Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Meanwhile, back in Middleton

When I told Barb about your deals with Andy & Ed, I said Paul is bribing the boys to get good marks.  Barb said that's not bribery but an incentive to do better.  I hope it works!

Before I forget Lar & Kim enjoyed their time at the Bed & Breakfast, or whatever it's called. They went the first weekend in Nov -- they wanted to go in Oct when the leaves were turning, but they waited too long to all for reservations.  They enjoyed the visit.  Other rooms were filled.  One man was visiting his daughter, a student at St. Bonaventure.

We  had a nice Thanksgiving -- a good meal.

Fri it rained "cats & dogs".  Got my hair done at 9 a.m. & we waited til 11:30 & went to Holiday Inn for lunch.  Then to Gayle's store where they have a lot of Christmas things. Chuck Johnson & wife own it.  We bo't a couple of things.  Then to Blair's Outlet but we didn't see much we wanted.  Then to the Dr. office to give them my Medicare & Insurance info.  Then to the library where I got 3 books, all just about 200 pages.  2 by Sandra Brown & one by Barbara Paul.  Didn't have too much tie to browse.  We were back by 2 pm.  Barb did a couple of loads of clothes & about 3 we went to the Mall. Barb saw a sweater she tho't I'd like.  It is black with large red & purple-ish poppies.  I like it a lot.  Made by Cathy Daniels.  It has longer stems.  So we had a nice day.

The weather for Mon. is suppose to be snow flurries, but Barb thinks we'll b able to go to Erie.  I have a long list so I hope it will be successful.

This A.M. we woke up to snow -- the heavy kind.  Dale said they lost electricity for about an hour but we didn't.  His Sat. to work in the A.M.

Last Fri I got a pkg in the mail from "country Bumpkins" in Biddeford, Me.  A wooden Santa made by a Connie Verville.  It's different but very nice.  But it is a mystery -- there was no card to say who sent it.  So I don't know who to thank. I remember when I was in Jr. Hi I got a box of Whitman chocolates with no name.  I finally found out who sent it & I didn't even know him & besides he was short!  But I sure enjoyed the candy!

Sun. Nov 30

This aft. Dale put up our prelighted artificial tree.  We still h ad problems as the light in the middle of the tree wouldn't light up.  We tired checking bulbs -- finally Barb used one set of old lights & filled int he area.  It's a narrower one & fits better in our L.R.  It looks very nice, I'm please. . We still have other decorating to do, but that will happen during the week.

We finished the rest of the turkey tonite.  I made a casserole of leftover stuffing, turkey & gravy.  It was good -- Dale had a second helping.  Last night I made a turkey -broccoli quiche, so they didn't mind leftovers.

Mon. Dec 1

Thanks for your call.  I'm sorry I spoiled your surprise -- but when a pkg. comes & you know nothing about it, naturally you open it.   I really like it.

We left for Erie at 8:45 A.M. & arrived at Target at 10 A.M.  Barb returned the Spelling Ace with Thesaurus & got another one & it works.  My crossword puzzle aid.  I got gifts for the Salvation Army name.  We went to Marshall's but we didn't see anything interesting & to a kitchen & other things & I got two frames for the boy's large pictures.  They are nice & sturdy to stand on a table.  Also went to KMart.  Then on to home, stopping at Perkins for lunch in Corry.  Home by 1:45 pm in time for my 2 pm soap.

Then I started a load of wash, made Dale's bed up clean.  2 more loads of wash & I cleaned the bathroom so I got most of my Mon  duties accomplished.  By suppertime, I was tired so I ordered pizza & made a salad.  Dale likes pizza so that's no problem.

Next Sat the 6th we have a cooky walk & soup & pie luncheon at church. I'll make 2 pies for it.  I might make some cookies -- 3 doz.

Tues. the 2nd

We awoke to a snow storm & slippery roads.  First they said school would be delayed til 10 A.M.  Then they called it off because of the snow & bad roads.  Barb & I went to CVS for a prescription for me & then to Quality for groceries.  Barb drove carefully.

Looking thru my "Taste of Home" magazine I saw a recipe for Peanut Butter Choc. Chip Peanut cooky & I tried it today & it's the one Barb & Dale like best.  So I'll have to be careful & not lose this one.

I'll have to start addressing cards for Christmas & I'll have a few notes to write.

Also heard from Gerald -- a thank you card for money for June's memorial.  I dont' know if Darla wrote or Gerald & they said write, but it is no fun writing when you never get an answer, so I gave up writing.

Wed. the 3rd

We had hamburgers & macaroni 'n' cheese for supper.  The Fri. after Thanksgiving Dale & the guys don't leave for lunch.  One of the fellows bro't his G. Foreman grill & they cooked hamb. & Dale said they were so good.  So I cooked our hamb. on our Foreman grill.  This time I got ground meat with 10% fat (usually get 5% fat) & the burgers were very tasty.  Barb & I like mac & cheese but I don't think Dale is so fond it it.  Majority counts.

Got my first Christmas card today from Jim & Diane Seeley.

Barb had to cash a check today & wanted to go to the Mall & I went with her.  Kim said she could use a belt so I found one for her & got myself a pair of black slacks, size 14.  My size 16 were too baggy in the seat.  They were on sale so I might get a navy pair next time we go to the Mall.

Thurs. nite.  After dinner Lar gave Dale a haircut.  Lar walks Torey home so they both get exercise.  We have lites by the TV, on the one buffet in the D.R. & along the window bench. The Santas are under the windows. It all looks nice.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I'm watching golf from S. Africa, the President's Cup.  Interesting to watch but I'll try to start a letter.

Thurs. aft. Warren H. called & asked if I wanted to go to Jamestown with them on Fri.  We drove around the lake, then to Top Market to buy Bon Oost cheese, Swedish, which is only 3.98 lb. compared to what sells in Kane for about 10.00 lb.  She got 5 big ones -- one for each child & they 5th for them to have.  It's their turn to have the family for Thanksgiving.  On Fri. they celebrate Christmas & eat Swedish food.  On Sat. they go for pizza & plan to stay overnite in a motel & then they all head for home:  to Hartford, Nantucket, Pittsburgh & Cincinnati.  Warren & Anna are alone at Christmas but spend it with friends.  After Tops we went to Ecklof's Bakery.  Warren asked about an eating place.  The fellow said to try the Marina Pier in Celeron.  So we backtracked to Celeron & because it was only 5:30 we got in without reservations. Anna had salmon & Warren & I chose talapia.  All meals were excellent & we enjoyed it so much.  I got home about 7:30 after a nice afternoon.

Your box sits in the dining room -- we should get it off this week.  Just needs to be sealed up.  Thanks for Andy's pictures.  Finally one with a nice smile.  A very nice picture.  He sure has changed.  A young man.

I can imagine how thrilled you are to receive those 2 large gifts of money.  Maybe more will come in before the end of the year for tax breaks.

The weather channel says Mpls. should have a blizzard tomorrow, Sun.  So I suppose our nice warm weather will come to an end.  Wore just a jacket yesterday --a red one, given to Barb by Bert but it's a better fit for em.

I'm glad you're letting the boys have the PlayStation weekends!  I recommend:  "Don't lose your cool."  It's not worth it.

This A.M. Dale washed & waxed his white car.  Buffed it, etc. & it really shines.  That's not work for Dale.  Then off to Jamestown & his favorite stores.

Wed. Nov. 26

The morning was shot -- saw the new Dr. at 10 A.M. & got an appt. for Feb. for a check up. And I didn't see the Vietnamese Dr.  Guess Dr. Clifford wanted a new patient.  He seems nice.  He has a desk computer (correct name?) & had all the old info before him & I imagine anything new went in also.

So this aft. I'm making rolls & am trying a new cookie recipe.  The cookie dough is chilling in the fridge & rolls rising on the stove.  I also plan to cook the sweet pots. today.  I'm marking scalloped pot. & ham for supper & that is easy.  And fresh green beans.

Dale took  the big box to work & UPS will get it there saving Barb & me a trip.  But there are 2 small boxes to go -- maybe on Fri.

I've been watching the weather channel to check On. Dec 1st weather.  It sounds like the weather will be OK to go to Erie.

Thanksgiving Day is soon over & it was a good day.  The turkey was tender & tasty as well as the rest of the meal.

Now I'm taking it easy & watching a choir on PBS & it's very good.  I didn't see it at the beginning but it must be a college choir.  BYU choirs & orchestra.

Now I'm watching the Weather Channel, hoping Mon. will be a good day.

Not much news in this letter.  I'm ready to fall asleep so I'll close for this time.

Lar & Kim have been to the restaurant I went to with Warren & Anna.  They liked it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sunday, November 16

Watching the Bills play football is pure agony.  They can't win.

Dale is on his way to Pittsburgh to go to school tomorrow.  He wasn't very happy to leave as this is the last day of Nascar racing & he hated to miss it.  As soon as I got home from church I started dinner, so he had a meal under his belt.

Barb had an enjoyable time in Erie & got some good bargains on 3 tops & 2 sweaters.  She bo't me a Franklin spelling help for my crossword puzzles, only it won't work.  She was trying to see if Kim or Lynn were going to Erie -- none were.  The Mon. after Thanksgiving there is no school & Bert w ill be in NYC, so I suggested we could return it then & also go to Marshalls which is by Target.  So maybe that would work out.  We wouldn't have to go to the Mall.  Hope it is a nice day to drive.

I finally finished my puzzle I had for the last 2 weeks.  And no missing pieces.

Glad to hear that Ed is doing well in his studies -- with a little improvement he could make the honor roll.  The next letter will tell of Andy's marks.  I can't remember if you had anything to take away when you didn't make the honor roll!!  But you "made it" regardless -- in life that is.

It is exciting when things start to show what the library will be like when it is complete.  I remember how it was with the new church.

We really like our pastor.  Her sermons are well prepared & very interesting.  Usually the Sun. after Christmas has been a united Luth. service at First Luth.  This A.M. the pastor said we would have our own service & that made me very happy.  I don't think our church should ever be closed on a Sun.  Others must believe that as well.

We had quite a snow storm on Thurs (the 13th) but it was gone by Sat.  We didn't shovel but I did sweep off the steps for the mail man.  It was pretty but too soon for me.  Sat the roads were fine for Barb to go to Erie.

Mon. Nov 17

Dale got home about 8:20 p.m.  He said he could have been home earlier but when he should turn off he was in the wrong lane & couldn't get in the right one because of the traffic. So he went 15 mi. before he could turn around.  He said the class was very interesting. They give a test first & one after the class. He didn't know any answers as it was a new subject for him.  Afterwards he got all the correct answers.  You have to get at least 70% to pass the course.  Dale does well on all the tests.

Tues the 18th

Wrote to Millie & Gen.  Forgot to get Thanksgiving cards to send except for Andy & Ed.

Remember I told you Dale got stocks in Northwest Savings   He already got a $30.00 payment in interest.  He said he'll tell them to put the interest back into the stocks.  I should have some.  Lar said he planned to invest but I never asked if he followed thru.  They sold out in short time.

Watching the weather channel & it looks like a storm is coming East next week.  Just in time for Thanksgiving travel.

I'm in my chair watching TV.  I could hear Dale working around in the kitchen.  He gave the sink a good cleaning & cleaned the side of the stove & the front of the dishwasher & trash compactor.  He couldn't stand it any longer-- the smudges, etc.  I don't take it as an insult because I know I don't keep house as well as I used to & it doesn't bother me.  I just say "thank you" & am glad he likes to clean.  How did he get to be such a perfectionist.  Being the youngest he wasn't required to do as much to help as the rest of you.

Thurs.  We had 1 1/2" of rain yesterday & that meant a little water in the basement which Dale took care of.

Re: article in Erie paper.  They plan, as of last nite's news, to keep the branch lib. opened but will lay off help & shortened the hours.  Pa. still doesn't have a budget & the schools have borrowed money to keep the schools opened.  But how long will that happen.  The gov. wants less money for the schools & other things & the legislature won't agree & neither will back down.  And borrowing money costs money & who pays for that because they can't come to terms.  Maybe we need a recall here!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saturday, November 8, 2003

I'm glad to be sitting down.  Barb said we'd go to the Mall this A.M. so I didn't start baking. After lunch I got a coffee cake in the oven, started dinner rolls & made an apple crisp.  Now I'm almost thru.  The bell should go off for the last 2 pans.  While the rolls were baking I had a cup of coffee & a piece of warm apple crisp.  Umm.  Very tasty.

Yesterday I saw Dr. McNett for the last time.  Joyce O'Connor took me for a 2 pm appt & I got to see him around 3 pm.  People wanted to talk too long with him.  My blood pressure was good & so was my heart beat.  He felt maybe the new medication he gave me last time took my blood pressure down too fast & that caused my problems.  I imagined all sorts of things but with things OK that calms my mind.  It has a great power over a person. I thanked him for all he has done for Dad & me.  He gave me a hug before I left.  He recommended Dr. Nguyen -- pronounced "when".  He is Vietnamese, bro't up in Texas & has a Texas accent.  Dr. tho't I would like him.  Dale's Dr. was filled up.  T here are 4 Drs & they have an office in Pleasant Twp.  I have an appt. for Nov. 26 a 10 A.M. to get acquainted.  My records will be forwarded to Dry Nguyen.  So I have a new experience ahead of me.  It was a long wait for Joyce but she understood.  We went to supper at Ponderosa in the Mall.  We each had the salad bar & they had a good selection.  We walked a little bit but Joyce isn't a shopper.

We have clear skies & cold weather.  Winter coat time.

I read every word of the Bookworm.  Ken Mack must have been quite young when he died. Too bad he couldn't have lived longer to enjoy the fruits of his efforts.  But what a nice contribution to the library.  Enjoyed reading the bio of the library's pages.  Also about the lib. board chairman.  Lets me know more about your position.  Enjoyed reading about Chautauqua County.  The first I've heard of it.  Nothing in the Buffalo newscasts & we don't get the Jamestown paper.  I didn't even look to see if I had made any plans for supper.  I try (half-heartedly) to make plans for the week so I wont' be in the situation I'm in.  Tired & don't know what to have for super.  Luckily there is always Pizza Hut.

Dale put the glass insert in the front door today & the extra glass for the windows in his & my bedrooms. It helps a lot.

I lost 7 lbs & the Dr. wondered why & how my appetite is.  For awhile I didn't each much breakfast but that phase is over.  But I'd like to keep those pounds off.  But will I give up my coffee breaks -- that is the question!

I'm waiting for golf to come on -- The Ohio State-Mich. State game is going on too long. Penn State couldn't even score.  In the 1st half they were close to the end zone a couple of times & couldn't even kick a field goal.  And Wi. lost -- we switched back & forth between games.  (And Miami lost again.  There is a little talk that Joe (Penn State) should retire. Barb says they need a good QB.  You'd think at 76 he'd want to take it easier.  Guess some people find it hard to give it up.

Wed. Nov. 12

I'm making a new recipe -- Italian Bow Tie supper.  It has gr. beef, onions, tom. sauce & diced tom.  Then you add pasta, thawed spinach & mozzarella cheese.  I tho't it sounded good.  Also spices.  Time will tell.

Remember I mentioned Kim Schuler wanted to buy the house (empty) north of Bert's.  He kept after the absent owner & she finally said yes.  So now it is his & he hopes to bring it back to its former glory.  There is a lot to do.

We went to Jamestown last Mon.  Ate lunch at the Red Lobster.  I didn't find much -- a pink cotton blouse with cuffs & a navy sweat shirt with a Christmas design on the front.

Bert had company last weekend from Madison.  Relatives.  He works for the Dept. of Health & Human Services.  Barb said they are nice people.  Barb mentioned JoAnna working at the Capitol & Paul being library dir. in Middleton.  Their names art Myrt & Tom Seiger.

Larry called yesterday for Dale but it was the Tues. he worked til 8 pm.  He called again -- his truck wouldn't start -- on East St. but it sas too late for Dale to help.  Some people at work would ask Dale to work on relative's cars after work.  He'd get paid but he doesn't need extra money & he doesn't like to work on cars after working on them all day.  Of course he'll help Lar.  Mike Brindis waned Dale to work on his car but he didn't.

The former beauty shop closed as of Sat. the 8th.  Jerry couldn't make it without Sheila & Sue.  He is going to become a Schwan salesman.  It is just the opposite for Sheila & Sue -- they are doing very well.

Thurs. Nov. 13

We had snow today that stuck to the trees.  Making them so pretty.  Barb had to shovel at Bert's but we didn't have to.

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today.  We'll have the usual menu & Kim said she'll bring pumpkin & pecan pies & a green bean casserole.  I said only 1 pie is necessary but she wants to bring both.  We'll eat about 5 pm.

Sat. Barb is going to Erie alone.  I don't care to go .  Barb wants to look for some tops & she'll stop at Target also.  I'm sure it will be crowded & I never seem to find anything I really like.

Lar's truck needed a new starter.  The first one he got wasn't the right kind.  Today he finally got the new starter in . It wasn't a hard job & it saved him a lot of money.  As it was it cost him close to $175.00.  If he would have had it done, it would mean a towing job plus the cost of starter & the cost of having it done -- labor.

Things are fine here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Andy kicks a point after

We've had 2 days with the temp. in eh 70's.  The end of the week won't be as nice.

Today we voted.  And we were disappointed because we didn't do a write in vote successfully.  A good man was running for school director as a write in & we wanted him to get our votes.

I sent a card to Gerald with a memorial check so he should have it by now.

You won't believe this, BUT our Christmas box to you will soon be ready to send.  We'll  mail it in time for JoAnna's birthday.  I got small gifts to open & the main gifts will be a check. For you & JoAnna & Andy & Ed.  You might want to buy something the boys want but also I thought they might like a little cash to spend themselves.

Wed. Nov. 5

The library is having a book & magazine sale so I started looking thru my Taste of Home & Quick Cooking 2000-2001 magazines.  I think they should sell -- people always like recipes, but I'll check first.  I found a few interesting recipes I've missed.

Barb & Dale said I've been making the wrong choc. chip cookies.  Barb said I'm not u sing the recipe when I made your favorite cookie.  I've looked & looked but can't find that recipe. Barb wonders if you have it.  I'm sure it's a recipe I found somewhere.  It had peanuts in it.  I have more problems with favorite recipes -- they seem to disappear.  Most likely I misplace them.  I'm trying a recipe tonite using frozen hash browns with chicken.  I was disappointed in it.

I'm watching a good episode of Perry Mason. (It is a good one.)  So I probably won't get much written.  You can see I wasn't concentrating.

Thurs. the 6th

Benson's called this A.M. & asked if I'd like to go out to lunch.  I said yes.  We went to Perkins & enjoyed a nice visit.  They have large acreage & Ted has been planting many trees.  The latest is pine trees to act as a protection against snow, etc.  Ted even saw a bear.  They see many different animals & Ted can hunt on his property right in his yard.

I guess the teachers are a little disappointed because of those elected to the School Board. 2 from Tiditioute Tidioute. I need to write Tidioute 25 times to remember how to spell it.  Had to check in the telephone directory.  They are sure they will want to rescind all that has happened -- closing Tidioute high school & another school whose name I can't remember. Kim said one man elected has virtually no education & there is a lot of reading material to go through.

Not much to write about & the little I've written contains cross outs & poor sentence structure but at least you'll hear a little news from us.  I see the Dr tomorrow so the next letter will tell about it.  No school Mon next (teachers conferences) so Barb & I plan to go to Jamestown.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday, October 25, 2003

I was sorry to hear of June's death.  But I guess it was to be expected - -she lived a long life. 90 years.  She & Ruth were born in 1913.

Thurs. nite I didn't sleep well at all.  I was really tired last nite & went to bed by 8:20.  And I made up for Thurs. nite.  Got up about 6:45 a.m. today.  It's a cloudy day.  Made banana bread, read the paper, made a grocery list but mostly just taking it easy.

Tonite I will see 9 innings of baseball unless the Yankees are way ahead, then I'll switch to another channel.

Yesterday my pastor friends met for lunch in Franklin.  Ted & Sue came from Ohio & Ted & Pat would have picked me up but I didn't go.  Just didn't feel like hearing the 2 Teds & their know it all taking over the conversation.  I might have fallen asleep.  I wasn't feeling up to it.

Nov. 7th I have a Dr. appt. & that is the wrong aft. for Barb to take me.  So I called Joyce O'Connor & asked for a favor (she had told me to call if she could help in any way) & she will take me.  I wanted to take her out to dinner but she said no to that.  She said people do favors for me & I do favors for others.

Barb's (O'Connor) daughter is expecting around Dec. 26th.  So the family is going to Philly for a shower for her.  Bev's son's wife had a baby in Oct. so Joyce is already a great grandmother.  Melissa is going to be an optometrist & will have 6 mo. left.  Her husband is taking his residence years in a Philly hosp.  Still has a couple of years left.  High school sweethearts.

Sun. Oct 26

I was so happy last nite to see the Marlins win.  Pastor Beth is from Fla. & very happy they won.  Denny Crandrell is a Yankee fan & very unhappy.  He is married to Elaine Jacobson & they are active members.  The Marlin pitcher did so well & only 23.  Now we'll be hearing about changes in the team's players.  Who will go where.  Will Torre be back in N.Y. Baseball is my favorite sport, but I like to watch all of them.

Tues. the 28th

Millie called Sun nite & she was telling me more about the retirement home.  She has already started to get rid of things.  In Dec. Linda will check to see how close Millie is to get in. She said Spfld. is really getting bad.  People don't go downtown any more.  They are afraid to.  She won't miss Spfld.  Once they tell her she has a place, she'll have 30 days to get ready to move.  That makes it hard as she  might not be able to sell the house that fast. And she doesn't want to put it up for sale now for fear it would see fast & she'd be left without a home.  The agent said to leave any furniture she doesn't want as furniture adds to selling a house.  I hope it all works out.

Barb started her Christmas shopping & has a good start.  I have some thoughts about what I want to do.

With standard time back, it sure gets darker earlier & makes for a long evening.

Let me tell you about this nite in Auburn, Wn.  My mother was with us & Dad was meeting with a couple with problems.  Around 11 pm, Mom & I went to bed & as I got into bed my water broke.  Dad got home & around 3 AM Dad called the Dr. & off we went to the hosp. Can't remember the exact time but you were born between 5-6 AM.  It was a busy time as several babies were born thru Halloween.  I was in the hosp. 5 days, I think. When I got home I had to make formula & a member L. G. Strand came -- he had to see the new baby.    And you were good & didn't even cry for a feeding until after he left. And that's the start of our family.

Wed Oct 29

This A.M. I made a white cake for dessert tomorrow.  Then I washed the floor & I'm always glad that's done for 2 weeks.

At lunch time Dale said no treats?  And I didn't have any so after my soap & now watching Perry Mason, I made some brownies.  The recipe uses Hersheys choc. syrup & I like that recipe.  It also has a recipe for the frosting -- using choc. chips & miniature marshmallows. We're having an easy supper.  Spag. & meatballs & the meatballs were frozen & I used ready made sauce.  Oh I also made an easy recipe.  Snack Mix Squares for Sheila & Sue. They close the shop on Halloween -- their favorite holiday -- dress up & visit some schools, nursing homes & they come here to show me their costumes.  So I always have a treat for them.  It contains the small stick pretzels, corn chex & M&M's.  Make a mixture of oleo,k peanut butter & miniature marsh. melted together.  Pour it over the pretzels, etc., press it in a buttered foil-lined pan & let set.  It's good.  This year they are dressing in old fashioned bathing suits.  I'll tell more next letter.  They always do a great job dressing up.

I'll finish this & then walk to 5th to mail it.

We're having a warm spell & enjoy it.

Nothing special going on with Lar & Kim, or the rest of us.  I turned one of the calendars to Nov.  Soon it will be Thanksgiving.  But it is fun thinking about Christmas preparations & receiving Christmas cards from friends in the past.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday, October 19, 2003

I just finished the last of the choc. cake & I want to start a letter before I start the dishwasher.

Don't think I wrote this but I found a recipe for apple bread, made it & it is very good. fBoth Barb & Dale like it.

Today Barb & I got 2 boxes ready to send to you, Paul.  We'll mail them tomorrow.  I figure you'll want y our birthday celebration early, since you'll be in Milwaukee on the 29th.

Our pastor had her first service today & all went well, except there are too many empty pews.  I hope people will be curious enough to come & hear Pastor Beth.  Her first funeral yesterday for H. Ford.  We also had left over turkey today.  I put stuffing in a dish, layered turkey over it & gravy over all.  Heat it in the oven.  Dale will eat leftovers that way & of course in a sandwich.

I was so happy last nite when the Marlins won the first game.  I watched it in bed (the last inning) & it was nail biting.  The closer for the Marlins was so slow.  Barb says it should have been the Cubs vs. Boston if the mgr. had taken the pitchers out when they started to falter, or tire.  I agree.

Fri. Barb & I got flu shots at Crone's.  Just a little prick & no after effects.

Mon. the 20th

Last Sat. nite Dale went to a wedding at the Eagle's Club.  The mgr. of the Parts Dept. & a car saleswoman got married.  He is 30 & she is around Dale's age with a grown family.  They met when she started working at Shult's.  He enjoyed himself (Dale).  Buffet dinner.  They were downstairs & later Dale went upstairs for the music.  Finally the loud music got to Dale & he came home some time after 10 pm.  When he was getting ready he didn't know what to wear to be more dressed up.  I told him he should spend some of his money & get a sports jacket.  He did get a good pair of work boots at Valone's.  Close to $150.00  He just came back from shopping at KMart.  He bot'a pair of loafers to wear around the house.  Tom McCann &U only 29.00.  Be more like a slipper.

I got my summer clothes put away in thte attic this aft.  Took down some winter things. Haven't gotten to my closet.  Some of them I'll give to Goodwill (a place outside the Mall in the area of Shults).  Salvation Army closed their store.  I'll never be small enough to wear some of my slacks & it's no use having them around.

Tues. pm Oct 21

Called Gen as I hadn't heard from her for awhile.  John's hot water tank leaked so John had to get a new one.  She sounded good.

Today (aft) we went to the Mall -- KMart, then to Quality for groceries, & to CVS for medication.  Barb said I should go to KMart pharmacy but I like CVS & it isn't that many extra minutes to go there.  We weren't gone more than a hour anyway.

I did quite a bit of work yesterday so I took it easy after I spent an hour ironing a shirt for Dale & the clothes of mine.  I washed yesterday. I have 3 sizes of slacks -- 12 - 14 - 16. Now I'm wearing size 14.

I have a suggestion & it should save a little money after finding out how much postage is.  I wouldn't mind a Penney's gift certificate.  I could use it for towels or a set of sheets or if I see something personal, I could get that.  I'm sending cash except for little gifts to open. At their ages I'm sure the boys enjoy money so they can get what they want.

Thurs Oct 23

Today I used a new idea (cookbook) for a sandwich.  I sauteed green pepper & onion til soft. When Dale got home, I added eggs & milk & made scrambled eggs   I didn't have the correct bread it called for so I used rolls.  Put cheese on the rolls, melted it in the toaster oven & then added the eggs.  Dale liked it & so did I. Nice to have something different. Have a couple of other ideas.

Tonite we're having stuffed pork chops, apple sauce, corn pudding & pot. & apple pie for dessert.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Thanks so much for the pictures about Andy's group & the dance.  It was so much fun to study them & I'm glad you put names down.  Andy & his date make a nice couple.  Has Andy ever changed!  He's a big one -- football hero!

I'm watching the Yankees at Boston.  They had a "big rhubarb" & Zimmer runs out on the field & Pedro M. pushes him down.  He should know better & stay sitting on the bench. He is 72.

The ordination service was very impressive.  About a dozen pastors -- Jim S. & Diane were there & I got to talk to them.  Diane looks good & so does Jim.  He is getting quite gray. The Episcopalian Bishop assisted as well as Pastor Beth's husband.  They are both very nice.  About a dozen pastors, 3 of them women & 2 assisted in the service.  Of course the Bishop of our Synod presided.  During communion you could drink the wine from the cup or have intinction, which I did.  Kept the bread in my hand, held it out to the wind giver & she dipped it in the wine & put it in my mouth.  All very new for our people. I'm sure new methods will be introduced when we have a young pastor & I'm sure she has a lot of ideas.  Just hope she will take them gradually.

Barb wants to know if you or JoAnna have read David McCullough's John Adams?  It is Bert's book & she lent it to Barb & Barb is enjoying it a lot.

Late Fri. aft. Dale started digging by the side of the garage facing the house. He wants to put the TV cable in so when he works in the garage he can watch TV or as in the summer when he is suntanning he can hear it.  He got the cable in, working at it all day, but has to get it connected now.

Fri. we went up to the Mall & I got a new bathrobe, nightie & girdle.  I really need a new dress but I can't find anything suitable.  The styles seem to be very different this season -- nothing for an old lady.  And I don't like to order from the catalog.

Barb took the picture (Andy's) to show Marisa & Scott.  And I plan to show them to Sheila. They have a 3rd girl working with them now.

I finished my pumpkin puzzle & have the new one set to start.  I haven't put this one together before.

Got the Nov. Bon Appetit & the Pumpkin Cheesecake with gingersnap crust sounds interesting.  I'll copy it down.  Also a lemon pie.

Sun A.M. before church.

Bet there was a lot of celebrating last nite when Wisc. beat OSU.  Watched the end of the first half when I realized the Cubs would win.  One more win & they are in the World Series. Can you believe it?  Bet Roland is happy.  They say once a Cub fan, always a Cub fan.

Mon. the 13th

Larry bro't over his rototiller for Barb to use on the garden.  She added lime & leaves to the soil to enrich it thru the winter.  Our leaves haven't started to fall so she got 3 bags full at Johanson's.

We get our favorite cheese at BiLo's & we're down to the last pkg.  So when we shopped at Quality I got some cheddar cheese, not realizing it was extra strong.  Barb suggested I make a cheese sauce for broccoli and it was very tasty.  Didn't have too strong a flavor.

I ordered a blouse from the Penney's catalog but it won't be available until Nov. 1st.  Hope they won't be out of it.  Guess I waited too long.

Barb finished the sweater she made for me & she is anxious to start one for herself.  She doesn't like to shop at Walmart's but she stopped there last Fri & found yarn she liked.

I got our library newsletter today & I'll send it to you.  It tells how the library got started & it is very interesting.

Tues A.M.

What do you hear from Mardi P?  Can't remember her married name.  Wonder if they still like the Seattle area.

Remember I wrote about Mac Young who was killed in an accident.  Sons Craig & Robert. Well Mary Young has met a nice man -- she is so nice & always looks so good.  I'm glad for her -- Mac did everything for her & she was really lost for awhile.  Mary works for lawyer Mark Ristau.

Every Tues. A.M. a group of ladies meet at church to quilt (one is given to a baby at baptism), to knit lap robes and such.  Barb started a sweater & didn't like the yarn, so she ripped it & I bro't the yarn to church this A.M. as they can reuse the yarn.  Irma Thelin was there & she said Robert preached in Ridgway last Sun. & wore Dad's cross for the first time. Irma still mentioned how pleased Roger is to wear Dad's cassock & cross.  It was such an easy thing & appreciated so much.

Have dinner rolls set to go in the oven in a few minutes.  Also set Danish which I'll finish tomorrow A.M.

Heard from Millie today & she is happy as next spring she hopes to move into a retirement home in Falmouth, Ma.  She is 6th on the list.  Larry bot a 2nd home there so at times she will see them & she will be close to Linda.  Gen isn't very happy to hear this news.  The place is on 7 1/2 acres & they plan a lot of things -- going to Boston, concerts  etc.  She can walk to a church, library, bank, grocery store.  The only extra will be telephone & cable. She's already talked to a real estate salesman.  She's really excited about this & glad to give up her house & all that owning involves   I'm happy for her.  Where she is, is on a slant & she has to walk to get her mail or paper.  It's not that far but with ice & snow in the winter, then it is difficult.  She says now I'm going to have a life.  Millie loves people & gets along with people very well.

Oct 15th - I'm 83 years old.  Imagine that.

I found a recipe for apple bread.  It came out good & both Dale & Barb liked it.

Lar called yesterday & asked if I'd like to go out to eat on my birthday so we're going to Chiodo's at 6:30 p.m.  This A.M. I baked my Danish.  When I put the garbage in the garage, the new neighbor was raking leaves so I went over & spoke to her.  When I got back in the house I saw the rolls sitting there, so I went back out & gave her 8 rolls as a welcome to the neighborhood.  Dale took one for an aft. snack & Barb took one for Scott & one for her so I had about 8 left.  Naturally I sampled 2!

Thanks for the cards.  I can't recall what I mentioned wanting for Christmas.  But I'll be on the lookout for a pkg.

I just didn't feel good & my legs just gave away.  Some morning I haven't felt up to par but I'm just about back to normal.  I have lost weight as I didn't have much of an appetite, but it's improving.

I also made a choc. cake this A.M.  Had meat out for meatballs & spag. so I fixed the meatballs & they will be ready for Fri. supper.  Baked them in the oven -- easier that way.

Dale hates to drive over the 5th Ave bridge but Barb uses it all the time.

When I mentioned Andy's scowl in the picture, both Lar & Dale said "that's the football player coming out."

I have the same trouble matching navy & black socks even with the over head light on in the laundry area.  Even hard to match black to black.

Thurs. when Lar & Kim come, I plan to have a turkey breast, mashed pot., sweet pot., fruit salad & maybe green beans.  Cake & ice cream for dessert.  My birthday choice.

A piece of the house siding came loose -- the top ones aren't nailed down.  It was Tues & Dale's nite to work til 8 pm so I called Lar & he came over & fixed it.  With the hard winds we were to have I didn't want to put it off.  I'm lucky I can count on my children.

I'm not sure of Roger T's age but he is retired so maybe late 60's.

Thurs the 16th

The interim pastor started weekly communion & it went over well.  Lar & Kim tho't Roger T. must be in his early 70s.  We had a nice dinner last nite.  Your gift came yesterday but I waited to open gifts tonite.  The turkey breast smells good.

We had a good dinner.  I made a choc. cake from scratch & it is really good.  None of it will be thrown away.  Thank you for the sweater -- it fits nicely & I like the color.  A good choice. Thanks so much.  Kim & Lar paid for my dinner last nite & gave me a gift certificate for my hair.  I'll put it toward my next perm.  Kim thoguht the shop was so nice.  Barb gave me a light blue short sleeve pullover sweater.  I'm a lucky Mom.

I'm watching N.Y. vs. Boston & rooting for Boston.  Was surprised this A.M. to find out Fla. won.  I went to bed with the Cubs ahead.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Monday, October 6, 2003

I'm beginning to feel like myself again.  A week ago I quit taking the last pills the Dr. prescribed. I did the most work today I've done in a long time.  But I didn't get a meal -- I ordered pizza which was fine with Barb & Dale.  Fixed salad & Dale & I had root beer.  Barb a beer.

Last nite I didn't turn out the light til 11 pm.  Why so late you ask -- had to see the end of the Cubs beating the Braves.  How wonderful.  Would have liked to call to "bug" Andy but I had to get to bed.  This is Dale's early week.  I didn't wake til 5:47 when I heard a noise.  Dale had already had his shower.  Cubs all the way, I hope!  What a thrill for the team & their fans.  There were 15,000 fans at Atlanta rooting their team on.  They know tickets are scarce in Chicago & wanted to see the team in action.  Barb heard some announcer say if the Braves lose, changes will be made.  (The Mets are still my team.)

When Careys moved, Mr. C gave me a fern plant & it was on the porch all summer & really grew.  Now it's in the dining room & I hope it will last.  I don't do well with live plants.

Sun I have to flowers for church services -- I pay for them  -- & they will have flowers for the Sat. ordination.  They want larger bouquets so the church will add to the price & get larger than usual flowers.  They'll be for Sat & Sun.  If you don't want the flowers they bring them to shut ins.  I suggested one for Rose & they suggested the pastor get the other & that is fine with me.

The exercise walker in the basement was getting noisy & slow.  Barb tho't about buying one.  Dale looked at it -- motor fine.  A new belt was needed & he got a belt, put it on & now it works fine.  My iron must have a short as it is temperamental so Dale will check it out.  Maybe I won't need a new one.

Is Boxer allowed out now that he was missing for awhile.

Last Fri. was my first time at Sheila & Sue's new salon.  It is so bright & cheery & you can see outside now. They appreciate that after time in the basement.  All the equipment was left as it has been a beauty shop for a long time.  In fact, .Sheila started working there after her training.  So they just had to paint & clean it.  I'm sure they will do well.

Thurs. the 9th

We've had a couple of beautiful days & are enjoying the sunshine.

We've also enjoyed the baseball games.  Was glad the Yankees got beat last nite & I hope Boston can keep it up.

Scott isn't doing that well in school & might have to go in a learning disabled class.

Made a spice cake for dessert tonite & baked it in a bundt pan & part of it didn't come out of the pan.  But I can still use it -- it came out good to the taste but not to the eye.  I'll tell Lar & Dale to eat it with their eyes closed!!

Dale fixed my iron -- a broken wire & he fixed Barb's.  Also a broken wire.   He also changed the oil in our car.

Bert is going to a Columbus Day party & it's a costume party & she's having a hard time thinking up what to wear.  Barb had to take her to the Mall twice to find things.  She can't see very well to drive anymore.

We got Andy's thank you's. Sounds like his Jr. & Sen. years of football will be very interesting.

The puzzle I'm doing is a pumpkin scene with a farmhouse.  The colors left are shades of orange & shades of green & it is harder to match pieces.  It's about 3/4 completed.

Seeing you won't be home for your birthday, maybe you'll celebrate the Sun. before.  I'll have your pkg. there earlier.

Fri. Oct 10

Lar & Kim didn't leave until 9 pm last nite.  We sat around the table talking.  Kim couldn't believe it when she asked the time.  After I cleaned up, I relaxed in my chair & fell asleep so I went up to bed & slept good.  Now I'm set to get my hair done.  I don't do much on Fri -- or any other day.  Just what is needed.