Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday, January 14, 2000

When I got the mail yesterday, I saw a package & wondered what could be in it.  Thanks so much for the beautiful frame with pictures of my only grandsons.  I love it.  Nice to see Eddie in his Cub Scout shirt.  It brings back memories of Larry & scouting.

We have snow & cold weather.  I didn't get my hair done today - hope to be able to go next week.

Last Mon. nite Bert (Barb's boss) had Barb, Lar & Kim & Dave & Lois (neighbors of Lar & Kim - across the st.) over for a drink.  It was a nice evening, they said.  Bert left yesterday for New York City for a visit.  She has an apt. there.

This is your weekend to go away.  The schools have Mon. off for the first time here in Warren.  It's about time.

It's only 17 so Barb decided to defrost the freezer.  We put the food in bags on the front porch while the freezer is defrosted & cleaned.  It took her 2 1/2 hrs. to get it done.  She didn't want to wait considering the winter we've had so she took advantage of freezing temps.  I stayed out of her way & let her do it on her own.

Dale was suppose to go to school in Rochester today with another fellow.  But they only had room for 1 so Dale didn't go as he had several transmissions to remake.  I was glad considering the weather & Rochester always get a lot of snow.  We should be glad as the snow means moisture & we need it.

Scott hates to go to the Y.M. after school - he wants to go home.  So on Tues. Barb will pick him up & take him home & on Thurs. Lynn will do the same.  On Tues. & Thurs. he goes to soccer & likes that.  Fri. Bob is off so he can pick Scott up.

We got a Christmas card from Roland & Linda.  I'm sure you got one as well.  What nice looking teenagers they have.  Not too long before Andy & Eddie will be teenagers...Andy next Sept.  How time flies.  Before you know it Andy will want his own telephone & the girls will be calling.

This semester Kim has had all the 8th graders in Health classes.  Next semester she only has 1 health class of 12 students so it will mean less work for her - grading tests, etc. so she is looking forward to the 2nd semester in about 10 days.  She had less gym classes this sem. & that's what she likes - the gym classes.

Saturday aft.

Kim & Torey stopped by for a visit & a cup of coffee.  I was watching Miami get whipped by Jacksonville. 1st half almost over & it's 41-0.  I'm happy but Barb feels sorry for Marino & is rooting for Miami.  It is now 41-7.  I think Jax will win.

Now it's Tues the 18th.

Kim bro't over 2 more in the series of Jan Karon's books & I'm putting together a 1000 pc. puzzle & have 2 USA crossword puzzles to do.  No mail yesterday.  So letter writing is taking a back seat.

We're having veg. beef soup for supper.  Also made stromboli & a pecan pie for dessert.  Good meal on a cold day & we're having cold weather.

My back is still sore but a lot better.  I need to wash the kitchen floor but I'm not up to that yet.

On Fri. the 21st I will have been house bound for 3 weeks, except once I walked to 5th to mail letters in the box there.  Fri. we might go to the Mall & I'll get my hair done & should be able to get back to church next Sun.

Nothing exciting here but pecan pie!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, January 8, 2000

Barb is ready to fire Wade Phillips for keeping Rob Johnson in the game & having Flutie on the bench. I don't like the announcers so I'm not watching.

My back is giving me trouble.  Don't know if it's the results of cold/flu or the regular back trouble.  But I can't do what I want to, Barb gets groceries & I can't get to the Mall.  A disgusting situation.

I finished the 2nd book by Jan Karon.  I really enjoy them - reminds me of Dad at times.  The Rector thought he was old at 62 & then he remembered - "at age 89 Arthur Rubenstein had given one of his most enthralling recitals, at Carnegie Hall.  At 82 W. Churchill wrote A History of the English Speaking People - in four volumes no less.  And hand't Eamon De Valera served as president of Ireland when he was 91.  Not to mention Grandma Moses who was still painting - and getting paid for it - at the age of 100."  A mere 50 is nothing, Paul!

Last week I watched Itzhak Perlman on Public TV.  Live from Lincoln Center.  He used the theme of the violin in his life.  At 5 he wanted a violin - his first teacher, first performance with a live orchestra, Ed Sullivan show, etc.  Really enjoyed it.  He said if he wasn't here he might be at home watching Law & Order or he could be out to dinner with his wife on their 33rd wedding anniversary.

We've had snow flurries but they didn't amount to anything.

I had to cancel my hair appt. last Fri.  Barb would have taken me there but I know I couldn't walk home.

Dale got my trash compactor working & it's nice to have it back.

Larry's new wife must not have made much of an impression on you as you said nothing about her.  I was waiting for some word.

I take it Andy's glasses arrived OK.

Have a "beautiful" coldsore on my lower lip - in the middle.  Nice & big & it's taking its time healing.

My navy purse has seen its best days but it's easy to carry, etc.  Barb said I should junk it.  She was at the Bon Ton on Fri. & saw one she thought I'd like so she got it for me.  Exactly what I like so that was a nice surprise. On sale, too.  I junked the old one.

We were so disappointed when Buffalo lost in the last 16 seconds.  Barb still thinks Wade should be fired.  He should have put Doug F. in & maybe get more points.

Was eating popcorn the other nite & lost part of a filling.  It doesn't hurt & that's good as I'm not ready to sit in the dentist chair.  What else can happen.

Your new furniture sounds nice.  I'm sure it will be more comfortable to sleep on when you have company.


It's a rainy day.  Barb has to return a library book so if I finish this she can mail it & a bill for me.

Golf in Maui was so exciting on Sun.  Tiger & Ernie Els tied at the end of 18 holes & went to overtime.  On the 2nd hole Tiger had a wonderful long putt that won the tournament.  Exciting to watch.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monday, January 3, 2000

Both Larry & I are still "under the weather".  Kim said she's never seen Larry sick like this.  It takes so much out of a person & longer to get back to normal.  I'm looking forward to feeling good again.

Barb got groceries today, & I wasn't up to going to the Mall.

But I did take the trimmings off the tree but haven't taken anything else down to put away.  And I did 3 loads of wash (tough job!) & made Dale's bed up clean.

See the Packers made a clean sweep of the coach, etc.

Buffalo said Rob Johnson is the QB for next Sun.  Some fans don't agree, some do.  He was really good yesterday.   Pittsburgh can't do anything.  USA sports section was interesting to read today.

Dale got a thermostat for the car & put it in after work.  This is his early week - 7-4.  The part for the trash compactor came & he will work on that.  Right now he's relaxing.  I really miss the compactor. 

It was so nice to have Andy & Eddie here.  Thanks for bringing them Paul.  They are such nice boys & you can be proud of them.  I see Madison is getting snow so maybe they boys will get to go sledding.  Nothing happening here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Yesterday Benson's & Hollertz's came for lunch & it was a real high point for me.  They arrived around 1 pm.  We ate & sat around the table just letting the dishes sit.  Did clear dinner plates, etc. & put them in the sink.  They didn't leave til 4:30. 

Warren & Anna went to their grandson's school in Pittsburgh as the teacher wanted people to tell of their school days & they didn't have any over age 50.  Karen said my parents will come & they enjoyed it so much.  Even had an old toy to show - no plastics, etc. back then.

We got to talking of the "tabs" pastors used to wear (collar) & I got Dad's class picture to show them.  Then we got to talking about baptism & how years ago babies were baptized at home.  I got Dad's baptismal certificate & showed it to them.  Ted wrote down the date & said he could figure it out.  He called this A.M. & as far as he could figure out it was on a Fri. so most likely at home.

It was just a most delightful time for all of us.  Benson's bro't a poinsettea plant & Hollertzs Dan Smith soft center chocolates.  Not necessary but nice.

This A.M. we had snow flurries but I walked to the post office to mail letters & get more stamps.

Grandma forgot to have Dale sign a birthday card for Eddie but it should be there after his birthday, Mon. so tell - no this will be after he gets it as I won't mail it until tomorrow when I get my hair done.

Time is going fast.  I've got most of my cookies made & will have to get groceries for when you're here - like grapefruit & lamb!!  Plus what the boys like - stuffed pork chops for Andy & beef or chicken for Eddie.

Soon lunch time.  Just felt like writing you.

I was surprised to get a call from Dr. McNett last time to tell me all was well with the blood test except the thyroid & he wants me to increase the pill from 1 to 3 a day & have another blood test in a month.  I have good veins so it doesn't hurt.  Glad I have Blue Cross & Medicare also.

On Thurs. I don't see Law & Order at 7 pm & plan to watch at 1 pm but I always forget & missed it today.  I couldn't keep my eyes opened last nite to watch the 10 pm Law & Order.

Felt like talking to Millie so I called & we talked about 1/2 hr.  She has the family on Christmas Eve.  Larry & family go home & Millie & Linda go to Allan's on Christmas Day.  She has a tree up & other decorations.  Gen doesn't do much decorating & doesn't have her tree up yet & doesn't keep it up very long.  I love to decorate.  Larry & Debbie go to Debbie's folks on Christmas.  T hey aren't well & don't leave their home.  Her mother has a cigarette in her hand constantly & neither drive any more.  Larry had business in Wilbraham & the next day so he stayed at Millie's as well.  He likes to be on the move so he wanted to go to the movies to see the new Tom Hanks film.  Millie wasn't sure she'd like it but went.  She loved it - wasn't what she thought it would be.  She said he is Oscar material.  Have you seen it.  The Green something, I think she said.  I'm not into movies!  My mind goes faster than the pen & often I leave things out.

Linda will be home next Wed. & will stay thru Sun. so Millie & she can do things together.

Kim gave me an early Christmas gift.  Holders for the Christmas stockings & they sit on the mantel.   Got them at Sam's Club.  They look nice.  Set of 4 with an angel, sleight, tree & reindeer.

Soon bedtime so I'll bring this to a close.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday, December 10, 1999

Lar bro't the tree today & Barb is putting the lights on it & then I'll help with the rest of the decorations.  I think I'm thru with my shopping.

Wed. Bensons and Hollertzs are coming for lunch.  I'll fix a chicken dinner with vienetta & cookie for dessert.

I got a start on the rolls for Betty G. Mailhot.  She called this A.M. to check & ask me how much they'd be.  I didn't want money so I said a gift to Hospice or the animal shelter.  I don't want to start baking rolls to sell.  They have to be done by 9:30 so I'll get up early.  Have things ready to go - pans, etc.

Got your letter today as well as the Christmas letter.  That was a surprise - it's only the 10th!!!

Had a Dr. appt. this aft.  The thyroid makes my eyes funny so he gave me a new prescription.  Start with 4 pills  3 times a day & by the end of the month I go down to 3 pills, 3 times a day & then I have to see him Dec. 27th at 3:45.  Blood pressure & weight O.K.

 Law & Order is on so I'm not sure if I can write & listen at the same time.

Last Wed. Betty C. & I went to lunch at The Plaza.  They are always crowded & the food is good.

Yesterday I got a permanent & today the Dr.  Next week nothing except Wed.  But that means cleaning the house & some baking.  Cardamon rolls as they love them.

When you're here we'd like to go out to eat but it would be in Warren & the best place is Holiday Inn.  We can decide when you're here.

Kim took a personal day last Wed.  Worked at home & did errands.  Next weekend they go to a party & wear dressy clothes.  Kim has a long black skirt & wanted a new top.  She went o the Salvation Army Store & found  a top - never worn.  Price tag was 60.00 & Kim got it for 3.00.  The clerk asked her if she had seen the red dress made by the same co.  Kim looked at it.  Also new, her size & she got it for 6.00.

Last Mon. we went to Jamestown & I saw a dress I liked.  A Lesley Fay.  Tried it on & liked it.  2 piece.  A print, pleated skirt & a plain light purple top.  Feels good on me so I got it - on sale but had to pay tax in N.Y.  Got a cute jumper & turtleneck at Walmarts for the little girl I wrote about.  Good prices at Walmart.

It was a good Law & Order.  I like the dark haired D.A.  He's good.

P.S.  Almost forgot.  Good report card for Andy.  I hope he makes the Honor Roll next time.  Now you're a parent & want your child to do his best.  I felt the same way!!  Only you "guys" didn't cooperate.  I hope Andy will.

Just remembered I changed the gift for Eddie.  It cost more than the one I tho't I'd send.

Now it's Sat. aft.

Was up at 5:30 this A.M. & had the rolls ready before 9:30.  Then I made us a coffee cake & 2 kinds of cookies.

Took it easy for awhile & this aft. finished trimming the tree.  Looks nice.

I know from letters, Eddie like to help in the kitchen at times.  I made the tea cakes that have to be rolled in powdered sugar & could have used his help.  He might have enjoyed that.  But it all got done.

Found a new idea for baked pot.  Cut it in half lengthwise.  Put a slice of onion & a slice of cheese between the 2 pot.  Wrap in foil. & bake in oven.  Delicious.  Had them last Thurs & will again this Wed.

Did you notice Everett Borg died.  Didn't give his age but I think he was at Upsala College when Frank C. was.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday, December 4, 1999

I'm using paper that maybe could have been some you "kids" used.  Want to use it up.

Just finished a letter to Gen.  Their horse Happy died recently.  Don't know how old he was but John is in his late 30's & he rode him as a child.  For a long time he didn't get any exercise - the horse, that is.

Thurs. A.M., the 2nd, Barb woke up with the flu.  She is just now getting to feel better.  I made chili for supper & she had a little of it.  I was running out of milk, bananas & other things so I went to Bi-Lo with Kim.  It was busy but it gave me a chance to go down different aisles & check things out.  Kim plans on an hour to get groceries.  I was done first but didn't have to wait long.

Time is going fast & I should get a box with gifts for JoAnna from us.  Will enclose 1 gift for the boys & Paul - the rest will be opened here so we can be in on the fun.

Today at church they had a "cooky walk" - cookies 3.00 doz. & you could choose from a variety.  And a soup & pie luncheon.  I made 2 pies for it.

The Salvation Army sponsors an Angel Tree & we have one at church.  You choose a name hanging on the tree & there are gift suggests, sizes, etc.  I chose a 5 yr. old girl who wanted a doll & clothes.  I got a doll & a slack outfit for the girl.  Barb wants to get a dress & I want to look for p.j.'s.  Kim wondered who the doll was for & when she heard she said I'd like to do something.  So I got a boy's name.  He wants trucks & some clothes.   They've done it for several years & this is the first time I've done it.  You supply the wrapping paper & tags & the S.A. will check it over & have women to hope wrap.  Reason for this - when they first started you could wrap the gifts & some were worthless - rags & junk.  It was fun to shop for a little girl.

Barb said we might go to Jamestown Mon. aft. & look for things.  We get our tree on Fri. the 10th.  I've put a few Santas up but not much.

Wed the 15th I invited Bensons for lunch.  Haven't been able to get a hold of Warren & Anna.  Hope they can come that day.  Ted Benson got a deer on the 1st day of hunting.  On their property.

By mistake I got free blue cheese dressing for Dale & he agrees with Andy.  NO GOOD.  So I got the right one today.

I'm not ready to agree or not to agree to visit the last week of March.  Time will tell.  Guess I'm just a home body.

Fri. after Thanksgiving I discovered Law & Order on A&E at 9:30 A.M. so I watched it most of the day.  Dale took his lunch that day so he wouldn't lose his parking spot.

He went to Seamons junk yard to day.  At work he worked on an '88 Blazer & once he fixed it, it drove better than his.  So he got something - he told me what is was but I can't remember - & put it in & it drives better so he's happy.  We had snow on Mon. for the 1st day of deer hunting but it didn't last.  Warmed up again.

Your Thanksgiving dinner sounded real special.  I've read about baking sweet potatoes but have never tried it.  Kim bro't a cranberry-apple pie & it was very good.  She took it home for Lar to eat, as we also had pumpkin pie.

Sun.  JoAnna's birthday.  Hope it was a good one.

I found a box to send some gifts but it has to be cut down so I'll ask for Dale's help.  He is out now.

It was 51 at 8 A.M.& it has warmed up.

Explain to the boys so they will know more gifts are waiting for them.  I'm just sending small packages & Eddie's isn't as expensive as Andy's small sized one.  It will even up in the end.

I'm drinking coffee (3 pm) & watching Indianapolis vs. Miami.  The Colts QB is great & only 23 years old.  Fun to watch.  Barb wants Miami to win - better for the Bills - but they are trailing.  Coach Mora is lucky to get such a good team.

Hope to mail the pkg on Tues.

Guess t his is all for now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday, November 27, 1999

I'm watching "the Skins" on TV.  Have turkey soup simmering & leftover pumpkin pie.

This week Bert's niece, husband & 7 yrs old daughter Courtney are visiting.  Can't remember her name but she likes Barb.  Helped he rake leaves & doesn't want Barb to leave.  Tonite Barb will babysit her while the adults go out to dinner.

Some sad news.  Before Thanksgiving Susan Carey's husband was raking leaves, keeled over & died.  Only 33 yrs. old.  They have a daughter a little over 1 yr.  Careys are still gone - they left the 18th.  So sad, so young.

I have the birthday pkg ready to mail which I'll do on Mon.  So look for it, Paul.

And today I started writing notes on Christmas cards.  Lar will bring the Christmas tree on the 11th & I'm hoping to have Bensons & Hollertzs for lunch on the 15th.  Hope both can make that date.  It will just be the 5 of us as I don't want to work too hard.

Sun. aft.

Just got home from walking over town.  In church they have an angel tree & names from the Salvation Army.  You choose one & buy gifts from suggestions.  I chose a 5 yr. old girl who wants a doll.  So I get a chance to buy a doll - D & K has some darling ones.  Once I was in D & K with Betty Casey & she bo't one for her granddaughter.  I found one today & they are the same but marked down.  Also listed are clothes, sweat suit, pjs, dress, slacks, top.  You don't' have to get them all but I might find sales & can get a few more things.  They've done this for years but I'm just getting to it.  Never followed thru before.  It's fun.

It was nippy walking but nice to be out.  Sun & blue skies.

I'm doing great with Christmas cards.  Will be done by Dec 1st - except for last-minute notes to relatives. Then I want to wrap gifts & start getting Christmas decoration out & around.

The first Sun. of Advent the pastor's sermon is on the negative side - we're so busy shopping, baking, partying we forget the meaning of Advent.  But the people who should be hearing this aren't in church.  Why pick on the faithful who are in church every Sun.  I don't like negative preaching!

Back to the angel gift.  You don't wrap them.  Reason people used to pout junk in the gifts.  So the S. A. checks the gifts & has people help wrap them.  I supply the paper & names tags.  Must be at the church by the 12th.  Big K also has an angel tree for people to share with a child.

Dale told me today he bo't more light bulbs & put them in order on the shelf.  Barb is always putting the attic & basement in order.  Must have been the Montana air.  If I want something in the attic it's never where I left it.  Boxes are all in order with names telling what's in it.  Still I don't see what I want.  Guess I can't read!

Baby sitting for Barb was different.  Barb told her to come at 6 but didn't leave until 7 pm.  The husband baked some Pillsbury cookies & when the wife found out she started to yell at him in front of Barb.  They weren't to be made til today.  Barb felt sorry for the husband.  When they came home Bert was feeling very happy.  Guess she likes to drink.  Courtney told Barb her mom yells a lot.

Kim bro't some wine for Thanksgiving & left it for Barb. She & Barb were the only ones who had a glass of wine.  I tasted it but it doesn't interest me, even if a glass of wine is suppose to be healthy.

Did I say Warren Mall has 3 news stores.  4 really.  Shoe store, Pour Simon, Dollar store & an electronic store.  Did I write James Jewelers is going out of business.  Didn't sell out the 1st 3 days so are still opened. I didn't go in.

Guess this is enough to read.  Oh yes does Andy have to wear glasses all the time -- or just for reading.

[Accidentally/absent-mindedly enclosed]

Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday, November 20, 1999

Your letter came today & I'll start a letter because this will be a busy first of the week in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Don't know if Barb J. is coming but if she does I'll have to fuss a little more.

Thurs. nite we heard from Kim that Torey had dug up an old bone & chewed on it.  Result he had "the runs".  Thurs. he still had to eat her e- cheese, salmon, ice cream & cookies.  That didn't help - at 2:30 A.M. he woke Kim up - he had messed on the rug in the living room -- all liquid.  He stood by the door meaning he wanted to go out.  So Kim put a coast over her pj's & took him out.  Meanwhile she tried to clean up the rug.  The worse part was Lar slept all thru this & Kim couldn't take that.  She turned on all the lights & Lar finally roused.  Kim said it's your turn if he needs to go out.  About 5:30 A.M., Kim heard Tor & Lar had to get up.  Kim said to Lar "don't let Torey eat old dug up bones."  Lar said "that's part of being a dog."  Kim - "Not for Torey, he's almost human."

Dale was in Rochester Thurs & Fri this week.  Sam B. also went so they went together.  It was about noises & squeaks in cars - at least part of it.  Dale said it was an interesting 2 days.  Shults has an agency in Erie & was asked to take over a Ford agency in Pittsburgh & get it back to be successful.  T hey have Toyota, Ford as well as Chevy & Pontiac, etc.  Dale said the one son is the one who has the smarts to be successful.  The 2 songs have taken over from the father.

Where Barb works for Bert, one bedroom ceiling had a hole in the plaster.  On Tues. someone went to plaster & also painted the ceiling & walls.  Barb didn't' work Fri. as the room wasn't finished.  So she worked today but didn't get finished so will go in tomorrow for a couple of hours.  Bert's niece doesn't come til Mon. aft. so that will help & barb can go over the downstairs on Mon.  Painting the kitchen took time so she didn't get any cleaning done.

I guess Penn State is going to lose for a 3rd time in a row.  Lots of unhappy Penn Staters around - including Cindy I'm sure.  When is Julianna a year old.

When Dale was gone Thurs. nite, it gave us a chance to have fish.  Salmon & it was delicious.  Dale is not a fish eater.  Doesn't like the smell.

Last Wed. when Sam came to pick Dale up, he was early so we talked awhile.  He divorced his wife but still they see each other.  He put winter tires on her car, check to see the storm windows were OK.  They are friends but being husband & wife won't work.  I like Sam but he's not husband material.  It was her - she spent & charged too much money - one of the problems.  There were others.  Sam was her 2nd husband & she has 2 children.  A son 16 & a daughter 14 going on 30.  Sam told her you'd better watch the girl or you'll be sorry but she said that' how kids are today.  She's an R.N. & can support herself.

Mon A.M.

I'm going out to lunch with our pastor friends at Holiday Inn.  Hollertzs won't be there as their daughter Valeria is home for a short visit.  Bensons will pick me up.

Last nite I was the last one in bed - this is Dale's early week.  Reason: I watched Law & Order from 8-11 & really enjoyed it.  I'm going to think about watching L&) on Wed. nites at 10 pm.

Luncheon date is 1 pm & we're there about 2 hours so Barb will get the groceries while I'm gone so we can go to the Mall when I get home.

Another warm day here - should be in the 60s.  Hit 59 yesterday.  Nice Nov. weather!

Guess I've covered everything.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday, November 13, 1999

This is the last sheet of paper on this pad so it will be a mixed paper letter.

Just walked & mailed 2 bills in the 5th Ave box.  It's cloudy but still mild.  They keep saying colder weather is on the way but it doesn't last.  I'm not complaining tho.  Let it be nice thru the holidays.

The Schwan man comes every other Thurs. &U last Thurs. he said he'd come on Wed. as the Thurs. was Thanksgiving.  I have a turkey in the freezer but it still doesn't seem possible the holidays are getting so close.

Still, both Barb & I have a good start on our Christmas shopping.  In fact, Barb is just about finished.  Soon a pkg. will be on the way with birthday presents.

I don't think I could worship every Sun. at the Hosanna Church.  I, too, would miss the liturgical service & sacraments.  Altho, when a child & saw the communion elements on the altar I knew it would be a longer service & wished I could go home after Sun./ School.  I couldn't take that type of music Sun. after Sun.  But each to his own, or hers!

Is Signe in a nursing home?  I wonder if the sisters know as Ruth always calls me to tell of any operations, etc.

This A.M. I made a coffee cake & a white (box) layer cake.  Dale likes an A.M. snack so it's either rolls or coffee cake.  And I love to bake so it's no problem.  Keeps me young!  Ha, ha.

Lar & Torey came over last nite.  Kim was at a school dance & Lar forgot the USA Today papers I save for him.  Torey loves to come to Grandma's as he gets cheese, ice cream & 2 sugar cookies.  He expects it & makes his wants known if I'm too slow in getting them.

I'm a little surprised it's taking so long to get Andy fitted for glasses.  Maybe he's not looking forward to wearing glasses even if it helps him to see the blackboard better.

Rose Seeley isn't able to be in church very often due uto her back.  I miss seeing her & it will be strange not seeing Gen Brader up front on the left hand side of the sanctuary.

Now it's Sun. aft. & I just returned from a walk overtown to CVS for some bargains they offered.  It was still nice & the weather is suppose to change to colder weather.  Very windy, tho.

Betty Gusfatson Mailhot wants me to make my Danish rolls for a party she's having Dec. 11  I'd rather not but it's hard to say no so I'll do it.   It's not going to be a habit, tho.  I'll have to make 2 batches.  Tues. Betty Casey wants me to go out to lunch - I say yes.  Mon. we hope to go to Jamestown in the aft. if the predicted snow flurries are few.  (We went).

Did you notice Nascar is going to NBC & Fox?  It's a popular sport & growing.  It's popular in this house.

The Bills are playing Miami & are ahead so far.  The Browns scored first against the Steelers.

The Wisc/Iowa game was great for you fans.  I enjoyed it too & seeing Dayne play & honored.  Now Penn State was another story.

I have my Christmas cards & want to get started addressing them....sometime soon.

I asked Kim if Barb Jacobs would like to come for Thanksgiving.  Kim asked her & she might come.  One friend has cancer so she won't be with her.  2 others talked about going to Holiday Inn.  If that doesn't happen she'll come.  No one wants to be alone on a holiday.

Time for a coffee break.

Tues. A.M.  Will bring this to a close & mail it before I start my "chores".  Betty called & can't make it for llunch today.  Now I don't have to rush to get those "chores" completed.  Heavy frost overnite.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunday, November 7, 1999

Your mother has a black eye!  I was walking up the post office steps & tripped & fell on my face.  My glasses pressed on my right eye so it is a bruise mostly under the eye.  Doesn't hurt but doesn't look too good.  People noticed it in church.  My first black eye.  Scratched the right eye glass.

Got your letter & pictures.  You look different.  But I can't decide how I like it until I see you in person.  If you like it that is the best reason.

Tomorrow Barb & I are going to Erie while the weather is still nice.  Want to do some Christmas shopping   I hope to find pants for Andy.  Now that he has more expensive ideas his gifts will be fewer.  Hope he'll understand - but if I have to pay 50.00 for pants_______.  He'll still get his share.

Roland & Linda's house sounds nice.  Eric sure is a hard worker.  Sorry to hear about Signe.  She would be 88 next Jan.  Stella will be 90 in Nov. - the 27th.  But when one hits the late 80s you have to expect the end.

They announced in church today that Gen Brader had died.  I was shocked - didn't realize she was ill.  Ever since Bill's death she was unhappy & read to die.  I don't feel that way - I'm happy for every day when I wake up.

Back to Barb, because she won't work Mon. she will make up the hours the rest of the week.  She has been sanding the kitchen cupboards getting them ready for painting.  Nothing's been done for years & years.

Lar & Kim went to Jamestown last nite to purchase a cabinet for their bathroom.  Like a buffet & they'll take the top off & lay the sink, etc. on top of it.  I know they talk of using old dressers, if good, & cut a hole in the top.  They looked for tops from plumbing co. but they cost too much - $500.00, this one costs 169.99.  Yesterday Kim was going to walk Torey to camp - over 5 mi. - then mow the lawn.  Lar would pick them up.

We like our new chairs.  They are firmer, hit the back in the right spot & are comfortable.  Took a nap on Fri. after they came.  Barb says now we need a rug that blends better.  That's just a dream.

Penn State lost - boo hoo.  Barb is upset they went down to 8th.  The Wisc.-Purdue game was a good one.  Watched it all.

Have golf on TV; Dale has racing & Barb is switching between tennis & the Bills.  Nice to have our personal TVs.

A nap sounds good so I'll close for this time.

Mon.  We had a nice trip to Erie & found (I hope) pants Andy wants - at Penneys so can be exchanged.  Also the other gift he wanted.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, October 31, 1999

Our sunshine left us & it is cloudy & showers today.

I'm not watching football this aft. as skating is on & I want to see Michelle Kwan skate.

After the World Series there is life!  Now I'm reading the news to see who will be traded & where.  Wonder how the Mets' lineup will be changed - not too much I hope.  The series did me in with the late hours (it was Dale's early week 7-4) & I couldn't miss the end.  What a series.  Glad it's over.

I meant to call you Thurs. nite at 10 our time.  Went up to bed & never thought about the call - I'm 79 you understand - but I did try to 10:15 A.M. EDT but there was no answer so you must have gotten an early start.

My new chairs will be delivered on Fri. the 5th of Nov.  Larry tho't maybe Mike Brindis might like the old one & he does so I don't have to call Salvation Army.

Sheila (hair) & Sue took Fri. off as they love Halloween.  They dressed up as devils & they came by to show me their outfits.  Paid 40.00 for the wigs - they were great.  Spent 100.00 ea. on costumes.

I just flipped to watch golf as Barb said some players are wearing knickers to honor Payne Stewart.  I saw some of the funeral or memorial service on TV & it was very emotional.  That was so sad.

Kim was telling us about her sister.  She wasn't feeling well & 1 Dr said 1 thing & sent her to a specialist who had a different answer & had her all mixed up.  But things got straightened out & a cyst was removed but she might yet have to have another operation.  Her 2 aunts are close by & they have been good to help & to keep Kim informed.  Kim says she will have a huge phone bill this month as they have long conversations.

Dale has his Blazer ready for winter & will garage the Monte Carlo for the winter.   Tues. he goes to Rochester for an all-day session.  Will leave Mon. nite.  I think it's Thurs. & Fri. he goes again & this time Sam will also go.  They should have a good time!

Back to Kim - one thing that helped to upset them was the fact their mother died young & Debbie tho't she was going to die.

I'm sure you folks will have to see the Pokemon movie coming Nov. 12.  I'm enclosing a page from one of the magazines.

It's 6:35 pm & I'm set for Trick & Treat.  Have 66 candy bars - small ones & once they are gone & it isn't 8 pm I'll turn out the light.  It's from 6-8 pm.

Barb now has 4 different jobs.  Lynn wants Barb to work 6 hrs a week picking up & organizing things.  The regular cleaning gals don't do that.  She seems to enjoy the work.  Bert is always or most always around but the others aren't.  Barb has 4 different house keys.  Nancy's mother Barbara Jacobs doesn't work but plays cards the Fri. Barb is there.  She was at that one Thanksgiving dinner when she first moved here.

Tues A.M.  I want to bring this to a close & mail it when I go to vote at Calvary Baptist youth bldg.  It's showery & heavy rains are predicted so I'll get going by 8:45 A.M.

Correction - Dale's next study at Rochester won't be til the middle of the month.  He left last night at 6 pm & will be home for supper tonite.

Our summer weather has come to an end.  Colder weather is predicted to start this aft.

What's happening to Green Bay.  It's disappointing but I guess we know we don't win all the time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friday, October 22, 1999

I'll start a letter tonite as the World Series starts tomorrow & with football, etc. decided to get an early start.

Thanks for the pictures of the wedding.  I feel like I don't know Rachel as we've seen so little of her, so it was nice to get the pictures.

In your letter that came today you mentioned having to take Andy to Lenscrafters.  Did I miss something - does he need glasses or is it something special he needed or wanted.

Back to the wedding - did they blow bubbles in place of rice or bird seed?

Today after lunch we went to the mall & I bo't a black skirt at Bon Ton & a flannel nightie at Penneys.  Barb is looking for a tan turtleneck & couldn't find any.  I had an order for L. L. Bean & she saw one so decided to get one.  Lar always likes a certain L. L. Bean shirt for Christmas so I ordered that as well.  Kim collects bird houses & Penneys Home Values Catalog had a darling Christmas bird house so I ordered that one.  I'm getting a start on Christmas.  We want to send y our pkg. by the end of Nov.  Oh yes, I finally found Pokemon cards at KMart.

Next week we plan to go to Jamestown again & will go to the Old Navy store & look at things the boys might like.

I've been trying to remember Law & Order at 7 p.m.  I've done it a few times now & enjoy them but to really understand it, I have to watch from the start.

Bert, who Barb works for, gave Barb a red blazer jacket - Liz brand, size 12.  But it fits me better than it does Barb so I'm the one to get it.  What a lucky break.  It is really nice.

After the Met game Tues. nite - I stayed up til 12:15 A.M. & then went to bed & couldn't get to sleep.  Too disappointed, I guess.  When I couldn't sleep many thoughts went thru my mind & I got to thinking of the winter jacket I wrote about in my last letter.  I thought "I bet that clasp or whatever could have slipped up to the top of the zipper."  Sure enough, when I checked there it was so my jacket is still wearable & I still have the one from Barb.  Lucky me!

Careys went to Fla. for 3 weeks.  They go for the winter after the holidays.  Someone is staying at the house as they didn't take the dogs.

Now it's Mon A.M.  I want to mail this and thanks for the Christmas suggestions.  Barb & I will start our shopping.

Enjoy your birthday weekend.  I'll be thinking of you on the 29th - with many happy memories.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, October 17 1999

"Boxer" by Eddie

Just finished putting a puzzle together - 1000 pieces & everyone was there.  Some pieces were missing & because of the rug, they are hard to spot.  I get down on my hands & knees & feel around & find the missing pieces.  If I don't do that the vacuum cleaner "eats" them never to be found again.

Thanks for your flowers.  They are very beautiful.  I have another bouquet - altar flowers.  Carole Anderson always has them on this Sun. in memory of her parents.  And she thought so much of Dad that he always got one of the bouquets.  He would visit them, etc.  Visitation means so much to members & that is what they remember Dad for - one of the things.  Now I got the flowers this year.

Tonite (6 pm reservation) we go out to eat at "Bones & Ribs", in area opposite Jackson Valley Country Club & golf course.  It burned down but was rebuilt.  I has had other names as well & owners.  Suppose to be pre3tty good - time will tell.

In my bedroom we have a heart theme as the quilt has hearts on it & so does the border by the ceiling.  So we tho't a heart shaped wreath would look nice on one wall.  Kim decorated one & gave it to me & it does look so nice.  Barb & Dale gave me Betty Dixon chocolates &^ a candle, votive type, that fits into a black wired heart.  The candle holder part is a heavy glass "thing" you used to see on elec. poles.  Dale told me the correct word but I can't call it to mind.  You'll see it sometime.

We're going to have a real tree again this Christmas.  This aft. Kim & Lar were going to choose trees.  Mark them for cutting in Dec.

Paula Carey - don't know her married name - starts a new job Nov. 1 in Buffalo.  S he has been working for Northwest Savings in the mortgage dept.  The new job means more money.  Her husband is a lawyer & had to get a Pa. law license & now he's not sure what he will do.  Paula will stay up there & come home weekends.  They haven't been here that long.

Mon. the 18th

We left at 5:45 for Ribs & Bones & had a very good dinner.  I got the 1/3 portion of ribs, Lar the 1/2 portion & Dale got steak & ribs.  If you eat a regular portion of ribs they gift you a baseball type cap.  So the portions are generous.

When we left the Mets-Braves were tied at 2.  When we got home it was the 9th inning & still tied so I didn't miss that much.  It was so exciting, as you can testify to.  When the phone rang I knew it was a call from Middleton only this time it was Eddie.  He carries on a good conversation.

Now to football - did you notice the Penn State Q.B.'s name is Richard (pronounced with the French accent) Kelly.  Their up & coming Q.B.

Got my tooth fixed today.  Then we went to the mall.  On the way back to the car, we noticed a couple looking at the van.  When they realized it was our car they spoke & said the van was in such good condition.  Told him we bo't it new & it was a '91 with less than 30,000 miles.  They really tho't it looked newer.  They were from Eastern Pa. & had a Scotty puppy who was so cute.  The man was so friendly, just like Warren Hollertz.

Christmas club checks will be coming soon & so far I've had just 1 suggestion from you people.  More please!  Remember I shop early.

I washed my winter jacket & somehow lost the "thing" that works the zipper & don't know where to find or look for it.  Barb has a nice jacket she doesn't like because it has a couple of tiny spots on it.  I'll look for some solvent to see if they'll come out & then wash it.  It has a zip-in lining.  I like it & a little spot won't bother me.  You can hardly see it.  Sometimes I get going too fast & end up with too many loops.

I had a nice birthday, thanks to my children.  I don't feel like 79.  I don't think I told you this or maybe I did as your letter was late.  He wished his Dad was as active as I.  Oh yes, I mentioned on the phone.  You'll have to excuse me - I'm a year from 80!

Got another puzzle to put together.  But I wanted to finish this & get it off tomorrow when I mail Gen & Ed's anniv. card.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

October 10, 1999

Thanks for the pictures of the boys.  They are growing up so fast.  I see a lot of changes.

In church today, we had a substitute organist.  She was good, bro't out the power of the organ & we aren't used to that so some people didn't like it.  She outpowered the pastor & he has a loud voice.

Fri. Barb & I went to Jamestown & got some good buys, so it was enjoyable.  We ate at the Red Lobster.  I tried cat fish for the first time & it was delicious.

Thurs. Betty Casey & I went to lunch at Penn Laurel.  I had homemade chicken soup & it was really homemade.  So good.  She said Mike called from Wi. last week & they have snow.  They are in the western part of the state.

Gen & Ed celebrate their 45th anniversary Oct 23rd.  Hope they reach 50.  Both have a few problems.

It cleared up today - was suppose to rain.  Dale is afraid the Nascar race will be postponed & on the weather map it shows rain all across (up & down) the coast line.

What about those Mets.  They won even with Mike P. on the bench & his replacement got the winning home run.  On to Atlanta.  They must remember to be careful of Chipper Jones & the one who follows him or they will kill the Mets.  It's been exciting anyway it ends.  A Subway series would be interesting as I'm sure the Yankees will make it, altho I'd root for Cleveland.

I have a pot roast in the crockpot & it smells good.  Finally a change from chicken  but sometimes Barb doesn't want beef, unless it's steak.

Dale's getting the Blazer transmission remade.  His friend in Frewsburg is doing it & he told  Dale it was good as one part was very thin & would have caused trouble in the winter.

Our flowers are still blooming.  No real frost yet.  We took green tomatoes in & put them in paper bags & then they will ripen.

We're watching Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh & Buffalo is doing good.  Smile for Barb but not for Dale.

In Jamestown we went to Walmart & I found a platter in my everyday Corelle pattern.  They aren't that easy to find & I was so pleased to get it.

I'm still waiting for Christmas ideas.  I think Pokemon are an impossibility.  Cards at least.  I've seen books, posters but no cards.  Except for the ad in the paper & they wanted $550.00 for over 400 cards.  It's a scam!!

Need to clean up lunch dishes.

Betty Gusfatson Mailhot asked me if I'd make 2 doz. of my Danish rolls for a brunch she's having in Dec.  I didn't say yes yet & I don't know if I want to get into baking for others.  Not worth it.

Here it is Wed. & I haven't finished this letter so it will be late.

Today I see the dentist & I hope it is just a one trip experience.

Mildred Wilson died - I worked with her at Beaty & Lar did work for her so Lar & I went to the funeral home.  She was 88 & outlived her husband.

The eating area lock would really bother you, Paul, as it has gotten noisy.  Think it needs a new battery.

Get my hair done on Thurs. this week as Sheila is taking a long weekend to visit her girlfriend in N.W. Wi. to see their new baby.  A few months old now.  She is from Minn. but worked in Warren a few years but returned to the Midwest as her mother isn't well.

This is Dale's early week & I've made applesauce & a banana coffee cake - in a bundt pan with streusel instead of the loaf pan.  It's good.

So it's time to make my bed & get a shower.

P.S.  Saw the dentist - Dr. Walters - he said he wishes his Dad could get around as well as I do.  We're the same age.  My lower left in the back have been sore at times so he took an xray & something is wrong so I have to go back on Mon aft. at 1 pm.  More fun - I like Dr. Walters for a dentist.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Monday, October 3, 1999

It's a cloudy, cool day but it didn't stop me from doing my work.  The first of the week I have more energy but it lags toward the end of the week.

Nancy, Kim's friend is not a good housekeeper & her mother-in-law is just the opposite.  This week her in-laws are coming so she asked Barb to clean 3 hours on Wed.  Her regular cleaning person & her friend will clean 2 days.  Nancy said her mother-in-law would know Nancy didn't do it & it will cost her over $100.00 to get things in order.  She has 4 daughters but they haven't been trained to pick up after themselves & are no help to clean a little.

Betty Casey wants me to go out to lunch tomorrow - Tues.

The CVS new store is going up fast.  The store on 2nd Ave. will close on Nov. 1st.  Sounds like they want to be opened before the holidays.

Soon lunch time but I wanted to get a start.  My book is so book it is hard to put it down.  Got 3 books on Sat.  Read one on Sat, another on Sun - both easy reading & started on the 3rd.  This is a longer book & I can't skip over parts of it as in some books.  If they're too "wordy" or such.

Now it's Tues A.M.  What about those Mets.  Nobody (except me & a few others) wanted them to win.  It was a great game.  But they play Arizona & that will be a battle, esp. when Johnson is their starter.  Oh well, at least they got to the playoffs.  Some expect Ariz. t5o be the N. L. winner.  I'll root for them if it comes to that.

Barb likes to sleep in - I like to get my work done in the morning.  At 8:30 I was cleaning my room - dusting so no noise yet.  She didn't get up so I went downstairs & vacuumed & made noise.  Still not up so I went upstairs & started to clean the bathroom.  Finally up & went downstairs.  It's 9:30 so I guess she isn't working today.  Bert doesn't come home til the 16th so I guess Barb thinks she can take time off.  Wonder if Barb could ever hold a "regular" job.  But I'm not changing my cleaning times after all these years.  Just a little chance to get it off my chest.  Don't care to make waves.

I'm not going out to lunch until Thurs.  Betty called to change it.  Better for me, too.

In Sept. I completely forgot LCW.  Told Viola Seaquist I'd be there.  Then I remembered the Mets were on so I stayed home.  They were going to tie a quilt & only so many can do that.

You must have used your new furnace by now.  How's it going.

Dale is looking to the future & thinking about finding a house with a 2-car garage so he'll have a place to work on cars.  Also a house that needed to be updated.  He's talked to Larry about it.  That would be good for Dale & a good investment.  I'm sure he could get a loan & has money saved.

I just have to sign the dded & it will belong to you four "kids".  I'm glad that's over & it's the last thing to be done.  Everything is in order.

Did you notice in the Wrrn. paper Warren Hi has a good girls' cross country team.  One of Wrrn's girls always comes in first & Benson's (Mt. Jewett) granddaughter comes in 2nd.  Both are seniors so there is no hope for Bensons to see a winner.  They go to Kane Hi.

It's 10 A.M. &  I need to get a shower & cleaned up.

Bills are winning - Barb is happy.

Steelers are losing - Dale unhappy.

That's how it goes in sports.