Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saturday, January 8, 2005

No baking today -- made banana bread on Thurs & froze it.  Just have to remember to take it out on Sun.

Dale works today & Barb is still in bed.  She has to go to Bert's (today).  She helps her when Bert takes a bath.  She missed 2 days this week.  Once because of a headache, they other bad roads & Bert told her to stay home.

I'll try to answer questions.  I hear from Larry & family because the last time I was home, or was it earlier, we went to their house for lunch.  It was earlier because the 4 girls went to visit.  Since then we've exchanged cards.  I didn't know Debbie before that as I didn't get to their wedding. David, as far as I know, is a chaplain in Mpls.  I only hear from Carole, Gerald, & Mimi.  I don't have Anita or Joyce's addresses.  Oh yes & Dick's  & he always writes a note.  He still does a little where he worked.  The name won't come to me.  And Charles & it's always late.

Larry starts soccer on Thurs. so they'll come on Wed. for awhile.  Kim can't come this week, as a group of gals get together on a Wed.  I have a beef roast in the freezer & will put it in the crock pot. Wed a.m.

My late New Year's resolution is making plans for Fri. nite meals.  When it comes to Fri, I don't want to make a meal.  Last nite (I have a calendar) I planned meals & I filled it up pretty much for Jan. meals.  This way I should have the needs on hand.  Hope I stick to it.  By this time I should realize I'm not eating out Fri. nites anymore.  One Fri. nite was vacant so I put pizza in there.  I tried calling for pizza last nite but it was always busy so I gave up & fixed leftovers.  Dale is pretty good to eat what I put before him & not complaining.

The puzzle I'm working on isn't going together very easily.  But I keep at it & there is no rush to finish it.  It teaches me patience.

Sheila's mother came home from the hosp. yesterday.  Getting help isn't easy & the 3 girls are at their wits end.  The mother probably won't be around long.  Sh e is full of cancer & it is very painful.  She ruled the roost & her husband doesn't know how to make meals.  It's not a easy time for the family.

To me & probably Millie the word pathetic means feeling sorry for the situation.  Gen was the smart one.  Before her marriage she was sec'y to the Bank pres.  Later she managed a lawyer's, I think it was a lawyer, but I'm not sure, office so she was very capable.  She used tl help count the offerings at church, but they had to tell Ed she couldn't help anymore so it's another sad situation.  How thankful I am for my health.

Barb is up now.  After she goes to Bert's we'll go to to the drug store for my meds & then to the Mall.  I have a list of things I need, plastic bags, etc.

Barb got a sale catalog from Woman's clothes.  I saw 2 tops I liked.  Barb ordered a jacket & they said if you order more, it will be 15% off so she remembered one top I wanted & got it, but forgot about the 2nd one.  So if I really want it, I'll have to get busy & order it.  (The order came -- my top was the wrong one -- she looked at the wrong top.  A reorder is needed.)

Mon. Jan. 10

Enjoyed reading your library report & a good one it is.  Dad was always glad when all the report for the annual mtg. were written up, including the ones he had to send to synod, with all the stats.  The church's new secy. came at a hard time with all the reports to type up & get them ready for the annual mtg, Jan. 23rd.  She also takes care of hte financial end of the church & that is a big job.

I know your appetite for "hot" foods changed after you left home & our bland foods.  But I make meals the way I was brought up & Carl had the same type of food.  On your own, all of you have "pepped up" your food.  Dale not so much being at home, but he likes it -- hot stuff that is.  When Barb makes chili, Dale has some, but not me. Too highly seasoned.

Really age is just a state of mind.  When you are 20 or 25  years older you'll look back & wish you were 55 again.  I look back & sometimes think it would be nice to be 60 again.  But I'm 84 & glad for each day I have.

Dale got a DVD recorder & has it installed.  He has the DVD player or whatever you call it.

Are you preparing the boys for when they are on their own by teaching them to make grilled cheese sandwiches?  You didn't learn your ability to prepare meals at home but in your jobs as short order cook.  Was it your Jr. year you started at the Chalet or was it 9th grade?  Then you perfected it in Calif.  It's a different world today & I know you'd never let Andy or Ed hitchhike today.  You hitchhiked, Lar & friends went off in a van for a year.   I'm sure it was a learning experience.  Barb joined the Navy, Dale stayed home except for a semester at the technical school in Columbus.  He doesn't cook, but he can do a lot of things around the house.  Even Lar has at times, fixed dinner in the crockpot after Kim tells him what to do.

Tues. the 11th

I finally made a pasta dish, other than spaghetti, that came out good.  I made rigatoni & added spinach to the egg, cheese, ricotta mixture & it was good.  A big pan so I'll freeze some single servings.  Barb didn't want what I fixed -- she had soup and grilled cheese.  She burned the first one so she had to start over.

I got a perm today & I like how it came out.

Thurs A.M.  My beef dinner, cooked in the crockpot (meat), was delicious.  Nice dark gravy over creamy mashed pots, &^ green bean casserole.  Ban. cream pie for dessert.

This A.M. we're going to Jamestown but Barb has to go to Bert's first.  I'll look for Valentine's & groceries at Wegman's.  We'll look around the Mall, of course!  I'll mail your letter.  COLD weather comes this weekend.  Today it's suppose to be in the 60's.  Then a drop of 30.  Suppose to rain today.  I hope it holds off.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunday January 2, 2005

Guess what our "divided" household is doing?  Watching the Steelers & the Bills & Dale & my team is ahead so far.  Barb keeps saying the Steelers don't have to win but they play to win.  Dale & I are happy.

Yesterday was beautiful weatherwise & the noisy motorcycles were out.  Dale washed his cars & took his white "summer" car to Jamestown.  He got a DVD for himself.

Wed. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  Didn't buy much.  We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday & I enjoyed my lunch of tender pot roast, mashed pots. & broccoli.  It was delicious.

Thurs. nite we went to Lar & Kim's & had a nice evening.  She served baked ziti & it was delicious.  We all like pasta.  Kim made a pecan pie & i made an apple pie.

Yesterday I started the New Year by making dinner rolls & a coffee cake.  After lunch I* took a short nap & then took the decorations off the tree -- the tree & all the decorations are put away for another year.  I like things back to normal.  Kim keeps the tree up longer as well as the decorations.

I mentioned that Elsie Yaegle will be 90 this month & they are planning a party for the 8th at church.   Today Betty told me Elsie had a slight stroke over the holidays.

Barb sent Millie & Gen a picture of the 3 of us.  So Millie sent pictures of her apt. & of herself.  Her place looks very nice.  I can see why she is happy there.

I'm working on the puzzle & it is a fun one to do.

Later -- I just clogged up the kitchen sink & made a job for Dale.  It could be a blessing in disguise as when Dale opened up the pipe, he found a plastic picnic knife there.  How it get there is beyond me -- guess I wasn't watching closely enough. He didn't get disgusted with me.

The Steelers beat Buffalo & I can't believe how "down in the dumps" Barb is.  She was so sure Buff. would win.  To make it worse, Dale & I are happy.

My puzzle is almost finished.  I'll try to finish it now.

Jan 4, Tues.

Thanks for the pictures -- they are good.  Noticed the watch strap on your arm.  Barb is so happy the boys like their pictures.  She showed them to Lynn & Marisa saw them & tho't they were cool.

Enjoyed reading the article on Green Bay, the team, etc.  Read parts of it to Dale.  The $500.00 to start the games sure paid off.

Yesterday Dale jammed his finger & it is sore.  The nail is black & he has to be very careful at work.  If he hits it, it pains.  Tonite he said it is better.  A couple of fingers just healed up & now another one.

Jan 5. Wed.

I got the kitchen floor washed & garbage ready for Thurs.  I'll ad a few more words.  We have some snow -- it isn't snowing  now (10:30 A.M.) but more is expected this aft.  Storm warning thru Thurs A.M.

Barb shortened 2 pr. of jeans for Dale.  He told her I'm giving you a tip.  She tho't he meant he was going to give her some advice but he gave her 10.00 for doing the job.  That was nice of him.

I haven't been upstairs since I got dressed & Barb never gets up til 9 A.M.  She still isn't up so she must not be feeling well.

I finished my puzzle & have started another one.

Last Fri. Barb & I went to lunch.  We wanted to go to the coffee place for soup & dessert but it was closed til 3 pm.  So we went to Holiday Inn.  And Ted & Pat Benson, Ted's sister & their oldest daughter (lives in Portland, Ore) were there for lunch.  We talked a few minutes & I went to our table.  We had a nice lunch.  We stopped at BiLo for some last minute groceries & what a mad house.  Both in the store & in the parking lot.  Was glad to get out of there safely.

Thurs A.M. the 6th 7:45 A.M.

No school today -- snow & icy roads.  Was awakened at 5 A.M. from the noise of plowing snow.

I got a kick out of your story of having to go to the downstairs bathroom at Cindy's.  You'll have to limit your liquids after 6 pm  Ha! Ha!

Your thanksgiving turkey looks lushious, or would delicious be a better word.  It looked good, and so did your table.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sunday, December 26, 2004

This A.M. we had the S.S. Christmas program as part of the service.  It is always nice to see the children.  Fran Leto (she played at Dad's funeral) played this A.M. & it was good to see her.  Our regular organist is having a hard time getting over the death of her daughter.  Fran feels like one of us. Our loss is St. Joe's gain

I'm taking it easy today after a busy 2 days.  2 dinners & 1 breakfast to plan & prepare. Barb gave me a puzzle & I'll soon put up the card table & start it.  It's pretty with a quilt & flowers scene.

Your family picture is so wonderful.  All of you look so good in the picture. Thanks so much. I received a lot of nice gifts.  Dale got me a Hunter Fan for the D.R.  The present one is noisy.  Lar & Kim gave me a set of baskets to hold the "junk" in my bedroom.  This next week I will have to get things organized so it's not so messy.

We asked Bert to come over Christmas Day dinner but she didn't feel up to it, but she appreciated the invitation.  Barb was over there today & they got to talking about the will & she said to Barb "You are in my will."

Kim & Lar have a busy schedule.  Yesterday they were her at 10 A.M. for breakfast & gifts. 2 pm they were at friends:  Nancy & family at Nancy's mom Barb Jacobs for lobster.  Barb J. ordered it from Maine & it is flown in.  Here at 5:30 for dinner.  When they left they were going to Betsy's (Moran) for gift exchange.  Before they came here Christmas Eve they were at Betsy's mom for drinks & shrimp.  They said they are busy all week with get togethers.

The Steelers won today but it wasn't on our TV.  We are watching the Bills at San Fran & they are ahead 7-0 right now.  Next week the Steelers are at Buff & Barb thinks Dale & I shold root for the Bills so they get into the playoffs.  I don't agree.  I'm not really a football fan (baseball is my game, Go Mets!) but seeing the Steelers are doing so well I have to, as a Pennsylvanian, root for them!  I should say as a western Pennsylvanian, I should root for them.

Barb was so pleased to hear Andy liked her gift to him.  She saw it in a catalog & sent for it & we thought it was so nice.  Hope Ed likes his gift from Barb.  I forgot to ask if you liked your watch.

Just a few thoughts on Mon A.M.  This is Dale's early week & I'm in no rush to start my chores.  We were discussing where to hang your picture.  Barb wants me to take the wall clock down (she hates the ticking) & hang it there.  But I like the clock, so I'll take down pictures on the wall by the stairs & hang it there.  I want to be able to see it when I go upstairs.

Tues. Dec. 28

At Christmas, Kim mentioned Betsy (your classmate) gave her some hand cream, from Body & Bath Works & she liked it very much.  Today Barb & I went to the Mall & headed to Body & Bath & found the cream.  For dry hands.  Tried it & like it a lot.

I hung your picture where I can see it every time I go upstairs.  Today the Schwan man came & I always buy chicken breasts.  Today I showed him my son's family picture -- the small one.  Then he showed me a picture of his wife, him & their 4 year old son.  A very nice family picture & you could see he was proud to show it to me.  The boys is 4 years old & looks like his daddy.

Dec 31.  New Year's Eve

I had a letter ready to go & I don't think it got mailed & I can't find it.

Last nite we were at Lar & Kim's & we had a nice time together.  They have a beautiful tree & many decorations including her Santas.

Today I took the picture & showed it to Sheila -- she hears a lot about you folks.  She is very upset as her mother is full of cancer; she is in the hosp. & wants to go home & help is hard to find.  There is no hope that she will improve.  Only 68.

I heard from my friend in Auburn.  Her husband died just before Thanksgiving.  I didn't send her a card as I didn't hear last year.  But I will write to her soon.  Just heard from a friend in Gt. Falls so I'll have another letter to write.

We're going overtown this aft. so I'll be sure to mail this.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sunday, December 12, 2004

We watched the Bills beat the Browns & now Pittsburgh is playing the Jets & the Steelers couldn't get a TD but got a field goal.  Steelers won!!!

I asked Dale what kind of cookies he liked outside of tea cakes.  He said those date ones meaning the date-filled cookies.  Haven't made them for years & he really surprised me. They are a favorite of mine.  Before the Steeler game I found the recipe & made the dough & it is chilling in the fridge.  My dates are too old but we'll get groceries tomorrow.  I'm going to try making Biscotti.  The coffee shop in Warren has them & they as good to dunk.

We needed bananas so we stopped at Quality on our way home from the Mall.  Dale likes cacti plants & we saw a pretty arrangement of 3 cacti with stones, pebbles & wood.  We got it as a gift for him. Barb brought it over to Lar to keep it til Christmas Eve.  We didn't know where to hide it uncovered & we didn't want to keep it loosened in a plastic bag.

Barb went up to Lawn & Garden to look around & she found the cutest Santa on sale.  It is a policeman Santa holding a little boy on one arm & a flag in the other hand.  It plays "God Bless America".  I claimed it & paid her for it.  The boys is saluting the flag.  He (Santa) has a fat tummy, blue suit with a whistle around his neck & a club on his belt.

I got my "away" cards mailed.  Had a letter card from Carole & Arland & see they have a new address & I had their old address on the card.  I used a label and covered it.

Noticed UB's baseball won over Niagara "in a thriller" to quote the Buff. paper.  Another article says "UB athletic dept. has something special brewing".   They have a new athletic director & I guess they have hopes of better teams & more winners.

Barb said the announcers on the  Buff. game said the Steelers would have a hard time winning then the Steelers play in Buff.  I said that's crazy & she didn't like it being a Buff. fan. So that should be an interesting game for this Nelson family.  2 against 1.

Mon. the 13th

I'm watching CNN news & they were telling about 2 men robbing a house when they heard a video "Stop, we've got the house surrounded."  They ran out of the house & didn't take anything.  Guess the videos are good for something.

Our toaster oven won't toast anymore.  We got another one & without reading the direction, Barb said it gets too hot.  She had the oven part on.  I'm not sure how it will heat rolls up.  It is a Black & Decker so it should be OK.  To toast you don't heat the oven.

We're getting our first snow but not as much as in Chautauqua County.  Erie had had an accumulation.  We don't' have much but more is expected thru the nite into Tues.  There was a late start to school (10 A.M.) because of slippery conditions in the outer parts of Warren County.  Frozen slush, etc.

I've noticed the adds on TV like the videos you are now getting.  Will you, rather are you watching them.

Tues. the 14th

I looked at the calendar & realized Christmas is next week & tho't I'd better get busy.  And so I did this A.M.  This is Dale's early week so I was up at 5 AM.  After getting things ready for breakfast, I formed my rolls & baked them.  Then I made molasses cookies -- I put them thru the cooky press & they came out very thin & have ridges -- I love them that way.  Then I made the Russian tea cakes; next came the rolled out cookies.  I put a date mixture on one cooky & covered it with another circle & baked them.  I'm not good at making rolled out cookies & their looks aren't hat great but they taste good.   I washed pans, etc. several times, rested a bit with a cup of coffee & then got lunch for Dale & myself.  After lunch I started a veg. beef soup & made a pumpkin pie.  Soup & pie for supper.  Finally at 2 pm I sat down & I'm watching my soaps.  It feels good to take it easy.  Oh yes I changed my sheets & did a load of wash.  Pretty good for an old lady, don't you think.  I'm just thankful I can do it.  I still plan to make one or two more recipes of cookies.  Barb likes to give a plate of cookies to Bob & Lynn.

Your pkg. arrived late aft.  Barb & I opened it i& she put your gifts under the tree.

Wed. the 15th

Dale said the bank at the Mall was robbed this aft.

Erie has had a rash of robberies -- pizza places, fast food & Radio Shack.  Tonite the Erie news at 6 pm told they arrested a young fellow.  I missed the first part that told how they caught him, but it probably will be in the Wrrn. paper tomorrow.  They know he committed 2 of them & think he did them all.  He carried a gun & used it at times.  When someone tried to take it away he shot it to let them know he'd use it.  He didn't look at all sorry but when he's in jail for a few years, he'll change his tune.

Made 2 batches of cookies today & plan to make 2 or 3 more batches.  Made Spritz & a sugar cooky today.  Want to make the peanut butter cooky you put a Hershey kiss on after it's baked awhile.  And a peanut butter bar cooky & my favorite a coconut macaroon.  Who wasn't going to make many cookies.  Maybe I'll bring some over to Viola Seaquist.  I did last year so I will this year.  And Barb will fix a plate for Lynn. Yesterday Scott got one of my rolls & today he got 2 Spritz & 2 sugar cookies.  He likes them.

Fri. the 17th

Did you get a Christmas card from Gerald & Darla.  It is a picture of the white painted out hosue & it has a small flower box with red flowers.  There was a note & Darla said "write".  I did write & never got a reply to my last letter so gave up.  It's nice to get an answer.

We got an inch of snow overnite but we don't have very much but it is nice to have for Christmas.

I know you'll have a great Christmas.

P.S.  Which pkg. did the boys "peek" into!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

I'm getting a late start on my letter this week.  Just lazy, I guess.

Our tree & decorations are up & they look nice.  Gifts are under the tree.  We always get an early start so the birthday gifts go in the pkg.

Our cooky walk & soup & pie luncheon was a success.

On Sat. I always bake something for Dale's A.M. snack.   He has cereal & juice but prefers to have a mid A.M. snack.  He told me when I make the coffee cake I don't spread the center of sugar, cinnamon & nuts as near to the edge as I should.  So last Sat. I sprinkled it over the 1st half of the batter closer to the edge.  Then I spread the rest of hte batter over it.  He's so funny, in a nice way.

Today's paper tells us the lawyers arranged a settlement so Walmart will go ahead & build in N. Warren.  It could be opened before next Dec.

The waters are high again making it hard for the bridge builders.  Now it most likely won't be opened til June or July.  The Bank Bldg. & the hi rise apt. are looking really nice on the outside.

I'd better get dressed & get going.  More later.

My first Christmas cards are usually from Gene Hasselquist (Pastor in Gt. Falls when we were there) & JoAnna's folks.  It was this year.  Mine are ready to go but not mailed.  Maybe Fri.

I'm sitting & watching "Baby Story" on TV.  Why, because one of the characters in "As the World Turns" is having a baby in real life.  As I watched the soap I never realized she was pg.  Usually I can see it.  She just came back after 4 month leave.  This is the 3rd actress on A.T.W.T. to have her baby on "Baby Story".

Thurs. the 10th

I have towels in the washer.  My menu is planned so I'll add to this leetter.  Decided to make brownies & add ice cr., choc. sauce & topping for dessert.  Found a recipe I really like even tho I have a couple of brownie mixes on hand.  Like this recipe better.

The Erie mayor is in trouble.  He knew in advance that a race track wanted to come to Erie & he & 3 friends bought 4 properties close by knowing their value would increase.  The state atty general is looking into it.  The mayor also has had trouble with the city council & the city is having financial trouble.  But I guess that covers a lot of cities & states as well.

Maybe you have noticed that Warren's school population is going down, down, down.  This is the last  year Jefferson will be opened.  Wonder if it will stand empty.

Barb plans to go to Jamestown tomorrow but I'm not sure if I care to go.  Anything I need, I can get in Warren.

We have a new women's store in the old Kresge bldg.  We haven't been in there -- have heard things are pricey.

Our temps have been above average but it sounds like a change is coming this weekend.

More sunshine than usual.

Sometimes I wonder how I got meals for 6 everyday when I have a hard time planning for 3, sometimes only 2.  When I've made rice pudding, it was only for me.  This week Barb decided to try some & she loved it & will be making more.  She used a recipe of mine.  Times change.  Maybe I can get her to try bread pudding which they don't like.  I love it.

When I had frozen meals on hand, it was usually because Dad & I were going out & you kids were able to take care of yourselves.  The only frozen meal I like is lasagna.

Now I'm watching TV awhile before I retire.  I'm watching the Food Channel & enjoy it.  They just had a marinade for pork loin & it sounds good.

Tomorrow I get my hair trimmed.  It is getting long & then it's hard to handle.  Barb has been going without a head covering.  Her hair is short but it looks OK.  It's not coming in that fast.

Time for bed.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Your pkgs. are just about ready to send.  I need to finish taping the box but I don't know where Dale keeps his tape.  It will be finished before I go to bed.  One is a small pkg. I couldn't get in the box.  2 pkg. from me & 2 from Barb.  I almost forgot to put bows in & I hope I put in the correct colors, etc.

We're having homemade beef veggie soup & pecan pie for supper.  I sampled it for seasonings & it tastes good.  The first of the season.

In today's paper we saw the obit of Father Baker.  Also our organist's daughter died -- she was only 40 but sick for some time.  That is sad.

It's in the 40s today & Dale gave the lawn the last mowing.  Next will be snow to shovel -- but not too soon.

I've never heard of a garage store -- not in Erie or Buffalo.  If they have one, they don't advertise.  I'm sure you've heard me say we ate lunch in Sharon at the Quaker Steak & Lube. It was when I went to synod in Greenville with dad & Warren & Anna were there.  Warren suggested to go to Sharon & eat there.  A long time ago but I still remember our outing.

I find it interesting that you like a clock that strikes the quarter, half, three quarters & the hour.  Dale has his mantle clock very soft so I can't hear it if I have a restless nite.  Do you remember the clock that tells the time the world over -- Dale was saying the alarm goes off at midnight for about 30 seconds.  Barb tried to shut it off but couldn't.  But now it goes off at 7 pm so it doesn't bother anyone.  It plays different melodies.  It just played the tune to hymn "Joyful, Joyful we adore Thee", if you can recall the tune.  By Beethoven.  Words by Henry Van Dyke.  How do I know -- just looked in the hymnal for info.

Sun the 28th

I thought I had the pkg. all set when there was another gift to go in & no space.  So Barb found another box & repacked it & everything is in one box so cancel looking for a 2nd box.

Dale hasn't bro't the tree down from the attic so it isn't up yet.

We went to the library Fri. & I got e books.  A new author for me.  I read & enjoyed Lighthouse Cove by Kimberly Cates.  Also a book Catherine Coulter's Maze & Barbara Delinsky's "A Woman Betrayed" & I think I've already read it but it's worth reading again.  But first I must address Christmas cards & write a few notes.  Think I'll start after supper & it is almost time to get started.  (4:38 pm)

The Steelers won today but they're getting to the QB more than in previous games.

Will you get your Christmas letter sent on time this year.  You could write a note to each son & tell them how proud you are of them & how much they add to your life.  That would help to make up for the letter you missed writing.  I guess many of us never take the time to tell our children we love them but I hope you know you, Lar, Kim, Barb, Dale, & of course JoAnna, Andy & Eddie are loved and you are in my prayers.  I'm a very lucky mother to have such a nice family.  I often think how lonesome it would be if I didn't have Barb & Dale living with me.

Tues. evening Nov. 30

We went to Jamestown yesterday & the main thing I got was a red blouse for the holidays.

They decorated the church early this year.  We have new blue paraments so they have the blue lights (small ones) on the tree & it really looks nice.  For Christmas Eve they add the candle holders Dad made for the pews.  They fit over the pew edge & have 3 candle holders. It is a nice effect.

Barb sent her box yesterday & I sent mine today.  UP's at the Wrrn. Tire center on the East side.  The fellow called Barb by her first name & she couldn't remember his name.  Dale knew who is  -- Corky Frye -- maybe a year younger than Barb.  Very friendly & nice.

I have my cards addressed, stamped & some for around here ready to go.  I want to write a note in some cards & worked out a brief note.  Now I'll have to start writing them.

Dale just put our tree up.  Barb & I will decorate it but not tonite.  Maybe it will put me more in a Christmas mood.

Dale has to have a test at the hosp. tomorrow.  To check on his liver -- the Dr. wants to be sure it is OK.  Also he has to have a blood test.

Wed. Dec. 1

Millie called tonite.  She & Linda took Gen out to lunch & she feels so bad for Gen.  She is alone so much.  The house was cleaned up so Millie said she must have help.  Gen can't answer any questions, can't write so it is really bad.  The best thing would be for her to go into a home & be with people.  She didn't want them to leave.  Did you ever meet my cousin Warren Luthgren?  He is a paraplegic but has an elec. wheelchair & a special car to drive. Goes to church, sings in the choir & gets out.  So he & his wife have a good outlook on life. He must be in his late 70's.  It's been years since I've seen him.  He was born on Christmas Eve.

Our tree looks so nice.  Dale has yet to put up the outdoor lights but he has them out in the basement.  And the stocking are hung up.

I was going to write notes on some Christmas cards.  Here it is Wed & I have not started. Have about 20 to write -- mostly to relatives  (Got a start this AM -- Thurs)

Larry & Kim have been here (Thurs) & gone.   Kim had some errands to run so she left first. Lar, Barb & Dale talked at the table.

Tomorrow I'll make Spritz cookies & a choc. cooky for the Cooky Walk at church.  Also I'll make 2 pies.  One with cream cheese filling & you have cherry pie filling over it, and a pumpkin pie.  Both are easy to make.  I'll start when I come home from having my hair done Fri A.M.  I'll most likely order pizza for supper.  They want the cookies from 4-6 pm on Fri & the pies around 9 A.M. Sat.  I'll make the pies the last thing.  I love to bake so it's no problem.  All is well.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Imagine you folks are happy as Ohio State is beating Mich.  And lowly Penn State is beating Mich. State.  Maybe Wisc. will to go the Rose Bowl after all.

Dale's Dr's office called yesterday & wanted Dale to have a culture of his nail (infected) so he is to see a podiatrist just about now.  His insurance required it.  They want to get it cleared up so it won't go into his bloodstream.

I need to wrap Christmas gifts but it's been too warm, weatherwise, to get into it.  My bedroom is crowded with boxes to be wrapped.

Barb went to Jamestown today but she couldn't get what she wanted.  We won't go gain until the last Mon. or Tues of the month.  The day after Thanksgiving is too crowded, altho a lot of people are shopping earlier.

John called last nite & I visited with him & then talked to Gen.  It's pretty hard to have a conversation with her anymore.

We'll have Thanksgiving dinner around 4-5 pm, whichever hour is best for Larry & Kim.  I don't mind eating later as it isn't such a rush.

I don't recall my oldest son making a 3 plus average in high school, altho he was more than capable of doing that!!!  Tell Andy & Ed they are doing a good job & make the honor roll next time.

Tonite I'm trying a new recipe.  Flatten the chicken breasts, season them & stuff them with finely chopped broccoli & shredded cheddar.  Fold over, add chicken broth & bake covered. You could also add a slice of ham first.  I'll let you know how they come out.

It was a good meal -- Dale liked it.  I may try it one Thurs. nite when Lar & Kim are here. Easy to make.

I'm sure people in Wisc are holding their breath because of what Iowa is doing to Wi.  With one player hurt, it makes a big different as they can't seem to do anything.  Like against Mich. State.

I'm watching the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel.  I don't know or understand poker at all, but it is fun to watch.  They can win a lot of money if they are the final winner.

The last 3 Sat. nites, Barb & I have played  game of Scrabble & she always beats me.  But tonite I prevented her from using all 7 letters.  She could have scored over 100 points but I prevented it. She still beat me but that's OK.  It's fun to play a game.

Sun. Nov. 21

It was scary today but Pittsburgh came out the winner over Cincy 19-14.  The QB couldn't do as much today.  Barb is happy as Buffalo is beating St. Louis.

Barb & I went grocery shopping after I got home from church.  The turkey is thawing in the fridge.  Lar stopped over & said Kim would make the pies.  I'll make the pumpkin pie (I like mine best.)  Kim will make the apple cranberry pie.

Tues A.M. the 23rd

Barb has been wrapping gifts & I'll start on Fri.  I'll use the D.R. table & will cover it with a plastic tablecloth so I won't scratch it.  The pkg. will be sent Mon the latest so it should be there for JoAnna's birthday.  We'll be putting the tree up soon.

Dale got a turkey from work so it is in the freezer for another time.

Tues pm.  When we were coming out of the Mall yesterday, Barb stopped to read a saying on the car -- "Friends don't let friends vote Republican".

Today (Wed), I cooked my sweet potatoes & fixed them so they're ready for Thurs.  Cleaned the turkey & cooked the giblets & have broth for the gravy.  Will use my good dishes & got them out on the table.  So I'm pretty well prepared.  Sometimes it's easier to plan a big meal than to plan supper.  Didn't know what to have tonite so I fixed macaroni & cheese & weiners & tossed salad.  I like it but I'm not sure about Dale liking it.  Barb ate it -- guess she didn't feel like doing anything.

I've been watching the Food Channel lately & have gotten a few hints.

In looking over Bon Appetit the Escarole Soup with Pasta & Meatballs sounds good.  But I might like to substitute spinach.  Plan to try it.

Back to the Food Channel -- noticed they made the stuffing in a frying pan -- sauteed the onion & celery & added the bread & broth & then baked it on the oven.   Plan to do that in the A.M.  They added more veggies but I'll stick to just celery, onions & seasoning.  There is also a blueberry pie recipe that I'd like to try.  It uses frozen B.berries.

It's 9:24 pm & guess what Dale is doing -- washing his white car.  He will put it in the garage he rents & use the Blazer.  He couldn't put it away dirty.  Luckily the weather is mild -- it is suppose to change by Fri A.M.  Colder & snow flurries but it will be 38 on Mon the 1st day of hunting when the hunters want it colder, & snow to track the deer.

Thanksgiving is over & I'm having a piece of pumpkin pie.  Larry & Dale chose to have pump. pie so I had a piece of Kim's apple cranberry pie.  And Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without a piece of pump. pie.  I took a piece of Kim's pie for Dale & Lar will finish it at home. I like eating later as then I don't have to rush around.  The turkey was good.  Dale won't come home for lunch Fri -- he doesn't want to lose his parking place.  He'll have turkey sandwiches.

Bon Ton opens at 5 A.M. tomorrow.  Kim plans to go at 6 A.M.  Barb wants to go after I get my hair done.  I got a 10.00 coupon off & it has to be used by 11 A.M.  Barb will use it.

Tomorrow I'll know what to have for supper.  Leftovers.

Kim said Father Baker, retired Episcopal pastor, is not expected to live.  They live up the street now, just before Gustafson's.  I was surprised to hear that - his illness.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Warren County voters red as ever

What happened to Wisconsin yesterday?  They must have left their game in Madison. Today is different -- Green Bay is playing great.  And so are the Steelers.  They ad a great game today.  Happy Days are here again in Pittsburgh & thruout W. Pa.

Dale saw the Dr. last Fri -- he has an infection in his fingernails.  He had a blood test & when the Dr. sees the results he'll know more.  He has to have a weekly blood test for 4 weeks & then one a month for 3 months.  He's not sure what is causing this infection.  Dale got a prescription of some sort for it  You know Dale -- you have to dig for answers.

I called Millie & we had a nice visit.  She & Linda will go to Allan's for Thanksgiving & hope to see Gen on the following day.  Millie always had Christmas Eve at her place but things changed when she sold the house.  They'll be at Larry's for Christmas Eve & at Allan's for Christmas Day.

There is no school tomorrow so Barb doesn't have to care for Scott.  After she goes to Bert's, we'll go to Jamestown as we have a couple of exchanges to make.  And a few things to check on.  We hope to send the pkg. after Thanksgiving.

Minn.  Can't do much against the Vikings.

When Mimi called last week, she said Ruth always talks about how faithful I was in writing to both parents.  I said it paid off as Paul writes every week.  She also said writing letters is a lost art.  I have Thanksgiving cards ready to mail to Ruth, Millie, & Gen.  Enclosed a little note to let them know about what is happening to us here.

When I had my hair done last Fri, somehow we got on the ages of Sheila's in-laws.  The husband is 7 yrs older than his wife & Sheila said she will probably be a widow someday. Sheila's husband is an only child so I said will she come & live with your & Kevin.  She said NO WAY.  She'd move out first.  I guess she isn't too happy with her mother-in-law.

Minnesota came back with a bang but G.B. still won.

Dale was saying he had to clean out a car before he could work on it in the inside.  Orange peels, half an apple, junk.  He threw out the garbage & put the other stuff in a box.  He was disgusted.

Mon. the 15th

We went to Jamestown again & got more of our Christmas shopping completed.  The pile is growing.  Lar & Kim are the hardest as they don't give suggestions.  I'll corner Lar on Thurs. when he is here.  As we were leaving Bon Ton I saw sweater sets for 50% off.  A pretty pink with embroidery down the 2 front panels of the cardigan.  The clerk charged me full price but it was changed when she saw the 50% off sign.  I've been looking & looking for one & now I have it.  The one I got from Chadwick was terrible.  Sleeves down to my knees or so it seemed.  It is in the Goodwill box.  Spend, spend, spend that is your mother!

I found out again you can't choose a book by its cover.  When we were walking in the Mall, I saw a young gal with a long skirt, slit half way up the thigh, boots with the thick soles & heels & I wasn't too impressed.  Who should wait on us in Sears but this very same gal. And she was so nice & friendly ( down to earth.  It was only her 2nd day working so she was a little uncertain but I'd go to her any day for help.  A lesson learned but will it stick.

Thurs. Nov. 18

I made salmon load tonite for supper & it tasted good.  Dale is in Rochester for school again -- Thurs & Fri.  He doesn't like salmon loaf so that's why we had it.  Both Lar & Barb like it.  Kim wasn't here either.  While I cleaned up, Barb & Lar had a nice conversation.  Lar had the car so he & Torey didn't have to walk home.

Not much going on here.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Dale & I are excited with the Steelers & how well they are laying with a rookie QB.  It's so nice to see them win again.  Barb is still a Buffalo fan.  I've just been waiting for Pittsburgh to get good again -- like the days of yore!  When was it the 70's with Terry & all the good players.  And I can't recall their names.  Shame on me.  I'll have to learn present team names like Bettes & the QB has a long last name. They call him Big Ben &^ the guys are behind him 100%.

We got a new telephone -- we've called out but we've had no incoming calls. Elections are over.

It's been a beautiful day here.  I picked a rose bud today.  But snow is forecast over nite -- showers, I hope.  But we're lucky -- first week in Nov. & no frost yet.   Even the tree in front of the house has lost its leaves.

I have my Christmas cards & hope to have them addressed in a couple of weeks.  Wonder who I won't hear from because of death.  My list of shrinking.

We'll have to mail our pkg. to you folks Nov. 29th the latest, so JoAnna gets her birthday gifts.  Paul, you didn't give us many ideas other than things about Warren.  But there are 3 of us who need ideas.  Kim doesn't need ideas.  She knows what she's giving.

When I went to the dentist last Fri, I got right in & was home in about 3/4 hour.  Dr. Walters knows my age as once he said "I wish my Dad was in as good a condition as you are."  Dr. Walters's sister was in your class if I remember correctly.  I like Dr. Walters a lot even if I don't look forward to going to the dentist.

Even tho this will be a busy week, Barb & I plan to go to Jamestown Tues. aft.  Tues. is Dale's long day so we won't go til after lunch.  Scott goes to tutoring after school so Barb doesn't have to pick him up.

I was lazy today.  I ordered pizza.  But Fri. nite when Dale got home from Rochester I fixed him a steak dinner.  Last nite we had chicken & spaghetti so I figured we could have an easy meal tonite.

Tues. the 9th of Nov.

Barb & I went to Jamestown after lunch.  We added more to our Christmas shopping &* I bot a suit for myself.  A gray jacket & pants to match.  Not a set as I need one size for the jacket & a different size for the slacks.  I got it at Bon Ton.  Dale gave me a Bon Ton gift certificate & that went toward the outfit.  So I should be set for awhile.  But it's been a long time (Erie trip excluded) since I've added to my wardrobe.

Last Sat Barb wanted to order something from a catalog & used my Discover Card.  It didn't go thru so she called Discover Card to see why.   They asked questions she couldn't answer so she gave me the phone.  In the course of the conversation they asked if Barb would like a card on my card.  We agreed & they told me I'd be responsible.  I realized that.  The card came today so now Barb can use her card to order things, & pay for them.  It's strange it wouldn't go thru as I used the card for an order from that place in Boston & paid for it already. Maybe numbers got mixed up.  I never can remember that store's name, no matter how hard I try.  Chadwick -- finally.

Barb has 2 angel ornaments she got a Gayle's Christmas Store & hoped to get another one last Sat. when we were there, but they were all gone.  She must have told Lynn as Lynn said she'd look on Ebay.  She called Barb last nite to tell her she found 2 of them. Barb said get them both.  She is pleased to find them. She hangs them on the wall.

There was a new program tonite on the Discover Channel.  "Dr. G" who finds out why a person dies when there seems to be no real cause.  A coroner's job.  Dale was watching it too.  Very interesting to find out what the body can tell thru autopsy.

Thurs. the 11th

I'm all set for company.  I started  yesterday, got the taters washed, snipped the ends off the beans, etc.  I won't start the chicken until noon as they won't be here til one.  I like that as both Barb & Dale will be gone & I'll have the kitchen to myself.  Made pumpkin pie before breakfast.  Early to bed, early to rise -- that's me.  Maybe the healthy but not the weather & wise!

Tomorrow I'll be lazy.  After I get my hair done, I might shorten my new slacks.  They are just a little too long to suit me -- I want to wear them Sun.

Warren just called to check.  Told him I was ready for them.  He wanted to know what he could bring -- I said just yourselves.

My day is over -- 8:11 p.m. & I'm feeling fine.  We enjoyed being together -- Warren, Anna & I.  It was an easy meal to prepare -- both times.  They left around 4 pm & I got the dishes in the dishwasher & cleaned up.  Then it was time to start over & it was another good meal & fellowship.  Now I'm relaxing & watching TV after a nice day.

Kim won't be here next Thurs so I think I'll have a beef roast for supper.  That day Dale goes to school for 1 day in Rochester but he'll be home by 7 or so.