Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Finally warmer weather is here with showers.

Easter Sun. was cloudy but no rain.  Lar & Kim came for dinner & we had turkey.  Kim said only 50 more days of school & then vacation.   Even the teachers count the days.

In your letter I appreciated seeing the picture of the new church in Two Rivers.  It looks like a nice church to worship in.

We got a catalogue Coldwater Creek from Idaho.  Barb ordered 3 items; they came yesterday & Barb is very disappointed in them.  She didn't like them at all & is returning them. And they aren't cheap article.  The 3 cost over $100.

Dale got a tamper to tamp down the ground that has heaved up due to winter weather.  He's ready to rake the lawn once it dries up. I'm glad he likes to work on the lawn & Barb on the flowers. It won't be long before we'll be looking for flowers.

Last week we returned & got more book for me & videos for Barb.  It got The Wyndham Legacy by Clouter (Catherine) & Texas Sunrise & Vegas Rich by Fern Michaels.  Enjoyed reading them.

That encounter at the library with Mr. Don Conway was a curious one.  Maybe he was "hungry" to talk with an adult after babysitting.  The name made me think of Donald Conaway, the son, but he lives in the Boston area.  And there is not "A" in Conway.  We have Conway's in Wrrn.  Just one of the interesting events in your life.

We're back to Thurs. when Lar & Kim come for dinner.  Soccer is over.  I'm glad because Thurs. always felt like it should be Fri.

Dale has something wrong with his nails & we have no dermatologist in Wrrn.  His Dr. found a Dr. who will take his insurance but he is in Meadville.  Dale has an A.M. appt. to see him in May . Some sort of an infection that won't go away.   He sees his regular Dr. next week. I'm sure glad he found a Dr. when he did & sees him regularly.

I wish we had a radio station that played music I could listen to.  They have "oldies" but they aren't old enough for me.  We have an hour of classical music Sun A.M. but it isn't the classical music I like.  Sounds like I don't know what I want!

I got spring & summer clothes from the attic.  Yesterday I washed & pressed them & found room for them in my closet.  They're ready to wear when the time comes.

Mar 31.  Arlene Hornstrom's birthday -- he's not doing too well.

I've been busy this A.M., that is for an old lady!  Cleaned the bathroom & have a load of towels in the dryer.  Then I made a dessert -- Boston cream pie.  Made the filling first & then the cake.  Didn't have a mix so I checked my recipes & found a good one.  Similar to a sponge cake -- nice & light -- & the filling is good.  It's still cooling so I haven't put it together yet.  It is one of my favorites.

I woke up early this A.M. & was thinking about this letter & something I wanted to write. Now I can't think of it.  Maybe it will come to me.  It came to me:

I finally saw my first robin this A.M. looking out the kitchen window.  Both Barb & Dale saw robins ahead of me.

Last Sun. Kim mentioned that Torey had worn down his back paw nails so they were bleeding.  She has some sox for him to wear.  In talking to her aunt last Sun. she mentioned Torey's nails & her aunt said they have glue-on nails for dogs.  Kim checked on the computer, found & ordered some to protect his paws.  They glue on just like the ones women use.  Isn't that something.  Wonder if they came yet.  We'll find out tonite.

They said we'd have rain today.  So far it hasn't arrived.

Just took a little nap & now it's time to get busy.  Can work & watch my soaps.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday, March 17, 2005

I have a red circle around Apr. 1 to remind me to think of Ed on that day.  We're rooting for him.

The Mets were on the NYC channel & they look good.  I just hope it continues into the season.

Our paper has had very little on the Erie mayor -- we hear about it on Erie TV.  Interesting it reached your papers.

They finished the digging (gas) by our driveway.  The spot near Conaway's driveway is still a hole.

I finally used my paper shredder.  One drawer needed to be cleaned out.  It is lighter now.  I keep my charge receipts in a shoe box & cleaned out papers as far back as '01.  Got 5 grocery bags full of shredded paper.  Lar took it to use with garbage.  He came by with my state tax.  All I owed was $11.00  Got it sent in.  He also took our wrapped newspapers.

Sheila & I were talking about desserts while getting my hair done.  She said this is easy & good.  Cut choc. cake into cubes.  Make choc. pudding.  Ina trifle bowl layer cake, pudding, cool whip (in layers).  Sprinkle with Heath toffee bits to finish.  Could use other flavors as well.  When I was looking thru dessert recipes I found a similar one using brownies, pudding mix, cool whip, & Heath bar chips.  Plan to try it sometime.  Recipes used van. pudding & milk to mix & then added 1/4 c. cold coffee.  I'm getting tired of pies for dessert.

Back to the Mets.  Galarraga is trying to make the Mets lineup.  He came up with 2 terrific plays & got 2 hits, one a home run.  He's in his early 40's.

We've had a lovely day today but rain is suppose to come in tonite.  Won't be nice tomorrow, Palm Sun.

I called Schwan's yesterday for chicken.  They don't have anyone in Warren now but will see about getting some for me.  They could sent it in dry ice but I don't want to pay postage on it.

Sun. the 20th

I have a new racing "hero".  The bad thing he drives a Ford.  He won the Busch Race yesterday &^ the NASCAR race at Atlanta today.  Carl Edwards. Barb said it's because of the name "Carl".  He just looks like a nice guy.

I finally called Schwan's to find out if I can get chicken.  They don't' have Warren covered but will see what they can do.  I ordered 2 boxes of chicken & if I get it, I hope I can keep getting it.  We are spoiled because their chicken is so good.

[In margin.  repeat!!!!  I'm losing it!]

We had steak for supper.  I marinated it in a sauce from the gal on the Italian program  (Food Channel.)(It was very good.  Barb usually grills the steak but she didn't want to so I said it will be done on the grill inside.  She said it was good.  The best steak I've had for awhile.

I can't imagine Charles trying to use any kind of tools.  Wonder if he ever finished the job.

I like the picture of Roger.  He will be 71 in July.

Kim said she tired chicken in the crock pot using cr. chicken soup & they liked the results.

Betty Casey was back in church today.  But she is retaining water in her body so her ankles, legs, etc. are swollen.

Talked to Marie Mathis today.  She was riding in a bus that picks up the elderly to shop, see the Dr., etc & met a lady from the Crary Home.  Marie said she spoke highly of Larry & Torey.  Torey visits her every day & that helped to adjust to living there.

Tues. the 22nd.

I'm set to wash the kitchen floor but I have to wait for Barb to eat & leave.

The gas men don't do a good job on finishing off the hold they dug.  They don't tamp it down & it sinks down several inches.  Now they are filling it again.  Dale gets disgusted at their work.  At work Dale is doing a transmission job on a gas co. truck.  I'm sure they want a good job done on their truck & they'll get with Dale doing the job.  And that's not just a mother's bias.

I watched Nanny 911 on Fox & I can't believe there are families so out of control.  Have you ever watched it?  The husband, at first, spent more time with his carrier pigeons than his family.  All 5 slept in one bed plus the dog.  The middle boy was afraid of going to the bathroom in the house & went outside the house -- he was "watering the plants".

Thurs. the 24th

Last nite was the last Wed. Lar & Kim come for dinner.  Next week it's back to Thursdays.  No school today or Fri.  They were to have Wed. off but it turned out to be a snow day.  So Kim & 2 of her friends went to play Bingo at the Moose Club.  One friend is a member.

It snowed last nite but it won't last.  Rain is in the forecast for Easter Sun.

We're going to the Mall this aft.

Will enclose our library's newsletter so you can see what happens here.  The paper will tell you about the steel beams for the bridge.  Lots going on in "downtown" Warren.

Heard from Millie & she said Johnny went to Aruba for 5 days.  He had someone to care for Gen.

Nothing special going on here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm watching the Mets vs. Detroit on the NYC channel.  Mets are ahead in the 8th inning. Game tied.  Home run.  Mets win!

Last week the lady across the st., in the little house, died on Mon. but wasn't found until Thurs.  We see a daughter or daughter-in-law visit.  She was 94.  I would think they'd call every day to check.

Fri. we went to the library & I got 3 books.  Vegas Heat by Fern Michaels.  She has another: Vegas Sunrise which I'll look for next.  She has a series on Texas, 4 books, which I should have read first.  They're on my list to get.  I got 2 by Karen Robards, Whispers at Midnight & Beachcomber.  I had already read Vegas Heat & Whispers at Midnight; read them again & enjoyed them just as much the second time.

Fri. nite Dale said he smelled gas outdoors.  He wasn't sure who to call as it was late in the day.  Sat. he was cleaning off the walks & the new neighbor was out so Dale asked him if he smelled gas.  He hadn't, but mentioned his wife did.  Awhile later the Gas Co. came & checked.  It was leaking by the little house & they dug there.  The door bell rang & it was the gas man & he wondered if we know how to get in contact with the owner so they could shut off the gas.  I didn't know.  I know she went to the Episcopal Church so I called a member up the street but no answer.  They found out & were able to shut it off.  When I came home from church I still smelled gas.

I hope by Easter I won't have to wear boots to church.

I was going to take a nap but Barb told me the Mets are on TV.  End of nap.

Mon. Mare. 14

Barb & I went to Jamestown.  I only bought AA, AAA & 9 volt batteries.  9V for smoke alarm. And groceries at Wegman's.  Spent most of my grocery money so I don't have to go to Quality.  Maybe we'll go on Fri. as there are a few sale items I want.

We ate lunch -- can't remember the name -- the fish place.  Davidson's.  I had a fish sandwich -- ate only the fish -- & lemon meringue pie -- one of my favorites.  Enjoyable.  Barb just had a bowl of chili -- she couldn't finish it.  It was filled to almost overflowing.  She said she should have just gotten a cup of chili.

Barb bought a mattress pad & a printer for her lap computer.  We didn't see anything interesting in the way of clothes.  Nothing new for Easter.

Tues. the 15th

The doorbell rang & it was the gas man.  He wanted to let me know there is a gas leak in our gas connection.  They are so busy but he said they'll be here to fix it.  They've been working where the little store used to be -- now the (can I use the word) Republican headquarters. Guess the pipes are wearing out.  Also a leak in the pipes of the little house across the st. Earlier the doorbell rang & it was the lady up the st. -- she & her husband were going for a walk & smelled the gas -- and wondered if we realized it.  The gas man said it's good it's winter because if it were summer we'd smell it in the house.

Thurs. aft the 17th of Mar.  Got your green on?

Today I've been shredding old bills, etc.  I let them pile up too long.  Filled 3 1/2 grocery bags with shredded paper & still have more to go, but I don't want to overheat it.  It sure is handy to have.  Lar mixes it with garbage for his -- can't think of the word -- but it turns to good fertilization.

I can't believe myself -- heated up a cup of coffee & must have pushed the wrong number. Ended up with 1/3 cup of coffee & the rest overflowed so I had a mess to clean up.  So I added more water -- result a hot cup & cooler coffee.

They are still digging & working on the gas line.

You press for the boys to make the honor roll so now know how we felt.  We knew you could do it but _________.  Finish the sentence.

Kim didn't come last nite.  She belongs to a card club that meets on Wed. evening.  I really miss Schwan's chicken.  I served chicken but it wasn't Schwan's & you could tell the difference.

When we were little girls my mother made us dresses for Easter.  By then we were usually able to quit wearing long underwear & that was a big thing.  There was always an Easter program by the children & we had to learn a "piece" & hoping it wasn't a long one to learn. My mother made our clothes thru high school.  She was a good seamstress.  I remember Millie had a friend whose mother knit her a sweater.  A pretty apple green.  If Millie left the house before I did, I'd wear that sweater & put it back before she knew I did that.  Secrets of childhood.

Dale started to get a headache last night.  When he came home for lunch, he didn't want a lot to eat.  I made him a fried egg sandwich & he always has yogurt.  He wouldn't stay home. He didn't sleep that well last nite.  After I got up to go to the bathroom last nite, I had a hard time getting back to sleep.  Took a nap this aft.

Golf is on TV so I'll watch that.  First day.  Tiger is -13 & Phil M. is right behind him at -11. Another interesting match coming up?  Time will tell.

Things are fine with us.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Barb's treadmill was delivered yesterday.  They put it together so Dale didn't have that job.  It is a big one with parts to use the arms as well as walking.  It has a button you can press & it goes uphill like you're walking up a hill.  Tells how many calories you burn while walking. Barb loves it.  She is starting easy -- 1/2 hr. at a time.

Golf is so interesting.  At the final Sun. Mickelson will have Tiger as a partner.  Phil is -20, and Tiger is -19.  What a set up.  It will be interesting.

Alice Nasman (Wayne & Rick's mom) called me today to tell me she won't be in church tomorrow.  She hasn't been feeling well all week -- 24 hr. flu only it's longer.  She was watching golf & so was I.  Both of us root for Tiger.  Betty Casey isn't back to church either. Best to stay in with our winter months.  She's feeling better, tho.

With the commercials on TV today, my thumb gets a good workout muting them out.  And they are so long now.

Dale worked til noon today so I started baking early.  It was the week to make the coffee cake & then I planned to make a pie.  Pumpkin as it's so easy to do.  Then I decided to ask Dale what he'd like.  He said we've had pump. pie lately so how about apple.  So I made an apple pie.  It is tasty.

Dale did his income tax this aft.  Next Wed. Larry will do my state tax.  There are 4 more soccer sessions & then it will be back to Thurs. when they come.  Now Thurs seems like an extra day.

Frank, across the St, has a new agency trying to sell his house.  Hope it goes better this time.  It is probably priced too high.

Golf was exciting & Tiger won.  Then I switched & watched the final laps of  Busch car racing in Mexico City.  One of D.E.I. (Dale Earnhardt Inc.) cars won the race.

Our pastor announced today that she is expecting a baby.  She is very happy -- they were even thinking of adoption.  No need now.

Barb wasn't feeling good today -- headache. She is better tonite.

Mon. Mar. 7

This aft. I watched the Cubs vs. Texas & the Cubs won.  It was a good game.  Ruck Sutcliffe (apt to be wordy) & Gary Thorne announced the game.  Gary is a great announcers & today I didn't have to mute it.  Can't remember the 3rd man, but when Mike Piazza was an L.A. catcher Mike & this fellow were friends & had an apt. together.  I didn't realize this one was retired.  He was traded last year or so -- maybe to the Cubs but don't quote me.  I really don't' like the 3 man team.  Too many to "spout" off.  They trip over their tongues trying to beat the others in showing off how much they think they know.  The name above is Eric Karros.   Just saw it on TV.  Tues aft & I'm watching the Giants vs. Texas & the same announcers.

It's 12 outside.  And what's for supper.  Hamburgers & potato salad.  Sounds like a summertime meal.  But I didn't feel like macaroni & cheese & pot. salad sounded good to me.  We just got a dusting of snow.

Buffalo is having a terrible time with finances.  The 5 pm news keeps us informed.  I like the announcers so I watched WGRZ -- NBC in Buff.

Thurs. the 10th of Mar.

Your letter with "The Bookworm" arrived today & I noticed it was mailed Mar. 2.  Wonder why it took so long to arrive.

Last nite Kim told us about an incident at school.  A 9th grade girl was caught stealing.   They suspected her but couldn't prove it so they set up a camera & caught her.  Then the girl's locker room was next.  Rolls of toilet paper in the toilet & paper towels in the sink.  It happened twice.  So Kim spoke to the girls in that class & informed them from now on there would be an aid to watch them in the locker room.  And Kim said I know who is responsible & the girl looked at Kim & mouthed "bitch".  Kim took her to the office.  If she does this in 9th grade, what will happen when she is in 12th grade.  Maybe she won't make it.  She was suspended 5 days for the theft.  People are afraid of the family -- afraid of revenge.  T hat's what teachers put up with in Sheffield.

Kim & Larry got a new treadmills awhile ago.  Kim runs on it but Lar walks.  You can't run on Barb's.

I'm watching a program on Jay Leno's car collection.   They are redoing a 1966 Toronado  to make it over -- make it elite.  It's interesting.  He doesn't have children -- old cars are his babies & he has quite a collection.  At times there are old cars up for bid & it's amazing how expensive they can be.  Fun to watch.

Barb was glad to hear her camera is ready.  She wants to know how much she owes you, including postage.

Glad you're back to normal.  Have you caught up on your work.

I like the picture illustrations in your letters.

Glad you're feeling good again & that no one else was sick.  Nice you kept your germs to yourself!!!

One nite Dale said his throat was sore but nothing developed.  We were glad.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday, February 27, 2005

You really had the flu, Paul.  It must be a harder strain of flu in Wi.  It has escaped us but I had a flu shot.

I'm watching golf & then comes racing from Calif.

Fri. Barb asked if I wanted to go to the library before we go to the Mall.  I said I'd like to cash a check for March expenses, which I did.  I also went to the library but it was a quick trip.  I got a book by Nora Roberts "Chesapeake Blue" and it was so good.  Got a book by Patricia Roberts.  It looked interesting but I couldn't get into it.

Fri. I fixed a ziti casserole & it was very good.  Sat I had a crockpot beef roast & it was tasty.  Today's I'm lazy -- we're having leftover ziti.

Barb loves the laptop & she is getting better acquainted in using it.  She said if for some reason Bert's relatives didn't like the idea of Bert giving it to Barb, she said she'd have to buy one for herself.  She is spending a lot of time using it.  She stayed up til 11:30 last nite & was up by 9 A.M. today.  Dale couldn't believe she was up & dressed so early.

It's a cold day but the sun is bright & the skies a beautiful blue.  A lull before snow flurries all week.  In fact a storm warning is for snow starting tonite thru Mon. nite.  But it's not as bad as Calif. has had it.  We expect it even if we get tired of snow.

Got my hair cut last Fri.  Don't like it when it gets too long on my neck.

Wed. Mar. 2

Guess what!  I'm watching spring training baseball.  Mets vs. Nationals.  What a good feeling to see baseball again & the new Met's lineup.  I think Willie Randolph will be a manager for the Mets.  The Mets lost.

Thurs. the 3rd

I didn't watch baseball today as it was the Yankees vs. the Pirates.  I didn't even check scores -- was too busy watching golf.  Perry Mason isn't on TV at 3 p,m EST anymore so there is nothing interesting on that hour.  Tomorrow the Braves will be on ESPN but I can't recall who they will play.  I'll watch that game.

Barb's treadmill arrives tomorrow.  She hopes they can get it in the basement OK.  I'm sure it is in a box & will need to be put together so it should fit in OK.

Dale said work has been the slowest in years.  Maybe when winter is over cars will need fixing.

Back to baseball.  They had 3 announcers & they spent more time talking together, I got disgusted & turned down the sound.  They did interview both managers.  I think Willie Randolph will be good.  He has more rules for them -- no facial hair for one.  I hope we'll see a different in their performances.  Less errors for one.

I see the temps are in the 60s in S. Dak.   That is what I'm waiting for -- warmer weather. Especially when I hear we are 20 below what temps should be.

I made meat loaf using ground turkey for supper.  Dale liked it & was surprised to hear it was turkey.

We are all fine here & I hope no one else got the flu.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saturday, February 19, 2005

This is the weekend NASCAR returns to racing & we have been watching Speed Channel & races.  The big race is tomorrow from Fla.  If you are a real fan & have the money that is the place to be this weekend.  Daytona Beach.

Think I've mentioned this before what I learned from the Food Channel.  Marinate chicken with balsamic vinegar, onions & garlic, only I omit the garlic.  It is absolutely Dale's favorite way to do chicken.  They pan fried the chicken, but I baked it.  We had that tonite with Uncle Ben's rice, another of Dale's favorite.  And broccoli & fruit salad.  An easy & fast meal to prepare.  Make peanut butter bars for dessert.  Another easy recipe.  Similar to choc. chop cookies.

Barb has to go to the liquor store almost every week for Bert.  Barb hopes they don't think she uses all of it.  Barb thinks Bert should cut down on alcohol.  She is 87, in poor health, her friends have died or are in nursing homes so I say let her have her comforting drink.  She doesn't get out that much anymore.

Sun. Feb 21

We're watching the racing -- it is exciting to watch.  I forgot to mention when I had my hair done, I said to Sheila racing starts Sun.  Sue's customer said "Marion do you like racing?" Sheila answered for me.  "She is a big face fan."  I said I have to be as that is the main sport for Dale so I have to understand it.  I do enjoy it but it takes a back seat if baseball happens to be on at the same time.

I don't know if you remember the Nicholson's.  They lived on East St. next to the funeral home.  There were 2 sisters & 3 brothers.  One was a lawyer who was a good one but ides young.  None ever married.  They all have died & the last one died rectally.  They were ever active in the church but open to it.  They left over a 2 million estate.  The church will get the interest of 20% of the estate but it will probably take up to 2 y ears to settle (the estate). Pretty nice.  I know Dad used to call on the sisters who died first.

Barb & I finally finished the puzzle.  I'll put the card table away for awhile.

We won't go to Jamestown tomorrow -- the weather won't be that nice, sleet & rain.  I'd rather wait for nicer weather.

We like our new organist.  He plays very well & is getting acquainted with the liturgy.  He makes the organ sound very good.  He will lead the choir.

Tues pm the 22nd

This A>M. I went to Bible Study at church followed by pot luck lunch.  I made my tools to bring.  One thing that is never left over.  The pastor took 3 rolls home the last time I bro't them.  Her husband ate all three of them. He said "who made those rolls, I want to marry her."  Today I gave her the left over rolls so her husband should be happy.

Barb took the laptop computer to Lynn's so Lynn could help her get started -- how to use it.

You know what I remember about Janesville.  We spent our first nite as man & wife in a hotel there.  Our wedding was at 8 pm; after the reception we drove with Min & Lila & family to Beloit & then we took their car & drove to Janesville.  It was a terrible night.  Jan 26 & it was foggy & you couldn't see anything & it took a long time to get there.  We spent Sat. night with Min & Lila.  Dr. Benander asked Dad to preach at Salem that Sun & he did.  The first of the week we left for Auburn via train.   We got to Auburn in the morning & went from the train to the Strands for breakfast.  They are the ones that let you, Paul, open the cupboard doors & play with the pots & pans.

We've been watching reruns of Seinfeld & they are so crazy.  The other nite I was surfing the TV & came upon "Beverly Hills Cop 2". It was so crazy & I laughed so hard. Dale came downstairs to see what I was watching.  And today Perry Mason was in color.  Barb tho't that was the only one in color -- the first series.

That was really nice to be invited to consider applying for the job in Janesville.  But I can understand you not wanting to move because of the boys & the feeling you still have something to give at Middleton.  I guess that is why we continued to stay in Warren. It sure looks like a nice modern building.

I hope you're over the flu by now.  I had an extra Valentine so I sent it to my friend Shirley in Auburn.  She's the one whose husband died last Nov.  Heard from her today. The card arrived when she was getting over a bad case of the flu that left her very weak.

I don't know if you remem -- I've already covered that subject.  Nicholsons.

Our organist is 32 years old & last fall he had a triple bypass operation.  He was at church this A.M. When we were eating lunch the phone rang & it was his wife.  When he returned home he collapsed & was driving himself to Warren hosp.  He lives in Jamestown but didn't want to go to the Jamestown hosp.  We hope all things will be OK for him as organists are hard to come by.  His wife is only 22 yrs. old.  They have 3 children, the oldest is 6.  She was young when she had the 1st one.  T hey are a nice couple.

Wed. the 23.  I made the apple dessert from Bon Appetit (however you spell it) and it is good.  I had to sample it.  It has a think graham cracker base & that adds to the taste.

Gen called this noontime.  She tho't she was calling Millie.  We visited a bit.  Called Betty BAsey -- she had a slight stroke & is doing better.  Hope to get to church soon.

Love to all.  Marion, better make it Mom.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It is spring like today, but only for a day.  It is suppose to get colder with flurries.  Makes one think of spring.

This A.M. I had to have a blood test & I couldn't eat breakfast.  I don't go to the hosp. anymore.  It's done at the Dr. offices & I like that better.  Saw the Dr. last Fri. & all is well. My blood pressure was good.

Ed Africa is still in Warren.  Mrs. Gustafson, up the st., told me she had talked to him.  He doesn't know when he'll leave Warren.  He has to go to Nev. to renew the lease on his apt. He thinks he might stay here for another year.  Guess he has Warren in his blood.

Sheila's grandmother died so Sue did my hair last week. She was suppose to go to Pittsburgh last weekend with her husband to see his grandfather who is ailing.  She couldn't go as the funeral was that Sat.  Her grandmother was 93.  Her paternal grandmother.

I have a turkey breast for tomorrow when Lar & Kim come.  Celebrate a late Valentine's.  We had steaks last nite -- Barb and I at at 6 pm.  Dale didn't come home til 7 pm.  He was working on his car.  He tilled his own steak.

At noon today, he said some fellows might be laid off.  Not enough work to go around.

Remember Chris Johnson in your class -- her mother Ethel is in the Rouse Home & will be 90 on Sat.  The 2 girls will have a party for her.  I sent a card as I won't get there to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Wed. nite Feb 16

I'm relaxing a bit after all is cleaned up.  Our meal was delicious, if I say so myself.  I like a turkey roast -- it's easier to fix.  Tomorrow nite Dale & I will have leftovers & there will be turkey for sandwiches.  Kim had a cold & didn't feel that good.  Barb didn't feel good this A.M. but by aft. Barb felt better.  Scott had a book report for tomorrow and Barb had to help him with that.

We woke up to snow.  Dale said driving to work was bad as it began to freeze.  The roads hadn't been plowed or salted.  Kim said the same driving to Sheffield.  Dale was surprised they didn't delay school but the storm came on so fast they didn't realize the roads were that bad.

Bert has a lap computer & she told Barb she could take it home to use.  Barb plans to as she would like to learn more about it.

Barb wonders if you took her camera to be fixed.

No school next Mon. so we might go to Jamestown.  We'll leave bout 11 A.M. as Barb wants to go to Bert's first.  That will give me a chance to do some of my Mon. chores.  We'll eat lunch there.  My choice of eating place this time.

Thurs. the 17th

I'm sitting here, the TV is on to the Weather Channel & I'm trying to think of things to write about.  I you watch the weather channel you know what our weather is about.  Cold & snow flurries.

Buffalo is having problems -- not enough money & the people don't want a raise in sales taxes.  So a lot of people are being laid off, parks are closed & they think the libraries will be cut.  Some people think they need to cut people in gov't.  They checked & found that Buff. has a higher percentage of gov't workers than Chicago & Chicago has a much larger population.  Guess all cities are in the same situation.

Marisa didn't do well at all in high school but now she goes to Jamestown College & is doing very well.  She said it is so different than hi school  She likes school now.

It's early to bed tonite as I had trouble getting to sleep last nite.

All is well with us. With love to all.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday, February 7, 2005

I'm sorry I didn't know about Andy's confirmation.  I'll send a card as soon as I can.  Don't have any on hand!

I recognized the liturgy right away.

Sheila thinks the house she grew up in is haunted.  They have a rocking archaic upstairs that will rock for no reason at all.  Someone who worked before her mother died (night shift) told them your house is haunted.  Since her mother died funny things have happened but she didn't say what.  Before her folks bo't the house someone committed suicide there.

I didn't watch the big game & we were sorry Phillie didn't win.  Barb \fixed chili & I made pot. salad & baked chicken thighs & legs in a B.B.cue sauce.  And pumpkin pie.  I watched poker on the travel channel & also watched Court Channel.  Cold Case Files, etc.

Dale noticed in the trash barrel, at work, a kitchen faucet.  The handy man at work put a new one in at one of the Shults homes & threw away the old one.  Dale claimed it & is fixing it up.  It's a real nice one.

We were lucky at church.  We have a new organist.  It all helps to get rid of the worry -- not mine but the pastor's worry.

The pastor announced yesterday that Rose Seeley is now in the nursing home on Water St. Her sister is there.  Rose has Alzheimer's.  It was quite a shock to me.

I like your kitchen chairs.  Your pictures are very interesting.

I don't know if you recall Anne Sears.  She lived next to Arlene Hornstrom on Glenwood. Had a daughter Kathy & one son Bob.  Her husband died last week.  We worked together at Beaty.  You might see the obit in the paper.

Larry stopped by last Sat. to show us his new truck, a Mitsubishi, and it is very nice.  One side of the truck folds down for easy loading or unloading.  It is a flat front & the front cab lifts up very easily to show the motor.  It has a high step into the cat & Lar has to lift Torey up to get into it.  Torey doesn't seem to like it.  Barb took a picture but when it will be developed is another thing.  Lar said he could take a picture & send it to you.  He's very pleased with his purchase.

Our Schwan man quit after an argument with the manager.  He couldn't take it anymore.  No job in sight.  And they have several vacancies so I'm not sure when we'll get their chicken today.  I got 2 boxes today.  It is such good chicken.  The mgr. also fired the asst. mgr. because he is in the hospital having had an operation.  I'm sure the man can fight that -- no reason for a firing.  Mostly I just bo't chicken but he thanked me for being a good customer.

I mailed Valentines yesterday -- to the boys, Ruth, Millie, Gen, a friend in Gt. Falls.  I didn't send a card to her this year or last as I didn't hear from her last y ear.  A letter in a Valentine.  She is apt to skip a year.

I got a card for Andy but it probably won't get mailed til Fri.  I miss the mailbox on 5th & Conewango.

Thurs. the 10th

Lynn & Barb were talking & somehow got to talking where they were born.  Lynn was surprised to hear Barb was born in Gt. Falls Mont.  She told Lynn you & Lar were born in Auburn, Wn. & Dale in Mont as well.  Guess she didn't realize ministers could move like that.  After the merger most pastors stay in one area.  The old Augustana Synod, you could go all over the U.S.

The new Bon Appetit had 2 good recipes I copied.  One for baked French toast that you make the nite before.  Good for Christmas breakfast.  The other an apple cake that is a little different than other recipes for apple cake I have.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday, February 3, 2005

As I look outside, I see snow flurries & I tho't that report was sunshine & clear for today.  The temp is 32.

Last Mon.  Barb & I went to Jamestown.  No tax on clothes for a week.  I bo't a pair of slacks.  Barb got a treadmill at Seats but it won't be delivered until Mar 4.  It was on sale. After getting groceries, we decided against eating lunch there & came home.

Dale says they use the flash drive working with cars.

Last Sun. Ted & Pat Benson came to church with me.  Afterwards we went to Perkins to eat.  We had a nice visit.  In June Ted celebrates his 50th year of ordination & they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Their children are planning a party for them.

Last nite Kim was telling about a 9th grade boy who would be in one of her classes this semester.  Passing in the hall, he told he he'd be in one of her classes.  She answered and I expect you to behave in my class or you'll be sent to the office.  She's been waiting for him to misbehave but he hasn't & it has surprised her.  He has even been very helpful to her -- putting things away, etc.  I guess if they teacher expects you to behave, one can.  They have 2 classes going in the gym & he has the other teacher.  He doesn't behave & is constantly being yelled at.  Guess you have to demand respect.

It's 9:15 & I don't hear Barb yet.  Now I do.  I clean the bathroom & do a load of towels.  Her time clock & my time clock don't get together.

Our organist resigned to care for her family.  19 year old grandson in Erie whose mother died.  Last Sun. a young man played & did well considering the liturgy is new to him.  He plays very well so I hope we can keep him.

I plan to try the potatoes you made except I'm not sure if I'll use feta cheese.  Maybe I've seen it in the stores.  I don't know.

I'm not much of a worker anymore.  I did get the bathroom cleaned & the towels are in the washer.  I've been playing Solitaire & I have a puzzle on the card table.  I like to drink coffee & be lazy.

Last nite for supper I fixed chicken, mashed potatoes, corn pudding & apple pie for dessert. As long as I know the menu, it's not a job.  The job is planing meals & trying to make it interesting.  I was going to try a macaroon pie but I stuck to what I know they like.  I'm enclosing the recipe.  I got ads from Better Homes & Garden cookbook.  It was a lower price so I sent for it.  I like to "read" recipe books.

In yesterday's paper an article by a Coop. Extension person remembered wash day as a child.  It bro't back memories.  Mon. was washday & if it was nice weather the clothes line filled the back yard.  In the winter they hung in the basement.  It was the wringer washer. One summer friends were driving to Maine & offered to take my mother & 1 child.  I was the lucky one.  We visited my Uncle Carl & family in Caribou, Maine.  They had a potato farm & 5 children.  Oldest one married & living at home & working with his dad.  At home Gen decided to do some washing & got her hands stuck in the wringers.  Don't remember if she finished the wash.  She didn't break any bones.  I remember her saying she sat at the piano to exercise her hands.  Dad dated my cousin Carlotta (Maine cousin) before he met me, but I guess she wasn't the one for him.

It's Fri A.M.  Just got my hair "done".  It's beautiful out -- will be in the 40's.  Enjoyed your M. Monroe discourse.  She had it all but still wasn't fulfilled.  Anything more happen about that 9 yr. old boy.  It's so sad.  Something is lacking in his life.  Discipline most likely.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The snow has arrived & our temp. at 7 AM was 7 degrees.  It won't get much higher.  I look forward to next week as the temp will rise -- 30's.  Happy Day.

Barb is working in the attic.  She found a snapshot she tho't you'd like to see.  Also an "epistle" of Ruth & Rudy's 1971 trip to Sweden.  26 typewritten sheets, 1 side only.  It will be here for you to read sometime in the future.  There are leftover parts of rugs & stuff like that to go & create more space for more stuff.  Barb was thinking of getting rid of her college notes but changed her mind.  Both Barb & Dale have things stored up there.  There is our Christmas decorations, etc. up there.  What do you do without an attic or basement?   Don't gather as much, I'm sure.

Dale's back is much better & he has 1 more appt.  Before he went, he couldn't do any stretching exercises.

Barb plans to clean the freezer today.  When we have zero weather is a good time as we put stuff into large plastic bags on the front porch.  Some things get thrown out as they get pushed back & we don't see them.  She does the work & I sort out what gets thrown away.

Sheila's mother died.  The new girl did my hair yesterday but Sheila will be back next Fri. Her mother went fast.  I wonder why she never went to a doctor.  It must have been a fast form of cancer, as she was full of it.

Sat. aft.

We got the freezer cleaned & going again.  After a cup of tea, Barb went out to shovel the snow.  Next it's Dale's turn.  He bo't a new shovel with a longer handle.  It shouldn't hurt his back now.  Dale didn't finish with a car til after 12 PM.  T hen he put his tools away & brushed the floor.  He couldn't stand thinking of coming to work on Mon. with mud on the floor.  Another perfectionist.

I like the colors of your new dishes.  The movie you saw "In Good Company" sounds very interesting & one that might appeal to me.  When I see ads on TV for new movies, I wonder how people can sit thru them.

After I made Dale's lunch, I made a cake.  Wanted something for dessert & to snack on. Barb suggested the chicken & broccoli dish for supper & cleaning out the freezer I found 3 steaks for Sun. diner.  So I'm set for meals.

The recipe you sent sounds interesting.  I'll try it. I'll let you know the results.

We received the Spring Penney's catalogue & it is fun to look thru on a cold winter day.

I'm skimming thru P. D. James' book "Devices & Desires".  She likes words & uses them too much to suit me.  I like the action better than too much description of the area, rooms, scenery, etc.

Sun. Jan 23

Yesterday I didn't think I'd go to church today.  This A.M. I changed my mind & went to church.  Barb drove me over & I walked home.  The sun is out so it seems warmer.  Don't know if you remember the Bakers.  He worked at the Dam & she was active in the church. They were in church today -- in Wrrn. for friend's 50 wedding anniversary.  They had a girl & a boy.  He was Barb's age & the girl Dale's age.  Chuck & Penny Baker.

Talked to Denise Johnson today.  Her mother has been in the hosp. in Erie & now they want to put her in a home in Ohio.  The family can't understand that.  It's hard on husband Bob -- visiting her in Erie.  Surely there must be a place closer to home.

I finished P. D. James books.  I tried to cheat by looking at the ending but it didn't help so I finished the book & enjoyed it even tho her writing isn't my favorite.

We couldn't have the annual meeting t church as we didn't have a quorum.  Too many afraid of the weather & stayed home.

Soon football time.  I don't care who wins the first game, but I hope the Steelers can do it. Last nite we watched a program on the life of Jerome Bettis & it was very interesting.

Barb is shovelling again.  Dale's back is still a little tight.

Thurs the 27th

Jan 26, yesterday was 60 years since we got married.  That's a long time.

Torey felt better this week.  Someone fed him some spoiled food,k but not on purpose -- just a mistake.  They were up that nite with him several times.  Lar walked him home & they stopped several times on the way.  The soccer team is doing good winning games.

It's been cold again & I hope it will soon warm up.

Today I made choc. cookies with 1/2 marshmallow on top, then iced.  It is Bob's birthday so a little treat for him & the rest of the family.

Barb & I were working on the puzzle & watching TV when the lights went out.  Black, black, black.  We got candles lit & then the lights came on.  Then we had to set clocks.  Barb called Bert but the lights didn't go out there.  Transformer in Starbrick.

Sam Baughman & Nancy have been having problems.  She went to Fla. but she called Sam & as of yesterday he is on his way to bring her back.  Dale thinks Sam is crazy.

We were disappointed the Steelers couldn't win, but better luck next year.  I'm ready for baseball.  The Mets have been busy & I hope it pays off.  No matter what, they are my team.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Steelers won yesterday but it was a tough one to watch.  We weren't sure until the end.  I'm watching Minn. at Philly but the exciting one will be the Colts at N.E.  People here are thinking the Steelers will go all the way.  I hope so but there is bout in my mind.

I bundled up to go to church this A.M.  It was 19 but it wasn't windy.  A widow in the congregation has a 300.00 gas bill & can't pay it.  So this A.M. the pastor asked for donations to help her, or her gas will be cut off. I just had my regular offering but next Sun./ I'll give some money to help.

Barb suggested we have pizza last nite while watching the game.  I ordered it & had made a pumpkin pie for dessert.  Had a coupon so  got a large pan supreme & had leftovers for lunch.

Both Barb & Dale had headaches yesterday.  Dale's was gone by aft. but Barb was in bed most of the day.

The paper announced the Templeton Funeral Home was sold to Peterson Blick.  Patterson's up the street owned it but it was never that busy.  He will receive payments over the next 10 years & will help part time.  Marilyn P. teaches with Kim & I wondered if she'd retire now.  (end of school year)  Lar didn't know -- I'll ask Kim on Wed.  They like to visit their daughters.  One teaches on the East Coast & the youngest is a nurse, married & living in Atlanta.

Yesterday's paper showed a picture of the 4 schools to be closed when the new school opens next fall.  Article said there is some interest in them.  Wonder if Jefferson will stand empty.  Nothing ever happened in the East St. School.  The parking lot is used for parking -- you pay to use it.

Thurs. we went to Jamestown -- temp in the 60s.  A beautiful day.  Just wore a blazer.  We ate lunch at the Red Lobster & enjoyed it.  We stopped 00 the name won't come to me -- & the Jamestown telephone book is no help -- at, not Lowe's but the other one to look for shelves for the basement storage.  We found what we wanted to fit against the one side of the shower.  2 shelves for Barb's garden supplies; 2 shelves for canned goods, flour, sugar, etc,  I buy on sale & don't have room for upstairs.  It is nice & strong.  The first one Dad got, needed to be attached to something to hold it better.  This one was more expensive & stronger.  Dale put it together.  No school tomorrow so Barb plans to get things in order.  A y ear or so ago Dale got a larger set of shelves set up for his stuff.  We also have an old bookcase Dad made, down there to store stuff.  Have to try to keep it neat.  Still take my shower in the basement even tho the temp was low.  The heater helps a lot & I prefer to shower there.  That was the big purchase.  Not the shower, the shelf.

Barb wants to look for a new exercise machine.  She mailed Laura's dress to Honolulu & it cost $30.00.  Laura has sent 100 dollars for postage & Barb could keep the rest.  She said she would buy me a puzzle.  Mostly just the green foliage is left to put in the puzzle on the card table.  I don't mind doing old puzzles & we have a pile of them.

I've never fixed chicken wings but maybe I'll try on Super Bowl Sun.  So I'll copy how you fix yours (in your last letter) only mine won't be so spicy.  I'm sure b-b-cue sauce will do fine for us.  Already it is the middle of the month so I won't have too long to wait to try this.  I'll check recipes for more ideas how to do it.  I love looking at recipes.

Wed. the 19th already

Mon. Dale picked up a tire the wrong way & his back is hurting, says he feels like an old man.  He plans to call the chiropractor today for an appt.  Jan. hasn't been a good month for him.

You can be glad you only have 2 sons when it comes to buying shoes.  And that you have a good income.

Barb has her 2 shelves finished in the basement.  I'm in no hurry to work in a cold basement.  She's in a hurry so she might fill them in & if I don't like it, I can rearrange to my satisfaction.  Barb wants to get a new exerciser, as I wrote already.

Martin Luther King day the kids had to go to school to make up a snow day.  Scott stayed home -- he didn't know it was a make-up day.  So he says & both Barb & Lynn stand up for him.   They push the ADHD thing to the limit.  To me he's just a shrewd kid & will do anything to get his way.

We finished the puzzle with no missing pieces.  Barb got me another one.  Yesterday we went to the library before getting groceries.  I got 3 books & a paperback.  The latter is "Dawn in Eclipse Bay" by Jayne Ann Krentz.  It is enjoyable reading.  Also "The Widows Club" by Dorothy Cannell.  Don't think I've read her books.  P.D. James' "Devices and Desires".  "Late Bloomers" by Fern Michaels.  My time will be spent reading for a change.  And we have the weather for staying inside. 

I have to make a dessert for tonite -- Wed. nite meal with Larry & Kim & Torey.

I use my bundt pan every other week when I make coffee cake for Dale's snack.  Saw a date bread recipe that sounds good.  Dale said he might like it.  Know I would.  If I don't have a snack on hand, I always have my rolls on hand.  I have one on Wed & Sun A.M.'s & sometimes inbetween.

Torey like to make the rounds of the neighbors for food & they love to feed him.  Tues. nite Kim was up as Torey had to go outside.  Later it was Lar's turn to take him out.  Then he wanted on their bed & Kim only had very little room & no blanket.  It was not a good sleeping nite for her.  Torey was restless so they left at 7:30.  After things were cleaned up, I was able to get back to my book by F. Michaels & I enjoyed it so much.  2 down, 2 go to.  Finished it this A.M. after my chores were done.  Bathroom had to be cleaned & dishes done.  The 1st 2 books are fun reading; I'm not as sure about the last 2.

I made the Baby Ruth bars from the 1st library book book.  Easy to make & good to eat.

Dale went to the chiropractor yesterday & has another appt. Fri.  I has helped.  Some time ago Lar tried the newest chiropractor & liked him.  They were (husband & wife) on the corner of Conewango & 5th (old store) but moved up on Fifth, just above where the Welshes lived, same side.  A dance studio used to be there.  Adelaide is now in a nursing home in Pleasant Township.

I'm not watching the inauguration & I'm missing my soaps!  Isn't that terrible!!!  Ha, Ha.  I keep checking & hope it is over, but no such luck.

It is 10 degrees but the sun is out so it seems nicer.

Gen called the other evening.  She said something is wrong with her head.  She can't remember how old she is.  I told her & she wrote it down.  John has a girlfriend.  Gen mentioned Ed & I said "He's dead isn't he".  "Oh no, he's around", but she doesn't know where.  She went on to say she was in church & lost her skirt & was so embarrassed, they left early.  Someone, I don't know who, was very upset & talked to Ed & Gen hasn't seen him since.  It's funny what the mind can make up -- but it is serious to her & she can't forget it & feels bad.

Better sign off & hope to get it in the mail soon.  I really miss the mail box on 5th.

Do you read the letters to the editor. Monty Foley has a letter in every so often.  He doesn't work & hopes to get SSI.  Back trouble.  An easy out as it is hard to prove.