Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday, December 23, 2000

I'll start a letter & keep adding to it.  We are having COLD weather but I still walked to get my hair done.  My new jacket keeps me warm & I use the hood to keep the breezes out of my neck.

Yesterday they had their pot luck lunch at Shults & Dale has to bring rolls -- I made 70 of them.  He took 40, Barb put 4 on a tray she made for Lynn & Bob, I I bro't 2 each plus a few cookies to the 5 when I get my hair done.  They are all so nice & friendly.  The few left went into the freezer.  I made several kind of cookies.  Barb wanted to give something to Lynn & she has "everything" so I suggested a cooky tray.  Barb found a Christmas plate at Bon Ton 1/2 half price & it is so pretty.  So she made up a plate.  Lynn doesn't make cookies -- maybe some from Pillsbury mix, & Scott loves "Torey cookies" & others so I knew a cooky plate would go over with Scott and Bob.

Your pkg. arrived on Thurs.  Imagine it -- Dale has his packages wrapped & under the tree.  He is on the ball this year.

He got a Bush desk for his computer thru a fellow at work.  His wife works at the factory & got it cheaper thru her.  Now he has to put it together & figure out how to rearrange his room to fit it in.  It is 70" long.  The pieces look nice.  T hey said to assembly all the pieces on the floor & work from there.  Should take about 4 hours to assemble it.

Christmas Eve day Lar & Kim always go to Moran's around 4 pm.  It is "Young" Bob's 49th birthday.  Then they come here & we'll eat between 6:30-7 pm.  Saw a recipe for an egg nog pie & will try it, using egg nog from the store.  Before the egg (raw) deal I used to make it & I love it.  Commercial should be just as good.  Plan to make the strawberry salad & want to make dinner rolls so I'd better get started.

2:10 Sat.  I'm ready to sit awhile.  Tonite we're having soup for supper so got it started.  Made dinner rolls & a coffee bread.  Made my crust for my 1 crust Egg Nog Pie.  Uses Knox gelatin.  Have the pecan pie in the oven.  We can have that tonite -- with 21 pies & Kim not eating dessert there will be plenty of pie -- plus cookies & candy.

Dale rigged up a remote control for the Christmas tree.  Works great.

Barb & I got Dale a bedside table & Kim got a lamp for it.  Now I wonder if there will be room for it when the computer is there.  Think I told you Dale got 2 lamps but they are smaller & wouldn't work as well for reading.   Kim wondered about another lamp but it can always be used.  Kim is here.  More later.

Kim had a hair cut today & the man who does it (Beauty Shop - Jamestown) is always after her to have her hair straightened ($125.00).  She told him my husband would never pay for it.  His daughter straightened her hair as a gift -- just to try it out.  She didn't like it -- Lar came & he tho't it was nice until he heard how much it cost.  Then he liked the natural better.  Kim invited us over next Thurs. for dinner.  We haven't seen the new floor or rug.  I like the idea of having someone else make the meal.

Thanks for the pictures of the boys' rooms.  They look very nice.

Yes, I used to use the rubber rings on rugs but they never worked that good.  Don't they have a spray to put on rugs so they don't slip & slide.  You might find rings during canning season.

Had a card from Gerald & Darla.  Gerald wrote a note  -- He was 60 in 2000 & retired from his civil service job.  They are thinking of building a home at the lake-- Spread Eagle -- next year.  It would be a drastic change for Darla after living all her life in Texas.

Barb didn't like how she looked on the Christmas card but I think it was a nice family card.

In Ruth's card she said something about Joan having brain surgery & she is doing OK.  Will soon be going back to work starting with 1/2 days.  Joan has had more bad luck.

Heard from Gen today & she isn't ready.  They go to Edith's for Christmas Eve & to Gen & Ed's Christmas Day.  Ed got a beautiful Christmas tree (not real, naturally) when he retired but they don't put it up & if they do, it's put up for Christmas Eve & taken down the day after Christmas.  How can we be so different -- Gen & I.

Mon Tues A.M., Dec. 26.

I knew I'd get mixed up with a holiday on Mon.  Usually clean upstairs on Tues. but I'm taking it easy today.  Barb goes to Bert's today but in the aft.  We'll go to the mall & grocery shopping.  Hoping to find some plastic containers to store Christmas wrap & such.  They are advertised at KMart so we should find some.

"Santa" was very good to all of us.  Lar & Kim got us a white microwave.  But it was damaged on one side.  Kim & neighbor Lois are leaving about now 7:30 AM for Jamestown to find bargains -- Christmas wrap, etc.  Andy they will return the micro which they bo't at Sam's Club.

What pleased me most was Dale.  He has found shopping is fun esp. at Big Lot.  He picked up extra little gifts & wrapped them.  Even Begon Strips for Torey.  Maybe I can ease him into his own shopping.

Barb & I got him a night stand & Kim found a lamp. Then we wondered if it would fit in but he put it by his bed & it looks nice.  He put the computer on the side wall facing Conewango.  Moved one speaker nearer the stereo & the sound is much improved.  He wishes he could crank it up to really hear the sound.  His room looks so nice.

Now he needs to learn about the computer.  Instead of Lar & Kim coming here on Thurs, we are invited over there.  Barb & I haven't seen the new floor or the new rung.  We'll enjoy that.  A little repeat!

Everyone was pleased with their gifts.  Dale really liked the D. Earnhardt shirt -- he liked the V neck style.  Both Lar & Dale were reading their books.

Mealwise I got it right with easy meals.   Pork loin that is always tender & needs only 3/4 hr. to bake.  Christmas Day I had beef loin & that is easy to prepare as well as the trimmings.  Oven baked pot. with beef & they were good.

Lar gave Kim cross country skis & she opened them early so they could ski Sun. aft.  Kim told Barb she could have her old ones.  Barb has some but they stick no matter how she waxes them. She'll take them.

Better bring this to an end.  We all had a very nice Christmas and know you did with the boys.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunday, December 17, 2000

We had rain during the night and this AM most of the snow was gone & temp. 45.  During the day the temp started going down & now -- 7:05 pm it is trying to snow & we have a strong wind.

Was lazy & ordered pizza for supper.  Have my Christmas Eve & Christmas breakfast & dinner planned but find it hard to plan for the other days in the week.

In church 5 high school girls played the prelude & offertory on clarinet & tenor sax.  They played Christmas carols & it was a good job.

I think Larue & Marie Whipple were were in your class, Paul.  Marie & 2 daughters are members but not her husband.  He was in church with her today as the 2 daughters played the clarinet.  Maybe he will become interested.  They live on Verbeck.

Because of weather they have already lost 2 days of school due to the roads.   Either slippery or too much blown snow in the outskirts of the county.

Got a card from cousin Larry & Debbie.  Shows a picture of their 3 children.  Nice looking kids.   Planned to call Millie last nite but got interested in a library book, so I'll do it tonite.  I call her every once in awhile.  Call Gen oftener.

I took time out to call Millie.  She started a cold & took it easy today & would go to bed early, so I'm glad I called early.  She has her family Christmas Eve but she is ready.  Gifts wrapped & meal planned.  They eat at 1 pm so that makes for a busy morning.

The 4 new channels are on already but they are still advertised for the 18th, Mon.  I'm already enjoying the Food Channel & Barb likes Fox Sports Channel as then she see Pittsburgh Penguins.  She's happy Mario Lamioux (sp) is returning as a player-owner.  Lot of tickets were sold after that announcement.

Millie received your Christmas Card & liked the picture.  I'm anxious to see it!

Millie said Gen is slipping.  It's hard for her to plan & get a meal ready on time for company.  She always wants to invite Frank & he is so hard to handle as he needs so much help -- is heavy & won't help himself.  So she won't invite him anymore.  It's too upsetting & he wants to eat as soon as he gets there & then wants to leave. It's hard for him to eat & not anything you want at a dinner but still Gen felt she had to invite him.  I find it hard to believe she can be such a great office manager & such a poor home manger.  I'm the opposite!!

Christmas Eve we'll have pork loin roast.  I'm not good on Swedish food.  One the food channel today, they presented different types of holiday celebrations.  One was a dessert from a Southern home.  They made a dessert -- pound cake & I wrote down the recipe.  Put a custard sauce over it & a dollop of whipped cream.  Looked so good & hot hard to prepare.  I might try it.

Christmas Day I plan to have a beef loin roast.  Plan to try a new recipe -- a maple pecan pie.  Calls for 1 c. maple syrup.  Sounds good to me.

Dale gets a turkey from work & thought I'd have that New Years Day.  He also got a $400.00 bonus.  Last year was $700.00.  He's been shopping again.  Bot 2 lamps with Tiffany like shades.  Made in China.  Very pretty.  Where he'll use them, I don't know.  His "hope chest"!

Mon A.M.

Barb wants to go to the mall t his aft. so I'll get to mail this.  Also want to get a card off to Elsie Yaegle who had thyroid surgery last week.

I know your Christmas will be wonderful.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saturday, December 9, 2000

Got your letter today & the pictures are good.  I like the 5 of us on the davenport.  The ones of the homes are beautiful.

I'm watching the bio of Stephen King on A&E & it is very interesting.

Barb & I went to Jamestown today but I couldn't find the shirt or hats the boys wanted.  Ron Dane for Andy & a Mets cap for Eddie.  I'll keep on looking but Western N.Y. is Buffalo country.  But I did find something I hope Andy will like.

I have the gifts all wrapped & ready to mail on Monday.  One is a birthday gift for Eddie.

We put our tree up -- Dale set i up last nite -- and we decorated it today.  It is beautiful.  Very full & well formed.  We also have the porch lit up so it is "Christmasy" around here.  Now I have to warp gifts for this part of the family.

Haven't done any baking yet.  I do have some of my Christmas things around but not completely finished.  Most of my Christmas cards are on the way except for the local cards & Gen & Millie.  Need to write a letter for their cards.

Dale's computer came earlier this week.  But he needs a desk and he is getting the telephone line ready.  There is a connection in my bedroom & he can work from there.

When we were in one store today, I heard someone say "Hi Mom".  It was Kim & her neighbor Lois checking out.  She will have her pkg. to Wi. ready to mail on Mon.

I've enjoyed Stephen King bio but don't think I'd like his books.

Did you notice the ad in the paper for the new Blair home by Lar & Kim's place.  Over $800,000.00.  I cut it out to send to Ed & Gen.  The description is fabulous.  Marble floors, etc.  Guess they reached too high but who will buy it?

On Mon. Barb will take me to the post office on her way to work.  I'll go to the library & get some books.  Maybe that's a bad idea as once I get into a book it is hard to put it down.  I'll have to tell myself "First things first".

Had a card from friends in Auburn.  They celebrated their 50th anniversary in Sept so that must have been one of Dad's last wedding before we left Auburn.  It was a wedding you knew would last.  It was a fine family with 5 children.  Real good members.  When we were in Auburn for an anniversary of the church, long, long ago, we were to the young couple's home along with her parents & siblings.  Her sister was married to a state rep. so they were into politics.  I'm sure they are retired also.  Nice to have memories.

I'll add a little more this Sun. (10th) evening.  Dinner is over, dishwasher going & I'm resting, watching TV, have the tree lights on so I'll finish this & mail it Mon. when I go to the post office.

Have my gifts wrapped & need to put bows on them but that will be tomorrow.  Can't put too many gifts under the tree as we need a space to water the tree.  They'll be around the L.R. & D.R.

I hope to try that Thumbprint cooky from Ladies Home Journal.  Got a recipe form Kim last Christmas.  It has peanut butter, butter & powdered sugar.  Form into balls & chill.  Th en you dip them in melted choc.  They are very good.  More like a candy & pretty on a cooky platter.  Maybe I"ll start on Wed.

On the front page of Warren's newspaper they show snapshots taken by Warrenites.  I was thinking the one of the 5th Ave. bridge would be a good one to sen in.  I love the picture of Trey watching you cut the turkey & hoping for a taste.

Holder's house has been sold, Pat who bo't it a few years ago decided it was larger than she needed.  Haven't heard who the new neighbors will be.

Watching TV is taking over so I'll close with love to all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday, November 26, 2000

After you left, I put dishes in the dishwasher, etc., made my Sun. A.M. breakfast of a boiled egg & toast.   Then a shower.  Upstairs to start dressing.  Made up my bed & the put all the extra blankets & such on my bed.  Put the towels in the washer & dryer before church & started another load.  After church I came home to see the towels all folded & started a 3rd load.  After some lunch I started in putting things away & at 3 pm all is put away & my bed is cleared.  Now I'm at the kitchen table writing & having a cup of coffee.

By now you are closer to home & I know you'll be glad to get all unpacked & back to your normal schedule.  It was so good to have you here for Thanksgiving.  Thank you again for the wine, popcorn, & the glass turkey.

I'll be calling tonite to tell you we have Andy's glasses & a glove.  Still haven't found the remote control but I'm sure it will turn up.

We haven't had too much rain today but I did need an umbrella walking to church.  I took the name of a 9 year old boy (Salvation Army) & he wants electronic toys or music CD.  That shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.  Barb suggested we get the CD Andy wants.  So my shopping is extended.

Dale vacuumed for me & he also cleaned out where the videos, etc. are kept.  There is a golf game -- electronic -- I'll send for Andy.  Also a baseball video -- read by Ken Burns & Andy might be interested in it.

I wish it was a nice day, weatherwise, as then I could walk to CVS.  Instead I'll watch the Skins golf.

Pretty soon I'll start listening to our Christmas CDs.

Dale found an old remote control & the sheet on how to set it.  The first numbers he tired worked so we have a Sony remote control & I won't have to get up to change channels.  How spoiled we are!

Barb said JoAnna wanted the cooky recipes from Ladies Home Journal so I'm sending them.  I looked them over & decided to copy the Angel Thumbprints.  It sounds so good so I'll try them, but it makes a large amount of cookies -- 6 1/2 doz.  Maybe I'll halve the recipe.

The section to move the CD in & out didn't work -- you had to pull at it -- so Dale fixed it.  A spring was too tight & the oil had hardened.  It woks fine now.  I'll want to play Christmas CDs soon.

Mon nite.  I'll bring this to a close as Tues. I plan to go to the bank & have bills to mail so I'll get this off.

Was great to have you all here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday, November 12, 2000

Kim's friend said she wouldn't mind having the twin mattress & spring that we had for Dad.  She is the one who bought a house last summer & wanted to paint the room first.   Tonite Lar & Dale brought it over.  Then Dale decided to straighten up where the mattress was.  H e has gotten rid of the old junk but a lot more is left up there.  More power to him -- just so I don't have to do it.  Sat. Lar & Dale took the old refrigerator out of the basement & to the junk yard -- someone who takes care of old refrig, stoves, cars, etc.  Now he has a new shelf in it place to store his stuff.  How could I be so lucky to have "kids" who like to clean & put things in order.

Last Fri. Barb & I went to Erie driving in the rain & it continued all day.  We were successful in our purchases.  Barb wanted to eat lunch at The Olive Garden but it meant crossing the street in a lot of traffic.  So we decided to eat at The Fox & Hounds -- a pub.  It is close to the mall, on the same side & easy to get to.  We enjoyed it a lot.  A new place -- we had fish & chips & they were very good.  Even the coffee was excellent -- not bitter taste.  In the rest room was a "spout" containing mouth wash & paper cups to use.  I suppose for those who have a cocktail lunch but don't want the alcohol breath.  Never have seen that, but then I'm not in many pubs!

What are you doing for your back.  Don't neglect it!!

Wed A.M. the 15th

I'd better finish this or you'll be here before the letter arrives.

We awoke to show flakes this A.M.  A wet snow.  Flurries are predicted the rest of the week.  Just hope the weather will be OK for your travel.

Did I say I have a 20 lb. turkey in the freezer.  A Butterball.  That should be enough for sandwiches on Fri.  Bon Ton is having lots of coupon sales.  Practically every weekend now.

Barb has been painting Bert's bedroom while she is in NYC and is about finished.  She said it looks nice.  Bert will be back for Thanksgiving.

Dale said they get their new uniforms for work today.  He was late coming home Mon nite.  Reason:  stayed to clean up & put all the transmission tools near his working area.  Found some tools he didn't realize they had.  He's working on a truck whose transmission was ruined plus other things by carelessness.  Cost $10,000.  Insurance will pay but then this fellow will be dropped as he's taken advantage of the ins. co.  Dale says the trans- fluid is suppose to be thin & this was very thick.  And nit isn't an old truck.  Dale doesn't appreciate people who don't take care of their vehicles.  Kim gets irritated if people don't take proper care of their animals, esp. dogs.  Leaving them out in zero weather, hitting them, etc.  I'm sure we all feel that way.  Torey gets more love than neglected kids.  That's life, I guess.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday, November 5, 2000

I was tired last nite so it was "early to bed & early to rise" & the house is quiet & I'm set for church except to get into my dress.

Got my Thanksgiving cards for "the sisters" & started writing notes.  4 on Carl's side & 2 on my side.

Kim is afraid the teachers will strike & to make up the days they will lose all their holidays & she doesn't like that.  I hope they ca work it out.  In my memory there has been at least one strike.

On Halloween 2 interesting things happened.  I cleaned the bathroom on Tues. & keep my bucket on the attic stairs.  When I went to fill the bucket there was another bat.  I dropped everything, closed the door & quit working.  No one was home so when Dale came for lunch he took care of it.

Just before lunch the doorbell rang (I was glad I had showered & was presentable) & when I answered there were 3 persons in costume & I only expected 2 so for a minute I was at a loss for words.  It was Sheila & Sue with Sue's boyfriend. (Don't know what happened to her husband.)   Their get up was so good.  Barb took pictures so yesterday when I walked over town I gave them each a picture.  They came out so good & clear.  It was the last picture on the film & that aft. we went to the Mall & she dropped them at KMart & they were ready on Fri.  The pictures at the Dam came out so clear & nice.  She only wished a couple were closer up but she wanted the background.  She plans to send some.  She, meaning Barb.

Yesterday I went into D&K to get some Christmas wrapping.  This one clerk recognizes me & I said I wanted wrap so when my soon comes at Thanksgiving they can take some gifts back.  She wondered if there were grandchildren & when I said yes, she said we have some nice clothes for children, trying to be helpful.  I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I said I'll look next time I'm in.  But I can't imagine Andy wanting anything from D&K to wear.  Or Eddie, either.

Saw Mrs. Africa recently & she raved about the driveway.  Thinks it's wonderful.

Now it's afternoon & I'm watching golf on TV.

Yesterday I had a turkey roast so today we're having left overs.  Easy meal.

Yesterday Dale went to Frewsburg to see his friend & on the way he got a flat tire.  On the El Camino.  He changed the tire himself.  Today he cleaned it up & back to the garage it goes.  So he'll drive the Blazer.  He'll get new tires..

The refrig. in the basement won't work so Dale plans to get rid of it.  In its place he'll put a new set of shelves he bought.  We have an attic & a basement & still the space is filled.  Lots of junk.

This aft. Kim was going to tag several Christmas trees.  She'll tag one of us so we'll have a real tree again.  Plan to put in the area by the L.R. mirror.  Reason:  when it was by the stairs I couldn't sit & watch TV & see the tree at the same tie.  Now when I sit in my chair I can see both.  Just have to move the rocking chair.  I like to see the lights.

Upstairs Barb is clapping so Buff must be doing OK.  Now it's a tie & overtime.  They won.

Warren Hollertz called last week.  The group will get together Mon. Nov 20 at noon.  Someplace outside of Youngsville & they'll pick me up.  They had visited their son in Hartford & just came home from a visit in Ohio to their middle daughter.  They get around.  He said their anniversary was great.  Will be nice to see everyone again.

We still plan to go to Erie next Fri.  On Sat. I'll get a permanent.  I really need one -- my hair is getting long & straggly.

Just had a nice visit with Gen on the telephone.  It was my turn to call.  Ed answered the phone & he wondered about the Mets.  He always has to tease me.  But I got him back telling him the Mets did better than Boston by reading the World Series.

We're suppose to have showers in Tues.  Hope they aren't bad ones.  I like to vote in the A.M. & walk to Calvary Baptist church to vote.  Then at 4 I see the Dr.

Guess I've covered all the news here.  Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunday, October 29, 2000

It's your birthday, Paul -- wish we were closer to help you celebrate.

Arlene H. was in church today.  John brought her home for the weekend.  John said he doesn't remember too many people anymore but he said I look the same so he knows me.  She mentioned the church Julie's family go to has a black pastor & Arlene likes him a lot.

Talked to Rose this week.  Think I wrote Karen had surgery.  Well Kim saw Karen's close friend & it was plastic surgery -- on stomach, arms & what else I don't know.  They took another mortgage on the house to pay for it.  Insurance wouldn't.  Reminds me of the song "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets."  Substitute Karen's name.

The torn up lawn is now seeded &^ the edges filled in & seeded, thanks to Larry.  It was so nice to see the 2 cars parked side by side in front of the garage doors.  2 more projects -- new sidewalk & roof.  Time will tell when they get done.  Altho next spring they want to put a brick walk in front of the garage to the back door.  Now the bricks are a little higher & they want it level.  Plenty of brick left for the project.

Should write to Ruth but seeing there is only a little over 3 weeks til Thanksgiving, I'll look for Thanksgiving cards & write then.

Sent an order to L. L. Bean yesterday.  There was a sweater, at a price I could afford, Barb wanted.  But it was sold out.  Lar saw a couple of flannel shirts he liked so some more shopping of gifts was accomplished.  Got my Christmas Club check on Fri. & will cash it tomorrow.  Have to go to PNC bank to get money for monthly expenses.  Christmas Club check comes from Northwest.  $500.00.  Kim got hers also.

I made out a preparation plan for Thanksgiving.  Look for dust in corners -- make sure I know where my recipes are, cookies made, grocery list, etc.  I need it in front of me or I'm apt to forget something.

My mind's a blank so I'll stop & maybe more thoughts will come on what to write about.

You'll never guess what I just did.  I'd gotten Christmas wrap on sale after Christmas so I wrapped the gifts I have for Paul & JoAnna.  Wanted to get them out of my room so I can straighten it up a bit.

Buff. & N.Y. J's are tied 20-20 & Buff has the ball with 1 min. to go.  Barb is at Johanson's & she must be on needles & pins. The Bills win 23-20.

Now I switched to golf.  Tiger is playing & that always makes it more interesting.

Last nite I made chicken & spaghetti but Barb didn't stay for dinner so Dale had her share for lunch.  So I'll be lazy & order pizza for Dale & me.  Dale went to the mall at Lakewood this aft.

Almost forgot.  Dale got a ceiling fan, 1/2 price, at KMart for the garage to move the warm air around.  He has another better kerosene stove that really heats the garage up.  Pretty complete now, with heat, fan & TV.

Kim had a busy weekend a week ago helping others & not leaving enough time for herself.  So when she came over yesterday I was surprised.  Fri. Lar said "there is nothing to snack on".  So Sat. A.M. Kim got up early to make cookies.  When she was getting an egg out of the fridge it slipped out of her hand.  Trying for another, it also slipped out of her hand, so she had a mess to clean up.  That didn't make her very happy.  Lar stopped by as he was going to rake leaves at Carey's.  So he had a couple of cookies.  I'll be making more of the peanut butter, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as Dale likes them. They are easy to make.

Sheila & Sue (beauty shop gals) don't work on Halloween but dress up & visit around.  They know a teacher at Jefferson so they are in the neighborhood and stop in to see me.  Plan to make cookies & give them each a bag.  They'll dress up as Cheetas -- wear black jeans & jacket.  The masks got 50.00 & they stick to the face.  Went to Fredonia to get them.  They also wear wigs.  They have fun & look good in their costumes.

I see Green Bay was defeated.  Pittsburgh won so Dale will be happy.

Careys are in Fla. for 2 weeks.  They found someone to stay with the dogs.

Tues. Oct. 30.

I'm glad to sit down -- it's been a busy day for me.  Up at 6 am.  After breakfast & reading the paper, I went upstairs & took care of my room.  On Mon. I change Dale's sheets.  Did my washing, made my cooky dough & put it in the fridge.  About 9:15, I walked to the post office for stamps, to PNC Bank to cash my check for Nov. exp.  Then went across the st. & cashed my Christmas Club check.  We've been talking that I should get a C.D. and I asked about it at the bank (Northwest) & put $10,000.00 into a 14 mo. cert. of deposit at PNC.  It is one dad started with $10,000.00 when he was well.  Overheard Mr. Gustafson tell someone C.D.s were the best way for older people.  That spurred me on to do something.  Should make use of my money.  The int will go into the C.D.  Dad had the int. go into his checking account.  The pension & S.S. take care of current expenses.  What is in the checking account is for taxes & any improvements.  I guess one could say I'm doing OK.

Also dusted downstairs, an easy job.  Baked & frosted the cookies.  Fixed supper, cleaned up & now I'm resting & watching TV.  TLC "Code Blue". So I've had a full day for me.

Enjoyed talking with Paul & the boys on Sun.  Eddie made me smile when I asked him if his homework was finished.  He told me he didn't like personal questions!  I'm still smiling.  Am anxious to see Andy again & how he has grown.  Great to have 2 wonderful grandsons.  See you soon.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunday, October 22, 2000

I've been watching golf on TV.  The Internationals against the Americans & the Americans win.

Last nite I watched baseball until the 11th inning & went to bed.  The Mets had a chance to win but it didn't happen.  A good game, tho.  don't know how long I'll stay up tonite as this will be Dale's early week.  Starting Mon. Barb will be staying at Lynn's while they are in Fla.  She won't be there all the time -- will be at Bert's mornings & we'll go to the mall, etc.  And groceries.

The driveway is finished & now they must do the lawn.  Lar said Dale should seal it & he will do that this week as the weather should be nice the first of the week.  It's beautiful.

Barb is upstairs switching the TV between Buffalo & golf.  And Buff. is winning over Minn.  Flutie is Z.B. & doing a great job.  She is happy.

Back to the driveway, several people have commented favorably on it.  In church today Mr. Gustafson (up the st.) said it is so nice.  They did a great job, Lar & Dale, and it wasn't an easy one.

When you called yesterday (Sat A.M.) I was surprised.  Had rolls in the oven & a pan ready to come out.  Later on when I thought about it, I couldn't remember silver or gold.  So I plan to call tonite to find out as tomorrow we'll go to the mall.  Does that surprise you.

Yesterday I sent your birthday gift.  It will probably arrive before this letter does.

Have to do some baking this week -- the cooky jars are empty.

It cost about $2,500.00 to fix the driveway.  Imagine what labor would have been if it had been a hired job.  Dale would have been happy to see it changed as he always talked about fixing it.  I have the money to do it, with Lar & Dale's work, because the years Dad was sick, we didn't do anything so didn't use money for travels, eating out, etc.  Dad never needed new clothes so it all made a big difference.

Dale went to KMart & got 2 front porch lamps on sale.  The ones that are by the front door.  He doesn't like their looks & had said he'd get new ones.  These are brass.

Dale did a transmission job on a van for an older man. He came back & said it made a noise.  So Dale went out with him to drive it.  He told the man he was doing something too fast & the electronics wouldn't work right & it made a noise.  The man said you don't need to tell me how to drive.  Sam drove it & it was OK & the service manager drove it & said it's OK.  It was how he drove it.

Fri. the 27th.  I have a Dr. appt.  Last week I had a blood test & that was the day we went to Jamestown.

Mon.  I had a card from Gen & Lila & a note from Gen.  She gave me Charles & Sandy (I think that's her name) new address.  Mentioned they would have an Open House & the Paul Nelsons would be invited.  Also Lila wonders when she should pay her rent & Gen tells her the house is hers.  No rent to pay.  Never knows what day it is.  Must be hard on Gen.  She does all the cleaning, meals, etc.

Lar sealed the bricks today.  Dale parked on it last nite.  Can't use it for 48 hrs. & they might put a 2nd coat on it.  It's so nice & spacious.

We went to the Mall & I spent my birthday certificate at Bon Ton.  I got a winter jacket -- a slate blue.  It's nice.  Used a 20% off coupon also.  So I used it for myself.  Kim said she'd never speak to me if I used birthday money for other than me.  I wouldn't want that.

We've had supper -- Barb & me -- Dale went back to work when he saw Lar did the sealing of the bricks. Barb left for Johanson's.  I'll finish this & write to Millie.  Also did a little more Christmas shopping.  Each month I saw 50.00 plus a Christmas Club which should be coming soon.  So having cash on hand has allowed me to start Christmas shopping.  Next comes the wrapping.

Hope the Mets do better when they are at Shea Stadium.  They've tried but no good so far.  They have to win a game or 2.  Yankees can't do it in 4 games like they did to Atlanta!!

P.S.  Here it is Wed A.M -- 8:20.

What about those Mets.  They finally won a game.  I stayed up til 11:30 pm & the game was tied.  Dozed a bit & got up at 12:30 A.M. to see the score.  4-2 Mets so I missed the exciting part.  Then I couldn't get to sleep & this is Dale's early week.  But I finally did but I'll have to nap today if I want to stay up past 10 om.  The Mets got hot in the 8th & 9th innings..

Barb said one of the cats scratched on the bedroom door so she finally shut him or her up downstairs.  This was about 2 A.M. so she didn't get much sleep.

I had a card yesterday from Pam Bonace Lyle.  The note said she just heard I had reached 80.  (News travels.)  She also said she had good memories being in our home with Barb.  I was surprised-- a nice surprise.

Plan to mail this before they pick up at 1:30 p.m.  And must get the dusting & vacuuming done.

Dale put up the new lights he bo't.  They look very nice.  I suggested the outside of the front door needs a paint job. He'll do it sometime.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday, October 15, 2000

I'm in my nighty watching the Mets.  Was watching Yankees at Seattle & Seattle won.

Thanks to Paul & Eddie for a wonderful weekend.  A great start to the decade of the 80's.  Red roses form Eddie & Paul.  The second time in my life I received red roses.  Our dinner Sat. nite was so delicious.  And I'm so lucky to have such great children, daughters-in-law & grandsons.  We enjoyed Eddie so much -- to see how he has grown & he is fun to be with.

I took it easy this afternoon -- even a little nap.  For supper we had left overs.

Gen called this afternoon to wish me Happy Birthday.  I told her all about our weekend.  She was going to call Millie & tell her what I told her.  Plan to write to both of them.

In church today I told Rose I would visit her either this week or next.  It's been a long time since her operation, I should be ashamed I've put it off so long.

I'm excited the Met are hitting the ball & getting some runs.  Timo Perez is such an exciting player.  He won't be going down to the minors after his good showing.

This afternoon I started to make plans for Thanksgiving.  I'm to the stage where it is better or me to have my plans & recipes on hand so I know what I'm doing.  It's fun to make plans.

We might go to the mall on Mon. & get Eddie's Christmas present.  The 3 of us will go in on it so he'll get what he wants.

We'll go to Jamestown on Wed.  And also I have to get a blood test for several things & have to fast.  So I like to get there early in the A.M.  Usually I just need it for thyroid or whatever!  Then I don't have to fast.

I'm eating a Klondike bar -- one of the two in the freezer.  I never remember to check for them when we were at home.  I'll have some at Thanksgiving.

Barb made $82.00 at Lynn's rummage sale.  Lynn made $600.00 at the 2nd sale.  Barb's money will go for her new bed.  Plus we got ride of some things just taking up space.

Don't forget we need suggestions for the boys.

Mon. Oct 16

Paul, noticed you left your "Stepping Stones" here.  You can get it at Thanksgiving, unless you want it earlier.   Historical Soc. issue.

This aft. we went shopping at KMart & got someone's Christmas gift.  He will be a happy guy.  It will be from the 3 of us.

In Brand Names catalog, noticed that the Game Boy that Eddie wants doesn't come our until Oct. 30.

Last nite I watched all of the Mets game so it was after 11 pm when I got to bed.  And then I couldn't get to sleep.  Too much Met excitement.  So again I'm ready for bed & watching TV.  The baseball game isn't on yet & I don't know how long I can stay awake.  Dozed off once already.

Larry was over for a little while late this morning to put more rock, I mean blocks, no bricks, in.  He also had to cut off some of the sidewalk on an angle to get the bricks in.  I hope it will soon be completed so it can be used.

Tues A.M. the 17th

The Mets won & are in the World Series.  Pinch me, am I dreaming.  It was close to midnite when I got to bed -- had to see a little of the celebrating.

But I was up before 7 -- a little before & have the bathroom cleaned 9:30 a.m. & gave my room "a lick & a promise'.  I'm enjoying a cup of coffee (bet you were glad to get home to your coffee, Paul) & resting a bit.  Next I have to take a shower.  Oh yes, I gave the kitchen floor a little swipe with the mop to get rid of Torey's drools.  They really make a spot.  Almost time for "Murder She Wrote" -- 10AM.

This A.M. paper stated they hired the present acting director.  That's good for the library -- they can go forward.

It was nice to talk to JoAnna & Andy on my birthday.  After seeing how Eddie has matured, we are anxious to see Andy in person.  There are so many changes at this time of life.  We look forward to seeing all of you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saturday, October 7, 2000

Thanks for your gift suggestions, JoAnna.  I like to know early as then I can watch the sales & the money goes further.

See by the TV that upper Michigan is getting snow & flurries are predicted for us.  Also Ill. is at Wisconsin & that should be a good game.  But I'll be watching the Mets & San Fran in NYC.  Need a divided screen but I'll do some switching around to keep up on the scores.  When I wrote this I forgot the St. L. & Atlanta came first.

We've had a rainy week & no work has been done on the driveway.  I'm not counting Mon. when Lar came over & got a start on the bricks.  It is going to look nice.  Hope it's done before Paul & Eddie get here.  It messed up the side lawn -- from Lar's tractor wheels & now the bricks are there.  They made the foundation really firm & the rain didn't harm it & drained right off.  Barb is able to park in the neighbor's driveway & Dale parks the Blazer on the st.

Next week is Dale's early week so he gets Sat. off so we can sleep in a little later.  But I still seem to wake up at the regular hour.  I won't get up tho.

Barb & I don't discuss politics as we are on opposite sides.  If she starts in I just listen -- religion & politics shouldn't be debated as neither side will give in willingly.

 We have an interesting situation here in county politics.  He was manager of Youngsville & to save money he let sludge into the Brokenstraw Creek (now &. got a big fine -- who saved money?) U& polluted water downstream.  There was a trial (he was a state senator) & he was convicted & spent 30 days in jail & is on home arrest.  He had to resign from the State Senate -- a Rep. -- & he let his name stay on the ballot & doesn't think he's done anything wrong.  A Rep. turned Independent is running against him & our Gov. is supporting this man. I'll vote for him.  But the "felon" still has supporters, including the local Rep. bigwigs but not the State Rep.  I don't think he'll get it.  I hope not.  He shows no remorse.  Maybe Paul has noticed the story in the Wrrn. papers.

Got the Bon Ton sale issue for next Thurs. & Fri. & they have some good sales.  Eddie, unless he has changed, isn't that interested in shopping, but maybe if I  bribe him to let him buy something, he will come.

I'm making veg. beef soup for supper & a bread pudding for me as the others don't like it.  I love it.  And I'm making (chilling now) sugar cookies as Torey had the last cooky last week.  He won't like me if I don't have his cookies on hand.  (What a spoiled dog -- we all spoil him.)

Interesting what is happening in Yugoslavia.  Hope other won't be bloodshed in the change of leadership.

It looks like the Braves are getting beat.  3 more outs & it's over.  I'm happy but Andy is sad.  Now I'm beginning to think St. Louis could beat the Giants.  I don't think the Mets can beat the Giants.  I don't think the Mets can beat the Giants.  I hope Seattle represents the A.L. in the World Series.

This is Warren Hi Homecoming weekend & Kim's cousin from Atlanta is here and a bunch of them are staying at the Holiday Inn.  It is also Sheffield's homecoming & Kim had to be there.  So between her weekend duties she is busy.  Kim suggested they meet for a late breakfast so they can see each other.

She walked Torey over here for a little exercise & a cup of coffee.  She was able to read Paul's letter.  She is always interested in what you folks are doing.

We saw Sandy Koufax, former L.A. pitcher, at the Mets game as well as Seinfeld who is a Met fan.

Sun the 8th.

The Mets beat the Giants & I'm really surprised.  The 2 games at Shea Stadium were so good, esp. Bobby Jones' 1 hitter on Sun. & a shut out as well.

Mon the 9th.

We woke up this morning to snow flurries, but they didn't last, but it's still cold.  Should be nice by the end of the week.

Better get this ready for mailing.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday, September 29, 2000

Got your letter today.

The driveway is about half completed.  It is a big job, one Lar told Kim he wouldn't do for anyone but his mother.  The one who delivers the fill was late both yesterday & today.  He has a job at United & is on 2nd shift this week.  Now Lar is going for a final load & Dale is tamping it down with a rented machine.  So it won't get finished this week -- they'll get a start but will have to work on it after working hours -- laying the blocks, that is.

Kim has 2 aunts that try to run everyone's lives.  Her sister in Fla. isn't well & they are driving her crazy.  Yesterday Kim was a little late because her sister called to tell of the aunts continued interference.  At least her in-laws don't interfere with her on Larry.  We love both our daughters-in-law, & fell very fortunate you & Lar made such excellent choices.

We were talking about where we should go for my birthday dinner.  We don't want to go too far & there is nothing in Warren, so Kim suggested an Italian restaurant just as you enter Jamestown from Warren.  It is small but Kim said the food is good & they have a wide menu.  So that is where we'll go.  Kim & Lar have been there several times.

The Mets go in as the N.L. wild card.  But I'm hoping the Giants will go all the way as I'm sure the Mets won't.

Sat A.M. Sept. 30

This A.M. I walked overtown & went to D&K & found a few items I could use. It's fun to look around in that store.

This aft. I made a coffee cake & a batch of bar cookies.

Now I'm taking it easy.

Barb is going to ride her bike -- it's a lovely fall day.

The bricks for the driveway won't be delivered until Wed. Oct. 4th.  It should be done by the time Paul & Eddie come.  Times is flying by.

Sunday Oct 1.

Another lovely day so after lunch I walked to CVS for a few items.  It was good to exercise.

Last Fri. when Barb & I got home from a trip to the mall we noticed a Beaty girl was upset.  I asked her if I could help -- she wanted to use the telephone.  Her dad picks her up but she was a little late & she was in tears.  I heard her tell her mother she wasn't at her girlfriend's but an old lady who was nice but let her use the 'phone.  I'm an old lady but funny I don't feel like one!  They picked her up.

In today's Buffalo paper there is a cooky recipe that took top honors at Erie County Fair in Aug.  It contains choc. chips, oats, coconut & nuts in addition to sugar, flour, etc.  Also a small amount of cinnamon.  I plan to try it.  They said to use 1/4 c. dough for each cooky but I'll make them smaller.  T hey sound good.  We'll see.

I got another Sandra Brown book Fat Tuesday and it is so good.  Finished another M. C. Beaton book Death of an Addict featuring Hammish McBeth who solves the crimes in his bumbling ways.  They are fun reading.  The author has written 15 of these novels & I'm sure I've read them all.

When we were kids, I remember I didn't like Sun. afternoons as we couldn't play alike they do today.  We might take a walk or just sat & watched the cars go by.  Now I'm a widow & feel the same way.  Not much to do Sun. aft. so that's why I'll walk to CVS if it's nice weather.  Or read or do a puzzle.  I still don't like to work on Sun.  Guess it got ingrained in me or I'm lazy!  Probably the latter.

Mon Oct 2

They are unloading the bricks now & Lar is here.  I wrote out a check for $2,048.93 for them.  Still the bill for the fill to come so I'm lucky to get the labor free.

I made the cookies from the Buff. Sun. paper & they are very good.  Lar & Kim stopped by yesterday & I gave the recipe to Kim.  She said she'd leave out the coconut.  I felt the dough was very thick so I added 2 T water.  I've already had 3 & still 3 pm  coffee ahead!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, September 23, 2000

It is nice to hear that you & Eddie, Paul, will come for my 80th birthday.  It is hard to believe I will be 80.  Millie is 85 so maybe there are more years ahead for me.  I had a Dr. appt. for Fri. the 13th but I cancelled it & will go the 27th.  Don't care to spend the aft. at the Dr.'s office when you are here.  Maybe we can get to lunch at the Plaza.

Our get together luncheon date for the 25th is postponed.  Ted & Pat Benson are leaving Sun. to visit their daughter & new granddaughter.  Anna & Warren H. will still have company from their anniversary party.  They don't have a very nice day for it -- we've just had a hard shower & more are forecast.

I'm back to reading.  Stayed up last nite til 11:30 pm to finish The Alibi by Sandra Brown.  It was so good.  I've already read several of Anne Perry's novels but never the first one -- The Cater Street Hangman -- a Victorian novel.  It tells how the daughter of a middle class family falls in love with an Inspector policeman who is considered below her class.  They marry & she is a big help in solving the crimes in her novels concerning Insp. Pitt.  I've enjoyed reading them.

I have to put some of my summer clothes away in the attic but I want to be sure the bats are gone.

Was also glad to hear you'll be coming for Thanksgiving.  I've already started to think about plans & menus.   And of course -- cookies!
Dale is driving the Blazer now.  He works til noon this Sat. & after work he plans to align the wheels.  They have a new computerized machine that figures it all.  Dale was telling me how it works & of course I don't understand any of it, but I listen as it is good for him to talk about things at work.

Just about lunch time so more later.

Kim stopped by with Torey for a quick cup of coffee.  She still has to go to the grocery store.

Barbara started her Christmas shopping yesterday.  It is time for gift ideas!  We can talk about it when you are here so please start to think about it.

Sun:  I had the wrong date at the beginning of this letter.  Reason - I have 2 calendars, one on Sept. & one on Oct.  Looked at the Oct. page.  Time goes fast enough.

Arlene Hornstrom was in church today.  Her illness surely has changed her.  She still can't do all the things she'd like to.  Her busy life is a thing of the past.

I'm watching St. Louis at Atlanta -- football on Fox.  Was watching Pittsburgh but I couldn't take it they are so bad.  They are playing Tenn.  Just checked & they are tied 13-13 so my face is red!  Tenn. just got a field goal so it's 16-13.  I'll go back to Fox TV.  I like St. Louis but Barb doesn't -- because of Buffalo.

Buffalo paper had an article on the two Niagara Falls.  The Canadian city is growing & doing well, while the N.Y. Falls is going down due to poor management.  It said people stay an average of 4 hrs. in N.Y. & then go on to Canada so it is the Canadian hotels & eating places that are flourishing while the N.Y. Falls are less than half full and no really good restaurants.  But they have plans for the future.  We always considered the Canadian side prettier.

Pittsburgh just went ahead of Tenn. with a T.D.  Can they keep ahead - time will tell.  They couldn't.

Mon A.M. - the 25th

Lar & Dale are digging up the driveway.  Lar is taking the first load to camp to put by the stream to prevent erosion.  Lar has a jack hammer to break it up.  I'm sure that will take a couple of days to break it up, etc.

Careys wanted Barb to "baby sit" the dogs while they go to Fla. for 2 weeks.  But that is the time Bob & Lynn will go to Fla. & she will take care of their 2 cats & 1 dog.  At Carey's it means she would have to sleep there & that doesn't interest her.  The money isn't that important.  Bert leaves today for 2 weeks in Fla.  Maybe you could see her house on Market St.  The 2nd house beyond the Crary's Art Museum -- the same side.  More later.

After supper:  There is 1 block left to break up.  The side edge is out - Dad always hated that.  He would approve of this project!  Lar & Dale worked hard breaking up the cement & lifting it into the truck.  This first stuff went to Monty's place.  The smaller pieces that are left will go to Lar's place.

Tell Andy we got his tank you notes.

Last nite I watched the story of murders in N. Calif.  Up to 14 murders.  On Discovery Channel 2 hr. program so another late nite for me.  But I had a hard time getting to sleep so I guess it isn't a good pre-bedtime story.

Forgot to add -- Dale said his arms feel a little sore.

Now it's Thurs. Wed A.M. (Guess I'm not with it) the 26th.

All the cement is gone & Lar is leveling it out with his new piece of expensive machinery - the tractor with a back hoe & bucket.  Nice to have it, as it saves a lot of back breaking work.

Lar was here a little after 8 this A.M. -- usually it's been around 9 A.M.  Torey comes along.  I didn't hear them come & Tor comes upstairs to my room -- I didn't expect him & I jumped a little.  He wanted his cheese.  Now he's under the D.R. table.

I want to go over to the bank today.  Lar will have to haul away the excess dirt & Tor goes with him so I should be able to go then.

Want to mail this so I'll bring it to an end with our love to all.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday, September 17, 2000

It's a lovely Sun, but on the cool side.  Should take a walk but I don't always do what I should.

Did I mention in my last letter Bob Morelli was in church last Sun.  Today I noticed Tom M's son, Ben is as tall as his dad.  He is a sophomore & could get taller.  Tom has a tall wife.  T hey have 2 boys & a girl, a nice family.

Today in church 2 gals in choir, & after the anthem, (they) each had their daughters in their arms.  One is Jennifer Check & I can't remember her married name -- don't think you'd know her.  The other was Chris Darling's wife & new daughter.  Now I can't remember her first name.  Her grandparents were active in the church but both have died.  Not very informative, but it was nice seeing them in church.  Jennifer's daughter is close to 6 months & the Darling baby could be 6 weeks.  Both gals are best friends.

Lynn is having a big garage sale next weekend -- 22-23 -- & Barb is helping.  She saw a vase she liked & described it to Kim.  Kim wanted it as a gift for a friend who collect McCoy "stuff" -- from the '40s.  Barb was able to get it for her.  It's a yellow vase with a rose that stands out -- not flat against the vase.  Very pretty & a collectible item.  From Bob's home.  His mom had some 20 vases to be sold.  One of the vases we got at our wedding is a collectible now. I don't have it, tho.  Tho't I gave it to Lar but he doesn't think he has it.  Never tho't it that attractive.  Tho't it would make a good lamp base.

The last week of Sept. Dale has a week of vacation & Lar will take a week off or time off & they'll work on the driveway.  That will be so nice.  Hope for nice weather.

Kim reads your letters & she said lot of kids don't even finish the milk mile (milk on my mind) & have to stop in between.  Eddie He'll have to conquer his bicycle & do more riding.

Noticed that some favorite authors have best sellers.  When I'm ready to read again, maybe they'll be available at the library.

Mon. the 18th

It was good to talk to both of you last nite.

Another nice day so I walked over to Cady's to get a card for Warren & Anna's anniversary.

Barb said Maris J. has been asked to the Homecoming Dance by several "guys", one a senior & Lynn wasn't too happy about that.  She is a freshman this year.  Scott got in trouble again.  Pulling down someone's pants at recess & then locking all the doors in the boy's bathroom.  Lynn said years past they'd get a spanking -- now they have to get professional help to see why he's doing these pranks.  Poor Lynn.

Still watering our plants.  We got 3 chrysanthemum plants & they are on the side by the back door.  Soon the summer plants will be pulled up.  I didn't realize begonias seeded themselves.  I had some in the pots by the garage & the middle of Aug, I saw them coming up with the pansies.  They look nice -- the small plants with a white flower & waxy looking leaves.  Maybe they are perennials , but I didn't think so.

Barb's bed won't be sent until Oct 7th so she''l have to wait.

One of the kids at Sheffield, who has given Kim a lot of headaches has gotten his "comeuppance".  He was caught with a stolen car & other stuff.  Recently he was given house arrests for 30 days & has to wear something on his ankle so they know he is obeying.  H e is able to go to school but must go straight home.  His parents think he does nothing wrong & makes things hard for teachers, etc. who must deal with him.  But they couldn't go up against the Judge so he had to take the punishment.  Th ere was a big beer bust & most were Sheffield kids.  Maybe you saw it in the paper.  Shelia's (hair) husband wondered about buying a house in Sheffield but Sheila wouldn't hear of it.  She gets the lowdown from her customers.  And Clarendon is just as bad.

Have you noticed how Warren's school population is going down, down, down.

Time to quit..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunday, September 10, 2000

Thanks for the pictures.  Andy's picture is so good & he smiled.  His teeth are looking so good -- he must be taking care of them.  Family pictures are great.  I find it hard to believe Eddie is changing so much -- no more little boy.

I sent Andy's birthday gift last Sat. so it should be there on time.  A teenager now & an interest in girls.  Sounds like he has good taste.

When it cooled off, I wanted to do some baking & ran out of flour.  Unusually I have extra on hand but I slipped up.  Now I have flour but it has warmed up & is more humid.  But it won't last & I can start baking.

Didn't get any more book.  In fact, I didn't finish Tami Hoag's book.  Found it hard to get into & I've been reading a lot so decided to give it a rest.  So I'm putting puzzles together.  Finished one last night.  Maybe I'll start another one while I watch my slipping Mets this aft.  Very discouraging.

Your shed looks very nice with the new paint.  It takes a lot of work to keep one's property.  Both Dale & Barb say driving into the driveway now is much better -- no bump to go over.  Last  Thurs. Beaty had a football game & cares were parked on Third when Lar came with his truck.  He agreed, it was much easier turning into the driveway.

Tues. the 12th.

We're having showers today & I hope it will wash away our humidity.

Barb ordered a bed from Penneys.  The present one squeaks & when she moves it wakens her up.  Should be here the end of the week.

Gen called on Sun.  John got a new car, a Japanese make & I can't remember how to spell it.  Starts with N.  He is also taking flying lessons again, much to their dismay.  It worries them.  He's a grown man who knows what he wants to do.  He's still a boy to them.  Too bad!

Barb is working extra hours this week & next preparing for a rummage sale.  Bob's father died some time ago & they finally put the house up for sale & it sold for their price.  Two families wanted it & one was willing to pay Bob's price.  So there is stuff from there to look over, etc.  Barb is pricing items, etc.

Last Sun. Rose was in church for the first time after her operation.  She's doing OK.

Barb was very happy when the Bills beat Green Bay.  Sure it was the opposite in your house.  But the Bill look good this year, at least so far.  We hope they continue.

Soon time to think of supper.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saturday, September 2, 2000

School started & hot, humid weather decided to return.  I've used the A.C. several times to keep the house cooler.  Things have started OK for Kim.  At least she doesn't have lunch room duty this year.

Received an invitation to Anna & Warren's 50th Wedding anniv. the end of Sept.  No one is going from this area so I won't be able to attend.  It will be at the Country Club but I'll send a card & look for a gift.

I did laugh when I read that paragraph about "now he knows what it's like to have children".  In fact I just read it again & laughed again.  You know they say laughter is good for a person.  No one said it was easy but it's the most wonderful experience ever.

Penn State "stinks" this year.  Barb is watching the game but I'm watching "Murder She Wrote" on A&E.  Barb thinks they should bench R. Casey & use the red shirt freshman who was in on a couple of plays in the first game & was good.

Read about the "shoe situation" of U. of Wisc.  But Wisc. still won minus the players who had to sit out.  Hope they'll continue to do OK.

Dale went to the care junkyard this aft.  The heat doesn't bother him.  He also loves to go to Don Gage & look over the variety of merchandise.

He got a pair of shoe stretchers made of cedar wood & they have a nice aroma to them.  Keeps his shoes smelling good.  The ones he wears a few times a year when he dresses up.  Shoes he inherited from Dad.

In St. Louis temp is suppose to reach 100 & the Mets play S.L. in an aft. game.  More fun.  It's not on TV.  They couldn't make it 1/2 ahead of the Braves when both teams lost.  It is exciting.

We finally had a thunder shower.  The grass has turned brown in spots & rain was needed.

I'm reading another author new to me -- Guilty as Sin by Tami Hoag.  Setting in Minn.  Another one by Patricia Cornwell, Point of Origin.  Noticed she has another one coming out soon.

Dale just came home -- he didn't get wet but it did rain there.  He was able to get what he was looking for.  A manifold for read end of car & in good condition.

It's funny how you forget your "problems" with your children growing up.  I know you 4 were no angels but I also know, in spite of everything, you are good, upstanding sons & daughter.  You have made me very happy as a mother & I know teenage years are hard -- learning to grow up, etc., but this, too, shall pass & become a distant, cloudy memory.  It's just a stage both parents & children have to go thru, & it's hard for both sides.  That's my sermon for this time!!!

It's Sun Sept 3rd & it's Mets time on TV.  I'm almost finished reading Pat. Cornwell's book & it's so good.

It's beautiful this aft. 2 pm.  Less humid.  It was still warm in church this A.M.

This summer Mr. Bonace has done a lot of walking but he started in walking the bike path all the way twice a day.  He ended up with leg splints.  He was really crippled for awhile & had to go to the Dr.   He started walking too far.  So we haven't seen him walking for awhile.

That was a nice compliment the mayor gave you, Paul.  Of course, I agree with him.

I have Andy's birthday gift & will soon get it on its way -- to the library.

Soon I'll start thinking of Christmas & suggestions for gifts.  So get your thinking cap on!  You know I like to start early.

Labor Day.

Larry came over this A.M. with his jack hammer & took out the "bump" in the entry to the driveway on 3rd.  (Hard to explain.)  Then Dale cleaned it up & put on black top patch & tamped it down. Easier to drive in & back out now.  The first step in the driveway changeover.  Now Dale is cleaning out the eaves by the front porch.  When it rains, it overflows so Dale is trying to fix it.  Also needed to cut a branch off the tree.

Kim stopped over, for a short visit, with Torey.

Mets are losing for the 4th time in a row.  But then the Braves are losing games as well.  Not many games left.

Green Bay comes to Buffalo.  Buff. played a great game last nite winning the game.  Full house -- 75,000 people.  Fun to watch.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday, August 27, 2000

It's almost lunch time but I'll start a letter so I won't be tempted to try & put another piece of a puzzle together. This is a harder one with lots of darker tree colors so it's a slow process.  But a good one to make me think Y have patience.  I like things to move fast.

Last nite we went to Lar & Kim's for dinner.  At their camp.  Such a restful place with the trees, flowing water from lots of summer rains, & pretty flowers.  We got home about 9 pm in time for me to see the Mets get beat by Ariz. and for Barb and Dale to watch Nascar at Bristol, Tenn.

I bro't your letter for Kim to read.  She was anxious to hear about JoAnna & the convention.  They can really lift you up but at the same time it's good to get home & get some sleep & a more normal schedule.

Last nite we had steak, baked pot, corn on the cob & I bro't a salad & homemade rolls.  Kim made a fresh peach pie.  It was so good -- guess I should get ambitious & make one.

Teachers go to school Mon & Tues. & the kids go back on Wed.  Where has the summer gone.  It just goes too fast.

Hope your library cleaning problems are over.  Isn't it strange, but when you get a late or early A.M. telephone call you automatically think of a death.  We've had a couple of wrong numbers after all of us have gone to bed.

I almost forgot the Mets are on TV & I missed 20 min. while watching "How's That Made" on H&G.  I really enjoy listening to the Mets with Gary Thorne & Tom Seaver as announcers.  They make it so interesting with their humor & wit.  Sometimes Tom gets going on a spiel but I forget that when I like them so much.  They make me laugh.

No more visits from Kim & Torey during the week.  Kim was saying -- 3 gals go walking & Torey & they went to Betsy's house (your classmate) for coffee.  Torey went into his "pleas" or "begs" for food like he gets at Grandma's.  Cheese, ice cream & cooky or dog biscuits.  Kim tried to interest me in a part basset hound.  A lady she knows has to give him up -- it was her mother's who died -- but I'm not interested.  Not interested in visits to the vet -- don't' want my money going to the dogs!! Ha, ha.

I have to go to the bank this week to get next month's money.  I have a list as to how many 20s, 10s, etc. I'll need to make it come out right.  Sometimes it takes quite awhile for it to come out even.  Eventually I get it right.

I'm wondering if Andy is watching Tiger & golf on TV.  I'll switch once the baseball game is over & between innings.  Tiger is in a class of his own.  I bet the other golfers are happy when he takes a week or 2 off.

Kim stopped by -- Lar was busy.  Their house at camp is being eaten by squirrels -- they chew at the wood & ruining it so Lar wants to get cement shakes that look like wood to discourage them.  He'll do it himself.  They stayed overnite & were awakened by the varmints chewing the shakes.

I have golf on now but it has been delayed by rain.  Tiger has lot a couple of points but I'm sure he'll win.

Mets-Ariz. game was good.  Naturally Mets won.  On Fri. nite the Mets chased Johnson in the early innings -- they have his number.

Just made a milk shake for Dale to go with hamburgers & corn on the cob.  Barb & I ate earlier but Dale had a headache so he was taking it easy for awhile.

I'm watching golf & rooting for Phillip Price of Wales as then he'd make as much money as he did in his first 5 years of pro golf.  They are practically playing in the dark -- 8:15 our time & it gets earlier now that Fall is soon here.   I hope Andy was able to see the last few holes of the game as they were so exciting.  Both for Sutton & Tiger.

Aug. 29 - Tues.

It's 10:20 & I'm at the kitchen table watching Murder She Wrote.  I washed the kitchen floor & cleaned the bathroom & I'm thru for today.  Had my shower but it's a muggy day.

Back to the bathroom.  I keep my pail on the attic steps -- brought it out & was ready to fill it with water & I looked down and what did I see -- a bat but it was dead, but dead or alive I don't like them. Barb was still home so she took care of it.  And I cleaned the bathroom.

Want to get this to the mail box.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday, August 21, 2000

Got your letter today.  Interesting newspaper article & a nice picture of JoAnna.

I didn't watch either political convention & always mute any commercials.

I sent that article to get your thoughts about the article & porn.  In this letter I'm enclosing an article from the Buff. Sun. paper concerning how hard it is to collect fines & books that are way overdue.  Do you have these problems.

\This A.M. I started to make dinner rolls.  Then I finally called for an appt. to have my teeth cleaned & checked.  Nothing until March but she said she'd check cancellations.  I could have had an A.M. appt. but that wouldn't work -- rolls would be ready for forming &  baking.  Had 2 aft. appts. & I took the 3:30 pm.  Got in right away & didn't have to wait long for Dr. Walters to check my teeth so I was home in an hr.  This time I made an appt. for May.  I don't get a lot of tartar on my teeth & other problems are usually a lost filling.  So that's out of the way now.

I also picked a qt. of blueberries from the 2 bushes in the yard.  They are really producing this year.

Called Gen last week.  They are fine.  Not much of a garden th is summer -- too much rain & deer & wild turkey are helping themselves.  They planted blueberries but they don't have many berries at all.  Gen said John would like to have a girlfriend but he doesn't know how to treat  girl.  He is too stingy with his money.  Should be more like Ed -- generous & interested in someone else instead of centering on himself.  I'm glad I had 4 children so you could learn give & take.

Kim was surprised to read how much it cost to register Andy in school.  Barb said it's a preview of college expenses.  They don't pay for anything here but Kim thinks it won't be long before they will have to charge for sports.

Carol Stedman (now married) is living in the old Parish House on Water St.  A couple of times I've walked home on 2nd Ave & seen her & she always speaks -- I don't know her personally -- but Lar & Barb do.  Lar & Kim were out to eat & Carol saw them & came over & gave Lar a big kiss & then talked for quite a while & didn't include Kim.  Kim wasn't very happy & wondered why Lar didn't introduce her.  I think Lar was too surprised to.  So Carol doesn't rate very high on her list.  Kim played golf last Sat & Lar didn't do any extra work because of a sore back.  Kim told him it's better to take a couple of days off rather than not work for 2 weeks.  So Sat. nite Lar & Torey walked over (Kim got home at 7 pm) to see "Grandma".  As soon as Tor was here, he looked all over for Kim.  They weren't here too long as they were going out to eat once Kim got home.  She was home before Lar & she figured they were over here.

I decided to quit reading for awhile & I'm putting a 1000 pc. puzzle together.

I'm watching Paramedics, one of my favorite programs.  It's from Phoenix tonite.

Heard on TV that Washington State is trying to interest children in reading by varying the library cards -- maybe more colorful, or a picture, etc.  Do you think that would help.  I can remember my Dad sitting in his chair reading the newspapers with Nifty (dog) on his lap.  My mother never had much spare time to read but I've always loved to read & still do.

Catherine Coulter's books are so good.  I must have her mixed up with another author as I thought her books were about Scotland, but they take place in San. Fran. or other Calif. areas.

We had hamburgers & corn on the cob for supper.  An easy meal in case my time at the dentist took longer.  The corn has been so good.  They surely planted a lot knowing people will pay 3.99 for 13 ears.  They've always been good for us.

Also got some peaches. I'd like to try to make a peach cobbler.

Have a couple of bills to mail tomorrow so will bring this to an end & have it ready to mail.