Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saturday, July 8, 2000

The Mets-Yankees aft. game isn't on TV available to us.  But tonite's game will be on ESPN2 so I'll get to watch it.  It wasn't  Hope the Mets win a game, preferably 2.

Hatch Patch has home grown corn on sale & it's on our menu tonite & strawberry shortcake.

Larry found some homes for sale up to $50,000.00 on the Internet.  One was interesting.  11 acres & a house that isn't very good for $26,000.  Off Jackson Run. Lar & Kim tried to find it as well as Dale but couldn't.  Probably away from the road.  But when Kim &, Dale also, called -- the answer?  Sold.  At least it gives Dale something to think about & a good way to invest.  And Lar is willing to help...remodeling.

Found 2 new authors:  Iris Johansen & Barbarar Delinsky & I like their books.  Fun to find new authors.

We've had a week of perfect weather but more humidity is predicted.  Have hardly used the A.C. this summer.

This is your busy week getting ready for your party.

Sounds like Eddie is doing great in baseball. Nice to be on a winning team.  And Andy is quite the pitcher.  Sounds like the teams have a lot of parent support & that is good.

We didn't get out for lunch this past week as Barb had to work every afternoon.  Next Fri aft she doesn't work so we're going to Jamestown.  I want to stop at Don Gage.  Dale stopped there & found a nice shower curtain.  More like material -- not plastic.  For the basement shower & it's really nice.  I'd like to find one for the bathroom.  And I'd like to stop at Brand Names for some glasses.  Hard to explain but they have a solution between glass sections that can be frozen & then will keep your dink cold.  It melts & can be refrozen.  A $1.00 store had them in plastic but the plastic cracked when you filled them & then leaked.  They were 1.00 ea.  Brand Names are more & come 4 to a pkg.

Mon the 10th.

It wasn't a good weekend for the Mets & their fans, but at lesat they won the last game & it was a shut out.  Full house for the Mets.

Still the showers come.  I'm hoping that next Sat. will be clear for your party.

Finished a Barb. Delinsky book this A.M. & the ending was so sad.  I couldn't help shedding a few tears.  Three Wishes.  Takes place in a small Vermont town.

Yesterday Dale went to Jamestown to look for an entertainment center for his TV & accessories.  He didn't find anything he liked so he plans to go to Erie & Oak Furniture Place.  Kim & Lar got their stools for camp there.  Dale has to wait until a free Sat. the 22nd.  They have a lot of wonderful furniture there from the ads, etc.  Kim & Lar recommend it.

Wed Kim plays in a Cancer Golf outing at the Country Club.  Friends belong & she usually plays with one of them.  She is also on a committee that sponsors a bike ride around the Dam.  Bikers come from surrounding states & they like to come because of the beauty of the area.

So your cat is a female.  At least the name is OK in today's world.  Women are now boxers!

All-star baseball game on Tues. but many of the stars are out with injuries.  Cal Ripkin will lose his attendance record.  Orel H. retired when L.A. decided they couldn't use him.  I suppose it's the ego that bro't them this far & it's hard to give up the glory.  So an injury does it.

Not much happening around here so I'll bring this to a close with love to all.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday, June 23, 2000

It's a beautiful day on the cool side.  Good day to do some baking but I made cookies earlier in the week.

We've had a lot of rain & Beaty Field was wet.  Tonite (all nite) until Sat. mid morning there is a cancer get together going on but not at Beaty this year due to the wet.  It was moved to the High School grounds.  Do we card?  Not a bit when a rock band was scheduled for 11 pm - 1 A.M. plus the sound system announcing various things going on.  It is very hard to get to sleep & stay asleep.  So we're happy to let some other people find it hard to sleep.  Let's hope they like the high school property better.  More parking & I think a little more secluded but sound does carry.

Sounds like Eddie is keeping up with Andy on baseball.  That is great.

I remember when Roosevelt changed the date of Thanksgiving & the grumbling that took place.  There was grumbling when Soc. Security started & I suppose there still is but a lot of people would have very little to go on unless it was forced on them.  My S.S. payment is higher than the pension.  It's best to have something you can't get at to borrow.  Usually it never gets paid back.  I remember Gen & Ed saying they'd never see a S.S. check & now they are getting it.  Grandma Nelson got a small S.S. check and she treasured it -- it was hers to spend.  I'm sure she never had any spending money.

Rhubarb is hard to come by.  I'd love to make a strawberry rhubarb pie.  We've had straw. shortcake but no straw pie yet.  We plan to go to the Mall later (Kim said she's stop by after 3) & we'll stop at Hatch Patch for berries.

Sat aft. the 24th

Dale just finished his rug & it looks so nice.  He didn't have to pay rent for it  (stretcher*) as the owner (2 years older than Dale) wanted his advice on what was wrong with his van -- it was the fuel pump & he could fix it himself once he knew what the problem was.   *The equipment to get it stretched, etc.  Dale just had to listen to the problems & knew what it was.

Sam B. stopped by to show Dale his '84 Monte Carol.  A light navy color, 2 door & very nice looking.  The owner started out wanting $8,000.00 & it didn't go.  Sam offered $5,000.00 & they took it.

Had a letter from Millie.  Gen was on the committee for their 60th anniversary get together of graduation (hi school) so she wanted a new dress & Millie went shopping with her.  Millie is very good to shop with.  Gen found a dress & a pants suit that looked good on her & Millie insisted Gen get both & she did.  I wouldn't have to be told twice to get both outfits but Gen doesn't like to shop.  Ed also insists sometimes when the go shopping.

Went to the library this A.M. & got 3 books - my limit when I walk.  I'll be glad when July is here as the library will be opened longer hours.

Barb picked 5 qts. strawberries this A.M. at Hatch Patch.  $1.05 vs. $2.75 already picked.  Delicious.  The corn is really growing.

I'm watching N.Y.Y. vs. Chicago White Sox & the Yankees are ahead.  But as of now 3 pm the W. Sox are 1/2 game ahead of Boston & N.Y.Y. in third place.  Deals are going on  - wonder who will get who or is it whom!

You can be sure I'll be watching T.V. Thurs-Sun when the Mets host the Braves.  Esp. to see how things go with Rocker, who should learn not to talk to reporters.

One of the Sheffield teachers is getting married & Kim was invited to a shower for her at a summer home at Chautauqua this afternoon.

Patterson (funeral director) left last week for a visit in Italy.  Kim is watering their plants while they are away.

Tues. the 27th.

I'm reading again.  Enjoyed The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy.  Now I'm near the end of I Thee Wed by Amanda Quick.  That's all I want to do once I start a book so I've done just the basics in the house.  Tomorrow I plan to go to the bank to get money for next month's budget.

Kim heard from her sister.  At an exam the Dr. found that she has melanoma -- is that correct spelling -- & it's very serious.  She will be operated on July 11 & until then, not a lot is know as to the outcome -- how deep into the bone, etc. etc.  Kim will be going down to Fla. after the operation & of course her sister & family won't be coming up here, unless Kim brings the niece & nephew back & they would return by plane if Debbie would allow it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday, June 11, 2000

Yesterday Dale got the rug & pad down in his room.  He tried to rent a rug stretcher but it was out so he still has that to do.  It is a light gray & looks so nice.  Make the room look bigger.  W hen I put clean sheets on his bed tomorrow, I'll put the new bedspread on .  He'd like new curtains.

He is working on the garage window by Carey's.  Removing paint & will repaint it.

Mon. he leaves for Rochester for 3 days of school, returning Thurs around dinner time.

Last Wed. I went out to lunch with Betty Casey.  We rode the bus & went to the Mall & ate at Ponderosa.  It has been remodeled & is much nicer now.  We had the buffet.  We shopped a bit & took the bus home.

Yesterday, Sat, it reached the 90's & was HOT.  We turned on the A.C.  Not as bad today but humid & it's getting dark & showers are predicted.

I don't think I told you but our big storm a week ago was hard on Lar & Kim.  Lightning hit & ruined a T.V., 2 telephones, & their computer.  The new Phy Ed teacher suggested to Kim they go to Circuit City in Erie & check their computers.  T hey have insurance -- $250.00 deductible.

Kim' sister & family might come this summer.  They were planning to go to Fla. in July,but won't if her sister comes here.   Kim said they'll have to take a couple of weekends & get away.

I received a letter from Warren Luthgren, my cousin in charge of Aunt Esther's estate & 6 of us, 1 nephew & 5 nieces, each received a check for $1,256.30.  I put $1000.00 in the bank & it will go for the driveway project & I kept 256.00 for me.  I'd like a suit next fall.  I don't' know when the project will get started & your summer schedule sounds so busy so I don't know when you'll see it completed.  I was surprised when there was that much money left since she was in the nursing home so long.

Yesterday A.M. I was at the library a little after 9 A.M. to return books & get more.  Got one by Anne Perry:  Bedford Square - I like her novels.  Another one by Patricia Cornwell & a new author Luanne Rice:  Follow the Stars Home.  I didn't finish it.  Felt it took too long to get into the story & I lost interest.  I'm really on a reading binge!

Good for Eddie on his book report & that he did so well in 3rd grade.  Hard to believe Andy will go into 7th & Eddie 4th grade.  Time goes too fast.

Tues - June 13 - Gen's birthday.  I'll call her later.

This is my day to clean upstairs -- the bathroom & my room.  With the bedrooms looking so nice I decided to get rid of hte file cabinet in my room.  That meant going thru papers & throwing out some of it.  I found some letters hand written when you were in Mpls. & from U.B. so you'll have those to read plus other things.  Cards, pictures, & think you'll enjoy going thru someday.  I still have to dust my room -- it took quite awhile to go thru everything.  Kim was over for awhile & we had coffee & talked.  Tomorrow Lar & Kim are going to Erie to see about a computer.  Vacation day for Lar.  Torey will come over here to keep me company & vice versa.

Some time ago, I got a bedspread for Dale's bed for 20.00 but  it didn't look that good.

Last nite Barb & I went to the Mall.  Penney's had nothing we liked so we looked at Bon Ton & we found one & we think it looks good.  Dale is away but he should like it.  A nice contrast with the light walls & light gray rug.

Barb saw a set she liked so she got hers & they look nice -- a floral print.  Sheets too.  But she needed new valences & found some plain olive green & they look nice.  So the upstairs is in pretty good shape.

Tonite we went to Perkins for supper but it wasn't that good.

K Mart had paper shredders on sale & I got one & have plenty to shred.  Anything with credit numbers or S.S. number, etc.  I don't like to just throw away so I try to cut them up.  Now it will be easier.  Stuff from Dad to throw out.  Next I have to clean Dad's top drawer & get rid of more stuff.

Want to mail this tomorrow, Wed. so this is the end ofor rhis time.

Barb saw a set she liked so she got hers & they look nice

Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday, June 3, 2000

Guess what I'm doing -- watching & rooting for the Yankees to defeat Atlanta.

Tonight it's the Mets vs. Tampa Bay.  I like the interleague play.

Kim & Torey stopped over & I told Kim about Dale fixing an air cond. & giving it to Sam.  Another larger one was thrown out & Dale again cleaned it out & he gave it to Sam again.  Kim said "Dale!"  They would have taken it for camp but Dale didn't realize that.  Maybe there will be another one.

Dale is on his way to Jamestown.  Will stop at Kerr's to check out dressers.  Saw one he liked but it was $1,000.00.  Then he'll go to Wal Mart to check out a power spray for cleaning.  Could be used to clean the siding etc.

This week Dale got an industrial rabbeting jointer with stand.  Sent for it from Harbor Freight Tools -- out of Calif.  Weighed over 200 lbs so the delivery man would need help so Dale had him deliver it to Shults -- it came during working hours.  He has a lot of equipment now.

The rug isn't in yet but I think most of the woodwork is painted except the door & window.  It should look very nice when completed.  He hopes to have it in by Sun. the 18th.

We had quite a storm yesterday with almost 2" of rain.  We had some rain in the basement.  I wiped up some of it & Dale finished it.  The rain cooled it off so it's nice.

I really enjoyed "O is for Outlaw".  I've read 2 books about Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Virginia's chief medical examiner by Patricia Cornwell & they are so good.  Finally was able to sit on the porch & read.

Tomorrow the summer schedule starts at church with services at 9:30 A.M.  We have 10 seniors graduating from Warren Hi & they will be honored at the service & at a reception afterwards

There have been a few people looking at Carey's house.  One a young couple with a child between 3-4 & a baby in arms.

Barb plans to ride 100 miles a month on her bike & she accomplished her goal in May.  She has a 10 mi. route -- up the hiking path to the Mall & back Conewango.  She wants to make 1000 miles.  She did last summer.

When we went to the library Barb got some cookbooks we have enjoyed going thru.  Mon. nite LCW has a picnic & I plan to go & will bring a pasta salad with rotini, pepperoni, red onion, kidney beans, grated carrots, peas, & halved cherry tomatoes, sliced mushroom, black lives with Italian dressing.  Kim's friend asked if she had a different pasta salad so I showed her this recipe & she copied it.  I think it sounds good & has a lot of goodies in it & it's easy to put together.  It has an Ital. dressing recipe but I took the easy way -- bot a dressing.

Gen's birthday is the 13th so I'll have to start a letter to enclose in a birthday card.

This A.M. we went to the Mall as Barb as busy all day Fri.  didn't get a coffee cake made so I better get to it now.  Can work & see the game in the kitchen.  More later.

Now it's Sun. June 4th.

More baseball today, racing for Dale & Barb switching between the Mets & Nascar racing.

Yesterday Kim was here for awhile.  Lar got his tractor Fri. aft. & when Kim got home, Lar was up in the garden area trying it out & very pleased with himself.

Enjoyed reading that article on Ridge, our gov.  I know he is well liked in his hometown, Erie, as well as thru out the state.

N.Y. battle for Senator will be interesting with Lazio for the G.O.P.  At 5, I always watch the 5 pm news on Buff. NBC channel as I like their announcers so much.  Male & female plus good weatherman & sports announcers.  All very personable.

Last day of school for Warren Area is Fri the 9th.

Did you plants survive last week's storm. Wis & Minn. were in the weather news a lot.  I'm sure this week's letter will answer my questions.

Dale wasn't successful in his shopping yesterday.  At Kerr's the dresser he likes is till there.  He asked what the cash price would be.  $850.00 but he's not sure he wants to pay that much.

Mon. June 5th.

Today I got a letter from my cousin Warren Luthgren & naturally I was curious.  It contained info concerning Aunt Ester & after being in a home for so long I didn't think there would be anything left.  But the 6 cousins each received a check of $1256.30.  What a nice surprise.  Barb said it could go toward one of our projects:  new roof or new driveway.  I  think I'll keep $256.30 for me as I'd like a suit for fall plus it's nice to have something I don't have to account for.

Saw Karen S. in church & she said Rose is coming along really well.  Is up & doing things.  I'll have to go see her.

Made a pasta salad for LCW's picnic tonite.  It is good & I'll enclose the recipe as you might like it for a potluck.

Oh yes Karen's daughter was accepted at the U of Toronto & is very happy.  She wants to live in the city.  Maybe she'll settle there.  Rick had a chance for a job in Toronto but Karen won't leave Rose on her own.  Rick & another man are developing their own computer business but still has his job at Warren Gen. Hosp.

Decided to make rolls & will take some tonite & they are ready for the oven.  More another time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunday, May 21, 2000

Today it's Reed (Mets) & R. Johnson (Ariz.) & the 1st 3 Mets had doubles.  Exciting when Johnson is pitching.  Maybe the Mets can beat R.J.  Yesterday's game was scary.  Mets led 8-0 & finally it ended up 8-7.  At least Hampton is coming around.  Now Reed is getting hit 7 score tied.  I can see it will be an exciting afternoon for me.

I told you Paula Carey moved to Buffalo.  In Wrrn. their back yard edged Mike's (Lar's friend) back yard & Mike & John became friends.  Mike's has a pool table & John would play pool with Mike.  John didn't like his in laws very much.  He's more laid back & isn't a bit snobbish.  Every Sat A.M. at 8 o'clock Mary Ann C. arrived at the front door & John went out the back door to Mike's.  At least now they aren't as close.  Altho the first week end home , they were in Buffalo.  Naturally they would want to see their home, etc.  John got season tickets to the Bills & has invited Mike to go to a game with him.  Paula might not like that. I know I'd never drop in on Lar & Kim -- most likely no one would be home, anyway.  Same if I were closer to Middleton!

Tomorrow it's lunch at Holiday Inn with Hollertz's, Bensons & others.  The Reader's Digest has had some cute jokes I'll share.  I was alone reading the jokes & had some good laughs.

Louise Borg fell & broke her hip & had it operated on.  They said she is very depressed.

Rose had her operation in Erie & came back to Wrrn. Hosp. for rehabilitation & came home Sat the 20th.  She is doing fine.

This year the schools get both Fri. & Mon. off over Memorial Day weekend.  Last nite both Sheffield & Eisenhower had their proms.  The girl across the st. (Johnson's house) went to one of them.  I saw her in a pretty pink long dress.  Kim was a chaperon in Sheffield.  They have a "lock in" party in the school gym after the prom, ending at 6 A.M.  Kim didn't stay for the lock in.

Summer weather has disappeared & the furnace kicks on & the heat feels good.  The only good thing you can bake & heat of the oven feels good.

Wed the 26th - I thought something was wrong.

It's the 24th, your anniversary.

This is Dale's early week so most of my Wed. chores are completed, the big job is washing the floor.  I only do it every other week now as you know I'm up in years!!!!  I'm just glad I can do as much as I do.  I must remember to water my hanging baskets.  Barb took pictures & she isn't quite familiar with her new camera so the baskets came out too dark.  She will try again.

More about Dale our "trash collector".  A window A.C. for one of the bosses didn't work so they trashed it.  Dale recovered it, toyed around with it & got it to work.  He gave it to Sam B. for his trailer home.  We live in a throw away world  It's to Dale's advantage.

He bo't a sander & has been sanding his woodwork so maybe he'll get the painting done during the long weekend.  He is anxious to get the rug down so maybe by Mon. he could do it.  No way!  Car comes first.

We aren't planning anything "special" for the weekend.  I have steaks -- our new grill is very nice.  This aft I'll start rolls & finish them tomorrow A.M. & plan to make a pecan pie.  We'll celebrate Lar & Kim's anniversary Thurs -- give them their card.  Big celebration!  Let them buy their own gift -- maybe something they want for camp.

Later -- Kim stopped by for a cup of coffee as she had to deliver something to Marilyn Patterson.  On their anniv. they ate at the Liberty St. Cafe -- Warren's posh restaurant.  They have a "real" chef -- trained Y& used to be in Fla. but wanted to come back here.  Kim said it was "out of this world".  Special attention to serving, etc.  More expensive but worth it.  We'll have to try it sometime.  They had wine 10.00 a bottle.  Everything is a la carte.  Salad 6.00 a plate, etc.  Guess they do OK.  Barb says Bert likes to go there & goes quite often for lunch & dinner.

Fri.  Mr. Carey told Lar last nite that they will be moving as soon as they sell their house.  They found a house closer to Susan -- around the York, Pa. area, I think.  Wonder how long it will take & who will buy it.

As usual when it's Fri. nite, I never know what to fix for supper.  Barb said "how about pizza" so I called in for our favorite & my problem was solved.

After I get my hair done, I'm usually lazy & Fri. iks a do nothing day.  But today when I got home I washed towels right away & then started to make cookies.  2 new recipes -- a banana bar, which is excellent & an oatmeal-raisin cooky & finally found one I like a lot.  It's a lot like cookies I made at Beaty.

I can't remember any of your phone conversations with Mary S.  Andy is reaching an interesting age.  He'll have the girls calling him being a popular all around guy.

When I watch "Cops" on Court TV & see how many people lead their lives, I feel I've lived a sheltered life. Drugs, abuse, financial problems, drunkenness -- never a part of my life.

Interesting article in USA Today on manners or the lack of manners.  I see that when I walk & it's not just kids from Beaty but older people.  When 2 or more are coming toward me alone, they don't want to move over a bit.  When it's 2 or 3 to 1, I won't budge so they have to give a little.  The article says manners are learned so it's up to parents.  They also said they have people who teach table manners as adults don't know how to eat & have to be taught or they won't get a job.  They think it started when the do your own thing became popular.  But they have hopes the pendulum will swing back toward the center.

Baseball tonite.  Mets vs. St. Louis.  Should be interested & it's on TV.

Next Wed, May 31, Dale has to be in Rochester for school.  Just 1 day.  But later in the middle of June he goes for 3 days.  Think I mentioned another fellow & Dale got a ring with places for 8 diamonds.  Had to send the ring & he has the 1st diamond in it.  One a year til it's finished.

Mr. Marvin Gustafson -- up the st. -- walks every A.M. starting around 6 A.M.  He looks good.

Our pansies this year are so pretty & big.  One of my favorites.  Looks like our 2 blueberry bushes will yield berries this year..  Maybe enough for Bberries on cereal.  Dale's favorite.

What did you do for your anniversary.  Did you get my card.  Did Eddie get the video -- was it what he wanted.

Now it's Sat nite & I'm watching the Mets & St. Louis.  As of 9:15 Mets are leading the last of the 3rd.  Tied now.

This A.M. I returned library books & got 4 more.  Post Mortem by Patricia Cornwell; O is for Outlaw by Grafton; Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts & my favorite Scotch Police Constable Hamish Macbeth:  A Highland Christmas by M. C. Beaton.   The latter is a small book, 129 pages & I read it this aft & enjoyed it so much.

The "For Sale" sign went up on Carey property today.  So the neighbors know about it now.

Mon.  Can you believe the Mets swept St. Louis.  More home runs as well.  Time to end this. Excuse the crossouts.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friday, May 12, 2000

Barb & I went to Jamestown -- left at 10:15 A.M.  Went to the Mall, Walmart, K Mart & Wegman's, a grocery store.  We had lunch at the Red Lobster & you get a nice lunch & it's much cheaper than dinner.  Naturally the portions are smaller but plenty for us.  Bon Ton had a lot of sales & both of us got nice tops on sale.  Oh yes, we went to Penneys who are also having sales.  We had a nice outing.

Both Barb & Dale have been working in the yard.  Dale mowed the grass -- it's growing so fast he mows it every 5 days.  We have all the flowers planted & they look so nice.  Barb has a new camera & she plants to take pictures & we'[ll send some..

When we got home Barb said where did the hanging planter come form.  It came when we were gone & it hung on a hook & the card was in the mail box.  It is beautiful -- a fuchsia plant & a beautiful color.  Thanks so much, and for the card & letter, too.  I really like it.

Congratulations to JoAnna for getting to be a delegate to the Dem. Convention in L.A.  What a great experience it will be -- not many get that honor.  I'm proud of you, JoAnna.

Tomorrow, Sat, we are going out to dinner again -- to celebrate Mother's Day, Barb & Lar's birthdays.  We're going to Holiday Inn again as this is Lar's busy time & he likes to work at least until 6 pm.  We go a 7 pm.  But we like the atmosphere & they have a good menu, so it is always an enjoyable time.

We got some cement squares at K Mart for by the back door side of the house.  Barb wanted 8 & on 6 of them Barb put flower pots filled with petunias & on 1 sq. she got a molded rabbit & on the other one we have a small green watering can & a little turtle figure with a frog on top.  It's so cute.  Barb decided on using more pots this year as they don't require as much water.  She has mulched around the beds.  Oh yes, between the squares she planted white alyssum.  When it starts to spread it should look nice.

Careys returned home last Tues.  It was good to see them again.

Barb has started riding her bike again.  Her aim is for 1000 mi. this summer.  She did that last year.

When Lar edges Carey's walk with his gas edger, Dale borrows it & edges ours so it looks so nice.

A father had written to "Dear Abby" about his 2 sons who worked but still lived at home.  The mother didn't make the boys help in any way.  Both parents worked.  The father refused to fold clothes for his wife while the sons sat & watched TV.  But my situation isn't like that at all.  They both want the house & yard to look nice & work at it.  Once I mentioned to Millie that Dale made his own bed (except on Mon. when I change the sheets) & she was surprised.  Abby said they should push the boys out on their own.  Personally I wouldn't like to live alone & in no way could I do yard work & to hire someone would be costly.  So I'm satisfied with my situation.  Someday they'll have to make a change.

I've been sitting on the porch.  The Mets aren't on TV but I'll watch Atlanta & Phila & Phila good pitcher is pitching & maybe Atl. can lose 3 in a row.  They didn't.

Now it's Tues the 16th of May.

I have 4 library books that were due yesterday so you know what I have to do this aft.  So far it's a nice day so a walk will be good for me.

Nice to talk to you on Sun. nite.  We enjoyed our dinner Sat. nite.  A few prom couples were there & they looked nice in their formal dress.  It was nice as there was no rush as there would have been on Mother's Day.

Yesterday I had a blood test so that is out of the way for 6 weeks or so.  The Dr's office will call if there is a need for any pill dosage change.

It's 8:05 A.M. and I should get dressed & start cleaning upstairs.

Will you be able to go to Genevieve's 60th party.  I sent a card.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday, May 5, 2000

It's been a perfect day & we've had supper so I'm on the porch.  After getting my hair done, Barb & I went to the Mall.  Bo't 2 plastic urns for plants on each side of the new railing for the steps.  After, we stopped at Hatch Patch for flowers.  They just opened for the season & the flowers look great.

In the late aft.  Barb started planting the urns.  We need to get a dish for them to set in so the water won't damage the porch floor, so in the meantime they sit one on each side of the garage doors.  I bo't the large begonias & they are so pretty & Barb put some pansies with them & a form of ivy - don't know the correct name.  Later on I'll have hanging baskets also.

Careys are expected to be home Sun. or Mon. the 7th or 8th.  Will be nice to see life around there again.

Last nite when Kim & Lar were over, Kim told us her sleep had been interrupted by Torey being sick.  Thge Crary home residents love to feed him & so does another neighbor & had loose bowels so at 2:30 A.M. she was cleaning the L.R. & D.R. rugs & then found it hard to get back to sleep.  So no more treats from the Crary Home or the neighbor.  It will be hard as Torey goes to the door to be let in & then begs.  He didn't get ice cream last nite but after begging Kim said he could have 1 cooky & then dog biscuits.  Today Sheila was telling me about ice cream for dogs.  It is called "dog paws" & her dogs loved it in hot weather.

The gal who bought Holders house walked by & we talked a bit.  Her 2nd son & wife had a new baby.  She, Pat Vavala, was married to the oldest Vavala son but is now divorced.  She is very friendly & nice to talk to.  Her mother will be 80 -- I mentioned I'd be 80 in the fall -- & her father is 82.  He has Alzheimer's.

Last nite Barb stayed up til 2:30 A.M. watching Phillies vs. Pittsburgh hockey game.  5 overtimes & when Pitts lost, Barb said it wasn't worth staying up for.  People stayed until the end -- even children who were asleep by then.  A game theh players will never forget.  Barb is afraid now that the Penguins lost their chance to win the series.

I received a wedding invitation from Barb O'Connor's daughter Melissa who graduates from Allegheny College this spring.  Wedding at First Meth. followed by a reception at Sugar Grove Fire Hall.  I don't plan to go -- don't really know Melissa or her future husband -- but will get a gift & bring it over to Joyce.

Dale brought out his Monte Carlo & put the winter car in the rented garage.  The Blazer.

Barb doesn't have to care for Scott anymore.  He's going back to the YM as that's where he'll be this summer.  Barb doesn't mind the switch.

Sat A.M., the 6th.

Dale had to work today so I was up early.   Made a coffee cake for next week snack for Dale.  Then I filled the 6 flower pots I have by the garage.  Pansies, my favorite.  They are nice to look at when I'm at the sink.  The 2 pots we put by the garage doors look so nice so we're going to get 2 more for the front porch.  They are tan & look good with the house.  Both Barb & Dale work around the yard.  Dale mows & trims & Barb has the veggie garden plus flowers.  It's nice all of you enjoy working outside & making the property look nice.  I'm back on the front porch watching the cars go by.  Dandelions are in great supply this year & we are trying to keep ahead of them.  This is the earliest we've gotten our flowers planted.  Usually it's Memorial Day weekend but the warm weather arrived earlier this year.

Sun A.M.  Again I'm ready for church by 9:40 A.M. so I'll continue on.

I had gotten a small lamb roast & we had it yesterday choosing a warm day to use the oven.  It was very tasty.  Your Seder service sounded very interesting.  It makes me want to read Haggadah.

Tonite we'll just have hamburgers.

I'm enclosing two articles you might like to read.

The Mets lost last nite & today in the 1st inning Fla Marlins are ahead, 1-0, 2 on & no outs.  The Braves lost & the Mets couldn't gain on them.  After 1, it's only 1-0.

A couple of years ago we got a new grill but it was a cheap one.  Suppose to be automatic "on" but it went on the blink & we had to light it by hand.  We use the grill a lot so Dale is looking around.  Saw one at Don Gages, on the way to Jamestown, but ti was sold but more are expected.  Maybe we'll have one before Thurs. Lar's birthday as she chose steak for the menu & either carrot cake or spice cake. Think I'll make spice cake for a change.

In church today the choir anthem was given by Carol Andersen in honor of Pastor & Mrs. Carl Nelson.  First sung by the choir Apr. 14, 1996.  People are invited to pay for choir music in honor or in memory of someone.  Several have been given & I think I might do that in Dad's memory.  The anthem was "Hymn of Promise" -- nice words & very pretty.

When I lost weight, I had to get a smaller size.  My thyroid must be OK as I'm soon back to my weight so I can't wear some of last year's clothes.  Need to get a blood test this week for a check on the thyroid.

Mon. the 8th.

I cleaned the eating area today plus my regular washing & changing of 2 beds.

It's 3:45 pm & Barb wants to go to the Mall.  She just got back from Bert's.  I got myself cleaned up & rested a bit.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Photos from an Easter visit to Carolyn and Jim's.

I've been lazy this week.  Haven't done any housecleaning.  Mon. I was lazy & didn't do anything other than my regular Mon. duties.  Tues. I cleaned the bathroom & my room & then walked to the P.O. for stamps & to the bank for May money.

Today I washed the kitchen floor & dusted downstairs.  Then I looked thru cookbooks for dessert ideas.  In the Middleton library cookbook (1st one) I saw a recipe for Macaroon Brownies & it sounded so delicious.  I made some after lunch.  They are still "warmish" but I cut one to sample with a cup of coffee.  And they are so good.  There goes my will power.  I'm trying not to eat too much between meals.  It all goes to my stomach!  The boys might not like them as they have a coconut filling.  Could take some to the Beauty Shop but Sheila doesn't like coconut, so that wouldn't be fair to her.  When Jeff came to cut Dad's hair, I always had a treat for him.  Haven't kept it up -- maybe once I bro't a treat for them.

Gen called Sun. nite.  Ed is busy with the Habitat House being built.  You know it uses a lot of volunteer help & Ed is fussy & it bothers him to see people who don't know how to do a job helping.  One Sun. aft. he went over there to redo some mistakes.  He'll be glad when this project is over.  He likes to have a big garden & still cuts hay to sell & John doesn't like to have to help.

Have you noticed how well the Mets are playing esp. D. Bell.  Hope they can keep it up.  Playing Atlanta will tell.  I'm anxious for that.  Esp. to see how Rocker is welcomed in N.Y. in June.

Dale finally got to mow the lawn last Tues.  It was needed after all the rain.  Lar was also mowing at Careys.

Dale likes to go to the discount shops in Jamestown.  He bo't himself some white socks - says the ones he has now are too tight around the ankle & the new one's elastic seem to be looser.  He's full of surprises lately - buying things for himself, buying Barb a gift.  Nice surprises.  He even told me he'd like to get married someday.  I wish he could find someone nice.  If he follows in his older brothers' footsteps I'll have a 3rd nice daughter-in-law.

Now it's Fri. evening the 28th.

Barb decided to take the A.M. off & worked in the aft.  After having my hair done we went to the Mall.  Penneys and Bon Ton were having sales & it seems I always need something at K Mart.  Barb got a pair of jeans & I got 2 pair of slacks.  When we got home Barb noticed a pkg. on the porch.  It was your gift.  She'll write but I want you to know it arrived & she loves it.  It is so pretty & she has it on a dresser in her room.  Colors are perfect for her room.

Lar is working -- he ordered the machinery he wanted.  A back hoe & bucket.  Cost $22,000.00 so he has to keep busy to pay for it.  Was going to get a loan for it.  Good he doesn't have a mortgage on the house. So Kim walked over here but there is a story to tell.  When she & Betsy were walking, she mentioned she should get  Torey an ice cream cone.  But she didn't.  When they got home Torey followed her around, butting her on the rear.  So she figured he wanted to go somewhere & she let him lead her -- right to Grandma's house where he gets ice cream.  He knows the way to get cheese & ice cream & cookies.

Finished reading S. Paretsky's Windy City Blues, a series of short stories.  Usually I don't care for short stories but most of these centered on characters in her plots so they were very interesting to read.

One of the groups Lar & Kim go with will play golf tomorrow at the Kane Country Club.  It's suppose to be a nice day.  Today was lovely with a blue, blue sky.  It's still chilly in the mornings.

Now it's Mon. May 1.  I found a new author Karen Robards.  Read 1 book & got 3 more.  I really like her writing.

Cousins Carolyn and Charles

I think Charles was talking about Zion Church picnic at Sinnissippi Park, Rockford.  Min, Lila & family came for it & for some reason I was with the Nelson Family -- maybe because of Signe & played a lot with Charles.  I think it was before Dad came home for a vacation in Aug. when we met.

I looked at videos & hope I got the right one.  I asked for it & this is what he gave me.  He mentioned a set of Star Wars but I didn't get the price.  Might make a nice gift if Eddie is still interested by then.  I'm mailing it to the library.

Aunt Lila and Cousin Genevieve

Rain is forecast for today but none so far.  The rest of the week is suppose to be sunny & warmer by the end of the week.  The dandelions sure are in full bloom.  We try to keep ahead of them but Neizmic's don't.

Sat. Barb cleaned the porch & put the furniture out.  Sat there awhile Sat aft. but it was still cool.  Maybe by the end of the week.  Sit outside & read.

Time to start thinking about a meal for supper.

P.S.  I'm sending the receipt in case the video isn't what Eddie wants.  I'm sure The Wall is all over the U.S.

The fat cat that the boys still talk about.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Monday, April 17, 2000

Mailed a letter today & remembered I forgot to tell of Barb's experience of cleaning Whilton's kitchen.  She has cancer & tires easily so he makes the meals, cleans, washes & is a control person.  He told Barb how to clean, etc.  They asked her to make new kitchen curtains, using the old ones as a pattern.  He didn't get enough materials & tried to tell how to cut it & having to piece parts of it.  Barb said that wouldn't work so he had to get more materials.  He couldn't control that situation.  They came out very nice & Mrs. Whilton was pleased.  Bert was at the dinner party & said the curtains looked nice.

This aft. I started cleaning the D.R.  Cleaned the one corner with the smaller buffet.  I'm going in sections.  This aft. I took the glasses, dishes, etc. out of the other buffet so Dale & Barb can lift the top off so I can move the bottom section to clean behind it.  T hat is tomorrow's project.  Then it's just the window section left.  We're not washing the walls this year.  I just brush it with an extended brush I have, so there are no cobwebs, etc.

Forgot to tell the most important part concerning the curtains.  The valence part had holes the size of a saucer in them.  Kim couldn't believe it when she saw it.  Several holes in them.

Wed. A.M. the 19th.

Finished the D.R. today & it shines!  Dusted the L.R. and will vacuum later this aft.  Soon it's lunch time & I'm sitting & catching my breath.  The L.R. is next but it will wait til next week.

Tomorrow I'll bake Barb's birthday cake.  She chose shrimp scampi as her choice for dinner.  No school tomorrow -- a long weekend Thurs thru Mon.  Lynn called & asked Barb to care for Scott tomorrow.  S he didn't want to but said yes.  Fri. Bob is home & Mon. Lynn will stay home with him.

Bert left yesterday for a month in New York City.  Suppose to live there 6 mo. of the year as she is a N.Y. resident.  Barb will still work doing some painting, etc.  Bert also will give her a paid weeks vacation.  Barb didn't go to work today or tomorrow (care for Scott) but she can make it up next week on a painting project.

Now it's Fri. the 23rd.

Sheila is on her honeymoon so I will get my hair done at 10 A.M. with Ursula.

Did I say we needed new tires for the van so Dale got them last Fri. & put them on himself.

Barb had a nice birthday.  I gave her a skirt she wanted.  Lar & Kim a sweater & Dale even bought her a gift himself.   Candle holders with 2 vanilla candles.

Kim said the schools have zero tolerance now.

Kim has lunch duty & she knew certain boys were "dealing" in the lunch room.  One kid who gives her a hard time hit double trouble.  There was a beer bust in Sheffield & this kid & a 19 yr. old stole 2 cars.  Wrecked one & they were arrested.  The younger one "lost it" & they took him to Wrrn. Hosp.  They realized he was "high" & sent him for help to Ridgway for 28 days.  The mother is in denial & blames everyone else for the problems.  Her darling is the leader in a lot of this.  Be interesting to see what happens after drugs, stealing cars, etc.

We're getting more than we need of rain.  Showers almost every day & it rained hard this A.M.  Hope it holds off while I'm walking to get my hair done.  I'll carry my umbrella.

Easter Sun. I'll have turkey breast, etc.  Called Millie & all except Linda will be home.  Linda is in Texas on a trip.  So Millie will have 8.  She plans on ham.  Allan's wife will bring a birthday cake & they'll celebrate Millie's birthday.

Yesterday Pat Benson called -- they were coming to the mall & would I like to go to lunch with them.  Of course I said y es.  We went to Penn Laurel.  I had a fish sandwich.  A large piece of fish & it was so good. Served with fries.  We had a nice visit.  I like those little surprises.

Fri nite.  Kim was over & I remembered to invite them to Easter dinner.  They'll be here.

This A.M. I returned library books & after I got my hair done, I returned for more books.  Found two by S. Paretsky I haven't read, & Chance by Robert B. Parker.  I've read a couple of his.  Started Tunnel Vision by Paretsky & it's good to be reading a book of hers again.

Barb wanted to go to the mall this aft. & I wanted a couple of items from K Mart.  She suggested we go into Bon Ton.  She started to collect angels & wondered if Bon Ton had any.  They didn't.  But as we passed the dress dept. I saw a dress I liked.  It is a light blue print shirtwaist dress with a plain medium short blue jacket.  Just my style.  A Leslie Fay make.  It looks & feels so good. When the clerk saw it, she said it will look beautiful on you -- meaning the blue goes nice with white hair.  It was $99.00 and 25% off plus a 15% coupon so it cost $63.00 + some cents.  Never even thought of getting a new dress but when I saw my favorite style I couldn't resist.  I has a pleated skirt.  First time in ages I've seen something for an "older woman!"  Time to read my book.

Sat.  The Mets have a doubleheader with Chicago due to Fri. nite rainout.  2 exciting games with the Mets winning both games.

Glad that Andy made the Bambino team.

Waiting for the phone call brought to mind when Sylvia Yosten & oldest daughter awaited the call to say she made the cheerleading squad.  She did.

Dale has 2 good Dale E. sweatshirts & an old one but he likes them so that's no problem to him.

Mon.  Nice Easter service & our dinner was good.  This is Dale's early week & my work is almost done.  It's going to be a nice day so I might go to the bank & cash a check for May expenses.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday, April 16, 2000

Since I wake up early, I chose to go to First Luth. at 8 A.M.  Our service at St. Paul's, with First Luth., was at 11 A.M. & that would be a longer service with extra music, etc.  Besides Pastor Risher, I was the only one from St. Paul, but I know many from First so it wasn't that strange.  I was home a little after 9 AM & then made breakfast.  It's a lovely day.

We had a nice time last nite with Lar & Kim.  We were able to sit on the deck for awhile but had dinner inside.  Kim bo't a birthday cake fro Bi Lo -- they have a good bakery.  It's been a time of celebration -- Mon. eating out; Thurs. birthday cake (left over) for Dale & Dale got to open Lar & Kim's gift & y our gift that arrived on Thurs.  He likes the #3 sweatshirt.  He says thanks to you all.  Barb will open her gifts on Thurs.  A fun time.

I asked Kim about "On the Record".  She said they are fined for punishment.  Today kids (certain ones) have no respect for anyone & don't want to be told "Don't do that", or "Don't curse me" & the officials say the teachers don't have to take anything from the kids.  It's gotten bad -- the next will be hitting, etc.

Last nite Kim told us of 5 7th grade girls who came to a dance.  It was from 9-11:30 followed by a "lock in", otherwise known as a sleepover.  Shortly after the dance started, 1 of the girls said to Kim I have to leave -- my mother is picking me up.  Kim said -- you know once you are here you can't leave (some came only for the dance).  She went back to the other girls & she could see them plotting.  Shortly after another came with the same plea.  They must have wanted to meet some boys.  The 1st girl came up again -- Kim was disgusted & decided to call the girl's parents.  The girl didn't know her telephone number!  Kim had it on the permission slips.  In the meantime the 1st girl's mother came & started screaming & swearing at the girl -- she was grounded & sneaked out. So now she's grounded for 6 weeks.  By the time these girls are 10th graders, they'll be something else.  No one slept during the lock in -- played basketball or other games, watched TV, etc. At 5 A.M. 2 boys tried to sleep as Sat. was the 1st day of trout season & they were going fishing & figured they should sleep a couple hours.

I haven't started any spring cleaning.  USA Today had an article on spring cleaning & how many find it hard to do it.  Even I don't wash the kitchen floor every week.  I spot clean it & give it a good wash every 3 weeks.  I'm lucky Barb & Dale take care of their rooms & Dale vacuums the stairs & L. R. weekly.  The house looks OK as long as I keep it picked up & see that things are in order.  That is fine for me.

Mon the 17th.  Was up at 6 A.M. & after I ate breakfast I started on my chores.  Stripped Dale's bed & then mine.  Both are made.  Washed a load & part of it is in the dryer.  Cleaned the little bathroom in the basement & the shower.  Had done either for awhile.  Dale is good to keep it up but was in the mood to clean them.

Dale has 2 walls painted -- the draperies were taken down so they are washed & set to hang.  The frame of the windows are varnished wood.  Wrong adj. as they don't varnish anymore & I can't get teh correct term.  If he wants them hung up he'll have to move the bed so I can clean them. No heavy moving for me anymore.  I'll ask him at lunch.  Maybe your letter about housecleaning got me in the mood to clean.

Today it is suppose to rain -- we've had a lot of rain.  The dam is a little above summer level.  We had a nice weekend.  If you did, I bet you worked outside.

Last Sat. the 15th Paula Carey was suppose to move their stuff from Carey's garage -- they have their house in Buffalo now.  T hey changed it to Good Fri. & Lar can't help them.  Mike Brindis can help but not much due to his heart.  Can't lift.  And Dale can't help as he works.  And they have a piano to move onto a truck.  Paul will find out the world doesn't stop for her.  Lar has to go to Erie Fri. aft. to pick up something for his work.

Have a bill to mail so will get this ready to mail.  Happy Easter to all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday, April 9, 2000

Just finished a good book by Nora Roberts.  Now I'll start a letter & I should start writing notes on Easter cards to my sisters & in laws.

Tomorrow is Dale's birthday & we are going out to eat at Holiday Inn.  We like that best.  We haven't eaten out for awhile so this will be a nice celebration.  Kim spoke of us coming to the camp Sat the 15th to celebrate Dale & Barb's birthdays. Dale buys what he wants -- coins, tools, etc. so I got him light colored pants & underwear.  Not very exciting but he's hard to buy for.  Barb got him a nice knit shirt -- light blue.

When we went to Erie Barb didn't find anything she wnated.  She saw a skirt she liked in L. L. Bean catalogue & ordered it.  Dark khaki & she was pleased with it & said she'd like the light tan shade so I ordered it for her birthday.  They are the shorter skirts.

Millie will be 85 the 17 of Apr.

Tues/10th.  The 5 of us had a nice dinner at the Holiday Inn last nite.  Good food -- even a little birthday cake for Dale.  Quite busy for a Mon. nite.  Seems to be busy with overnite guests, etc.  Lar & Kim didn't come over after as they had to walk the neighbor's dog.  They were to be home late Mon. nite.

Got your letter.  Enjoyed the trip synopsis so much.  You covered a lot of ground & saw a lot of things.  Makes for good memories for the boys.  Glad I don't have your credit card to lok forward to.  Warren & Anna are still paying on 2 trips to an island.  I can't remember the name of it.  They didn't go this year.  The Benson's, Decker's & Schaffers are all going to Germany this year to see The Passion Play.  Benson's are taking their granddaughter who graduated from Kane Hi this June.  None of them are going at the same time.

Today Barb helped an older woman who is a friend of Bert's.  She said it was the messiest & dirtiest ever.  And they have money.  Ragged kitchen curtains & she asked Barb to make new ones for Sat - they're having company.  The worst dish cloth ever.  They are retired & the husband is around & wants to tell Barb how to do things.

Barb bot roller blades so she & Scott can roller blade after school.  That might make it easier for Barb to be with him. Today a friend was coming with him after school.  So Barb will have 2 of them til 4:45.  She worked 4 1/2 hrs. this A.M. & tonite we get groceries.  Maybe she'd prefer to wait til tomorrow.

Dale likes his pants.  He's spent a lot of money on tools.  Yesterday he said he should be thinking of getting some more clothes.  He liked the shirt Barb gave him.  It surprised me to hear him talk about shopping for clothes.  He has uniforms for work so that's no problem.

This is Dale's early week & I'm ready to work but first plan to walk & mail letters (Millie's card) first & will bring this to an end.  Have to wash the kit. floor today.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Yesterday I saw Dr. Keverline & got a prescription for glasses.  Left eye OK.  A change in the right eye.  I went to Wrrn.  Vision, over town, for new glasses & got new frames as well.  I don't see Dr. K. for a year.

Today I saw Dr. McNett & all is well except that I gained 5 lbs. in 6 weeks.  I'll have to be good about walking & cutting out sweets.  That will be a tough job.  My thyroid is OK.  Have to have a blood test in 6 weeks, but I don't see the Dr. for 4 months.  He put on the paper that it is a standing order as I'll have to have blood tests from time to time.  Saw 2 gals that I used to work with.  One was 88 yesterday, Martha Mahood, & she has had heart surgery.  Then Sara Lyle, who was there for her 6 mo. check up.  We got caught up on our children, etc. while we waited & talked. 

When I got home I decided to call Rose & tell her about Martha.  We talked for about 1/2 hr.  Next Tues. she goes to Erie to see the Dr. about her back. She never wanted surgery but Karen has been pushing & Rose hurts so much she's ready for an operation.  She doesn't get to church as it hurts to walk.  I'[m so glad Rose is doing this.  She'll know next Tues. the 28th about what will happen.  I'm daughter graduated from Penn State in May.  The youngest starts college next fall.  Karen's daughter has been accepted at Penn State but wants to go to U. of Toronto but hasn't heard from them yet.  They spend vacation in Toronto & love i up there.  She had to take a special SAT test for Toronto.

Do you remember Mrs. Highhouse, a teacher at Beaty.  She died some time ago.  Her husband & Rose have known each other for a long time.  He called Rose & they've been seeing each other.  Out to eat, the Rotary films, etc.  Recently he fell on the ice & broke his clavicle & the tip of his back bone.  Was in the hosp. for a month.  Is home now & might have to go in a nursing home.  Rose will miss him.  Said he has been so good to her.

Called Gen last nite.  John had been on a skiing trip in Switzerland & spent a couple of days in Paris.  Bet he had a good time.  They were expecting him home that nite.

Fri. the 24th.  9 pm.

This aft. we went to the Mall & I got a pair of navy shoes at Bon Ton - on sale.  Barb wants to go to Erie next week Tues. & I plan to go with her.  If I don't feel like shopping I'll sit & watch people go by.  We're never there too long.  A couple of hours shopping & lunch.

My favorite TV programs now are "Trauma, Life in the E.R."  Mon & Tues. nite 8-10 pm.  Wed nite - can't remember the title but it's on forensics & how they solve murders.  Very interesting.  And the things they have to work with today.  It boggles the mind.  Would be an interesting career.

You most likely are in your motel by now.  Tomorrow you'll be in Pa. on the way to Gettysburg.

Last Mon. I meant to mail your letter when I went to the Dr. (eye) but I forgot them so they didn't so they didn't get mailed until Tues. so I don't know if you heard before you left.  If not, you'll have 2 letters to read.

Wed the 22nd, the called from Wrrn. Visions to say my glasses were in.  I got ready & walked over to get them.  I see much better with the right eye now.  That was fast service.

Kim took a personal day today.  They can only accumulate 5 days or they lose it.  She & a friend went to Grove City shopping area for the day.  Same place we went to last year.  The floor is almost finished.  Larry also painted the ceiling & upper walls.  Below the chair rail Lar papered.  One room will be cleaned but the rest of the house is dusty from the work, etc.  A film over everything. 

I've been thinking about Andy -- all good.  If you put him in a room full of strangers, it wouldn't take long for Andy to get acquainted & feel at home.  That is a wonderful attribute.  He's friendly, can carry on a conversation & comes across very favorably.  That is so important in life.  He'll do fine & don't forget he has quite a full schedule for a kid.  You didn't start basketball until 8th grade, wasn't it.  Baseball was a summer thing.

When I was walking home from getting my hair done, I decided I was hungry for potato salad.  So I made some & had it in the fridge by 11.  We even had some for lunch.  It had cooled a bit & tasted good.  And we had it for supper.  Daylight savings starts next week - Apr. 3rd so it's pot. salad time.


After golf was over Barb switched to basketball & it was so exciting I turned to mute.  Can't take it.  Long 2 minutes with the time outs, etc.  Naturally we're rooting for Wisconsin & they won.  Great.  I'm glad the game is over - too nerve racking for me.  Should that be wracking  Too exciting to think.

Tonite Barb &U I grilled salmon on the grill on the front porch.  It was so good.  Dale doesn't like fish too much so he'll grill a steak later.  He likes to eat later.  W hen we grill the fish there is no smell in the house to bother Dale.  Fussy people.  He really isn't.   Anyway we prefer the grilling.

When you get home you'll lose an hour.  It's "spring ahead" time.  For us E.D.T.  Doesn't seem possible it will be nice to have it light longer in the evenings.

Time to bring this to an end.  Bet you enjoyed all the sights during the trip esp. the cherry blossoms.  Bet they were beautiful.

Now it's Mon, the 27th.  I'll keep adding as I won't mail it til later in the week.

Sun. was nice but windy & I walked to the library & got 4 books, one a new author to me.  The Buff. paper reviewed a book by Kate Wilhelm and I found she has many books available.  Nice to find a new author.  Setting of books in Oregon & Calif.  260 pages of easy & interesting mysteries & murder.  Got 2 by Wilhelm, 1 by Sandra Brown & a favorite by M. C. Beaton.  A Hammish Macbeth mystery.  A bumbling country constable who solves murders to the consternation of his superior officer.  They are fun to read.  I'm one of those who prefers to get books at the library rather than buy them.  Library was pretty busy.

Dale painted his ceiling so he's gotten a start.

Wed. the 29th.

We enjoyed the trip to Erie yesterday.  Weather was perfect.  But we didn't find much in the shopping part.  Barb got 2 blouses & I got some underwear & jelly beans, the latter a very important purchase!!

Arlene H. is out of the hospital & in Buffalo with Julie.

Rose called last nite.  She will have the operation the 2nd week of May.  Has some tests to take but she can do them in Warren.  The bone has started to crumble & that will have to come out.

Lar called today & wants me to "babysit" Torey Thurs. aft.  Will bring him over at 11 A.M. & Kim will pick him up after school.  Lar is taking the car to Du Bois for a checkup & also plans to look around at tractors -- I think that's what he said.  Better quit!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Monday, March 13, 2012

Called Carolyn M. last nite to tell her they won't make a copy of a photographer's picture because of the copyright.  So she'll contact Ruth to see if she can find out about a copy -- if the studio is still there, etc.  Carolyn mentioned she invited you folks for Easter dinner.  She also mentioned Signe had a spell of pain but is OK now.  She just hopes Signe won't suffer a lot of pain.  She just hopes Signe won't suffer a lot of pain.  It's soon 6 months so she's done OK.

Dale went to the junk yard last Sat to look for a wheel rim & found one.  His current rim has a little dent U& of course that can't be.  He put it on after work & it fits so now he has to paint it.  The tire was still on so he threw it away at work & as he did that he noticed a wet vac thrown away & he claimed it.  The 3rd one he's found.  A guy at work would like one -- Dale just repaired the cord on the 2nd one so he'll give it to him.  The 3rd one was still wet -- probably not taken care of & Dale loves to tinker & repair things.  He also found 2 estension cords with a light.  He gave one away & kept one.  What a guy.

The census questionnaire came today.  I don't' own the house anymore -- you kids do -- so I guess I'll put Dale's name as owner.

Barb bot veggie & flower seeds & planted them.  She put them in her room by the window so they'll get the sun.  She planted lettuce for Bert & already they are coming thru.  Bert is pleased Barb did that for her.  Barb did that for her.  She was in advertising & knows Iacocca from Ford & then Gen. Motors, I think.  Before that she was in fashions.  Quite a lady.

Tues. evening.

I'm watching Trauma -- Life in the E.R.  I close my eyes when they start cutting.  It's about accidents, shootings, drugs, etc.

Wed aft.

A beautiful day.  Barb took me to get my blood test & I walked home.  Stopped at CVS & didn't see any sympathy cards I liked so I walked back to Cady's & got some.  Wanted to send one to Tom & Diane Scarcella on the death of his mother.  I made sugar cookies today -- mainly for Torey.  He gets 2 each time he visits us.  Spoiled dog!

I couldn't find my keys last Thurs.  I used them to unlock the car & didn't see them.  I looked in my purse & finally found them.  The purse has 2 zipper pockets & I didn't realize that.  One under the other & I must have absentmindedly put it in the 2nd pocket under the 1st pocket.  I've had the purse several months & never noticed it.

Had a letter from Millie today.  She told me about the funeral of Aunt Esther.  The pastor couldn't go to Gen's for lunch as he had another funeral.  She's looking forward to spring like everyone else.

Thurs p.m.
Cleaned up dishes after dinner.  Lar & Kim's night to come over & we sit around the table & talk.  They said Careys are seriously thinking of selling their house & moving closer to Susan.  She is still having problems -- drinking & they'd like to be closer & Susan would like it.  Last Sat. Lar helped them (Paula & John) move stuff to Carey's garage.  They have a house in Buffalo but it takes time to get it all settled -- loans etc.  Then they'll need help to put it back in the U Haul truck.  They took Lar & Kim out to dinner last Sat. nite to thank Lar for his help.  John found a job up there & likes it much better than the job he had in Warren.

Filled out the census & will mail it tomorrow.  Wasn't sure how to answer who the owner of the house is so I put Dale's name there as he lives here & has a job.  He was saying his paycheck is never the same as they get paid by the job -- how hard it is, etc.  How much times it takes.  If they go over the allotted time to get it finished that's their loss & if they finish in less time that's to their advantage.  He's had some raises so he does all right.

Fri. St. Patrick's Day

This aft. Barb & I went to the Mall & I did some shopping at K Mart.  Stopped at Arby's for supper for Dale & me.

Got your letter today.  Wasn't too surprised about Joan & Alan.  Glad she had the gumption to leave him.  Can't remember who told me but one summer I hard that Mim told Joan that any time she wanted to leave Alan she could come to them in Beloit.  And Alan demanded the money she earned & then Joan had to ask him for money.  Joan is 52 -- maybe there will be some happiness for her now.  The son is 30 & the daughter 29.  There is some time between the youngest but she must be around 20 or so.  I'm sure Ruthie must have left something to the girls & that might have helped Joan to decide to leave.  She'd need money for a divorce & apt.  They were married in Aug. & the son was born the following Aug.  I remember hearing  Alan could never please his father or get any attention or love from him.  Joan had a self image problem so maybe it was a hopeless situation.  Maybe they should have had help to change themselves for a better marriage.  Wonder if Ruth will ever tell me about the divorce.

It was COLD this AM when I walked to get my hair done.  26 &  blowing.  It still felt good to be able to walk.

Guess I've covered the news here.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monday, March 6, 2000

I'll start a letter & keep adding to it.  Just got home from the Dr.  He said there was a membrane in my right eye & he'd "pop" it & I have to go again to get my eyes tested to see if the prescription has changed.  Couldn't do both today.  On Tues of that week I see Dr. McNett & need to get a blood test first.  On Mon the 20th I get my eyes examined.  He lasered it.  Said I'd see better now.  It hasn't been clear vision for that eye -- it's the one that had the cataract.  Beautiful day so I walked home.

Now it's 9:20 & I'm relaxing.  LCW was a workshop & the women tied a quilt.  They are given to "Safe Place" & the women are really thrilled to get a quilt.  It was a nice time & Marge Woods& I worked well together.  I'm watching Homicide now.

Tues A.M.  A few things I forgot.  Arlene Hornstrom had a stroke & is now in rehabilitation.  Do you remember the Rapps -- Jim and Carol.  Had a son, now in California & a daughter Pam.  Carol was sick a lot -- ended with cancer & she died shortly after Dad died.  Carol's father was Jim Greenlund & he died a couple of years ago.  Now his wife Alice, a sister of Myrtle Wallin, & Jim Rapp started going together & will be married in June.  Alice was the mother-in-law but she was Jim Greenlund's 3rd wife.  1 divorce, 1 death.  But I'm happy for them as Alice is a person who needs a husband & Jim Rapp will have a stable home life.  I'm sure the last years of Carol's life were hard ones for Jim & financially backbreaking.  I'm sure Alice was left financially OK.  Of course there is talk but who cares.  I think it will be good for both of them.

Just a note on Wed.  It's soon bedtime.  Dale said he might sell the Monte Carlo to Sam or he might not.  He realizes he doesn't need 3 cars.  He'd never part with the El Camino & he likes the Blazer for winter driving.  What a dilemma.

Fri A.M. the 10th

In this A.M. paper there is an article on the new State Police Barracks being built.  It states that Wm L. Gordon is the Station Commander.  Is the name familiar -- he's Dale's age & Rose's nephew.  Her twin Violet is his mother.

Winter has returned!  We still  plan to go to Jamestown this aft. as only flurries are predicted & Barb has wanted to go for some time.

Yesterday at the beauty shop (nice to have curl again) Louise Borg was having her hair done & she whispered in a disgusted voice "have you heard Jim Rapp is marrying Alice Greenlund?"   I said "yes".  Her hair had just been washed so there was nothing more said.  But I knew what she thought of it.  I'm sure many agree with her.  Marge Ristau does, I know.  And her sister Martha Andersen would.

Last nite Lar did my taxes for me.  I just have to pay state & local taxes.  Dale has his ready to send in & he expects money back as too much is taken out.  He's still wavering on the Monte Carlo & he said now he wants $5,000.00 for it.  Figures he put 7,000.00 in it at least.

He has the El Camino in Carey's garage while they are in Fla.  Both Paula & husband are working in Buffalo; sold their house & haven't found one in Buffalo so Paula wants to store some things in the garage.  So we'll be playing "musical cars" again.

Last Thurs. I mentioned Lar did my taxes so Kim walked Torey home for his exercise.  She checked the messages on the answering machine.  A very sexy voice said "Bambi call me, Bambi call me."  Didn't leave a telephone number & Kim couldn't remember any "Bambi".  She punched whatever it is that gives you the no. dialed but she wasn't familiar with it.  When Lar got home -- he had to check at Carey's -- she asked "who is Bambi".  Larry didn't know & off hand he didn't remember the phone no.  When she played the message Larry said "that's Monty", playing a joke on you.  She was really upset for awhile. So Kim sent him a email.

Fri aft. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  Had lunch at a new Ruby Tuesday close to the mall on mall property.  We had the salad bar & it was excellent.  It was a nice change.  Neither of us did much shopping -- didn't see anything we needed or caught our eye.

Dale & Sam looked at the Monte Carlo this aft. & Dale doesn't think he can part with it.  He put too  much of himself into it to let it go.  When he's not married he can afford the registration, insurance, etc. for 3 cars.

This has probably been enough reading for you for this time.

Interesting to realize Eddie could see a "messy house".  You ended your letter saying "Now I've probably made you feel like cleaning".  The letter arrived on Fri, close to noon & on Fri, Sat & Sun. I just do the necessary -- mainly meal preparation.  I'm rejuvenated by Mon. & start all over again on my schedule.  When you're almost 80 cleaning isn't a priority.