Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Today we voted.  The main issue on the ballot was to elect a judge.  Man vs. woman.  We voted for the woman.  She came in 2nd in the nominating election, beating at least 3 other men.  We hope she can do it but it's a man's world.  The newspaper backed the man.

This aft. I walked over to see Rose.  I thought she might be sitting in a chair but she was in bed.  You could see she has gained weight.  A diaper on a chair by her.  No teeth in her mouth so she was hard to understand.  I feel so bad for her.  It made me want to cry.  She asked about dad & I told her he died.  She repeated the question several times.  She couldn't believe it & said why don't I know this.  Her hands were trembling like Parkinson's.  S he did recognize me.  Violet is in the same room.  She looked good but no teeth.  But I wouldn't have recognized if I hadn't known Violet was in the same room.  So sad.

All I did today was 1 load of wash.  I did a little ironing, not much.  A day off so I'll have to make up for my idleness tomorrow.  The kitchen floor says' "Wash me".

Dale admitted last nite "I must be a perfectionist".  He worked late on his white car putting in a new top for the interior roof.  I'm not sure of the exact term.  He had sent away for material & finally got it to fit in to his satisfaction.

I really got the picture of those two couples at the concert.  Do you think they realized the fools they made of themselves?

Now it's Thurs the 10th

The week is soon over -- I don't do that much on Friday.  In 2 weeks we'll have celebrated Thanksgiving.  We're still waiting for suggestions from the boys.  Remember we want to send the package in time for JoAnna's birthday.

Kim had a reunion meeting tonite so she left early.  Lar walks Torey home.  I don't know why Torey has to be walked so much.  They have socks for him to wear to protect his paws. He's getting old & slow so he doesn't need as much exercise as a younger dog.  But that's not my business.  I just feel sorry for Torey.

My puzzle is soon finished.  Barb picked up 3 pieces from the floor.  With our patterned rug they are hard for me to see.

The girl scouts are collecting food.  They left bags at houses & they will be picked up the 21st.  I'll put some cans of food & peanut butter in it.  They suggest soups & macaroni & cheese are always good.  The mail carriers collect food in May & I always contribute.

This is Dale's week to work Sat. A.M.  They will be taking inventory so they get Sat. off.  Dale thinks that is fine with him.

Do you get the USA Today at the library?  If so, some Wed read Craig Wilson's article on the 1st page of the purple section.  He is around your age & from the Buffalo area.  He writes the most interesting articles.  I'm sure you could write articles like that & people would find them interesting to read.  Lar & I always read his articles.  Wilson happens to be gay & admits it. He & his "mate" have a dog & sometimes he mentions him. He graduated from Syracuse U.

Nothing exciting is happening here.  I'm just very thankful I can take care of myself after seeing Rose.  Make meals & do a little cleaning & baking.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or treating started at 6 pm & by 7 we turned out the light.  The candy was gone.

Was up at 5 A.M. & as soon as Dale went to work (7AM) I finished rolls I started on Sun. Sheila & Sue always come by to show us their get-up.  They each got 5 rolls, Scott got 4, I ate one & 5 were left.  So I walked over to church & gave them to our pastor.  Her husband loves them.  Then I did my Mon. chores so I'd be ready for Sheila & Sue.  I waited all aft. & they didn't come.  Mon is our day to get groceries so when Barb came home a little after 4 we left to get groceries.  When we (Dale & I) were eating Sheila & Sue came.  Right into the kitchen & it was a mess with pans etc. around.  Barb had eaten earlier as she had volunteered to answer the door.  T hey won $150.000 for prizes for their costume.  They love Halloween & are very clever in their ideas.

Now I'm watching TV & relaxing.

The puzzle I chose is a brown building against white snow & tree branches.  Not much color.  Even Barb doubts my choice.  It is far from easy to put together & I wonk I wont' get it done.  It was a bad choice!

Frank, across the st, sold his house & has to be out in 3 weeks.  He's sorry he has to leave the neighborhood as he has enjoyed living here.  He's very friendly whereas we never see the new neighbors, (Carey's house).  He'll still be in Warren in a small apt. for the time being.

Maybe you'll see that Ethel Johnson died.  Chris's mother.  She was 90 last spring & was at the Rouse Home.

I'm watching Psychic Detective.  A murder takes place in Greenfield, Mass. before Halloween.  Greenfield isn't that far from Spfld.

Wed. aft.

Barb was telling me that Scott was doing thru his mother's jewelry to see if he could find something to give to a girl.  Lynn said "no way" is he to give away any of her jewelry.  These kids have to "go steady" with someone to be a "jock".

We gave up on the brown & white puzzle, so I'm working on an old one with lots of color.

Tonite I'm having pork chops, succotash, rice, applesauce & banana cream pie.  Sounds good to me.

We're enjoying Indian summer & it is so nice.

I ordered Barb's Christmas present, a Danskin toning system, from Penney's.  Her choice. And a sweater set for me.

BiLo had Food Club flour, Heinz ketchup, Swanson's broths, each 5 for $5.00.  I always get cheese there & our favorite lunch meat, Sahlens ham, was on sale.

Yesterday UPS came to the door with a large envelope for Dale.  Good he was home as the Co. wanted proof.  Had to see his driver's license.  It was a check for $250.00 to buy tools thru their distributor.  Trouble is, one hasn't called at Shutls for some time & Dale knows what he's like.  He thinks they might have a catalogue he could order form.

We had a nice dinner & visit with Lar & Kim.  I can't get any Christmas gift ideas from Kim.

The other A.M. I happened to look out the kitchen.  It was 5:30 A.M. & I saw a couple out walking.  It reminded me of you two walking in the early A.M.

I'm enjoying putting pieces of the puzzle together.  Much nicer than staring at the pieces to see if I can find some that go together.

The yawns are beginning to tell me it is bedtime.  When it gets close to 10 pm I'm ready for bed esp. Dale's early week.  So I will say good night.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's a damp, sometimes rainy Sat.  I'm not baking today -- have banana bread in the freezer.

They (Russell school) are taking down the newer playground equipment at Jefferson School. It is a big project & several men are there.  I'm sure it is a time free job by PTA volunteers.

I copies 2 recipes from Bon Appetit.  One a choc. cake & frosting that sounds delicious. The other Schmaltz balls for thickening gravy.  Don't' know if I'll have the chicken fat to make them.  Article by Alton Brown from the Food Channel & fun to watch if you can take his humor.  Sometimes I can't.  Dale watches it at times.

Watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN last nite, 3 of the 4 announcers pick the White Sox to win. One stock with the Astros.  I'm having a hard time deciding.  I'm an N.L. booster but -- ! One has to lose.

This past week I've been up at 5 AM.  Work up this A.M. at 5 AM, went to the bathroom & back to sleep til after 7 A.M.  It's a lazy day for me & that is why I started a letter.

Barb is still in her p.j.'s on the laptop.  Dale slept in & is taking it easy.  He got what he needed to automatically open the car doors so we should so be able to use the keys for that.

Yesterday we went to Jamestown.  Ate lunch at Red Lobster.  Did some shopping.  Found a top I liked.  Tried it on & bought it.  A Kathy Daniels red zippered top with a black scroll design stitched on.  The "stitched" should have gone before "scroll" -- or something like that.

Later.  We're watching the Wi-Purdue game.  As of the half they are tied.  Go Wisconsin!

I'm making "Almost Homemade Chicken Soup' using canned chicken broth, veggies & noodles & of course cubed chicken.  Barb wondered if I made a pie.  Tho't of it but we have leftover apple crisp to finish.  Next time I'll plan a soup & pie supper.

Wed, 8 A.M.

I'll write some more before I get dressed.  Last Sun. as I made my bed I turned the wrong way & felt a twinge in my back.  I've applied heat & exercise.  It's not bad enough to go to the chiropractor, but it is a little bothersome.

Millie called to tell me that John, Fe (Fay) & Gen went to see Millie last Sun. They gave her a wedding invitation, 3 pages telling about sponsors, attendants, etc.  Done in pink & white. Her father is dead & was mayor of their city.  Mother an M.D.  Large group of attendants. Following the ceremony the reception & it said dance, dance, dance so it must be an all nite affair.  John & Fe leave tomorrow the 27th & it's a 24 ur trip.  Gen thinks John is going on vacation.  Gen doesn't believe John is her son.  Millie can see how that can happen because he is so much like Ed.  And when he called me, he sounded like Ed.  They also went to Larry's cottage & Gen told Larry she planned to divorce Ed.

Sun. in church the pastor announced Rose Seeley's family wished members would visit Rose, esp. old friends.  That hit home as I've tho't I should visit Rose but haven't.  But I will. She is at the home on Water St. so I can walk over there.  But it's been a rainy week so I'll wait for a nicer day but I have to do this.  No more putting it off.

John is either 41 or will be in Nov.  That means my mother died 41 years ago.  She died in Jan & John was born in Nov.  Millie figures Fe is in her middle 30s.  She is an emergency room nurse.  Works 4 10 hr. days & has 3 days off.

I made lasagna last nite, using "no cook" noodles & it was very good.  Veggie lasagna with spinach.  When I had to cook the noodles they would always split on me & I didn't like that.

Better get going.

Thurs nite.

My back is OK & I'm thankful for that.

I was sorry that the Astros couldn't even win one game, but it is nice the White Sox finally won a World Series.  I didn't think it was a very interesting World Series.

Have you noticed how well Penn State & the Steelers are doing.  I guess "Papa Joe" as he is affectionately called still has "it" along with the help of a few good freshmen.  He doesn't usually use freshman.  I'm sure Cyndi is happy.  Is that how she spells her name.  Seems to be it was a different spelling.  We're hoping that we see the sun soon. Maybe this weekend.

Barb finished her puzzle & I started one.  A winter scene.  Barb's was a hard one.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I was talking to Dick Hause after church.  They are football & baseball fans & Dick said Oct. is the best month for sports.  World Series& football.  We just watched Pittsburgh get beat (good grammar?) & now Buffalo is on the screen.  I'll also turn to baseball.

I had a nice birthday.  We enjoyed our dinner at Chiodo's.  They have a no smoking section & it was full.  Ed O'Neill was there with his wife celebrating an older couple's anniversary.  He is a big guy. It always amazes me how many people Lar & Kim know when we are out.

Barb gave me a black purse; Kim & Lar gave me lottery tickets but I didn't win much.  Dale gave me automatic car door openers but first he has to put in a part to make them work.  2 of them so Barb & I will appreciate that.  I mentioned I tho't that was a nice thing to have & now we'll have it.  Lar & Kim have it on their car.

Because of siring heating prices Dale doubled what he gives me every payday.  I have been using that money as a Christmas club.  I have envelopes for my budget so I know what I'm doing.

After church today I put the electric blanket on my bed.  I'll be warmer now when I get into bed.

We plan to go to Jamestown this week -- most likely on Fri.

I finished my puzzle & Barb started one today.  She said I can work on it.

Barb ordered a cake for my birthday but she ordered 1/2 sheet cake instead of 1/4.  So I put half of it in the freezer & we still have plenty to eat.  She'll take some for Scott & Bob.  It is a good tasting cake.

Mon A.M. Oct 17

Barb cut out & instructed me to enclose the clippings from the Buff. Sun. paper.

I saw the Dr. last Fri.  Blood pressure very good & all else is fine. Got a flu shot.

Yesterday Dale put the "thing" that helps close the front screen door.  Barb had taken it off for painting.  He also planed the top of the door as it stuck a bit.  Dad installed the screen door & it didn't please Dale.  Something was in the way to make it perfect. People who get their cars worked on by Dale get an A-One job performed.

Tues. Oct 18

This A.M. Alice Nasman called me & she talked for an hour.  She wasn't in church Sun. as she wasn't feeling good.  At the end of 1 hour she said thanks for talking to me -- I don't have anyone to talk to.  She has a sister but she isn't well & doesn't want to burden her. Think I wrote that Wayne went to school to work on motorcycles & got a job in Erie.  They aren't busy during the winter so he was laid of.  Alice has to be careful because of her heart.  If I can hep by listening so be it.

This A.M., I washed the kitchen floor with a new mop.  It is a wider sponge & so easy to use.  I'm glad I got it.l

I ordered, from L. L. Bean, 2 pr. pants & a shirt for Lar.  One pr. of pants is flannel lined he likes for colder weather.  They were Kim's suggestion.  I showed the jeans (twill) to Dale & he likes them, color & all.  Olive color.  I saw a sweater at L. L. Bean I like & plan to order it as well as pants for Dale.  Sat. nite getting ready to go out to eat, Dale said "I guess I'll have to get some new clothes."  Was surprised to hear him say that.  Usually he receives clothes for gifts.  He needs to weed some clothes he never wears from his closet & give them to Goodwill.  But he hates to party with anything.

Thurs. Oct 20

Tonite I fixed oven fried chicken.  I had gotten 2 acorn squash, sliced them.  Put the slices in a dish & poured melted butter & maple syrup over them.  It was very good -- Larry loved the veggie. I did too.  Of course I baked them.  Apple crisp for dessert.

Wed. Bon Ton had a 2 day sale -- Wed & Thurs -- so we went to the Mall & did more Christmas shopping.  When I call for your birthday I'll want some suggestions for Christmas ideas!  I'll still send money for Christmas.

I'll mail this when we go to Jamestown tomorrow.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

When the pkg. came, I just knew it was Andy's picture & couldn't wait to open it -- ahead of my birthday.  Saved the cards for the 15th.  It is such a nice picture of Andy.  Thank you so much.  How grown up he is & such a nice-looking guy.  In 2009, I'll see (I hope) Ed's graduation picture & how much he will change.

Last nite I stayed up til 11 pm & the game was 5-2, the Angels.  The first thing I did this A.M. was to check the scores.  Happily the Yankees lost.  Wonder who will be mgr. next year.  will Torre be in George's favor anymore.  Also noticed that the Steelers won over S.D. Dale stayed up til it was over & glad he did as the Steelers won in the last seconds.

You were happy that the Packers showed up & won big.  Not happy Wis. Badgers lost. Albert & (his wife's name won't come to mind) had to be happy Penn State finally have a winning team.  I couldn't watch as my eyes were glued to TV watching Houston beat the Braves.  What a game -- over 5 hours, 2 grand slams & a winning homer by a rookie giving Roger Clemens a save.  It was so exciting & of course the right team won!!!  Hi Andy!  18 innings -- both sides must have been exhausted.  Phil Garner said he wouldn't sleep that nite.  Too charged up.  I'm still rooting for St. Louis vs. Chicago, Chicago to win.

After I got myself ready for the day I started my rolls.  This is Dale's late day so I figured I might be able to bake them later in the day.  Wed. I should set dinner rolls & bake them Thurs a.m.  Then I started veg. beef soup.  They had the meat I like for swiss steak buy one, get 1 free.  Froze one & used the other for soup.  Bot Dale beef on sale so we'll have roast beef sandwiches & soup for supper.

Will try a new recipe Thurs nite.  Slit pork tenderloin down the center 3/4 of the way.  Stuff it with bread stuffing after pounding it thinner.  Tie it around & bake.  Will make applesauce, baked pot. and a veggie.  Pecan pie for dessert.  Sounds good to me.

Sun. A.M. I turned the furnace on to heat up the house a bit.  It warmed up some.  Mon & today the temps were that low.  Usually the furnace stays on by now.  Lucky when gas is so high.  This month I should find out how much highers my gas bill will be.

Yesterday I got a perm & afterwards we went grocery shopping.  When you own your own beauty shop you make concessions to your clients or they will go elsewhere.  Yesterday Sheila's first appt. was at 8:30 A.M. & she figured it would be 10 pm before she left for home. Many shops are closed on Mon. but her Mon. & Tues. are busy ones.  Wed. is her day off. Sat. they'll work just to noon (have a wedding party to do) & then will go to Buffalo for a Sat-Sun hair show.

Time for my A.M. coffee.

Now it's 7 pm & I'm watching TV.  Baked my rolls & they are in the freezer.  Barb said the soup was good & I agreed.

Yesterday when the weather was cool, Barb decided to pain the front & back door jambs. Think that is what you call them. The front door still had yellow paint in the jamb.  Dad must not have painted it when the new door was put in.  And the back door jamb had gotten dirty. She will put a 2nd coat on.  A big improvement.

Will watch some of the playoff game but when 10 pm comes, I'll be ready for bed.

Forgot one thing I wanted to tell you.  Last week Fri. at work 9911 was called for Randy Swanson.  He thought he was having a heart attack but after tests were taken they found he has sugar.  He'll have to change his lifestyle.  His wife cooks at the Cornerstone & works until 2 A.M.  Randy goes over to wait to drive her home as she doesn't drive.  He also has asthma & the smoky atmosphere isn't good for him. as well as the late hours.  And he has gotten fat -- big belly hangs over his belt.  Dale says he look 10 years older than you.  I'm glad you take care of your body.

Fri A.M.

Just had my hair done & now we'll go get my meds.  This aft. I see the Dr. at 1 pm, for a checkup.  I go three times a year.

More cloudy damp weather but little rain.  Am glad of that when I hear about all the flooding & continuous rain in the N.E.

Larry & Kim like Andy's picture.  What a heartthrob!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sunday, October 2, 2005

It's is 7:07 pm & it is getting dark.  Dale is outside waxing one side of his car.

The Keeneys are working on the little house across the st.  Dale thinks the man working with him could be his brother.  I don't know which one bought the house.  This weekend they put in new steps for the front entrance.  Barb thinks they plan to paint it.

When I went to church this A.M. Frank (across the st.) was outside so we talked a bit.  I asked about the house & he said he has a bid but it is too low.  He can't give it away & hopes they'll up the bid.  It is going on 3 years, trying to sell it.  There is a lot of outside upkeep & he doesn't seem to do too much to improve the yard.

I really enjoyed reading your article on Rockford.  I never went to the library the year I was there.  Don't think I really went to the library until we moved to Warren.  Are you collecting this information to write a novel with a Rkfd. background?

We're still having wonderful weather, but by Thurs. it's suppose to get cold so I'll have to turn on the furnace.  In setting up the church's budget, they plan to double the heating money. That really will be a budget buster.  My pen goes fast than my thought & I leave words out.

It was interesting to hear about Ed's classes -- what you learned at Open House.  They get a long lunch period.

Barb rode 25 miles on her bike this aft.  She reached 800 miles this spring, summer & now fall.

Today decided who plays who in baseball's playoffs.  I was happy Boston beat the Yankees this aft. so the Yankees don't get home field.  They go to L.A.A.  I'll start a puzzle to do & watch during the games.  Barb was rooting for the Phillies but Houston won the prize.  The Mets ended the season better than they stated it.  I'm all ready looking forward to next spring -- a long way off.

The library called & said someone found my card at the Mall & bro't it in.  I don't keep it with my charge cards, so I can't figure how it fell out.  It was nice of that person to turn it in.  I picked it up along with 3 books written by my favorite authors.  Usually I check to see if the book is familiar but I missed this time.  Looking again at home it is one I've already read. Enjoyed it but don't think I'll reread it this time.

Mon. Oct 3

I fixed an easy meal tonite.  A baked omelet with frozen hash browns, ham & cheese & eggs.  Dale came home with a headache & he doesn't want a big meal so it worked out fine. Also fixed a tossed salad.  Even Barb decided to have some.  She had gone on a bike ride & preferred a meal she didn't have to fix.

Sometime after I go to the bathroom during the nite, I have trouble going back to sleep.  That happened last nite.  This is Dale's early week so after he left I sat in my chair & had a 1/2 hr. nap.  Late aft. I did the same thing -- had another brief nap.  So tonite I can watch my Mon. nite program.

Thurs, Oct 6  9:45 A.M.

I'm ready to sit awhile.  Made biscuits for supper -- we're having chicken & biscuits.

It is another beautiful, warm day.  But tomorrow the weather changes.  Dale mowed the lawn last nite & you could hear others mowing their lawns.  Maybe the last time.

I started my puzzle, a pumpkin scene & watched the playoffs.  I'm rooting for Chicago to win. Don't think Boston has "it" this year.  Was happy to see Houston beat the Braves 10-5. Hope they keep it up. Think St. Louis will be in the World Series.  Mike Piazza is one of the announcers on ESPN & he's doing a nice job.  He won't be a Met next year.  I'm sure he'll go to the A.L. & be a D.H.  He still has some homers left in him.

Did I mention I called Gen.  (Senior moment.)  She wants to get a job because she doesn't have any money.  I'm sure John takes care of her banking.  And she is looking for Ed so they can decide what is going to happen.  You know she thinks he is around with another woman. When I talked to her she sounds O.K. except for these wild ideas.

I picked the last 2 rose buds.  They are so pretty & are the kind I wanted.  This is one Lar planted & a pretty lavendar-pink color.

Barb rides her bike twice a day now.  She wants to reach the 1000 mile goal.

The kids have Fri. & Mom. off from school.  Teachers meeting.

A new Mexican restaurant opened in Warren.  In the vicinity of the old Salvation Army.  It's not a favorite of mine but I'm sure Lar & Kim will visit it.

And the new parking garage will soon open.  And Leroy Schneck sold the radio station & is retired.  You'll read about it in the paper.

Fri A.M.  A few words before I get my hair done.  When Dale was on vacation I suggested he take the porch chairs to the attic.  Yesterday he washed them & put them away.  He even washed the porch.  I've learned, once I made a suggestion, to wait until he is ready.  I know he'll do it, but on his time.  Barb will ask him & wants it done immediately.  If not she'll do the job & grumble.  She hasn't learned he'll do it -- when he wants to.  Each one of us is different.

It warmed up during the nite from 61 to 69.  The rain hasn't come yet.  I had to turn the blanket aisde during the early A.M. hours.

We are all fine.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I thought it would be nice to go out to eat tonite, being it is Dale's last nite of vacation.  It didn't work out.  I gave Dale a choice of leftover Swiss steak from Wed nite or chicken & rice form Thurs nite.  Or spaghetti.  He chose the chicken-rice, I had the Sw steak & Barb fixed herself a Mexican meal.  So I still didn't have to fix a meal, just a salad.  We've been watching the President's Cup golf between U.S. players & international players.  Very interesting.  Tied at 11-11.  Partners against partners & if they win they get 1 point.  Fun to watch.

I guess library work can be interesting when some "nut" stats in on your library.  How could she pass a mental test?  How come she is in Wi. when she had problems in Cal.  Is she from Wi?

I'm watching the Mich-Wis game.  Go Wisconsin!

Will Andy be going to the homecoming dance this year.

You mentioned Elsa Redding's picture being in the paper a lot.  Remember Nelson & Mary Helen Johnson from church.  She is their daughter & she had a twin brother.  She is divorced from her husband -- they have a couple of children, grown children.

I've also been glued to the Weather Channel watching Rita hit Texas.

Can you believe that it will be Oct. by the end of next week.  Time to go to the bank again for monthly expenses.

Sept 27 - Tues.

Yesterday it rained most of the day.  1.8" & we got a little water in the basement.  We got groceries this A.M. & then went to the Mall for a few things.  I get my paper goods at the Dollar Store, then to look around Big Lots, to KMart & home.  It is Dale's late day so I fix a bigger lunch.  Usually pancakes, sausage & eggs.  His dessert is yogurt.  And a snack for later.

In the aft. I put some summer clothes in the attic & took winter or fall clothes down to my room.

On Discovery Health Channel, I just watched emergency ambulance & it was in New York City & it was very interesting.  No one stops for the siren.  Must be an interesting job.

Barb helps Scott with his homework.  They are working on the transitive & intransitive.  He has to find out which sentences are transitive or intransitive.  Barb tries to explain it to me & I'm glad I'm an old lady & don't have to go thru that.  Scott will put anything down just to get it finished.  Same in math so she checks his homework to make sure he knows what he is doing.  If he gets thru school it will be because of Barb working with him.  Bob & Lynn are too tired at nite to help him.   You need a lot of patience working with Scott.

We watch the Weather Channel a lot & get to know the announcers.  Jim Cantori is in when there are hurricanes, blizzards, etc.  He has always worn a wedding ring.  I was surprised when Dale mentioned "Jim C isn't wearing a wedding ring anymore."  I didn't think he'd notice anything like that.

Fri A.M. the 30th

Brr, it's cold this A.M.  39.  It is suppose to warm up so I didn't turn the heat on.  So far the gas bill hasn't gone up.

Kim gets a little disgusted with Betsy Moran.  She complains a lot.  Said she'll have to keep the heat at 58.  Her husband works at United & he plans to retire in a year.  His car & gas are provided by United so Kim said wait til you husband is retired.  No more free car & gas & with gas as high as it is, that will be a shocker.  Betsy has an inherited income which must be good, as that is what bro. Jim lives on plus no children, a husband with a good job, etc. etc.  One of the teachers they walk with lives from paycheck to paycheck, paying for a house.  Some people are never happy.  Betsy hates the house they live in -- it was his parents' home.  But they remodeled & Kim says it is a lovely home.

We're going to the bank, CVS, etc. after I get my hair done.  Until next time.

P.S.  Will comment on the Rockford epistle next letter.  It is wonderful.  Will you share it with cousins?  Bet they like to read it.