Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, July 10, 1998

Got your letter today.  The  pictures are so cute o Boxer.  Eddie's legs look so long with his baseball outfit.  The picture of Andy in the candy jar is normal!

In the All Star game I rooted for the A.L.  Can you believe it.  Went to bed at 11 pm, so missed the last 3 innings, the best part of the game 

This week Barb has been removing the paint from the windowed part of the porch.  She wants to paint it next week & have that section completed.  Mr. Carey told her she could just sand but she wanted to do a better job.  He also said the garage windows need to be painted.  We know that.

Dale is on vacation July 19-25.

We look forward to your visit & to having the boys here til the 15th.  I'm glad Renee is so much better.  A medical miracle  Wonderful what can be done today.

Barb noticed Hatch Patch has corn on the cob on sale.  We'll have to try it out.

Dale connected the news dishwasher.  It is so nice.

We had a nice time at Lar & Kim's on Sun. the 5th.  But Dad couldn't find a comfortable chair, etc. so we sort of ate & then left.  No bugs that nite so it was enjoyable sitting on the deck.  It is so nice   You'll enjoy sleeping there.

Any more mysterious doings at 1720 Mayflower Dr?  Sure is funny Maybe the house is haunted!!!!

Just noticed I never finished & sent the last letter I wrote.  So I'll send it & bring this to a close.

With love to all, even Boxer!

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