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Sunday, August 3, 2003

We have a nest of birds in my geranium plant.  That has happened before, & the parents abandon the babies.  These are alive -- just barely.  I have watered the plants daily before I realized there was a nest.

Northwest Savings sent out letter concerning buying some of their stock.  Both Larry & Dale plan to buy shares.

Sheila & another operator are thinking of opening their own shop & have found a place. Sheila works long hours but doesn't see any increase in pay.  They haven't told Jerry yet. Sheila  & Sue each have a 1/4 share in the business & don't know if Jerry will buy them out. They both have a good clientele & that won't please Jerry a bit.  There is too much pressure there & they don't want that anymore.  Another gal is retiring the end of Aug.  She is 66 & her husband is retired.

The Mets finally played a winning game this aft.  Last nite they almost came from behind. Lost by 1 run.  A rookie won today's game.  6 ft. 6" & 245 lbs.  The wild car races should be very interesting.

Tues. the 5th

Today Barb had another test on the lump on her breast this A.M.  They took a larger sample because they can't believe it's not cancer.  We'll see!

Enjoy reading about the family reunion.  Yes, times sure have changed since we were first at the lake.  I was surprised about Darla.  Maybe she wanted to spend the time with her family.

I'm really surprised about Ruth.  She always seemed so on top of things.  You never know what life holds for you.  I'm wondering if having to sell the family home changed things for her. I'm lucky having Barb & Dale here.  It keeps me going.

Barb picked tomatoes & broccoli, green beans & there are blueberries in the bushes to pick. We have corn on hand so we'll have a veggie supper with chicken.

I got the estimates on a new roof.

Remove & replace shingles on house & garage.
Install new drip edge.
Install ice water shield.
Install 30# felt.
Install 30y shingle including stack vent boots.
Refash chimney (crumbling mortar)

Flat roof (off little room)
New rubber roof  1100.00
1/3 down to schedule
1/3 down to start
1/3 completion

Larry will see it on Thurs.  I like the work he did on the next door garage-- he kept at it til it was complete.

The tax bill came yesterday.  At least I have (I'm watching my soap & Barb is talking) the money for it.

It is hard to belive believe (it shocks me so I can't spell) that Andy is almost 16 & over 6' tall. With tall parents it is bound to be.  Eddie will be another one over 6' & another teenager in the family.

Interesting pictures of the library plans.  I can see the outcome clearer & the results will be wonderful.  You will have much more space for books, and the computers will be in a good place.  I love the elevator tower. This week the National Championship cancer races are in Warren.  The waters are higher due to all the rains so that will make it more difficult.  Next week they start preparing the bridge to be demolished.  I will enclose some pictures Bert took showing the results of heavy rain last week.  Take by Bert in her neighborhood.  The 15th Bert will go back to NYC for awhile.

The house next to Bert, across the St. from the Crary Art Museum, has been sold.  To a young couple -- the gal has a 2 year old.  He knows he has a lot of work ahead of him & his Dad will help him.  He doesn't have much of a job & Lois on the 7th Ave. side & Bert on the other side are concerned.  They are afraid it will be like the former owner -- making things a mess.  Not everybody is like that -- give the guy a chance, I say.

I'd like to know what I did to make Dale so fussy in keeping house.  The sink has to be spotless, etc.  Guess I should be happy & not complain.  Maybe it's me -- a guilty feeling I'm not doing all I should but then I'm almost 83  have a right to be lazy!  Ha! Ha!

Wed. the 7th

I was cleaning out the closet in my bedroom under the eaves & found the case Dad kept his robes in or are they albs.   The white ones.  I wondered what I would do with them & then I thought of Roger Thelin.  He is a lay preacher & I asked him last Sun if he could use them. He was thrilled to think he'd be wearing Dad's albs.  He picked them up yesterday & will wear one next Sun. when he preaches at Dagus Mines & Bethlehem, Ridgway.  Now I just have the stoles.

Thurs the 7th

Warren H. called last nite to let me know he won't be going to Erie on Fri. for a get together. It will just be Warren & Anna & Ted & Pat & me so we are going to the Holiday Inn in Warren.

The National Canoe & Kayak races are in Wrrn. this week.  Visitors are very complimentary concerning the beauty of the area & the river.  The one drawback is the lack of room space.  Many are camping at Chapman Dam & I'm sure Holiday Inn & Motel 8 are filled.  If they like the area, they return in 5 or 6 years & if they come again, they hope the plans for more room space will come about.  Different ones have commented the area should be pushed for tourism.

Tonite Kim said in 2 yrs. Lar & Kim, Betsy Moran & husband, Betsy 7 Michelle (Kim's friends) are planning a 2 wk. trip to Scotland & Ireland.  Kim said Dale should come.  Dale is buying $3,000 worth of Northwest stock.  He has too much money in his savings!

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