Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday, November 13, 1999

This is the last sheet of paper on this pad so it will be a mixed paper letter.

Just walked & mailed 2 bills in the 5th Ave box.  It's cloudy but still mild.  They keep saying colder weather is on the way but it doesn't last.  I'm not complaining tho.  Let it be nice thru the holidays.

The Schwan man comes every other Thurs. &U last Thurs. he said he'd come on Wed. as the Thurs. was Thanksgiving.  I have a turkey in the freezer but it still doesn't seem possible the holidays are getting so close.

Still, both Barb & I have a good start on our Christmas shopping.  In fact, Barb is just about finished.  Soon a pkg. will be on the way with birthday presents.

I don't think I could worship every Sun. at the Hosanna Church.  I, too, would miss the liturgical service & sacraments.  Altho, when a child & saw the communion elements on the altar I knew it would be a longer service & wished I could go home after Sun./ School.  I couldn't take that type of music Sun. after Sun.  But each to his own, or hers!

Is Signe in a nursing home?  I wonder if the sisters know as Ruth always calls me to tell of any operations, etc.

This A.M. I made a coffee cake & a white (box) layer cake.  Dale likes an A.M. snack so it's either rolls or coffee cake.  And I love to bake so it's no problem.  Keeps me young!  Ha, ha.

Lar & Torey came over last nite.  Kim was at a school dance & Lar forgot the USA Today papers I save for him.  Torey loves to come to Grandma's as he gets cheese, ice cream & 2 sugar cookies.  He expects it & makes his wants known if I'm too slow in getting them.

I'm a little surprised it's taking so long to get Andy fitted for glasses.  Maybe he's not looking forward to wearing glasses even if it helps him to see the blackboard better.

Rose Seeley isn't able to be in church very often due uto her back.  I miss seeing her & it will be strange not seeing Gen Brader up front on the left hand side of the sanctuary.

Now it's Sun. aft. & I just returned from a walk overtown to CVS for some bargains they offered.  It was still nice & the weather is suppose to change to colder weather.  Very windy, tho.

Betty Gusfatson Mailhot wants me to make my Danish rolls for a party she's having Dec. 11  I'd rather not but it's hard to say no so I'll do it.   It's not going to be a habit, tho.  I'll have to make 2 batches.  Tues. Betty Casey wants me to go out to lunch - I say yes.  Mon. we hope to go to Jamestown in the aft. if the predicted snow flurries are few.  (We went).

Did you notice Nascar is going to NBC & Fox?  It's a popular sport & growing.  It's popular in this house.

The Bills are playing Miami & are ahead so far.  The Browns scored first against the Steelers.

The Wisc/Iowa game was great for you fans.  I enjoyed it too & seeing Dayne play & honored.  Now Penn State was another story.

I have my Christmas cards & want to get started addressing them....sometime soon.

I asked Kim if Barb Jacobs would like to come for Thanksgiving.  Kim asked her & she might come.  One friend has cancer so she won't be with her.  2 others talked about going to Holiday Inn.  If that doesn't happen she'll come.  No one wants to be alone on a holiday.

Time for a coffee break.

Tues. A.M.  Will bring this to a close & mail it before I start my "chores".  Betty called & can't make it for llunch today.  Now I don't have to rush to get those "chores" completed.  Heavy frost overnite.

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