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Sunday, April 9, 2000

Just finished a good book by Nora Roberts.  Now I'll start a letter & I should start writing notes on Easter cards to my sisters & in laws.

Tomorrow is Dale's birthday & we are going out to eat at Holiday Inn.  We like that best.  We haven't eaten out for awhile so this will be a nice celebration.  Kim spoke of us coming to the camp Sat the 15th to celebrate Dale & Barb's birthdays. Dale buys what he wants -- coins, tools, etc. so I got him light colored pants & underwear.  Not very exciting but he's hard to buy for.  Barb got him a nice knit shirt -- light blue.

When we went to Erie Barb didn't find anything she wnated.  She saw a skirt she liked in L. L. Bean catalogue & ordered it.  Dark khaki & she was pleased with it & said she'd like the light tan shade so I ordered it for her birthday.  They are the shorter skirts.

Millie will be 85 the 17 of Apr.

Tues/10th.  The 5 of us had a nice dinner at the Holiday Inn last nite.  Good food -- even a little birthday cake for Dale.  Quite busy for a Mon. nite.  Seems to be busy with overnite guests, etc.  Lar & Kim didn't come over after as they had to walk the neighbor's dog.  They were to be home late Mon. nite.

Got your letter.  Enjoyed the trip synopsis so much.  You covered a lot of ground & saw a lot of things.  Makes for good memories for the boys.  Glad I don't have your credit card to lok forward to.  Warren & Anna are still paying on 2 trips to an island.  I can't remember the name of it.  They didn't go this year.  The Benson's, Decker's & Schaffers are all going to Germany this year to see The Passion Play.  Benson's are taking their granddaughter who graduated from Kane Hi this June.  None of them are going at the same time.

Today Barb helped an older woman who is a friend of Bert's.  She said it was the messiest & dirtiest ever.  And they have money.  Ragged kitchen curtains & she asked Barb to make new ones for Sat - they're having company.  The worst dish cloth ever.  They are retired & the husband is around & wants to tell Barb how to do things.

Barb bot roller blades so she & Scott can roller blade after school.  That might make it easier for Barb to be with him. Today a friend was coming with him after school.  So Barb will have 2 of them til 4:45.  She worked 4 1/2 hrs. this A.M. & tonite we get groceries.  Maybe she'd prefer to wait til tomorrow.

Dale likes his pants.  He's spent a lot of money on tools.  Yesterday he said he should be thinking of getting some more clothes.  He liked the shirt Barb gave him.  It surprised me to hear him talk about shopping for clothes.  He has uniforms for work so that's no problem.

This is Dale's early week & I'm ready to work but first plan to walk & mail letters (Millie's card) first & will bring this to an end.  Have to wash the kit. floor today.

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