Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Torey is here today as Lar & Kim went to Erie.  They'll come for dinner tonite as tomorrow nite Ted Benson has planned a 70th birthday party for Pat.  I'll ride with Ray & Eleanor Forstrom - to Mt. Jewett.

Fri. A.M. Warren wants me to meet them at 8 A.M. on Rt. 219 so Barb will bring me over there.  It will save time so we should get to Gen's earlier.  He first said 9 A.M.

Gen called last nite & Sat. nite we'll be at Edith's & Sun. at Millie's.  She has other things planned.

I read your "story" of your trip thru to get the highlights.  Then I read it a 2nd time to digest it.  Sounds like you got your fill of fish.  Bet it tasted great.  It sounded like a fully wonderful time.  You'll enjoy dreaming of the next reunion & what you'll want to take in.  Travel thru Canada going & then New England on the return trip?  I think you wrote it would be 2004 - can't find the sentence in the story by just scanning - but the boys would be going on 16 & 13 & probably be taller than their Mom & Dad.  Hard to believe.

It's raining today & on the cooler side.  More rain is forecast & with the hurricane on the way, wonder if they'll hit the N. Eng. coast.

Tomorrow I'll pack - have every thing already to go & I get my hair done at 2 pm.  Ray & Eleanor will pick me up at 6 pm.

East Longmeadow Mon the 30.

The party was fun & a complete surprise for Pat.

Fri A.M. Barb & I left for Rt. 219 at 7:15 & I met Warren & Anna there & we were on our way & Back back to Wrrn.  It was a nice drive & we arrived at 4:30 pm.  Warren & Anna left for Hartford & a visit with Mark & family.  We went to the China Panda for dinner & it was a delicious meal.  Not real "chinesey" as that is not a favorite for me.

Sat A.M. about 10 we picked Millie up & went to the Yankee Candle at Deerfield, Ma.  A beautiful place both inside and out.  All kinds of candles & I understand the idea started in this man's mind when he made a candle in school.  A Christmas tree room with ornaments for sale (expensive), a Santa toy shop room, an "oompha band" where 3 German dressed characters (very true to life) sang & played German songs & had a little banter between them.  Very real - the trumpet player moved his fingers on the trumpet.  Accordion player moved one hand up & down.  3rd one had cymbals tied to his knees & they moved back & forth & neither Gen or I can remember what he played.  They sang too - mouth moving.  All computerized.  Lots & lots of all kinds of candles.  We had lunch at one of the eating places.  A nice time.

Sat. evening we had a delicious dinner at Edith's.  She has such a lovely home.  Sun. we went to church at 9 A.M.  Just took it easy until it was time to go to Millie's.  Another delicious meal:  ham, pot, salad, beans, corn on cob, & a new dessert she tried which was very delicious.

This A.M. we are going to the Indian Casino in Conn.  Millie said she would spend 5.00 & no more.  Edith said she might try once or twice & then go get a cup of coffee.  I'll try & Gen might but they won't make any money off of this bunch.  We just want to see it.  There is an Indian Museum there & stores to go browze in & look around.  Can't remember how to spell the word I wanted.

Warren will call tonite to tell if we leave Tues. or Wed.  He thinks it will be Wed.  So I'm hoping if we have Tues. here we'll "hit" a mall.  Be disappointed otherwise.  It's a nice time but I'll be glad to be back in Warren.

John is taking the day off & will take us to Conn.  He took me for a ride in his Triumph - wrong spelling of the car, I think.  A convertible.  Along his roller blading rte.  Such beautiful homes being built - so large & expensive.

Andy - you better root for Penn State.  They really beat Arizona.  Maybe they'll go all the way!  They are #2 now on one poll I heard.

How is school going for the boys.

I'm on a "low" - no T.V. this long weekend.  No sports, no soaps, no weather channel.  How long can I go without it!!!

Today is beautiful & on the cool side.

Millie, at 85, has lots of energy & spirit.  Always looks nice.  Takes good care of herself.

Hope to mail this today.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Saturday, August 14, 1999

I'm sitting on the front porch.  Too muggy to do much.

Friday aft. I got a call from Warren Hollertz asking if I wanted to go to Mass. on a short visit.  We'd leave Fri. the 27th & return Tues. the 31st.  I'd have 3 days with Gen & Ed & I prefer a short trip.  Called Gen last nite & they have no plans.  I'd help with the gas.  It should be a fund drive with Warren & Anna.  So I'll get to see Ed, Gen, Millie, John & Edith.  Gen asked what I'd like to do but there won't be much time to do anything.  I'll take my swim suit in case of hot weather.  I'm hoping for a cool spell.  It will be nice to have a brief break from the routine.

Dale says next spring he'll sell the Monte Carlo & just have 2 cars.  He said that before so we'll see.

It rained hard during the nite but I didn't hear it.  Was having crazy dreams.  It woke Dale.  Barb has a barrel to collect the rain to help water the garden.  It all helps.

The elec. bill was 92.00 because of using the A.C.  But it was well worth it during the hot spell.

I got a copy of the will, living will & power of attorney to check over.  I'll call for an appt. to sign them.  Should  learn more about changing the house ownership then. 

Your family birthdays are coming up.  Is Andy grown up enough to prefer money to buy what he'd like or will you give me suggestions - also for you.  I have ideas for JoAnna & Eddie as he will still like a pkg. to open.  I'd still send Andy a little something to open.

Then Sept. will soon be here & that is the month designated for Christmas gift ideas!!  So I'd like gift suggestions!! Pretty Please.

Kim has been busy this past week with preparations for a 30 mi. bike race.  T hey expect a good group.  She's been going for solicitations of fruit, gifts (bikers' names drawn from a hat) & gifts of money.  Profits going to - can't remember the name -- but mothers & children who have been treated badly by husbands.  The poor merchants & business owners get the brunt of it all.  At least when letters come to homes asking for money they can to into the trash.  Some organization keep begging even after you've given.

Time for a cup of coffee so I'll finish this later.

Mon 9 A.M.

I'll finish this & mail it when I mail a card for Bertha Nelson's birthday.

Our paperboy's mother died yesterday at the age of 42 leaving 5 children.  One around Scott's age as Barb remembers her from the Y.  And active swimmer & runner.  It's so sad.  Andrew must be the oldest & he is a Jr. in high school.  She grew up in Wrrn. & so did her husband so they have relatives & parents.

Ted Benson just called & he is planning a 70th birthday party for Pat.  It's for Thurs. the 26th at 6 pm.  A busy time but I'll have my suitcase call packed ahead of time - probably starting on Mon. of that week.  I can get a ride with Roy & Eleanor Forstrom.

Got my answer last nite on your telephone call concerning Andy's birthday gift.  Hope I can find it.

It's a beautiful start to a Mon. weatherwise.  I'll enjoy a little walk.  Want to see the house that stood empty so long & is now being remodeled.  Next to where Schwartzs used to live on Jefferson & Buchanan.  Both Barb & Kim have remarked about it.  All new windows - lots torn out to improve it.  It was a real eyesore.

Better get going.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunday, August 1, 1999

The Mets finally beat the Cubs in 13 innings & what an exciting & frustrating time.  Both teams used most of their players & it seemed neither team wanted to win.

It's finally cooling off.  Just turned off the A.C. & opened doors & windows.  Nice breeze.

Today at 4 pm Lar & Kim were entertaining the Crary Home residents at camp.  Grilling hamburgers, having corn, etc.  Fri. Lar made the final payment on the Miata.

If I read your letter correctly you leave on Thurs. for La.  And you should have enjoyed a visit from Tony & family.  Friendships are so nice to keep up & a visit is even nicer.  And you have another one to look forward to.

Gen called the other nite & they've made good use of the pool during the hot spell.  They have blueberry plants & are enjoying the berries & blueberry pie.

Aunt Esther was 100 in June & is bedridden & they have a tube to feed her.  Warren (cousin) is trying to get her off the tube but it takes time, etc.  He must have power of attorney but it requires permission so it takes time.  A living will is best.

To see our downtown area today is sure different from what you saw on the internet.  I think the Busy Bee has changed hands & Lar thinks the Texas lunch is still there but I think there is a new owner also.  A popular place to eat here is the Plaza.  It is really busy & noisy during the lunch hour.  Good food.

Aug 7.

Now it's Sat. nite & I'm watching the Mets beat L.A.  The Mets are really hot now & I love it.  [They were ahead, but lost.]

It has cooled off a lot & it is so enjoyable, especially sitting on the front porch.  Good for baking & I've made cookies & rolls.

Mon. the 9th, Barb, Kim & I are going to Jamestown for lunch & shopping.

Got your letter today.  Sounds like Tony & family's visit was a great success.

I'll be anxious to hear all about your trip to La.

When does football practice start for Andy.  What will Eddie be doing - probably soccer.  How's his bike riding coming.

Reread the letter & realized I've neglected to finish it sooner.  Last Tues. Betty Casey & I went to lunch.  Every booth & table was in use at the Plaza so we went to Penn Laurel & had a nice lunch.  Much quieter there & more class.

We have the railing up on the front porch steps.  It looks nice I think, but it didn't satisfy Barb.  It is narrower as it was fastened to the sidewalk rather than the steps.  Hard to explain but we have a railing now that's the main thing.  Don't want anyone falling or losing their balance.

Now it's Sun. aft. the 8th & I'll get this finished.  Since church is at 9:30 for the summer I can read the Buff. paper before lunch.  I'm sending 2 articles I think might interest you.  One on Frank Lloyd Wright's window displays in Buff.  And the one by an intern Dr. who has an article monthly & I fins them very interesting.  May you will - interesting story on "smells".

The Mets didn't have it last nite & lost to L.A.  Better luck this aft.  They come on - oops they are already on & I missed the first 10 min - how could I do that, esp. when I was watching the "enemy"!!!

Barb finished the outside door in the little room upstairs.  Now she's working on preparing the tin roof for painting.

Betty Casey told me her son Mike decided to go to college 20 years after high school.  Had served in Vietnam so he got the G.I. Bill & he graduated with honors from one of the U.W. schools.  He lives in Eau Claire.  I think he's in some kind of youth work.  I'm sure you remember him.

School starts here the 31st.  When do the boys go back to school.  Is Andy getting excited about going to a new school.  Will Eddie be coming home instead of after school - can't think of the correct term, but you know what I mean - I hope.

Better end this.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday, July 25, 1999

Dale has been on vacation this past week working on his El Camino, tanning in the backyard & taking it easy.  Tonite we're finishing it off by going out to dinner, 6 pm reservation at Nickel Inn, with Lar & Kim.  They got home late Thus. pm after a nice week in Fla. with her sister & family.

They have 6 cats but they were closed in their bedroom so they wouldn't bother Larry...his allergy.  But both Woody & Debbie are chain smokers & that bothered both Lar & Kim.  Now they have 2 dogs & a beagle is only 6 weeks old & not trained in any way.  So Kim started to train him to go outside to the bathroom.  She bot leashes for both dogs & each A.M. Lar, Kim, Eric & I can't remember the girl's name walked the dogs.  Then the 4 of them went roller blading.  Woody & Debbie had vacations so they went different places.

Torey was a basket case.  The 1st day he spent under Lar's truck.  He improved some but the last day, he carried his toy bunny all around & tried to bury it several times during the day.  Kim came over on Fri. & Torey was excited to see us so you can imagine how he acted when Lar & Kim came home.

One of my favorite authors is M. C. Beaton & detective Hamish McBeth.  The stories are so good & not too lengthy.  I'll enclose an item from the Sun. Buffalo paper.  Also another item I forgot to enclose the last time.   Cats & libraries.

As of today the Mets are 1/2 game behind Atlanta.  Wonder what it will be next letter.  But they've been playing very well.  Have a great infield & their new pitcher Dotel, only 23, is a great one.  So now my hopes are high for the wild card.

This A.M. the Conewango Clippers, a men's chorus, sang in church.  Ray Forstom preached for Gary & he is a chorus member.  They sang many well known hymns & were well received.

Wait til you walk down 2nd Ave toward town.  The nursing home between Water & East sts. have built a high fence by one side.  When I walked home on Fri. Jack Spenser (Meth. pastor) & a neighbor were taking about it.  Jack said how do you like our "stockade".  They got a permit but the neighbors didn't know anything about it & aren't very happy.  It must be 8' high.

I'm so happy we have A.C. as this has been a long hot summer so far.  We've kept it going several days running.  Last nite it cooled off so I turned it off & today it is better & less humid.  Suppose to be cooler on Tues. & I hope it's true so I can do some baking.  Did make zucchini bread & a coffee cake.  We have lots of zucchini from the garden & I want to try a choc. zucchini cake Kim has made & Lar says it's good.  Cucumbers are also ripe & tomotoes have formed & are growing. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thursday, July 15, 1999

Yesterday Betty Casey & I went to lunch at the Plaza.  Crowded lunch hour & noisy.  Food good.  She doesn't drive so we walked.  She lives on Dartmouth St.  We looked around Blairs & came home as I had a 1:30 pm appt. with David Swanson, atty.  He'll check the tax on the checking acct. etc.  but it sounds like I'll have to pay it.  Then he told me different aspects on the house & I think it will be that the house will be in the "children's" names, each owing 1/4 of it.  I won't own it.  In your case if anything should happen to you, it would pass to Andy & Eddie.  Maybe I should add I can live in the house as long as I live to make it legal.  I don't think anyone would force me out.  He'll also update the will - Lar will be executor, however you spell it as you're in Wi.  Also Lar will have power of attorney & a living will that I don't want life support.  At last it's getting done.

My room is finished & looks so nice.  Lar said you need sunglasses it's so bright.  But his choice is a light beige.  It isn't that bright & it sure has more life to it now.

Pat Orbanic, a member, made a copper symbol of Baptism.  It is over the center entrance to the sanctuary.  A bowl with 3 drops falling from it.  Very lovely.  She is so talented.  Decorates the church for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Did you watch the All Star Baseball game.  I watched half of it & went to bed.  Noticed in USA Today that ratings for Fox were down from last year.  I prefer 2 men in the booth.  Too much gabbing with 3.

Lar & Kim should be at her sister's now for a week - minus Torey.  He'll be a basket case before they get home.  Poor Torey.

Tomorrow nite Fri & thru Sat A.M. the Cancer Society has "doings" at Beaty.  You'll probably see a write-up on it.  This year they won't play their loud music from 1-5 A.M.  Lots of complaints about that including your sister!  It is a residential neighborhood on both sides of the creek & the loud noise doesn't make for healthy relations with the Cancer Soc. when you're trying to sleep.  We'll have the windows closed & A.C. on.

Barb & I went to Jamestown today A.M.  Got a cushion for the porch swing on sale.  Softer to sit on now.  Got blueberries & made 6 jars of b.berry jam this aft.  Hoped to pick the berries but this yr. I wanted to be sure of having jam so I bo't the berries on sale 79 cents pt. & needed 3 pts.

Yankees vs. Braves coming on.  Will Andy be watching.  Should be fun to watch.

P.S. I really enjoyed Ted Williams at the All Star game & the players around him & him talking to them.  He was interviewed tonite on ESPN.  A great one.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Thursday, July 8, 1999

It's a great day & I'm taking a "time out" for a cup of coffee.  This is Dale's early week so I can get a lot done early.  My sheets & other wash are on the line; L.R. & D.R. dusted & vacuumed so I "earned" a rest.

My bedroom is a mess but my Mon. I should be able to put it back in order.  I told you Barb was painting in sections & she's about half done.  Is going to look so nice.  I like the blue & off white woodwork contrast.

The supper club article bro't back a lot of good memories.  It was so much fun to be at the lake & eat out a few nites.  Swansons were always ready to eat out & we enjoyed being with them.

Yesterday the 8th I went out to lunch with our pastor friends - Bensons, Hollertz & Forstrums.  We ate at Holiday Inn & they have a nice luncheon menu.  Warren & Anna picked me up.  We plan another luncheon Sept. 22 at Holiday Inn.  2 other large groups there & it wasn't rushed or the feeling you were holding the table too long.  We had the same tables we had when we went out to eat after Dad's funeral.

I called the lawyer & he had just gotten back from vacation & will return the call for an appt. date. 

Had 2 calls (too much to rubberneck outside, so excuse the mistakes) on the answering machine - both wondering about the sofa.  But it was too late.

Andy will be Mr. Congeniality (needed my Webster Speller for that word & still made a mess of it) & that is a wonderful asset in life.

Ted & Pat Benson leave next Mon. the 12th for a trip to Norway & Sweden.  I told Dale "our trip" was the new furnace & A.C. & we sure appreciated during the hot spell.  Sat. Sun. & Mon. nites we kept it on as the nite temps were in the 70's. 

Now you're busy getting ready for you big party.  Hope the weather cooperates.  Will JoAnna's folks be there to help.

Sounds like Eddie had a great week with the grandparents.  Will Andy spend a week with them or is his schedule too full.  The summer is passing too quickly.

Kim had her hair cut real short & I mean short.  She can't take hot weather.  Sun. aft. Kim &^ Lar played golf in 90 heat & the course was crowded so it was slow going.  They even rented a cart because of the heat.

What I miss the most is the husband & wife talks.  I find myself thinking I'll have to tell Carl that.  Stuff that's important between man & wife but not interesting to offspring.

Fri. P.S.

Didn't get this mailed this A.M.  Tomorrow I'll try to walk to the library & get some books.  Feel like a good novel would be nice.  On Fri. the library doesn't open til 10 A.M. & I'm finished with my hair appt. at 9:30.

Sheila said several ladies said to her Big K wants to build a new store - a large one & move out of the Mall.  One that will expand & add groceries.  Time will tell.

Did you notice the Roger Manning died.  When we first moved here they lived where Careys are now & he was your age.  Living in Canada & had a family.

The new shoe store at the Mall is opened & looks interesting.  Will examine more closely another time.  Similar to the one at the Lakewood Mall where Andy got his shoes in Mar.  Probably needed another pair already.

Barb said she'd paint Dale's room if he wants it cleaned up.  Then they'd all look nice.  He'd choose the color, etc.

We get Law & Order here at 2 & 7 pm but I just don't seem to be able to get into it.  I watch from 10-12 on A&E; Dale likes Simon & Simon that comes on at 12:00 so by 1 pm I've seen enough & head for the soaps.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday, July 4, 1999

How are you surviving the weather.  The 90's are too warm for me.  We kept the A.C. on late nite & will tonite as it doesn't cool off much.  I stay inside.  We have had some rain, much needed rain.

We don't take in any of the Fourth activities, except to hang the flag on the porch.  I watched the Mets get beat again on Sat.  I still have hopes for today.

Last nite Nascar had a race & I watched part of that before going to bed.

How is the reunion.  I'll be anxious to read about it.

I notice that Andy usually calls me when the Mets play the Braves & usually the Mets are on the losing side.  The Mets have a better 3rd baseman in Robin Ventura than Andy's favorite Skipper Jones - can't think of his nickname.  Andy & I could have a good discussion on that topic!  I think the Atlantic broadcasters played him & the team, maybe I should say praised, so much it turned me off on them, even they are good.

The pens are so light, it's hard to read the letter.  This is better.

Wed. I go out to lunch with Bensons. Hollertzs, Deckers, & Fostroms.  Warren & Anna will pick me up & we'll go to Holiday Inn for lunch.

Barb started painting my room.  She's divided the job into 3rds & the 1st 3rd is completed.  The West wall.  The other 2 have doors & windows to break it up.  Looks very nice & I like the blue color - light to med. blue so it's not too dark.

It looks like the corn at Hatch Patch will soon be ready.  Grows fast in this weather.  Read in the paper one farmer in the Erie area has corn to sell already.  They usually say "knee high by the 4th of July".

Paul, do you remember Roxy Sasserson from church.  Don't remember her married name - she is sec'y at Sheffield & Kim told me that her oldest son & wife had a baby recently.  In the 3rd month, the Dr. tho't something might be wrong & something was wrong & the baby is a mongoloid.  The first born.  I might have had a few problems with you kids but at least the 4 were normal.  And I'm very proud of you all now, as I was then.

With that I'll bring this to an end.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

We got the rug cleaned this aft. & it looks nice.  Good day for drying - low humidity.  Barb & I went to eat at Perkins.  Better than fixing a meal.

Susan Carey is home for a few days with her 13 mo. Sarah.  A cutie.  Susan said the one & only as she had a difficult pregnancy & delivery.

We still haven't sold the davenport.  Had 2 calls today.  One a fellow who said he'd come after work but maybe didn't stop when he saw the truck here already.  I said the rug cleaner would be here between 4-4:30 but she came at 3:20 so that messed things up.  I'd give it away just to get rid of it.

Kim plans to mow at camp tomorrow & Barb said she'd repay Lar for plants (lettuce, tom. etc.) by doing some weeding we so plan to go up there around 11 A.M. for 2-3 hours.  Will fix a bag lunch & I'll just sit on the deck & watch them work.  Lar plans to take the aft. off & they'll play golf later in the aft.  He takes vacation days.

I got a bill about paying a tax on the checking acct.  Balance & the C.D. we have.   But Kim thinks I shouldn't have to pay as they say it is an inheritance tax & she doesn't think it is.  So I'll have to see a lawyer & at the time I'll check into putting the house in Larry's name.  I'll see David Swanson as he was the lawyer when we got the house from the church.  I called but he is on vacation & won't be back until July 6.  He sets up his own appt. so the sec'y couldn't give me an appt.

We have about 6 Reader's Digest condensed books with 4 stories per book.  I started reading them & have enjoyed the stories.  Mary Higgins Clark, Dorothy Gilman, Michael Creighton, etc.

I'm set to get my hair done but it's not time.  Still couldn't sell the davenport so we'll have to move it aside as the new one comes today.  Many have called to no avail so I called Salvation Army but they won't be here 'til Thurs. the 1st of July.  Another month almost gone.

I've had the A.C. on a few times.  Larry set it for 77 & that is much better.  Doesn't run all the time & still is cool enough.

Barb has started the preliminary work on the walls in my room.  Will do it in sections as there isn't much extra space to move things.  First she washes the walls with a special solution; fills holes, etc. & then paint.
We're both anxious to see the color we chose.  Home & Garden T.V. has helped a lot with how to do it & new ideas.

More later after the sofa bed arrive.

Fri aft.

The couch or sofa bed arrived & we like it.  It will look nicer once the old one is out.  We put it (old one) against the fireplace until Thurs.  Kim was here & she liked it.

Then we went to the Mall for a few things.  Sales at Bon Ton but nothing took my eye.

Finally we had a brief rain storm & it's more humid now.  Have you had a chance to use your A.C.  Lawns here are really getting brown.

If I get this mailed, maybe you'll hear before you leave for Mpls.  Have a good time - it should be a nice time for the Nelson Bunch.  I'll be waiting to hear all about it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday, June 18, 1999

We still have cool weather, in fact I turned on the furnace this A.M. to take off the chill.  42 at 6 A.M.

We put an ad in the paper to sell the davenport & love seat.  The first person wanted just the love seat so I sold it & that was a mistake.  Most callers wanted both.  So we still have the daenport but one lady offered 75.00 for it (100.00 otherwise) if no one wnated it.  The rugs will be cleaned on Tues. so I'll call her Mon (the lady) just to get rid of it.  Be clear for cleaning.

Just called now to have the sofa delivered next Fri. aft. from Kerr's.

We have the L.R. & D.R. rugs cleaned.  All will be nice.

Warren Hollertz called Tues. & wondered if I wanted to go out to eat with them.  T hey came around 5 & we drove to the Dam & ate at the Dockside Restaurant.  It was a nice outing.  They went to Florida in Jan. & charged $2,000.00; to Aruba & it meant another 2,000.00 on the charge card.   They had a great time but that's not for me.  Could never be in debt like that.  The difference in people.  In Aug. they'll drive to Mass. & again in Sept. & they offered to take me.  I might go in Sept. when it's cooler.  It would be 3 weeks in Aug. & that's too long for me.

Got the Fall-Winter Penneys catalog today & started dreaming.  Made a list of clothes I like - a dream list.  15% off if you order before July 13. 

Ruth called last week to see if I was going to the reunion.  She'll have a 2 bedroom place to stay & said I could stay with her but it's too far away for such a short time & I think I'm getting to be a "stay at home person".

Barb picked 8 qt. of strawberries & we've had strawberry shortcake & I made a batch of jam.  Andy should be here to eat strawberries.  They are so good.

Torey will be here Sat. aft. so he won't have to be alone when Lar works Sat. aft.  Kim left this A.M. for the golfing trip.  Cool but nice weekend.

Got mail from Register of Wills & they have a death tax on the bank acct. & C.D. we have so I have close to 500.00 to pay.  I don't like that tax.

We're watching golf on T.V.  A good one to watch.  Lots of big names.

Mon A.M.

Barb is cleaning in the kitchen so I'll stay out of her way.

Bon Ton had a sale & seeing we won't see the boys this summer, I found some sales & hope I got something that fits.  Will mail the pkg. this aft. so it gets on the way.  Andy likes clothes so it's easier to find things for him.  Hope Eddie's choices are OK.

Kim had a nice golfing weekend.  Played on a course the LGPA will play on later this year.  In Youngstown, Ohio.  12 of them.

We watched golf yesterday - it was an exciting finish & Payne Stewart won.  We were rooting for Michelson, who will soon be a father.

All is fine here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturday, June 12, 1999

The Little Tyke

I'm relaxing on the porch after a somewhat busy day.

Wed/ we went to Jamestown.  We stopped at Kerr's on the way in to look at sofa beds & price them.  They were on sale - we saw one we both liked & put $50.00 down on it.  We want to clean  & have the rugs shampooed first.  Shades of blue is all I can remember but it will go with our colors better than what we have.  T hey will hold it 'til we're ready.  They deliver to Wrrn. Tues & Fri.  What to do with what we have - probably call the Salvation Army.  Thurs. Barb started cleaning the L.R.  I helped some but since I'd been up since 6 A.M. & made pot. & chicken salads for supper I wasn't ready to clean.  Barb didn't get up til 9 A.M.

Today I cleaned 1 corner of the D.R.  Removed the contents of the china closet on the N. wall.  Dale moved it out and I washed the walls & ceiling, & polished the wainscoting & chine closet.  Got it moved back after vacuuming & got the dishes put back.  Barb had been weeding at the library & after lunch she continued cleaning in the D.R. around the windows & over to the other china closet.  We'll finish on Mon & I'll call to have the rugs cleaned.  If they can come before Fri. I'll call to have the sofa delivered, otherwise the next week.  I can't believe the3 D.R. walls.  You can definitely see the difference between the washed & unwashed walls.  The last time we really cleaned was 6 yrs ago when Dad's sisters were here for his 50th anniv of ordination.

In Jamestown we also bot a roll up shade for the porch windows.  Ivory color.  Dale put it up - looks nice.

Barb has been busy working on the garden, etc.  I think the property looks very nice with mulch, etc.

This A.M. Lar & Dale laid the blocks for the walk in the back of the house.  It looks so nice & much easier to carry the clothes basket to hang up clothes.  Dale also got blocks to extend around the curved line of the garden to the fence.  They are shaped to fit a curve.  Cost him about $180.00 for materials but it was "bugging him" so he improved the property.

Last nite Boston beat the Mets in 11 innings & I stayed up til the end.  Midnight.  Early to bed tonite.  this aft. the Mets won in a good game.  The new player from Hawaii - Benny - is really good as well as Roger Cedeno from L.A.  Bet they wish they had him back.  Leads in stolen bases & he hasn't been an every day player.  How can they not play Roger & Benny every day.  Bench Bonilla the 5 million player.  He's past it.  The other 2 make it exciting for the fans.  There is a lot of turmoil in the Mets.  Wonder if Bobby Valentine will last the season.  He's not my favorite.

It hit 89 today, 90 the past week, but it wasn't as humid today.  No rain tho & we really need it.  I hope the cool forecast for next week is correct so I can do some baking.

We'll celebrate Kim's birthday next Sun.  Fri, Sat, & part of Sun. a group of "girls" are going to the Pittsburgh area for a golfing outing.  2nd year.  They stay at a motel or hotel & they make all they golfing arrangements.  Different course Sat & Sun A.M.  Better golf courses this year - last yr. they were disappointed in the courses.  Be home for 6 pm dinner Sun. nite.

They are picking strawberries at Hatch Patch.  I bot a quart - they are so good.

Sun A.M.  Gen's birthday.  June 13.

I'm ready for church with time to spare so I'll finish this.

Heard from a friend from Auburn we exchange Christmas greetings with.  They sent a memorial of $20.00 for Dad so I wrote a letter of thanks.  Sat. I received a letter so I guess I'll keep the correspondence up.  Dad married them - young just out of high school.  They'll celebrate their 49th anniv. this year.  Big family 3 girls, at least 3 boys.  Originally from N. Dak.  Her dad is 92 & still living.  One bro. a Luth. pastor, retired now.  They're doing some remodeling to the kitchen & bath of their home.  They had 2 girls & now grandchildren graduating from college.  She mentioned another old member will be 90 yrs old the 17th.  Rosa Keller & they were so good to us.  Auburn was a great experience for our for a first call.  Many happy memories - you & Lar were born there.  I can remember you as a little tyke as if it were yesterday.  Your blond hair & red baseball cap.

Paul and the Beav
Actually, that's Jimmy, my first friend


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, June 7, 1999

It will be a hot day.  I just hung clothes outside.  This aft. we'll get groceries.  Tonite I'll go to LCW picnic & made a salad to bring.  An ice cream salad.  Dissolve jello & 1 c. hot water.  Add a pint of ice cream.  Melt.  Add fruit.  Easy & tasty.

If this heat keeps up I plan to have a salad supper on Thurs.  Chicken, broc, fruit, etc a variety.

June, July & Aug. church is at 9:30 A.M.  Nice before it gets too hot.

Our yard is really looking nice thanks to Barb & Dale who keep it up & of course Lar who did the landscaping. Mulch sets it off.  Too hot to sit on the front porch but the chairs are there.  We need to get a new blind to keep the sun out of the windows on the west side.  Hard to find.

I really enjoyed the Mets-Yankees game last nite.  Two streaks broken & to think it was the losing Mets who did it.  I'm sure Clemens & Jeter didn't expect that.

I could tell Andy was pleased with his double & they won as well.  Lots of games coming up.

Tues. A.M.  9:35.

I've got my big chores done for today.  Cleaned my room, hall, bathroom & stairs.  Dale takes care of his room & Barb takes care of her B.R. & the TV room.  I like to work early & then at 10 A.M.I get to watch Equalizer & Murder She Wrote at 11 A.M.  That, & do my 1000 pc. puzzle.  I'm also doing towels & a load of bathrm. rugs that have piled up.

Dale got the stones yesterday & Lar will bring another load of gravel for a foundation.  They dug around 6" deep, gravel & then the squares.  Should look nice.  Dale did it because "it was driving me nuts" when he mowed there.  The garden was enlarging & he didn't have room for the mower.

Haven't turned on the A.C. yet.  I keep the house closed up during the day & that helps.  I'm hot now but I've been working.

I can't believe you vacuumed the fam. room before you went to bed.  Did I raise you kids to be so fussy?  Barb has to have things just right in the garden - colors that blend.  If you don't buy all the mulch at one time, will it match - not be too light or too dark.  Dale likes to vacuum the stairs with the larger vacuum as the nap comes up better.  The hand vac is good enough for me at my age.  Too bad I didn't do better spiritually!

Hatch Patch advertised home grown strawberries in the A.M. paper.  When they open it for picking I hope to go.  Need to replenish my straw jam.

This is Barb's last day of caring for Scott & she works all day.  Plans to take Scott to Lar & Kim's camp this aft. as he has been asking.  He's not improving in his deportment.  Has picked up swear words & of course Lynn is very unhappy about that.

Almost 10 A.M.  Time to go

My bio is hand written & I need to reread it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Friday, May 28, 1999

What a wonderful day we've had & I'm sitting on the front porch having just finished my dessert - fresh strawberry pie & coffee.  We really appreciate today after a week of colder, rainy which was needed) weather.  In the A.M. the furnace went on & the heat felt good.

We're going to Lar & Kim's Sat. nite instead of Sun. as they have a chance to play golf.  It is better for us as it is an evening Nascar race & Barb & Dale can't miss it.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. is racing in this race.  He got a big contact backing from Budweiser.  Too many distractions when I'm outside so forgive the mistakes.

The Memorial Fund got a $50.00 gift from Dr. & Mrs. Robert Weiss (Mary Berglund).  In memory of Dad, Lar planted a tree & put the ashes under it.  We'll see where it is tomorrow nite.

Dale got an edge trimmer (lawn) that is battery operated at K Mart.  It works good.  He looked at Hoover vacuum cleaners & plans to buy one.  It has a filter, etc.  It will be for downstairs.  The present one will go upstairs.  So I told Barb she can have the old upstairs one for a rummage sale.  She has a table at Lynn's sale.

I really miss shopping at County.  Now it's Quality & BiLo & I have to get used to where things are.  We plan to go to the Mall tomorrow - sale at Bon Ton.  Got groceries today at Bi Lo.

I'm watching T.V., switching between Mets & Astros & Braves & L.A.  Randy Johnson is beating the Mets 7-1 & L.A. is ahead of Atlanta.  Also trying to plan menus for the week that might be different from the usual.

We had a nice time at Lar & Kim's last nite.  It is such a peaceful place to sit & enjoy the get together.  Lar planted geraniums in the tub by the front porch & they look very attractive to passer bys.

What kind of a furnace will you get.  Will it involve lot of changes seeing you have 2 furnaces now - pipes, etc.

L. A.-Braves are tied 4-4.  Johnson always leave the pitcher in too long.  Did the same thing when he was with the Mets.  Mets are bad because their good pitchers are ailing.

Dale was telling us Randy Swanson passed out in the rest room at the Cornerstone.  Dale asked him what he was drinking - some kind of mixed drink.  Dale told him he'd better stick to beer.  He said Randy isn't that bright & he doesn't need alcohol to dull his brain anymore.

Nice to talk to you on the phone.  Nice to hear Andy tell us about his triple.  That is great.

Mon.  Memorial Day.

Lar came over & dug up by the garden in that little area that leads to the clothes line.  Very uneven & hard to walk on when I want to hang out clothes.  Dale will buy square slabs of stone to put there.

Lar put some bark or something by the D.R. landscaping & we need to get more to finish.  Such an improvement.  The back yard walkway will be so nice once it's finished.  Dale saw what he likes & will buy them.

Don't think I wrote (too lazy to look back) that Dale bo't the vacuum cleaner yesterday at Big K.  Haven't tried it out yet.  So he's spending the money on what used to go for his nites out.  He's home every nite now.

Time to write to Gen.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday, May 22, 1999

Last Tues. I was all set to eat my lunch & the door bell rang.  It was Ted Benson wondering if I'd like to go out to lunch with them.  I said give me a minute - put my sandwich & milk in the fridge, grabbed my purse & was ready.  We went to Perkins & had a nice visit.  They planned to get flowers at Hatch Patch & walk thru the Bon Ton.  Luckily I was dressed to go out, thanks to having to vote.  A new store will be opening at the mall, the Shoe Depot.

Sun. is Pentecost & members bring red geraniums to church & then they are planted outside.  We get a good response & the church looks nice with the red flowers up front.  Members are encouraged to wear red as well.  A nice touch.

Barb painted the front steps & they look so nice.  The railings are being made.

Kim found out there will be 80 6th graders next year & they come as one group to Phy. Ed plus a parent wants their son who is in a wheelchair in regular phy. ed classes.  Kim said no way could she do that - they are regularly divided up among 3 classes.  She went to the principal to let him know that no way could she have such a large class.  He didn't want to hear it - Kim made a few suggestions & he finally agreed to try to find a solution & he finally did.  Sometimes you have to speak up to get a change, or things go on as usual.  Easier not to rock the boat.  Denny Johnson is leaving & will be teaching in a college in N. Carolina.  He got his PHd to do that.  So Kim will have a new teacher to break in.

Thanks for the pictures of the boys.  "2 little angels"!!  The one with the priest.  You're going to have to help Eddie learn to ride a bike.  Lar wanted to help him but he didn't like the girl's bike we had.

Now it's Tues. the 25th.

Yesterday I was suppose to have a Carotid Doppler at the hospital & I forgot all about it.  It's a test to see if the veins in my neck are clogged.  I called & no big deal - they set up a new appt. for Thurs. June 3d 2 pm.

Lar was saying that Schormans, Dr. Fino & maybe Careys want to sell their homes.  Schormans & Careys for something smaller & Dr. Fino plans to leave Warren.  Has finally retired.

Dale passed tests & can now work on the Daimler cars.  As a result he will receive a gold ring in recognition.  He said it will go in his drawer with the other ring he got.  I've never heard or seen it.  Will have to remember to ask him to show it to me.

We're having our share of rain now.  Late April showers.  I've started another 1000 pc. puzzle.  They are fun to put together, exasperating at times.

Last Sun. we had a pork loin roast & it was so good & tender as well.  On sale this week at Bi Lo so I got another one to freeze for later on.

Dale is on the way to the P.O.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday, May 16, 1999

We are having perfect summer weather, but we do need rain.  Yesterday I planted my pots along the garage.  3 with pansies, 3 with geraniums, 7 begonias.  Dale gave me a Mother's Day planter for the porch.

This aft. I walked overtown - mailed letters, went to CVS & enjoyed a walk.  Stopped at the library.  People were using it.  How are your Sun. openings going?

Mr. Bonace is having a fireplace built facing Carey's side.  He told Lar he did it so they'd have heat in case of Y2K problems.

Did you notice Fri. blotter - Mr. Carey stopped for DUI.  He's quite a drinker.  He's started by the time Lar is there on Thurs.

I called to find out about my new glasses - they aren't in yet & it's 2 weeks this coming Tues.  Soon I shop.

Saw. Dr. McNett last Fri. & all is well.  Blood pressure good.  I start taking just 2 pills for thyroid now & in the middle of June I just need to take 1 a day.  I had been taking 3 a day.  I fell good.  Gained some weight.  Weigh 136 & I want to stay around there.  Have to give up my coffee breaks.  Dr. Mc said it's not the coffee it's what you have with it.  How well I know that!

The former Blue Manor - now Liberty St. Cafe - Jeff Smith tried his hand at running it.  He sold out.  The owner of Gaughn's Drug Store - his son has it now.   He was chef in Fla. U& wanted to come home.  Lar & Kim went there for breakfast & it's expensive.  Heard their prime rib is $22.95.  I don't  know if Warren is ready for those prices in an ordinary building.  They fixed it up a bit.  Lar, Kim & others go to the Peppermill for Sun. breakfasts now.

Barb started painting the front steps but ran out of primer paint.  She is riding her bike again. . A 10-mile loop on the bike path & home by Hatch Patch & Conewango.

Now it's Mon. A.M. & Dale left for work.  For your anniversary I'm sending money so you can buy something gyoy've been hoping to get.  I thought maybe something you'd like for your Bastille Day party.  Something to keep food warm or cold, etc.  Whatever.  Hope this meets with your approval.  We got a set of Corelle for Lar & Kim.  Then she saw something she liked at Blairs but I already bought the dishes.  I saved the sales slip so she can exchange or return them at K Mart.  They'll come for dinner next Sun.

Tues A.M.

Got the bathroom cleaned; cleaned myself & walked to Calvary Baptist Church & voted in their bldg, behind the church.

Last nite I got a call to vote for Williams to continue as County Commissioner.  She said Can I depend on your vote.  I said "no" & think that surprised her but I would never vote for him.  H e is against everything including library funding.  I voted for James Hunter & John Zavinsky.

Now I'm going to walk overtown, get some stamps & mail some letter.  Another beautiful day.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 1999

I'll start a letter as there is something to write about.

Kim took a personal day last Fri. & took us to the Grove City Outlet, a maze of outlet stores in a lovely setting.  Very tastefully arranged groups of building with several stores in each section.  Andy would have loved all the sport stores - clothes, shoes, etc.  But too much to take in.  Barb & I went in the Corelle Store; Paper Works; Eddie Bauer, where she got a nylon jacket, (a spring one); London Fog store; Off Fifth Ave; etc., etc.  Didn't buy much.  a 2 hr. drive, shopped for 2 hours, ate lunch, home by 3 pm.  Left at 8:30 A.M.  And I was tired out.  Laid down when I got home.  Everyone got their own supper.  I was in bed at 8:45 & slept til 6 A.M.  That isn't my cup of tea anymore.  Fun to see but once is enough.

Sat. Kim & Lar were having a couples' shower at camp for one of their friends.  40 people expected & Sat. was a day of rain showers.  We'll find out today how it was.  I don't care to go out to eat on Mother's Day - too crowded so they'll be there at 5:30.  Celebrate Lar's birthday as well.  Steak (Kim paid for), potato salad, fresh green beans, tossed salad.  Ice cream & cake & Kim ordered a cake so it's very easy for me.

This past week I got a card saying Junior Himes & Diane & families gave to the Memorial Fund for Dad.  Heard from a lay pastor that helped at Hessel Valley when we were there.  They live in Fla. now.  Got a card from the choir members saying they were getting an anthem in memory of Dad.  They'll sing it some Sun.

Today was music Sun. - bell choir, t numbers of the choir & several hymns by the congregation.  Denny & Elaine Jacobson Crandell's daughter Carrie, a college senior in music is our organist now.  She accompanied the bell choir on the clarinet.  "Just a Closer Walk with Thee."  She is an excellent musician, piano, organ & instruments.  She will spend the fall semester student teaching & then if she can't find a job will sub in Warren.  Plans to be married in the summer of 2000.

I'm written out but wanted to write while it was fresh in my mind.

Can you pick the art show exhibit 
that belongs to Eddie Nelson?

More - just remembered your letter.  I wasn't close to finding Eddie's drawing.  I chose the one of the faces in the lower right corner because of his drawing on the school calendar.  Barb chose either the one he drew or the one on top of it.  Couldn't decide so she was closer to the real thing.  Very interesting work with the shadings, coloring, etc.

Not it's Thurs. pm.  Dishes done, etc. U& I must get this ready to mail tomorrow.

Tues one of the resident guests at the Crary Home stopped by to invite me to a little birthday pie & coffee for Lar's birthday.  T hey wanted to meet Lar's mom.  It was at 12:30 & very nice.  One of the ladies gave a neighbor & me a tour of the house.  I'd never been there before so it was fun to see it.  They served either peach or strawberry-rhubarb pie.  (From Ecklof's Bakery in Jamestown), ice cream & coffee.  It was nice to be asked & I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I see Dr. McNett again to see how my thyroid is doing.  Had to have a blood test yesterday.

Don't have my new glasses yet - it's taking longer & I'm anxious to get them.

Got a letter & card from a couple in Auburn with 10.00 for a memorial for Dad.  The letter mentioned good times we had.  Dad confirmed them, married them & baptized their 2 daughters.  They married young - out of high school - & we've kept in touch.  Also Ted & Sue Shaffer from Ohio gave a memorial to Hospice for Dad.  2 more thank you's to send.  Have to do it this weekend.

Got your letter today.  Dale moved & edged by the sidewalk so the yard looks nice.  Barb washed the kitchen side of the house.  Did the porch last week, so the chairs are out.  All is well here.