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Sunday, December 26, 2004

This A.M. we had the S.S. Christmas program as part of the service.  It is always nice to see the children.  Fran Leto (she played at Dad's funeral) played this A.M. & it was good to see her.  Our regular organist is having a hard time getting over the death of her daughter.  Fran feels like one of us. Our loss is St. Joe's gain

I'm taking it easy today after a busy 2 days.  2 dinners & 1 breakfast to plan & prepare. Barb gave me a puzzle & I'll soon put up the card table & start it.  It's pretty with a quilt & flowers scene.

Your family picture is so wonderful.  All of you look so good in the picture. Thanks so much. I received a lot of nice gifts.  Dale got me a Hunter Fan for the D.R.  The present one is noisy.  Lar & Kim gave me a set of baskets to hold the "junk" in my bedroom.  This next week I will have to get things organized so it's not so messy.

We asked Bert to come over Christmas Day dinner but she didn't feel up to it, but she appreciated the invitation.  Barb was over there today & they got to talking about the will & she said to Barb "You are in my will."

Kim & Lar have a busy schedule.  Yesterday they were her at 10 A.M. for breakfast & gifts. 2 pm they were at friends:  Nancy & family at Nancy's mom Barb Jacobs for lobster.  Barb J. ordered it from Maine & it is flown in.  Here at 5:30 for dinner.  When they left they were going to Betsy's (Moran) for gift exchange.  Before they came here Christmas Eve they were at Betsy's mom for drinks & shrimp.  They said they are busy all week with get togethers.

The Steelers won today but it wasn't on our TV.  We are watching the Bills at San Fran & they are ahead 7-0 right now.  Next week the Steelers are at Buff & Barb thinks Dale & I shold root for the Bills so they get into the playoffs.  I don't agree.  I'm not really a football fan (baseball is my game, Go Mets!) but seeing the Steelers are doing so well I have to, as a Pennsylvanian, root for them!  I should say as a western Pennsylvanian, I should root for them.

Barb was so pleased to hear Andy liked her gift to him.  She saw it in a catalog & sent for it & we thought it was so nice.  Hope Ed likes his gift from Barb.  I forgot to ask if you liked your watch.

Just a few thoughts on Mon A.M.  This is Dale's early week & I'm in no rush to start my chores.  We were discussing where to hang your picture.  Barb wants me to take the wall clock down (she hates the ticking) & hang it there.  But I like the clock, so I'll take down pictures on the wall by the stairs & hang it there.  I want to be able to see it when I go upstairs.

Tues. Dec. 28

At Christmas, Kim mentioned Betsy (your classmate) gave her some hand cream, from Body & Bath Works & she liked it very much.  Today Barb & I went to the Mall & headed to Body & Bath & found the cream.  For dry hands.  Tried it & like it a lot.

I hung your picture where I can see it every time I go upstairs.  Today the Schwan man came & I always buy chicken breasts.  Today I showed him my son's family picture -- the small one.  Then he showed me a picture of his wife, him & their 4 year old son.  A very nice family picture & you could see he was proud to show it to me.  The boys is 4 years old & looks like his daddy.

Dec 31.  New Year's Eve

I had a letter ready to go & I don't think it got mailed & I can't find it.

Last nite we were at Lar & Kim's & we had a nice time together.  They have a beautiful tree & many decorations including her Santas.

Today I took the picture & showed it to Sheila -- she hears a lot about you folks.  She is very upset as her mother is full of cancer; she is in the hosp. & wants to go home & help is hard to find.  There is no hope that she will improve.  Only 68.

I heard from my friend in Auburn.  Her husband died just before Thanksgiving.  I didn't send her a card as I didn't hear last year.  But I will write to her soon.  Just heard from a friend in Gt. Falls so I'll have another letter to write.

We're going overtown this aft. so I'll be sure to mail this.

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