Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 1994

This hasn't been my spring.  My back is OK now; then a cold & cough.  Finally that was over & another took its place.  This time it's in my throat & I have laryngitis.  Started last Tues. & I still have it so I didn't go to church - can't sing, can't talk.

Last Fri. nite Bensons, Hollertzs & Schaffers came to Warren & we had dinner at Holiday Inn.  It was enjoyable but Pat Benson said it was quiet when Marion couldn't talk!!  Benson's retire next year & this summer will be putting up a home in the round on their property outside of Kane.  A prefab deal.  Hollertz retired last Nov &bot a house in Ridgway.  An older one (1870) but haven't done much yet.  Anne decided to work until Aug. to keep the money coming in.  They like to spend but they should do OK on their retirement.

On Barb's birthday Dad, Barb, and ( went out to dinner at Fernwood Inn - on the way to Sheffield - a little beyond the new bridge.  We celebrated again on Thurs. when Lar & Kim came to dinner.  She wanted a carrot cake & the recipe I used came out so good.

Dad sees the Dr. on Wed. & I hope he can do something to help.  So many times in the A.M. he's unsteady on his feet.  He called the Dr. awhile ago & he told him to stop one medication but it hasn't helped.  He didn't make it to church last Sun & he didn't go this A.M. either.  He was dressed to go but then decided against it.

He called Stella yesterday & found out that Dan didn't get to I.M. [Iron Mountain] as planned.  Didn't have the money but hopes to come sometime.  Stella is left to pay the bills & she can't afford 2 rents (payment on house).  They are working in Fla. but not at well paying jobs.  Stella gets lonesome - too bad she didn't stay in Rockford.

After about a year the Nelson round robin arrived.  It had slipped down in a chair at Ruth's & she finally found it.  It came around fast but we've had it about a week so I'll have to spur Dad on to help me write it.  It's my job now.

The roses you sent Barb are beautiful.  Yellow & so nice.  They have opened up & are still lovely.  A nice surprise.  I'll leave it to her to thank you.

She is enjoying her bike.  Yesterday she rode up to the high school but she had to stop a couple of times to make it up the hill.

All of the tests they gave Dale came back negative.  I'm after him to get more rest & it's a tough job.

Genevieve sent Barb a card & enclosed a picture of her head all wired up.  She was to hear last Thurs. the results of all the tests.

Kim and Kathy's business is closed & they have until the 30th to clean everything out.  The bldg. owner bot the flooring they put in for $1200.00 & they were selling the equipment they have - stereo, steppers, bar bells, etc.  The Y.W. has a group similar to what Kim did so some will go there.  Kim will get her exercise by daily walking the dog.  They go up over Washington Park to Beech St. &  back.  Taury doesn't have to be on the leash all the way so he can run.

Millie has retired now.  Steigers downtown closed & some of their mall stores were bot by a larger group.  Private stores can't compete now.  (Privately owned, that is.)  She will keep busy visiting Larry & Linda.  She is near the bus so can get out.  My cousin Frank Carlson had a stroke & is now in a place to get therapy like Edna did.  He was at Mercy Hosp & this place is part of that.  He joined Holy Name Church (Forest Park area) & went to Mass every A.M. before work.  Was surprised to hear that as they never went to church growing up.  Of the relatives my Dad was the only one who stayed with the church.

After 3 pages I must have covered all the news.  Usually when the env. is sealed I remember something.  Dale just got the paper so I'll read it & do my puzzle.

We all send our love.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 1994

Not doing much these days so you'll get a letter.  My back is better but still sore & it is very limiting in what I can do.  Getting out of bed is the hardest.  Have seen the4 chiropractor twice & have a Thurs. appt.

Dale had to take his "Summer" car out last Sun. due to hitting a deer Sat nite.  I didn't see the car but Barb did, Sun A.M.  Naturally a thousand tho'ts went thru my head but it was a deer so that was a relief.  It mainly damaged the radiator & he is looking for a replacement.  He'll have to go to the junk yard on Sat.  He still isn't ready to have the summer car out yet.

Sat. Barb & I usually go to the Mall but I decided I couldn't take it & I missed using a Penney's 25% discount & a 20% card from Bon Ton.

Mon. Dad & I went to the Mall & I looked for baseball Tshirts but they didn't have many.  Got 23 for Eddie - 1 should fit (Fla "Marlins") & the "Atlanta" one will be too big but he can grow into it, or wear it oversized like the big guys do.

The bathroom is completed & we are so satisfied with the outcome.  Lar still has some "stuff" to carry away, including stuff in the basement.  We try to get ride of stuff but it is so hard.  Junk in the attic & basement.  You're lucky you have neither attic or basement.

We have a glorious day after almost an inch of rain on Mon.  Snow is melting but it will be awhile yet before it's gone.

Soon baseball will be here & it will be nice to have it on TV again.  Atlanta has gotten some tough breaks.

For sure the pkg goes out this week & will be sent to the library.

Kim is in charge of a musical at Sheffield Hi & we'll be going to it - about the middle of Apr.  She is a busy gal, also.  Did I mention she closes the business after school is out.  They've had too many problems with the owner - toilet overflow causing flooding & still he does nothing to fix it.  And they always pay their rent on time.

Besides a few aches we are all fine.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 1994

Clothes are washing & other chores out of the way so I'll drop a note to you.

It's warmed up so now they are worried about flooding.  We can see that snow has seeped into the ground.  They were also worried about the ice on the Conewango Creek - that it would plug up & cause flooding.

I've put together several 1000 pc. puzzles & have one to finish.

Dale hates the Bills, hates Jim Kelly & is probably disgusted with us for rooting for the Bills.  Sure hope they can do it this time.  Go Bills!  It brings excitement at this dull time of the year, esp. with this cold weather.  The house has kept warm.  We even had an elec emergency  proclaimed by the gov. (Casey)

Bathroom work is progressing.  Lar didn't expect this extra electrical work.  Said there was too much on one circuit so he changed things & they are right now.  Now he can work on the tub area & get that in.  We chose paper - small print on top, larger print on bottom & a border between.  We decided on linoleum as with a rug it's harder to get the dust in corners.  I'll have to buy a mop- but I don't think it will be that much more work for me to clean.  Once the bath is completed I hope to clean upstairs good.  Houseclean.  Hope I don't lose my desire.

The puzzle I'm working on now is a picture of home in Colonial Williamsburg.  The boys should like the Amusement park.  We enjoyed our visit there.

Hope you enjoy the articles I enclose in my letters.  I think they are cute.

I think they have missed about 56 days of school so far - all the "snow days" have been used so they might miss part of the Easter vacation, short as it is.

Time to check the drier or is it dryer - so I'll close.  Oh yes, the living rm. T.V. shows an all green screen so something must be wrong!  Maybe we'll need a new larger screen T.V.!!  Lar & Kim have a nice 27' they got at Turner's.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 15, 1993

Photos from Thanksgiving visit.

By now you must have our Christmas pkg. to you.  All my gifts are wrapped & under the tree.    Barbara has 1 more to get - Lar's, oh, yes mine also.

Finally got to the library & finished my 1st book by Dick Francis. Break In.  Enjoyed it so much.  Marion Chesney is favorite author & she has a new series out.  Miss Tonks Turns to Crime.

We've had so many lovely sunny days & we've enjoyed every one.  Went to Brand Names twice in Jamestown.

Dale is home - sore back.  Picked up something that was too heavy.  Went to the chiropractor Tues & has another appt on Fri.   Tried working yesterday as he felt better but home by noon.  In his job you have to have a healthy back - using arms, stretching, etc.

The Allegany School must be something to see.  Good they have space for the students in other schools. They're trying to salvage as much as they can.  That's the 4th set fire in Clarendon & they know it's arson.  Hope they find the person.

We like your Christmas card so much.  Good of all of your & the background is so interesting.  Good you decided to go up there .  That was the aft. Eddie wouldn't nap but that was to your advantage.  Friends will enjoy getting your card.  We are enjoying notes from old friends, esp. Auburn.

I've made cookies but not too many special ones as they don't go as fast as the old favorites 

We open the tin of popcorn we got when shopping with JoAnna & it is delicious.  It's on sale this week.  We were at the Mall on Mon. & it was crowded - no school as it was 1st day of doe season.

We know you'll have a wonderful Christmas with Andy & Eddie.  Oh yes the other nite after a good meal - about an hour or so I felt so hungry so I thought of Andy & his "Grandma, I'm hungry!"  It does happen.  So I sat down & had coffee & cookies.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wednesday, October 27, 1993

A brief note to enclose an obit.  A surprise as he was only 68 years old.

Also enclosing pictures taken with the "throw away" camera.  You return the entire camera for development & it is recycled.  I got another one for Thanksgiving - a flash one so I can take pictures in side.

Last Sun. nite the choir festival directed by Mr. Brockelbank was wonderful.  The organist was from Kane & she made our organ sound like it should.  One member asked if it was our organ.  Mr. B is retired & moved to the Pittsburgh area.  Our choir director did all the planning.  Just took a "time out" to walk over to church & pick up my cooky tin.  (Made cookies for Sun. nite.)  It is still a beautiful day & the leaves are really falling down.  Rain & colder is (are?) in the forecast.  My Jr. hi English teacher wrote "Conquer your Grammar!" in my autograph book.

What a difference a year makes for Eddie.  Last year's pic he's still a toddler, this years he's a little boy.  A cutie.

Lar & Kim's new car is really nice - beautiful color.

See you soon.

1942 Warren High School yearbook

Saturday, October 23, 1993

I'll get a note written to enclose in your card.  It's a beautiful day & Kim is in a wedding this aft.  Bob Moran's (Printz) daughter Betsy is getting married.  Last Sun Kim, Lar & another couple hosted a couple's shower at their place.

Kim was one for a week for a session on how to deal with problem kids in school - she is on a Sheffield team that deals with problems.  Said it was a good learning experience.

Dale enjoyed his week at Tappan, N.Y. to learn about the new sports car, the Viper.  It took him 7 hrs. to get there, missed a turn & went over a bridge over the Hudson river - cost 2.50 but nothing on the return.  Stayed at a Holiday In.  Took a car from work - had 300.00 for food.  Said things are expensive there.  About 15 in the class - one from Oil City, Boston, etc.  He enjoyed the week a lot.  Said it is quite a car.  Got a certificate & a patch showing he had training for the Viper.  Last Mon I cleaned his room - moved what I could & got rid of all the dust & there was a lot.  Dale changed the brushes on my vacuum cleaner & what a difference it made in the kitchen rug.  Old ones all worn.

Barb & I have started Christmas shopping - lots of sales from now on.

Emma Johnson (across the street) was in Erie & they found she has cancer of the gall bladder & liver plus a heart condition.  They've given her 6 months.

Dale was near New Jersey & crossed into it & didn't realize it.  Asked a cop for help & he said what an accent he had.  Also the one from Boston.

Eddie's picture is so cute.  Now we're waiting for Andy's.  Our darling grandchildren.  Imagine you'll take them trick or treating.  Barb said Marisa & Scott will come here - at least they want to.

Sonya Thelin Oliver had a baby girl Oct. 18th.  Sarah Margaret.

Another week & Nov will be here & that brings us closer to your visit.

Time for a coffee break.  See you all soon.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, October 2, 1993

I'm "resting" after going 20 min. on the treadmill.  I saw Dr. Fino & McNett & all is well.  Hasn't seen Fino for several years so tho't I should have a pap smear.

Dale was saying he heard Walmarts will build on land from Penn Elec, Starbrick.  That would be nice.  You should visit Blair's store in Starbrick - just to see what they have.  Haven't seen the remodeled downtown store.  Looks nice.  And the Christmas store from Smethport will be at the old Levinson Store - 1st floor - for at least the Christmas season - maybe permanently if business is good.

We have our Christmas gifts for the boys just about completed.  Might be too early as it's so easy to give in to something we see.  They are the easiest to buy for.

We have a new meat mkt - where Kondak Beer was.  What a display of meats.   We tried pork chops, swiss steak & beef cubes.  Pork OK.   Swiss steak tonite - smells good.

Dale bot a winter car & then decided it wasn't what he wanted but it has a good engine so he figures he won't lose money.  Sam told him about another car - '80 (I think)   Chev Impala 2 door for $450.,00.  So he has a winter car.  Red interior &he has some car seats stored at Lar's he thinks he can  use in this car.  He'll start working it over & improving it.

That's really great about Andy & soccer.  It's great he can start so young.  You'll have to take a picture of his smile - minus a tooth.

Barb got some outfits from Lynn & she buys expensive clothes.   A dress & slack outfit that she didn't really like on herself is part of the clothes (what a sentence!)  So she asked Kim if she'd like them.  Last Sat she was at a bridal shower & wore the dress & got many compliments.  Said it's a perfect fit.  The slacks are too long so I said I'd shorten them for her.  Betsy Moran (Bob's daughter - Printz) is getting married Oct 23rd & Kim is in the wedding.  Her dress is navy blue & she says it's pretty.  Betsy is around Kim's age & never been married.  Her fiance  was married but for a very short time.  He works at United - a good job.  Kim's dress will cost her $200.00, plus shoes, plus 2 showers, plus wedding gift.  She said it's a budget buster.  Lar & Kim & another couple are giving a couple's shower the 16th.

At the shower last week she got some lovely gifts.  Monogram sheets from her mother.  Her mom had already bot her an expensive nightie & robe when Betsy, her mom & Kim went to Buffalo to shop.  Nice to have money & they have investments.  Bob isn't well at all - results of smoking.

Baseball season is just about over.  We're sad.  Did you notice the Mets won 4 in a row!!  We hope for better results next year.

Have some articles of interest - at least I hope they are -- to enclose.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, September 8, 1993

I'm taking "five" after cleaning upstairs.

It's much cooler so I guess summer is over & fall is in the air.  I don't mind that.

We're really getting blueberries from the bushes Lar planted many years ago.  T hey are good.  But instead of a blueberry pie, I'm in the mood for pumpkin pie.

I've found some new authors.  Finished Bird Cage by Victor Canning & liked it.  Others are Susan Dunlap, Dorothy Cannell.  It thought I lost my library card, got a new one & then found the one I tho't I'd lost so now I have 2.  Is that illegal Paul?

Also I've been enjoying reruns of Matlock at 10 AM & 12:30 pm.

We didn't do much on Labor Day.  Bob Vila was on A&E all day (7AM - 8PM) so I watched most of it - a complete program of building a house in New England & the renovation of a graystone apt. in Chicago.  It was fascinating & the results so beautiful.

Dad's been scraping parts of the house for painting & found some spots where the siding needs to be replaced.  So he's on his way to the lumber yard for what he needs.  Hope we have a nice Fall as it takes him longer to get things done now but at least he is trying.

Another reason I like the cooler weather is it's easier to use the tread mill.  We are still faithful in using it.

Fri A.M. I see Dr. Fino for a check up.  No problems.  The following week I see Dr. McNett for my annual physical.  Can't think of any problems.

Edna had a nice 80th birthday.  I called her & she is doing all right.  Naturally she tired easily.  She was watering plants when I called & earlieri she had watered the lawn.

Baseball is soon over & it can't be soon enough for the Mets but we're still faithful to them!!!

All is fine here.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday, July 23, 1993

Our lovely weather continues -- but more humidity for Sun & Mon.  Perfect drying weather.

Wonder how Lar & Kim, esp. Kim, are enjoying hot, showery Fla.  Taury, too.

The Forge got a 17 million contract from the Air Force so that will keep them going for 2 more years.  Struthers, on the other hand, just has a skeleton crew.

Dale has been catching up on his sleep this vacation week.  So I do my dusting *quiet work) early; at 10 AM I watch reruns of Matlock & enjoy them so much; then at 11 I finish my noisy work -- vacuuming.

We went out for breakfast - Perkins for Belgium waffles & they are delicious.  It was busy.

Lost my library card but got a new one for 95 cents.  Worth every penny.  Have found good books lately but none of the late one by Paretsky, Grisham, or the other female who starts with G.  I also lost my list of authors I had in an address book with my card.

Barb finally got the frame to hold the futon mattress.  She also got a new bedspread & a round table with cloth matching the bedspread.  Looks nice.

Gen called last nite.  They enjoyed the Sweden trip to mulch.  Edith did, too.  They've been busy keeping up the outside.  Ed still does carpentry work - just finished building a deck for a friend.  Tonite Ed's investment club meets at their home - wives also so she expects 16 & she has the meal.  They picked blueberries & planning on making 3 pies.  I hope to get some to make jam.

The library isn't keeping up the shrubbery beds & it bothered Barb so she volunteered to weed & has been busy doing weeding evenings.  Lar will mulch it & that should help keep weeds out.  T hey have someone that mows but he isn't very ambitious.  Don't suppose they pay much.  The 1st week of Aug. they'll be closed for vacation.

In Aug. Kim will have an intensive week of school to get credits toward her masters.  School Board encourages that.  5 days, all day.

Lunch time & I've chattered enough.

We think of all of you a lot & we love you all -- heaps!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, July 10, 1993

All we do is sit so I'll write a letter.  Will enclose one from Edna as it is "newsy".  It's never been as hot as it is - doesn't even cool down at nite.  Not even a sheet is needed.  We've had 5 days of temps in the 90's & humidity, too.  I just do what is necessary & then sit by the fan.  But I'm thankful it's not the flooding of the Midwest & the damage that follows.

July 4th we were at Lar & Kim's camp & the screened in porch is so nice.  It is the small porch on the side.  Dr. Jay, Nancy & their 4 daughters were also there.  They went in the stream to cool off & had a great time.  Their dog (from the same litter) was there & Ginger & Taury have more fun playing together.  They also enjoyed the water.  The girls made "Some Mores" & enjoyed toasting the marshmallows.  It was a nice time.  Jay & Nancy are very down to earth.

Lar & Kim leave the 16th for a visit in Atlanta & in Fla.  They decided to take the dog so Barb won't have to "dog-sit".  She was to stay at the apt. but I don't think Kim can leave the dog that long.

The Bishop of the Synod was here one Wed. in June to present Dad with a certificate & a gift for his 50th anniv.  He was here for lunch & we had a nice visit.  Gift from Synod.

Fri  July 2nd Kim took Barb & me to the Erie Mall as a thank you.  Barb for helping her clean the camp & me for baking cookies for when her 2 aunts & uncle were here.  They loved the double choc. cooky.  We did some shopping & ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  A new place, nice environment & good food.

Edna [Mom's oldest sister] wrote in her letter she hasn't bot anything for herself in over a yr.  Dad says hardly a week goes by for me to shop for something if I see a bargain I must have it.  That keeps me going & happy.  I think Edna will be 80, Aug 27th.  Maybe you could drop her a card.

This past week Dad got another floral arrangement from the Hessel Valley Church - for his 50th.  It is beautiful with maroon colored lilies.  Haven't see them before.

Barb is getting her hair colored this A.M. & this aft. we'll go to the Mall as she has a pkg. to pick up at Penney's.  We'll also get some groceries.

If the weather ever cools down I'll be glad as I get restless not doing anything.  Didn't dust or vacuum this week.  Need to bake cookies also.

But we are all fine & send you our love, hugs & kisses.

Edna's letter.  (Monday, July 5, 1993)

I can't remember the last time I wrote to you but thought I should write now.

As far as my condition is concerned I think I told you I had ultrasound therapy for my shoulder during the month of January.  I used to wake up about 3 or 4 in the morning with a pain in my shoulder & I would massage it & it would feel better.  However, I wasn't getting any better so on May 24 I went to a rheumatologist who said I had bursitis.  (I thought I had arthritis.)  I had a cortisone injection and in 2 days the pain was gone.  I should have gone to him much sooner.  My arm is still a little stiff because I haven't done my exercises very much.  If I'm on my feet a lot, I get tired and sometimes when I walk I feel as though People think I'm drunk.  But people say I walk as if nothing had happened to me.  Now I'm following in Aunt Esther's footsteps.  Every morning before getting up, she does exercises in bed.  Now I massage my arms & legs in bed & get the circulation going and the stiffness out and I feel much better.

Yesterday we had a July 4 picnic at Gen's.  I picked up Aunt Esther & Uncle Wilfred at the nursing home & brought them over.  Frank Carlson brought them back.  It was a beautiful day and we had a delicious meal.  You should have seen Esther & Wilfred eat!  They had ravenous appetites.  He is very thin but Esther should lose weight.  She has gained.  Wilfred was rambunctious when he first entered the Home but now seems calmer.  He rambles on about things which we can't understand.  He looked very nice yesterday.  At one time he wore 3 ties at once and also slept in a chair because he laid out all his clothes on the bed.  The nurses decided to let him do as he pleased because he was mean to them otherwise.

Gen & Ed & Edith had a wonderful time in Sweden & a couple of days in Copenhagen.  I was glad they went.  They saw Ed's relatives and the Luthgren family.  Everybody was so good to them.  But it rained most of the time, I guess.  About that time, I think, we had about 10 days with no rain.  My lawn looks terrible.  I watered it a few times, but I didn't start early enough & I finally gave up.  We haven't had much rain this past week, just a shower now & then.  It's been in the 80s, near 90.

Wally's son-in-law painted my house in May because he's not working.  I was lucky because he charged only half or less than a professional would charge.  Later on he's going to do the panelling on the front porch.  He wanted to go back to Florida to work on a house that he bought cheap from his aunt who was willed it and didn't want it.  It was a mess so he's spent a lot of time there fixing it up both inside and out.  It's a long trip to Florida & back.

I'm also lucky that I have Wally's son, Ralph, next door to mow the lawn, but I pay him like anyone else.  It saves me from trying to find someone who is reliable.

I'm also having 4 birch trees treated for Birch Leaf Minor.  Some of the leaves were brown this Spring so I'm having 3 treatments.  There is always something to spend money on.  I haven't spent any money on myself for over a year.  It have to get some new shoes though.

It will be 3 years this month since Wally died  I can't believe it.  It will be 4 years in December since Jerry died.  Both Larry & Linda like to have Millie visit them quite often.  Allan is good to her, too.  Jerry's brother Tony and his wife take her out quite often while they are here; they go to Florida for the winter.

Steiger's is downsizing their downtown store from 4 floors & a basement to 2 floors & a basement.  They are going to lay off more people.  Millie got a call the other day, thinking she was going to be laid off.    [Millie was born in 1913.]  Instead, they want her to work 4 days instead of 3 and longer hours.  She doesn't like the hours because 2 days she has to work until 5 PM and she can't get the afternoon bus when she goes to visit Larry & Debbie on the week-ends.  But it is better than nothing.  She would go crazy if she didn't work because she has to be on the go all the time.  I'm just the opposite; I don't mind staying home.  Of course, I have a larger house & I try to keep busy.

I hope Carl is feeling alright and I hope you all have a good summer.

P.S.  I forgot about Carl's 50th anniversary.  I hope you all had a good time.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monday, June 14, 1993

First of all thank you & JoAnna for the beautiful bouquet of flowers you sent to Carl.  Blue & yellow and so many people commented on their beauty.  It was a memorable day for Carl & so nice to have his sisters & Paul, Andy & Eddie here.  It was a great week, enjoyed by all.

We had so much fun with the boys - they have changed since Christmas, especially Eddie & I was great having them around & they were good boys.  We miss them.

Sat. Barb had videos to return to the library & I wanted books but we got there about 3 minutes before it closed -- 1 pm - but I chose a book & it was a good one.  "Homestead" by Anne Rivers Siddons & it was so good.  This A.M. Carl played golf so I walked over town as CVS had some special sales & then I went to the library & got 4 more books.  So I'm sitting on the porch reading afternoons.

Now we're watching Mets vs. Atlanta in Atl. and hoping for a winning outcome!!.  Ha Ha.

Tonite Dale left for Rochester for school tomorrow.  Something to do with transmissions on a truck that is coming out. Only 1 day this time.  They gave him a car to drive & it has less than 400 miles on it.

Dad played 9 holes today - he wasn't sure if he'd finish 9 holes & was glad to make it.  He likes his new driver.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.

We had our first strawberries from Hatch Patch & they are good.  Hope to pick some later on .  They aren't picking yet -- allowing people to pick.

Last nite we watched the Brewers vs. N.Y. & saw the birds in the outfield.  Funny.

Not much going on here - if Eddie asked "What happened", we'd have to answer nothing!