Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, November 10, 2002

I've cleaned up the kitchen, brushed my teeth & washed my face & now I'm in my chair watching N. E. vs. Chicago & Chi. is ahead by 5 with 2 min. to go.   I'm hoping Chi. can hang on. This aft. I watched Pitts  vs, Atlanta & it ended in a tie.  Pitts couldn't hold the lead.  

Last Friday we went to Erie -- it was a beautiful day & we enjoyed ourselves.  First we had an early lunch at the Olive Garden.  We love eating there.  We got a good start on our Christmas shopping.  It was busy already -- people spending their Christmas Club checks.  Before we left for home we stopped at McDonald's to use the restroom & get something to drink.  I got coffee & their cookies -- like animal crackers & they are good with coffee.  Barb had taped some old favorites of my day, both popular & classical & I enjoyed the music.

I mentioned I had 2 books to read & both were so good.  Three Weeks in Paris was fun to read.  Final Target was so good but different.  More intrigue & excitement.  Iris Johansen has written many books so I'll have to read more of them.

There are 28 seconds left in the game & N.E.  just got a TD.  It's been a long 2 min.  It always is.

The house across the street went up for sale last Saturday.  Guess Frank doesn't want to live there all alone & Faye won't be back.  Wonder how long it will take to sell.  They've done a lot to the house but the landscaping needs to be updated.

Tues. Nov. 12

I got the bathroom cleaned this A.M.  Had the Bible Study at church at 11 A.M.  Because of that I didn't wash the bathroom floor -- it doesn't need to be washed weekly.  Also got the downstairs dusted so I didn't get too far off schedule.

When Barb came home this afternoon she said "I have something to show you."  It was a receipt for a new mattress set that will be delivered on Saturday A.M.  She has been talking about buying one & finally did it.

Back to this A.M.  I didn't stay at church for coffee but came home to fix Dale his lunch because this is his long day & I like to have a good lunch.  I don't do that every time -- he likes the frozen pot pies & they are filling.

This A.M. someone was looking at the house across the street.  Barb thinks it will go fast.  They have done a lot of work on the house & the wife is very artistic so I'm sure all is nice.  A couple of years ago it was one of the houses to see on the Women's Club "House Walk".  Sheila went & said the house was very nice.

We have a new heating unit at church.  It was too warm in church last Sunday.  They were back on Monday to adjust the system.

Wed. aft.

This letter will be mailed a day early.  Reason:  Last Fall Sheila won a trip to 2 for a weekend in New Orleans   At a cancer doing.  She bo't a 10.00 ticket &^ never tho't her name would be chosen.  So she & her husband are leaving on Fri.  So my appt. is for 8:30 Thurs A.M.  So it will be a rush to get going. She knows I'm an early rise so I wouldn't mind an early appt.

Kim won't be coming for dinner Thurs. nite -- she is going to a painting class.  What kind Lar didn't say, but we'll find out tomorrow nite.

At Quality they keep track of the money spent on groceries & Tues. last, I got a $50.00 gift certificate for spending a certain amt. of money.  So I have $50.00 extra to spend on groceries   Something I wouldn't ordinarily buy.

When I read about the dessert bar you passed up, I thought I'd probably sample 2-3 desserts.  The 5 Forks Restaurant has the Food Bar & we took 2-3 desserts the 2 times we were there.  But they were small pieces.  They were too good to pass up.

Lynn put off taking Scott to the Dr.  He told her he couldn't hear & wanted a hearing aid.  He has an inner ear infection & it has affected his hearing.   I h ope it will be OK after he feels better.  he seems to have a lot of ear trouble.

I'm sure you'll be happy when all the budget meetings are over & that you got most of what you hoped for.

Bert comes home late Thurs. nite.  Barb has been painting one bathroom.  She needed to do a lot of sanding to smooth it out.  Barb saved the work to just before Bert comes.  So she has been busy this week.  Never put off your work.  At least that is what I tell myself.  More next week.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Saturday, November 2, 2002

We have patches of snow but don't have to shovel.  It's been cloudy & I've been lazy & had a nap this aft.  Been trying to get a cold & have had a cough.  I tired Coldeeze cough drops & they are good.  They have zinc in them & that is suppose to be good.

Dale got some frames that fit the 2 bedroom windows in both front bedrooms.  Or he cut them to fit & then he plans to put plexiglass in them & they will fit in our windows & help insulate even more.  My room gets cold in the winter but my electric blanket keeps me warm.

I hope things work out for you jobwise.  I don't know much about it, but I'm sure it will be very interesting.  Either way, I know you'll be happy as things are getting accomplished at the library.

When you get today's paper, Warren, Saturday, Nov. 2, be sure to read the letter to the editor by a 9th grade student at Youngsville Hi.  Very well written letter from one so young.

Thanks for the pictures of the boys in their football uniforms.

I didn't put the front door light on for Trick or Treat.  Why?  Because when Lar & Kim are here, I don't c are to be running to the front door.  Carey's are in Fla. & no lights are on this end of 3rd.  We had Andy's favorite dinner, or one of them, stuffed pork chops.  I found a new recipe for corn pudding & it was well received.  The difference is it called for 5 slices of bread cubed & put into the casserole & then you pour the corn, egg, milk mixture over them & bake.

The political ads have been so negative.  I'll be glad when Tues. is over.  I'm sure this has been an extra busy time for JoAnna & she has been run ragged, as the saying goes.

At BiLo, Barb picked up a load of Swedish rye bread & it is so good.  Makes me want to plan a Swedish dinner for Christmas Eve.  But they aren't too fond of meat balls, rice pudding, etc. that make up the meal.  I'll have to start thinking about it & see what I can come up with.  Wish I had learned how to make "korv" & "sylta" when  my mother made it.

Called Warren H. yesterday to find out about Anna.  She was taking a nap.  They changed her medication & she is back to her exercise classes at the hospital so she is monitored them.

Sunday, Nov. 3

The Coldeeze cough drops are really good.  I've had a nagging cough & it really helped.   You don't eat them like candy.  You take them at 4 hr. intervals & never on an empty stomach.  I took one before church & I didn't cough.

Since Dale doesn't need a regular Sunday dinner, I made a recipe that was in one Sat. paper awhile ago.  Take frozen shredded potatoes.  Fry them 8-10 min.  Add diced ham, onion, seasoning, etc.  T hen pour beaten eggs over & cook til firm.  Add shredded cheese.  I'm sure you've made something like that, Paul.  Dale thought it was good; so did I.  It was filling & I couldn't finish mine.  An easy meal which I like.

Mon. A.M. the 4th

This is Dale's early week & I heard him get up at 5:30.  I turned over & the next time I looked at the clock it was 6:11.  Got up in a hurry -- he had to get his own cereal bowl, banana & milk.  I made coffee & got his mid A.M. snack ready.  Of course he can do it but I like to have it ready.  We both survived!  I don't like getting up in a rush & I like company for breakfast.  We both look at the newspaper but someone is there.

I put clean sheets on Dale's bed on Monday & when I made the bed I noticed the windows were up & it is such a professional job.  They are double glass Andersen windows but still it feels cold esp. when my room doesn't get much heat.  I couldn't "push" Dale, Paul like I did you!!!  But I wish he could have wanted to go to some kind of technical school to improve his natural ability.  They are in the place of the screens, not needed in winter.  (out of place sentence)

Tues. the Big Day

I'm sitting in my chair after walking to Calvary Baptist (outside bldg) to vote -- so I did my duty.  Even remembered the question at the top of the ballot.  Not much to vote on.  Gov. Lt. Gov. & state rep.  I had to walk carefully as there are wet leaves on bad sidewalks.  It's a nice day so the walk was invigorating.

Last nite was LCW - -our thank offering program.  Patty W. Phillips was in charge.  Barb took me over & Janice Carlson took me home.  It will be interesting to see the returns tonite.

Wed A.M. the 6th.

Congratulations to JoAnna on a job well done.  Imagine you celebrated into the morning hours.  When I went to bed at 10:30 p.m. I noticed that Doyle was creeping up & I thought then "I bet he will win".  And he did.  It must have been a wonderful feeling as well as a relief that your hard work paid off.  What comes next?

Lynch won in the Warren area but I bet he was scared for awhile.  It was a very close call.  I think a better candidate could have beat him.  He'll do better (Lynch) if he lets go of a little ego.

Thurs the 7th

It's a sunshine day & I needed a prescription filled.  So I got a ride over with Barb.  I went to CVS, cashed a rebate check, went to the library & got 2 books.  Final Target by Iris Johansen & Three Weeks in Paris by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  Got Christmas stamps at the P.O.!  Dale had a mtg at work so he wasn't home for lunch.  I just finished washing the kitchen floor so with the exception of fixing dinner, my chores are over for today.

Tomorrow we go to Erie -- that is why I went to the library -- to have a book to read on the way.  It is suppose to warm up & be a nice day so we're lucky.  Hope we find things we want.  Many stores are having sales.

It was good talking to JoAnna last nite.  I'm sure she is in for a lot of interesting experiences.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday, October 26, 2002

I'll start my letter early to tell you I fixed a complete dinner tonite!  Pork loin, oven fried potatoes, corn, applesauce, rolls AND lemon meringue pie.  I always have dessert on Thursdays.  Dale has ice cream before he goes to bed & I like coffee & cookies or candy after I get the kitchen cleaned up so that is our usual dessert.  The pie is my favorite & it is so good!

Last Friday was our luncheon.  About 12:30 Warren called to say they wouldn't be coming.  Anna was at the Ridgway hospital with her exercise program & her heart started acting up so she was on the way to the hospital in Du Bois.  They told Warren she would be there a couple of days.  The luncheon was just OK.  The two Teds kept up their church discussions.  It got long & we missed Warren & Anna.  Warren is "the life of the party".

We're watching Wi. vs. Mich. State & I'm sure there was groaning because of a couple of bad plays..  They just got a TD -- Wi. did.  In your home, that is.

Last nite I watched the Wi. debate -- Gov. & Doyle.  Barb & I were very impressed with Doyle.  It seemed to me that the Gov. was evasive in his answers & I'm not saying that because JoAnna is campaign manager.  We were both very impressed with J. Doyle's presence.  How are the polls rating the chances?  It won't be long now.  

What do you think of Art Howe being the new manager. That's what the papers say -- it can't be announced til after the World Series.  To me he seems like a mild mannered man -- just the opposite of Bobby.

I got my Christmas Club check today.  So I have money to spend & don't know what to buy.  Hint, hint!

We're changing our mind -- about going to Grove City at this time.  Now we want to go to Erie in 2 weeks on a Friday.  Kim went to Erie last Sunday & Lar went to Nancy & Jay's to watch soccer.  They are all avid fans of soccer.

Sun. the 27th

When I went to bed last nite, I was sure San Fran had won the Series.  It was nice to hear this A.M. that there is a game tonite -- there is still hope.

Last Friday  Ray Forstrum said he had visited Gary Risher & now he is in a wheelchair.  I can't remember the name of his problem but his feet swell & it is hard to walk.  I'm sure he misses the congregation because they are good people to help & now it places them in an odd situation.  We didn't reject him -- he rejected us.

I've had an easy day.  Each one makes his own lunch & since Dale doesn't necessarily want a big meal, we had Pizza Hut pizza & salad, the only thing I had to make.

Diane Himes Darling's youngest had a baby, a boy.  They live in Columbus, O. while her husband goes to school. Chris & his wife have a daughter & are expecting a son in Dec.  He is a pharmacist at Crone's.  Lois showed me a picture in church of the new baby.

I was just reading the Viewpoints section of the Buffalo Sunday paper. Buffalo Democratic mayor is backing the Republican Pataki for Governor.  Of course the Dems are made at him, but he feels Pataki has made a good start & should continue.  I bet he doesn't run for mayor again; if he does it would be hard to get the votes of the Dems.  The article surprised me.  Dale also likes to read this section.

Mon. the 27th

Warren County has a murder.  One Sheffield man shot another Sheffield man.  Drugs were found in the killer's home so maybe it was over drugs.  Both in mid 30s.

This afternoon I walked over town to cash a check for November expenses & then across the street to cash my Christmas Club check.  A nice day for a walk & later on in the week the weather doesn't sound that good.

Finally tried the Schwan brats tonite.  Their recipe said to put frozen shredded home fries on the bottom, then kraut & finally the brats on top.  Barb didn't like the idea of fries covered with kraut.  So I cooked them separately.  Added some olive oil, onion, salt & pepper to the fries -- covered them U& baked them in the oven.  Delicious!  Put the brats on top of the kraut & spinkled brown sugar over the kraut first.  Barb had gotten good rolls & I put my brat in a heated roll & covered it with kraut.  Ummm!  Easy, too.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the World Series.  Stayed up til the last out!  Didn't watch the celebrating.

On Thursday Sheila & Sue will come over to show me their Halloween get up.  They take the day off & visit around:  nursing homes, friends, etc.  So I'll make 3 kinds of cookies & share some with them.  They are very clever in planing their costumes.  Their masks are expensive ones & very real looking.

Tues Oct. 29th -- Thinking back 53 years when Paul was born.  It was a full nursery, many babies born, & your parents were very happy.  My mother was with us & then she went to Portland to visit her brother & wife.  George & Victoria Randolph.  At that time he was a chaplain at Emanuel Hospital.

They finally finished paving 3rd Ave. & just in time as the coming weather doesn't sound very good.  Cooler & chances of now.  Hope it doesn't hit us.

We aren't going grocery shopping til after 4 pm.  Reason at 5 pm Bon Ton starts a sale with prices off items we're interested in.  And this is Dale's late nite.

Thurs the 31

Sheila & Sue were just here in their costumes.  Dressed as motorcycle guy's "babes".  They have soft pig's face masks that are handmade in Buffalo, leather jackets & pants, boots & "tattoos".  Fake of course.  I had cookies for them.  They went to Burger King for lunch & people waited for them to take off their masks but they didn't.  Could eat thru the mask lip openings.  They love Halloween.  Had fun last Saturday night making the rounds.  Got $90.00 in prizes.  Got your letter today but will save comments for next letter.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, October 20, 2002

I'll start a letter earlier this week.  I read the article about families staying put in Vacherie, La.  "Fun, as young people are reared to understand it, means sitting around with relatives, drinking black coffee & telling white lies," got a chuckle from me.  Luckily they have some industry for jobs so the children can stay around.

That's great about your library being in the top 10 for your population area.  It reflects on your good work as well.

Yesterday Dale got a pocket watch -- silver in color, most likely chrome, and a Kennedy coin on the cover.  Only $10.00 at Big Lots.  The lid opens to see the time & it had a chain & fob on it.  Is that the correct term?

We went to the Mall Sat A.M. & when we got home there was a message from Warren Hollertz.  Ray & Eleanor (Youngsville) were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary & Warren said they were coming & would I like to go with them.  I said yes & it was very nice.  We stayed about 3/4 hr (started at 2) & they had to leave as Warren preaches at a small congregation in Wilcox.  Once a month they have a 5 pm Sat. service & Anna wasn't going so he had to take her home first.  They were having a pot luck after the service & that would be too much for Anna.  She is coming along fine.  For 12 weeks she goes to a session on menu, etc. followed by exercise that is monitored.  They aren't able to go as they used to & they miss it.  After the 12 weeks they'll be on the go again.  The group will come to Warren & Holiday Inn for lunch on the 25th. 

I hope your back is better.  Do you take any pain killer for it?

Thanks for the recipes -- they sound interesteing.

Tues pm the 22nd.

At our potluck after the Study everyone had brought salads except for a rice pudding & salmon loaf.  Usually it is more well-rounded but theh saladsd were good.  NExt time everyone will bring a hot dish.

They are blacktopping 3rd Ave E.  We really needed it as 3rd is heavily used, esp. during when school is in session.

I made a spinach ravioli for supper.  It was good but I think it would be better if I used fresh spinach.  And I'd like to try the sausage ravioli. 

It is 9:20 & Dale hasn't eaten tonite.  He came home with a headache & hasn't felt like eating.

Wed. nite the 23rd.

Barb & I had planned to go to Jamestown on Fri.  She noticed the calendar & a note:  lunch with "gang" so I'm not going to Jamestown.   I'm shortening the skirt I bought & need seam binding.  Barb will pick some up for me.  I don't really need anything I can't find in Warren.  Just nice to go.

I haven't watched too much of the World Series if there is something else I like better.  I'm still rooting for the Angels.  Barb is for San Fran.  I'm watching Restore America on HGTV.  Restoring old homes & usually they have beautiful oak woodwork & not enough closet space.

Dale is OK today & ate his dinner.  It was a bad headache & he hadn't had one that bad for quite awhile.  I never have a headache -- maybe I'm the cause of them!  But Lar get bad ones & we usually only see him once a week -- on Thurs.

Heard on the TV today -- Christmas will be here in about 2 months.  Hint! Hint!  Ideas please.

It's Fri. 8 A.M. & I'm already to get my hair done.  I'll finish this letter, listen to the Warren news, put polish on my nails & it will be time to leave.  I'll go via CVS as I need a prescription filled, get my hair done, go to the P.O. for stamps, get my medicine, & go home.  Then wash a load of towels, hope to start rolls to finish Sat. &be ready at 12:45 for Bensons to pick me up.

I'm so glad lthey caught the snipers.  What a bad time for those in the D. C. area.

Don't forget gift suggestions.  I want to get 1 gift each for the boys & send money so they can shop after Christmas sales unless you get them what they'd like.  I'm thinking clothes.

I know N. Wi. has had snow but did it ever hit  your area?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Here it is Wednesday & I haven't started a letter.  Thanks so much for the beautiful basket of flowers.  At church Carol Andersen always has the altar flowers at this time & one vase always went to Dad & now I get them.  She always orders flowers from Ekeys & wants something special & she pays more than the regular price for altar flowers.  I received many birthday cards & thank you for your card & comments.  Yes, it must be the sweets!!

Last Friday we went out to eat & I chose Chiodo's.  I had the fish fry & it was very good.  Dale & Barb had baked fish topped with onion, mushroom & tomato & they said it was excellent.  Lar had a sausage pasta & Kim had an eggplant pasta dish.  We were all satisfied.  Then we came home for birthday cake from BiLo & ice cream.  Thanks for the phone call.  It was good to talk with the boys & you.

Heard from Millie -- she enclosed Edith's obit.  Gen called last nite so she remembered my birthday.  Edith had oriental rugs, Waterford crystal, Sterling Silver silverware &  beautiful china.  The lawyer said she didn't have a will.

Enjoyed your letter & the plans of the high school.  What a building.  Enjoyed reading about Andy's classes. They are lucky to get 50 minutes for lunch.

Last week was a busy week, this week isn't.  Today I made dinner rolls & a new recipe of blond brownies.  I just tried 1/2 recipe (9x9 pan) & it is on the sweet side.  Good with coffee, tho.  Also rolled out a pie crust for an apple pie Ill make tomorrow A.M.  As usual it will be chicken, but a new recipe.  You marinate the chicken in a mixture of soy sauce & Italian dressing & bake them in the oven. It was tasty.

Today my nose has been running & I finally looked for cold tablets.  I found a pkg with 2 left & it has helped as it's better tonite.  Don't think it's a cold but an allergy to something.

We had a rainy day & only in the hi 40s.  I can't complain about rain when so many in the world need it & don't get it.

I'm not too excited about the World Series this year.  It will be a late start so I won't see the end of the game.  I like Mike Scioscia (former L. A. Dodger) so I'll root for his team -- the Angels.

Last Friday I saw Dr. McNett & my blood pressure was good & the rest of fine so I don't have to go for 4 months.

Thurs pm the 17th

The kitchen is cleaned up & we're watching HGTV.  Good programs on Thurs nite.

I don't think Lar, Kim & Torey can stay at Pine Lodge.  They are sticking to no dogs rule.  But 2 other motels take animals.  They brought me a birthday gift tonite -- 4 blown glass tree ornaments.  Next weekend Kim & Lar pick out Christmas trees.  I told her to find a smaller one this year.  I think I'll go back to an artificial tree next year.

A shorter letter this week.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday, October 6, 2002

Watching TV again -- Twins vs. Oakland & I'm rooting for the Twins.  Last nite I was so elated when the Yankees lost the series 3-1.  Wow!  Yesterday's Twins-Oakland game was so exciting.  Sorry, but we watched Penn State beat Wisconsin (Guess I lost my threat of tho'ts) & think it's great.  I had to call last nite.  While talking to Andy I told him about Warren's Friday nite game.  They beat Erie East 32-0.  They had a play similar to Andy's only I missed it up telling him.  Warren's David Ditka fell on a fumble on the 5 yard line & went into the end zone for a TD.  Andy's TD was a catch on the 5 yard line & TD.  Just get a little excited.  Had TV on mute watching baseball & the radio on listening to Warren's game.  Dave Grady & Jim Gibson are still the announcers.

This aft. I was outside & Frank, across the street, came over & said "Guess you've heard what happened".  We hadn't but knew something was up as we haven't seen his wife's car for 2 weeks.  Faye left him for another man.  Frank said the other man has troubles & he's afraid they will both go down. Frank is very upset & said he still loves her.  He asked me to pray for both of them.  They never went to church & they know I do.  It is so sad when a marriage is on the rocks.  Why do they go for a loser when they have a good man & lovely home.  A change of life crisis?

A private plane went missing  the end of last week & Saturday's paper said Dr. Keverline was the pilot.  They haven't found the plane & he is dead.  My eye Dr. & I feel so bad this happened.  Selfishly as I wonder who I'll see next spring.  Dr. Weiss (Mary Berglund's husband) is the partner but can he absorb all the patients.  And lots of doctors don't like to come to small towns.  Dr. Weiss' daughter is interning following in her father's footsteps but that is a long way off & maybe she wouldn't want to come to Warren.  They have 2 other M.D.'s.

Tues the 8th

The first 3 days of this week are busy ones.  Had a perm yesterday at 10:30 AM.  We went grocery shopping, a day early so I'd have this aft. to clean the bathroom, etc., & last nite was LCW & I had devotions to think about.  This A.M. I got the dusting done & went to the Bible Study at Church.  I didn't stay for coffee -- at lunch at home.  I made chili & added rice when I served & it was so good so I had a bowl & sandwich on good rolls from Quality.  The bathroom is cleaned; I know what I'm having for supper.  I'm not sure if I'll get the kitchen floor washed today.

Tomorrow A.M. Barb & I are going to Jamestown -- she has to be back to pick Scott up by 3 pm.

I'm having a cup of coffee & instead of working the USA puzzle I'm adding to your letter.

Dale is painting the garage door today.  He sanded it yesterday.  Primed today.  He plans to go to Blairs, Starbrick, to look for work around the house pants.  His old jeans are getting too tight.

Last nite at LCW one of our members, a retired school teacher, but still young, Cindy De Chano is active in the Historical Society.  She presented a program on Warren in the 1800s.  It is prepared for grade school children.  She wore a dress that would have been worn then, but only 1 petticoat.   You would have enjoyed it -- had pictures; old high shoes with pointed toes & very small size with a buttonhook attached.  I remember them.  Pat Howard recognized a great grandfather in one of the pictures.  This was the history of logging & peeling & where they used to be -- Sheffield, Clarendon, etc.  Oil, farming & early buildings.  It was great.  Some members could remember the smells from tanning & the rotting bark from teh trees where they got the tannic acid.

Again I was happy this A.M. (went to bed before the game was over ) to find out San Fran beat the Braves.  I think I lean to St. Louis beating San Fran but I'm not positive.  The games all start late so I'm sure I'll miss the end of them.  I'm staying up later as Dale is on vacation this week.

I turned the furnace on this A.M.  It felt cold.

Wed. nite

We went to Jamestown this A.M. & I was lucky.  At Bon Ton I found a skirt I like & it was on sale.  The only thing it is too long so I'll have to shorten it.

At Penney's they had black & also red jackets on sale.  Just jackets in red.  Black had slacks & skirts but no size 14 in black.  The red will look OK with navy or black.  We were home for lunch.  Oh yes we also stopped at Home Depot next to Wegman's where we also picked up some specials.  Home Depot is quite a place & it would be fun to shop there if we were remodel(2 l's or 1)ing.

I washed the kitchen floor this aft. & rolled out 2 pie shells.  One for banana cream pie tomorrow & I made a quiche for dinner.  Broccoli & ham & used swiss cheese & it was really tasty.

Tomorrow A.M. Bon Ton opens early with special sales & Barb wants to go & wants me to go & use my charge card, as you get an added discount with a charge card.

Dale started on the garage door yesterday & finished it today.  It looks so nice.  He went to Blairs today & didn't find work pants but did get another pair of tan pants & a shirt.  I haven't seen them yet.  He's been busy & so have I.  He's working on the El Camino now & it is just about ready to drive.

Oh yes at Sears I tried a pants suit on but didn't like the fit of the jacket.  It was on sale, as well.  It was nice looking but not for me.

Don't think I'll be staying up too late tonite to watch baseball.  All nite games, next week also, so I'll never know the final scores til A.M.

Dale just showed me his purchases -- tan pants & a brown plaid shirt with tan & it looks good together.   He's getting good taste.

Thurs A.M.  I was watching TV one nite last week & Barb came down & changed the channel. The gov. of Wi. was beating with JoAnna's boss.  He looks like a nice man.  How is the election coming.  We had lots of ads on TV as Pa. will have a new gov.

We got to the Mall & I got my pie made.  A busy time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2002

Another beautiful day.  Last week we had some cooler nights so I brought out my flannel nightie & put the electric blanket on the bed.  Now the nights are warmer.

I'm watching S. F. vs. Braves & in the 4th, it's 4-2 San Fran.  I say "keep it up".  Yesterday I was so happy to hear they fired Bobby Valentine.  What else could they do.  Now it's 6-2 & the bottom of the order has been up & making the hits.

Gen called last week to tell me Edith died.  I called Millie last nite to get the details.  She was in the hospital only 2 weeks & sick maybe a week at home.  So now John has his hands full with 2 estates & they can't find a will for Edith & I guess some of Ed's information is hard to find.  Why do people think they'll live forever & not make a will.  They don't want to face reality.

The Chinese fellow who lives at Gen's calls her at 2 each aft. to see if she is OK.  I think John feels better knowing he is there.  He tells Gen what she can do & can't do & she doesn't like that & will be glad when he's gone.  Possibilities are that he'll have a job in Mpls.  But not til next spring.

Almost forgot -- John & an old girl friend are dating again.  Millie says they are very good to her -- they eat out all the time.  Wish they could find someone to cook & clean a few days a week.  Millie doesn't know how Gen feels about the girlfriend, but I know she hopes he will get married & not be alone.

That is wonderful about Andy's game.  It must have been a real thrill for both Andy & his parents.  Pretty good for the freshman team.

That is a colorful ad for the library sale.  It should have caught the eye of onlookers.  Do the sales do well?  Warren has book sales but I've never attended.  I'm not reading right now.  I'm working another hard, colorful puzzle.  Was ready to give up but then I got started on some red flowers so it's coming along & is a real incentive to keep going til the end.

You told me your secret recipe for burgers but I never wrote it down, so you are safe!!!

You know, Paul, sometimes people sit back & absorb the speaker's message & mull it over & aren't ready to respond.  Or are afraid to be the one to "break the ice" so to speak.  But I'm sure you give them a lot to think about.

Yesterday, before we went to Quality, we went to the Mall.  I paid my Bon Ton bill & went by the women's department or Misses Dept.  I saw a p ant suit I liked a 40% off.  The jacket is zippered with a collar & not real long.  Need to try it on but it really appeals to me.  In black, brown & gray & I'd prefer the gray -- a darker gray.  I'll let you know the outcome.  Maybe I won't like it after I try it on.

Really enjoyed the Ryder Cup golf last weekend but was disappointed in the results.  Barb asked if I'd skip church to watch gold.  I was tempted but I went to church & was glad I did.

Interesting comment from Dusty Baker.  He told he chose Russ Ortiz to pitch because of his spiritual beliefs & he feels they help him even in his pitching, as well as life.  As it should be.

This A.M., when I was getting the garbage ready, I heard a noise & rushed out of the garage to see the geese flying in & formation going south.  In all the years here, I've never heard the noisy cries & the V formation.  Rose always told me about seeing them on her way to work.  I've seen them in V formation but never noisy.  It's great.

Thurs the 3rd.  4 pm.

More baseball.  Arizona vs. St. Louis.  8 pm Braves vs. San Fran.

Planned to make a pumpkin pie for tonite.  I had the pumpkin but couldn't find any canned milk -- it wasn't on my last lit but it's there for next week.  Looked in an older cookbook & found I could substitute half & half & 1/4 c. heavy cream so I made one.  Sample it & it is good.  We're having the chicken with mushrooms & cheese & a spinach casserole everyone likes.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Dale wasn't satisfied with the contacts & eye exam he got from Jim Spangler.  Lar & Kim recommended him -- so he went back to the one he usually went to over town.  He got the new contacts & he is happy as now he can see the small print again.  He also got glasses to have on hand from Jim S. but could never wear them -- didn't see right in them.  Lar & Kim are very satisfied with Dr. Spangler.

We are back to the Tues. mtgs. 11:15 A.M. & the first one was today.  Roger Thelin is the leader & we have interesting sessions.  Roger has started on a series of 6 5 hr. sessions to become a licensed lay pastor.  He said the sessions are interesting  -- 6 are in the class.  We have a pot luck lunch & we also have an interesting menu of food.  I made a chicken noodle casserole & made enough for supper tonite.  One of my favorites.

I enjoyed reading about your library board mtg.  Do you have a good group of board members?  Dad always felt he had good council members & enjoyed them most of the time.

Marge Ristau mentioned today the former pastor Risher called her up.  I don't think he should do that.  The interim pastor was there & I wondered what he thought.  It's really a no!no!

Larry & Kim want to go to the Nelson reunion but that means bringing Torey along so they have to find a motel that would take dogs.

Gen called me last weekend to tell me that Edith isn't doing well at all.  In fact the hospital called last Sat. to tell them to come to the hospital.  She is full of poison from bad teeth.  Ed was always telling her to go to the dentist & the last time I was there I noticed how bad her front teeth were.  Maybe she has some soft of phobia against dentists.

When you were in Springfield you must have been in her home & could see what a good hostess she was, etc.  What a shame.  I hope they can save her.

This aft. I walked to CVS to have 3 prescriptions filled & since it's close to the end of the month (went & cashed a check for next month's expenses.  Then I file the money in various envelopes 00 food, spend, hair, stamps, etc.

The Mets are playing in Pittsburgh so we can see them on TV.  Not that there is much to see but maybe they can score some runs.  I live in hope!

I notice that Penn State plays in Wisconsin in a week or two.  That should be an interesting game to watch.  Penn State is much improved this year.

To answer your questions.  I graduated from high school in 1938.  That summer Aunt Helen took me to Minneapolis where her brother George Randolph lived.  He was a Lutheran pastor.  From Minneapolis we went to Alexandria, Mn for a week at Mt. Carmel Bible Camp.  Uncle George taught at the Lutheran Bible Institute & they thought I should attend there (to tame me down, I guess!!)  So I went there for the 2 year course & enjoyed those 2 years away very much.  Then I went home for 3 years & attended A.I.C. & gave up on college.  Both Gen & I went to Minneapolis but when my mother had a stroke she went back home to help out.  I found a job & then Pastor A. W. Knock, a teacher at LBI, asked if I'd be interested in a job in Rockford at his brother's church.  E. G. Knock.  I was interviewed, got the job in Feb.  The following August Carl came home from Auburn on vacation & you know the rest.  So I guess leaving home wasn't such a bad thing for me.  The funny part, one of those 3 years I was back home,k Dad was at the church in Hartford in his intern year & we never met.  He was suppose to visit our Luther League but never made it.

Dale bo't another vacuum cleaner, a Hoover, which you don't like.  Fire sale but he took it apart to make sure there was no moisture.  It doesn't have a bag, just a cup that is easy to empty.  He was surprised at the amount of dog hairs it took up.  He is pleased with it.

Thurs. A.M.   I wanted something different to eat tonite when Lar & Kim are here so I got a turkey breast which happened to be on sale th is week at Quality.  I made an apple pie & fixed sweet potatoes this A.M.  A little preview of Thanksgiving.

We're expecting rain tomorrow from Isidore.  It will be nothing compared to what New Orleans is experiencing.

Time to sign off with love to all.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Millie called last nite to let me know Edith (Ed's sister) has leukemia & it is pretty bad.  She was in the hospital & got staph & that hasn't helped.  She is getting chemo & will most likely lose her hair.  Gen doesn't really know or care what is going on.  When Millie talked to her , she said she was mad, really mad.  Reason:  Dr. told her she can't drive.  So she is stuck there, esp. now that Edith is sick.  She asked Millie if Millie thought she was made, meaning crazy.  Millie asked if she talked to the Dr. & she doesn't ask or tell anything about herself-- tired all the time, no ambition to do anything.

Bert told Barb she called Mrs. Africa to go out to eat.  She couldn't because Mrs. A said she gets sick riding in cars.  Bert wanted to get Chinese & go over & eat there.  That couldn't be done either.  Only one person knows her problem & she is sworn to secrecy.  It's probably something like Gen & she doesn't want anyone to know.  She's all alone in a big house.  How lucky I am to have Barb & Dale.

Received info this A.M. from Carolyn about the Nelson get together.  Sounds good.  We'll talk it over with Lar & Kim.  We're back to Thurs. nite when they come over.

I'm using the crock pot for supper.  Swiss steak.  It smells good.

It is a warm day for Sept.  We got about 2" of rain over the weekend & it sure perked up the grass.

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown & I got a sweater set.  2 pieces as one.  Black sleeves & back & the sweater sections in front are a red, black & gold mixture -- like a stripe but not really one.  Does that sound mixed up?  I like it.  Saw one in the Christmas catalog.  I'll order for later on.  They are pastel colors.

Finally finished the puzzle I've had on the card table for 2 weeks.

Viola Seaquist wasn't in church last Sunday & I wondered why.  She was in one of the Carolinas with her daughter whose husband died.  He was in an auto accident & died of a heart attack in the hospital.  That is pretty sad --- a double whammy.

The weather has been so nice Barb is continuing her bike riding.  She now rides 15 or 20 miles depending on how much time she has.  She reached her 1000 mile goal & is adding to it.

I'm looking at a pretty apricot colored rose from the bushes we planted.  It is in a glass bowl. Hope they make it over the winter.  Larry wasn't sure how well they would do in our limited garden area.

Thurs A.M.

I'm taking a time out for my coffee.  It is warm & humid.  I want to finish this letter & Rose has a Sun. birthday so I'll get a card ready to mail.

I got new books last Fri. so I'm sure I haven't written about them. Another Catherine Coulter book which I enjoyed.  In a book review I noticed the author Fannie Flagg so I looked for her books & took Coming Attractions but it didn't attract me to read it.  She has a new one out. The author's name is easy to remember.

I've been memorizing some favorite hymns that are in a small supplemental hymnal.  So far:  How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, Blessed Assurance, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms & the next one will be Shall We Gather at the River.  All verses.  I pick a certain word in a line to help me remember the phrase & if I can't recall it I'm lost.  But I keep at it until it's in my mind.  Have to keep my brain working at least 50% -- HA HA.

I made a pecan pie for dinner.  Pies go over best for dessert.  Pecan, apple, banana cream, pumpkin & if there a 5 Thursdays maybe I'll make my favorite lemon meringue.  Also I like graham cracker cream.

The Schman man comes today so I have to get the money ready for the order.

Oh yes, finally Dale has one sunflower in bloom.

Eddie's pictures are so good & it was fun to see the series of Andy pitching.  Nice form.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I'm sitting with a cup of coffee at my elbow after a busy 2 1/2 hours.  I now have a new cooky (you add chopped up Snickers) made & sampled.  Very good.  Another bar cooky waiting to be frosted, a banana cream pie for dinner (along with a chicken rice recipe they all like) & 2 1/2 doz. fresh dinner rolls.  Secret -- I made the rolls & new cooky recipe Tues. aft. & refrigerated them overnite.  Not bad for an old lady.  After a shower & getting dressed I'll be ready to take it easy.

We got our Penney's Christmas catalog last St. & you know what that means!  I prefer to send money but I like suggestions for a gift or two to open.  So -- Get busy Paul.

Wonder if you heard this on TV -- a library in Ohio is playing classical music in hopes of discouraging the youth from making the library a hangout & loitering.

Are you still getting the Warren newspaper.  Warren Hi is starting out great in football.  Barb's Dr's son plays QB & he is really good.  Also Ditka's nephew is on the team & he runs well for yardage.  David D's mom is a classmate of Barb's.  Father has a good job at United.  Warren won by good margins beating both Oil City & Meadville so far.  Those teams are usually powerhouses.

You might notice in the paper Marcia Gustafson Garrison died, age 50.  Larry's class.  After a long illness.  She was just skin & bones.  Parents:  the Don Gustafsons.  Siblings Susan G. Kiser & Don & David brothers.

The pastor in Sheffield-Ludlow parish is leaving after 4 years.  They really like him.  His wife is also a pastsor in some small nearby town.  They will be morning to Va. & both will be associate pastors in a large congregation.  Ray Forstrom will be interim pastor so he won't preach at St. Paul anymore.

I'd better get busy & get dressed so more later.

Thurs. the 12th.

Warren Hollertz called yesterday to tell me Anna had a heart attack last week.  Early A.M. hours.  She fainted & Warren wanted to call 911 but Anna said it's just the flu.  But when she couldn't sit up along for a drink of water, Warren called 911.  The EMT worked for 1 1/2 hours to stabilize Anna & then took her to Du Bois as that hospital is connected with Pittsburgh heart doctors.  She is home now -- she had the balloon method to clear a clogged artery & might have to have it again for another artery.  The end of the month she starts a heart exercise series at the hospital.  Warren leaves today for the wedding in Worcester & will be back on Sunday.  No trip to Florida but they hope to go to January.  I'm sure they are in for a changed life style.

Kim is happy with her school experience except for one 8th grade boy who is in 8th grade for the 3rd time, is 17 years old & could care less about lessons.  But he said he'll be 18 the 20th of Sept. & then he can quit school.  I'm sure the teachers won't miss him.

I finally got Dale to sign a card for Andy & mailed it this afternoon at the post office so he might not get it til Monday.  Returned 2 library books & got 2 more.

Your letter arrived today with Eddie's pictures.  They are so good & in the frame already.

The high school is really something   How nice to have the sports area they have.  You are fortunate to be in a growing area with so many activities to draw upon.  You shouldn't have any trouble being Library Director until you retire.

The train situation is something.  How could they go into debt so fast.  Poor management, I guess.

Carey's are home from Florida.  Talked a bit with Mr. C. when I came home from the P.O.  Mary Ann is doing more & feeling fine as a result of her operation.  No back pain anymore.

It's a gorgeous day -- on the cool side and a deep blue sky.  I'll take this any day over 90 heat.

Bert had to get a new portable dishwasher. Hers was leaking & it would be costly to repair.  The old was so dirty.  Sunday nite Lar & Kim plus 2 other couples are invited for Sunday nite supper.  Bert wanted Barb to come but she refused.  Like me she's doesn't like being "odd" man out!  Barb will work Saturday getting the house in order & have tomorrow A.M. off.  After I get my hair done, we'll go to Jamestown so we can be back before 3 pm when she picks Scott up from school.  He stays for lunch at school & then Barb picks him up & stays til 4:30.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Lar & Kim were over last nite -- I like Wed. night as it gives me Thurs. off before I get my hair done on Fri.  But we'll go back to Thurs. in a few weeks.  So far this A.M. I've changed my bed & started a load of wash.  Dale won't be home for lunch -- pizza lunch meeting they have monthly -- so I might walk over town after the Schwan Man comes.  Another prescription needs to be filled.  I miss D & K as there is no place to browse.  The owner of the Market St. Cafe bo't the bldg. but didn't announce any plans.  At least part of the rumor came true.

We were suppose to meet the "gang" last Fri. but Ted. B. had a funeral; Ted S (Ohio) wasn't feeling well so no get-together.  Fri. A.M. the phone rang & it was Warren saying how about lunch -- we'll come to Warren.  We went to "The Cafe" & they really enjoyed it & we were there from 12:20-2:45 & we did a lot of talking.  It was fun.  They had been to Pittsburgh to see "mama Mia" which they loved & didn't get home until 2:30 A.M.  In Sept. they go to Fla. for their family get together at Disney World.  Karen has a time share apt. there.  Later in the month they go to Worcester, Ma.  He'll perform a wedding for a relative's daughter.  In a Congregational church whose pastor left.  We make plants to get together Sept. 30.

In yesterday's USA Today there is an interesting article by a rabbi "Clergy's Ego Can Undermine Faith".  He mentions the decline of interest in the church.  In the 70's organized religion was ranked higher by the public than any other institution.  A recent Gallup Survey that people who had either "very much" or "quite a lot" of confidence in religion fell from 60% to 45%.  One dissatisfied congregant express to me, "We assume you have all the answers that we don't have."  He was surprised & answered "Being human, too, I don't' have all the answers, but here are some routes I have taken in looking for them & maybe you can try them, too."  Clergy has doubts as well & people forget that.  My comment.  He said clergy should put aside robes & collars, etc & engage members in discussion on everyday matters we all enjoy such as sports & entertainment.  That is the point of this.  The 2 Teds are retired & when we are together they should forget their self importance & enjoy the day talking, joking & having a change of pace.  AMEN!!!

I'm anxious to hear how the boys like their new schools, etc.  Isn't it fun being a parent -- the escapades & all.

The Schwan Man just came.  I noticed they had brats & decided to try them.  They have a recipe:  Brats Bake using hash browns, sauerkraut, brown sugar & brats cut 1" pieces.  Sounds interesting.  Also how to broil or pan fry.  There aer new to me.  I tired some once but I hope these will be tastier.

Nyla Thelin Luvison died Mon.  She was born April 9, 1957, one day before Dale.  So sad.  Leaves a husband & 2 daughters.

This Fri. & Sat. are Warren's Sidewalk Days.  I notice it is Thurs & Fri. this year so maybe I can see things this aft.  I'm ready to read again so I'll go to the library.

We've been watching & enjoying tennis on TV.

We haven't gotten to Grove City Outlet yet, but we hope to in Oct.  Bert will be going to NYC in Oct. so it will be easier to get away.  We'll go on a Mon.  Barb is a little concerned driving on 80 but she can do it.  She's a good driver until she gets behind someone going 35 mph on the way to the Mall via Conewango.  It upsets Dale when he gets behind a poky driver on the way home from work.  This is the fast generation.

It was nice walking to CVS & the library.  Got another book by Catherine Coulter & a new author that looked interesting.  Love & Money by Ruth Harris.

I heard on the radio that the Conewango Club plans to finish the first & second floors but not the 3rd floor.  Will put on a domed roof -- I think I heard that.  Kitchen in basement, library rooms & eating on 1st floor as befitting a men's club & the ballroom on the 2nd floor.  Will rebuild both front & side porches with pillars.  The ballroom gets a lot of use for wedding, etc. dances.  Maybe they get it air conditioned.  Larry & Kim have been there for hi school reunions & it's been very warm.

Soon, I hope, I'll be sending you an early birthday gift Paul.  I've had it for awhile.  Something I saw that you might like -- I hope.  That's all I'll say.