Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Read your letter -- a very complete report.  Your Dr. & his nurse sound like very caring people.  I'm sure all will go well for you in this new experience.  I'm sure glad you had a complete physical & caught this in the early stages.  You're lucky to be in an area with good doctors.

Last Fri. Bensons & Hollertz came for lunch.  I had a 1 pm Dr. appt. so we met at 2 pm -- Holiday Inn.  They quit serving lunch at 2 pm but a woman in charge said we could eat in the bar area & order from the menu.  I wonder if she is the owner's wife.  I'll ask Kim tomorrow. She came by & talked to us & said anytime we wanted a late lunch just say Cathy said we can do it.  She was a very interesting person.  They plan to meet in Apr. again & at the Holiday Inn.  We were the only ones in the bar area so we weren't bothered with anyone smoking.  We enjoyed each other's company.

Today I made a cake for dessert tomorrow nite & of course I had to sample it.  It came out good -- made from scratch.

Last Sat. Wrrn paper had a very interesting article on the '56 flood in Wrrn.  I know you will enjoy reading it.  The town was really flooded.

The Commissioners are having a time here accusing each other.  David Bauer is the one who starts things -- he was the same when he was pres. of the school board.  Too full of himself.

Barb gets a number of catalogues featuring clothes and I've seen some tops I like.  So far I haven't followed thru with an order, but now I think I will.  I never see anything I like in the stores.  I don't think older ladies count when it comes to decent styles.

Before we went grocery shopping, we went to the Mall.  I needed to get some sympathy cards -- Jack Bjorkquist died.  Barb wanted to look at shoes & I always like to look at shoes. We went to "The Shoe Dept" & they had some Dockers that I tried on & got a pair.  Not exactly a moccasin but similar & so comfy.  A taupe color, not really a tan.  On sale plus 50% off so they only cost $9.99.  I couldn't believe it & couldn't resist!

Last Sun I watched the Mets play Puerto Rico -- Mets lost.  Mon. they were on again vs. Cleveland.  They won.  A lot of new names but some will go down to other teams until they are ready for the big one.  I think they will field a winning team this year!!

Why I like & appreciate Paul's letters.
1)  Usually I get one every week.
2)  They are so informative.
3)  Some part will make me laugh.
4)  I hear what is going on in your lives -- family, jobs, pleasures, Andy & Eddie, etc. etc.
Thank you so much.

Wed. aft.

Last Fri, the 3rd, I had a Dr. appt.  All is well.  My blood pressure was 130/90./  I had a blood test, but I can't remember the reason.  Whatever they were looking for was a little low, so I'll have another blood test in 4 months.  The Dr. said I want you to have thyroid scan & it was this aft. at 2 pm.  First they gave me a shot for color.  Not dye but I forget what is was.  I was a little shook up over the experience.  Waited for 10 min & then called in. I had to lie on a long bed like with a pillow under my head & a pillow under my knees.  It took about 15 min, 4 shots.  Camera overhead & they moved it closer & then from one side to the other.  Then I was ready to go home about 2:30 pm.  Barb didn't wait there, so the receptionist called home for me & she picked me up. She was sure I'd have to call Larry for a ride, as she takes Scott home about 3:15.  She was thinking of her experiences but from what I've had before I knew it wouldn't take that long.

I'm watching baseball:  Cuba vs. Panama.  Last of the 9th, 2 out, bases loaded & they are tied.  Pan. is up.  Then I'll watch Canada vs. USA.  It is fun to watch.

Dinner preparations are started but it is soon time to get going again.

Now it's 8:30 & the kitchen has been put in order again.

We had a nice dinner with Lar, Kim & Torey.

Tomorrow Barb & I plan to go to Jamestown.  If I don't find any clothes I like, I'll send an order from one of the catalogues.

I'll mail this from Jamestown.  If we don't' go out on Fri. the letter isn't mailed until Mon.

Did you see the movie Crash?  A lot of people were surprised when it won the Oscar.  That is what I read in the newspaper.  I watch old movies on TMC.

Hope things are getting better for you Paul.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Yesterday's forecast of icy roads came true -- no school today.  Last nite that is what Kim hoped for.  A long weekend for the kids.  Teacher's meeting on Fri & Mon. is parent-teacher conferences.  Dale almost slipped this A.M. when he started his car.  He put salt on the walks so I had no trouble getting the garbage to the curb.

This A.M. I started dinner rolls as the ones in the freezer were used up.  A good day to do it, as the 1st Thurs. of the month there is a lunch meeting at work for Dale.  Also have dinner in the crockpot -- it has become a favorite for Dale & me.  Barb hardly never wants to eat it. Only steak is in her diet plans.

Last nite Kim told us her Aunt Dede fell down the basement steps.  She has a basement apt. ion her daughter's home.  She does her washing upstairs & was going to take the basket to the basement.  Her daughter told her to leave it & she'd bring it down after her shower.  She also berated her for wearing thongs going up & down the stairs.  In the bathroom she heard a thud & upon checking Dede was at the bottom of the stairs, head all bloody.  She called 911 & she broke some bones in her neck & had a concussion.  Was out for several hours.  She must be in her 70's.  She is alert now.  To make matters worse, her son showed up at the hosp. drunk.  Kim said "that's my family".

I should be able to have a fresh roll for lunch with our current favorite, thuringer.  We get it at BiLo & it is very good, but expensive.  It was a favorite growing up.  Another favorite was spiced ham, but I never see that.

Fri. March 3

This aft. at 1 pm & had a Dr. appt.  All is well -- blood pressure 130/60 & that is good for me. They took blood for some test.  And the Dr. wants me to have a thyroid scan that is set for next Tues aft. at the hospital.  Then at 2 pm Warren & Anna picked me up & we met Ted & Pat at the Holiday Inn.  They stop lunch service at 2 pm  but said we could sit in the bar area & order from the menu.  Just the 5 of us & we enjoyed our visit & lunch.  They made plans to come her in April so I can be along.  Before we left the woman who said we could have lunch in the bar came by & asked how things were.  We visited with her & she said we could come anytime if it was 2 or after & get lunch.  She said tell them "Cathy said so!"  I wonder if she could be the owner's wife.  I'll have to ask Kim -- she knows just about everyone.  I can't remember their name but it was in the paper recently.

I watched golf when I got home.  There is a new young player from Spain & he is good. Right now the top 4 are tied -- Tiger, Phil M, the Spanish fellow & the 4th name won't come to mind.  The Spanish fellow had pink pants, low cut waits, white knit shirt & belt & he wears clothes well  The girls will be after him.  He went to college in Fla.

Yesterday my nose dripped like a faucet.  It was blow, blow, blow.  I finally took an Airborne tablet & rested after lunch & that helped a bit.  Took another one later & went to bed early. Today no blowing so I was happy.

This coming week the temperatures are suppose to be more normal.  Sure hope so -- I'm ready for weather that is warmer.  Low 20's was what we reached today.  The sun made it appear warmer until the wind started blowing.

The nice thing about the crockpot meal that are leftovers & they make a 2nd meal.  I really like that.

I haven't worked on my puzzle much this week but it will wait for me.  I'm been playing Solitaire.

Nice to read about baseball in the papers.  I wonder if we'll get the Mets broadcasts this year.  Maybe I'll have to watch Pittsburgh as we can get their games.  I like the idea of ala carte TV  Wonder if it will come to pass or just idle talk.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I had a list of duties for this A.M. & got a good start.  The I turned on Turner movie channel & got hooked on a movie.  A group of girls living together & trying to get into movies, etc. Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, & Adolph Manjou or however you spell it.  It is so cute. Maybe I can do 2 things -- listen, watch & write a letter.  It was so good & a little sad.

We had enough snow this A.M. so I could use a sled to put the garbage at the curb.

Did you notice that Robert Peterson died -- he was Allie's son & Katherine's brother.  Was interested in the old Negro League & wrote a book Only the Ball was White.

Mar. 1, the 5th Ave. bridge will close & they'll start on the new bridge.

Tues. Warren H. called said they were coming to Warren on Wed. to the dentist.  Could I go out to lunch with them. We went to the Panda China Buffet in that new development next to Struthers.  It was so nice & a great variety of foods.  Soup table, 2 hot food tables & a dessert & fruit table.  Warren filled 3 plates &^ Anna filled  plates.  I was careful because Lar & Kim came for dinner.  But I really enjoyed the food.  I said to Barb we'll have to go there for lunch sometime.  I was surprised to see so many customers.

I'm disappointed with the Olympics -- they elave the "good stuff" the skating til the late hours when I'm suppose to be asleep.  And I am, & miss seeing Sasha Cohen & the rest.  I do like the speed skating shown in the earlier hours.  Both men & women.  And the skiing.

Later -- after your call.  Your news was a surprise but I know you are in good hands.  And I will be praying for you during this time.

I had to fill in some info for H.U.D. concerning the new medication program.  Hope I put in the answers they want.  My insurance enrolled me in this program & I received my cards & used them the first of Jan. to get my meds.  Had no problems for which I was thankful, after reading the papers concerning problems they are having getting coverage.

After reading The Parent Trap article you sent, I'd say you & JoAnna are the exception to the rule.  You share the household duties & that's how it should be.

Yesterday Warren H. said their latest gas bill was 400.00.  Mine was 144.00 on the monthly plan.  Theirs is less during the summer.  We are thankful for all the work Dad did -- we are reaping the benefits.

Fri. nite

I'm sure glad I'm using the crockpot more often.  After I had my hair done, I fixed dinner & turne3d the crockpot on.  When dinner time came, all I had to do was heat rolls & make a tossed salad.  We had a delicious dinner with leftovers for tomorrow.

The other nite we still had lottery tickets but no lucky numbers.  Barb spoke up & said I don't have to worry about money because something I've waited 20 years is going to happen. She'll have money.  Earlier she said this to Dale & then to me.  That's as far as she'll go in the story.  But when she told Dale & then me, she added, I'm going to be married.  I asked when?  She said you'll know when the time comes.  Dale thinks it is a "pipe dream".  I don't know, maybe she is in a dream world.  She spends enough time writing down her dreams. I'll keep you informed of this mystery!

This aft. I watched golf on ESPN.  I like their announcer.  This is a different type of golf.  It is one against one & the winner goes to the next round.  Tiger lost today so he is out.  Phil M, V.S., David Toms, all lost today.  I'll root for Canadian Weir to win.  Hope you recognize the names -- they are all outstanding golf.

With Dale, it is all NASCAR.  It was a good race last Sun.  This week they are in Calif.  We liked reading the NASCAR article from the N.Y. Times you enclosed in your letter.  Also the basketball articles & reading about Andy.

Now I'm watching women's golf.  Michelle Wie is playing.  She is fun to watch.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

After Dale left for work this A.M., I turned & watched a great movie Mrs. Parkington with Greer Garson.  Missed the beginning but sat watching it til near 9 A.M.  It was so good. Then I took my shower, etc. & about 10 A.M. washed the kitchen floor.  My back has been bothering me a bit so I sat & rested with an ice pack on my back.  Started a new jigsaw puzzle & put some pieces in it.  It goes together faster this time.  Then fixed lunch for Dale, he work til 8 pm, cleaned up & watched my soaps.  When Barb left to take Scott home, I did my ironing, mostly pressing my slacks &^ 2 shirts for Dale.  Barb is making chili & Dale can have that so I don't have to make a meal.  I'll fix scrambled eggs & toast for me.

I was shocked at Mimi's news & wondered why Dad never told me that bit of news.  I'm sure I wouldn't forget anything like that.  I thought when you forgave a person that ended the issue. Guess it didn't with Ruth.  I tho't Rudy graduated from Augustana, another bit of news I missed.  Poor Ruth, I'm sure Ruth needled him more than once.  They were in La Porte awhile when Rudy worked in a funeral home.  I often wondered why he had work red in a factory job & didn't use his education.  Guess there's one in every generation!

You mentioned the Buff. paper -- there is now no evening paper, just the A.M. edition.  Too much T.V. competition?

Did you noticed that the Caldwell girl your age died.  Lung cancer -- she couldn't give up smoking.

Marilyn Thelin Passenger is in an Erie hospital recovering from a lung operation that is cancer.  She never smoked.  Erma Thelin was hospitalized in Wrrn. with a blood infection.

Barb was cleaning the small closet in her room & found some papers, etc.  Lar & Barb's report cards & Dad's high school graduation picture.  He is so young looking & cute.  Barb is sure "it is a picture Paul would like."  She's love copies for her & Lar & Dale but they won't reprint photos.  She wishes they'd make an exception seeing it is such an old picture.  I'm sure he graduated in 1935.  Maybe it was '33 as he graduated from Augustan in '39.  He went to college 1 semester, worked the rest of the next year & returned to college in the fall. He was very frugal & graduated from seminary with no debts & very little help from the family.

Yesterday I had a nice surprise in the mail.  A Valentine from Andy with a note on it.  I was so thrilled to hear from him.  Give him my love & thanks.  We'll celebrate Wed., tomorrow, when Lar & Kim come.  I got their favorite candy & Barb plants to pick up some lottery tickets.  Such gamblers we are!

Last Sun. Pat & Ted Benson came to Warren to go to church with me.  We were suppose to go out to eat after church, but I couldn't go.  We had our annual meeting right after church & I stayed for that.  But soon all the others plan to come to Wrrn. for lunch & Ted & Paul will pick me up.  It will be nice to see them all again &^ find out what is happening in their lives.

Friday, February 17

At 6 AM, I looked for the newspaper.  It was very windy & I hope to get it before it blew all over.  I wasn't successful.  I had to go outside to retrieve it -- it had blown all over, was wet, torn & unreadable.  We have a mat by the front door, storm door that opens, a mailbox so you think the kid could put it somewhere safe.  We called & got another one.

Your letter came on Thurs. this week.  That is wonderful news about your trip to Fla.  The boys will really enjoy it & a good deal as well.  Have fun. what are the dates?  That is great news about Andy's basketball & that is he getting more playing time.  Great height isn't always everything.

It is a good day & maybe weekend to stay inside & read a good book.  Don't' have a good book so I'll finish my puzzle & maybe start another one.

Yesterday I made 2 batches of cookies.  Froze part of the dough & baked 3 pans of cookies. A sugar cooky with a almond Hershey on top.  Bake the cooky first &^ then put a kiss in when you take the pan out of the oven.  They are good.  Then the chocolate cooky with the Andes mint on  top to melt as icing.  So I have something with my coffee!

I'm enclosing a check made out to you Paul.  But save it for the boys to spend in Fla. $50.00 each.

I've watched some of the Olympics & enjoyed the snow boarding & skating.  But with NASCAR starting on Sun. in Daytona there is a lot going on & we 've had that on during lunchtime.  Tiger plays in golf this week In Calif. so we have that on plus the regular shows I like.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thursday, February 10, 2006

Thurs. has become my letter writing day.  Have Valentines ready to send to Millie & Gen & the boys.  But I got dinner in the crockpot first.  Now it's coffee time & my letter to you folks. Where to begin.

Super Sunday, of course, & the Steelers win.  but I was on "pins & needles" til the end of the game.  Don't remember being like that in the 70s when the Steelers won>  I was younger then & the Steelers had more established stars.  But they won!  It was exciting.

Dale had to go to school yesterday.  Up at 4:00 & off at 5:30 A.M. & home safe & sound by 7 pm.

I've been busy (for an old lady) this week. Mon. was a bright, sunny day & it inspired me. After making Dale's bed with clean sheets & starting the laundry, I set Danish rolls.  Then decided to set dinner rolls & also made choc. chip cookies to use the oven while heated.  So by early aft. the kitchen was cleaned up.  I sat awhile & then it was supper time.

Tues. A.M. I baked my Danish -- whoops, I made the cookies Tues A.M.

Wed. I prepared for Lar & Kim's coming over.  Made a carrot cake using the recipe from Bon Appetit & I really liked how it came out.  Nice & Light & tasty.  It calls for coconut but I left it out.

Dale got a letter from Rick Schommer.  Remember he & his wife are in Honduras with the Mercy Ships.  They are learning Spanish, working with health education, having Bible studies, etc.  Dale said he never pictured Rick in a situation like this.  People change & that is good.  They'll be a year over there.  It is interesting to hear of their experiences.  Dale gave me the letter to read.  Maybe I'll write to them -- don't think Dale will.  He might surprise me!

Scott didn't pass Health because he didn't hand in homework papers.  His other subjects showed improvement.  Ii give the credit to Barb for working with him esp. when he doesn't want to do homework or even cares if it gets done.

We're having Jan. weather now but the nice part is the days are longer with more light in the A.M. & P.M.  That helps a lot.

I finished my jigsaw puzzle with Barb's help.  It is a very pretty scene.  Had to look on the floor & between the cushions to find missing pieces.  All were found.  Most likely I'll start another one.

In the USA Today I've been reading about the Blackberry controversy.  At least I know a little about what they're talking about -- in your letters you mentioned Joanna's Blackberry & it's not a fruit!

Last Mon.l was a snow day.  We got about 5" but the outer edges of the county got more & there was a cold wind & icy streets.

We didn't go grocery shopping per usual.  I really didn't need that much so Barb picked up the necessities at BiLo on Tues.  I fix a lunch for Dale when he goes to school & needed meat.  They like thuringer & BiLo has the best.  It was a favorite growing up at home.

Almost forgot.  Both Dale & Lar were ahead of you in the prostate testing.  Both had it already.  It was interesting to read the results of your testing.  Do you mind going to a woman Dr.  I've never had a woman Dr.  Not that many to choose from when I started regular appts, if any.  That was 25  years ago.

Both of Kim's niece & nephew graduate this next June.  Kim hoped to go to their program graduation but June is too late for permission to get days off in Wrrn.  They are a year apart but the timing was they both could start school.  Both have the main classes in the A.M. & work afternoons.  The daughter works at McDonald's & plans to go to a community college. Don't remember where the son works & he is thinking of joining the Marines, I think.  I guess it isn't necessary to attend graduation, as Kim said they might not even go to graduation. They miss a lot by working but the money must be worth the sacrifice.

It is soon lunch time so I'll close.  I knew I made 2 things on Mon but couldn't remember.  In place of the cookies on Mon, I made an apple pie for soup & pie Mon. menu.  Today is take it easy Thurs & I'm taking it easy.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thursday, February 2, 2006

It's a nippy morning but the sun is shining & that makes it nice.

Next Sat. I'm fixing the turkey Dale got at Thanksgiving.  We asked Lar & Kim if they wanted to come over if they didn't have other plans.  They will come.

Their group planned a Super Bowl get together but it was called off.  The host is in the Erie hospital with kidney failure.  It happened very fast.  He is Kim's age & they have 2 children, one at Beaty & one at Warren Hi.  It is so sad.

The reason I'm fixing the turkey so it will be an easy Sun. in preparation for the Super Bowl. I hope the Steelers can win.

Don't think I told you about Dale needing new work shoes.  He went to Valone's but he didn't want to pay $165.00 for them.  He got a cheap pair at KMart & wore them 1 day before going back to his old ones.  Randy Swanson told him about a place near Sugar Grove.  Instead of turning to go to the race track, he went in the opposite direction.  He almost missed it as it is a very small building owned by an Amish man.  He got his shoes, a good pair, for less than $100.00 He likes them.  This man also resoles shoes.  He had a nice visit with this man, who moved here from Va.

Marisa left for Fla. yesterday.  They hope this change of environment will make a difference in her life.  She is a screamer, screaming at Scott & telling him he is dumb, & he doesn't need that.

You'll read in the paper that there was another drug bust in Warren. Also the 5th Ave. bridge will close around Mar. 1 in preparation for a new bridge.  Barb likes to use that bridge but Dale refuses to go over it.  He doesn't like it.

In this A.M. paper there was an interesting article concerning the 70's Steelers when they won 4 Super Bowls.  A few have died & it listed all the players & their jobs now.  Many stayed in the Pittsburgh area.  Lynn Swann is running for G,O.P. Governor in the next election & they think he'll get the nomination.

Betty Casey showed me a letter Mike got concerning the committee he's on concerning Special Ed.  Naturally she was is proud of her children.  She took care of Janie & Cindy, her sisters' girls, at lot & when the 2 groups of kids went to the playground, kids would taunt "Here come the retards".  Janie & Cindy were the slow ones.  Being in the service enabled Mike to get an education & make something of himself.

We sure enjoyed the Robert Montgomery films during Feb.  This A.M. I wanted The Thin Man, a cute story.

Fri. Feb 3rd

I'm having my aft. coffee 1/2 hr. late (3:30 pm).  Just got off the phone after talking to Alice Nasman.  She called to ask if I know Tiger was playing golf in Dublin.  I did but didn't remember to turn the Golf Channel on at 9 A.M.  That led to other subjects & kept on for 1/2 hr.

I'm reading with great interest all the writings on the Steeler players.  There is plenty of coverage & hype.

Larry & Kim will come over Sat. nite.  They had no other plans.

I fixed a crock pot meal for tonite. Last time I made one Dale said "Why don't you add potatoes & veggies next time."  So I did & it smells so good.  Beef.

I'm enclosing a dessert that sounds good to me.  And it sounds easy for a cheesecake recipe.  Been wanting to try making one but none every appealed to me as this one does.

This A.M. I watched "The Bishop's Wife" with David Niven, Cary Grant & Loretta Young. Enjoyed it.  The other nite watched a Barbara Stanwyck & Gary Cooper but didn't see it from the beginning & never got the title.  It was so cute.

The puzzle isn't getting attention these days.  The easy parts are finish & the harder parts are harder to find & fit together.  Barb adds some to help em.
Not much going on here.  But the light is staying longer -- longer days -- and that is nice.

Thanks for the salmon recipe.  Fish isn't a favorite for Dale.  Barb fixes salmon once in awhile.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thursday, January 26, 2006

61 years ago Dad & I were married on a cold, foggy night.  61 sounds like so many years but it seems like yesterday.  Lots of pleasant memories.

John called the other nite -- he had good news.  John & Fe will have a son or daughter later this summer.  They are very happy.

I called Millie & John had called her.  In our conversation Millie said "I bet you are happy about the Pittsburgh Steelers".  I said "very happy!"  She was disappointed in her N.E. team.

Do you ever hear Jeannie Most ? (sp, but that's the way it sounds).  Yesterday she had a story about the latest "thing".  Eye gazing when dating.  No conversation.  18 seconds of gazing into each other's eyes & getting the message.  No blinking.  It was so cute & she has such a good way of telling these stories.

Also Craig Wilson of USA Today had a cute article on retirement.  The first group of baby boomers turned 60.  Wonder how many of the parents are till happily married.

Marisa is having problems with depression & saw the Dr. yesterday.  That is so sad for a young person.

Last nite Barb & Larry were talking about the TV show "American Idol".  Barb watched it for the first time Tues. nite & couldn't get over the lack of talent.  Both Lar & Barb treat it as a joke.  If the contestant was bad, they started swearing at the judges & one said what does Paula know.  Lar also watches "Desperate Housewives" & like it.  Kim falls asleep during the program.  Last nite I watched the Pittsburgh Penguins beat Wn. 8-1.  Finally they won a game.  They have a great young player, Sidney Crosby, who will be a star hockey player. He's only 20 years old & can really play.

Winter is back.  We got enough snow to shovel but the temps are suppose to rise.  It was cold this A.M., when I put the garbage out.  Yesterday when it was snowing & blowing, Dale had to go to Pittsburgh for school.  He got home safe & sound but said the driving wasn't too good.

Mon. when we went to the Mall, I got a new puzzle.  Small floral design.  Started it & it won't be an easy one, but there is no rush to finish it.

The library's annual report is so good & what makes it so interesting are the graphs you have explaining the money, use of books, etc.  Interesting to hear of your retirement plans.  It will be here before you know it.  You have made the library an excellent situation for the next director.

Alice Nasman gave me a pair of slacks a 14 petite & they fit beautifully, esp. around the rear. Even the length is good.  I've been getting Brigg's slacks but they are a little large in the hips & I don't like the look but still wear them. Took in the back seam some & that helps.

When Lar & Kim come Wed. nites, Thurs. seems like an extra day.  I don't do much.  Will work on the puzzle & on Thursday.  After lunch I plan to make a peanut butter pie.  It's for the freezer & dessert for Dale.

Fri. the 27th

Today is Bob's 50th birthday.  He anted to spend it in Fla. with Lynn but that didn't happen. Lynn didn't want to leave Marisa & Scott alone, esp. since Marisa is still seeing her "bad" boyfriend.  Instead Marisa is taking time off because of her moods & will go to Fla. to be with her grandparents -- Lynn's folks.  She will spend 2-3 months down there & hopes (folks) she will forget Dan, a real loser.  Why are nice girls attracted to bad boys & he has been bad since teens & before.  His folks like Marisa because they hope she can change him.

Sunny day but it was 9 this A.M.