Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, July 10, 1998

Got your letter today.  The  pictures are so cute o Boxer.  Eddie's legs look so long with his baseball outfit.  The picture of Andy in the candy jar is normal!

In the All Star game I rooted for the A.L.  Can you believe it.  Went to bed at 11 pm, so missed the last 3 innings, the best part of the game 

This week Barb has been removing the paint from the windowed part of the porch.  She wants to paint it next week & have that section completed.  Mr. Carey told her she could just sand but she wanted to do a better job.  He also said the garage windows need to be painted.  We know that.

Dale is on vacation July 19-25.

We look forward to your visit & to having the boys here til the 15th.  I'm glad Renee is so much better.  A medical miracle  Wonderful what can be done today.

Barb noticed Hatch Patch has corn on the cob on sale.  We'll have to try it out.

Dale connected the news dishwasher.  It is so nice.

We had a nice time at Lar & Kim's on Sun. the 5th.  But Dad couldn't find a comfortable chair, etc. so we sort of ate & then left.  No bugs that nite so it was enjoyable sitting on the deck.  It is so nice   You'll enjoy sleeping there.

Any more mysterious doings at 1720 Mayflower Dr?  Sure is funny Maybe the house is haunted!!!!

Just noticed I never finished & sent the last letter I wrote.  So I'll send it & bring this to a close.

With love to all, even Boxer!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday, July 3, 1998

I'm on the front porch again - supper & duties are completed.  Later I'll watch the Mets play in Atlanta.  Am looking forward to the All Star game.

Finally got to the dentist this past week.  Have to go once more to fix an old filling.  The one who cleaned my teeth said my gums are in very good shape for someone my age -- meaning an old lady!  Kept putting off calling for an appt, then my leg bothered me so it added up to 2 years since my last visit.

Barb has started scrappe - how do you spell it - to scrape the3 wood by the windows on the porch prior to painting.  She got the pain today.  Hopes to complete the job by your visit.

Today I got my hair done at 12:30.  Afterwards I went to the bank for my monthly needs, got Dad a pair of slippers & went into D&K, a favorite place to look at "Stuff".  It's in the old Murphy store now & much brighter.

We're going to Lar & Kim's on Sun - about 4:30 for a cook out.  That will be fun.  Hope Dad will be willing to stay awhile.

Usually we get groceries Fri. nite.  But Dale said Barb could bring the van up at 5 pm for an oil change.  The stores are opened tomorrow so while others are at the parade we'll to go the Mall & grocery store.  Will be less crowded.  Parades were fun when you kids were little.  Now it's a different story.  In today's paper it pictured chairs already in place for the parade.  Nothing like being an early bird.  Did you renew your subscription - if so, you know what I'm talking about.

Your letter came today - talk about busy people.  Seems like your days aren't long enough.

The other nite when I was washing dishes, I noticed someone was in Dale's car - but I tho't Dale was working on something.  A few minutes later I see Dad getting out of the car, so I went out.  He wanted to know where the keys were.  Told him it was Dale's car & besides he doesn't have a license anymore & doesn't drive.  He didn't believe me & got upset with me.  Doesn't like it that I take things from him!

Barb spent 5 hours (2 1/2 hours each) weeding at the library.  The 2 parts by the parking lot.  Her civic contribution.  Wonder if the new director is sorry he ever got into this mess.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Monday, June 29,1998

I'm sitting on the porch cooling off.  Barb is putting up the wallpaper border in the laundry area.  It's finally done & looks so nice.  Dad is watching T.V. & Dale is working in the garage.  He had a crack in his windshield & it was replaced today.  And I'm drinking coffee & eating fudge.  Barb's next project is painting the porch.

The washer & dryer work so nice & look so good.  The dishwasher came today but they don't install it for free.  Dale said eh could do it.  So Thurs. nite Lar will help him take it in.  They put it in the garage.  Now I won't get the old one taken away.  Lar said he'd take it to Valentine's Disposal - Kim said put an ad in the paper & sell it. Lar's suggestion is the easy way out.  We have other junk that could go as well.  Barb like to clean & get rid of stuff.

Thinking of Melinda (pastor's daughter).  Things have come easy for her & she hasn't had any job maturity yet & she's pretty sure of herself. (a good quality) but I'm sure her mind will be changed as she gets into the "real world".  Gary can make mountains out of molehills - we've seen that at church so she could be a little biased.

To a degree (3rd game) I enjoyed the Mets-Yankees series.  The 3rd game was more interesting & not just because the Mets won.  It was closer & you couldn't guess the outcome til the last out.  Nice to see a full house.  I like the interleague games.

Barb just came to have me see the border & it adds so much.  It is a leaf design & not straight on the bottom.  Cut like leaves are.  Hard to describe - you'll see when you visit.

You are busy people with all the baseball games & special ones.  Here you mostly played at Beaty & could walk.

The 80.00 for the pool membership is money well spent as kids have so much fun swimming.  Has Eddie learned to swim.

Nancy Davis' daughter Amy is a cashier at KMart.  I know her from church but not that well.  We recognized each other from church.  She is very personable.  Think she'll be a senior at college this fall.  She is an education major.  The 2nd child, a boy, graduated from high school this yr. & will to go Penn State Behrend, Erie, in the fall.

The first of June we had a lot of rain.  The last 2 weeks nothing & it's quite dry.  Rain is forecast but nothing happens.  At Hatch Patch the corn is really high & tasseled so they should be picking soon.  Probably be at least 3.00 a dozen - baker's dozen.

Kim stopped over today to return the papering equipment Lar borrowed.  She mentioned having us out at camp next Sun aft.  Lar plays in a soccer game at 2 pm.  Young guys vs. "old" guys.  So it wouldn't be until 4:30.  Kim wondered if it would be too late for Dad.  Barb thinks if it's a hot day, later would be better as then it would start to cool off.  They want us to see what has been done recently.  The back room about completed.  Lar's started stairs from the deck near the storage shed.  Kim has put up some of her collections. She was looking thru boxes Lar has at the Carriage House basement & came upon a tea set Barb got Lar when she was in Italy.  She wants to up that up.  Lar has made shelves for her stuff.  So there are new things I'd like to see.  And it's so pretty up there.

This turned out to be longer than I expected.  Didn't think there was much to talk about.

In the June Good Housekeeping there is an article about "children" coming home to live.  Some to pay off college debts faster; some as a result of divorce & need Grandma to baby sit, one lost her apt. lease & went to live with sister & bro.-in law.  All seemed to work out fairly well.  And money wasn't the problem.  It was interesting to me having 2 at home.

Will bring this to a close.  Am looking forward to seeing all of you in Aug.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday, June 19, 1998

Tues. Sears called to say the washer & dryer were in & could they deliver it on Wed.  In stead it will be on Mon. A.M. the 22nd.  Last nite Dale helped Lar take the washer & dryer.  No washing til Mon.  Barb is busy readying the walls for painting.  The cupboards won't be completed but they can be done after the W & D are in.  Larry thinks the color is too dark but we like it - so does Kim & would like that color in their den but she won't get her way.  The following week we'll get the dishwasher so no more noisy equipment.  It better last thru my lifetime. I tho't the present ones would & they probably would have if I hadn't gotten money from Edna.

Got your letter today.  The cat is adorable.  Not according to Dale, tho as he doesn't like cats.  They (males) squirt on his tires & try to sit on his car.  Pictures of the boys & the yard are so nice.

The new Penney's catalog came today & already I've glanced thru it.  Saw a dress I like & most likely will order it.  15% off if you order before July 14.

Kim & 7 other women friends are on their way to a golfing weekend.  In the Pittsburgh area.  They'll stay at a Holiday Inn & play 18 holes on Sat. & Sun.  Sun. is her birthday & she'll be home in time for a 6 pm dinner here.

Kim's sister (in Fla.) & family want to visit in Warren & are talking about coming for Thanksgiving - still in the dream stage, tho.  I asked Kim if they'd be here for Thanks. dinner & she tho't that would be too much.  I don't because it wouldn't be much of a holiday if it were just the 5 of us.  Time will tell.

Not it's Tues.

The washer & dryer have already gotten much good use.  They are so nice & the room looks good.  The doors aren't finished yet & we have a wall paper border to put around the top of the walls.

Kim had a wonderful weekend.  Some (who didn't have to work) left at noon to go to Grove City & the discount stores.  Their destination was Sharon.  This Holiday Inn caters mostly to golfing groups - makes all the arrangements, etc.  It included 1 dinner & you could order anything from the menu, 2 drink tickets, 2 breakfasts, continental.  They went shopping in Sharon as well.  They enjoyed it so much, they are making arrangements for next year.  The L.G.P.A. will have a tournament nearby & they could go from Fri-Sun, taking in the tournament on Sun.  8 women.

Sun. nite we sat on the porch.  They said you could stay at camp & spend the days here - meals, visiting, etc..  You see Dad is in bed by 10 p.m. & when he sleeps downstairs, it will be hard to watch T.V., etc.  Barb watches T.V. or is in her room reading; Dale in his room watching T.V. & I'm usually ready for bed.  The boys could be with you or could watch T.V. & sleep in the den.  We'd fix the T.V. so it would shut off around 11 pm.  Most Braves games are over by then.  It's up to you.  Lar & Kim have a new queen size mattress on their bed.  Right now Dale is on a 7-5 work day.  Working extra hrs. because they are behind.  He doesn't know how long that will last.   When are you coming.

I like letters as I can reread them.  Phone calls are harder to recall accurately.

Dad thanks you for his Father's Day card.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday, June 14, 1998

It is really cool & cloudy & we've had rain this weekend which was sorely needed.  But where is our warm June weather.  The next letter I could complain about the heat.

I've been reading again & have come to the conclusion that some authors are like preachers.  They hem & haw, repeat themselves & don't know when to say AMEN.  I always remember what one pastor said - "It's no use preaching when the congregation has said Amen."

Barb is painting the laundry area.  Took off the wallpaper etc. & has part of it completed.  A beige & the cupboards will be a shade lighter.  Will look nice.

Last letter I said my dryer wouldn't work.  When Dale tried it, it made a noise & then no noise & the dryer was O.K.  A coin or something must have gotten in & somehow slipped out.

Fri. nite Barb & I went to Sears & I spent more of the money from Edna.  We're getting a Maytag washer, dryer, & dishwasher.  The W & D will be in the 17th - Lar will take away the old ones & when the painting is completed we'll get them delivered.  The dishwasher won't be in til the 29th.  No more noisy equipment.  Lar wants the old W & D so he can wash his dirty work clothes (mud, dirt, etc.)  He'll put them in their basement.

Barb got a gallon of paint & will have some left over.  So she wants to tear off the Back entry paper & paint it the same color.  She can do as she pleases as long as I don't have to.

The baseball game sounded like fun.  If it was on ESPN, I'm sure we watched it.

Kim had 30 teachers at the baby shower for 2 of the Sheffield teachers at camp.  They loved the house.  By the steps from the deck, Lar built a brick sidewalk using the bricks from the chimney from the old bldg.  Kim said it looks so nice.  We'll  have to take a ride out there.  The den is all done except for the final floor.  A rug is covering it for now.  Lar's too busy with extra work.

I just had a little nap - my eyes wouldn't stay open.  Now the Braves vs. Montreal are on T.V.  It looks a little brighter outside.  (I sure now "now".)

Dad received about 50 cards for his 55th anniv.  Reading the cards bro't tears to his eyes.  The pastor bro't the cards over & he stayed awhile to visit.  I asked about his oldest daughter who finished an additional degree.  She hasn't decided on a job yet.  She visited Beloit College - a job as asst. of student housing.  They asked her are you a Christian.  When she said yes - they replied you wouldn't like it here.  We allow drinking & drugs on campus.  Then when she went into the cafeteria to eat 2 women were "making out".  So she wouldn't be happy there even if the pay was much higher than other offers.  I was surprised to hear that & I'm sure Melinda wouldn't exaggerate.  What do you think .  I was surprised.

Strawberries are ready for public picking now.  We bot some yesterday & they are so delicious.  Had shortcake last nite.  Barb & Kim hope to pick some.  I won't be able to - my leg won't take it.

When I got home from church today, Dad said "Why did you tie me into this chair."  Needless to say, I didn't.  Sometimes he has trouble working the lift chair.  His fingers don't have the strength or he can't find the cord.

Mon A.M.  Have a few minutes before I get lunch.  Got 4 thank you notes off as 4 members put a money gift in their card.  Also wrote a note to Bertha Nelson who had a niece send a card to Dad.

It's another cloudy day.

Barb has parts of 2 walls completed in the laundry room.  A darker beige & will have lighter cupboards.  The color is nice.  Glad she likes to do that as I don't.

Barb & Kim are on Cloud 9.  Bulls Win, Bulls Win!  Now will the team break up.

Better bring this to a close.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday, June 5, 1998

We got your letter yesterday.  Always interesting reading.

I'm watching tennis (men's) on T.V.  No American made the finals.

Dale enjoyed his 3 days in Rochester.  They had a test before they started on the studies & one when it was over.  Dale got all the answers correct.  He drives a Shults car & naturally wouldn't leave his car 3 days at the Mall.  When he returned their car, he saw lights - went in & no one was there.   Lights on, radio on & some machine not turned off.  And the place a mess.  So Dale shut the place up & locked the doors.  Those are expensive tools they work with.  I'm sure he will be cleaning up the place after work tonite.  He said the course was very interesting & worthwhile.  I told him I missed him & he said he missed home.  It would be very lonesome for me if Barb & Dale weren't here.  Last nite he mowed the lawn & edged along the sidewalk using Lar's edger.  Lar was working at Carey's.  Dale said it felt good to do physical work after sitting 3 days.

For 3 days in a row I've had to strip Dad's bed & wash it.  Today even the blanket was wet.  He doesn't know how it happens.  He hates Depends & he doesn't like sleeping downstairs.

Have you been reading about the Wrrn. Library & the latest move.  Must be tough on the new director.  Wonder if he realized what he was getting into.

Interesting interleague baseball  play this weekend.  Wonder if they'll continue it.  This time the Yankees play at the Mets & it's sold out.  (The 2nd series.)  Mets are at Boston this weekend.  I'll finally see them Sun. nite on ESPN with Jon & Joe.  Good announcers.

Buffalo Sabres didn't have it to get to the finals.  Now it's Sat aft. & soon baseball on Fox TV.

I decided to have the Erie Sun. Times delivered.  Don't have to pay for the 1st 4 Sun. as they are having a contest.  Will bee billed from Erie quarterly.

It's cool so I've been baking this week.  Made a coffee cake & raisin bars this A.M.  Also a pie shell but I'm not sure how to fill it.  Straw. are available at Hatch Patch.  3.75 qt. but they are full qts.  Took a turkey out of the freezer so we'll have it tomorrow.  Wanted the space in the freezer.  I'm having coffee & a raisin bar now.  And Mets vs. Boston is coming up.  How lucky can I get!

Summer schedule starts tomorrow.  Church starts at 9:30 A.M.  And it will be cool so I can wear my new spring outfit.  Pretty sweater (navy) & a navy print skirt.  Got it from Penney's catalog.  I did wear my new outfit.

Mon. A.M.  This day hasn't had a good start.  This is Dale's early week 7-4.  He couldn't start his car as someone tried to steal it.  They broke the starter.  Luckily he had another one o& got it fixed & was only 1/2 hr. late.  They left a knife & he didn't touch it.  He called the police & they came & took the knife & checked things over.

I started washing & put clothes in the dryer & it made a big noise so something is wrong.  Hope Dale can fix it.  Also had started the next load of dark clothes.  When they were finished there was the remains of kleenex.  I didn't check the pockets thoroly.  Now they're all on the line.  It's a cool day, cloudy at time, but there is a breeze so I hope they'll all dry OK.

Saw Mary Ann C. & asked about Susan's baby.  4 lb & 7 oz. & it was a C section.  It was a hard delivery so they decided to take it this way.  But both are doing OK - baby gaining weight.  Sara Elizabeth, a pretty name.

The Mets didn't fare so well last nite but 2 wins out of 3 isn't bad.

Have to add to Gen's letter.  Her birthday is Sat so I'll have to get it off.

Is Eddie still on medication.  You haven't mentioned how it is working, etc.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, May 31, 1998

I'm on the porch, lost interest in the crossword puzzle in the Buff. Sun. paper & will write a letter instead.

Read a good book Klondike Fever by Suzann Ledbetter.  About the gold rush with a love interest.  Easy reading.

Did I write Messiah Church, Auburn, is having a year long celebration of their 75 years.  So they are sending us their newsletter & the first one came yesterday.  Interesting to read.  Recognized only 1 name, Erv Steinle who is now the business mgr. of Messiah.  They have 2 pastors, a female associate in ministry, & 3 others so that's quite a staff.  It has really grown but it's in a growing area with a good job field.

We've had some rain, more is suppose to come & then cool off.  It was very hot in church this A.M. plus an extra long service honoring the graduating seniors, communion, etc.  Most of the seniors are going off to college.  One family who moved here after the husband retired (originally from the area) are moving back to Michigan.  The 2nd daughter graduated this June.  So retirement away from a familiar place, relatives, friends,etc. didn't work out for them.  And they've been very active members.

Barb brought some things to Lynn's garage sale & we got 30.00.  Sold all she brot up so we have a little less "junk" in the attic.

Mon. after work Dale goes to Rochester for classes & returns Thurs. nite.

Lar had some trouble with his truck & was without it most of last week.  Still didn't have it Sat.  He was using the station wagon as it wasn't Kim's turn to drive last week.  Mrs. Patterson, up the4 st. teaches at Sheffield so they take turns driving.  The teachers look forward to vacation as much as the kids do.

Gen called the other nite to see how things are.  They don't have their pool ready yet.

Andy!  Atlanta lost 3 games in a row.  What happened to your favorite team?  I won't say anything about the Mets.  Don't want to jinx them!! So far they're ahead today.  Buffalo has been a disappointment in their playoff games against Washington.  Nice they got that far when it wasn't expected.

Sounded like you had a great Memorial Day weekend & anniversary.

We're suppose to have a few cool days so I'll get some baking done.  The cooky tins are bare.

Lynn gave Barb a 100.00 Penney's gift certificate.  She couldn't find anything here so Fri. she went to Jamestown.  Got 2 skirts, 2 bras, slacks & a top to go with it.  Spent it all & enjoyed it.

We can get the Erie Sun. paper delivered so I will call about that & then someone won't have to go out for a paper.

Now it's Tues. aft. & the letter isn't mailed, so it won't go out til Wed.

Yesterday I hung sheets out to dry.  There was a nice breeze so they dried in no time.  I washed the quilt & ruffle for our bed last week.  It's been great weather for drying blankets, etc.

Barb got flowers & some veggies planted.  I filled my pots with pansies, geraniums, & alyssum (sp).  I like to look out the kitchen window & see them.  Pansies are my favorite with their pretty faces.

Better get this ready for mailing.  I'm just filling paper now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, May 25, 1998

We had a nice dinner with Lar & Kim celebrating their anniversary.  We are watching baseball on ESPN, kitchen cleaned up & Lar & Kim left to spend the nite at camp.

Yesterday I got a perm.  Sheila told me Carnahans is closing.  After my appt. I looked & there are sale closing signs in the windows.  Seeing is believing!

Turner's TV is closeod - they declared bankruptcy.  County Mkt. is suppose to be closing, be remodeled & open as another store.  Tops Mkt. wants to get in here.  Time will tell.

Dale didn't work yesterday - they got 3 days off.  He went to Seaman's & got "stuff" for his Blazer.  He still has a little work to do on the El Camino & then he'll start on the Blazer but he's in no rush.

Got your letter yesterday.  Kim & Lar mentioned they heard from you folks.  Will you drive the boys out & return for them.  Things will be different this year.  We eat in the dining room so no T.V. during meals.  Eddie will miss the kitchen table.  We'll put the card table up in  the living room.

Barb has a sore shoulder, probably bursitis.  It's better but she might have to get a shot.

Denny Brader was in church today.  He looks the same - just as heavy weightwise.  Had a chance for a little visit with him.  Heard today we're going to lose our organist but no official announcement.  Sad news as she is so good & organists are a rare commodity.  Back to Denny - he won't be attending your class reunion either.

Roger T. preached today.  He always does a good job & John Check had the liturgy.  We're lucky to have good laymen.  The pastor takes a lot more Sun. off than Dad ever did.  Guess he is smarter than Dad was, or less dedicated to the job.  It's a different generation.

Now it's Tues A.M.  Barb & Scott were just here.  The last day & she is so glad as Scott just won't listen & gets into everything he shouldn't.  For a little kid he has a bad mouth.  He'll be going to the Y.W. 4 days a week.  Bob has Fri. off so he'll have him then.

When I paid my Penney's bill recently at the box at local Penney's they rang it up wrong & gyped me 40.00 & then charged me interest.  When the bank statement came I saw it wasn't my error.  So I got a copy of the check & wrote a letter & the last Penney's statement credited me with the 40.00 plus int.  It pays to check carefully.

Our weather is warming up & so clear.  I'd like to clean our bedroom but it's hard for me to move things out to clean, etc.  I'd like to rearrange the bed but I don't have many choices.

When the boys come they'll want to go in the water at Lar & Kim's.  Old sneakers should do the trick.  If Andy's feet are growing maybe he could wear a pair of water shoe (correct term?) I have & never wear.  The stones, etc. are too hard on the bare feet.  If it's a dry summer maybe the creek will be dry.  We had 3.11" of rain the first few days of May & not much since.

Yesterday we started buying plants for the yard.  Oh yes, I know Pentecost is the last Sun. of the month.  Forgot there are 5 Sun. in May.

As of today, Barb is free for awhile.  I hope some job comes up.  Lynn gave a $100.00 credit from Penney's as a thank you & said she's welcome to come up & see them any time.

I started planting my flower pots by the garage.  Washed them out & filled 3 of them.  I pot reseeded itself - pansies & I dont' know if I should freshen the soil & transplant them.  Tomorrow Barb will get more potting soil & more flowers.

Finally made an appt. to see the dentist & get a cleaning.  The one who used to clean my teeth retired so I'll have a new gal.  It's been too long since I've had my teeth checked.  My appt. is for July 1.  Could have gotten in today but I can't leave Dad alone.  Wouldn't have gone anyway.

Better close.  Need to mail 2 bills but not til tomorrow.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday, May 16, 1998

I'll start a letter while your questions are still fresh in my mind.

The floral bouquet consisted of yellow lilies, lge. pink carnations & a deeper pink -- a flower I think are called "Pinks" a smaller type carnation with stock & greenery.  And sitting in it is a bird on a nest that is reusable.  I'll put it in the wreath in the D.R.  Also a "Happy Mothers Day" on a plastic piece.  Very pretty, altho it doesn't sound like the colors to together but they do.

Paul I find it hard to believe you are becoming fond of "Boxer".  But when you get a baby animal it makes a lot of difference.  Will you have it neutered as well as declawed.

We have the twin bed in the eating area & it looks O.K.  I think he'll be O.K. as he doesn't "roam" at nite - too hard to get around.

Lar called at noon to find what we had done.  He will be over after 5 to help carry the seats, table, etc. up to the attic.  I'll miss sitting at the table & watching. - Dale will miss the same at nite when he eats - around 9 pm.

Lar said they found a chair for Dad - can't remember the correct term, but it helps one get out of a chair.  That is one of the problems - no strength to lift himself up.  This lady said we could try it out & then decided on a price.  I'd prefer if she'd name the price she wants.

Dale didn't work today.  Washed his car & is in the process of putting the stereo system in this car - the one he took out of the old car.  Now he's on the way to Seaman's probably to find "stuff" for the Blazer.  He'll stop at the Youngsville Dairy Queen for a burger.  Says they are the best ever.  He found a door for the Blazer.

Barb worked around the yard this A.M. U& washed off the porch furniture so it's all set for us to sit out there.  We haven't gotten any flowers yet but I'm sure we'll get some during the week.  I'll need a red geranium for church the last Sun. of May.  Pentecost.  Members bring red ger- & they are planted outside during the week.  It looks nice to see the red flowers in the altar area.

The exchanges of 4 Marlins for 2 L.A. Dodgers was a surprise.  Sounds like it will go thru.

We were watching Cleveland vs. Texas & since Cleveland was ahead I switched to golf & noticed a Bob Friend was playing & doing well.  Said to Dad there was a pitcher with that name in Pittsburgh & then a note came on T.V. that he had been a pitcher with the Pirates.  So he has a 2nd career.  Encouraging to other athletes who are avid golfers.  Now it sounds like he is the son - he's only 33 so I guess that's true.  Must have missed something.

We got a letter this A.M. from Messiah Luth. stating they will be celebrating their 75th Anniv. in '99.  It will be a yearlong celebration & hoping we could come for the final weekend next spring.  Be nice but an impossible dream.  That's Auburn, Wn.

Sun A.M.   P.S.

I'm set for church but it's too early so I'll let you know how things are.  Last nite Lar & Dale got the lift chair to try out & it will be great.  It is one of the workers at the Crary Home.  Said it cost $1,000.00 & they tried to sell it for $500.00, then $250.00 & no takers.  So maybe it will be less then $250.00.    It is blue so it fits in.  Dad just has to push "up" to get out of the chair & down to sit.  He can just stand against it so that problem of lifting is over.  Has the leg rest, too.  Very nice.

The bed went well.  I got up at 6 A.M. to check, went back to bed til 7 & got him ready & we had breakfast.  But he isn't eating much at all.  I don't make large portions & still a lot get thrown out.

It is another lovely day.

Barb has an aching shoulder.  Too much lifting & working outside Sat.   She said she was weight lifting - why I don't know.  She saw the Dr., had another pap smear & it shows an irritation.  No insurance - an operation, hysterectomy (sp) would be the thing but they are trying other things - a shot to stop her period & heavy bleeding.  Maybe things will be better when she won't have Scott to deal with.  Good I'm not a "worrier".  Barb is good at that.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, May 15, 1998

Boxer, a new member of the family

Just finished a note to Bob Karlson seeing I couldn't get to the funeral.  I did give a memorial to the church.

This has been a bad week.  Dad fell in the shower & trying to get him out I strained my leg so it's starting to pain again.  Finally called Lar for help.  Another time I was in the kitchen getting lunch, heard a thump &U he had fallen.  He had to wait til Dale came to get him up.  Lar bro't over Mr. Crary's wheelchair & that is a help.  Today we'll get a twin spring & mattress & set it up in the eating area & we'll have to eat in the D.R.  It is too hard going up & down the stairs.  Sometimes he can get up & walk, other times there is no strength to left himself up.

But the weather is beautiful.   High 70s on Thus. & should get in the 80s+ today.  We sat on the porch for awhile yesterday.  It was just a perfect day.

Imagine Andy is real happy as an Atlanta fan.  I was glad they didn't break the home run record just tied it.

Had a letter from Millie & all is well with her.  Aunt Esther will be 99 in June.  But she's in her own little world.  Doesn't know Millie or Gen when they visit.

In June Dale goes to Rochester for 3 days for a course in Electrics which he said is a pretty good opportunity for him.  He stays at a Red Roof Motel & gets money for food.  All expanses paid.  Drives on of Shults' cars.

I'm really enjoying hockey & Buffalo is doing so well.  The Buff. TV news says sport stores are having a hard time keeping Saber shirts, etc. in store as everyone is a fan now.  If they play (get to) Detroit I wonder if they could beat them.  They would be the "dream team" then.  I'm even getting to know some of the names.  ESPN's Gary Thorne & Bill Clement are the top announcers but I think Fox has the final games.

We still watch Atlanta but their announcers are so biased it's sickening.  Sometimes we get Cleveland on Erie Fox T.V. & their annoucners aren't so bad but they're monotonous.  What a critic - nothing is as good as WWOR (NYC) & we don't get them.  Youngsville & Sheffield do.  Dad doesn't like it if I mute the T.V. & just watch.

Did you watch the final Seinfeld - Dale did.

Have a nice Memorial Day.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday, May 8, 1998

Didn't write this A.M.  Did some baking instead, & fixed a tuna macaroni salad for supper.  Never know what to have Fri. nite.

This A.M. the doorbell rang & it was a delivery from Ekey's.  Thanks so much for the floral arrangement.  It is very pretty  I will enjoy it.  Thanks so much.

We'll be celebrating Larry's birthday on Sun.  He wants steak & that is easy - Dale will grill it.  Kim will get a cake at BiLo's - they are very tasty - icing not too sweet.  It's suppose to be a rainy weekend.  We've already had more than 2" in May.

Dale bot an '86 Blazer for his next winter's car.  He paid 300.00 for it.  It will keep him busy getting it in order during the summer.  He sold the other winter car to someone at work who bot it for his son.  It is a good car - in good working order with new tires, A.C., etc.

I've been watching the hockey playoffs & they are exciting.  Barb & Kim are watching the Bulls playoffs & are sad when they lose.  We'll eat at 5:30 Sun. & the game starts at the same time.  The TV will be on & if it gets exciting they'll be up & down to see what's going on.  I think Larry Bird is doing a great job as a 1st year coach.  I'd like to see them get to the final games.

Have a new recipe for a Pecan Bar - similar to Pecan pie.  It is do good.  Kim copies the recipe & made it & Larry likes them.  Dad got a haircut this week & I made the bars & gave them to Jerry.  Do that each time he comes to the house to show our appreciation.

Barb came home today & went to take a nap as she didn't sleep well last nite.  We'll grocery shop tomorrow after I get my hair done.

I'm feeling much better so I hope I can get more work done around the house.  Finally vacuumed the L.R. & D.R. rugs.  For awhile it hurt to push the vacuum cleaner, so it didn't get done.

I can see a hummingbird at the tree at the school yard - a flowering crab.  The buds are not quite opened - it is pretty to look at.

Soon time to get busy setting the table, etc.

P.S.  Barb got rid of her headache so we went grocery shopping.  I needed to cash a check but the bank closed at 6.  Barb had money to lend me so I was able to go to County.  San Diego is ahead of Atlanta 3-0 in the 3rd inning.  Hope they get a win - S.D. that is.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friday, May 1, 1998

May 1st.  Hard to believe 2 anniversaries this month.
My leg is improving but still gives pain.  One of these days i"ll get out.  Sun. at church they're having a pulpit exchange & the past at St.l John preaches at St. Paul & I'm still hoping I can make it.

Dad has the 55th anniv. of his ordination coming in June & the Bishop called to remind Gary of this.  So a shower of cards was suggested as Dad can't get out.  The pastor & a council member will bring them over that Sun. nearest the date.  Hard to believe it was 5 yrs. ago his sisters were here & you & the boys to help celebrate.

Next Thurs. we were to have our friends here but I called it off.  Haven't been able to keep up the house & didn't feel up to doing it.  They'll come later in the summer or fall.

Dr. Vance (chiropractor) is an antique car fan so we got to talking about cars.  He said he gets old cars, fixes them up & after awhile he sells them & starts over.  He said one of his cards needed transmission work & I mentioned Dale works on trans at Shults.  He said I hard Shults has a good transmission man - your bro!

The flowering trees are in bloom & are so pretty.  Leaves are in full form - unusual so early.  Last Sat. Dale gave the front porch a good scrub.  Now we need to get the porch furniture out.   Been warm enough to sit out there but so far we haven't as sitting is something that is too uncomfortable yet.  But it's better as I'm sitting at the kitchen table.

Someone has been calling & there is just dead air.  Wed. nite I decided to have a little conversation & hung up.  Thurs. they called & I talked again & I heard a click so someone is there.  Dale answered another call later on & hung up when no one answered.

Our lawn looks good - over 5" of rain in Apr.  Barb is diggin up dandelions & wants to fertilize.

Coffee time coming up & I'm washing 3 loads so much check the dryer.

P.S.  Last Sat. I got books at the library to relieve the boredom.  Stranger at Wilding by Madeline Brent (pub. '76) & I enjoyed it so much & The Come On by Margaret Yorke & it was good.  Easy reading & entertaining.

Another P.S.  Fri. nite.

Went grocery shopping aftger supper & it felt good to get out.  Maybe Mon. nite I can get to the Mall.

Got your letter today.  Interesting to read of your "tussle" with Andy getting him to do his homework.  It made me smile Paul with you experieicing the fun of children.  What goes around comes around & helps you understand what your parents went thru with 4 children.  Altho I can't remember pushing you too much.  Maybe my mind is slipping!  Mostly I remember trying to get you to practice the piano & you didn't want to.

No baseball tonite but playoff hockey.  Both Pittsburgh & Buffalo are doing good.  I lilke announcers Gary Thorne & Clement (can't remember h is 1st name) best.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, April 24, 1998

The library delegation with Gov. Tommy Thompson at a bill signing

My leg is hurting again.  Since I can't take pain pills (break out in a rash) I decided to go to the chiropractor.  He is very careful in the adjusting & he also gives a heat massage.  His wife does that.  Dr. Vance & he is very good.  He wanted to see the X-ray I got last fall & the hosp. forwarded it.  He told me it shows I had 2 small bone fractures in the upper back & wondered if I ever felt any pain there.  Never did.  Probably came from lifting & they healed themselves.  Also shows a little arthrightes (sp. too lazy to check) & the sciatic nerve is what gives me the trouble.  According to last fall's time I have 2 more weeks to go.  Missed Easter Sun. church & last Sun.& I doubt if I could sit thru Confirmation Service next Sun.  Barb gets the groceries so I'm housebound & it's beginning to show on my "short fuse", losing patience with Dad & that doesn't help him.

Last Sun. we celebrated Barb's birthday & in 17 days we celebrate Lar's.  Ethel Johnson always asked about you Paul.  She said Chris will be coming for the reunion - they live in Fla.

I saw a cotton knit dress in Chadwick's of Boston catalog.  I like the min color but a gal at church has one that color so I'm choosing the apricot.  Will send for it this week.

A&E TV has "The Equalizer" at 10 AM a couple of times a week & I like to watch it.  It's on right now.

Barb has planted lettuce & peas & has more lettuce to plant plus spinach.  She is looking for ward to some good salads.  Also plans to plant beans but has to wait til it warms up - the end of May.  It warms up during the day but nites are still very cool.

We got your last letter & it was interesting reading.  Felt sorry for JoAnna & for all the work she did on the election.  But I'm sure the experience was worth the effort.  You didn't mention Eddie's special reading classes.  We are wondering what is happening there.  When does their baseball season start.  Milwaukee is doing great.  Will you get to any games.  Did JoAnna get to the home opener.  Did you hear the Mets want to build a new stadium where the Brooklyn Dodgers used to play.  But I didn't hear how it will be financed.  Go Mets!

Soon lunch time & my leg is telling me I've sat long enough.  But I wanted you to hear form us.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, April 3

Back to letter writing.  Have been writing Easter notes to our sisters.  Never hear much from Carl's sisters.

Our summer weather has disappeared & I'm not too sad.  Too early for temps in the 80;s.  The trees are budding so I hope we don't have a bad freeze.

We both saw the Dr. on Mon. Mar. 30.  All is as well as can be expected.  The Dr. told me to take time away but that isn't very possible.  But I've been doing jigsaw puzzles & that keeps my min d occupied & baseball is back & that is a big help for something different.

Lar is going to bring over a puzzle the ladies at the "Home" found too hard to do.  I'll see if I can "conquer" it.  I'm doing ones I've done before because we have accumulated a lot of puzzles.  Still fun to do.

Scott had an eye exam & he has to wear glasses.  Not to happy about that.  Did you notice in the paper Bob's mother died.  Only 71.  They called Bob & Lynn at work & by the time they got there she had died.  She hadn't been well for a long time.

Dale didn't get home til 10:30 last nite.  Hew was in Frewsburg learning to remake *wrong word?) transmissions.  T his man works only on transmissions so Dale is getting a free education.

Shults acquired the "Warren Car Mall" place as of Apr. 1.  So they have quite a set up there.  Dale was happy as they need more space for the work they have.

Kim said they have 8 weeks of school left & she is looking forward to vacation.  Kim & 7 of her friends are planning a golf weekend this summer.  The men do it - minus Larry -- so the women decided they should have a weekend off.  Lar is too busy to participate in such things when he can work.

How was your time in Chicago.  I think the weather was nice for sightseeing.

Bet JoAnna is happy Apr. 7th will be over by the time you read this letter.  Hope it turned out in her favor.

The dryer stopped so I must get clothes out & folded.  And I think I've covered the news here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, March 6, 1998

Just got cards ready for Andy & Eddie for St. Patrick's day.  Just a letter for Mom & Dad.

Not much to write about.  A week ago when Lar & Kim were here, Kim was unusually quiet & said practically nothing.  No reason was given & naturally we wondered what happened.   Last nite we got the ans.  The week before, after they'd been here, they had a telephone call from Kim's cousin Chris who lives in Atlanta.  She was in Warren & could she come over.  Naturally she did & the story came out.  She works, supports her mother who drinks too much & they were living with a divorced man and 1 of his 3 children.  He was at least 10 yrs older than Chris - they had a fight & Chris left after finding a place for her Mom to stay.  She is afraid of him.  Fri. Chris left for Phila (she had flown to Pittsburgh, rented a car & drove to Wrrn) to stay with a girlfriend.  The guy had Kim's telephone number & kept calling - it was on the answering machine.  Once when Kim pushed the message button he wanted Chris - the 2nd time Kim a series of swearing , calling Chris a slut, etc.  Naturally she was upset & it bothered her esp. since she has heard nothing from her cousin. This is the 2nd man she's lived with - he was even older.  Will she ever learn.  Maybe it's because her folks were divorced & they also lived with Kim's grandmother & no male influence.  Kim is the one who is levelheaded.  Her bro. Paul also has problems.

We've had a cooler week with snow flurries but they don't amount to anything.

Mon. nite PBS aired a program "Your Hometown" Warren.  Different Warrenites video'd different areas of Wrrn. & Ch. 3 edited it into an hour's program.  It was so good & got the best response - this was about the 4th "Our Town".  They offered the video for a 60.00 donation & 197 families ordered it including yours truly. I'm sure you'll want to view it.  I'm glad we live here.

Soon lunch time so I'll bring this to a close.  Are you still planning to visit.  If so, what are the dates.  I like to start planning - menu planning, etc.

Artwork by Eddie.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

I need a rest period after cleaning downstairs, except the kitchen floor & last minute spots.  Was up at 6:10 A.M. so I could see the women's hockey, USA v. Can.  It didn't start til 7 A.M. but I got breakfast going, etc.  So I "earned" a rest.  The game was so good & "we" won.  They all sang the Nat. anthem after the medal presentations.  It was very moving.

Last Sun. was another highlight as Dale Earnhardt won the Daytona 500.  It was so exciting at the finish & all of us were thrilled he finally won.  Tell Eddie Earnhardt finally won.  Last summer he felt bad for D. E. when he wasn't winning any races.

I'm trying to cut down on coffee - mine is weak anyway.  Sometimes I have trouble getting to sleep but I don't think it's the coffee.  It's hard to see Dad go down - sometimes he thinks it's time to go home; wonders who will give him a ride; doesn't know where he sleeps, etc.  It's not easy to watch when he had such a good mind.

Fri A.M.  This A.M. at breakfast Dale told me news that would interest you folks.  Concerning Rocky Logan.  This came from Randy Swanson, whose father owned Penn Alignment.  When he retired Randy continued to work there - and Rocky had bot an interest in the business.  But he never worked in the business, leaving the work to Randy.  So Randy quit & now works at Shults.  Well Rocky never paid the bill s- owes $10,000 to Barnhart Davis & more to another Co.  So there will be a sheriff's sale.  Wonder what Marty thinks of this.  A sidenote - the senior Swanson married Mrs. Powell, widow of Henry Powell, who was principal of Beaty.

Our luncheon was very nice yesterday.  Ted Benson told us some Swede jokes his son got off the internet.  "Ole" & Swen & I can't remember the other name.  Many were sent in by Luth. pastors. Ted uses the Swedish accent.  Last nite Kim was telling something in the same vein.  Her friend got them off the internet.  If you have a question you can call an 800# & get help.  One was a woman wondered where the "any" button or key was - she couldnt' find the "any key".   That one stands out in my mind & there were several others.

Anna H. couldn't come as she had another hip replacement - they use a cement & that had to be removed so it was a 5 hr. operation.  She has to take it easy.  Last time she didn't take the time to let it heal.  In Mar. they are going to Disney World & April to St. Martins (think it's spelled differently).  They get around. d In May Ted & Pat are going on an Alaskan cruise.  Will fly to Vancouver & leave from there.

We got your computer written letter & are anxiously awaiting the next one.  I share the letter with Lar & Kim & tell Barb & Dale the news as they are too lazy to read your epistles.

Just heard that Tara L. got the gold in skating & I was hoping Michelle K. would get it.  She had a misstep & that did it.  Was also disappointed when Todd E. didn't medal.

Mon. nite the 23rd.  (above news sounds old now.)

Called Gen & John enjoyed his trip & plans to go again.

Also called Ruth as we've heard nothing about the "sisters".  Guess all are the same.   Lila hasn't really recovered from her operation.  Uses a walker & her mind isn't clear.  Stella is in the nursing care now as she needs more help.

Joan's son is getting married in May.  The oldest daughter is in Grand Rapids - has her own apt.

Rachel went to England during the holidays & met a fellow over there & they fell for each other.  He came over here to visit & would like to get a job here.  So maybe there will be another wedding in the future.  Ruth met him & said he is nice.

Got your letter today & it was interesting.  Glad all is back to normal again.  Pictures of Eddie are so cute - the boys are growing.  Jeans will get higher & higher in cost.  Good Dad can find his at a cheaper cost.  Couldn't Andy have used the Valentine 5.00 for a bike lock.

We're suppose to get some snow tonite.  Bulb flowers are sprouting.  Better sign off.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, February 5, 1998

The anniv. flowers lasted 2 weeks & they made us think of spring with pink tulips, etc.  We enjoyed them & thank you very much.  Kim & Lar came over with an anniv. cake from BiLo & it was delicious.  Lar put in 3 more elec. wires so the Micro is on its own line & won't go out if another thing like the roaster is used.   One for Dale in the garage & something he uses out there.  No more extension cords.  Our Christmas & Anniv. gifts from Lar & Kim.

Thanks for the pictures you've sent.  Your house looks so nice - and lot of snow.  These latest storms haven't hit us.  Don't know why we're so lucky.  Wonder what the summer will be like - some say hot & humid & dry.

Gen called this week & tomorrow John leaves for a ski trip in Austria.  A tour deal for 8 days.

How was Andy's study on Sweden.

Hope you find a cure for Eddie's problem.  At least you're doing something about it.

Wonder how you would have reacted, Paul, if I threatened you couldn't do something until you got better grades.  By the time you needed prodding you were older & it went in one ear & out the other.  Maybe making the honor roll is more of a parents' bragging point.  Anyway you've done very well for yourself & probably much better than many honor students 

We got the new Penney's catalog & if you ordered before Feb. 2, you get 15% off so I did just that.  Got 2 prs slacks - one sage, one periwinkle, a pr. of longer shorts & a pink cotton/poly. top & it came yesterday & I'm very satisfied.

Last Sun. Vi Lilja told me Sonya Thelin had her baby - a second daughter.

Tomorrow the Olympics start to there should be some good T.V. viewing. I'm watching Home & Garden T.V. & it's been interesting so I've made some mistakes.

Soon bedtime so I'll bring this to a close for this time.

[Enclosure 1]

From a letter to Mom and Dad written on February 7, 1998

The article on Great Falls that Gen had sent to you is one that I had read on the Internet.  Your remark, "Don't remember seeing this", and in a way, you are right, Mom.  We never saw the Ryan Dam from this vantage point, i.e., the one in the newspaper photograph.  As a result of this enclosure in your recent letter, I reviewed the slides that Dad took during the years we lived in Great Falls and uncovered two that might refresh your memory.  Actually, there are two dams, which are referred to as Black Eagle Dam (me and Larry in the foreground, trees in the background) and Rainbow Dam (the railroad bridge and the striped wheat fields in the background) in the latest edition of the Rand McNally Road Atlas.  Maybe Black Eagle Dam was renamed.

It's interesting.  I still have such vivid memories of Great Falls.  School.  Church.  The old parsonage.  The new parsonage.  Gibson Park.  Dora Donald's apartment.  The Buttrey's store down the alley.  The Civic Center, where Dad took Larry and me to our first movie, The Lady and the Tramp.  The Hasselquist house.  Giant Springs.  My friend Jacques.  The Demolay building.  When I look back on those years, it seems like another lifetime.  To me, perhaps not to you, for a variety of reasons, Great Falls was a wonderfully idyllic time.  I think the wide open spaces of Montana, "Big Sky" country, had a major impact on my psychological development.  I still feel a strong connection to that part of my life, a yearning to return -- to visit, not necessarily to live t here.  Since we moved in 1957, I've returned to Great Falls twice, in 1974 and 1983.  The first time I rediscovered what it was like to view the world with the eyes of a child.  What seemed so remote when I was six years old was just a few blocks away.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saturday, January 24, 1998

Just a few words as I want to mail this when I get my hair done at 9:30 A.M.

Hope this will help Andy.  The magazine has some interesting pictures & facts on Sweden's industry.

Got your letter & pictures yesterday.

Not much to write about.  I'm on a jigsaw puzzle mood.  Started my 3rd one yesterday.

Weather mild.

D&K is now settled in part of old Murphy's bldg.  Want to stop in to see it.  The Liberty St. entrance will feature a sewing shop.  They closed off that narrow section.  She plans to give sewing lessons in the basement section.  D&K uses their part of basement as storage.