognize the child.  Rose said the junk yard makes a lot of money - no one else could keep up with their business.  Rick was lucky to get the job - they approached him as Mrs. S. worked with Rick on borough council.  Rick & Karen are in Montreal this week on vacation.

A single woman bot the house & she wanted papers signed before their vacation.  She teaches in the nursing dept. at Jamestown Community College.  House only on the market 2 weeks.

We're eating lettuce from the garden.  Lettuce has been expensive so decided to use garden lettuce & save.  Goodby again!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, May 20, 1991

Happy Fifth Anniversary - we know it has been a wonderful 5 years with 2 wonderful sons.  Such cuties they are.

I planted marigolds by the side of the house, impatients by the garage & geraniums in the planter.  But the planter needs something more.  We get the flowers at Hatch Patch & they do a good business.  They added flowers last spring.  The strawberries are full of blossoms.

We enjoyed the flowers you sent for Mother's Day.  Thank You.

Did Andy get his shirt - Met shirt, that is.  Chose a different style so I hope that is O.K.  Eddie didn't get anything - was tempted to get him a Met shirt but 12 mo. size was all they had &U I knew that wouldn't fit.  And since he's to be a Brewer fan I didn't want to waste my money in case you'd use it as a dust cloth!!!!

Dale has to be in Rochester on Wed this week for a mtg - sent by Shults.  Usually it's been Buffalo but they changed it.  He'll go Tues nite & stay in a motel.  A new experience.

Wed we go to Ridgway & go out to eat with Warren & Anna in DuBois & then we'll play minature golf.  See if I can improve my score.

Found a new author Julie Smith "The Sourdough Wars a Rebecca Schwatz mystery.  Takes place in San Fran. Just got started & it will be good.  She has a new one out.  Read a review in Buff. Sun. paper - that's how I got her name.

The pictures of Eddie are darling.  I love the one of him on the floor - he's wearing a sleeper I think.  Light colored with feet.  He's looking up & is so bright & alert.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, February 14, 1991

Thanks for your valentine and letter, Barb.  It is always nice to have a letter and hear what is going on.  I'm typing as there is quite a lot to say and if I can hit the right letters it will go faster.

Last Fri. we saw the interior of Lar and Kim's property and it is very nice.  There was a leak in one corner so Larry was patching that up.  He took off the paneling, took it home, rubbed it down and put a finish on it.  He was working on that when we were there.  I brot out coffee and cookies so he took a break.  Kim had been there but she had to leave as she is helping at the YM with the gymnastic program.  He got a corner shower stall on sale but won't get to working on changing the bathroom til next fall.  Future plans are to enclose the larger porch, put in picture windows and have like a Fla. room off the kitchen.  It would give them a lovely view.  He has lots of ideas but they will take time to put into action - time and money.

GOSSIP - Sharon Keefer (they were at the Memorial Day picnic) told Kim that her husband left her.  Said she was getting to nag, etc. and he wanted time away.  Said there is no other woman.  Guess it was quite a shock to Sharon.

Remember the girl Kim mentioned replied to an ad for a nanny.  She had 3 interviews but they didn't appeal to her so she is babysitting and waiting.  She sits for Dorn's and she told Kim that Dorn's really miss you.  This gal was asked by New Process to come in for an interview as they are opening a business in Japan so if that works out she will probably take it.

We got our Sears catalog, in fact we got 2 but we took one back to the store.  Don't see anything special that I'd like, altho there are some nice things in it.

Next Mon. we get eye examinations and will get new glasses, frames, etc.  Think I'll get sun glasses also.

Before long I will have all my squares (63 needed) made for the afghan so I have held off making them as we usually have to wait to see the eye Dr. and want to have something to do so I have been putting 500 pc. puzzles together and enjoying that.  Still watch a lot of CNN and war news.  I'm addicted to it.

Last nite was Ash Wed.  Service at church and afterwards we had coffee hour and the circle I'm in served cake and coffee.  It was nice and now we are relieved that we can just enjoy the coffee hour after the service from now on.  Rose S. brot a choc. cake with a special frosting - a recipe she got from Jim's wife - and she said she would bring the recipe to circle next week.  It's really rich and delicious.

I can't mail this letter until tomorrow as Dale's picture should be in the paper.  Yesterday he received a Seiko mantle clock from work and has his picture taken with sales rep.  Reason 5 years as Master Technician.  His name is on the clock - D. P. Nelson and it also has 5 years Master Tech. on it.  He's getting more things for an apt. and I asked him when he was going to get one.    He said he'll put the clock back in the box and store it.  But until Lar and Kim come next Tues. I put it on the Mantle and we want to get a battery for it so we can hear the tone.  It should strike on the hour and maybe more.  We didn't know anything about it but last nite Jack Hoffman mentioned to Dad that he'd been at Shults and said Dale was getting some kind of an award and the newspaper photo. was there.  We're always the last to know.  Dale said he was told on Mon. about it.

This a.m. I cleaned out the closet in the little room and put a lot of the yarn in a bag for the Salvation Army.  Right now we have quite a lot to bring over there.

Been reading library books.  If Tomorrow Comes & Windmills of the Gods by Sidney Sheldon and enjoyed them.  Have Nightwork by Irwin Shaw to read.

Weather not that good this week but last week we got several walks in.

Better bring this to an end.  We are all fine here and send you all our love.

P.S.  Sat AM.  No picture in paper yet.  Will send it in next letter.  W. Hollertz called & he had to come to the dentist in Wrrn so we're meeting them for lunch at Noiban's.  I'm fixing the turkey Dale got (2nd one) for supper & invited Lar & Kim so we'll play our favorite game - "Categories".

We have more snow - at least 6"-8" & it's cold.  Suppose to warm up next week.

Ed Ryberg is home from the hosp.  Paul is home - taking sabbatical.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday, December 28, 1990

Thanks for the pictures of Eddie.  Did you get a card from Bertha C. Nelson - she called for your address after the announcement in the paper.  Eddie looks so nice -- give him a hug & kiss from us - give Andy hugs & kisses, too.

Lar & Kim came for 10 A.M. breakfast on Christmas.  Then we opened gifts.  Thanks so much for the game & everything.  In the evening, we played Scattergories - all 6 of us & had a great time.  Dale enjoyed it, too.  Everyone was pleased with all their gifts.  I'll make an apple pie tomorrow & use the new pie plate.  During the winter I'm planning on homemade soup & pie for dinner.  This Sat - chili & apple pie - Barb's wishes.  In the aft Kim & Lar left for awhile so she could call her Gram, her sister, & her bro.  She got thru to all three O.K.  Did Kim surprise you asking for Eddie!

This year Marie Mathis made stockings for Barb & Dale & I ordered one for Eddie for next year.  And I never got around to getting an ornament for baby's first Christmas.  Maybe I can still find one.

Wed. was my day to have my hair done - Barb went with us & looked around & got a pair of slacks on sale.  Dad got some red bows for the tree & I looked around but didn't have that much time.  Don't need anything & don't care to start next yrs shopping as some do.  Had to return jeans I gave Dale - couldn't fine his favorite Lee's but Carnahans can get them from the Jtown store so I ordered them & took a credit slip.  So then I got some ribbon & name cards - 50% off.  Our tree is pretty - the red bows add so much to it.

We aren't doing anything special New Year's Eve - there is a football game so we'll be watching that.  Sat. Sun. Mon - football on TV.

We had a few inches of snow overnite - Dad & I shoveled this A.M. before breakfast.  It was nice out.

Barb is babysitting a lot - she will sit New Year's Eve.

Dad got a ticket for Barb for Jan 14th.  You'll have to pick her up in Milwaukee.  Leaves from Jtown in early aft goes to Pittsburgh & then to Milwaukee.  You'll probably have all details before you read this as we'll probably call this weekend.

Kim & Lar will come for dinner on New Year's Day.  Tonite Kim is having 12 for dinner.  Decided she wanted to use her good dishes so tonite is the nite.  Has only used her good dishes once.  Bet it will be crowded with 6 couples.  She isn't working this week.

Neither am I - have dusted a bit & done the necessary duties but decided to be on "on vacation".  Will clean better when we take down the tree.

All is well here & we all send our thanks.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday, December 12, 1990

WE hope by the time you read this letter, the blank will be either Edmund or Lee!  [The blank in the salutation.]

Lar bro't over some pictures of their "purchase", I'll enclose them.  It should be theirs by the middle of Jan.

We're listening to the Carol disc you gave Dad last Christmas & it's a nice one.  Robert Shaw Chorale.  Our tree looks so pretty.

I got 2 books by Linda Barnes & I'm on the 2nd one.  Also got one by Louis L'Amour - I like his books.

I had Marie Mathis knit stockings for Barb & Dale so we have 4 stockings hanging up.  Lar & Kim's, also.  And I put in an order for the new baby for next year so yours will all be alike.

As soon as the cottage is theirs, Lar plans to start insulating.  The owners own a good piece of property out there & plan to offer lots for homes.  It had to go thru zoning & they met today so now things can go forward.  Just a formality to go thru.  They are getting anxious but won't have the money til Jan.

Barb got a 'body perm" yesterday & it looks nice.  I got a perm today.

Got up to 50 today but cooling down tomorrow as a front goes thru.  Great weather & we take advantage & walk.

We love our van & Dad is getting used to it.  It has 3.3 liter motor, stronger than he is used to; so it took awhile getting used to it.  Barb will drive it tomorrow as we want to go to the Mall.  Lots of sales but I mostly look now.

Cut pictures out of the catalogue to show you my purchases.  I got reckless!

Cards are all mailed but still plan to make more cookies & fudge.

All is well here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, November 15, 1990

Time is flying by & soon the baby will be here & JoAnna will be happy to see her toes again!

Last weekend Sheila (does my hair) & the girl in the next apt. to her drove to Reedsburg, Wi. where Karen, the friend, had a job interview.  Karen is from Duluth & been in Wrrn a year as city planner.  I forget the name of the Co. but they have a branch in Madison.  She will take the job & go from 17,000.00 to 25,000.00 & will be closer to home.  A political science major.  It was a fast trip - left here on Sat. at 1 pm & got home early Tues. A.M - 3 A.M.  They visited the Mall in Madison.  She'll start Dec. 10th.

After Thanksgiving I plan to wrap gifts & soon after that we'll send the pkg.  Most of my shopping is done.

Dale took today off & tomorrow (Fri) too as he has to use up his vacation time.  The weather is nice again - Indian summer.  We've had some snow but it didn't last.

Tomorrow we might go to Cranberry Mall if Dad feels like it.  In the Oil City area & we'll eat at Hoss'.  They have a great salad bar.

We raked leaves & filled 5 bags.  This year the city didn't collect the leaves as usual but people had to bag them & then they were collected.  The leaf collector machine was broken & too expensive to fix.  People didn't like it.  Could get bags for 25 cents.

Bon Ton is busier than ever but Janick's isn't doing that well.  Barb & I have gotten some good buys.

Talked to Gen last Sun. & Ed is having more troubles.  Will see the Dr. soon & should have an operation.  Millie is OK now & back to working.

I had my physical last week & all is good.  My cholesterol is fine - as long as I take my medication & blood pressure good.

Not much happening here.  Just wanted to write a note to go in Andy's card.

Thursday, November 8, 1990

Gov. Casey won in a landslide.  Poor Rep. representation.  And Bowley won by a good amount much to the dismay of the Rep. party.  I voted for Bowley & Dad voted Rep.  Did you notice that a Rep. won the governorship in Mass.  What a surprise.

Barb & I have most of our Christmas shopping completed.  The stores have been having sales & 25 or 30 percents off.  Bon Ton has been busy but I don't think Janick's are doing that good.  They cater to a "higher class" & the average person can't find what they want.  And I'm not the only one that feels that way.  Some wonder if they'll make it.  Have laid off help.

In the picture of the 4 children - the one circled.  Larry said that Bruce was the father!  He had a 1 nite affair with the mother - separated from her husband.  When she found out she was pg. she hurried back to her husband.  The same thing happened with her first husband & 1st son - she was unfaithful.  Lar thinks he looks like Mr. Myers.  They don't know they have a grandson in Wrrn.

I made 2 pies tonite for the bazaar at church tomorrow.  Graham cracker and a choc. pie.  Both look beautiful.

Elsie Yeagle's mother died.  Mrs. Seaquist was 104 years old.

Had my physical yesterday & all is well.  Blood pressure & cholesterol O.K.  The Dr. was surprised my cholesterol is only 185 & he said that was great seeing it had been 305.  Due to medication, & I saw on T.V. last nite that the same medication was tested on men who have had heart attacks & hi blood pressure & it helped & even cleared the blood vessels to a degree.  I had gained 4 lbs. tho.  Oh those coffee breaks!

Darrel Strawberry isn't a Met anymore.  Wonder how he will do with the Dodgers.

Seems like there is something else I wanted to say but I can't remember.  As soon as the envelope is sealed, I'll remember!

I'll mention we got Andy "The Littlest Mermaid" so don't suggest it to anyone unless you want 2 copies!  Didn't get Chutes & Ladders.

This is my 3rd letter so I'm "written out".

Sunday, October 28, 1990

We hope you had a nice birthday & that you like the sweater.  It would look nice with a black turtleneck.  If you don't like it - fit, color, etc. it is exchangeable.

When Barb first came home, shopping was something that didn't appeal.  How she has changed.  I told her it's good she's leaving before I corrupt her any more - i.e., shopping, spending. etc!  What fun we are having.  Last Thurs we both shopped.  I spent birthday money - got a pr. of slacks & a matching sweater vest and a blouse.  And a necklace - silver chainlike.  Longer length.

Have a gift certificate from the new dept. store.  Looked last week but mostly to get acquainted with the layout.

Sat. Barb & I shopped again.  She got a cardigan & 2 turtlenecks.  Before she got jeans & cords.  I only got earrings.  We also got a good start on our Christmas shopping.  Have to make use of the sales they have.  And my Christmas club isn't here yet but it will be here when the bills come from Penney's, Bon Ton & Sears.  I spend but I have the money to cover it.

Now that Standard time is here - Dad doesn't like to drive at night so we go to Jamestown for lunch & shopping during the day.  Hope to go tomorrow.

Today we went to dinner at The Heights - formerly Jackson Hts.  It is nice & the menu improved & good food.  We enjoyed our meal.

Today Dad bot both the Buffalo & the Pittsburgh papers so we have plenty of interesting reading.

One of the men that brings his children to the Playroom, asked Barb is she had children..  He said you're so good with children.  His youngest blew Barb a goodby kiss & he said I don't even get that.  So you'll be getting a good "Nanny".  You can't believe how much she has changed & all to the good.  Being home has been good for her.

Don't know if I mentioned Dad got a new suit.  He looked at Carnahans but didn't see anything.  One time at Lakewood Mall we were window shopping & looked at suits & he found just what he wanted & it looks real nice on him.

Dad had to put away his golf clubs.  It wasn't a very good summer for golf.  You were lucky we had 5 beautiful days when you were here & we haven't seen 5 nice days since.

All is well with us.  We send our love.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday, October 20, 1990

Time to get y our birthday gift off so I'll write a letter & wish you a Very Happy Birthday from all of us.

Our birthdays were good ones.  Once when we were out walking, we stopped in at Turner's & looked at recliner chairs, but they were too large for our area.  So we went to Reliable & found a smaller one that is comfortable, etc.  Later I went & bought the chair & asked for it to be delivered Oct 10th.  Dad was overwhelmed when he saw it, & he is enjoying it.

The yellow chrysanthemum plant is still very pretty & we are enjoying its beauty.

Signe & Geo. called & they sound good & keep going.  It is Signe's colon but she doesn't say much.  June says it's serious so I hope it isn't cancer.

In Lila's card she wrote that Gen predicted you'd have a girl on the 15th, Grandpa N.'s birthday.  When Dad's cousin's son & wife were expecting Gen told them "you already have 5 granddaughters, so I predict you'll have a grandson on May 23rd & it turned out to be true.  So if this should be true, JoAnna won't like it as it means waiting 10 more days.  Time will tell!

Denise Johnson got married again to a Wm Winslow.  Not much improvement on the 1st husband.

Mr. Bonace fell off a ladder & broke his arm & had 4 stitches in the forehead.  It was a new alum. stepladder & it was just crushed - after the fall outside.

Mr. Holder is full of cancer.

Mr. Africa had a hip replacement & Ed Ryberg has to have a hip replacement.

I just read a great book "The Gift of Asher Lev" by Chaim Potok & it was so good.  But I got the cart before the horse - now I'll have to read "My Name is Asher Lev".

I've been reading more mysteries lately & have found some new authors.

The new dept store is opened but I haven't been there yet even tho I have a gift certificate there.  Bon Ton does a lot more advertising in the Warren paper now.

Are you surprised by the outcome of the first 3 World Series games.  We are- I thought it might be the other way around.  But I'm a National Leaguer so I'm happy.  Too many changes from one year to the next for a dynasty.

Time to watch the game.  We'll call next Sat or Sun to wish you Happy Birthday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tuesday, September 25, 1990

I'm watching the Mets at Montreal and they are ahead - for the time being.  Chic. is ahead of Pitts.  But I'm sure Oakland will go all the way this time.  If the Mets come in 2nd to Pitts. I'll be happy.

Tonite Barb answered the telephone and talked a bit and then said I was here so I took the phone and the caller said this was Carolyn and went on to say they had to take her mother to the hospital and it took me awhile to realize it was Signe she was talking about.  Didn't expect to hear her voice.  Signe had a high fever so she was hospitalized for tests, etc.  Still don't know too much.  And Geo. is at a nursing home next to the hosp. so he can see Signe daily.  Sometimes I wonder if the care of Geo. is getting to be too much for her.

We are enjoying the video.  Lar and Kim were over last Sun. so we showed it to them.  In the picture we noticed that Paul was swinging his arms when he was watching Andy in the water and Kim commented that Lar does the same thing and said it must be a family trait.  Later in the film Andy was doing the same thing so it must be.  I never tho't about it before.

Last Thurs. it was a beautiful day for a change so we went to Erie in the aft.  One of the stores was having a sale and I got an all weather coat - it is longer and will cover longer dresses.  A red one.  We ate at the Red Lobster.  In Sept. we have had over 5" of rain.

A couple of Sat. past we met Hollertz at Cook's Forest and it is so nice and we'd never been there before.  We had a late breakfast at a nice place that was rustic and the food was good.  We drove around and stopped to play minature golf and it was fun and it was quite different from the usual course.  We always have fun with them.

Dad cleaned out his closet and put away summer things so I decided to do the same and between Dad, Dale and me, we had several bags for the Salvation Army.  Got rid of things we don't wear any longer.

This noon we had the Senior group potluck at church and we always have lots of good food.  The program was a film on the Amish and it was very interesting.

Things are fine here.  The weather is suppose to improve so we hope that is true.  We can see the trees are beginning to get some color.

Dad called Signe at the hosp - Carolyn gave the number.  She's had tests but won't know the rests for 24 hours.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday, June 9, 1990

Last  Fri. Barb, Kim & I went to "Open House" of these apt. & they are very nice but small.  Fine for a widowed person, a single or someone starting out.  It really is a fine improvement to that neighborhood.  Dad missed as he played golf that aft. & it was just from 1-3.

The middle of Aug. will see the opening of a new dept. store downtown.   Janick's.  A couple from Calif. bot it (both experienced in the buying & wholesale part of the business) & that will be so nice.  We look forward to it. Betty Lee is still vacant.

Did I mention Rick Seteli (Karen Seeley) who has worked for the city will take over as business mgr. doing the work Harry did & working with the Segal son who works with his dad but didn't want that part of the business responsibility.  Can't remember his name - the red-headed one.  Rick starts the end of June.  It means a raise in salary & he won't miss the p.m. mtgs - Council mtgs, etc.

We finally got the Nelson round robin but no special news.  Sig & Geo. will be at Roland's for their anniversary & Rol will be 40 the 24th of June in case you want to send a card.

Barb will go for her drivers licence next Tues.  Be nice for her to have it in case of an emergency, etc.  She had to get a permit, etc. as her Wisc. license had lapsed.

Fri. nite the Mets looked good.  Sid was pitching like he used to & they were getting hits & beat Pitts. 7-1 despite 2 rain delays.  We sat up til 11:30 when it was 4-0 so we don't know how late it was when it ended.  And they could have won Fri. nite but the dropped the ball.  Maybe Frank Cashen should have been fired - he dealt away good players & they had to put infielders in the outfield.  But I still "love" them.  Just looked licence up in the dictionary & that is the 2nd choice of spelling so I won't put an s over the c.

P.S.  Went to water a hanging planter on the front porch & a bird flew out & scared me.  So we looked into it & there is a bird's nest with 5 eggs.  So we will be able to watch as the babies come out - feeding, flying, etc.  A small bird like the size of a sparrow.  I also got my flowers planted on Tues.  By the house & garage.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunday, April 8, 1990

There's a good smell in the kitchen as I'm baking cookies.  I've had a coffee break & they taste good.  You'll soon find out.

To have it in black & white -- we'll leave on Mon. Apr. 16th & arrive on Tues. in the aft.  Barb had to have an eye exam & physical before she could get her permit (licenses had expired) so she won't be able to help drive.  She has to wear glasses for driving.  It is hard for her to find a Dr. but she got one but has to go to Sheffield Clinic where he is.  She is looking forward to the trip as we are.

We've been able to see some spring season Met games.  Just what we've been waiting for.

Tonite we go out to dinner with Benson's, Hollertz's, etc. & we go to Bucktail at Marienville.

We hope for a warm spring when we visit so we can enjoy your yard as we did last year.

They are tearing down Lacy School -- Anderson Mkt. will build a new store there.

The new apt. being built where the Boro garage used to be, will be very nice looking.  I heard they were able to buy the old building behind (a real eye sore) & when they are torn down, it will be nice.  Rose S. was against the project but now she praises it.

She'll be circle leader in Apr. & I'll take May.  They all said "go early".   I tried to call a little after your call Paul, but you must have gone already.  See you soon.