Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, May 4, 2003

I was glad to hear your library expansion is going forward. It will be a busy but rewarding time for you.  It reminds me of Dad's building program at St. Paul.  The reading room sounds so cozy.  I'm happy for you & for your library.

They announced this A.M. that on May 18th a pastor couple will be in our area.  The wife will preach in Sheffield-Ludlow parish & our committee will go to Sheffield to hear her.  The pastor to be for Warren & Sheffield committee will come to Warren. Soon after I'm sure the woman will preach in Warren so we can hear her.  I can only remember her first name Beth.  That's all they said about the.  Pastor Nancy preached today & she is so goo. We will miss her.  We'll be lucky if the pastor we get will be just as good.

My poor Mets!  They lost last nite's game & now Milwaukee is ahead 2-0.  It's only the 4th inning so there is hope.  I'm rooting for a loser.  Surprise me Mets & turn it around!

It is nice to hear how well Andy is doing in pitching for his team. Too bad Middleton is so far away.  You are lucky you can arrange your schedule so you can see Andy pitch.

WOW the Mets just got a grand slam & lead 4-2.  Now I can smile!

Wed. May 7th

We went to Erie today.  We stopped at Target on the way in & we sure like Target a lot.  We spent some time there filling our cart.  Then we went to The Olive Garden.  I enjoyed minestrone soup, bread sticks & a dessert.  Tarisumi (I tho't I memorized the correct spelling but I'm not sure).  It was delicious but very rich.  Barb had salad & a pasta dish.  Next the Mall.  Penney's where I only found a girdle.  Then to Kaufman's & I got a pretty sweater set. A delicate pink & the shell has a crocheted inset in the front neck.  Barb found a pretty deeper pink lined crocheted top.  Floral stitch -- very pretty.  Then Sears & I'm finding more styles to my liking at Sears.  Found a light & medium blue print button down the front skirt.  Just the style I like & nice material.  A deeper plain blue top to wear with it & 2 more tops.   One will be more for Fall as it is a deep brick red.  The other is a print I saw at Sears, Lakewood, NY Mall.  So I spent a little money today (all on sale) to help the economy!  It is not always that I find things I like to I took advantage of the situation.  It was fun.

Quality had small lobsters on sale so I got some & they will be added to the Sun. dinner menu.

We have one warm day & then they disappear.  It has gotten dry so the rain we hare having is appreciated.  We wore a jacket today.  Next time we go to Erie Target will be our first stop.

I'm not sure if I told you this -- a menu idea.  I got sliced roast beef (cooked-deli) & you heat it up in beef bouillon & serve it on buns with juice for dipping.  It's easy & good.  I'm fixing french fries for Dale now.  And I fixed salads.

Thurs. May 8

I made a lemon meringue pie for dessert & it is so good.  Sample it in the aft. plus a piece at dinner.

Last week Dale had a seizure & we told him he had to see a Dr.  Kim's friend said not many Dr. are taking new patients but recommended a new to the area Dr. & Dale saw him this aft. He has to have some blood tests & got a prescription for medication . He has to take 3 capsules before bedtime.  Barb said when the blood test she took -- when she gets them back she plans to call Dr. Strassburg for an appt.  They are at an age when they should have a Dr. to be a patient.  Lar & Kim go to their Dr. friend.

Tonite Lar & Dale helped Mr. Carey take a room air conditioner out of the attic.  They have to be out by the 29th.  They also plan a household sale, but first a van will come & take the furniture they want to save.  So soon we'll have new neighbors.

Between the showers, I walked to CVS to get prescription filled.

Son bedtime so I'll say good night.

Enjoyed that computer incident at the library.  Got a laugh out of it.

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