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Friday, July 28, 2000

Your letter arrived yesterday & when I was reading the part ab out Boxer & your dramatic outburst, Paul, I started laughing.  Why, because I knew you could never leave your fine family.  But you shouldn't scare the boys like that.

Kim speaks of making a rice salad for a meal.  So I checked my recipe books & found a recipe for chicken-rice salad as I served a cool meal last nite.  It was good & they all like it.

Dale starts a week's vacation on Sat.  The weather reports say showers are possible every day next week.  Time will tell.  Dale hasn't had time to transfer the old dresser drawers to the new drawers.  When he gets that finished he'll put the l dresser in the attic for storage of his extra stuff.  In preparation he had to make room in the attic & so he had to clean it up a bit.  In the winter & the wind blows, the door would rattle & it would bother Barb so she put a pair of old jeans on the bottom to stop the noise.  All along I thot they were there to cover the floor & keep the draft out.  Anyway Dale decided to shake the dust out & lo & behold there was a dead bat.  I'm glad the jeans were there otherwise the bat would have gotten in the house.

Dale also plans to have his eyes examined.  The cost is included in his health insurance from work. He'll also  lay in the sun if it is out.

Now it's Sat. July 29.

Got a birthday card & note ready for Ruth's birthday Aug. 3rd.  DOn't hear much from her but then I don't write too often either.

I'm doing a lot more reading now that the library opens at 9 AM weekdays.  Can return books on Fri & get new one.  Saw in USA Today a review of a book by Kathy Reichs.  Her novels are similar to Patricia Cornwell only they are set in Canada.  Deadly Decision.  Forensics experts -- her Dr. is Dr. Temperance "Tempe" Brennan -- "such bloody-good beach reading" to quote the article.  I'll have to look as this isn't her first novel.  3 other books so maybe I can find one of them.

Sun. the 30th.

Roger Thelin preached today & John Check was liturgist.  Both do a fine job.  Roger is really a good preacher for a layman.

Kim is friends with a lady who goes to St. John's.  The 3 Luth. churches have a joint picnic in Aug. among other things.  This person said they are doing this as St. John's isn't growing & neither is St. Paul.  But I'm sure it will be a long time before St. Paul wants to be "Swallowed up" by First Luth.  I don't go to the picnics but she said our pastor doesn't mingle at all.  And that is true & he doesn't like to make calls for new members.  He talks of retirement & I sure hope our next pastor will have more going for him in a lot of way. The church in Kane has a new woman pastor & they really like her.

It seems to me that George was cremated & Signe will be as well.

Just finished talking to Ruth.  I will send a card to Carolyn & a check for a memorial.  We had a long talk & she asked if I'd heard about Joan.  She had mentioned it to me in a letter.  Allan has already remarried.  Someone in the congregation.  Joan found a note this woman had written in which she wrote "I love you."  The youngest daughter stayed with Allan & the older daughter isn't very nice to Joan.  The son had a heart attack a month or so ago, but he is back to work.  Ruth said when they visited them when they were in N. or  S. Carolina -- even then Allan acted funny & Joan was upset.  At least now Joan has control of the money she earns.  I hope she can find some happiness.

Tues. Aug 1 (already)

Have to write a note to Carolyn & send a card & check.  Forgot to do it yesterday.

Dale has showery weather for a vacation.  He wants to lay in the sun.  Meanwhile he has other jobs to keep him busy.

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