Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I thought about you all last week being so busy preparing for your party.  Almost called last Sun. but then decided to wait for the letter.  Didn't know if you'd be napping or taking it easy after a busy week.

Last Sun. Jr. Himes looked so nice in his yellow pants & yellow paid shirt, I had to compliment him after church.  Then he gave me a hug.  I teased him & said the women would be after him.

Betty Casey told me Sandy is working at the Watson Home.  She said when the ladies want something, they want it in a hurry.  Don't have the patience to wait.  Barb finds that with Bert.

Thurs. Dale has to go to Pittsburgh for schooling.  Just one day.  Fri. nite he's going to car racing in Erie with Randy Swanson.  Randy's wife got some free passes & asked if Dale wanted to go.

I made blueberry bread last Sat. for Dale's snack.  He said "it is excellent".  Kim made strawberry bread & gave a loaf to Bert.  Bert loved it & as I still had a box of strawberries left, Barb suggested I make some.  So I did & it is good.  It makes 2 leaves so I froze one.

I told you Dick Hause had a heart attack.  He was back in church last Sun. He was helicoptered to Erie.  He had a shunt put in & feels good.  The dr's in Erie said the Warren Dr. treated him in the right way so I guess our MDs know what to do.

Last Fri. we went to Erie.  Ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  Jamestown had rain but it never reached Warren.

Kids are funny -- even grown ones.  When Barb irons, she slams the iron down & it bothers Dale.  He called her on it.  Barb comes to me & tells me of the incident.  She said, "I don't complain when Dale takes so long to vacuum rugs. That's a lot of noise."  I just let them rant & keep my mouth shut.  But they both agree about the neighbor (Carey's former home).  He took down the rhododendrons by the side of the house facing up, leaving the tree that has no lower branches.  He did that last fall & still hasn't done anything more.  Hasn't taken the winter mulch off their roses.  Both can't understand that, but not everyone is as fussy as Barb & Dale.

Barb is fighting the rabbits who want to eat her garden's produce.  They get in under the wire fence the school put up.  She'd placed stones there but they still got in so she's trying something different.

The new Bon Appetit has an interesting banana & blueberry muffin recipe, that I'd like to try.  Copied the recipe to be sure I have it.

I'll watch some of the All Star baseball game.  It starts later so I can't stay up to see the end of it.  Maybe the N.L. can win for a change.

Today when I put clean sheets on my bed, I didn't put the blanket back on.  With our summer heat I just need a sheet so why make the extra work with a blanket.  Anything to make things easier.  Or am I lazy?

It's 8:36 & they still haven't started the ball game.  I don't listen to the announcers -- they talk too much. More fun just to watch the action.

Barb had to go to BiLo's for Bert & she always calls to see if I need anything.  She tried & tried & Lynn also tried to call & no results.  When I mentioned it to Dale, he went upstairs & checked his computer. He was the culprit.  He didn't turn something off.  Telephone restored.

Wed. 8:25 A.M.

I'm sitting on the front porch enjoying a cup of coffee.  When I got up this A.M. it was already 70 so we're in for another hot one.  The grass is turning brown.  No rain.

Barb is still in bed but I got the pots & roses watered.  Today I clean the bathroom & wash a load of towels.  And wash the kitchen floor.  When I hear that Barb is up, I'll start my work.

The N.L. didn't have it last nite.  Told Barb they wouldn't win.  Maybe the best N.L. players weren't there, but the fans pick the ones they want to see.

We'll be watching the men's golf on the British Isles -- Scotland I think.  Jack Nicklaus farewell.  With Michelle Wie playing some golf it is fun to watch the women's tour.  She is something else.  And so beautiful & shapely.  Like a model.  And such poise for one so young.  She'll be a winner.

One of Dale's magazines, Chevy Motor I think, offered tickets to buy in a raffle.  Prize a Corvette.  I think the tickets were about 20.00 or 25.00.  He decided to give it a try & hopes for the best.  Do you think he might be driving a Corvette?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Did you notice the Boston baseball team sold tickets at $10.00 each & the prize was the World Series ring.  Three were offered.  Worth $15,000.00.  They made close to two million for their charities.  Imagine it wasn't hard to sell those tickets.

Thurs A.M. the 14th

Dale left at 5:30 this AM so I was up early to make him a lunch.  Nothing close by.  I'm resting now & watching golf from St. Andrews course in Scotland.  Why am I resting?  After Dale left, I made potato salad for tonite and blond brownies.  Then I showered, made my bed, got dressed & watered the flowers.  So that's why I'm taking it easy & might even sneak in a little nap.  One thing I'm good at.  Also got the garbage out.

On our way to the Mall.  Fri aft.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Monday, July 4, 2005

I'm sitting on the front porch enjoying the cool breezes before it warms up.

I'm up early every A.M.  Rolled out & baked a crust & made a strawberry pie.  Cleaned up the dishes, got dressed & watered the flower pots. 

Dale is taking a shower & Barb is still in bed.

At 6 AM, the "booms" went off at Beaty Field to announce the 4th of July.  Parade at 10.

To me it is just another day.  I'll change Dale's bed & do a couple of loads of wash.  I'm sure you both are busy with party preparations.

Sat. was such a nice day.  Fri. I set Danish & when I looked around 8 pm the dough was to the top of the pan.  So I decided to finish them Fri nite.  Sat. A.M. I made a coffee cake & chocolate cake.  We have plenty of desserts.  The cones we like are on sale this week so Barb got 2 pkg yesterday.  Am I getting fat?  Oh yes when Courtney came for dinner she brought a box of my favorite chocolates.  Russell Stover hard centers.  I will get fat.

We went to the Mall on Fri & went into the shoe store where shoes are cheaper.  Barb bo't a pair of light tan mules.  Naturalizer 39.99.  She like them so much she went back & bo't a pair of brown ones.  Her favorite phrase "I don't need anything".  BUT!

Congratulations to Ed for making the honor roll.  You can see now why we wanted you to make it.  I think Andy did every well, except one, on his grades. 

Watched baseball Sun. & will today but the results aren't very satisfying.  The result of the players for the All Star game will make some fans & players unhappy, while others are very happy.  I'm not sure the Mets centerfielder should have been chosen after the season he's having.  They're choosing on past experiences. 

What a thrill having the Gov. at your party.  JoAnna has "earned it" with her dedication.  What Nelson relatives will be there, if any.

Guess I'll go have a 2nd cup of coffee.  We had steak yesterday & will have burgers tonite.

Later in the day

My afternoon ended with joy -- the Mets beat the Wn. Nationals 503.  Finally a win for the Mets & a loos, finally, for the Nats.  Now I'll watch the Cubs at the Braves. 

We haven't been to the library for awhile, so I asked Barb if she had any books I might like to read.  I'm reading "Young Patriots" by Charles Cerami about the starting of uniting the colonies under one gov't & very interesting.  About Alexander Hamilton & James Madison.  I can't skim on this book & I'm enjoying it.

Barb is riding her bicycle for the 2nd time today.

Yesterday I also made 6 jars of strawberry jam using Surejell.  I used up all the jam I made last year.

There was an interesting article in the Sun. Buffalo paper concerning Niagara Falls, U.S.  Niagara Falls, Ont. is going full steam ahead with hotels, casinos, etc. & attracting the visitors.  Buff. & N. Falls, U.S. fight each other about who gets the money, fame etc. instead of working together to make the Falls a better place to visit.  When we visited there, we always preferred the Canadian side.  We'd see even more sights if we visited now.

We have a lot of blueberries on our bush.  That makes Dale happy as he likes them on his cereal.  They are 2 for $4.00 at BiLo, pints.  Barb got some for me & they are very good.

Thurs A.M. July 7

I'm on the porch enjoying  the nice morning & will finish this letter.  Tomorrow we hope to go to Jamestown & I'll mail it there.

This A.M., I made a pecan pie.  When I made the strawberry pie, I did what Barb wanted -- made the crust using butter substitute & used it in the crust.  Didn't like it at all.  This A.M., I went the complete opposite & used Pillsbury pie crust.  It's faster.

Then I got the garbage out & watered all the pots of flowers.

Dale tho't he could wear his work uniform twice but last nite he said it got too dirty, so he did a load of his dark clothes.  He knows I don't like to work after supper.  Good experience for him.

The Mets beat the Nats last nite & took the series.  Tonite they are in Pittsburgh so I can watch the game on the Pitts. channel we get.  I was happy that Jeter (Yankees) didn't get the last spot.  A Chicago White Sox was chosen.  Nasty, aren't I.  I'm referring to the All Star game -- I'm sure you realize that.

Tonite I'm using a new recipe.  It calls for penne, broccoli, zucchini which you cook the last 5 minutes in  the penne mixture.  Saute onion, garlic in olive oil.  Add some (tom) spaghetti sauce, add shrimp & finally mix it all together.  Barb thought it sounded good.  Time will tell.

I better go inside.  Something is making my nose run.  Developed an allergy or something in my old age!  And it's coffee time.


The kitchen is cleaned up so I'll finish this letter.  They liked my penne-shrimp dinner.  They think I could increase the veggies & I agree.  Barb thought the shrimp "tasted real good".  It's a dinner I can make again.  Always nice to have a little variety in the menu. Very easy to make.

Now Torey's front paws are cracked & sore.  He limps around & still he has to go on long walks.  He will be 13 in the fall.  He wears socks on his front paws now.

Kim said she noticed in The Guide, which is seldom delivered to us -- no one to do it, that a house in the 300 block on Conewango was sold.  She doesn't know if it is Frank's or Collins's.  We should soon know -- see evidence of a move. 

Now your party is over.  It is a lot of work but I'msure it brings a lot of happy memories.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My next letter will be written in July.  Times is too fast for me. 

I'll start with Sun.  Our pastor, her husband, tiny baby Jason & Pastor Beth's mother were in church. The baby is just 8 lbs. and doing OK.  He is the size of a baby doll.  And we got bad news -- our organist was in the hospital & had to resign as organist.  It's a big loss ^& organists "are as scarce as hen's teeth" as the old saying goes.

Sun. nite we had an enjoyable time & good dinner at Nickel Inn.  They have hummingbird feeders outside the windows & you can see them feeding.  It still is a very popular place to eat.

I'm watching Nelson Eddy & Marie Jeannette MacDonald (where was my mind? on Nelson Eddy!!) on Turner Classic channel.  They've been showing "The Thin Man" series the past week.

We are enjoying the A.C. during this hot spell.  Suppose to be less humid for the 4th of July weekend.

Ray Forstrum (Youngsville) is preaching during the pastor's absence & I think he depends a lot on "the barrel" for his sermons (old ones).  It sounds like he doesn't prepare that much & repeats himself.  I suppose it's hard to say "no" & there aren't that many retired pastors to supply.  I'm glad Dad quit before he couldn't do a good job.

This A.M. I was out early watering the pots with flowers & the ones on the porch.  For 2 days Barb's been putting off picking strawberries.  It's 8:45 & she is still in bed.  She was going to get up early & go pick.  I don't know what the word "early" means to her.

Last Sun. she asked Dale what time church started.  She didn't think Dale was right wen he said 9:30 A.M.  You see I leave at 9:10 & that is way too early for Barb.  I like to be early as there are always others there ahead of me.  Guess I get that from my dad.  He always wanted to be early rather than late.

Barb had a film developed at BiLo in one hour & she was very pleased with the results.  She's also getting some more prints made.

Every day the weather channel shows showers, and we need rain, but nothing happens.  Finally Monday pm we got about 1/3 rain with a lot of wind.

John Harper's pic & article are in today's paper.  I'm sure you'll notice it.

I'm thru, except for getting the garbage ready for Thurs, so Ill take it easy.  I just cleaned the bathroom & towels are washing. 

Fri. July 1

I'd better finish this & get it mailed.

Last nite Courtney was here for dinner.  Bert & 3 others went out to eat so Barb was responsible for Courtney.  She just finished 7th grade & has the teenage problems with her mother.  They are here for 1 more week.  Later Barb & Courtney went to the mall, Lar left for work & Kim walked Torey home.

Bon Ton is having a 4th of July sale & Kim went shopping for a dress for Lar's 35 anniv. of graduation.  It will be at the Country Club.  She found a 50.00 dress, with the sale coupon etc. it cost $14.95.  She got some decorations (from a 50% off table) for her newly painted kitchen.

Barb & I will go up this Aft.  Barb always says I don't need anything but she can't refuse a sale.  Recently she has bought, on sale, about 5 pr. capri pants.  Last week I saw a blouse I really liked but not in my size so I lost out.

At the Mall Kim saw one of her ex-students.  She tho't he'd never leave Sheffield.  But he joined the Army & soon will go to Iraq for a year.  She said he looked so good & was nice to talk to.  She welcomed the change. 

Barb picked 7 qt. strawberries & said it was easy picking.  Had strawberry shortcake last nite, chicken from BiLo (already cooked), potato salad & beans from the garden.  Strawberry & watermelon salad.  Easy & delicious.

Sheila had the start of a tooth implant so isn't working today.  I got mixed up -- didn't realize the appt. was for Thurs. & I missed it.  So I have to wash my hair myself.  I used to do it so I'll hope for the best.

I love Turner Classic Movies.  I really enjoy watching them.

Don't work too hard!  Enjoy your party.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Friday, June 17, 2005

We've been watching the U.S. Open at Pinehurst Golf Course in N. Carolina.  It is a hard course with not many under par.  It's fun to watch.  A couple from our church & their son are there.  The son is carrying the names of certain players & the father has some volunteer job.  What a thrill.  Both father & son are good golfers.  Maybe you noticed Aaron's picture in our paper.  Sports section. 

It's been very cool today with showers & the sun alternating in making an appearance.  I'm baking tomorrow, dinner rolls, coffee cake & short cake to go with fresh strawberries.  Also plan to make jam as I used the last jar, or I should say the last jar is in the fridge.   I won't make jam for awhile.  Barb says she wants to pick berries to freeze & she'll pick some for me.

Dale was saying he was working on a truck & it smelled so strong with men's cologne he could hardly stand it.  He wondered if they poured it on themselves.

Kim's birthday party was very nice.  When I made a pie instead of cake, I arranged some strawberries on cool whip & put birthday candles on them so she had candles to blow out.

We went to CVS today to get my meds & then to the Mall.  I went into Big Lots & noticed they had "Anna's ginger cookies".  I got a pkg. of the ginger ones & 1 pkg. of the almond ginger cookies.  The regular Swedish thin wafer cooky & they are as good as the ones you gave me one Thanksgiving & they were cheaper.  Not in a tin.  I love them & hope to get more if they aren't sold out.  They taste so good with a cup of coffee.

Then I went to the Dollar Store & got toilet paper & kleenex.  Kim gets a lot of her paper goods & cleaning supplies there.

Kim is painting her kitchen.  She wants to get all her chores out of the way & then enjoy the summer.  She'll play in a women's league Tues. A.M.'s. 

Tonite I made tuna noodle casserole & Dale said it tasted pretty good.  Leftover strawberry pie for dessert.

What did the Pittsburgh Pirates do to deserve the present games.  3 at Yankee Stadium & now a weekend series in Boston.  They did have a couple of home runs in NYC.

Sheila said they enjoyed their cruise.  One interesting thing -- they had to sanitize their hands before going on board the ship & before going into restaurants.

Mon the 20th.  I'm enclosing a recipe from "Quick Cooking" (Greendale, Wi) for Brats & Beer muffins.  You could use some of your leftover brats.  I thought it looked interesting.  Recipe came from a lady in Texas.

Wed the 22nd.

I'm watching the Mets at Philly.  Just the 1st inning & no score.  We now can get Turner movies as of today.  What will be interesting.  And we also have the Discovery Health so I'll get my fill of hospital stories.

A cool spell came in today & it is really nice tonite.  I made a carrot cake this aft & it is so good.  I couldn't eat a whole cake in on aft!

Barb's garden is looking so good.  The flowers are blooming & healthy looking.  It was worth starting them from seed.

The Mets had a shaky 1st inning.  Phila had the bases loaded & no outs.  Thome was up & struck out & then the next one hit into a double play so I feel better now.  But Mets lost.

Thurs. pm the 23rd

I fixed chicken & rice for dinner, a favorite.  Yesterday it was cooler so I made a carrot cake.  This A.M. I made an apple pie.  Tomorrow the temps rise & more humidity -- no baking.  We've talked about going out to dinner & Kim said they like to go out Sun. evenings.  Barb said Nickel Inn would be nice & Kim said how about Sun nite.  So Sun. we'll go to Nickel Inn for a 6:30 reservation.  We like the ride going out thru Scandia. 

I noticed your temps were in the 90s.  Hot, hot, hot.  Suppose it will come our way.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Last nite I was set at 7:10 p, to watch the Mets vs. LA-A interleague play.  There was a rain delay of about an hour or so.  At 11 pm I went to bed not knowing the outcome.  Was I ever surprised this A.M. when I turned to ESPN2 & saw the Mets won 5-3.  I missed the exciting ending.  But I saw it today when they reviewed it before today's game -- and the Mets lost this aft.

Noticed that Atlanta lost 11-5 so that helped ease the pain.  Pittsburgh also lost in the 13th inning.  I've been watching their games during the week & they are really improving.  and their announcers are more laid back & don't talk all the time so I like them.

We're really had a week of hut humid weather.  We started 9:30 services but it was still warm so I had enough.  When I got home I turned on the A.C. & closed the windows.  It has been very comfortable.  It is suppose to cool off by Wed. -- just in time for me to do something.

I can see you are getting ready for your party working outside so the yard looks nice.  And having the rugs cleaned so the inside looks nice.  It will be a busy several weeks for you folks.

I have to correct myself.  Scott did go to school last Fri.  Lynn said he had to.  Lynn's mother gave Barb a puzzle she got for the lake but it was too hard & they gave up.  It was very hard but Barb finished it.  I know I never could have done it.  Too many similar pieces in shapes & colors.

In politics, Buffalo is really having money problems.  They were audited by the state & if they don't get a workable budget by Tues. the 14th a state control board will take over & have the power to control the money.  They have a high deficit.  They cut taxes but not the spending.  It is a mess & changes will be coming.  They lost their credit rating.  Some say no increase in taxes, others say we must have one to get out of this mess.  I look forward to WGRZ 5 pm news.

Barb told me Scott had the choice of working with a tutor, most likely a teacher, or with Barb.  He chose Barb.  They still have to make a schedule, etc.  Lynn wants to take Scott off his meds this summer but Barb said he'll never be able to be still & attentive if she does.  He can't be without it if you want to accomplish anything.

Mon A.M.

I just called Gen to wish her a happy birthday.  It is hard to have much of a conversation with her.  I always ask about her cat.  She seems to know it was her birthday but not her age.

I wasn't surprised you use butter to fry your breakfast.  I always buy butter when it is on sale & put it in the freezer.  I always have butter in the butter dish & use it for Christmas baking.  Either Land o Lakes, Quality brand & Wegman's brands.  So I use it & olive oil.

This is Dale's early week so I was dressed & put out the glass & pop cans to be collected early.  Then I got Dale's sheets, etc. & had a load going before Dale left.  Now the 3rd load -- towels -- are in the dryer.  Watered my plants on the porch & now I'm taking it easy.

Called Kim to find out when we should celebrate her birthday.  It will be this Thurs.  Asked about the menu & she would like hamburgers & potato salad.  She doesn't eat desserts -- she said:  make something Larry likes.  Ill make carrot cake & she can blow out the candles.  Also tom. lettuce etc. & fruit salad.  It is suppose to cool off so I can bake, as I already mentioned!

Barb wants to go to Jamestown Wed, & she'll get ground meat there.  I'm not sure if I'll go.

We got our groceries & Barb stopped at Bert's to deliver what she wanted.  I saw Kim working outside the carriage house so I walked over for a few moments.  Sat. nite the Hospital Guild had a party at Bets field & Lar & Kim always go with Betsy M. & her husband.  They had a great time.  A large tent, delicious food & dancing.  It's a money maker - -you'll read about it when the Wrrn paper arrives.  Also last Wed-Sat there was a ribs festival downtown Wrrn. & that always brings out a crowd.  Lar & Kim went Wed. nite for ribs.

Holiday Inn has the Sun. A.M. breakfast buffet again so maybe we'll go one Sun.  Kim would have gone with us last year if she'd known.  But it was a spur of the moment thing when you were here.

Barb went to Jamestown this aft & as she was turning onto Rt. 62 coming home, she was stopped for speeding.  She was going 68 M.P.H.  She will have a fine to pay.

We finally got some rain after supper & it cooled things off.  Finally!

Hatch Patch has strawberries & Barb wants a strawberry pie for Thurs.

Wed the 15th -- 2 pm

I surprised myself today.  We awoke to cooler weather so after breakfast I made use of ripe bananas & rolling out & baking a pie shell.  Then I cleaned the bathroom, washed towels, & tho't about lunch.  B.L.T's.  After lunch I looked at the kitchen floor & decided it would look better if I washed it, so I did.  And it looks better.  Now I'm resting & have only supper to think about.

I'm still finding out about my children.  Can't get her first name but Mrs. Jenkins from First Luth. called yesterday.  She visits the nursing home & talked to Rose.  Rose couldn't remember if Barb was still in the Navy.  Mrs. J. said she'd call me & find out.  She asked about you -- she remembers you & Rick Nasman went to their Youth Group, (most likely to see Mary Sandblade) I don't remember hearing that.

Thurs. aft.  Watching the U.S. Open golf.  A hard course.  Got my pot. salad & strawberry pie made this A.M.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday, June 3, 2005

This aft. I saw the Dr.  My blood tests were all good & my blood pressure wsa 130/60 & that is very good for me.  It was higher last time in Feb.  So I will just keep taking my meds & vitamins.

Did you happen to see the amazing catch Met M. Cameron at R.F. made.  I'm sure it was repeated many times.  He was running to catch a ball, tripped & fell & put out his hand & the ball dropped right in.  A catch he never knew he would make.  It would have been a triple for Cruz, Jr. of the Rockies.  It was great.  Pedro pitched a great game.  When he was traded to the Mets I was n't sure about the deal.  It seemed he was temperamental, etc. but he fits in great with the Mets so it's nice ot have a good pitcher.

Ask Any how it feels to slide into a base just ahead of the ball.  Does he slide feet first or head first.  They say feet first is better.  The other way fingers or hands could get hurt.  Why do pitchers keep fiddling with their caps.  Taking them off & on.  The only pitch I recognize is the curve ball, maybe fast ball.

Lynn will have a garage sale tomorrow (Sat) & Barb is up there now helping her.  Barb folded clothes, etc. to help her during the week.  She put masking tape on the articles & Lynn prices them. Having to take me to the Dr. held her up -- that's her job to take me to appointments.

Shults, Wrrn. has added Toyota cards to their selling program.  Dale says they don't have enough space for all the cars now, & tools & working area.

Today I saw a spider on the stove -- went for a paper towel to kill it but Dale let it live.  He has a thing for spiders.  For one summer he had a spider web in the garage & kept it safe & even tried to feed it.  I was a big one.

Sat. aft the 4th

This A.M. we went to Sears & before I do anything I'll see if something can be done to our washer.  The salesman said they could fix this problem.  I thought this would be my last washing machine. 

Then we went nto Lawn & Garden as Barb needed more garden stuff.

We ended up at the Mall.  The earrings Barb likes were on sale.  She got 2 prs. & I got some white earrings.  I got some paper supplies at theh 1.00 store.  Kim says she gets all her paper supplies & cleaners there.  A better buy.

Sun. aft.

While watching the Mets they said there would be a special (paper) on the Mets.  So Barb got a N.Y. Times (that was the paper) but it must have been for the local area.  But I found the "sun Styles " had a couple of interesting article & wondered if you read them.  On p. 11 "A Bad Case of Puppy Love".  It was cute.  P. 3 "Love Thy Busybody".  Another cute one.  Stories like you might write.

This aft. I watched Pitts. beat the Braves & Pitts. took the series.  They are doing well & I like Pitts announcers.  The Mets were rained out Sat. so there is a doubleheader going on now 4 pm.  Mets will be on ESPN at 8 pm.  Mets are playing San Fran & the Mets are improving.

I see the "George" says the Yankees must improve.  If they don't will there be a new mgr?  Who cares, not me.  Their skid makes me happy.

Our pastor was in church today -- Pastor Ray Forstrum had the service. She made an announcement.  The baby is home but they can't have any visitors for 2 weeks & the baby can't go out in a crowd for 2 weeks. s We won't see her until the middle of July.  She will be on maternity leave.  

Wed. A.M. the 8th

Summer has arrived.  There are buds on the rose bushes & the plants Barb planted from seed are coming along fine.  I've sat on the front porch & it is nice to watch the birds, etc.

Did Andy notice (as of this A.M.) that Atl. & N.Y.M. are tied for 2nd place with Wn. in 1st place.  Looks good to me. (Didn't last long.  Fri. the 9th)

School is over on Fri. the 10th.  I said to Barb "I bet Scott won't go to school on Fri."  Her reply, "Oh no, he'll want to see his friends."  I was right (for once) he won't go to school on Fri.

Just wrote a note to Gen to add to her birthday card.  She will be 83 on Mon.  She won't realize it is her birthday until John tells her.  She doesn't know how old she is.  It's so sad.

Thanks for the pictures.  Andy looks nice in his baseball uniform.  When does he start his summer job.  What about Ed -- will he get a summer job. 

Collins on Conewango have their home up for sale.  It's probably getting to be too much for him to keep up.  It will be interesting to see if it sells before Frank's does.  (Across the st.)  Collins keeps his property in top condition.  Frank's yard upkeep leaves a lot to be desired.

This A.M. Dale asked me if I heard them painting the crosswalk lines about 1:30 A.M. (not much traffic).  He said the machine was so noisy it woke him up & Barb as well.  I didn't hear a thing.  Am I losing my hearing -- I don't think so -- I was really tired last nite & must have been in the deep sleep cycle.

I see the Mets picked a pitcher in the draft who is suppose to be pretty good.  Time will tell.  A few years ago, it seems to me they tho't that about Isringhausen & 2 others but they didn't work out as regular pitchers.  It seems only to happen for the Braves.  Wed. aft. & I'm watching Toronto at the Cubs -- after I watched "As the World Turns" which is getting very exciting.  Me & my soaps!

I took the easy way out & got pizza for supper, delivered from Pizza Hut.  The one who delivered it used to work at Shults & recognized Dale's car.  The Monte Carlo.  He said "that's Dale's car & I want it!"  More than one would like the car but he's not selling it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Can it be June already.  Soon your July party will be upon you.

We had a quiet Memorial Day.  When we got to church on Sun, we found out our pastor had had her baby on May 24th.  Early.  A boy.  Jason Andrew, weighing 5 lbs 3 oz.  It was suppose to be around the first of July.

Sun. Barb planted her veggie garden.  Put a wire fence around some veg. to keep the rabbits from eating the tender plants.  She also planted 4 pots with flowers by the garage.  She hasn't planted the pots beside the house yet.

On Mem Day she finished weeding around the house so it looks so nice & the lawn is coming along great.  In the aft. she washed the porch & chairs are out, ready for nice weather.  And it is finally here.

When I got my Maytag washer & dryer several years ago, I noticed a smell in the washer.  Some one sued the Co. & I had a letter about it & had to fill in a questionnaire (2 n's?) & yesterday I got a letter saying the Co. was at fault.  I got a paper saying I could get a new washer, top opening, & send the bill to the co.  In 6-8 wks I'd get my money or as much as they have to return.  I have til 07 to do it & I will look at washers & get one.  It saved some of the water & that must have caused the smell.  Lynn got one some time later & hers is OK.  It must have been one set of washers.  And they are Maytags.  But it was a new model.

Last Thurs, no Tues, I returned library books & got 4 more.  I read them over the holiday.  This week Tues Barb returned 3 I read & I can't remember the authors & titles.  The last one -- The Cove, an FBI series by Catherine Coulter was really enjoyable.  I'll look for more in that series.  How can people not like to read.

Your gardening sounds beautiful.  And you have such a nice shady back yard for your new hammock.  Would be fun to read there.  What veggies will Ed plant.  With Andy on the go so much, you're getting "broken in" to what it will be like when he's off to college.  Maybe he won't be so far so he can get home for a weekend once in awhile.  Lots of experience ahead for all of you.

It is Wed. A.M. so I'd better get busy.  It's Dale's early week.  After breakfast I made a banana bread as they were getting ripe.  It will go into the freezer for a future snack.  Mon. I set rolls & finished them on Tues.  This week Dale gets 2 rolls a day for his snack.  Lucky I'm able to do things.

Last nite I watched Boston beat Baltimore.  I root for Boston.

Barb didn't have to pick up Scott today, so on the spur of the moment we went to Jamestown.  I got 3 prs of undies & a tank top at Penneys & used the money card from Lar & Kim to pay for it.   Then Barb went to Wegmans & I went into KMart.  Stopped at Arby's & got 3 regular Arbys for supper.  Dale adds cheese, etc. to his.  Now (4:30 p,m) I'm enjoying a cup of coffee.  Barb was thirsty so she fixed herself a choc. milk with ice.

I have a 1:30 Dr. appt for a check up on Fri.  That would make it late if we went afterwards.  She got her groceries & that was the main thing.  They have organic things there.  Kim likes to shop there when she goes to Jmeatown.  She gets her hair cut in Jtown.

We're having stuffed pork chops Thurs nite.  Too bad we aren't closer so you all could be here.

Someone from Barb's class died but she doesn't remember him.  51 y ears old.  Susan Knopick died -- only 58.  He taught at Beaty.  They were divorced & she stayed in Warren.

We also checked out the washing machine & saw the one we would have to get.  And they come in the tan color but it won't match the dryer.  Lynn will also get a replacement so Barb will talk to her about it.  She was going to check on TV to see what the cost might be.  Will we get the full price, etc.

Fri.  I'm soon on the way to the Dr. & will mail my letter.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monday, May 23, 2005

Our pastor is on vacation so the chaplain from the Luth. Home in Kane was with us.  He reminds me of Dad, not in looks, but he is gentle & kind & a good preacher.  He introduced his sermon "How many 4 letters words have you spoken this past week?"  Then he was on to say there are many 4 letter words in the Bible & went on to preach on live & love.  He also used with as we work together in living & loving.  We've always had an experience pastor & you can tell the difference.  She wants to conquer the world but she'll find out with experiences it isn't that easy.  I think many of her introductions to the sermon are too long & personal.  Just my ideas!  Nobody is perfect.

We're expecting a rainy week, not all day but showers.

I was disappointed the Mets didn't win the 3rd game against the Yankees.  Again inexperience led to an error & runs.  The S.S. is only 21 & he is very good but still learning. They say this team blends together much better than earlier teams.   Yesterday Jerry Seinfeld threw out the 1st ball & later he was with the announcers.  He became a Met fan in '69.  He feels the Yankees are the "elite" & the Mets are for "ordinary" fans.  He has a daughter 4 years, a son 2 y ears & one on the way.  We listen to him (his program) at 6 pm on TBS.

I'm wondering if Andy will be working 2 jobs.  Good for him to be recommended.  He'll make a good salesman, esp. when the girls come in!!

Wed. the 24th

Yesterday I had my teeth cleaned & then checked by Dr. Walters.  No problems but he said don't eat the unpopped kernals of corn.  He had had 3 people who had problems -- lost a filling or part of a tooth.  I said I like sweets more than popcorn.  He knows I'm 84 & said that can't be so bad when at 84 you have the teeth you have.  His Dad was born in 1920.

I'm watching aft. baseball.  Colorado at Milwaukee.

This A.M. I watched the History Channel -- the story of Pres. Roosevelt, esp. during World War II.  I learned about the happenings of that day -- ones I lived thru but didn't know much about.  I do remember seeing Pres. Roosevelt on a motor tour thru Spfld.  He was quite a man & his wife Eleanor was a woman before her time.  She would have loved to be living today with teh freedoms women have.

Thurs. nite

I was hoping to watch the Mets in Fla. but it is raining.  They're on a losing streak so I guess I won't miss much.

Bert gave Barb a dress to Barb but Barb didn't carer for it so she showed it to Kim & Kim loved it.  The Hospital Auxiliary has a summer event to raise money & Kim  & Lar will go to it.  They've been having it outside for a few years.  Tents, etc.  It will be at Bets Park this year. Kim wanted a new dress but didn't want to spend a lot of money, so she was really happy to get this.  Skirt, sleeveless top & a jacket.  Just what she wanted.  A jacket for when it cools off.

Gen called today.  She calls John's friends -- the boys.  The boys see that she takes her medication.  She wonders why she can't take it herself.  She can't remember.

Tonite I tried something different -- shrimp Creole.  I'm not that fond of shrimp but they like it. Tossed salad, garlic bread & chocolate cake for dessert.

The game is back on.  Off for 80 minutes & only in the 2nd inning.  The Mets just scored 3 runs.  Imagine that!!!

It finally warmed up today so I didn't need a sweater in the house.  We expect a cloudy & showery weekend.

I gave Lar & Kim money for their anniversary.  They can buy something they'd like or put it toward something.

All for this time.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Yesterday I wrote a thank you to John for his letter & pictures.  Also wrote a note to Gen.

Today was Pentecost & we were encouraged to wear red.  I got a 2-piece red dress when we went to Erie several years ago.  Red jacket & a printed red shift.  Haven't worn it that much. After the service we went right into the meeting about the organ.  One part is completely gone & the other 3 parts will be going so the company suggested fixing all of them, as well as releathering another part & a cleaning.  They said the value of the organ is one half million & they also said more work will be needed in a dozen years or more.  When they called for a motion a few second went by so I made the motion & Betty Casey seconded it.  It will cost $3200.00 & a member left a $3000.00 gift to the church & they'll use that.  All yeses, no no's.  Once they get started it will take about 10 days.

Did you happen to see the Weather Channel & the bit on Great Falls' Giant Springs, now Giant Springs Park.  It was interesting.  Brought back memories of your trek to Giant Springs, wasn't it -- or along the river.

This little interlude will have to do.

Some small birds are trying to build a nest in the hanging basket on the porch.  To stop them we put some small sticks to prevent it.  I have to water the plants & it drowns the nest. They must use the trees for nests, not my plant!

Dad was assigned to Hartford for his intern year.  During the summer before his last year at the Seminary, he served a large church in Peoria, Il. & when the summer was over, they asked him if he would consider a call as the pastor had left.  He said he didn't think he should start out in a large congregation.  His friend Gordon Loren had a call to Bainbridge Island & Dad had the one from Auburn & I think that is why he accepted the call.  There were also some interns in Seattle & the group got together & had a good time.

Maybe he wanted to get away from the family.  I don't remember him saying too much about it.  I do know that Stella & Frank liked to be the ones in control.  We weren't home that much & when we were things went pretty well.  Maybe it was more with the sisters.  I know, tho, they liked me as a wife for their brother, or approved.  It is really sad about Ruth. Too bad she won't even try & make it easier on Mim.  My mother was the one to care for her parents & she always said she hoped she wouldn't be in the same boat & she wasn't.  I think every parent hopes that.

Today in church our pastor asked those to stand who weren't lifetime Lutherans.  Surprising how many stood & looking around, I noted many were brought into the church by Dad.

I'm enclosing an article about one of our members.  It is interesting to read about the prices in the restaurant she & her mother ran.  She always enjoyed Dad's visits when her husband was sick.  She always started the coffee pot when he called.  He was very good about bringing communion to the shut-ins.

Alice Nasman called me tonite to find out about the meeting & was glad to hear the organ will be repaired.  But we talked over an hour & I thought she'd never hang up.  Her feelings are easily hurt so the conversation went on & on.  Maybe she just needed someone to talk to.

Tues. the 17th

Last nite I had to turn on the heat & this A.M. it was 34 & the heat went on to take the chill off.  It's too late to be using the furnace.

Yesterday Dale went to the dentist at 8 A.M. & then took off for Erie for an 10 a.m. appt with the neurologist for a checkup.  He got a new medication . He was back at work at 11:30.

This A.M. after breakfast I read my book "Sleeping Beauty" by Judith Michaels from 7-8 A.M. Then I did the dishes, showered, got dressed &^ made my bed up clean.  Did a load of clothes, read some more.  Then Barb took me to vote at Holy Redeemer.  Back home I read some more, made lunch & read all aft. & finished my book.  It was so good.  Over 500 pages.  So I didn't do much today but read.  The Schwan man came & I got pork chops & I fixed stuffed pork chops for supper.  I didn't even watch my "soaps".

We went to the library yesterday & I got 4 books.  A small one to read next Tues while I wait at the dentist's office.  Fern Michael's "Trading Places", "The Side of the Angels" by Leona Blair, & "Into the Darkness" by Barbara Michaels.

They want to close the Naval Station at Niagara Falls & of course they are upset & will try to fight it.

Just like they want to fight the closing of the Sheffield grade school . They would be bussed to Clarendon.  The school tax will go up.

I'd like to start reading another book but I won't let myself because I never want to lay it down.  I have to do some work tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see who gets the nod for Erie Mayor.  The Erie paper didn't endorse R. Filippe (if that's how you spell it).

Wed A.M.

I worked this A.M. But still am tempted to start another book.  Have to plan Thurs. menu first.  Kim won't be coming -- her club meets that nite.

I did what I said I shouldn't do.  I said I'll only read 100 pages & I'm on p. 160.  I cant put it down.  484 pages.

Sat. Dale & 5 others from work are going to a stock care race in Indianapolis -- the cars to 1/2 mile in 3-4 seconds.  They will leave at 3:30 a.m. Sat. morning.  It takes 6 hours to get there.  They'll stop for breakfast along the way.  Randy Swanson is driving he has a van.

Thurs. nite.  Correction they are going to Columbus, Ohio.  It is drag racing.

Finished my book this aft. & it was such a good book.

In the library how do you choose board members?  Do you always like the ones who are chosen.  Is it hard to find people who choose to accept?  Just curious.  I got a letter from our library wanting a donation.  I'll probably send a donation.