Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, October 31, 1999

Our sunshine left us & it is cloudy & showers today.

I'm not watching football this aft. as skating is on & I want to see Michelle Kwan skate.

After the World Series there is life!  Now I'm reading the news to see who will be traded & where.  Wonder how the Mets' lineup will be changed - not too much I hope.  The series did me in with the late hours (it was Dale's early week 7-4) & I couldn't miss the end.  What a series.  Glad it's over.

I meant to call you Thurs. nite at 10 our time.  Went up to bed & never thought about the call - I'm 79 you understand - but I did try to 10:15 A.M. EDT but there was no answer so you must have gotten an early start.

My new chairs will be delivered on Fri. the 5th of Nov.  Larry tho't maybe Mike Brindis might like the old one & he does so I don't have to call Salvation Army.

Sheila (hair) & Sue took Fri. off as they love Halloween.  They dressed up as devils & they came by to show me their outfits.  Paid 40.00 for the wigs - they were great.  Spent 100.00 ea. on costumes.

I just flipped to watch golf as Barb said some players are wearing knickers to honor Payne Stewart.  I saw some of the funeral or memorial service on TV & it was very emotional.  That was so sad.

Kim was telling us about her sister.  She wasn't feeling well & 1 Dr said 1 thing & sent her to a specialist who had a different answer & had her all mixed up.  But things got straightened out & a cyst was removed but she might yet have to have another operation.  Her 2 aunts are close by & they have been good to help & to keep Kim informed.  Kim says she will have a huge phone bill this month as they have long conversations.

Dale has his Blazer ready for winter & will garage the Monte Carlo for the winter.   Tues. he goes to Rochester for an all-day session.  Will leave Mon. nite.  I think it's Thurs. & Fri. he goes again & this time Sam will also go.  They should have a good time!

Back to Kim - one thing that helped to upset them was the fact their mother died young & Debbie tho't she was going to die.

I'm sure you folks will have to see the Pokemon movie coming Nov. 12.  I'm enclosing a page from one of the magazines.

It's 6:35 pm & I'm set for Trick & Treat.  Have 66 candy bars - small ones & once they are gone & it isn't 8 pm I'll turn out the light.  It's from 6-8 pm.

Barb now has 4 different jobs.  Lynn wants Barb to work 6 hrs a week picking up & organizing things.  The regular cleaning gals don't do that.  She seems to enjoy the work.  Bert is always or most always around but the others aren't.  Barb has 4 different house keys.  Nancy's mother Barbara Jacobs doesn't work but plays cards the Fri. Barb is there.  She was at that one Thanksgiving dinner when she first moved here.

Tues A.M.  I want to bring this to a close & mail it when I go to vote at Calvary Baptist youth bldg.  It's showery & heavy rains are predicted so I'll get going by 8:45 A.M.

Correction - Dale's next study at Rochester won't be til the middle of the month.  He left last night at 6 pm & will be home for supper tonite.

Our summer weather has come to an end.  Colder weather is predicted to start this aft.

What's happening to Green Bay.  It's disappointing but I guess we know we don't win all the time.

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