Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday, August 23, 2003

It's a beautiful day -- it started cooling off Fri. aft.

Fri aft. Barb started cleaning her bedroom & finished this A.M. Then she went for a bike ride & afterwards started cleaning the east & south sides of the house -- just the bottom part.  Then she cleaned the porch.  There was a lot of dust from the roofing job which they finished on Thurs.  It looks so nice.  Expensive but worth it.

Dale starts a weeks vacation today.

This A.M. I made Babe Ruth Bars from your library's first cookbook.  They are tasty. Planning a quiche for supper & might make choc. chip cookies.  Should have made them this A.M., but didn't realize Barb wanted them.

Was watching Boston vs. Seattle play baseball in Boston.  Then I switched to golf which is very interesting because it's only the best players in this tournament.  They make mistakes, too.  And again Tiger isn't playing his best game.

7:30 p.m.  I'm watching Pittsburgh at Milwaukee   It looks like a good crowd at the new ballpark.  Have you seen any games (yet) this season?  You usually write about it if you do.

I made choc. chip cookies so all are happy.  Made a broccoli quiche & it came out good.

The Pittsburgh announcers are saying there is a new attitude among the Braves & they beat the Pirates because they are better!

The Mets are at L.A. & were on TV last nite starting at 10 pm.  Same tonite.  I watched 2 1/2 innings & couldn't keep my eyes opened any longer.  It will be the same tonite.

A lady was having her hair done next to Sheila's booth & I mentioned having a bat in my house.  She told about her experience.  She woke up in the A.M. to find pictures off the wall, lampshades askew, etc.  She figured a rabid bat got in bumping into everything.  She gave up smoking but keeps a carton in the freezer.  She got a pack of cigarettes, went outside & smoked 2 cigarettes -- called a friend to come -- smoked 2 cigarettes.  The friend said -- "they like water, go check the toilet".  She did & there is was, the wings spread out. She flushed the toilet, but the lid down, rushed out & smoked 2 more cigarettes.  Her friend said "did it go down when you flushed." She didn't know so went back in to check.  It had.  She is so funny, it was fun to hear her explain it.  I think she is a widow.  She is very unhappy because Marilyn, her beautician, is retiring.  She is 66 & her husband is retired.

Kim & Larry are having company at camp tonite.  It is her friend Nancy's 50th birthday so Nancy & Dr. Jay will be there; Mike Brindis who will also be 50, & they invited "young" Bob Moran to come.  Mike said he won't be able to eat too much because Dr. Jay is his doctor. Mike is way too heavy & doesn't exercise & has a bad heart.  Bob Moran doesn't work, has a trust fund to live on.  Lives at the Commons Apt. & doesn't do much.  Bob could do some of the things they paid Larry to do but the Dad never thought he could do anything.  Talk about ruining a child's self-confidence.  Larry is his closest friend but they don't see each other too much since Lar married Kim.  It is Bob who feels that way.  He wouldn't even go to the wedding (Lar & Kim's).  Thurs nite they weren't sure if Bob would come.After supper & cleaning up< I sat on the nice clean porch & enjoyed coffee & cookies.

Sun the 24th

When I came home from church, Barb was so upset.  She couldn't find $800.00 cash & her check book. When the bat was upstairs, she had taken the money & ck book out of her hiding place & when she saw the bat -- money in hand -- she came downstairs in a hurry.  Then she was going to Bert's & she didn't want to go upstairs so she put the money in the buffet with he silverware. Then she forgot.  She was very upset but you couldn't help her. She was going to the police accusing the roofers.  Both Dale & I said they wouldn't do that. We left her alone.  Sitting downstairs I was thinking about it.  If anyone was going to steal anything they'd look downstairs first.  I thought of the sterling silverware & looked there. Lo & behold there were the 2 bank envelopes  check book. Mother came to the rescue and all is well.

Tues the 26th

I'm watching the 5 pm Buffalo news on WGR & UB has such an increase in enrollment that some students are staying in Motel & another motel for 1 semester.  2 new Jrs. to U.S. like it.  Their own bath & AC.  They are installing washers & dryers as kids have to do their own sheets, etc.  They also like the continental breakfast.  Do you think grades will improve?

We've had showers today -- cool air is coming in.  The grass isn't as green as it was.  It doesn't take long to dry things out.

Aug 27

Just finished washing the kitchen floor.  Dale is vacuuming in the attic.  The 3rd A.M. to do this. Some vacation.

Sept. is soon here & I have to have the downstairs in good order for the 17th.  For the cottage meetings the church is having.  I'm making a schedule of things I have to do -- washing my cups in one cupboard & the glassware in the other.  What's behind closed doors can wait.  I'm too old to say "yes to these things.  I'm the only one opening my home & having a 20 min. devotional, one mine might not be that long!

Aug 28

We had a mtg at church last nite & the group leaders discussed our topic & I understand what they want much better now.  There are 7 of us and it is exciting to see the leadership we have.  Both Nancy Davis, Nancy Sampson are more active in taking part. Diane Scarcella is really great.  She retired from teaching last June . The future is exciting.

Made a banana cream pie the first thing this A.M.  It's Thurs & Lar & Kim come. That spurs me to make a dessert.  We'll have an oven meal tonite as it has cooled down & is less humid.

I'm watching the Mets & Atlanta & the Mets are ahead 1-0.  Hope they keep it up.

Kim didn't say much about school.  They have new Health books to become acquainted with. She has lunch room duty so they keep her busy.

Guess I've covered all the news at this end.

Barb wants to know what you think of the N.H. ex gov. running for Pres.  She is impressed.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Dale is out in the sun soaking up the rays.  Barb is doing 15 mi. on her bike.  Her tail bone doesn't hurt as much now.

The garage roof is completed & it looks so nice.  2 shades of lite brown.  A big improvement.

This A.M. we went to the Mall.  All summer I've been looking for a summer skirt.  Di find one & I got a large & it is too big in the waist.  Tried taking it in but it didn't look right.  Today at Bon Ton I saw one I liked a lot but it was a small.  Where were they when they had all the sizes -- or should I say where was I.

Thurs nite the Mets were suppose to be on TV & then came the black out  But they are on tonite & tomorrow aft.   They are showing improvement but it's too little to late.

I've also watched golf & Tiger is having a tough time.  Maybe he needs to play more tournaments or maybe it's an off year.

Barb went to Jamestown yesterday.  Got a couple of sleeveless tops for Bert's birthday.  She likes to wear them with a jacket.  They were on sale.  She leaves for NYC on Tues.  Barb will take a week off for vacation & wants to go to Erie.

Larry & Kim enjoyed their 2 days in Erie.  Rode bikes, etc.  And shopped the sales.  Larry got 4 prs. of shoes.  2 for work, sandals, & tennis shoes.

Mon. Dale goes to Erie for a MRI & they want him to be sleepy for the test.  Larry will take a vacation day & drive him.  Mon. nite he & another fellow worker have to go to school for a day.  Mark will drive.  Dale is taking the week of the 24th as vacation.  The Erie Dr. wants all the tests taken there.  Guess the Wrrn Hosp doesn't forward any test results.  He still will have 1 more test to take.

I love your kitchen window.  When we were remodeling, I wanted a similar one but didn't spend the money for it & now I regret it.  It would be so nice for plants & maybe I wouldn't splash on the windows as it would sit out more.  Yours is really nice because it has side windows that open.  You are really improving your home.

It is hard for me to visualize Andy at 6'2" & 205 lbs.  And Eddie will be catching up on Andy as time goes by.  2 handsome sons to be proud of.

I don't remember anything about Seabiscuit.  That was my 1st year in Mpls.

Sun. the 17th

Just had a LONG conversation with Rose S.  Jim & Diane were home yesterday.  I wanted to tell her the outcome of today's meeting at church.  After service we voted to call a pastor with 3 NO'S.  Don Ekey asked why she didn't trial preach at St. Paul but they don't do that anymore.  There is a lot more to the job besides preaching.  She will start in Oct.  That is such a relief to know we'll have a pastor.  Rose's sister Violet is in the hosp.  She has had 3 strokes in addition to Parkinson's so she has been staying with her at Violet's home while Larry works.  (When Violet was home.)  Rose thinks a nursing home will be the next step. Rose isn't that well either.  Finds it hard to walk & doesn't get out much.

The way the Mets are playing currently gives us fans hope for next y ear.  They have some great young players   The pitching needs help. Having Piazza back has given them a lift. They have won 5 in w row.  Imagine that!

It will be a blanket nite tonite & it feels good.  I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Tues. the 19th

Barb & I went to Erie today.  First stop - Target.  I love to go there.  Picked up paper goods -- foil, Saran & they had a large Cascade on sale.  Got some small heath bears which I love with a cup of coffee.  A couple of dish towels, Pepperidge Farm cookies & I guess that is about all.

Then to the Mall.  Nothing at Penney's, got a navy blouse at Kaufmans on sale.  Barb got a medium blue slack outfit.  Then to a gadget store & got a can opener, a pair of tongs & a wooden spoon.  We stopped at Sears & noticed they have Land's End clothes & shoes but we didn't buy anything.  Ate lunch at Red Lobster.  We both had fish.  When we got home Barb noticed a bat upstairs.  She opened the door in the little room & it must have flown out. When Dale came home he couldn't find any evidence of a bat.  The roofers finished the front of the roof & toady they started ripping off the 3 layers of shingles & they must have upset a bat.

Dale & another worker were in Pittsburgh today for a class.  He said it was interesting.

Wed. A.M. the 20th

Barb took me over town & I got stamps & then went to the bank.  I moved $5000.00 from one account to my checking acct. so I can make the final payment on the roof.  When they tried to get me to tie up this money, I said no.  I want to be able to get it easily when needed.  2 yrs. ago some went to pay for the car.  Thanks to Dad's thriftiness the money is there.

It's warming up again & more humidity is expected.  It should be a cold meal on Thurs. but what I don't know.  It's spaghetti & meat balls tonite.  Think I've seen a chicken rice salad that might "fill the bill".

Just talked to Millie for 1/2 hr.  She just got back from visiting Linda at the Cape.  Linda always has things planned for them to do, so she has a good time.

I guess John got the money from the sale of Edith's house.  He also kept the Oriental rugs.

Thurs.  The roof is completed & all like it, color, etc.

Kim starts school on Mon. & the kids start on Wed.  Where did the summer go.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saturday, August 9, 2003

It is a warm & muggy day.  I'm watching the Yankees vs. Mariners, & I'm rooting for the Mariners.who lead 2-1.  Mariners win!

I was up at 6 A.M. & started baking.  Coffee cake, banana bread in the freezer & choc. chip cookies.  Was finished at 8 A.M. & then ate breakfast.  Dale worked this A.M.

At 10 we went to the Mall.  Sales are good now.  I got a pr. of slacks & a top, & Barb got 2 tops.  When I got home I made a tuna-macaroni salad for supper.  Barb & Dale will have a hamburger & we have corn on the cob & fruit.  So it's an easy meal on a hot day.
I didn't enjoy my meal yesterday but that is the first time since we've gone to lunch at Holiday Inn. Quite a number there for lunch.  I ordered the quiche & so did Pat but it was all gone.  So we both got the special -- fish & chips.  Too highly seasoned & neither of us were happy with it.  But the dessert was good.  Lemon cake with raspberry sauce.  Very attractive & tasty.  Ohio friends couldn't come because their daughter delivered at 7 month & both mother & child were in danger.

I like to watch those birthing stories on TV & after watching long, hard deliveries, I marvel at how easy it was for me.  As soon as the pains started I was ready.  Barb came in 2 hours. Lucky me.  I've been pretty lucky all my life.  Good husband & a super family.

Larry & Kim are taking Tues. & Wed. off next week & will go to Erie & the peninsula.  And the weather sounds good.  Suppose to be drier and warmer.

Kim was watching Martha Stewart & they were talking about stationery & letter writing.  She said letter writing was a lot art & Kim tho't to herself -- not my brother-in-law or my mother-in-law.  I like writing to you all because I'll get an answer.  Too many don't answer letters anymore.  Then it's no fun to write.

Dr. McNett is retiring & that makes me very unhappy.  Due to health reasons & he's only in his middle 50s.  His wife isn't well either.  He's been my Dr. for over 20 years.

There are 3 baby birds in the geranium plant.

Mon. Aug 11

Thanks for the pictures -- they are very nice & bring back many happy memories.

Your front door sounds nice & also the windows.  You'll enjoy washing them.

Ron Polley stopped by today.  We chose the materials -- a brown mixture which will improve the looks of the house.  Bert had 3 estimates for her new roof, chose the cheapest one & isn't happy with the results.  We have proof he does good work -- neighbors garage.  They might start tomorrow or the next day.  Take the old shingles off & put roof paper on & get it all ready for the new shingles.  I didn't think he'd start so soon.  I paid him $1.000.00 today -- said I wouldn't have to pay 1/3 down.  It will cost close to $7500.00.  My vacations.  I'm lucky to be able to do this.

Wed. the 13th

It's very humid & tough to be working on a roof.  They started yesterday with garage & it's all set for shingles.  Now they're working on the house getting all the shingles off.  3 sets of them.  Ron asked to check the attic because the 1st set of shingles came to pieces & it seeped into the attic, so Barb and Dale will have a job vacuuming that up.

It's too hot to eat.  Told Dale I didn't know what to make for supper.  He said "pizza sounds good to me".

Bert is changing lawyers.  Barb took her to Jamestown this A.M. to see the new lawyer. She also changed banks.  From National City to PNC.  Many have changed from PNC to Northwest Savings -- I've thought of it but haven't.  Of course Nat. City tires to change Bert's mind.

I suppose Ruth must be in a nursing home now, where she receives care.  I'm assuming she can't completely care for herself.

The Beaty football team practices later in the day this year.  Usually they have had an A.M. & P.M.  practice.

Thurs A.M.  The humidity continues.  Could reach 90 today.  Barb wants to go to Jamestown but I don't think I will go.  Too hot & humid.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday, August 3, 2003

We have a nest of birds in my geranium plant.  That has happened before, & the parents abandon the babies.  These are alive -- just barely.  I have watered the plants daily before I realized there was a nest.

Northwest Savings sent out letter concerning buying some of their stock.  Both Larry & Dale plan to buy shares.

Sheila & another operator are thinking of opening their own shop & have found a place. Sheila works long hours but doesn't see any increase in pay.  They haven't told Jerry yet. Sheila  & Sue each have a 1/4 share in the business & don't know if Jerry will buy them out. They both have a good clientele & that won't please Jerry a bit.  There is too much pressure there & they don't want that anymore.  Another gal is retiring the end of Aug.  She is 66 & her husband is retired.

The Mets finally played a winning game this aft.  Last nite they almost came from behind. Lost by 1 run.  A rookie won today's game.  6 ft. 6" & 245 lbs.  The wild car races should be very interesting.

Tues. the 5th

Today Barb had another test on the lump on her breast this A.M.  They took a larger sample because they can't believe it's not cancer.  We'll see!

Enjoy reading about the family reunion.  Yes, times sure have changed since we were first at the lake.  I was surprised about Darla.  Maybe she wanted to spend the time with her family.

I'm really surprised about Ruth.  She always seemed so on top of things.  You never know what life holds for you.  I'm wondering if having to sell the family home changed things for her. I'm lucky having Barb & Dale here.  It keeps me going.

Barb picked tomatoes & broccoli, green beans & there are blueberries in the bushes to pick. We have corn on hand so we'll have a veggie supper with chicken.

I got the estimates on a new roof.

Remove & replace shingles on house & garage.
Install new drip edge.
Install ice water shield.
Install 30# felt.
Install 30y shingle including stack vent boots.
Refash chimney (crumbling mortar)

Flat roof (off little room)
New rubber roof  1100.00
1/3 down to schedule
1/3 down to start
1/3 completion

Larry will see it on Thurs.  I like the work he did on the next door garage-- he kept at it til it was complete.

The tax bill came yesterday.  At least I have (I'm watching my soap & Barb is talking) the money for it.

It is hard to belive believe (it shocks me so I can't spell) that Andy is almost 16 & over 6' tall. With tall parents it is bound to be.  Eddie will be another one over 6' & another teenager in the family.

Interesting pictures of the library plans.  I can see the outcome clearer & the results will be wonderful.  You will have much more space for books, and the computers will be in a good place.  I love the elevator tower. This week the National Championship cancer races are in Warren.  The waters are higher due to all the rains so that will make it more difficult.  Next week they start preparing the bridge to be demolished.  I will enclose some pictures Bert took showing the results of heavy rain last week.  Take by Bert in her neighborhood.  The 15th Bert will go back to NYC for awhile.

The house next to Bert, across the St. from the Crary Art Museum, has been sold.  To a young couple -- the gal has a 2 year old.  He knows he has a lot of work ahead of him & his Dad will help him.  He doesn't have much of a job & Lois on the 7th Ave. side & Bert on the other side are concerned.  They are afraid it will be like the former owner -- making things a mess.  Not everybody is like that -- give the guy a chance, I say.

I'd like to know what I did to make Dale so fussy in keeping house.  The sink has to be spotless, etc.  Guess I should be happy & not complain.  Maybe it's me -- a guilty feeling I'm not doing all I should but then I'm almost 83  have a right to be lazy!  Ha! Ha!

Wed. the 7th

I was cleaning out the closet in my bedroom under the eaves & found the case Dad kept his robes in or are they albs.   The white ones.  I wondered what I would do with them & then I thought of Roger Thelin.  He is a lay preacher & I asked him last Sun if he could use them. He was thrilled to think he'd be wearing Dad's albs.  He picked them up yesterday & will wear one next Sun. when he preaches at Dagus Mines & Bethlehem, Ridgway.  Now I just have the stoles.

Thurs the 7th

Warren H. called last nite to let me know he won't be going to Erie on Fri. for a get together. It will just be Warren & Anna & Ted & Pat & me so we are going to the Holiday Inn in Warren.

The National Canoe & Kayak races are in Wrrn. this week.  Visitors are very complimentary concerning the beauty of the area & the river.  The one drawback is the lack of room space.  Many are camping at Chapman Dam & I'm sure Holiday Inn & Motel 8 are filled.  If they like the area, they return in 5 or 6 years & if they come again, they hope the plans for more room space will come about.  Different ones have commented the area should be pushed for tourism.

Tonite Kim said in 2 yrs. Lar & Kim, Betsy Moran & husband, Betsy 7 Michelle (Kim's friends) are planning a 2 wk. trip to Scotland & Ireland.  Kim said Dale should come.  Dale is buying $3,000 worth of Northwest stock.  He has too much money in his savings!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunday, July 27, 2003

It's a cloudy Sunday with showers predicted.  I'm watching the Mets.  Cincy beat them last nite but it's 2-1, Mets but it's early in the game.

Fri. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  Barb got 3 pairs of shoes on sale.  We ate lunch there & got groceries at Wegman's.  It was a beautiful day, the best in a long time.  Barb also got some yarn & is making herself a sweater.

Salvation Army had a store in the old Betty Lee bldg. but they closed it last week. The rents went up & it didn't make money & what they made went to Erie.

I got prescriptions sun glasses & they are such a help.  Worth the price.

The buildings on the corner of Penna Ave & Liberty  by Levinson's, have been torn down in preparation for Northwest Savings building.  Warren is the center for their banking business. Something good is happening for a change.

When will Andy be able to take his driver's test.  Are you getting a new car so Andy can have your present car, Paul?  Now the fun begins.  "Mom, Dad can I have your car tonite?"

Gen called me this past week.  She still is unhappy because she can't drive.  And she hates, even more, the idea of having "that woman" in my home.  I asked what John says when she complains.  "Just a little longer."  Just like his father, humor Gen & all will be OK.

Wed. July 30

I have a meeting at church but I'll add a bit.

Barb heard from the Dr. & it isn't cancer.  But since it is so large, they want to take some more samples to be sure.  They find it hard to believe it isn't cancer.  She goes next Tues. & it will be done at the Dr. office as it would cost $2,000 at the hosp.

Tomorrow Bert's niece & granddaughter go back home.  Barb will go along & drive home. She'll get paid for doing it.  They leave from Buffalo airport.

Dale was suppose to leave tonite to go to school in Pittsburgh.  When he came home from work he said he didn't have to go.  Too much work right now, & that is more important.

It was a short mtg. about the cottage meeting coming in Sept.  We chose our dates (Sept 17 for me), time & saw the names we have.  We send out the invitations, etc.  There will be a devotional period of 20 min. & I'm one of the leaders.  I said I think 20 min. is too long.  I think 12-15 is enough.  Based on Acts 2: 42-27, a description of early church.  I have 12 names.

They are having vacation Bible school this week & it is successful.  We haven't had one for a lot of years.  Sometimes they went in with First Luth. but we didn't get a good attendance of our children.  They've had 37 children so that is good for a start.  There is a lot of work for a new pastor.

The flying ants are bad this y ear.  They are around the back door & basement.  Every A.M., Dale vacuums them up.

Thurs. nite

After supper we sat on the front porch for an hour.  Kim isn't ready to think of school yet in spite of all the adds & sales for school clothes, etc.

Noticed a marriage license that Karen Seeley's ex is getting married.  It was in today's paper.

Mike Brindis' brother is visiting Mike so twice this week Larry took vacation days & played golf with them.  Paul Johnson is a friend of Mike's brother & he played with them.  Mike can't walk the course & sometimes he couldn't walk from the cart to play his ball.  He's too fat & smokes cigars & that doesn't h elp him.  It is sad.

Not much goes on here -- all is well with us.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monday, July 21, 2003

I didn't start a letter yesterday because I was reading.  Vegas Rich was the book I read on Sat. finishing it at 12 A.M.  It was so good.  On Sun. I started Vegas Heat & finished it this A.M.  A trilogy so the next book I get will be Vegas Sunrise.  Ten I'll look for a 4 series set Rich Rich, Texas Heat, Texas Fury & Texas Sunrise.

Sat. nite Lar & Kim, Betsy Moran & her husband & Kathy & her husband who now live in Erie, drove their sports cars to Bemus Point for dinner.  At 4 pm, Kim bro't Torey over to stay with us, & picked him up at 9:30 P.M.  He missed them & goes to the door tot look for them but he is good.

Today we're having thunder showers & the same for Tues. & Wed.

This year we'll be getting blueberries from our bush.  Dale got nets to cover them & Barb picked a few today.  Hatch Patch had corn last week & we got some but they were small ears with not much taste. I think they were picked too soon.  We'll try again for Thurs. when I plan to have hamburgers.  Probably potato salad & Barb wants macaroni.  A picnic meal.

Yesterday was the last Sun. for the interim pastor.  We'll have visiting pastors in Aug. & maybe a new pastor in Sept.

Tues. A.M.

We had about 3 1/2" of rain Mon.  Of course, the basement is puddled.  I tried to wipe up & Dale finished the job.  This A.M. I saw water in the other side so I swept it toward the drain & put the fan over there to hep dry it out.  This is Dale's long day so I try to hep him a bit. Yesterday I tried mopping it up & got 2 buckets of water.  Franklin had 6-8" of rain.  Our streets downtown were filled with water for awhile.  Mt. Jewett had winds of 80 mph & part of the Kinzua Bridge came down.  It is closed as they were working to restore it.  Wonder what happens now with tight funds.

4 men, including Mr. Bonace, tried to stop work on the Court House -- they have been updating it & they sued the Commissioners to stop work & they lost the case.  I'm happy it went against them. They are always trying to stop progress.  They are also against the new grade school.  Another group is suing the school board.  If you can't get your way, sue.  That happens too much!!!

Tues. the 22nd

More rain -- more water in the basement.  The TV showed that the middle of the Kinzua Bridge came down -- only the ends are left.

WOW!  The Mets beat the Phillies last nite AND this aft.  Last nite with a young pitcher -- 1st win & this aft. Trachsel beat Millwood.

Golf was exciting last Sun. when a rookie won.  Ben Curtis.  He's a happy guy.

Today's USA has an interesting story of a young hockey player Jordan Tootoo who lives in Rankin Inlet, Nunavit just below the Arctic Circle.  Only way in by boat or airplane.  An Inuit. Very interesting.

I'm enclosing some pictures Barb took about the flowers, etc.

We're seeing sunshine at times.  This is the weekend at the lake.  Have a good time, rather I know you had a good time.  I forgot to ask you  to ask about Ruth.  Is she at the same address, etc.  I know I waited too long.

Time for my soaps!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday, July 13, 2003

The Mets just tied the Phillies -- dare I wish for a win?  They took the lead -- 5th inning.  They won!

Last nite we were at Lar & Kim's for dinner.  Steak on the grill & it was so tender.  It was chilly but we dressed for it as we like to eat on the deck.  They bo't a chimnea & they had a fire in it & it was nice to watch it burn & it gave off a little warmth.  They are so lucky to have that place.

Dale is on vacation this week.  Wed. he goes to a neurologist in Erie.  Kim doesn't think he should go alone so Lar will go with him.  They have to be there for a 9 A.M. apt.  He's been fine with the medication.

How did Eddie like being away from home.  He has been away but with grandparents so that is different.

Enjoyed reading about your 4th of July experience with Mike.  We had a good dinner & you missed supper which was probably sandwiches & you probably didn't want to fix one.  But I still sounded like a "mean mom!"  That's life.

Last nite we feasted so tonite we'll fast.  Dale said he liked the idea of a salad topped with chicken.  I have strawberries & when the game is over I'll make shortcake so we can have strawberry shortcake for dessert.

In the Family Circle I saw a recipe for flourless choc. chip cookies.  Brown sugar, peanut butter, baking soda, an egg, and choc. chips.  They taste good.  Sat. was a cool day so I made dinner rolls & used 3 overripe bananas & made banana bread.

My meal was cereal with a banana & blueberries followed by straw. shortcake. Made the salad for Dale but he wants to see the end of the NASCAR race in Chicago before he eats. Earnhardt Jr. crashed so he is out.  Also another bad crash but no one was hurt.  I enjoyed reading the interview with Ilene Bishoff, esp. the last questions.  "Any pet peeves".... I laughed at the answer "Interviews."  I wonder if she has any relatives in the Mt. Jewett area. Bishoff isn't a popular name.  The book "Walking the Bible" sounds interesting.*

We heard more about our pastor candidate.  She lived in Fla., became active in the church -- not brought up in a church home, so she considers herself a convert.  Taught school, active in church & local organizations.  A grad of Gettysburg Sem.  We meet her Aug 10, & vote on a call Aug 24 so maybe we'll have a pastor in Sept.  Those who met her are impressed.

*The cucumber salad -- Mizeria -- sound good.  Plan to try it.

Last nite Kim served a wild rice mix by Uncle Ben  & it was delicious.  Plan to get some. Also a carrot-raisin salad that is a favorite of mine.  She used match stick cut carrots that are available at BiLo.  Also have seen them at Wegman's.

Wed. the 15th

Yesterday I got my new glasses & decided to have sumglasses using my old frames.

Today I talked with the fellows doing the roofing next door & he'll give me a bid.  Lar said I should get 3 bids.

Yesterday I went to the library & got 2 books.  I read Kentucky Rich by Fern  Michaels & it was so good.  It is followed by a sequel so I'll have to look for it.  This A.M. I did a load of wash - clean sheets for my bed and washed the kitchen floor.  This A.M. I started "I Thee Wed" by Amanda Quick -- a Victorian theme that I like.

Dale didn't say too much about his visit to the Dr. in Erie but that he got a different prescription.  They hadn't gotten the results of tests taken at Wrrn.  Hosp.  The local Dr's office called this aft. & Dale mentioned about the tests.  The hops. can forward them.

This aft. I talked to the roofer next door & asked for a bid.  He came later with some questions.  Mentioned the porch off the little room upstairs & said the chimney needs pointing up.  The cement is crumbling.  I'm sure it will be an expensive job.  I told him to include those in his bed.  They (Barb, Dale, Lar) think it should be a tan roof & he'll bring samples.

When I went to bed last nite the N.L. led the A.L. in the All Star Game but this A.M. I saw they couldn't keep the lead.  Too bad.

Here it is Thurs. the 17th & time to finish this letter.  All is cleaned up & I'm ready for bed. I'm watching the Mets at Atlanta & the game is tied 1-1 in the 6th.

We sat on the front porch awhile after dinner.   Larry is trimming shrubs at Bonace's house. Kim mentioned that all the sores have their school supplies out already.  Something she doesn't like to be reminded of.

Atlanta just went ahead 2-1, so what else is new.  The Mets just don't have it no matter how much I Hope for more runs.  I hope the building the building the Mets are doing pays off.

Watched golf in Great Britain today.  With that wind & hilly grounds it must be a tough course to play on.

Guess I'll concentrate on the game.

Mets just got a home run. Will it mean anything?  More exciting anyway.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday, July 6, 2003

I can't believe the Mets took 3 games from Cincy.  And they played good games.  Fun for the fans, finally.  (Of course, Cincy isn't that good!)

Our 4th was very quiet here -- for us.  I was tired out & spent the A.M. dozing in my chair & wasn't even that hungry -- Barb took care of herself & Dale has his regular Fri. meal.  I fixed the chips for him -- refried beans, salsa, cheese & black olives.

Made up for it last night.  Fixed steak &  baked potatoes & tossed salad.  Tonite we're having chicken-broc. dish.

Talked to Roger Thelin at church.  The female pastor wants to come but there are still 2 things we need to do.  Invite her for a get together with the congregation & then the meg. to call her.  Maybe they can move & be in their respective churches by the middle of Aug. Roger thinks she is great & I'm sure all members will agree.

The 4th, in the aft., Kim was taking Torey for a walk & the heavy rains came & she got caught so she dame over here, cutting thru Beaty Field.  IT was a noisy shower & Torey was just trembling so much. Between the noises of the 4th & the storm Torey was a nervous wreck.

Tues. the 9th

I don't know if I've written this but I've often had these thoughts.  Dad steered a church to relocate & build a new church & he was so proud of the results.  His oldest son is in on building a new library & then in finishing the unused section and I know you are just as proud with your building plans.  We rejoiced with you in the building & dedication we were able to be in on & now I'm very proud that you can finish this section to add more space.

Last nite the Mets couldn't tame the Braves but at least they got some runs.  7-3 loss.  Bill Murray was at the game & in the broadcast booth.  H e is so funny & his remarks added to the game.  TBS has all the games but I watched ESPN last nite.

Wed. July 9

This A.M., I had my eyes examined & needed a few changes.  I didn't go to the Medical eye Dr. but over town.  I got new frames as the ones I have, I got from the eye Dr. & this one doesn't use this type of frame.  And they can't be colored for sun glasses as these lens don't take the color.  I'll look around for old frames & see if they could be used & the cost for the lenses.

Barb saw her Dr. today & he examined her breasts and found a lump in one of them so she has to see another Dr. the end of the month.  She hadn't noticed it & was surprised.  So if it means surgery, even if we had planned to go to the lake, she would have changed her mind. With no health plan that makes a big difference.

That was interesting about boys' and girls' names & how they have changed.  Dale once said he didn't care for his name but changed his mind once he became a Dale Earnhardt fan.  I've never minded my name.  When I was growing up, I always wanted a Paul, & a Barbara. Barbara because we took care of Barbara Smith & she was always such a nice person.  No reason for liking the name of Paul.  Just like it & Dad went along.

It cooled off so it is liveable to be outside.  I'm sitting on the porch.

I'm hoping to make cookies.  Scott wanted some of his birthday.  Maybe I can bake Fri  aft. as it is suppose to be in the 70s.

I'm planning to have an oven meal Thurs. nite.  Don't like to use the oven when it's humid. Also decided to make my favorite pie (or one of them) lemon meringue.

It looks like the new neighbors are going to put on a new roof.  It's strange as Carey's had one put on a couple of years ago.  Dale says we should have a new roof.  We'll talk it over with Larry Thurs.  They will have to strip all the old shingles & maybe might need new plywood.  It will be a big job.  Maybe then we can get rid of the bats.  When the trees come down, that should help, but who knows how long that will take.

Thurs.   I'm falling asleep in my chair & I remembered I mail this on Fri. so I'll close with love to all.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Gen just called to say hello. base She is OK.  I'm sure she gets lonesome being alone so much.

We're having cooler weather & I love it.  Sat. A.M. I made a coffee cake, banana bread that is in the freezer, dinner rolls, choc. chip cookies & the Turtel Turtle bars from Bon Appetit.  The base part you bake 15 min; pour syrou syrup (can't spell tonite -- my mind is on the upcoming Yankee-Met game.  I know the Mets will lose) & bake another 20 min.  I think they came out quite crisp but still very good.  Next time I'll line the tin with foil & watch them closer, probably cutting the time a minute or two.  They are very good -- like candy -- with a cup of coffee.

Warren called this aft.  They want to go out to lunch at the Dam tomorrow noon.  I get a perm at 2 but Warren said they'll get me back in time.  He likes to take side trips (like someone else I know) & time flies.  They'll pick me up at 11:30 A.M. Tues.  Barb & I will go to Jamestown.  She needs organic foods from Wegman's.

Barb fixed 3 tops for Bert this weekend.  She wanted them shortened & she wanted them done by hand, so it took longer.

I've been reading on the porch & its so nice to sit out there.  Got 2 books at the library & read them this weekend.  Both excellent reading.  Starting Over by Robin Picher, son of Rosamunde P.  And The Midnight Hour by Karen Robards.   Both new to me, tho I've read Rosamunde Pilcher.

July 1

I don't know how Anna keeps up with Warren.  Last week they, with 3 of their children & families, were in Bar Harbor, Maine.  They got back in time for Synod meeting.  Out to lunch yesterday, going to visit Judy in Ohio this week.  Home ma bit & then off to Mass.

Yesterday I got some of my Mon. A.M. duties done, got ready to go out to lunch.  We had a great time & they got me back in time for my 2 pm perm.  At the Marina we sat outside -- it was so beautiful to be there.  Enjoyed our lunch.  While we were sitting there  about 12 motorcycle copes entered the parking lot.  It was fun to watch them park their bikes.  They were from Erie.  After my perm, Barb & I went grocery shopping.  I fixed hamburgers, an easy meal, for supper.  After I cleaned up, I went to my chair & took a nap.  I'm not sued to so much in one day.

This A.M. I finished my Mon. duties -- cleaned the basement toilet & tied up the newspapers. I water fertilized my plants  mixed more water fertilizer & then I sat for awhile.  Now I should dust.  Barb had to take care of Scott this A.M. & Bert didn't need her, so after lunch we'll go to Jamestown.  Two days in a row I'll miss my soaps!!!  And don't say I won't miss anything. I'm anxious to find out who is the father of Carly's baby!  Ha, Ha!


We didn't see anything at the Mall that interest us.  N.Y. put the sales tax back on clothing so I'll shop at home.

When we got groceries I saw Eugene Vavala & said "hello".  He said he was thinking of my & my rolls.  I set Danish tonite & will bake them early A.M. when it's still cool.  Should make or bake a pie crust & make a strawberry pie.  The local berries are so good.  I got 2 qts today.

We got our groceries today & found out it was senior discount on Tues. so we got 5% off our groceries.  We wondered why so many old people were out & blocking the aisles.

How is Andy feeling about the Braves pitching.  Last nite Maddux lasted 4 innings & the Marlins won.  Tonite Hampton is pitching & the Marlins are ahead 7-1 in the 4th inning. The Marlins are pretty good.  They got a pitcher from Chicago White Sox & he beat the Mets twice with really good pitching.  He is from Calif. & his mother is a welder on bridges. Single family mom.  What team does Ed favor?

Dale is scraping the sill part of the window at the bottom of the basement stairs   He'll fill the holes & that will seal the window from extra breezes.  He did that with the 3 other windows. It makes a big difference in the winter.  When he does a job it is a thorough one.

Wed July 2

I'm taking it easy & watching S. Fran at St. Louis on ESPN.  I wonder what Andy tho't of the Marlins-Braves game last nite.  20-1, Braves lost.  And tonite the Marlins's great pitcher pitches & if he is on it could be another loss for the Braves.

I decided to have a salad meal tomorrow, a chicken salad & a new recipe I saw.  Shrimp riced salad  So I got the chicken cooked, the rice boiled so tomorrow A.M. i can get the salads made before I get my hair done.  (Fri. the 4th)  I don't go til 11 A.M. so that gives me more time.  Also plan to make a strawberry pie.  And today I washed the kitchen floor. I'll have fruit, relish tray & rolls also.

I know I just got a perm on Mon. but I like to have it washed again so that's why I choose to have my perm on Mon. &U then my regular appt. the end of the week.

Also called to have my eyes checked but not by the regular Dr.  I'll go to the one over town Barb & Dale go to.  I've gone there before.

89 & humid at St. Louis.  It's not that bad here but it's suppose to be more humid on the 4th.

I'll mail this tomorrow.  Will also go to the library for more books & also have to go to CVS for medication.

Guess I'll check out the Bon Appetit that came today.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday, June 21, 2003

The Dr. gave me a new medication as my blood pressure was too high.  He said it might cause me to cough & it does during the night & spoils my sleep.  So on Mon. I'll call & see if there is something else he wants me to take in its place.

Last nite Dale had a bad headache & the all night cancer doing at Beaty Field didn't help. When it was my bedtime, a rock band started playing & all we could hear was the constant Boom, Boom, Boom. I finally fell asleep but was awaken at times.  Finally they quit, only to start it at 6 A.M. so you couldn't sleep in.  I'm sure a lot of area people were unhappy.  That's why Barb slept at Lynn's house.

Back to Dale, he's OK this A.M., but plans to stop drinking coffee to see if that will help. Teasingly, I say I must the be cause of headaches.  Dad had them once in awhile.  I'm not sure about you but Lar, Barb & Dale get them.  Knock on wood but I never get them.

How long will it take for Andy to get his license?  I suppose the next punishment will be "you can't take the car for a month"!!!  Am I being sarcastic?

Sheila told me her one cat had an operation to remove a lump from the tongue -- cut out part of it & the cat was very unhappy for awhile.  They don't know yet if it was cancer & if it had spread.  The cat was only 11 yrs. old so she wasn't ready to put it to sleep.  Expensive operation $300-500.

Kim & Larry are going to the Hosp. Ball tonite.  The Conewango Club isn't ready yet for a Ball so it will be a less formal affair.  It will be at the new riverfront area.  More like a cocktail affair with fireworks at 10 pm.  Kim will wear a long skirt but just suits for men.  It's cloudy & cool, in the lower 50's this A.M. so a sweater will be a necessity.  I just put on a cotton fleece jacket on rather than the furnace.

Watched the Yankees beat the Mets last nite.  'Nuff said!  There was rain & more predicted for today.  Around here you'd never know it was the first day of summer.

Tues. June 24th

Finally summer has arrived & more humidity is forecast for tomorrow.

Our potted plants by the side of the house & garage are so pretty this y ear.  We used a variety of flowers & some new ones this year -- verbina & it is so pretty & miniature dahlias. Both are so pretty & colorful.

The new medication the Dr. gave me doesn't agree with me.  It can cause coughing & it comes during the nite, so I called the office.  He told me the alternative is more expensive but the office said I could try some samples they get so I'll pick them up this aft.  I'll have to get them since my blood pressure was too high.  Guess the Dr. wants me to live to my 90's!

I got a chuck roast & browned it, put it in the crockpot with Beefy Mushroom soup & that will be our dinner tonite.

Met the new neighbor last nite as he was sweeping up after mowing his lawn.  I returned the keys Careys gave us in case they got locked out.  He is very nice but I didn't really get his name.  His wife's name is Melody & for some reason that stuck.  2 daughters -- one who was 13 yesterday & 1 10 yr. old.  They moved from Houston where they had lived for 56 years.  Both grew up in the Pittsburgh area so are happy to be closer to relatives.   I'm sure he is younger than Dale.  We'll have nice neighbors.  Haven't seen her yet -- she is busy unpacking & getting things in order.

The roast had a real good flavor, & it was tender.

This is the nite Dale was suppose to work til 8 pm but he was home early due to a blackout. I bet the stores at the Mall hate that.  This is the second time recently but that first one was due to a fallen branch on some wires in the vicinity of the country club.  Dale heard it might be due to someone digging & hitting something.

Wed. the 25th

Marisa was in a car accident.  The car in front of her stopped suddenly & Marisa couldn't and as a result it was a 4 car crash.  She wasn't hurt -- it was on Pa. Ave. E. near the new Country Fair (where Jones Chevrolet used to be.

Tomorrow I plan to have a cookout for supper.  Grill chicken & cook pot. in foil.  And fresh local strawberries (shortcake) for dessert.

Today the TV shows bad wind & rain storms for Madison   It is suppose to be coming to us for Fri. & Sat.  The only nice thing is that it will be in the 70's so Sat A.M., I can bake dinner rolls & cookies.  First thing tomorrow A.M. I'll make shortcake when it is cooler   I haven't turned on the A.C. yet but might tomorrow.

Thurs. the 26

Put the A.C. on this A.M. & it's run all day.  I don't dare to complain after the cold winter we had lasting the start of June.  Once the showers come it will cool off.

Denise Johnson might have to have a knee replacement.  Noticed she was limping a bit in church.  Betty Casey told me Sandy fell & broke her leg in 3 places.