Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saturday, June 14, 2003

The new neighbors are moving in.

I'll start my letter with the bad news we will not be going to the Nelson reunion.  We all agree to this.

Yesterday we didn't go to Acock Inn for lunch -- they changed it to Cable Hollow Gold Course & it was a nice get together.  I had the fish fry & it was excellent.  Had a nice visit with them (gang).  Karen's (eldest Hollertz girl) son was with Anna & Warren & he is a nice boy..  9 years old -- only child.  Robbie.  He loves Legos so we stopped at KMart to see if they had some he wanted.  He found one .  He was explaining ti to me but it is something new I don't know about or didn't understand.

Learned a little more about the new pastors.  He has been out for 3 years & she finishes her training this month.  They want calls close together.

Called Gen last nite to wish her Happy Birthday   She had ha nice time with Millie & Linda. They took her shopping at Filene's & Gen got a light lube suit & other things on sale.  

I'm watching golf on TV & I can see blue sky & fluffy clouds in Ill.

When I read your letters about trying to encourage the boys to study, etc. it makes me smile.  Then I say to myself, "Paul is getting back what he gave to me." !!!!  A taste of his own medicine!

Dale finally got to mow the lawn this aft.

I'll be awaiting the pictures of the front yard -- it sounds really nice.

Kim went to a garage sale yesterday & talked with the owner.  Some years ago they paid someone from N.Y. state $15,000 to update their yard.  When Larry saw it, he said the shrubbery is planted to close together.  Sure enough some bushes died & she called on Lar to take them out & to do some trimming.  Then she wanted Larry to mow their yard, but Lar refused.  He told her he mowed 2 lawns & stuck to doing it because they hired him when he just started his 2nd job.  He even told her he preferred not to do trimming anymore.  She was disappointed.  She said she wanted to be able to say "Larry Nelson does my yard upkeep." So I guess has had made a name for himself.

We're going to dinner tomorrow nite at Nickel Inn to celebrate Lar and Kim's birthdays.

Tiger Woods just teed off so the golf gets more interesting.  (Didn't turn out that way.)

Mon. A.M. the 16th

Kim & Lar drove to Nickel Inn in the Miata & Dale drove us in the Monte Carlo. He finished working on it, but he said it needs more fine tuning.  Barb didn't want to drive.  We enjoyed our meal.  Lar, Dale & I had Prime Rib & it was excellent.  Ki had chicken parmesan & Barb had stuffed cod.  Even Barb had dessert -- a choc. cheesecake & Lar, Dale & I had strawberry shortcake.  Kim was telling us about an incident concerning Larry.  On Sat. a group of "guys" get together for soccer scrimmage & it usually only lasts 1 hr.  Larry didn't come & Kim began to worry.  She was sure Lar had been hurt & was at the emergency room. She decided to go to the hosp. & check it out when in comes Lar.  They had decided to play 2 hours this time.

I think summer is arriving -- Yesterday was lovely & it sounds like we have a good week ahead.

This weekend coming up, the Yankees are at the Mets.  I hope the Mets have their playing shoes on for this series.  They took the series from the Angels.  It came on TV at 4 pm so we couldn't see the entire game but the Mets were ahead 6-0 when we left.  A young & promising rookie (Jose Reyes) hit his 1st grand slam.  That was exciting for Met fans!

After lunch we went to the Mall & then grocery shopping. Dale was late coming home for lunch & when I was ready to leave, I couldn't see Barb outside.  She was talking to the neighbor Dan N. (Conaway's) & aught up on the news.  The trees on our street are suppose to come down because they are diseased.  Ones in front of Dan's house are down & also at Johnson's old house.  The roots ruin the sidewalks & leaves fill the gutters.

Frank, across the st, gave up on his ex-wife who has already left the guy she left Frank for & Frank has started to date.

Dan's daughter graduated from M.I.T. this spring; broke their hearts by marrying against their wishes. They have come to accept it, think he is OK but they would have liked a wedding here.  They (Allison) want to move to Fla. so they can sail their sail boat.  She has the prospects of a job.  Dan didn't say much about the husband -- job, etc.

June 19. Wed.

Barb's body is still aching.  I think she thought she would be able to ride her bike sooner than she would be able to.  It cost her $78.00 to get her bike fixed.

Sun. I asked Kim what she'd like for her birthday menu   She said "anything" & I said "That's no help", so then she came up with hamburgers.  So that is what I'll have with pot. salad, fruit (cantaloupe & watermelon) U& hamb. fixings.  She likes meringue so tonite I made one in the pie pan & maybe make a custard & fruit to go into it.  Heated the oven to 450, turned it off when I put the meringue in the oven, leaving it there all night.  Hope it turns out OK.

Thurs the 19th

Rain overnight & more today.  Will we ever see summer?

Fri. A.M.  The furnace slicked on this A.M., temp 51.  I quickly turned it off.  NO sun as of 7:20 A.M. & it's cloudy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sunday, June 8, 2003

Just finished watching Seattle cream the Mets.  1st game of a double header.  We don't get the 2nd game, so I turned Fox Sports Pittsburgh & will watch Pittsburgh 3, Atlanta 2, in the 5th.

Marie Mathis called me to let me know Pastor Risher died Sat.  We talked about a new pastor & she heard some don't want a woman pastor.

Barb won't be taking care of Scott during the summer so we plan to go to Jamestown Mon. A.M. & she'll go to Bert's in aft.  We'll grocery shop at Wegman's.  Wed aft. I see Dr. McNett & Thurs. A.M. I go to Dr. Walters, dentist.  It will be a cut up week.

Last Fri. I got 2 library books & read them already.  An Accidental Woman by Barbara Delinsky & Kate Hannigan's Daughter by Catherine Cookson.  Both were excellent -- enjoyable.

Barb has had bifocals for some time.  For when she knits & watches TV.  I talk about getting sun glasses but never do anything.  I haven't called to have my eyes checked because I can't walk home & Barb can't always pick me up.  Next Tues. Kim will take me to the Dr. & Barb will pick me up.  They say the bridge will come down around the first of July.  They can't wait too long without a bridge being erected.

Mon. the 9th

We had heavy rain last nite & a little got into the basement so Dale is cleaning it up now.

This A.M. we went to Jamestown.  A fast trip -- I got a girdle & a purse at Bon Ton. Half price plus a 20% off coupon so they were good buys.  Barb found a top she liked.  We walked thru Sears but didn't stop.  On to Wegman's.  We got some Paul Newman ginger snaps & they are so good.  Cream filling.  We'll buy them again.  So good if you like molasses.

Had planned to have hamburgers tonite but Barb asked me to hold off a day.  She planned to have leftover pizza & a salad.  So I had to decide what to have.  I had frozen ravioli so I cooked it, put it in spaghetti sauce & heated it up in the microwave.  So easy & so good, along with a salad.

Gary Risher was only 56 years old.  He had been sick for 2 years & it sounded like he just gave up.

Last nite I watched the Yankees at the Cubs in Chicago & what an exciting game.  The Cubs pitcher was so good for 6 innings when I turned off the TV in the bedroom.  But I couldn't get to sleep so I decided to watch the game -- it was the 89th inning & the Yankees were getting runs, but the Cubs held them off.  It made me happy.  The Braves keep winning -- and the Mets win one & lose many more.  Too many injuries.

It's been a nice day & I got my chores completed.

Tues. the 10th

Barb rode her bike this late aft. & she was in front of the state hosp. when a groundhog crossed her path & she rode over it & it threw her off her bike.  She landed on her back & laid there for a minute or two.  A lady came to check & Barb said she was OK & rode home. The wheels on the bike wobbled so she'll have to have it checked.  She is sore all over & it hurts to walk. She is using the cane I got for Dad.  She'll be sore for awhile.

About 8:30 this A>M. Warren H. called telling me about going out to lunch in Pittsfield.  The old hotel now the Acock Inn.  They will pick me up.  Warren told me he talked with a pastor friend from the O.C. area from 11 p.m. to 12:15 A.M.  Then he decided to watched TV & didn't get to bed until 2:45 A.M.  And Ted Benson woke him up with an early morning call to tell him our friends in Ohio can't come this time so they changed where we'll have lunch. Then Warren called me.

Dale won't be home for lunch either Thurs. or Fri.  Thurs. they'll have a lunch mtg. to talk about health insurance.  It has been raised 50% & they're hoping to change companies.  Fri. will be their regularly monthly work mtg.  He wants me to pack a sandwich for him on Thurs. as he doesn't know if there will be food at that mtg.  They always have pizza at the work mtg.

Wed the 11th

Barb is still sore but is feeling better.  Kim took me to the Dr. & waited for me.  We went Pa. Ave W & came home Dorcon Rd.  There was so much traffic going over.  Much easier going home Dorcon Rd.

My blood pressure was higher so he gave me a new prescription & I go back in 30 days to have the nurse check my blood pressure.  Dr. McNett said this is a pill that is also good for the heart & kidneys. The bad part it can make you cough so I hope it won't bother me.  It made him cough in the aft. so he had to go to another pill that is more expensive.  The new pill I'll take isn't that expensive -- none of my prescriptions are, so I'm lucky that way.

Everyone remarks about the rainy weather.  Even at noon Dale wondered when the sun will shine. It does get a person down. Dale wants to mow the lawn -- the rain makes it grow so fast.

Just noticed another cooky recipe in the new Bon Appetit.  Oatmeal cookies with raisins, dates & walnuts.  also copies the Turtle Bars that sounds so good -- for around the holidays.  When I get a permanent I usually bring a treat for "the gang" -- they are all so nice.  Have a perm. coming up the last Mon. of June so will have to decide what to make.  When Jerry came to the house to cut Dad's hair, I always had a treat for him.

When I got weighed to day I had lost 5 lbs -- I've been cutting down on snacks.  Barb spurred me on.  She has lost weight but hasn't reached her goal yet.  I just didn't want to see the scale go up anymore.

Thurs the 12th.  I got all the work done in one visit to the Dentist & I'm glad of that.  We've had so much rain today.  Larry wasn't able to finish all eh wanted to do at Carey's   He got the lawn moved & hoped to do some trimming.

All for this session.

Houston's no-hitter against the Yankees was super, even it if took 7 pitchers!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday, May 31, 2003

We had a rainy, dark day & it made me lazy.  But by late aft. I decided to get up off my butt & start supper.  I made a chicken-spinach quiche & it was good.

Carey's moved on Fri. going to Paula's for the weekend & then to Fla.  They are building a new home. He had told Lar they wouldn't be moving til after June 6th but evidently the new owners wouldn't give them an extra week.  They had planned to have a sale this coming week.

Thanks for the pictures -- the flowers are so pretty & the back yard is so nice.  You are lucky to have such a nice yard, esp. when you entertain.

The next 3 months church starts at 9:30 A.M.  I like it as when I get home I can have a cup of coffee & read the Buff. paper.  On the front porch if it ever decides to let us have June weather.

Fri. A.M., the 29th, Barb said she got up during the nite & noticed the living room TV was on. She came down & turned it off.  I noticed the front door wasn't locked when I went for the A.M. paper.  That scared Barb -- she was sure someone got in the house.  Last nite I got up & noticed the L.R. TV was on -- went down & turned it off.  We finally decided somehow the TV was set to turn it on during the nite. Barb was checking it out Thurs nite & must have hit the right button to have it go on.  She checked & now it is off. A funny experience, tho.

Gen just called.  The pastor & another member wanted to help & found a woman to come & be with Gen a few times a week & Gen doesn't like it.  I said you should be glad to have someone help clean & so forth.  She doesn't want anyone cleaning her house!  I suppose stubbornness is one of the things that happens but she needs someone there to watch her. She has a kitten & doesn't like having to clean a litter box.  Both Ed & Gen have been very private about their affairs.  She's planing to take her driver's test again but she would never pass.  Each time she calls I noticed it is harder for her to remember how to finish her sentence.

Wed. June 3rd

I always took to see who died & was shocked to see Bill Weldon, age 50, husband of Karen Yosten, died.  I couldn't believe it.  They have 3 grown children.  I'm sure that scared Mike (can't remember his last name) Lar's friend & Bill played cards with Mike & Mike's heart is in bad shape.  It wouldn't have been such a shock if it had been Mike because Lar doesn't think he's too well.  Now I remember M. Brindis.  Dale said Bill had gotten a "beer belly".

The library had a computer session & Barb signed up for it.  It was a one on one session & she learned about the web sight & Barb mentioned her brother was director of the Middleton  Wi library so they looked the library up & made a copy I'm enclosing.  It's a small world!  The bottom 2 names didn't get on due to lack of space.

Because of the weather Barb hasn't been able to ride her bike, but Fri, Sat, and Sun look nice so she should be able to get her miles in.

The weather is annoying as it takes away my incentive to work.  And the furnace keeps coming on & I turn it down.  Lar will have to retime it.  (Is that a word?)  Maybe reset is better.  Why learn if someone else will do it.  I'm sure Dale could do it.

Dale thinks he'll be thru working on the Monte Carlo in a couple of days.

No one has moved into Carey's house yet.  But someone has been in cleaning or something.

I better get a wiggle on & do something.  I have dusted downstairs, got the garbage ready & I'll put in the garage after Barb leaves.  They collect on Thurs.

I've been meaning to call Millie & see how things are & later I'm settled & watch TV I keep forgetting to call. Tonight for sure.

Later -- Just spent 1/2 hr. talking to Millie.  John got this lady to come Tues. & Thurs. to give him a break.  Gen doesn't want her & won't let her do anything.  Millie said -- have her take you to the store or mall.  Gen always has plenty of money but really can't shop.  John would like to have Janet (the lady) make a meal for Gen so he wouldn't have to take her out but Gen likes John to take her out.  And it is even hard for her to make herself a decent lunch.

She doesn't seem to realize she can't do things.  And she doesn't seem to realize she has dementia.  John confers with the Dr. & tells Gen nothing.  She wishes now she had more children, mainly a daughter   But daughters don't always stay in the area.

The Yankees are in Cincy & losing the game 6-2 6th inning.  They lost the first game.  I like it!  The Mets are rained out for the 2nd nite.  At least it is a rain delay tonite so far.

It's Gen's birthday June 13 & Linda comes that weekend & she & Millie will take Gen out for lunch.  On Sat. they go back to Linda's & Millie will stay til Thurs.  They plan to take in a play at a Summer Playhouse.

Thurs nite June 5

I had chicken & biscuits tonite & it was really good.  Pecan pie for dessert.

Today is the day my mother was born in 1892.  Also Millie's Larry's birthday.

No bicycling so far this week.  Rain & cool weather.  But we're suppose to see sun & 70 tomorrow. so that is nice as it is graduation from high school.

Tell Andy I think this is the Braves year to win it all.  If they get to the World Series, I'll still root for the A.L. team as long as it's not the Yankees -- I'm hoping it will be the Seattle Mariner.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday, May 24, 2003

This A.M. I awoke at 7 A.M. -- mice to sleep in!  After breakfast & getting dressed I made a coffee cake & choc. cookies.  Once everything was cleaned up, I returned to reading Stone Kiss by Faye Kellerman.  A different book for me to read but once I got into it I really enjoyed it.  A Jewish setting in N.Y.C.  Murder, etc.  Have another by her to read.  Moon Music. Stopped at the library on Fri. to get books to read over the weekend.  Another new author A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh.  This is a Victorian novel I enjoy reading.  Easier reading.

We're having hamburgers tonite & I have steaks for Sun. or Mon.

Dale has been working on his Monte Carlo.  The cylinder heads on the vales needed to be fixed & someone in Youngsville did that & now he's putting them back -- stuff I don't understand, but it keeps him busy.l  The drain in the bathroom sink upstairs was clogged so he fixed that first this A.M.

We enjoyed watching Aniika Sorestam play golf & were disappointed she didn't make the cut.

Barb has flower pots by the back door & when it rained the pots got dirty.  The pots are on square red tiles.  She wanted to put red limestone pellets down to protect the pots.  Lar said she'd have to take the dirt out which she did.  Put the squares back & then the pellets.  It really looks nice.  She has a pot, then a figure -- angel, rabbit & one she got in Jamestown -- an animal (a raccoon) holding a red apple.  It is so cute.  She put white pellets by the whiskey barrel by the front steps.  The side yard looks so nice.  She just left to go to Big Joe's to get veggie plants.  Last Thurs. Lar bro't over his garden tiller & she tilled the garden & raked it so it is ready for planting.

I got a new Light and Tasty cookbook & it is interesting.  Put out by Taste of Home Greendale, Wi.

I took the pictures of Boxer & Jack to show Sheila as she is a cat lover.  She has 2 cats & a dog.  She & Marilyn, another hairdresser, said they are nice looking cats.

Bert is back in Warren & she likes the work Barb did on the floors.  Fri. Barb said she didn't do much work -- just listened to Bert talk & heard what Bert did in N.Y.C.

Labor Day [sic] & it's a beautiful so far (1:10 pm thankfully the weatherman is wrong -- so far.

I had 2 overripe bananas so I made banana bread this A.M.  Also choc. chip & molasses cookies.  Froze the bread & half of the cookies.  Then 2 loads of wash.  Dale has painted parts of the motor of the Monte Carlo.  Barb watched tennis & is now riding her bike.  She rides 20 mi. now & has reached the 400 mi. mark 1000 mi. is her goal this summer.

I'm not making any promises this early to say I'll be at Andy's graduation.  3 years is a long time to make any promises.

The 2nd Faye Kellerman takes place in Las Vegas & doesn't appeal to me so I'll return it unread.  Mets aren't on today so I'm watching Braves vs. Cincy.  The Yankees play Boston at home. & Roger Clemens hopes to get his 300 win but I'm not interested in him or the Yankees.  I'm a N.L. fan.  I started out rooting for the Brooklyn Dodgers & kept with the N.L.

Tues the 27th

This A.M. we went grocery shopping by 9 A.M.  When we got back & after all was put away, I cleaned the bathroom & dusted my room.  Saw Dr. Vance at 1:30 & my back is much better.  I'm going 1 more time on Fri. aft.

Made spag & meatballs for supper.  I enjoyed it.  This is Dale's late nite so he hasn't eaten yet.

Tomorrow I have to wash the kitchen floor & have some ironing to do.  I can watch TV while I iron.  And the fridge needs cleaning so I need to get that done.  Maybe next week.

Wed.  I was ambitious this A.M.  Did my ironing, washed the floor AND cleaned the fridge. Now I'm watching my favorite "soap" & taking it easy.  But I don't  know what I'm having for supper.  Guess I can't be that efficient!

This A.M., when I was getting the garbage out, Mr. Carey asked me if I wanted a fern plant.  I took it but said I don't seem to be able to keep live flowers alive for long.  It is on the front porch now -- we'll see next fall if i can save it in the house.

Thurs. nite

The kitchen is all cleaned up so I'll finish my letter as I watch the Mets at Philly.  And in the top of the 5th inning the Mets lead 2-0, but there are still 4 1/2 innings to go.

June is just about here so I walked to the bank after lunch & also picked up stamps & mailed a note to Gen.  It's been a lovely day & Fri. should be.  Rain for Sat. & Sun.  And the furnace keeps coming on in the A.M.

Did you notice Don Zimmer of the Yankees spoke out against "George".  He feels if George can speak out against the team's efforts, he can answer back.  Good for "Zim".

Tonite we talked bout going out for Lar & Kim's birthdays & anniversary.  Maybe a let aft. Sun & we'll go to Nickel Inn.  We like to go there at least once during the summer.

Everything is fine here.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Monday, May 19, 2003

I'll start out with the news that we won't be going to the reunion.  Reason.  I don't think Lar & Kim will be going & even if they do they'll also drive.  Our car insurance won't allow Dale to drive our car & Barb doesn't care to do all the driving.  So we'll have to call & cancel our reservations.  It is a long trip for just a few days.

This aft. I went to the dentist for a cleaning, check up & had 1 filling.  I go back in June for a filling and I didn't realize the filling for my root canals is a temporary one so he'll be fixing that.  And now I can feel I lost a filling -- can fell the hole with my tongue.  My teeth are costing me money   Bat at least they are mine.

Yesterday after church, there was a mtg to decide on a handicap elevator by the Concord Elevator, Inc. It will be installed at the entrance door nearest Division St.  Will hold a wheelchair & 2 people.  The elevator will cost $21,686 + 3 safety locks.  Site readiness $5400.  Other expenses estimated to be $3000.00, totaling $30,000.  They hope to use $20,000 from the Albert Johnson estate leaving the congregation to raise $10,000.  The project passed.  The recommended each family give 1.00 a week for 3 years.

Dale left Sun. for 2 days of school. They changed the location from Rochester to Youngstown, Ohio.  He'll be home Tues. nite.  He was suppose to go the same day as his Dr. appt. & told them he couldn't go.

Thanks for the pictures.  The patio furniture looks so nice.  I like the arrangement in the living room.  A nice picture of you holding Boxer.  The animal shelter is having a gold event to raise money & Kim is helping.  She got Dale to donate $25.00 & a hole will have Torey's picture on it & Dale's name for donating.  That must be some arena in Mpls.  In the one picture, the front looks so bare but the other one shows greener grass (result of all the rain -- here as well) & your front yard project.  It will look very nice.  You have a good start.  Is the lamp by the door new -- can't remember seeing it.  Or maybe it didn't sink in.

We got groceries today.  Then the dentist so I haven't felt like doing much except watch TV.

Did I mention they changed the voting place from Calvary Baptist youth area to Holy Redeemer hall.  Barb will take me over & I'll walk home.  Then I'll have to do some work, i.e., dust, clean the bathroom, etc.  Wed we plan to go to Jamestown.  Bert comes home this Thurs. so Barb won't be able to work odd hours.  Like she cleaned Bert's upstairs & after she was thru with Scott she planned to go to Bert's to mow the front yard & check the floors she's been working on.

Wed. the 21st.  At 9:30 A.M., we went to Jamestown.  I got a girdle at Bon Ton -- plenty on sale but nothing I wanted.  Ditto Sears & Penney's.  Then we went to Wegman's for groceries & home again.  I had told Dale we wouldn't be home at lunch time but it was a quick trip.  Barb felt like buying something but saw nothing she liked.

My back is giving me trouble.  After I sit, it takes awhile to straighten up.  So I made an appt. with the chiropractor for 3 pm tomorrow aft.  That will straighten me out.  He doesn't keep one coming a long time.  Maybe 2 visits.  They give a heat treatment that feels so good -- a vibrating one.

The former commissioners were not re-elected.  Too many people not satisfied with their job. We'll see what the new ones will do starting Jan 1.  Also 4 school board members were not re-elected.  People won't want a new grade school near the high school, as well as closing schools, etc.

Thurs the 22nd.

My back feels much better following my trip to the chiropractor.  I'll get 1 more treatment on Tues. & he told me to use the heating pad twice a day for 20 min. each time.

We gave Lar & Kim their anniversary card & gift of money.  They want to get another table & chairs for the deck & will use the money toward that purchase   Kim has been looking but can't find the color she wants.  Tomorrow nite they will go out to dinner with another couple.

Hope you had a nice anniversary.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday, May, 2003

We had an easy meal tonite -- pizza from Pizza Hut so there isn't much work to that or clean up.

The doorbell rang this A.M. & it was Ekey's with a beautiful geranium hanging basket.  Thank you so much. It is hanging on the porch.  Thanks for the Mother's Day cards.  I'll go with Eddie's "All the way, Mets" & boo to Andy's "All the way, Braves".  I know I'm dreaming when it comes to the Mets.  When they reach .500, I'll be happy.  They did win today with Mike P. home run in the 10th.  More smiles then.  Good or bad they are my team.

Yesterday I got 2 books at the library.  Read one yesterday & one today.  Both by Karen Robards, easy reading & I liked them a lot.  Hunter's Moon & Heart Break.  She has more I haven't read.  Good entertainment for me.

Barb got petunias & impatiens to plant which she is doing now.  For by the back door & the leftovers will go in the back yard.

Kim will make Larry's birthday carrot cake.  That is fine with me.

Kim went to Erie today as one of her Sheffield students graduated from college.  The girl has worked for Lar during the summer (weeding, etc.) & had dog sat Torey.

Tonite I'll watch the Braves & San Fran.  I could watch Houston at Pitt. but I think San Fran will be more interesting   Of course I root against the Braves!

Dale had his blood test this A.M. & they filled 5 vials & also a urine test.  He has an EEG test coming up in about 10 days.  He is getting a good check up.

Your new patio furniture sounds very nice.  You are lucky to have such a nice backyard.

Mon. May 12

We had a nice birthday & Mother's Day celebration.  Larry & Kim replaced the worn out "whiskey barrel" by the front steps & planted petunias (kind that spread out) in it.  Barb gave me earrings & a matching necklace, which I like a lot.  Dale gave me a fuchsia plant so the porch looks nice with 2 pretty hanging baskets.

The rain held off so we could grill steaks outside.  I gave Larry a gift certificate from Lawn & Garden so he can get what he likes.  Dale gave him a hammer & other little things he buys on his shopping trips.  Barb gave him a nice bear & cub in the form of a little candle holder. Be nice on the outdoor tables at the camp.  She also found a piggy bank in the form of a soccer ball.  It is so cute.  Dale also gave me a "little gift" -- bandaids with the logos of the baseball teams.  Cute.

I got my first copy of Home & Garden magazine.

Paul, it seems like you spend time in the "public" part of the library.  I don't think I've ever seen our Director around.  I don't' know her but I never ever saw the previous Director around & I know her.  Maybe I'm not around when they are or were.  Libraries around the state are crying the blues over the gov. budget.  Libraries & schools are getting the short end of the deal.  But the budget hasn't passed yet, so maybe things can change.  Our library surely will have to cut hours & jobs.

This A.M. I was up & dressed by 6 A.M.  Reason I wanted to get the glass out for recycling. They collect it early.  I told Dale I have ambition on Mondays but it fades as the weeks goes on.  Before Dale left (*8-5 this week) I had cleaned the counter tops, moving everything.  After lunch I'll do some ironing.

I was mistaken about when the pastor visits Warren. It is in June.  I guess I'm anxious & wondering why we don't hear more about the couple....where they are from, etc.  Next Sun. after church we have a meeting concerning the elevator situation.

In the June 10 Family Circle there is a recipe for Double Chip Bars that I plan to make today. It calls for white & milk choc. chips, coconut, peanut butter & peanuts.  Plan to halve the recipe & use a 9x9 dish for a sample.  If Dale doesn't like it, Barb on a diet, it will be too much for me to finish *even if I could!)  Also you put a drizzle of melted van. chips over the bars.  I like them so they came out & taste good.

Gen called today.  Her church is building an educational wing & she isn't in favor of it.  But she still made a gift of money.  John did & said she should.  Ed wasn't in favor of it but that's they way they are.  They wouldn't build unless they needed the room.

Heard some interesting gossip.  Arlene Hornstrom is now at the nursing home in Pleasant Twp. & she has found herself a man who is also there.  In fact, they were found in bed together.  She had another man friend before she got sick.  What happens in these homes!

"How sweet it is" this Wed A.M., the SUN is OUT.  Finally but showers are till haunting us.

Just finished washing the kitchen floor.  Sure glad that job is over.   After lunch I plan to walk to the library & get more books.  I'm in a reading mood.

Thurs. aft.

I tried a new recipe tonite -- chicken squares.  It was OK but I don't think I'll try it again.  Dale had a 2nd piece so it must be OK.  I was just a little disappointed in the results.  But the apple pie for dessert was good.

More rain today but a good weekend is forecast.

Are the boys counting the days til school is out.  Kim is.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, May 4, 2003

I was glad to hear your library expansion is going forward. It will be a busy but rewarding time for you.  It reminds me of Dad's building program at St. Paul.  The reading room sounds so cozy.  I'm happy for you & for your library.

They announced this A.M. that on May 18th a pastor couple will be in our area.  The wife will preach in Sheffield-Ludlow parish & our committee will go to Sheffield to hear her.  The pastor to be for Warren & Sheffield committee will come to Warren. Soon after I'm sure the woman will preach in Warren so we can hear her.  I can only remember her first name Beth.  That's all they said about the.  Pastor Nancy preached today & she is so goo. We will miss her.  We'll be lucky if the pastor we get will be just as good.

My poor Mets!  They lost last nite's game & now Milwaukee is ahead 2-0.  It's only the 4th inning so there is hope.  I'm rooting for a loser.  Surprise me Mets & turn it around!

It is nice to hear how well Andy is doing in pitching for his team. Too bad Middleton is so far away.  You are lucky you can arrange your schedule so you can see Andy pitch.

WOW the Mets just got a grand slam & lead 4-2.  Now I can smile!

Wed. May 7th

We went to Erie today.  We stopped at Target on the way in & we sure like Target a lot.  We spent some time there filling our cart.  Then we went to The Olive Garden.  I enjoyed minestrone soup, bread sticks & a dessert.  Tarisumi (I tho't I memorized the correct spelling but I'm not sure).  It was delicious but very rich.  Barb had salad & a pasta dish.  Next the Mall.  Penney's where I only found a girdle.  Then to Kaufman's & I got a pretty sweater set. A delicate pink & the shell has a crocheted inset in the front neck.  Barb found a pretty deeper pink lined crocheted top.  Floral stitch -- very pretty.  Then Sears & I'm finding more styles to my liking at Sears.  Found a light & medium blue print button down the front skirt.  Just the style I like & nice material.  A deeper plain blue top to wear with it & 2 more tops.   One will be more for Fall as it is a deep brick red.  The other is a print I saw at Sears, Lakewood, NY Mall.  So I spent a little money today (all on sale) to help the economy!  It is not always that I find things I like to I took advantage of the situation.  It was fun.

Quality had small lobsters on sale so I got some & they will be added to the Sun. dinner menu.

We have one warm day & then they disappear.  It has gotten dry so the rain we hare having is appreciated.  We wore a jacket today.  Next time we go to Erie Target will be our first stop.

I'm not sure if I told you this -- a menu idea.  I got sliced roast beef (cooked-deli) & you heat it up in beef bouillon & serve it on buns with juice for dipping.  It's easy & good.  I'm fixing french fries for Dale now.  And I fixed salads.

Thurs. May 8

I made a lemon meringue pie for dessert & it is so good.  Sample it in the aft. plus a piece at dinner.

Last week Dale had a seizure & we told him he had to see a Dr.  Kim's friend said not many Dr. are taking new patients but recommended a new to the area Dr. & Dale saw him this aft. He has to have some blood tests & got a prescription for medication . He has to take 3 capsules before bedtime.  Barb said when the blood test she took -- when she gets them back she plans to call Dr. Strassburg for an appt.  They are at an age when they should have a Dr. to be a patient.  Lar & Kim go to their Dr. friend.

Tonite Lar & Dale helped Mr. Carey take a room air conditioner out of the attic.  They have to be out by the 29th.  They also plan a household sale, but first a van will come & take the furniture they want to save.  So soon we'll have new neighbors.

Between the showers, I walked to CVS to get prescription filled.

Son bedtime so I'll say good night.

Enjoyed that computer incident at the library.  Got a laugh out of it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Saturday, April 26, 2003

I'm at loose ends -- it is 9:45 & no paper.  If I call they don't answer so Dale will pick one up. And when the bill comes I"ll deduct from the tip.  We have a very lazy paper boy.  This is the 2nd time lately we've not had a paper.

Last nite I switched between watching the Pirates vs. the Brewers L.A. (already mixed up) and the Braves vs. the Brewers.  The Pirate game was so exciting.  The young pitcher pitched a great game until the 9th inning.  He even hit a home run, the announcers said was in "Piazza territory".  The score was 2-0 in Pitts. favor & he tired in the botto top of the 9th & L.A. tied the score & wont the game 5-2.  I tho't (what do I know) they should have bro't in a closer right away but maybe they don't have a good one or maybe they wanted to give him a chance for a complete game.  He deserved to win but that's how games turn out at times. Benetiz lost 5 games for the Mets in the 9th.

I just finished reading the paper & making a grocery list from the ads.

The Kiwanis Club sponsors a blood testing today & Barb signed up for it & was there at 8 A.M.  The results are mailed to the person.  Dad & I did that many years ago when we met Warren & Anna in Kane for the testing.  Afterwards we went out for breakfast.

Sun. Apr. 27

Today Barb stopped by Bert's to check on things.  A fellow was looking at the house north of Bert's.  He would like to buy it & restore it.  He said to Barb "Aren't you a Nelson?"  He remembered her from school even tho he is 2 years younger.  Dale remembered him. His name is Kim Schuler & he works for Penelec if I recall correctly; will retire in 9 years & wants that house for retirement. It would require a lot of work & he would like to get Bob Vila interested to come & do it for TV.  I don't know if the owner wants to sell.  She is in Baltimore & hasn't kept it up at all & can't afford to do anything.  He also looked at the house on the other side of Bert's & he said it was a shame how it was left.  Larry & Kim said they heard someone is interested in the corner house even if it is in bad condition, but for "For Sale" sign is still up.

Yesterday I made a pie crust & this A.M. -- (I was up at 7 A.M.) I made a pecan pie before breakfast.  It was good.

Tues. Apr. 29

This A.M. we went to KMart at ( AM, got a few necessities; went grocery shopping.  After I got everything put away I cleaned the bathroom. Always fix Dale a good lunch on his long Tues.  After doing the dishes, I started dinner rolls & made your favorite cooky, Paul.  P.B. oats choc. chip.  Barb suggested those.  In between I browned beef cubes for chop suey -- Nelson style.  Around 3:30 I finally had a cup of coffee & sampled the cookie.  Good!  Now it's 7 pm & I'm thru for the day & will take it easy.  While cleaning up dishes, etc., I watched "Curb Appeal" a program I seldom watch.  But it was so interesting & such a difference in the home's street appeal after completion.

Lynn gave Barb a Smoothie Maker for Christmas.  It is different in that it works counter clockwise so the lid doesn't always close right.  Sun. Barb was making a smoothie & after mixing it she lifted it up & the smoothie poured out over the counter, the dishwasher,& the floor.  The 3r4d time it happened & the last as far as Barb is concerned.  Th is A.M. she got a new blender.  It took her awhile to clean up the mess.  Barb got her magazine she ordered from Ed.  She likes it.

Somehow "This Old House" got my name & sent me a card about their magazine & a good first time offer.  So I ordered it & got the 1st magazine last Sat.  Very interesting altho Barb says it is all advertising.

We're finally getting some nice weather.  Think I'll walk over town tomorrow & go to the bank for May money.  Might stop at Blair's store.  I got one of their catalogues & it was nice -- more interesting styles than Penney's cat.

Barb went over to Bert's.  She has been working on the floors -- staining them followed by -- and I can't think of the word.  You don't varnish anymore -- there is a new finish & it won't come to mind.

We plan to go to Erie next Wed. as it is a full day for Scott so Barb doesn't have to pick him up.  They are going to Edinboro College to visit the Planetarium.  Lynn will drive.  Wed. might be better than Fri. at the Mall.

Thurs. May 1st

Kim left early to go to the All Schools Musical "Li'l Abner".  Kyle Metz from church has the male lead.  He is a nice young man.  Lar is working at Carey's & Dale is removing his car from Carey's garage.  Barb is working in the garden.  I'm thru working -- the dishwasher is at work & I'm watching TV & taking it easy.  And Torey is sleeping in the dining room.

The Mets were on ESPN this aft. & they continued in their losses.  St. Louis beat them 6-5 in the 10th inning.  They go to Milwaukee next -- which team will be the winner.  Both are in the same boat -- on the bottom.

Lar is giving Dale a haircut.

All is well with us.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, April 21, 2003

I can chew on my favorite side again.  After about 1 1/2 hrs. of drilling, probing, xrays & filling.  It wasn't bad at all & I didn't need novocaine (couldn't find the correct spelling but I think you can get what I mean).  That was a nice surprise.  He suggested I have them capped & then they'll last a long time.  I have no idea of the cost or if it is really necessary at my age.  It wasn't a bad experience at all.  But I'm glad it's over.

We enjoyed our turkey dinner yesterday & Dale & I had leftovers tonite.  I didn't lose my appetite.  I had to get a prescription, in fact he gave me 2 to get filled but I only filled the one for penicillin & I didn't think I needed the one for extra strong pain pill. I fell no pain at all.

Barb has to spend another nite at Johansens as they didn't leave til today.  Going down the traffic was very heavy & they hoped to miss some of it going coming home.  You must be able to tell this letter doesn't have my full attention -- I'm watching Trauma on TLC.

Easter service at church was good attendance wise & all ways.  Pastor Nancy Schwanke had the service & she is well liked.  The extra flowers added a lot as well.

Last Fri. nite we went out to dinner at Holiday Inn to celebrate Barb & Dale's birthdays.  Dale had Surf & Turf & enjoyed it.  Lar had Prime rib.  Barb had Steak Diane.  Kim had a vegetable dish & I had the fish fry.  And dessert -- a brownie topped with ice cream, egg whites covered it & it was broiled.  Baked Alaska & it was so good & so filling.

Next is Lar's birthday & he'll have steak, etc. but carrot cake for dessert.

Torey's back paw pads are worn thin so it is hard for him to walk.  Last Sat. they walked 4 miles twice.   Kim has gotten a bootie for his back paws & he keeps them on but they wear out fast.

Last Sat. Dale trimmed the fir trees in the back yard by the fence.  He must have cut off a foot of top branches from the trees.  I can't believe how much light they cut out.  It is so much lighter now & we can see the play ground equipment now.  They are even with the top of the fence now.  I sure like the word, "now".

Dale cut the grass last Fri. & after rain during the nite & some today, it won't be long before it needs cutting again.  It is nice & green.

Karen S. son & daughter were in church yesterday with Rose.  Kirstin is a very attractive girl.  Rick, the dad, plans to get married this spring.   She has 2 children but they are adults & on their own.

Wed. the 23rd

Barb is home again.  After lunch we went to Jamestown.  I got a pair of a darker tan slacks with elastic waist.  I like them for everyday.  And 2 tops.  Guess you'd say "I'm spending my kids' inheritance."  Ha!Ha!  But this should end it -- unless I can find a pretty skirt!  We also grocery shopped at Wegman's.  It is a large store with a variety of many different kinds of food.  Also an organic section Barb likes.  It wasn't as busy as it is on Fri.  Usually I go into KMart & Barb goes to Wegman's, but I didn't have my keys with me so that is why I went into Wegman's.  Usually I just wait in the car.  That's what happens when you get forgetful!! They are back where they belong.

It didn't warm up much today -- a cool wind but the sky is clear & blue & there is sunshine.

I got my blouse at Sears -- they have improved their inventory so much.  I like their styles better than Penney's.  Warren Bon Ton doesn't have much to please me except the Brigg's slacks.

Barb got a perm yesterday -- it looks nice.  The gal who does her hair moved to another shop & Barb said they have a little gift shop with a lot of nice things that aren't too expensive.

Thurs. Apr. 24

For dessert tonite I made an apple upside down cake & I thought it was good.  We also had creamed chicken on biscuits & peas for the veggie.  And fruit salad.

We're planning to go to Erie the 2nd Fri. in May.  I'm sure we'll have lunch at our favorite spot & I can't remember the name -- some kind of Garden that serves Italian foods.  I love their soup & bread sticks.

We had frost this A.M.  29 at 6 A.M.

Careys will be home next Mon.  Larry & Kim are invited to Paula & John's baby baptism the first Sun. in June.  They don't  really care to go.  This Sat. nite Lar & Kim are hosting a couple's party at camp.  They choose a theme & then choose food to go with it.  A "chips" party.  There will be both hot & cold dips for chips & a chip casserole with beef & one with chicken.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday, April 6, 2003

Patty's husband's funeral was this aft. at 4pm, preceded by a 2-hour visitation.  I went over shortly after 2pm  so I could see the end of the Mets game, which they lost in the 9th inning. Patty is taking the death very well but it must be very hard on her.  The son Chipper was able to get leave from the Army.

The Mets won 2 out of 3 games with Montreal.  David Cone started the first game & he was so good.  Tom Gladden pitched yesterday & it wasn't hard to root for him & appreciate his work. He looks good in a Met uniform!  Opening day wasn't good for him but he made up for it yesterday.

This A.M. they announced the Call Committee will meet with the candidate on Sat.  Hope it all works out.

This will be a busy week with outside activities.  I don't want to miss the Bible Study Tues. A.M. to see if anything is said about the candidate.  Tues. aft. I get a "perm" at 2 pm  So Mon. I'll do my Tues work -- the bathroom mainly -- & we'll get groceries in the aft.

Last Fri. we went to -- no we didn't we went on Wed. & I already covered that.

We'll celebrate Dale's birthday on Thurs & he wants steak, baked pot, tossed salad & apple pie.  Easier to fix a meal then to find gifts for him.

Mr. Carey called Larry -- they'll be home in a couple of weeks.  He said he'd never live in Fla. year round.  The retirees go to dinner at 4:30 p, & take home doggy bags & that's not for them.  They'll look in Buffalo for a home & Susan also plans to move there.

Enjoyed your letter.  Nice that you were able to be with Roland & Linda.  It is hard to understand Eric & his college studies.  I would think that by now he'd be concerned for his future.  I hope that Lindsay is making passing grades. I wasn't too surprised about Carolyn & Jim & their finances.  I just know I never could have liked like that.  I can enjoy my retirement -- only wish Dad could have lived longer.  Too bad Carolyn didn't get into school teaching -- she trained for it in college.  I can't understand any husband spending all his money & not investing anything for the future.

Mon. Apr. 7

School was called off today due to the weather & Tues. doesn't sound much better   They get 6 days off over Easter & parents have planned trips.  Lynn & family plan to go to Fla, taking 3 extra days.  I wonder how Central Office will make up this snow day.  We got groceries this A.M.  I'm making soup for supper -- a good winter meal! - and a banana cream pie.  It is cold as well, weatherwise.

Tues. A.M. 8th

Decided not to go to church this A.M.  Decided to be lazy & take it easy.  We didn't get the brunt of the storm & the sidewalks are clear for when I walk to the beauty shop.  As soon as Dale left for work, I made a batch of the choc. cookies for a treat for the "girls" & Jerry at the beauty shop.  They like my treats.

No school yesterday cut off the last day of the Easter break.  Lynn's family will still be gone 11 days.  Barb will sit the 2 cats & the dog at Lynn's & will do some housecleaning while they are gone.  She will sleep there.  They also have a fish tank.

My perm came out nice. Good to have curl again.

One Thurs. nite over dinner Kim was amazed at what Lar & Dale know about world events, places, etc.  They both read papers & you learn a lot from the History Channel that they both like.  Another time we were talking about writing & Kim wondered if writing was part of Dale's job.  It is -- he has to write up what he does for a job.  I'm sure people don't realize how much writing is included in most every job today.

Thurs A. M.

I made Dale's birthday apple pie right after breakfast.  And it's a beautiful sunny day with blue skies & warming up.  Who could ask for more -- me that it will stay this way & let us experience spring.

Bert got a carbon dioxide monitor & Barb bro't it home to test our house.  The first time she plugged it in it made a screeching noise & she was sure gas was leaking.  Dale told her gas contain carbon dioxide.  She didn't believe him & she called the gas co & they told her the same thing.  When I came home on Tues. she was here & said "I have a surprise".  She had the monitor in the plug & no noise.  She figures she didn't keep it in long enough because with that noise, I said turn it off.   She can make mountains out of molehills. Both our furnace & stove are not that old.

It's 10 A.M. & Barb is still here.  I need to finish a letter to Millie as her birthday is the 17th.

I'm enclosing an article that I enjoyed reading -- maybe you will.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday, March 31, 2003

Dale is soon ready to leave for work with a lingering headache that pained him all weekend.

I'm starting a letter as there are things to tell you.

Kim's heart is fine.  The Dr. said it is a result of stress & caffeine so now she is drinking decaf & after a week the rapid heart beat returned to normal.  The stress is another thing with school & her brother Paul.  He has tried to quit drinking & was "on the wagon" until his cousin came to Atlanta & is a bad influence.  They were in a bar after work & his cousin got drunk, was loud & got kicked out.  Paul was drunk as well -- the police were called & Paul tried to drive away with the policeman hanging onto the truck.  The policeman broke an arm & leg during the incident & Paul ended up in jail.  Meanwhile a backup officer was  speeding to the scene, ran a red light, hit a car & the officer was killed.  So Paul is really in trouble. He's out on bail but Kim said she can't help him anymore.  She has lent him money & she knows she'll never see it again & she thinks maybe it's time for him to learn to be responsible.  She is sure he will get a jail sentence   Naturally she is upset.

Gen call on Sat. & she is mixed up.  Ed & John are always telling her what she can & cannot do & she doesn't like it.  She still hopes to be able to drive but John will never allow it. It is nice to be outside of town,  until you can't drive anymore & then you're stuck.  She drove to the grocery store every day.

At church they announced the Bishop sent a resume of a pastor for us to consider.  The "Call" committee will study it & more will be forthcoming.  We are ready & really need a full time pastor so I hope it works out.

This A.M.'s paper had an obit notice that Charles Phillips, 63, died.  When I looked further I noticed it was Patty Welsh's husband.  Didn't know he was ailing. It was just a notice, not a complete obit.  Patty was in church yesterday.  It does say he died Sun A.M. so it must have been after she left for church.

I found a book by Sandra Brown I hadn't read.  Envy.  It was so good, I stayed up last nite past my 10pm bedtime to finish it.  This is Dale's late week -- was still up by 6 A.M.  Was in bed by 11 pm.

I wasn't totally surprised to hear you hoped to visit but had to change plans.  I know when children become teenagers many different things can interfere with plans.  It was a disappointment but I can understand your situation.  I can remember vacations were different when you boys had jobs, etc.  There will be other times.  I'm anxious to hear about your visit with Roland & Linda -- visit to Mall of America & about JoAnna & Eddie's trip.  At least you got a little change of pack pace.  Time to start chores!

Tuesday, April 1

Saw Dr. Walters at 9:30 & got in right away.  He had to take 2 xrays.  Some bad news, some good news.  The 2 back upper teeth on the left side are abscessed.  They could be pulled but that would leave me with 2 empty spots on my chewing side.  Or I could have root canals by another Dr. as Dr. W. doesn't do root canals on back teeth.  It would cost me $1,000.00  He told me to think it over & call back.  He also said there is no guarantee the root canals would last.  But at 82 they should last me awhile & I have the money so that is no problem.  But I'll talk it over with the family Thurs nite. I'm leaning toward root canals.

We had snow this A.M. but by the time I walked home, it melted.  Did my Tues. work on Mon. as I knew I wouldn't want to start when I returned.  I do plan to iron this aft.

Larry just called & said Patty. W. Phillips' husband killed himself.  She came home from church and found him dead.  How sad for her.

Thurs. Apr. 3rd.  I made an appt. to have the root canals.  I go Tues. the 15th at 9 A.M.  I'll be glad to be rid of the dull ache.  I plan to make a strawberry rhubarb crumble this aft. so it will be warm for dessert.  It's like a crisp.  A recipe from my Taste of Home.

It is soon lunch time & I plan to make BLT sandwiches.

I enjoyed the Mets win last nite, esp. the catch of the supposed home run of S. Sos the wind held up.  Also enjoy that Atlanta is 0 & 2 so far.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

March 23, 2003

I'm in the L.R. watching TV & drinking coffee.  My work is done -- cleaning up after the evening meal. It is still quite light.

Today I talked to the Gustafson's - Marie said she had talked to Eddie Africa.  He will be here til fall as he is busy with things around the house & going thru papers.  The house will be put up for sale.  He has worked i Ariz. as a bellhop.  Has never owned a house or a car, but he plans to get both when he return to Ariz.  He has arthritic hands but he doesn't plan to bellhop anymore.  Suppose it would be hard to carry luggage.  Neither he or sister Judy has married.  Judy is in Oregon.  We never saw much of him as a kid.  Judy's is Barb's age.  Ed is 50 -- I don't know if he was in Lar's class, but I know Lar never played with him.

Last nite Barb & I watched a PBS special money-raising program of "The Three American Tenors".  It was a great program with a variety of songs to suit anybody watching.  With a $75.00 gift you cold get a video of the program, which we ordered.  3 younger men with an orchestra & chorus.  It was an idea of one man who searched for 3 tenors who would blend & work together   He made a good choice.  They are very personable & came across to the audience very well.  I usually send a gift of money so I did it this way this year.  I know we'll enjoy it.

Tues. after supper, Mar. 25

Another day is soon over & I'm in the L.R. watching "This Old House" & drinking my coffee.

Today we had our study at church followed by a pot luck.  Then we went grocery shopping.

This wasn't Barb's day.  She has been walking for exercise, to Bert's.  On the way home by Market & Third, she tripped & fell flat on her face.  She said why couldn't I have fallen when there wasn't any traffic.  She wasn't hurt.  Later she was making a smoothie & when she went to pour it into a glass it leaked out & made a little puddle.  Then, after it was in the glass, she decided she didn't mix it enough. She put it back, turned i ton & when she went to pour it, it spilled again.  She had 2 messes to clean up. We both had a good laugh.

Late in the aft. we had some rain & it continues.  I'm hoping tomorrow will  be rainless as I'd like to go to the bank & post office. Otherwise I'll do it on Fri.

Just got a phone call so I have something more to write about.  It was Rick Moore from church.  They are planning cottage meetings to invite members who aren't regulars in their attendance to come to the mtgs to become more informed in what is going on .  And they need homes to meet in & that was the crux of the call.  I said I'd be willing.  It won't be til the end of May or between the 15-30th.  They would have a brief Bible Study followed by a discussion of the mission of St. Paul.  I'd be responsible to send out prepared invitations & follow up if there was no response.  And I'd serve coffee & a dessert or the like.  So we'll see what happens.  There will be a mtg of the hosts & hostesses to instruct us, etc.  It is hard to refuse.

Wed the 26th

This A.M. I walked over town -- to the post office, to the bank, to the library, then home.  I put the money for Apr. in various envelopes -- food, hair, spend, etc.  After lunch I made a pie crust for strawberry pie for tomorrow.  Then I tried an oatmeal cooky recipe from the new "Taste of Home".  I' enjoying one now with a cup of coffee.  They are good.  Also made the choc. surprise cooky again.  It's getting to be a habit.

Oh, yes, before lunch I made a potato salad to go with hamburgers tonite.  And the kitchen is all cleaned up!

I started a couple of chapters of "Summer in Tuscany" by Elizabeth Adler & it will be a good one to read.  The other book is by an author new to me -- "Misfortune" by Nancy Geary.  It takes place in Southhampton, N.Y.  In "real" life the author "was a prosecutor for the Criminal Bureau of Mass. Attorney General's Office."  Sounds interesting     This is her first book & she is working on her 2nd, most likely published by now.

Thurs A.M. & it's beautiful.  Walked to Baker's Cleaners to pick up a sweater & slacks.  The weekend doesn't sound so good -- only in the 20's.  Hope they are wrong.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Artwork by Eddie Nelson

Yesterday I was up early due to a runny nose & cough & didn't want to make a lot of noise.   I sat in the chair with the afghan.  At 6:15 the telephone rang and it was the hospital.  Bert hadn't answered her phone.  So I woke Barb up & she called Bert & she answered.  The phone rang twice but when Bert answered no one was there.  Later in the day Bert called to apoliage make an apology (spelling wouldn't come) for waking me up early but I told her I'm an early rise.  She has this call to make sure she is OK.

I didn't feel good all day Sat, -- nose ran all day. But I did manage to make a batch of cookies & made chicken & spag. for dinner.  Was in bed by 9 pm.  Today I feel fine.  Dale had a headache Sat.

Today Christopher Darling was baptized.  H is wife's mother Roxie Sasserson (daughter Kristen).  They have a girl Emma and the baby Ian.  A big group of relatives in church.

You have a very active library with activities for all ages.  That is great.

Now that warmer weather is on the way -- hit the 60s Sat. & will today -- which job on your list comes first.  You'll be kept busy with what you hope to accomplish.

Rose S. was in church today & she said she has swelling in her legs & that isn't good.

We went to Jamestown last Fri. -- no school so Barb didn't have to pick Scott up after school.  We had lunch at Red Lobster.  I got a pair of light blue summer slacks at Bon Ton & a top to go with it at Sears.  I didn't plan to buy anything, but I couldn't resist the slacks & then I need a top that matched the color.  Excuses, excuses!

On Sun. aft. LeRoy Schneck has a radio program of oldies & since there is nothing that interests me on TV, I'm enjoying some old tunes.

Mon. A.M., the 17th

I'm taking a time out.  I've been up & down the attic stairs to put away some winter clothes & take down supp summer things.  (Guess I was thinking of food.)  Reason -- the bats come back sometime in Mar. & they like our attic, but I don't like them.  We should look for light coming thru & put foam there.  Just looking I can't see anything.  I should hire a House Detective (H&G) & see what should be done before "you guys" sell it.  I know there will have to be a railing by the attic stairs -- it would be very handy for me now.  Maybe I'll suggest it to Dale.

Wed. A.M. Mar 19

I'm glad I'm not in Denver with the blizzard the state is having.  Everything is closed down. The Weather Channel keeps us informed.

Mr. Collins is a real nut -- he sweeps the road in front of his house to the other side edge. He doesn't care about the traffic.  And he was moving his backyard already & the grass isn't green yet or even growing.  And his equipment is so loud.

Scott told Barb he would like 12 of the choc. surprise cookies I make.  They are his favorite now.  He'd like them for his July birthday.  Every time I make them Barb brings him a couple. At least he'll have memories of homemade cookies.

The snow (piled up mounds) is just about gone.  And much faster due to the warm weather. Rain is predicted but I don't think it will mean flooding.  The creek isn't that high.

I can hear Barb moving around so I'd better get busy before I lose my ambition. It's easily lost!  Later.

I washed the floor this A.M., started dinner rolls, made a good lunch for Dale.  Why -- because yesterday I forgot all about it being Dale's long day at work & didn't fix a good lunch & forgot an extra snack, which he added himself.  Made up for it today.  After cleaning up after lunch, I made a batch of choc. cookies, then formed my rolls.  While they were raising, I baked the cookies.  Then the rolls.  Now the rolls are in the freezer, the cookies frosted & put away.  And I'm enjoying a cooky & coffee.  Too bad you're not closer.

The other aft. there was a smell in the laundry area.  I smelled the sponges, my basket of leaflets, & even the rug around the toilet.  No odor.  Finally I smelled the drain in the tub. That was the culprit.  Put in soda & vinegar followed by boiling water & that did the trick. When I told Dale about ti, he said if the pipe dries out you get the gas odors so I must be sure that I put water in it as we don't use it that much.  The sink was put in when we moved here as then we had a suds saver washing machine.

Thurs. Mar. 20

Well we are at war & all the networks are covering it so I don't get to see my soaps.  But I can turn to Hallmark TV & watch 2 hrs of Perry Mason.  I'm watching Fox TV & it is interesting to hear what is & will happen.  I don't know how much they really know.

We didn't get our Warren paper this A.M.  I called the newspaper but still no paper.  With the former owners I could depend upon our paper to come 15 min. after I called.  We don't have a very reliable paper boy.  And the USA wasn't in the mail either.  It's not my day newspaper-wise!  They drive the paper & I suppose the war news held it too late to be delivered on time.

I'm enjoying TV & have covered all the news I know or can remember!\

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday, March 8, 2003

Jack and Boxer, at peace

This is Dale's A.M. to work til 12 noon so I was up early.  Made a coffee cake & worked on my puzzle.  It is only 10:20 A.M. & it seems like a long A.M.  So I'll start a letter to do something different.

Today's paper showed another person running for County Commissioner making the total 15 so far!  (19 now.)  Many want to oust the present men as they are not well liked because of their deeds.  A part time job with a good salary.  I wonder what the job qualifications are.  Notoro from Clarendon, who is 87, will run as a write-in.  He has never won an election but keeps trying.  He probably can't produce enough names for the petition.  Only 4 will be nominated.  2 from each party.

You've probably noticed that the people in Tidioute are upset because students 9-12 grades will attend Youngsville Hi next fall.  Some refused to make out their classes for Sept.  More fun, more letter to the editor.

The library is upset (my thoughts go ahead of my hand) because finances will be cut 50% due to the passage of the 1st part of the Gov. budget.  If they aren't opened enough hours they will lose $80,000.  And they can't run it on less money.  This is all due to the Rep. who surprised the Dem. by calling for a vote with no discussion.  They are in the majority so it's all politics!  Naturally is passed.  Each trying to outwit the other.  Why am I so eager to read the paper very morning.  The gov. might veto it.

It's a beautiful day before another cold spell due next week.  Barb plans to wash the van & I'm sure Dale sill stay past noon to wash his Blazer.  The car washes should be busy today.  It gives one a real lift to see the sun & the tempts climb into the high 40's.

Barb is counting calories & I've become more calorie conscious when I read how many calories are in my favorite snacks.  So I'm trying to be more careful because it is so easy to watch the scale climb higher.

Mon. A.M., Mar. 10

Lar called to tell me that Mike B. called him, after getting a call from John, Paula's husband, (finally) to tell him Carey's sold their house.  But Lar is to sound surprised when Mr. Carey calls to tell him. Lar is happy as he won't do yard work for the new owner.  Dale just started using the garage so he'll have to stop now.  Carey's will have to come home earlier as I'm sure the new owners will want to move in as soon as possible.

Had a couple of very ripe bananas & didn't want to make ban. bread so I tried a banana bar recipe from the St. Paul cook book -- Evelyn Bergland's recipe.  Tried a small sample &^ it's good.  I'll bring some to Bible Study, for coffee & sandwiches, tomorrow.

Eddie's latest Lego creation

Wed. Mar. 12

Bert got a carbon monoxide meter for her house & it started beeping.  Barb is upset about working there.  Bert said she couldn't do anything about it as she had to get ready to go out to lunch.  But she did call to have the furnace checked -- the other reason would be the water heater but that is only 2 years old.

Barb mentioned Andy will be 15 1/2 Marc 15.  Does that mean he will want to start driving, getting a permit, etc.  Does it mean a few more gray hairs!!  Or does it mean a 3rd car in your driveway?  Fun days ahead.

I got an invitation to Beth Darling's wedding & reception Apr. 5th.  I don't care to go alone but I'll send a card & a gift of money.  The 3rd wedding for that family.  All kids will be married.

Bert is going to NYC the end of the month to get her taxes done.  Legally she is a resident of New York & is taxed according to N.Y. laws.  When she is gone we hope to go to Erie & the Mall.

Bert gets a new furnace tomorrow Thurs.

Red-cheeked, out of breath, Eddie heads for the bench to take a break

Thurs. A.M.

We have snow showers but I got the garbage out early & missed it.

Back to Careys -- they will live in Fla. & move their furniture down there until they decide where they want to live.  Philly or Buffalo area.

We think spring is coming!

We played dominoes & chicken scratch (is that it) with Min & Lila & it was fun.

I'll add a P.S.

Tonite Kim told us she hasn't been feeling or sleeping well.  She has an irregular heart beat, as many people do, but it happens every minute or minute and a half.  She can feel it, also.  The blood test showed nothing bad.  Sat. she will wear some sort of a vest to check her heart.  The Dr. hasn't been able to find any cause.  Once he finds out I'm sure she'll have some medication.  You can tell she is very concerned.  The Dr. said to lay off wine & drink decaf.  I didn't know about it but my coffee is weaker & she had 2 cups.  Next week I'll have decaf.  Slow up on the exercise as well.  She likes to lift weights at the Y.  Also when she had a blood test it was hard to get blood for 3 vials.  Just wanted to let you know what is going on in the family.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sunday, March 2, 2003

I've been watching golf with Tiger vs. David Thoms.  They are on the 35th hole & Tiger is 1 up.  It's been a good game.  Yesterday we were disgusted -- the TV went off in the aft., came on for about 15 min. & then off again.  And golf was coming on.  We didn't get it back til close to 10 pm!  By then it was bedtime.  It was so quiet -- Barb watched a video & Dale did also.  I worked on my puzzle.

Another quiet day & not because Dale is that noisy.  He went to Ohio today with Craig Williams who also works at Shults.  They went to a tool sale.  So I didn't make a meal.  He left at 6:45 A.M. & at 7:15 pm, he isn't home yet.  It has started to snow a bit.  Craig must be about your age.  He married young and is now a grandfather.  He's a nice fellow.

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown & ate lunch at Red Lobster.  Barb had her favorite meal but the luncheon size or portion.  I had fish.  All I bought was a mattress pad for Dale's bed.  With the thicker mattress the old covers don't really fit, & don't stay on that well.

Do you recall the Bob Bensons?  Their son Keith's daughter was baptized today.  They live in Pittsburgh but haven't settled on a church there.  Can't remember if one daughter was your age.  They, Benson's, had 2 girls & 2 boys.

Thanks for the picture of Andy.  He looks different -- his hair is darker.  It is just hard to believe he is growing up.  When I think of you & Lar in the 50s & Barb getting close, that is hard to believe as well.

Tues. Mar. 3rd

Last Sun. Dale called about 8 pm saying they would be late coming home due to an accident on 80 & bad roads.  They had been in the area of Canton, Ohio, to an opening of a new tool place, that was very large.  He enjoyed the day but not the weather.  They got home about 10:30 pm.

Last nite Dale told me Sam asked to borrow 50.00  Payday is tomorrow & Sam had to make a payment at the jewelry store.  He is suppose to have given Nancy an expensive engagement ring.  His friends think he has blinders on when it comes to Nancy.  It will be her 4th marriage, drinks like a fish & has had so many men in her life.  Nothing but a slut but they say "love is blind" & it must be.  No one thinks it will last.

Warren also called Sun. nite.  H e has a 9:30 appt. this A.M. at Warren Dental Arts & they wanted me to go to lunch with them.  This is Dale's long day & I like to give him a good lunch.  Barb made chili so he'll have a bowl of chili & a sandwich.  He gets 1/2 hr. off so if he's hungry he could go to Arby's for a sandwich.  Can't give up a lunch date with friends.

We woke up to more snow & no spring is in sight this week.  Alaska would like the snow we've gotten.

Late aft. Tues.

Had a good visit with Warren & Anna.  We went to Perkins & they had a new fish menu.  Anna & Warren ordered fish dinners & I had a fish sandwich & the fish was very good.  Soon they leave on a 2 week trip to visit New England relatives.  They are on the go all the time.  Anna is doing fine & you can tell Warren is losing weight -- his fat tummy has gone down a lot.  I think Anna's heart attack frightened him into losing weight.  He exercises by walking but the weather is such Anna can't do much walking outside.  Ted & Warren are doing much better than their wives.

I don't make good meatball but I tried again as we're having spaghetti & meatballs for supper.  I know my mother always used a mixture of beef & pork & sometimes veal but it is hard to find a mixture today.  That's when there were butchers to serve you.

Thurs. aft. Mar. 6

Got your letter today & I got another nice laugh of your explanation of the cats using the chairs for a bathroom.  Barb kept me informed on Bert's cats, who also soiled her chairs.  But they went outside & waited til 11 pm to want to go out & then would return at 6 A.M.  Bert stayed up to let them out & got up at 6 A.M. to let them in!  That is why Barb didn't like to sleep overnite -- that & a poor bed to sleep on.

I made a banana cream pie this A.M. & it looks delicious.  I scraped the pan so I know it tastes good.

I'm using a new recipe for making a corn pudding tonite.  It calls for a pkg. of corn muffin mix & French onion sour cream mix.  Both corn & creamed corn.  Hope it's good.  Having salmon & a piece of halibut for Dale who doesn't like salmon.

The cover of the latest Bon Appetit has a lemon layer cake that Barb said I could make for her birthday.  The brown sugar apple crisp with vanilla ice cream is different in that you add an egg yolk & 1 t. soda to the topping  Just noticed an interesting marinade for salmon. but it should marinate 2 hrs. & it's 4 pm now.  Then there is a cucumber sauce for it.  Have to try it another time.

Larry had to "earn" his dinner tonite -- he worked out my state tax and gave Dale a haircut.

P.S. to Barb's comments on Bert's cats.  They would come in at 10 pm & then want to go out at 2 A.M., coming in at 6 A.M. & Bert would do all that for them.  She misses cats but not the getting up, etc.  Had it wrong in the previous paragraphs.

We got a couple of inches of snow today.  Will it ever end -- will spring ever come.  More snow next week.