Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 1988 (Note to Andy)

We loved the pictures Mom & Dad sent us.  You are a cutie!

Bet you have fund with the other kids at Day Care.  You'll have to tell us all about it when you're here at Christmas.

I'm sending a newspaper clipping for your dad to read.  He'll tell you all about it.

I was making cookies when your dad called -- too bad you aren't close enough to get some.  Uncle Larry was raking leaves for a neighbor & stopped in.   I told Grandpa that Larry could smell the cookies.  I gave him some to take home so Aunt Kim could have some.l  I'll have some cookies for you when you visit.

Grandpa & I are walking 2 miles at least 3 times a week.  The leaves are so pretty & we enjoy our walks.  We have 3 different routes to take.

They are repairing the tennis courts at Beaty Field.  They have been in bed shape so it will be nice to have them in playing conditions.  They asked for public donations to help pay the cost so we gave $25.00.  Your dad used to play tennis there.  Someday maybe you will play tennis.

We're watching baseball & we aren't very happy with the results.  The wrong team is winning.  A big surprise to a lot of people.

We send you & your Mom & Dad our love & kisses.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 1988

Guess it's time to write a letter as it's a rainy early evening - dark & cool.  Dale is on vacation this week & wants nicer weather.  He has been working on the latest El Camino & it looks so nice.  It is a bright blue & looks beautiful  now that it has been painted.l  Still a few things to do but with Dale he can always find things to do on a car.

I'm enclosing a couple of recipes that sound interesting, esp. the rolls.  Nice because they can be started the nite before & bake in the A.M.  Haven't tried them yet but plan to.  Made a fresh blueberry pie & I'll enclose the recipe.  Easy & tasty.

Dad has a wedding next Sun. at 11 A.M.  Remember Tom Carlson (has a br4other Doug, Father Bud) he asked Dad to marry them - it will be at Chapman Dam & a picnic reception at 1 pm./  Tomorrow nite is the dinner - can't call it rehearsal as there is no rehearsal.  Will be at Deerhead Inn.

Had a long letter from Gen & she keeps busy.  Edna's 75th party will be at their home (more room for 30) but Wally's family will bring the food.  Gen & Ed have the space.  The next day friend of John at work will have a picnic at Gen's & they will bring the food.

Last nite I was up until 1:15 AM to watch the Mets beat J. Tudor & L.A.!!  7-1.  Finally a good game.  Will stay up tonite again.  Dad goes to bed around 11.  This week we can sleep in a bit.

Andy must be cute walking around & keeping Mom & Dad busy!

Watching N.Y. news & the state police are getting Mustangs that go up to 150 m.p.h. to catch speeders.  Now we're watching golf from Portland.

Kim's studio is coming along & should be finished for the Sept. opening.  It has kept them busy.

Just finished an excellent book Susquehanna by Harriet Segal.  About a Jewish family starting with the grandfather in Russia, the move to U.S. & then centering on the grandson.  Really enjoyed it.  Also read Lace some weeks ago.  Enjoyed it but it was on the sexy side.  This one wasn't.

Lar just came by.  I meant to have the blue. pie for dinner last nite & about 4 pm I remembered & then it was too late.  So I said they should come by tonite for a piece.

This weather is nice for baking & having oven meals.

Not much happening.  We made reservations for the trip to Williamsburg with Rex Graham.  Oct 12-16.  Wed-Sun.  Will celebrate my birthday on the trip.

We are all fine.

P.S. hope you can understand my pie recipe.

Wednesday, July 20, 1988

We had 1/2" of rain yesterday - now it is getting dark & more showers are predicted.  It is good to see the rain & it saves me from watering flowers.

A week from today we'll be at Penneys at 10 A.M. to get Andy's pictures.  Can hardly wait.

Yesterday we bot another camera to replace the one that was stolen.  A Vitavir [sic] & Dad thinks he will like.  It doesn't talk but there is a red light that comes on if more light or the flash is needed.

Mon. Lar said Kim's sister had a boy.  Just a little over a year after the daughter.  She'll be a busy mom - 2 in diapers, etc.

Dale finally got his portable disc & it is small.  Says it sounds great.  Still working on the 2nd truck.  He had to take the engine out of a Chevie car & when he got it out in 2 hours, his new boss was surprised.  When he worked at Jones it would take them all A.M. to do it, he said.

We got teh Nelson round robin.  Rudy still has pain in his legs & get discouraged.  Ford & June are at the lake.  Stella visited friends in Iron Mt for 2 weeks & will be at the lake for a week so she's gone most of July.

Carolyn, Jim & Paul arrived from Cal. last Fri. the 15th.  A long drive.  They interviewed 3 men - Jim was the first & he had to wait for the answer.  He tested highest & naturally they are very happy he has a good job & close to home.

We talked to Ruth.  Both of Joyce's girls play softball & one was chosen for the "All Star" game & before it happened she fell & broke her arm.  What a disappointment.  Didn't realize it but Mim & Tom celebrated theire 25th anniv. in June.  Joan & Allan celebrate their 20th this month.  And Carole & Arlen's 2nd son was chosen for further violin training in Calif. this summer.  Guess he is very talented.

The house was so quiet after you left.  We missed all of you & esp. Andy's smile & clapping of hands.  He is so precious.  From what Barbara says Kim isn't interested in a family.  Too bad for us when they are close.  They are both very busy, Lar with his extra work & both of them on the room they are fixing for Kim's aroebics (however you spell it).  Didn't see Kim last Mon. but they'll be over Sun nite for supper.  We're invited over there the 29th for a picnic supper & croquet.  Marion Lewis, a friend of her Gram's, will also be there.

I got so interested in writing this letter, I missed 10 min. of "As the World Turns".

Good you aren't closer to tease me about the Mets, Paul, after the trouncing Cincy gave them last nite.  11-2 - 2 errors.  Terrible!

Last week Dad & I had dinner at Nik L'Inn.  Both had chicken -- different ways & we enjoyed the meal.  Next Sun. Dad preaches at St. Paul - the pastor is on vacation.

We went to K Mart this A.M. - Wed. their sale ads come out & we get a few bargains.  Today one of the bargains was Oreo's!  Umm good!  I bot a pkg.  Good Andy isn't here!

The end of the week is suppose to be cooler so I'm going to do some baking.  Always need cookies on hand & in the freezer.

Give Andy a kiss from all of us - should say kisses!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 1988

It's a rainy day - I've finished my cleaning so I'll write a note.

(Do you realize the Mets are now in 1st place, 1 game ahead of Pittsburgh!)

Finally wrote a note to Debbie G. thanking her for the picture of Brian.  Also wrote to Millie.

(Did you read the Mets have 7 shut out games, 6 of them being complete games.  Last year they had 7 for the season!)

Barb has completed 2 blouses, is working on a 34d & has a skirt cut out & ready to sew.

(I noticed that Strawberry has a .675 slugging % & Carter is second with .657!)

Can't remember if I wrote I had that tooth pulled & it healed nicely.  Dale went to the dentist but the wisdom tooth is just coming thru, but not enough to pull.

(Strawberry & Carter are tied with 3 other N. Leaguers in homeruns!  They have 7.)

How is your garden growing.  Lar planted onions & broccoli.  He has a big job of landscaping for Blairs in Pleasant Twp.  He works at New Process but isn't related to owner Blair.  Just the shrubs, etc.  Cost Lar $1500.00.  The wife who is very fussy was in Watts & told Kim she is just thrilled with the results.

(Gooden is 6-0 in his starts with complete games.  H e is back in the groove.  Go, Mets, Go!!!)

I could go on & on about the Mets but I don't want the letter torn up Paul, so you miss my news!  What little news there is.

Imagine you got the pictures.  Aren't they "Darling".  (You know Ron!)  Showed them off in church last Sun.

Called Stella & she sounded good.  Rudy has to exercise more & the Dr. changed his medication.

Did you see the full moon on the 1st.  There will be another full moon the 31st.  2 in 1 month.

Dad will be going out soon so I'll end.  We send you our love.

Oh those Mets!  How we love them.

Dad talked to Pastor Risher & all is set.  It is a 9:30 service during the summer.

Wednesday, July 13, 1988

A quick note so we can get the pictures mailed.

The picture we liked best wasn't the one we chose, so we bot an 8x10 for you & there is a 3x5.  Maybe you'd like to give one to your parents, JoAnna.  We all have wallet size pictures for our wallets & our 3c5 is in the frame on the desk.  We think this picture is just like Andy when he was here - smiling & clapping his hands.  Barb says it looks like he is praying!

We've had rain & also nice weather.  Grass is greener.

Big game this weekend - Mets vs. Pirates.  Hope the results don't make me cry!!!

Thursday, March 17, 1988

It's snowing - yesterday we had a taste of spring & it was heavenly!

Had a perm. this aft. so now my hair is short & curly again.

Lauri said she wants Barb to babysit Sat nite.  Otherwise all she does is read, walk to the library & watch T.V.  I remind her she needs to find a job - to no avail.  She doesn't want to stay here, but seems in no hurry to go.

Tues. we went to Erie.  Didn't buy anything but Jelly Beans but we enjoyed the day.  It was a lovely ride.

Wed. we went to Fredonia for lunch with Don & Pat Greendahl & then to Sidey's dept. store.  Got a pair of navy, low heeled shoes on sale.  Very comfortable.

Last nite was Lenten Midweek & my circle served coffee & donuts afterwards.  Rose said Jim was interviewed for asst. Pastor in Latrobe.  Very large congregation - he'd be 3rd pastor - 1 is a woman.  But they've interviewed at least 10 already.  A committee will come to hear him preach.  He's wanted to move for over 6 months so I hope something turns up.

Had a nice letter from Gen.  They have a new pastor & like him.  Millie went to church with Gen on Sun.  Their church will celebrate 100 years & they are planning a fair & Gen & Ed are busy making things.  Ed's made some Swedish horses, a plaque with ducks on it - etc.  He is talented that way & those things sell well.  They enjoy retirement.

Dale gave the car in the garage to a friend in exchange for work on the Olds he bot.  Also work has to be done on the El Camino.  He had lost interest in the Firebird.  It's nice now as he can park the El Camino in the garage & Dad can get out if he needs to.

Baseball - oh happy day!!  On Sat. the Mets play a preseason game & also the Braves will be on T.V.

Cars have been on display at the Mall & we looked at Dodge vans & we like them.  Dad might look into what kind of a deal they would give.

Dad has had a sore back & has seen the chiropractor & goes again tomorrow.  It doesn't seem to go away & once he played volleyball too soon & that didn't help.  He didn't listen to me!!!!

It won't be long before Apr. is here.  Time goes by so fast & I can hardly wait to see Andy again.  Wonder if we'll be strange to him - but he is with other people so that makes a difference.  See you soon.


Monday, February 15, 1988

Is Pres. Day a holiday for you.  No school here - a snow day, too.  And the library is closed.  Thanks for the new authors - I'm always opened for new books to read.  Sometimes I find myself rereading a book & I enjoy it just as much the 2nd time.  Recently reread a book by DeBlasis.  She is an excellent author.  One theme was early Calif. days.  I recommend her books.

We awoke to rain & if it freezes, as they say, walking, driving, etc. will be bad.  We go get groceries on Mon. altho we did go last Sat. & got a head start on bargains!

Yesterday we went to early church (8 A.M.) at First Luth & then went to Perkins for breakfast.  It was crowded.

We are enjoying the Olympics - even missed "Murder She Wrote" but Dad taped it for future viewing.  Must make use of our toys!

Still no oven & I'm getting mad.  Doesn't seem possible it would take so long to get a part.  Have to buy "store" cookies & they're expensive.

Did you see the Snoopy comic about the triathalon (can't find the word in the dictionary).  I meant to cut it out but Snboopy said he entered it -- something like this 1) candy, 2) ice cream, 3) brownies.  Guess I could second that!  Doesn't sound as cute here.  Oh yes Levinson's have a Couch Potato Tshirt in the window.  Lar teases about that.

Their kitchen is soon completed.  All the dishes, etc. are back in the new cupboards.  They found wallpaper & he has the floor to finish.  He is buying a computer from Radio Shack - save 800.00 in quarters.  Later he will add the print out for his bills for summer customers.  It will cost $1200.00 for the computer & he figures the print out will cost around 300.00.  Kim can use it, too, for her exercise plans.  I asked when they would have Open House & they said after all is completed.  A gentle hint!

We got the Graham Tour Schedule & we want to plan to go to the Oct 12-16 Williamsburg, Va. tour.

The Valentine is such a darling idea.  We love it.  Everyone thinks it is so nice.

Sunday, February 14, 1988 [note to Andy]

Thank you so much for our Valentine - we love it.  Your hands seem so large for so little a one - I say you will make a good quarterback someday!

My friends are anxious to see you so it will be fun to show you off to them next July when you visit.  Your dad traveled a lot when he was little and it looks like you will too.

Today Dale is watching auto racing on T.V. and the rest of us are watching the Olympics.  Larry & Kim are coming over for pizza later.  One day I bet you will love pizza.

Last week I saw a bargain at Sears & sent you a shirt & pants  Hope you will be able to wear it all right.

We send you our love & kisses.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, February 3, 1988

It is snowing & we're suppose to get up to 6".  Last Sat & Sun we had a taste of spring - temp. in the hi 50s.  Just wore a suit to church on Sun.

This Fri. we go out with our pastor friends & we'll go to The Gristmill in Jamestown.  We should have a good meal & good time.

We are still enjoying the flowers you gave us.  It has been such a pretty centerpiece & we thank you so much.

Dale joined a C.D. disc club & got 5 discs yesterday.  Dad is thinking of joining a different one.

Levina K. is still in the hosp.  She had an operation for a growth in the rectum & is having trouble with the kidneys.  Chuck Decker had a heart attack & he was talking twice a day - to Perkins in the A.M. & to Mr. Donut in the aft!  He also smoked a pipe.  He's been retired for about a year.

I read 2 excellent books this past week.  The Velvet Jungle by Julie Ellis.  Too Much Too Soon by Jacqueline Briskin.

Larry is working on the kitchen & it's coming slowly.  Kim is dreaming of a hutch so she can get her dishes etc. out of boxes.  They've been looking.

Larry & I (changed my mind) were happy that Wn. [Washington] won - the rest rooted for Denver & got disgusted after the 2nd quarter.

I moved the desk from the kitchen into the living room - under the mirror on the west wall and it looks real nice.  Suppose you wonder why - well I ordered a trash compactor from Sears - & that is the only place to put it.  Where the desk was.  I've been thinking about one for some time & can afford to buy it so I did.

Still no oven.  If he doesn't come tomorrow we're calling someone else.  I made a mistake when I looked in the yellow pages & found his name.

Raymond Stein died - some time ago but never thought to mention it.

When you're here over the 4th you'll most likely see Renee.  Should be a nice visit for you with the reunion, etc.  Nice for us, too, to have you 3 home.

Sig & Geo. called last Sat. to wish us a belated Happy Anniv.  No special news.

Last Sat. we went to a 25th anniversary for Carol (Anderson) & Bob Winterburn.  They live in Jamestown & Dad married them.  We enjoyed ourselves.  It was at Holy Trinity Luth. Ch.

Do you ever watch Frank's Place on C.B.S.  We enjoy it .  Set in New Orleans.  It's coming on pretty soon so I'll say good by for now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 24, 1988

We were suppose to go out to dinner with Mel & Levina after church but Levina got sick during the nite.  So we decided to go to First Luth. Jamestown.  It is a large church with an excellent choir & organist.  Young pastor & woman assistant pastor.

Afterwards we went to The Brookwood for a delicious lamb dinner.

Called Sig & Geo. yesterday about 1:30 E.S.T. & Geo. was still in bed.  He has so much pain in his neck & Dr. can't understand why.  He's to have an xray this week.  But they want to come & visit us this spring.  Hope it works out.

They had been to Beloit & Min is losing weight and can't keep food down.  Char. is home & has the basement as his abode.  He's playing in various churches in the area in hopes of becoming music director.  Lila complains of leg pains.  The family is showing its age.

We talked about going to the lake & it sounds as if the Rkfd group won't go & Sig & Geo. aren't sure.  We wondered if there is some other place in Wi. that has rental cottages as it sounds as if Roland & Linda are interested.  Carolyn goes to Green Lake in Wi. but maybe that is already filled.  Think about it & talk it over when Roland & Linda visit.

Carolyn has a chance to teach full time in Ca. but hasn't taken it yet as it sounds like she has to see Paul from time to time.  Wonder if they'll change their custody arrangement.

Kim met with Mr. Ferguson; he suggested she submit a resume as there will be an opening in her field.  She might not get the Beaty job but it will be a job with better insurance, retirement, etc.  Lar can have better coverage, too, on her plan.

Barb & I put a new puzzle together.  This week I'll work on the one you gave us when we retired.

Oven still not in use.  The pilot light didn't work right & he had to order a part.  Maybe next Wed.  And I had made up cookies & rolls to be baked.  So I froze the dough.  Hope it works for the rolls but if not, it would be a loss regardless.

Sig mentioned that Linda was elected to the Church Council & is an officer in the Women's group.  Hint! Hint!

I'd like to set dates if you still want us to come out in the spring.  I think the end of Apr. say if we leave here either Thurs. the 21st or Tues the 26th.  That would leave May open for Swanson's.

How's my little darling.
[Picture used on Jeannette Bell's re-election flyer.]

Dad's fixing a fire in the fireplace so I'll bring this to a close with our love.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's football time - we wont' eat out today.  Will watch the games & have leftovers.  I'm rooting for Minn. & Cleveland.

Thanks for your letter & the video.  It brought back memories watching the wedding & we were thrilled to see Andy.  In church this A.M. Mrs. Nelson Johnson said we'd have to bring Andy to church in July so people can see him!  Remember how I kept Dale happy with cheerios.  He has grown so much - wish we were closer.

We enjoyed sitting for Danny & Alison & they were good.  Barb didn't take them home until 10:30 & Dan fell asleep but Alison was going strong.  Barb didn't get home til 2 A.M.

This coming week the man will come & put the soffit in the eaves.  That will help a lot when it comes to painting.

We still haven't the use of the oven which wouldn't work New Year's Day.  It took from Mon-Fri. to get him here & then he had to order a part & last week we heard nothing.  Dad will call tomorrow.  And I'm "itching" to do some baking.  Every time Lar comes over he looks in the cooky jar & it's empty.  Didn't have that much in the freezer.

Noticed you were wearing the sweater & Tneck sweater (Jo.A.) & shirt (Paul) in the video & they looked nice.  Andy is so cute in his outfit - with the reindeer.  Nice color.

I like the electric grill I got (Sears catalog).  It will cook 4 steaks & they come out good & so do hamburgers.  Not hard to clean, either.

Read a good book Privilege by Leona Blair.  It was really good.

Buffalo has only had 11" of snow this season.  Phila has had more.  That is unusual.  With this thaw ours is almost gone.  Nice to have this change even tho we know it won't last.

Saw Dr. Fino for a pap smear.  All is well.  I asked to have a mammogram just for security & will have it Tues A.M.

Mrs. Crary will be buried Mon.  Service at 1st Meth. with former pastor Jack Spencer, the present Meth. pastor & Father Baker from Episcopal church.  Mrs Tillard met with the lawyer & her job, Lar's & the lady who clean still have jobs.  Many wonder if Lar & Mrs. Tillard will be remembered in the will.  Time will tell.

Dad & I went to Erie on Fri.  It was a lovely day so we took advantage.  Ate at The Red Lobster.  Got a blouse & a navy cardigan.  Barb liked it but I said it's mine!  Didn't go with the idea of buying anything so I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 bargains.

Time to concentrate on the game.  As of now Wn. is leading 7-0.

P.S. Lar & Kim have the video this weekend as they want to see it.

Saturday, November 29, 1987

Happy Birthday.  It was good to speak with you on Thanksgiving & to get the letters & pictures on Fri.  Andy has changed a lot.  I'd love to cuddle him.  We think the pictures are good -- of all of you.

Talked to Gen today - she had her purse stolen while she was putting groceries in teh car.  She'd left the purse in the baby seat of the cart.  They found it minus the cash & credit cards.  She notified the store & 500.00 was charged at Steiger's.  She won't have to pay - it was fraud.  She learned the lesson the hard way.  Once a stranger told her she shouldn't leave her purse there & last summer when I went shopping with her she did the same thing.  I can't believe it of Gen as she is so efficient job wise.

Heard from June & she is doing very well.  Said Min was in the hosp/ & that Geo. will have eye surgery this Wed.  Tried to call Sig & Geo but no answer.

Next Sat. & Sun. we go to Niargara Falls & the Festival of Lights.  Leave here 7:30 AM.  Breakfast on the way.  Then McKinley Mall in Hamburg, N.Y.  Lunch.  Next stop Harlan Genesee Christmas Store.  Then Niagara Hilton Hotel.  Buffet dinner at 6:30 & then we're free to enjoy the lights inside the Convention Center.  Must be lights outside, too.

Breakfast 8 A.M.  Time for church if desired.  On teh way home we stop at Factory Outlet Stores & Maple Leaf Village on the Canadian side.  Dinner enroute & home by 9:30-10 pm.  Cost is 80.00 each & it includes fare, dinner, breakfast & lodging.  Not bad.  We're on bus 2 so at least 2 buses are going.  Rex & Mary Lou Graham are in charge of this.  We look forward to it.

Barb is knitting another sweater with a design & it is so nice.

Pa. Ave. bridge opens this Thurs.  They look so nice - 3 new bridges in one summer is something for our area.  (Glade, Pa Ave & Akeley)

Lar & Kim hope to get a Honda, 4 door with Air Cond. (for travel south) if they can get a loan.  In Erie.

Lauri had a miscarriage & lost the baby when she & 3 others gals were in Toronto.  Spoiled her trip & it was a shock.

Kiss Andy for us.

P.S.  Lar & Kim got the loan thru an Erie bank as they got the car in Erie.  They got a 4 dr. Honda Accord, gold color.  Will pick it up in Erie tomorrow (Tues) & will stop by after 9 pm for coffee so we can see it.  Got Air Cond. for when they drive South to see her sister & Gram.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, November 21, 1987

I'm watching Penn St.-Notre Dame & it's tied.  Cold weather & snow but it's suppose to warm up the 1st of the week.  They poured the cement for the Pa. Ave. bridge & now it's curing for 2 weeks & they're finishing the work around the bridge.  Should be opened by Dec. 7th & that should ease traffic on 3rd Ave.

I meant to cut out an article concerning how to address an env. when the wife keeps her name.  Said the correct way is "Mr & Mrs." so that's the reason for the change.

Congratulations, JoAnna, on your promotion.  W hat does it mean besides an increase in salary?  We're happy for you.

It was good to hear Andy "talk".  I'm sure we'd see a lot of changes in him.  I'm taking Alison home again after I have my hair done.  She has changed so much - loves to come now & we have a good time together.  She will be 2 Dec. 1st.

We'll be 6 for Thanksgiving & will have turkey & trimmings.  We'll eat later in the aft.

Kim was here while Lar shoveled the walks & we had coffee & talk.  She was sick last Mon. & missed work.  Flu is going around.

I wrapped gifts & have my shopping almost completed.  We'll send your box after Thanksgiving & we'll send it to the library.  Ne peeking!

Marie Mathis makes the nicest stockings to hang by the fireplace & I got 3 & they aren't wrapped as you'll want them up (I hope so, Paul!)

I'm making vegetable soup & it smells so good.

Dad doesn't have to preach tomorrow but he has a funeral at 4 pm.  Doris Erickson (Mrs. Creed) died.  She was 86.  They wanted Dad & Gary didn't mind.

Joyce & I are still walking.  Not today but we did yesterday in the snow.

Just the usual happening with us.  Dad has an ear problem & will see the ear Dr. on Wed.  I was to have q check up with Fino last Wed. & it was cancelled.  Now I have one for Jan. 11.  Cancellations happen a lot with Fino.

We all send our greetings & love.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friday, November 11, 1987

If I remember correctly you were at the Wi-Ohio St. game last Sat. & Wi. won.  Bet it was fun.

We've got a good deal of our Christmas shopping completed.  Been to Erie Mall twice.  Dale is the hardest one - I've asked for suggestions & wondered about camp gear but he has enough & wants clothes.  The week before Christmas I'll probably be looking for pants.  We plan to send money for Andy as I'm sure he has & will get more clothes.  You'll be buying a high chair & this can go toward that or whatever.  How is the little sweetie. Growing by leaps & bounds I bet.  Wish I could hold him.

Today Alison (Lauri) came home with me after I had my hair done.  She was so good - she has changed so much.  Lauri is expecting next July - a surprise!  With Alison I can keep up on my "grandmothering".

The Glade Bridge is opened as of today.  Joyce & I walked out there & walked a little ways onto the bridge sidewalk.  It is nice.  The Pa. bridge is going great guns & they hope to have it completed by the end of Nov.  The weather was beautiful today.  Dad drove over the Glade Bridge today.

Last week I got a video from the Library.  "A Streetcar Named Desire" & we enjoyed it so much.

We had a note from June telling us she was having an operation.  Thurs the 12th - gall stones.  We want to call Ruth to find out how things are.

The elections went well here.  The Dem's took 2 out of 3 seats for Commissioners.  Greenlund was re-elected & Pat Evans was elected & a Rep, a Donaldson from Russell.  The Rep. vote for the Dem. & the party bigwigs were disappointed.  But they have to start training younger ones if they want to continue in the majority.

It's 8 pm & Dale just got home so I've got his dinner in the Microwave.  I love the Micro. esp. when this is Dale's usual dinner hour.  He's been working on his cars.  Got the truck ready for winter driving.  Dad washed & waxed his car today.

Larry & Kim are coming for Sun. dinner.  Kim is busy so we don't see too much of her.  They went shopping at Erie Mall last Sun. & got a good start.  She got Lar a tool box for his truck - we picked it up for her in Jamestown & it's in the basement.  Just fit in the station wagon with not much room to spare.  It never would have fit in her car.

Mrs. C. is allowing Lar to remodel the kitchen in the apt. the first of the year.  Not much space to work in.  Will get oak cupboards, new sink, etc.  Will give them space for pots & pans, etc. & then space to set things down - counter tops, etc.  Lar will do the work.  Dad offered to help if needed.

All is well here.

P.S.  8 A.M. Sat.   Dale is off to work, I've set rye bread & a brief ps before we walk over town for breakfast.

We called Ruth & June came thru fine altho it was a large stone.  Been growing awhile & that would have given the back pain she had.

Rudy's pain increased & it has something to do with the blood vessels so the Dr. gave him cortazone (sp) to take for 6 days to see if that would help.

Svea is giving problems - wishes she were back in Fla; won't eat right etc.  Guess it doesn't hurt not to be so close.  It's hard on Ruth & Stella.

We're off.

Gerald flew home for the operation.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday, October 25, 1987

Happy Birthday, Paul.  We hope you're enjoying the V. C. R. & microwave!!!

We're watching the series & we're happy as Hrbek just hit a gland slam.  Such excitement.

This week Joyce & I walked to the Glade Bridge twice.  It should be finished by Thanksgiving & that will ease the traffic on 3rd.  Penn Ave Bridge is coming along but don't think it'll be finished by Thanksgiving.

We went to Nichol Inn for my birthday & had Prime Rib & it was delicious.  Their beef is good.

Finally got to the library & tried 2 new authors.  Missed Connections by Elaine Ford.  About a family in the Boston Area.  Italian heritage.  Enjoyed it a lot.

How did the week go for JoAnna & Andy.  I thought of them a lot.

Talked to Gen & Jerry is still in the hospital.  They keep him sedated as he talks all the time.  He isn't doing well at all.

The first week of Nov. we'll go to Burlington Coat Factory with Don & Pat Greendahl (Jamestown).  We'll go to lunch first.  Dad is still looking for a coat.

Next Fri. we go to Peak'n'Peek with our pastor friends.

When Mim & Tom were in Madison they went to the Luth Church near the U.  Is that the one we saw when we went nout to lunch.

We're enclosing pictures we took.  We think they came out good.  Enjoy your birthday.

Acorn squash cooked in the microwave is easy & comes out tasty.

One that didn't come out good.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wednesday, October 14, 1987

The ballgame doesn't look good (2nd inning).  At least Minn. won.

Thanks for a wonderful visit.  We had such a good time & seeing Andy was so great.  We enjoyed our visit in Rkfd too.  Celebrated our birthdays again on Sat.  Signe, Geo. & Roland came.  Linda & children were at her sisters for a birthday party so Roland drove the car.

On the way we stopped at the Freeman Factory Outlet in Beloit & it is a great place to shop for both men & women.  Shoes, clothing, underwear & a place for sheets, towels, etc.  We enjoyed it.  Dad got a pair of pants, shirt, & sweater vest.  I got a pair of slippers.

Now for some news.

1)  Curt & his wife expect their 3rd in Jan.  Have 2 boys & she is teaching.

2)  Greg (Joyce) was let go as a pilot in Seattle but they will stay there & he hopes to find other work.  They sold the Co. Jet & laid off the last 2 pi9lots Hired & Greg was one.

3)  David's wife is a Methodist minister & they were married by a Judge & later went to the Luth. church for a blessing of the marriage.

4)  Michelle (Anita's daughter) husband left her, came back long enough to get her pregnant & left her again.  Baby born in Aug so she has 2 girls & lives with Anita.  Mickey (Sharlynn's daughter) quit school but isn't working as she was in an accident a year ago & was in pain & couldn't concentrate in school.

June gave us letters, etc. we had sent home to Grandma N. & we found a picture of Paul at 6 weeks & it looks like Andy.

Barb enjoyed looking thru the book on Wisc.  We do enjoy looking thru it.

Went walking with Joyce today.  It was so beautiful & the sky so blue.

When we entered Pa. it was good to see the hills with their colors.

Dale's license finally came.  He bot another Oldsmobile & will work it over.  He hopes to sell the Firebird that sits in the garage.

Excuse the scribbling but wanted to get a letter off.

Again many thanks.  Kiss Andy for us!