Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, February 23, 2003

The topic here is the weather & how long winter has been & all the snow.  More snow today & cold weather.  Better next Fri. & Sat. & then another cold wave!  But we're talking about going to Jamestown on Fri. so I hope it does warm up a bit.

I'm watching golf in sunny & warm Calif.

Back to last Fri. with Benson's.  One of our group, Sig & Carol Decker from Kane, haven't been with us for awhile due to Carol's illness.  She has dementia & it has gotten worse.  Pat saw them in the grocery store & Carol just had a blank look.  I sure hope they can find something to help Alzheimers.  I keep wondering how Gen will take it when she will have to go into a home for more care.  Pat felt bad for her.  Carol.

They announced this A.M. that starting Mar. 15, we will have a new organist.  She has subbed for us & knows the Luth. service.  It will be so nice to have the organ.  Just hope the next good news will be a new pastor.

Finished my puzzle & started another.  This one has a lot of colored flowers so it will be hard.  But I'm in no rush.  Too hard so I started another one.

Barb looked over some of her clothes & has 2 big bags to be given to the Salvation Army.  I should do the same.  They say if you don't wear something for a y ear or so get rid of it -- they are just taking up space in the closet.  The only thing for  me -- sometimes I wish I still had a blouse I gave away.  My closet is too crowded.  I can't resist a bargain!  Sometimes they don't  turn out to be bargains -- I get carried away by the price.

Betty Casey told me today the USA would be at war this week.   She listens to an evangelist who was using Bible passage to prove his point.  It said so sin the Bible!  You can prove many things by taking Bible verses out of context.  Also did you know JoAnna is a Biblical name.  In the 3rd chapter of Luke:  "Joanna, whose husband was an officer in Herod's court...." was a follower of Jesus.  The Jo and Anna aren't separated.

I really had a good laugh when I read your letter concerning the -- what do you call them, a nose razor? It was so funny & I could imagine the situation in my mind.  Dad had such an implement & I still have it & use it at times.  Mine is a Remington make.

Mon. Feb 24

More snow & enough to shovel.  Lar was at Carey's & Dale is shovelling our walks.  Erie was having snow as well & has 125" & if it keeps snowing in March, they could pass their high mark of 150".

Got a note from Gen.  They now have a P.O. box number & John picks up the mail.  I'm sure he can keep better track of bills, etc. this way.  You could tell this letter wasn't Gen of past years.

Wed Feb 26 -

It was 3 at 6 A.M.  We are living thru a history-making period, weatherwise.  The big cities have high snow levels & low temps.  Andy & Eddie can tell their children about the snows of '03!  And the lack of snow in Wis.

Just finished a note to Gen to tell her I got the change of address.

Also made out my needs for Mar.  Fri after I get my hair done, I'll go to the bank for my monthly withdrawal.

The church makes out financial sheets & I noticed I didn't pay my pledge in full.  After checking I realized I had increased it by 5.00 but when Jan '02 came around I hadn't remembered.  So for 14 months I owed money  So I'll ad some each month to make it up.  The Lord has been good to me so it's only right to reflect that in my giving.

Someone was looking at Carey's house this A.M.

Last Sun nite H&G had a House Hunters, USA, showing buyers in New York City, San Fran. & New Orleans.  I liked it.

Thurs 27th

Had a letter from Millie yesterday. Linda was home for a weekend & they took Gen out to lunch, then to Filene's where she bo't a pair of shoes.  Millie said "I hope she will wear them."  To get out of the house Millie takes the bus to the Holyoke Mall.  Nice that she can get there but I'm sure she has to transfer along the way.  No buses go by Gen's house so she is stranded.  Maybe it's just as well as she could forget which bus to get home.  I'm glad I can still walk to get my hair done; to the library & bank.  Just waiting for nicer weather.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saturday, February 16, 2003

Wisconsin Library Association members meet with Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton

The snow was south of us so we just have the cold weather.

This A.M. I made an apple pie & started veg. beef soup.  Both tasted very good.  Figured soup would go with the cold weather.

Mentioned I was to see the Dr. yesterday & all is well.  See Dr. McNett in 4 months.  Barb didn't feel good Fri. A.M. so I walked to get my hair done.  9 degrees but I bundled up & the sun was out.  Walked home from the Dr's visit so I got some exercise.

When I got home I acted on an idea in my mind.  Called Joyce O'Connor & asked if she'd be interested in watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with me.  She said yes, & then asked her to come for dinner. Fixed chicken, baked pot, broc., fruit salad & the leftover cherry dessert.  We had a great visit as we haven't seen each other for some time.  She exercises (walking) at the Y & a couple of the men walkers have made passes at her.  She said why are the married men the ones attracted to me.  When first widowed she wouldn't have minded dating.  She was in her late 40's when Dugey died & he was 51.  But now she isn't interested.  She is so funny talking about her experiences.  We both enjoyed the movie & had some good laughs.  I'll watch it again.  I had 2 Greek girlfriends in high school & they talked about their experiences & both spoke Greek.

Barb didn't come downstairs til noon today & spent the day in her p.j.'s.  As I was enjoying my dessert, after all was cleaned up, she came down dressed to go to BiLo.  She wanted grapes & I had a list of her.

Glad your Legislative Day turned out to be a success.  Guess Mother Nature is an Independent!

Bet it made you think of spring when you attended the Garden Expo.

No school on Mon.  Pres. Day.  But they will miss one of the days over Memorial Day due to a snow day Wed. last.  The first one in spite of our winter.

All for now.  Started a new puzzle so I'll work on that for awhile.

Oh I tho't of something.  Sam's ex wife's house burned down early last Thurs A.M.  At 2:30 A.M. she called Same & his latest gal answered the phone & wondered why she was calling Sam.  But Sam & his ex have a good relationship & when he was without a gal, he would be with her.

We enjoyed golf & watching Tiger play after a lay off.  He's on top as of Sat. nite.

Tues. the 18th

Thanks Andy & Eddie for my valentine.

We really have snow piled high but not as much as the Eastern big cities.  We got about 5-6 inches.  Lots to shovel.

Yesterday there was no school because of the holiday.  Today they had a 2 hour delay.

The main roads are clear so we were able to go to the Mall & get groceries.

Last Fri. when I walked by Beaty in the aft. I saw my first robin.  He's waiting for spring just like everyone else.

Gen called the other nite.  Next summer they'll have to get a new roof & paint the house.

We've gotten some good strawberries at the store.  From Calif.  I remember Andy loves strawberries.

I'm at the kitchen table, looking out the window at the snow piles on the fir trees.  One looks like a little lamb the way it settled on the branches.

When we looked at a window for over the kitchen sink, I would have like the kind you described you'd like.  It would have been more expensive but I've regretted I didn't push for it.

Too bad we aren't closer with Lar & Dale experienced in brick laying.  They did a nice job here but it was a big job.  (Pat & Ted commented on it again today, Thurs.)

This A.M. Bette Davis was on the Perry Mason show.  She was the lawyer while Perry was "sick" (probably on vacation) & it was good to see her again.  She was a great actress.

Thurs. evening the 20th.

This A.M. Ted Benson called & asked if they could take me out to lunch.  Of course I said yes.  They picked me up at 12:30 & we went to Perkins.  Pat said she had cabin fever & wanted to get out.  We had a nice visit & I didn't get home til 3pm.  Just in time for Perry Mason.  Pat & Ted were going to the Mall after they took me home.  I had pork loin tonite. Made the applesauce yesterday and a pecan pie this A.M.  Also made dinner rolls yesterday as well as a batch of cookies.  So things were under control so I could go out this aft.  We hadn't been together since last Nov.  So we had a lot to talk about.

When Kim was walking Torey he stepped in a puddle that had gasoline in it.  Kim didn't realize it until they smelled the gasoline.  They washed his paws but the smell still lingered so they were going to wash him again.

I didn't wear boots today as the sidewalks & roads were clear.  It was lovely to have it a little warmer & the sky was so blue.  BUT snow & colder is forecast for the weekend & colder temps.

Guess I've covered activities for this time.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday, February 10, 2003

Last Sat. Barb took Bert & her friend Laura to the Lakewood Mall.  Laura also has money, lives in Hawaii & visits in Warren.  Her husband is dead & he was originally from Warren.  They had lunch at The Red Lobster & Barb had the best meal ever.  Salmon with Cajun spices & shrimp on top of the salmon.  She said it was so good.  Bert doesn't drive anymore & they were so appreciative that Barb took them.  In fact Laura wants to visit Alaska & asked Barb to go with her.  Barb isn't interested as she wouldn't care to be with Laura that much.

This aft. Barb called for reservations for the reunion.  They said they reserved the 3rd floor for the reunion.  Will be nice to be together.

This A.M. I had a blood test as I see the Dr. on Fri the 14th.  Barb took me over & I walked home.  The walk wasn't that bad as I was bundled up.  I had to fast for the test -- that was the hardest part -- had to wait to eat breakfast til after 9 A.M.  Made myself oatmeal & it tasted so good.

I'm working on a jigsaw puzzle.  It is coming together pretty good.  Still haven't started my second book from the library.

I'm trying to plan dinners & it's a tough job.  Never know what to have in spite of all my cook books & magazines.

Now it's Wed. pm.  We can't seem to escape the snow & cold weather, but they say conditions should change soon & it can't be too soon for me.

Last nite we had baked fish and scalloped potatoes   Some pot. were left over so I had them tonite with a slice of ham.  I'll fix oven fires for Dale to be served at 7 pm.

Tomorrow we'll celebrate Valentines with steak & baked potatoes.  Made a favorite dessert.  Graham cracker crust, cream cheese mixture over the crust & topped with cherry pie filling.  Easy to make & one the family likes.

I got the video My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I'm waiting til Fri. nite to view it.  Sheila saw it at the Library Warren Theater downtown & she said she wants to get the video.  She missed some of the dialogue because of all the laughter.

I finished my puzzle with only 1 piece missing.

Do you know the answer to crossword puzzle with 5 spaces.  Prayer Wheel priests.  I looked in the big dictionary to find it -- it is in the Buddhist religion so the answer is LAMAS.  I'll remember that & I learned it by looking for the answer.

Thurs A.M. the 13th.

Barb went with Bert to see about a wig.  There was one Barb tho't looked nice on Bert & she ended up buying it.  It was layered with highlights.  When she got home Bert wasn't sure she liked it & Barb wondered if she had talked her into it so it was Barb's fault.  Last Sat when they went to Jamestown Bert wore it & both Barb & Laura like it on Bert.  Sat nite Bert went out to dinner with friends & they raved about the new wig.  Hearing that made Barb feel better & of course it made Bert happy.

Bert was asked to speak to a group & tell of her experiences in the business world but she refused.  She tells Barb some stories & Barb said she should write down some of her experiences.  One time in NYC she was going to a special dinner & she had cut her hand & it was bandaged.  She didn't want to wear gloves to cover it so she put sequins on it. People tho't it was so clever & the next day she had 5 job offers & that led her to being in an ad agency with a responsible job for a woman at that time.  She is 87 now.  It was a man's world then & she made her way to the top.  And she is a member of a long time Warren family so she would have a lot of interesting things to tell.  It would be interesting if she would do it for the historical society.

Tomorrow I see the Dr.  Hope it warms up a bit.

Not much going on here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

I'm watching Perry Mason -- I really enjoy these series.  I'm also having a cup of coffee & a dinner roll.  This A.M. I made 2 batches of cookies & started dinner rolls   I always have to sample my baking.  Also baked a pie crust -- plan to make a lemon meringue pie Thurs A.M.

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown & I did some shopping.  A pair of slacks at Bon Ton & got the good sales at Penney's.  A pretty blue sweater -- zips up, has a collar.  It was 44.00 & I paid 14.49.  A blue shirt style top in a soft polyester -- 44.00 & I paid 14.49.  Barb saw some dressier blouses on sale & I got an off white shirt style for 5.00.  Then we went to Davidson's for their fish fry & it was so good.  Barb knew I liked Davidson's so we went there even tho she prefers the Red Lobster.  It was a nice outing.

Last Sun. Ken Lundahl & wife Nancy were in church.  Nancy's brother's baby was being baptized.  He is married to Kellie Gustafson Moore Carlson.  Nancy & Ken being Jeff's brother were invited.  Both sides had a large group in church so it was nice to see a larger group in church.  I talked with Ken L & he seemed very happy to visit old friends.  He asked about the family, etc  I remember Dad visiting the Carlson's several times but they never were interested in coming to church.  Kellie is active at church & Jeff comes with her sometimes.  Dad would have been happy.  Excuse the cross outs -- I mixed things up. 

Back to the blue sweater.  When I got home & examined the sweater, I noticed the bar thing, that keep one from stealing, was on it & it never made a noise when we walked out.  It didn't work when we went thru Sears either.  So I'll have to take it & the sales slip back for them to remove it.  Barb plans to take Bert & Bert's friend to Jamestown, so she will go to Penney's & get it off.

Mon. we went to the library & I got 2 books.  Started reading right away Riptide by Catherine Coulter & finished it on Tues.  It was so good.  Haven't started Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy yet, but it sounds good.  Glad to be reading again.

We got 3" of snow overnite.  Barb did some shoveling last nite & this A.M.  Our neighbor plowed this A.M.  Guess I'm not in a thinking mood considering my letter writing.

I'm making a stove top Beef Mac & cheese.  Dale likes that type of meal & so do I because it's easy.  It's from my Quick Cooking book.

Forgot to mention that on Sun. the pastor said there would be 5 more baptisms coming up. That sounds good for future S. S.

Thurs. nite.

Dishes are done & I'm going to have a 2nd piece of pie. Barb didn't want any.  Lar took a piece home & there is one for Dale.  It came out good.

Last Thurs. when Kim left to go to BiLo she took s left turn onto Conewango.  She didn't notice a car pulled over by the police.  She tho't glad it's not me.  As she drove toward Penna. Ave. she noticed police lights behind her.  She stopped, he stopped. She was going 41 M.P.H. in a 25 mi. zone.  (Although Lar & Dale don't think it is a 25 mph zone) so she got stopped.  5th Ave. from the high school & parts of Conewango were part of a stopping for speeding zone.  Kim was disgusted & it cost her $129.00.  She gave him her 2 cents worth. She was going to tell everyone that they are cracking down on speeding.  Barb said she is going to be more careful.  Kim admits she has a heavy foot on the pedal. They caught about a dozen speeders in an hour.  They must need more money.  The fine is a hefty one.  They always print in the paper when they have a D.U.I stoppage but nothing about this crackdown.

Soon time to get ready for bed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday, January 6, 2003

This would have been our 57th anniversary.

It is another snowy day with enough snow to shovel.  Our neighbor Dan N. is clearing our walks.  We are lucky.  Guess I'll have to make rolls or cookies as a thank you.  Started rolls today as tomorrow is Bob's birthday & he & Scott love them.  Watched 2 Perry Mason stories on Hallmark TV.  At 4 there will be Murder She Wrote on A&E.  Then football.  We're having steak, baked pot., salad & pumpkin pie.

Bert took her cat to the vet as it was sick & throwing up all over the rugs.  It has aids plus other problems & should be put to sleep.  Bert didn't expect that & is very unhappy.  It will be sometime during this coming week.  The other cat ran away & never came back.  It also has ringworm & the vet told Bert she should boil her sheets.

Viola Seaquist was having dizzy spells & when Brian (grandson) came home from work, he called 911 & she was taken to the hospital.  That was Tues. & she stayed til Fri.  She can't go out in this weather but  Elsie Y. said she is doing OK.  Naturally she has to take medication now.  Brian came back from Calif & a failed marriage & lives with his grandma & works at Blairs.

Just made your marinade sauce & put the steaks in it.  I copies that recipe but never did your secret hamburgers recipe & I'm sure you wrote some of the ingredients some time back.  I usually add Worcestershire or steak sauce, onions, Salt & pepper when I make them.

In church this A.M. they announced we will have an organist twice a month starting in Feb.  Don't know who it is.  Not too many to call on in our small area.

Cindy DiChano is active in the Historical Society & at church they found some old pictures & gave them to the historical society so St. Paul is in Jan Stepping Stones, using old pictures & the bios that Cindy has been doing.  She had copies to buy & I got one.  Didn't you subscribe to Stepping Stones.  If not, I'll save it for you.  Just read thru Stepping Stones & it is most interesting.  Maybe I should become a member.

This past week when I awoke & looked t the clock it was (so I thought) it was time to get up.  I got things ready & it was 20 to what I thought was seven.  So I went up to see why Dale wasn't up.  Because, he said, it's only 20 to 6 A.M.  I misread the clock.  So I sat in the chair & dozed.  Yesterday I bo't a clock with larger numerals that are easier to see so that won't happen again.

Thurs. Jan. 30th

I'd better finish this letter as it gets mailed tomorrow.  We're having a turkey breast roast tonite & it is smelling so good.  BiLo had nice strawberries so I made a strawberry pie.

Tomorrow I go to the bank & get money for Feb. budget.  The months fly by.  We're planning to go to Jamestown as Barb doesn't have to pick Scott up.  We'll leave around 11 A.M. & eat lunch there.

The telephone rang Tues. nite at 9:45 pm but it stopped before I got there.  Figured it was Gen so I called back & she had called.  She doesn't realize the time but I was still watching TV.  She didn't want or say anything special.  She still talks about getting the Dr. permission to drive again.  I'm sure it will never happen.

One of the gals I worked with at Beaty, a widow & children not in Warren, has Alzheimer's & she is now at the former Penn Laurel as she can't take care of herself.

We had more snow this week & cold weather  Pittsburgh has had snow most every day in Jan. & the coldest winter since 1994.  I'm sure it is the same for us, only not as many snow days.

Better check my roast.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monday, January 20, 2003

Got your letter with the pictures.  Both JoAnna's parents look so good, esp. her Dad who went thru so much almost 2 yrs ago.  Especially like your family picture as it shows how the boys are growing.  I can see that Andy will soon be "looking down" on his Dad.  It's good of everyone.

The cold keeps coming -- I'm waiting for a Jan. thaw.  Maybe it will be in Feb.

Yesterday St. Paul had its annual meeting & all went well.  A German pastor & pastor wife were looking for a call while waiting for their green card.  They were willing to come to Warren & one of them going to Sheffield-Ludlow vacancy.  It was fine until they said they would want the 3 churches to become 1 parish.  That wouldn't work.  They can't even get Sheffield & Ludlow to combine even tho Ludlow members are very few.  No prospects in the future.

Did I mention I made a new cooky -- Surprise Brownie cooky (marshmallow surprise).  Barb brot some for Scott & Marisa only Scott ate Marisa's as well as his own.  He asked Barb for the recipe -- ti's his favorite now, & Barb just laughed as Lynn never bakes.  At least they know what homemade cookies are.  Dale doesn't like the marsh. addition so I baked a few less the marsh. & just a little frosting on his.  He likes iced brownies so he should like these.  He's getting them for his aft. treat!Yesterday I was disappointed the Phila Eagles didn't win but happy when Oakland won.  I'll be rooting for Oakland -- why -- I like the looks of their coach.  Looks like he'd be a nice man. I also think Gruden is nice but for some reason I like Oakland.  Good deductions for a winner-- yes!

Better check the dryer so I can put the flannel sheets back on Dale's bed.

What do you hear about Ruth.  Is she at the same place?  I haven't heard anything at all.

Forgot to mention concerning the annual met.  John Check kept his membership -- resigned because of personal reasons.  I wondered about the family.  The daughter was in the council for 1 year & she agreed to a new 4 year term & Jen & her mom were both at the mtg.  And Jen was active in starting a Young Mother's Club at church.  So that is a good sign as I see it.  We heard that Gary's salary, housing allowance, ins. retirement etc. amounted to $74,000.  And he wasn't satisfied.  Wonder if he ever had regrets over his resignation.  The amt. came up when some wondered how we could pay a pastor's salary & Marv Gustafson mentioned the salary & that we would probably pay a lesser wage due to his or her time in the ministry.  Maybe someone with 5 yrs experience.  That would be $50,000 plus a loan for a down payment on a home.  They started that when we were able to buy the parsonage.  I'm so glad Dad isn't here to see what happened at Church.  He'd be so disappointed.

Wed. Jan 22

We didn't go to the Mall or get groceries until yesterday.  First we went to the Mall & I found a nice bargain at Bon Ton -- a Liz Clairborn blouse for $19.99.  It had been $45.00.  It is cotton, pretty blue print with a ruffle front, shirt style & cuff. Hard to explain.  I'd had my eye on it & when it hit 20.00 I got it.  Hope ruffle fronts last awhile.

For a couple of weeks Barb couldn't find her glasses.  She looked all over.  I asked if she had looked between the cushions.  Yesterday while dusting the L.R. I remembered to look between the davenport cushions & there they were.  When I presented them to her, she said she never tho't to look there.  Often when she comes downstairs she sits on the davenport &we talk or watch TV together for awhile.  She must have taken them off & they slipped down.  Lost is found.

Back to the cooky -- gave 2 for Dale's aft. snack & later asked how he liked them.  He said he could have eaten 3 of them. So now I'll make 1 regular batch & one minus the marshmallows.  That's what parents do for their children (waffles vs. pancakes) even when one is 82 & still cosseting her children. Or should I say pampering?

Thurs. the 23rd

I bundled up when I put the garbage out this A.M.  And I still brave the cold basement to shower.  With the heater it warms the area up as well as the water steam. Not bad at all.

Yesterday Dale mentioned a fellow at work his age (45) pays for an under 18 child as a result of divorce.  He married again & she is 22 & wants 4 children.  Dale can't believe he'd want to start a family again.  Maybe after a baby or two, she'll change her mind.  Dale can't believe it.  If Dale ever marries, it will be because some one chased him & won't let him slip by.

Made a different dessert for dinner.  You cube angel food cake.  Put it in a sq pan.  Make a vanilla pudding (Jello) add 2 c. ice cream.  Mix & pour over cake.  Make strawberry jello, add frozen straw., pour over.  Let set.  It is easy & tasty.  Looks nice.

Lynn is sick today so Barb won't have to work this aft.  She'll work Fri. aft. instead.  Maybe I'll get ambitious & make banana bread & cookies Fri. aft.  I slow down the end of the week.

Called Rose yesterday.  She said Karen & her husband will be moving to New Hampshire.  It must be a different guy as she went to a vocational school.  Now they are living with her mother-in-law.  I can't imagine Karen accepting that.  I hate to be too nosy -- didn't ask if Karen is still working.  Mother-in-law speaks only French so Karen is brushing up on her high school French.  The divorce still upsets Rose.  She said who would want to be married 4 times.  The other thing that bothers is the Pres. Bush.  She has no use for him & what he is doing.  I keep away from politics.  Each to his own.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturday, January 11, 2003

We expected more snow Friday, yesterday, & we planned to go to Jamestown as soon as I got my hair done.  Luckily the snow held off til afternoon so we got our errands done & were home by 12:30.  I found a blouse on sale at Sears & a pair of shoes.  Barb found nothing but groceries she gets at Wegman's.

This has been a quiet day.  It was Dale's Sat. A.M. to work.  I had made 2 batches of cookies Fri. Aft. so I didn't bake today.  I did make 3 apple tarts waiting for Dale to come home for lunch.  He never leaves right at quitting time.  Barb came down this A.M. late & since I didn't go upstairs I didn't realize she didn't feel good, until she came downstairs about 5pm.

Dale left at 4 to go to Same B. to watch the Steelers game.  He'll eat there so I just fixed myself a chicken sandwich & had my apple tart.  Now I'm back to watching the game.  An exciting one.

Got your letter today.  Nice to see the programs.  I've never seen any similar programs before -- of big events such as for a gov.

Glad JoAnna got a job she'll enjoy.  It sounds like a lot of work to me.

When we talked about your possible job, Barb hoped you wouldn't take it.  She said the boys are still young & now you are close should there be an emergency.  With a different job you'd both be in Madison & maybe could get away.  I'm sure you were disappointed but things seem to work out for the best   At least you are not unhappy where you are & there is enough variety in your schedule to make it interesting.

Barb was also happy that the Big 10 made such a good showing in the bowl games.  Penn STate didn't make her very happy.

We got the new spring/summer Penney's catalogue but not too much in it interests us.  It is still fun to leaf thru it.

Tues A.M.

Yesterday I did the minimum work as I had an appt. for a perm in the aft.  It is good to have it cut & more curl.  Today I did the same as I'm going to Bible Study at church at 11 A.M.  Bathroom is cleaned & towels in the washing machine.  And Dale's lunch is ready.  I made beef -veggie soup yesterday so he'll have soup & a sandwich.  Unless it's his long Tues (not today) or I serve BLT. he always makes his own sandwich.

It is cold outside.  Yesterday Barb was able to take me to get my hair done & pick me up.  She said the walks were too icy.  I didn't object.

This aft. we'll get groceries.

Wed A.M. 15th

After Dale left I sat in my chair & slept for an hour.  Still dark at 7 A.M.  Now I'm listening to Warren's AM news.  Then get dressed.

Got another Bon Appetit & a lemon rice recipe sounds interesting.

Our temp 15.  The furnace keeps running but we are warm.

Leafing thru Penney's catalog I noticed the Emeril pots & pans.  The set looks very nice -- now I know what yours look like.

The Conewango Club rebuilding is looking good.  They have several columns on the Market St. entrance & it looks very nice.  Very colonial like & inviting.

We got good news -- Big K is not closing in the N. Warren Mall.  We didn't think it would as they have a good business flow.  Neither is the one in Jamestown. We wonder red about that as they never seem as busy.

Last nite the back door bell rang (already locked) & it was Lar & Torey.  Kim was at a mtg & when Lar walked Torey he headed Lar over here.  So we had a little visit after Torey had some treats.  It was cold so a brief warm up felt good.  When Tor comes without Kim  he always looks around to see if she is here.

I'd better get dressed & do a few chores like wash the floor.

Now it's Thurs A.M. 8:00 & I've showered -- in the basement shower & outside temp is 16 -- it wasn't cold with the elec. heater.  SO I'll finish this letter.  This Thurs. a banana pie is already in the fridge.  After I got breakfast ready & before I ate, I made the pie.  We're also having pork loin roast.  On Thurs. Dale can be sure of a good dinner.  He never complains.

It's 8:30 & Barb isn't up yet.  She sets her own schedule.

Lar & Kim are getting a lot of cross country skiing in.  Torey loves it.

Careys left for Fla. yesterday.  They'll leave the cold weather behind.  Dale can park his car in their garage while they are gone.

Oops -- almost forgot t his is garbage collection day so I got 5 min. of fresh air.  I bundled up as it is COLD!  But nice.  Notice the days are getting longer.

Don't have too many chores today.  The house stays straightened up -- I save my energy for getting dinner & cleaning up.  We usually sit an hour or so & talk.  Usually have H&G TV on for Weekend Warriors while I'm cleaning up.  I'm glad for the dishwasher.  I prefer my appliances to "the good old days".
Better get going but wanted to finish my letter.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday, January 6, 2003

Dale is at Sam B. watching the Steelers & they can't be too happy.  Cleveland is ahead & they are in the 4th quarter.  But hopes are high!

Freda Woodall, Bertha Nelson & Bernie Bloom died Wed, Sat. & this a.m.  Freda was 97, Bertha early 90s -- both ailing a long time.   Don't know Bernie's age.

We received another blow this A.M. in church.  John Check resigned as choir director & council member.  No reason.  He's been the glue holding things together.  Hope it's not illness or someone thinking he's taking too much upon himself.  Wonder what happens next.

Thanks, Andy, so much for the casserole holder you made.  I love it & needed another one to hold a hot casserole from the oven.  Your work is excellent.  I'm real proud to heave it.

I called Millie last nite.  She mentioned getting your letter & enjoyed hearing.  They have a lot of snow & she was plowed in.  Couldn't get out to get groceries. She finally got it cleared.  IT had frozen solid so you couldn't shovel it out.  When Linda was home during Christmas they went to see Gen.  She took them upstairs & when Ed built the addition it added 2 closets to their bedroom & Millie said she was surprised at the mess.  Gen never throws anything away.  The church has a fall bazaar & Millie was trying to get Gen to part with things but she won't.

Both Gen & John were sick over New Year's with the flu & it lasted 3 days.  The holidays weren't so nice for them.

And Gen's old Dr. died so Thurs the 9th she will see a new Dr.  I hope he can help a bit.  She has no interest in anything & if Millie questions her she says John takes care of things.

Mon. 4:30 pm.  I'm tired after a busy day of putting things away.  Just a few more things to go in the attic from Christmas.  Things are looking more normal now.  I hate too much clutter.

Started supper after lunch & I'm glad I did.  We're having beef & pork cubes over rice.  Sort of a chop suey.

Dale didn't get home for lunch til 1 pm.  He had to finish a job.  I wondered what happened as he usually calls if he's not coming.

I mentioned about the Santas we got at KMart on a Mon.  On Tues. Barb went back alone to get another Santa & on Tues. they have a senior citizen discount.  The cashier asked Barb is she was a senior citizen. That didn't go over too big.

What are your plans for spring break or will you be too busy to get away.

Were Albert & Cyndi home for Christmas?

Watching the Steelers win yesterday was too exciting.  I was sure they would be losers & then it happened -- keeping us on the edge of our chairs.  They won.  I'm sure you were unhappy when the Packers lost.  We watched the game.  And San Fran won in the closing minutes.  I was rooting for the N.Y. Giants.  Only 1 winner per game.  Too bad.

Last Sat. I made Danish & used my new pans & inserts & it worked so well.  Easy to clean & I needed only 2 pans for 1 batch & they wren't crowded.  I will really appreciate them.

Dale gave Barb a cookbook -- Cooking for Your Health -- for Christmas.  More of his bargains.  Kim tho't it looked interesting so last Sat. Dale got another one.  He's starting his shopping for Christmas early.

I lost my house key.  Noticed last Fri. they weren't in my purse.  I've looked everywhere -- also the car key & I don't know where else to look.  Will have to get on made.  Last Fri. Barb left the house opened as I'm back soon after she leaves.  Haven't checked the car yet.  Maybe they got dropped & I didn't realize it.  [Got one made.]

Wed A.M.

Have you recovered from the big night.  Bet it was a fun time.

Yesterday I got 2 pillows at KMart so I could sit up & see the TV better in bed.  I'm looking forward to watching baseball in bed.  What is it -- 7 or 8 weeks & spring training begins.

Mon & Tues were busy days so this will be an easy day.  Get garbage ready & easy things.  Decide on a dessert for tomorrow & a different way to fix chicken.

Thurs. A.M.  I found my keys.  Decided to look in my slack pockets & found them.  Have an extra house key if this happens again.  Don't usually put them there.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

I'm watching Washington beat Purdue 17-0 after the first quarter.

Last Thursday Barb & I went to the Mall & I got a red jacket type top & a navy cardigan on sale.  And a box of Christmas cards that were 21.00 for 7.00 including tax.  Some good deals.   Not much paper wrap left but plenty of decorations.  We went to the Mall again yesterday & got some pretty gold & silver balls for the tree & Barb got 2 Santas & I got one at KMart.  They are attractive ones.  All half price.

Our snow is melting fast due to warming & some drizzle.

Dale's back has been bothering him, so he decided to go to the chiropractor & got an aft. appt. today at 2:30 p.m.  He worked til 11 A.M. when they closed early for the holiday.

Our TV is changing channels.  Fox News has been channel 51, now is 75.  So we'll have to learn the new channels.  My TV isn't set up yet.  Dale hasn't cared to do it since he has a sore back.

 Barb & I went out to lunch at Holiday Inn a week ago Fri. the 27th & it was a failure for Barb & she likes to go there.  She had the Caesar salad.  Not much lettuce & too much dressing.  She tried dessert, carrot cake & she didn't like that.  I had the special -- fish sandwich & fries.  Unusually good fries -- hot & crunchy.  Good fish.  It included pumpkin pie -- but I like mine better.   We talked about going to Chido's for supper but Dale wasn't interested so we chose lunch.

Lar & Kim gave Dale a bathrobe for Christmas & he's wearing it when he gets a shower.  A nice surprise I never thought he'd wear one.

Dale just came back & said his back feels better.  And he'll have a day to rest it.  Now he's on the way to the Mall.

Thurs. Jan 2

Got your letter today & thanks for the pictures.  The one of Dad is so good -- thanks again.  The boys are changing so much.  Now they are young  men.

Lynn gave Barb a machine to make "Smoothies".  It works fine & stronger (motor) than a regular blender.

We had a quiet New Year's Day.  We had steaks for our meal.  Tonite Lar & Kim come & we'll have stuffed pork chops & apple pie.  It's suppose to be lucky to have pork on New Year's Day.

Dale connected my TV yesterday so the next time you visit you'll go to sleep with TV.  We have 6 TVs in the house & Dale has 1 in the garage.  Recently he put on in the basement so he can have TV when he works down there.

I know why people don't like change.  It means they have to learn something new & that takes effort & time.  I still can't remember all of the new channels.

Barb made me a gray cardigan & it is very nice.  She is knitting herself another sweater & when that is completed she'll put her yarn aside for awhile.


The dishes are done & all is cleaned up.  Instead of having a cup of coffee -- just finished a cup of cocoa & now I'm set to watch "Designing for the Sexes".

Lar wondered if I'd watched TV in bed last nite.  I had but plan to watch "House Hunters" at 10 pm in bed.

We're getting snow tonite & it doesn't sound too good for tomorrow.  After I get my hair done I have to go to the bank for Jan. expenses, need to get a sympathy card & need to go to CVS for 2 prescriptions.

Plan to take the ornaments off the Christmas tree tomorrow.  Just a start & will finish on Sat.  It will be good to have things normal again.  Next year we will have a prelit tree.

Did I mention that Lynn & family sent me a Christmas real pine arrangement with gold ribbon & trim in the form of a small tree?  And Carol Andersen sent me a poinsettia plant.  This time I put it by the fireplace & when I have the lamp lit, it gives light to the plant.  I never have good luck with real indoor plants but this time it is doing very well in this location.

It is soon bedtime so this is all for this time.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

This A.M. I finished Danish for Dale at work.  36 rolls.  And I cleaned a turkey.  Had planned on Beef Loin for tomorrow but waited too long to buy one, so I got the turkey out.  I did a little cleaning -- a "lick & a promise", in the bathrooms.  Then I got a shower & dressed for the day.  Just finished the USA Today crossword puzzle & decided to start a letter.  I'm surprised I have time to relax.  Kim & Lar won't be here until 6:30 or so; it will be 7 before we eat.  We're having shrimp cocktail, steak & lobster, baked pot. & tossed salad.  Didn't know what to have for dessert & Barb suggested Vienetta & said she'd go buy some.  She couldn't find it so she got a Breyers ice cream cake.  I'll still put out some cookies & candy -- made fudge & another choc. candy Sheila recommended.

At work today the guys chipped in for company provided $50 for a cash drawing & Dale won it.  Pa. now has the Power Ball lottery & Barb got 5 tickets & then went back & got 4 more for me for stocking gifts.  Are you shocked?

The fellows that worked 7-5 this week didn't have to work today.  Dale went in at 11 A.M. for the lunch & the place closed at noon.  He said the Mall was really crowded today -- from the looks of all the cars.  He thought about going in but he changed his mind.


I'm taking it easy the rest of the week.  I need to.  Got everything in the washer (changed my sheets) & as I started writing I was sure I hadn't started the washer.  Sure enough, it was just waiting to be started.

We had a wonderful Christmas & thank you for your part.  I'm anxious to try the new baking sheets & liners.  Now I know what they are.  Barb's sweater & pin look so nice on her.  It's hard to get Dale anything but clothes & he appreciates that.  He likes everything including your sweater & book.  And Lar & Kim were thrilled with your gift -- it's a beautiful place according to an included picture & they are looking forward to seeing it in person, esp. the whirlpool tub or whatever you call them.  I was so surprised to get a TV for the bedroom & can't wait until ti is hooked up.  I said that was too much but Kim said they are here every Thurs & by the end of the week she appreciates it.  It works both ways as I'm sure I have contact with them every week.  And they are here birthdays & holidays.  So I'm thrilled to heave it.

Our Christmas Eve dinner was so delicious.  The lobster was so good.  Wasn't sure how to cook it & my old Fannie Farmer (shower gift) cookbook said to boil it 20 min.  And the Breyers ice cream cake is very delicious according to Lar, Barb & Dale.  Kim had a taste of Lar's so he had to have another piece before they left.

Our Christmas day dinner was similar to yours except we had corn pudding & no pumpkin pie.  Think we started a new Christmas Eve custom -- lobster & steak.

Kim will be glad to get back to work -- they have been on the go every day.  Tonite they go to Mike's house -- his sister Barbara is home for a visit & they always invite Lar & Kim over as Lar is a real friend to Mike Brindis.  If he has an emergency he calls Lar; if he needs a small loan the end of the month, he can call on Lar.  Fri. nite they go out to friend Jay & Nancy & Nancy's mom.  Sat. nite Kim is having the neighbors over.  Sun. nite we are invited over for a 6pm dinner.  Mon the "gals" to go Erie to visit a friend.  They sold their Warren home & got a condo in Erie.  The husband will be here until June.  Their home sold very quickly so they had to make a move.  Kathy had the aerobic classes with Kim & she was in Kim & Lar's wedding.  A tall dark gal.  Her husband works in the Business Dept. of Blair's.  A good job.  Three sons are all gone from home, 2 married.

New Year's Eve they are at Betsy Moran whose lst name always evades me (don't want to say forget again) for a party.  New Year's Day they just want to be home & not have to go anywhere.  Back to school on Thurs.

Whenever I have a roast Torey always knows where to go.  He keeps watch over it, hoping to get a taste.  Last nite he stayed here while they were at Betsy's.  He slept the whole time.

Time for a coffee break.  This aft. we'll go to the Mall & then to Quality where I have a 15.00 coupon (for spending more money) for meat goods until the 28th.  Probably won't get back to this letter.  Love you all.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown.  I needed more cards & found some I like.  I mailed cards last Fri. so that is accomplished & all my gifts are wrapped & under the tree.  Just a few cookies to make & rolls for Dale for the lunch the "guys" at work have the last day before Christmas.  Last nite he enjoyed the Prime Rib dinner given by Shults at Jackson Valley.  Next Wed. nite is another dinner because they are a "5 star" organization.  Dale looked so nice last nite.  He wore tan pants with a rust-brownish shirt.  The shirt needed pressing & he did it himself.  Barb was surprised.  Dale has a pair of black pants he thinks are an inch too long.  He wants me to show him how to use the sewing machine so he can shorten them.  He said all he'd have to do is take the hem out, press them, cut off an inch & sew.  Sounds easy -- we'll see how he does.  (I did it on a pr. of tan pants.)

We didn't go to Jamestown just for cards -- Barb did some shopping; we ate lunch at the Red Lobster, & then to Wegman's for groceries we like to get there.

The opening paragraph of your last letter, Paul, sounded like the beginning of a story or book!  You might not remember what your wrote, it was nice.

I'm watching the G.B. vs. S.F. game & it is exciting.  I just hope G.B. can hold on as they are ahead as of now.

I'm having more fun with my "electronic" toy.  One of the best buys I've made.  Barb won 2 games in a row as I've been working toward that & I finally won 2 games in a row this aft.  Not much to keep me amused!

Your team won.  I'm happy so I'm sure you are all doubly happy or even more.  Pittsburgh & Buffalo both won so we're one happy family.

Mon A.M., 16th

We awoke to some snow this A.M. & it will go down to 5 overnite.  Had 2 loads of wash - Dale has flannel sheets so they get washed & back on the bed.  I have another set but where I stored them is a deep secret & I don't have the answer.  Last year I couldn't find the holders for the Christmas stockings.  Still haven't found them.  They are somewhere in the attic.  Barb cleans up there & then I can never find anything.

Sat. aft.  Larry walked Torey over here & then he checked on Carey's house.  Torey stepped in a mud puddle & it got on the back stairs carpet leaving a spot.  After they left Dale got busy & removed the spot before it set!  When you're older spots don't bother as much so it is nice to have someone else to do the work.  Even tho it sounds like I'm getting lazy, I'm still a good homemaker!

Can't remember if I wrote this -- Carey's are in Buffalo baby sitting the dog while Paula & John get a 18 mo. boy in Russia.  In the latest Family Circle there is an interesting article about a couple who had problems conceiving; a mother changing her mind & keeping the baby; they heard about babies in Russia.  They got a 18 mo. boy name Boris.  The hosp. records scared them (they got them when ready to go home) but he is fine, learning English & no problems.  They call him "Bo" not changing his name.  Paula plans to give hers a new name.  Careys won't be there on Christmas Eve when they get home.  The agency suggests no one be there at first.  Careys plan to go to Lisa's place for the holiday.  Soon after, back to Fla.

I see the Mets traded Edgardo Alfonzo to San Fran. & Rey Ordonez to Tampa Bay.  It doesn't say, as of today's paper, who they got from San Fran.  2 players to be named from Tampa Bay.

When I went to move the sewing machine, I noticed a gift had been hidden from my view.  A gift for Eddie so I got it ready to mail & will send it tomorrow when we get groceries.  We're going early again.  So one more small box to look for.

After Christmas you'll have to take Eddie on a shopping trip.  He's getting money, mainly due to no suggestions & I didn't want to send gifts he might not choose himself.  Hope he will understand & have a fun shopping time.


Just finished making & baking 3 batches of cookies.  The kitchen is cleaned; garbage ready for collection on Thurs. & I'm "done in".  Sitting in my chair & catching my breath.  Dale is out tonite & I'm hungry for mac & cheese & that is easy to make.  From scratch!

Barb has met her match in Bert.  If Barb has a different viewpoint than yours she'll let you know in no uncertain terms she knows best.  If I bring up something she doesn't agree on I just let her go on & clam up.  Not with Bert.  Bert lets her know that she doesn't like it.  Barb is beginning to get it, that it doesn't work with Bert.  Both think they are right & both don't want to give in.

I heard the mail man come & I had an envelope (gift of 10.00) for him so I got up fast to catch him & now I can't see the pen I was writing with.

Just read Dick & Irene (Nyquist) card & to quote Dick "I am presently back at Dow editing a project (300 hours) infrared spectra that they are giving to the National Inst. of Sciences & Technology.  They will get a tax write off for this contribution.  Irene had both her hip & knee replaced this year -- is free of pain now.  Youngest son Rob is a major in the Air Force & spent 3 months in Pakistan & the temp was 103.  They are now in N.C.  Jean, Jim & Kay will be home for Christmas.  Nice to hear form friends & relatives.

I tried a new cooky recipe today.  Brownie Surprise Cooky.  You bake them 507 min, take out of oven & push gently a marshmallow cut in half & bake another 5-7 min.  When cool, frost.  Delicious. Barb likes them but doesn't want to eat any.  Calories, calories.  Makes 2 doz.

Mrs. Africa is at the Rouse Home with cancer & she isn't good.  Mrs. Eaton is there as a result of brain surgery.  Both are friends of Bert's.

Guess this is all for this time.

Thurs A.M. - P.S.

Warren H. called at 10:30 pm (I was in bed) & said they are going to Jamestown today for Swedish food -- (Eklund's Bakery, etc.) & would I want to come along.  Thurs. are a bad day to be gone in the aft.  But they will pick me up for lunch in Wrrn so I'll have a chance to see them & have a nice visit. Anna is doing fine but still has to take it easy.  All children & families will be home for Christmas.  17 in all.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, December 9, 2002

Sunday afternoon I started wrapping Christmas gifts.  Two boxes will be coming your way.  But it won't arrive until next week as I think it will be towards the end of the week before they are ready.

Dale left after work for Rochester for a day of schooling.  I was glad another fellow was also going-- better to have 2 in the car in the winter.

The cooky walk was successful last Sat.  The money earned goes toward making a wheel chair entry into the church building.

Last Friday I knew I had to make a pie -- had planned to do it in the aft., a cream pie.  But I forgot completely.  When I got up during the nite to go to the bathroom, I couldn't get back to sleep.  Something was bothering me.  Bingo -- I didn't make the pie.  I got up & took the frozen pie crust out to thaw.  Went back to bed & doze.d  Up at 6 A.M. & started to make a pumpkin pie & had my pie for the soup & pie luncheon.  Delivered it & 2 batches of cookies at 9:30 A.M.  I have to try to remember to write duties down.  We trimmed the tree Sat. aft.  I made dinner but no pie!  Oh well it got done.

Today I finished wrapping gifts.  Don't have Larry's yet.  He wants a tool & I can't remember its name.  Kim gave me 3 suggestions last Thurs.  He wants a Miata cap (baseball) for summer driving & Kim ordered one & it will be coming here this week.  Also a pair of flannel lined jeans for winter outside work.  I ordered them from L. L. Bean.  Luckily they are celebrating an anniversary so no charge for postage.

We did go up to the Mall this aft. & tomorrow A.M. we'll get groceries at 9 A.M.  Reason:  Barb has to take Bert & a friend somewhere then they want to go out to lunch so we can't shop after lunch.  It will just mean cleaning the bathroom later in the A.M.

Heard form Sylvia Yosten today.  Larry saw her & Maxine in Warren.  She wrote on the Christmas card that she & Peter celebrated their 50th wedding anniv. a few weeks ago.  That's why Max was home.  She is in Asheville, N. Car.  Jeff is in Missouri to be near his 2 daughters so he can have visitation rights.  Divorce is such a shame.  Pete has prostate problems but medication has helped so no operation.  Had a card from Larry & Alice.  I've started on my cards & hope to get them mailed on Fri. Then most of my preparations will be done, except for baking.

Careys called Larry to tell him they wouldn't be needing a Christmas tree.  Reason:  they'll be in Buffalo baby sitting Paula & John's dog while they go to Russia to adopt a baby.  Paula has had several miscarriages so decided to go this way.

Wed, Dec. 11

Barb mailed her pkg. this A.M.  I finished mine today & it is all set to go.  Dale will take it to work & UPS picks up there.  And I finished my Christmas cards today.  Ready to mail.  Oh yes, I included some of the bios of members that were in the church paper.  I think you will enjoy reading them.  You don't Carol Andersen.  She moved back to Warren after the death of her husband.  She is the one who tho't so much of Dad because he was so good to her parents.  The family home is in N. Warren & they were the Lowe's.  Don't know if you remember them.  All the others I'm sure you'll remember.  I didn't save the 1st one which was on Elsie Yaegle or is it Yeagle?  Can't remember.

Thurs A.M. the 12th.  One more week & it's Eddie's birthday.

Have my cards all set to mail tomorrow.  Dale took the pkg this A.M. to work so it will be on its way.

When I put the garbage out this A.M., it was on the slippery side on spots.  So I scraped a bit & put salt on.  The kids had a 10 A.M. school start due to bad roads on the outskirts of Warren.

Kim won't be coming tonite.  She's having the "gals" over tonite & it is the only nite it was best for all.  So we'll have stuffed pork chops if the Schwan man comes in time.  He called & said he'd be later because of the traffic on 3rd with parents bringing kids to school.  It is a busy time, esp. when some sidewalks aren't in the best shape.

Better get busy -- as if I haven't been.  Made a pecan pie, changed my sheets & this is my "rest period".

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monday, December 1, 2002

This is Dale's early week so I have most of my Monday duties accomplished 

Yesterday Pastor Nancy Schwanke preached again.  She is so nice _ preaches good sermons.  It was a slim attendance because of the snowfall & this afternoon more snow is coming.  Tonite is LCW's Christmas meeting with a planned menu.  I'm bringing the strawberry-salad with a pretzel crust, cream cheese filing & topped with jello with strawberries.  It makes a larger recipe.  Janice Carlson will pick me up.  She also gets Evelyn Berglund who lives at the Warren Apartments.

KMart advertised electronic toys & I looked at them bu didn't get one as I didn't think there was any a 10 yr. old boy would like.  I did notice, in passing, one for playing solitaire but didn't give it a thought. Later on at home I tho't how nice it would be to have one to play when I'm in my chair watching TV.  We went to the Mall last Friday & I got myself a new toy.  It is more fun but very hard to win a game.  I've only won 2 games.  Barb likes it & uses it when I'm busy doing other things.  She plans to get herself one.  [She got herself one.]

I have an idea for me for a gift.  A sweater vest size L that buttons or zips.  To go with navy or black pants.  Plain or otherwise -- some have striped fronts.  Plain in a lighter color or even a red one.  So you have an idea now.

I'll be thinking of you on the 17th when you have that breakfast meeting.  That you'll make a good impression, but then why shouldn't you.  Dad made good impressions when he met with church councils in Great Falls & Warren & when he was leaving or retiring all 3 congregations were sorry to see him go.  Whatever happens all will work out for the best, you can be sure.

 Wednesday.  It is cold weather with snow.  This A.M. I got a ride with Barb as I had to go to CVS for 2 prescription refills.  Walked home & had worn an extra sweater which I didn't need.

That spoiled my day as I lost my ambition.  But I did make & rolled out a single crust for a banana cream pie for Thurs.  We had brats & sauerkraut for supper & they are good tasting.  I told Dale there is an extra one if he wants it.  He said no -- he weighed himself & weighs 180 lbs on our scale.  Says he's getting fat!

Called Rose this aft.  Found out Karen married "her man" in Canada.  Kerstin goes to college in Toronto & plans to stay in Canada.  She has a Chinese boyfriend.  Rose has met him & said he's nice.  The woman Rick is going with works at the hospital, is divorced & has 2 sons.

Rose spent Thanksgiving with Jim & family.  Jim's youngest daughter Beth is thinking of the ministry when she finishes college.  I think she is a soph. at Pitt.

Today I got a new magazine Bon Appetit -- hope that is spelled correctly.  Barb has the magazine upstairs.

Last Sat. I made banana streusel coffee cake & I noticed a recipe in "B.A." for one.  Similar but for the streusel my recipe mixed the brown sugar mixture with melted butter.  The new recipe doesn't add any liquid & I like the dry mixture better.  That is what I use on my regular coffee cake recipe.  Thank you very much for the magazine.  It's fun to study recipes.

Yesterday I got Christmas cards addressed, stamped.  Now comes the notes.  I plan to do some baking for the cooky walk at church so it will be the weekend before I think of them.  Already started to get Christmas cards.

There is enough snow so last Sun. Lar, Kim, Friends & dogs went skiing & enjoyed it.

Thurs. aft.  I've had a busy A.M.  Made the banana cream pie & then decided since Dale wouldn't be home for lunch (mtg. at work) I made 2 batches of cookies.  Shortbread formed into rolls & the ends dipped in melted chocolate after baking.  Then I made the choc. cookies with Andes mint icing.  Barb suggested I freeze some so she could have some for a cooky tray for Lynn & family.  I just keep a few to eat as I don't want too many around (to eat).  Dale doesn't care for them & Barb likes just a couple.  Guess who'll be making the Christmas cookies for the tray!  I'm trying a new chicken recipe tonite.  It calls for 2 frozen packages of spinach souffle, rice, milk, Swiss cheese, onion, seasonings.  Mixed together & put in the 13x9 dish & topped with the browned chicken.  Sounds good & I hope it will be.

Hope you can read & understand this letter.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunday, November 24, 2002

I'm sure you are watching G.B. vs. T.B. & aren't feeling very good about the game.  Barb said G.B. has many injuries.

Last nite Larry walked Torey while Kim got groceries.  They had been to an aft. wedding at First Methodist.  A soccer player who met his bride via the Internet computer.  When he didn't find anyone in the U.S. he went overseas & met a girl from Lithuania.  He visited her last summer, they hit it off & she came to the U.S.

This A.M. Rick Seteli (Karen's ex) was in church with a "new lady".  She looks very nice -- I'm glad for him as he is a nice fellow.

Back to my story -- I forgot what I started.  Lar lets Torey lead him & after walking awhile, Torey headed over here.  Dale & I were just finishing our dinner so Torey got some meat & ice cream for dessert.  Then he heads to where the doggy treats are kept to let us know he wanted the rest of his meal.  Of course he got some.  Dale bo't more today.

Today the weather was nice & tomorrow doesn't sound that good so I walked to CVS.  Needed 2 refills on my medicine.  It was nice to walk.  Funny tho, whenever Barb needs to go to CVS or the library she gets into the car & drives.  I'm not working things right.  But the exercise is good for me & I'm glad I can walk.  Rose S. can't walk any distance & Pat Benson & Anna Hollertz can't walk much.  Both use canes.  So I have a lot to be thankful for & I'll walk until my legs give out.  Millie still walks & she is 87.

We'll eat dinner at 4:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

At church today there were names on a tree for members to take to buy gifts for Christmas.  For the Salvation Army.  I took the name of a 10 yr. old boy.  They have sizes for clothes & a gift they'd like.  He likes Legos & Harry Potter.  There was a name for a 17 yr. old boy but I thought that name would take more money than I cared to spend.  If you want to give fairly good gifts it doesn't take long for the money to add up.  But I enjoy doing it.

I think I've mentioned about the bios in our church newsletter.  Today Cindy said she'd like to interview me & would I do it.  I really don't want to.  I'm not a lifetime member & even tho we lived in Auburn, Warren & Great Falls, Mt I wouldn't have that much to say.

Heard today that Gary Risher had a heart attack & is in the hospital in Erie.   He sure has had a lot of trouble since he left St. Paul.  Wonder how long he'll be able to enjoy retirement.  He's not 62 yet.

Tues. evening

It's 8 pm & the TV has been off since noon time.  They are updating the cable.  I never dreamed it would be so hard not having TV ready to go when you push the "on" button.  I've thor'ly read the newspaper, looked over some cookbooks & I'm at "loose ends" not knowing what to do.  Could start addressing Christmas cards but I'm not in the mood to do that.

The turkey is thawing in the fridge.  Tomorrow I'll make pie crust & do other jobs relating to Thanksgiving.

JoAnna's pkg. didn't get sent til yesterday.  Before we got groceries yesterday, we went to the Mall.  I got a pair of jeans for my Salvation Army name & a bionic lego set.  Had to have 1 toy besides clothes.  Still want to get a shirt & boxer shorts & maybe pj's depending how much everything is.

The first Mon. in Dec. is LCW with a planned potluck.  2 are bringing a casserole, 2 - salads & 2 desserts.  I'm bringing a salad.  We prefer this to a mixture of food.  This way it's a more balanced menu.  The other way is O.K. & it is always surprising how well rounded it comes out.

Sat. the 7th is a "Cooky Walk" & Soup & Pie luncheon at church.  I'll make a pie for it & this year I think I'll also make cookies.  Usually I've made 2 pies but they only asked for 1 pie this year.

Dale just got home -- his late Tues -- & he can't believe there is not TV yet.

Wed. aft. the 27th.  Stella was born on this day.

This A.M. Barb called the cable company & they said TV should have been on at 5 pm yesterday.  They sent a man over & at 2 pm, just in time for "As the World Turns".  There wasn't much to it as it was fixed in minutes.  It also restored my "cheery disposition"!!

This A.M. I cleaned the turkey & boiled the neck & "innerds" for gravy tomorrow.  I love to eat the meat on the neck & it was delicious so it will be a good turkey to eat.  I'm making beef-veg. soup for supper.  The first homemade soup of the season.

This is your "happy camper" continuing.  Today I got my bimonthly "Taste of Home".  In one of the added materials was a recipe for an apple turnover.  It sounded good & I tho't it would go good with soup.  At 2:30 I started making them & they came out really good.  Almost better than pie.  Very tasty.

The Fri. after Thanksgiving Dale takes a lunch so he won't lose his parking place.  So the fellows planned a lunch & each one will bring something.  When Dale heard about it most plans were made so they said he could bring a dessert.  I tried to think of something easy to fix while preparing a turkey dinner.  Pumpkin pie didn't appeal to Dale.  I said let me think about it.  As I sat watching TV brownies came to me.  They are easy to fix & I've been wanting to try a recipe that uses Hershey choc. syrup in the 16 oz. can.  Most guys like brownies & it is OK with Dale.  When I make my pumpkin pie tomorrow  I'll also make brownies.  Problem solved.  The syrup has been in the cupboard waiting to be used.  Just for us I make a smaller recipe.

Thanksgiving is over & I'll finish this letter.  Our dinner was good.  Lar likes the green bean casserole but he likes how Kim makes it.  She uses a white sauce she makes & adds grated swiss cheese. I just made 1 c. sauce & that was enough for 1 can green beans & I can yellow beans. They all liked it.

I really like the new brownie recipe & the fudge like icing.  I cut around the edges for me & Dale will take the rest to work.

Before we know it Christmas will be here.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sunday, November 17, 2002

We had a pleasant surprise in church this A.M.  A female pastor.  She was pastor of Saron, Youngsville, married a local man, had a baby & took a leave of absence.  The boy is soon 2 years old. She has been helping at the State Hospital.  We needed someone to preach today & she did it.  She is good -- wonder if she wants to get back to a congregation.  The ones I spoke to were impressed & I wouldn't m ind a female pastor.  She knows how to use her voice & all could hear & understand.  She will help out again.

Dale forgot your birthday Paul.  I told him he should know his siblings' birthdays.  You will be getting a late package.  It was my fault -- I didn't remind him!  I do remind him of Andy and Eddie's birthdays as I think children prefer that.  Arrival on the day.

Your letter really surprised me -- the "dirt" aimed at JoAnna during the campaigning.  I don't think people like all the negative campaigning but I'm sure it will continue.  Too bad.  Guess you have to develop a hard shield in politics.

I haven't heard or seen anything about your class reunion.  Maybe after the holidays.  Did you say 35 years?  Where has the time gone?

Am watching the Weather Channel & they predict 1-3" of snow overnite!  Time to get the boots out.

Last Thursday I told Larry about the gift certificate from Quality & that I wanted to use it for something special.  He suggested shrimp & lobster.  Maybe I'll plan that for Christmas Eve.  Turkeys are on sale at Quality so I'll get one for Thanksgiving this week.

I got Thanksgiving cards ready for Gen, Millie, Ruth & the boys this afternoon.

I read another Sandra Brown book.  A trilogy on a Texas family.  First part on the eldest son, 2nd part -- middle son, 3rd part - -the daughter.  It was very enjoyable reading.  Couldn't put it down so you know how I spent my spare time!

You've probably heard the baseball news that Colorado will trade Hampton & others to the Marlins for Chas. Johnson & others.  Then the Marlins will trade Hampton to the Braves & that would mean they wouldn't sign Glavine.  The Mets would like Glavine & if successful & he becomes a Met, I would have to cheer for him!!!  Can I do it?  I suppose if he still has it.  What a situation!!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Will you go to Two Rivers or will JoAnna's folks come to you?

Talked to Millie this past week.  She & Linda always spend Thanksgiving with Allan & his wife.  Gen is upset as it will just be Gen & John & they will probably eat out.  Altho when I talked to Gen, she talked about making the dinner.  Millie says they eat out all the time.

Mon.  I have JoAnna's birthday package ready to mail & plan to mail it Friday A.M. when I get my hair done.  The Christmas package isn't ready yet.

Wed the 20th
hIt was beautiful today so I put off washing the kitchen floor til afternoon & got a ride over town.  In the car I put on my earrings & had a library book to return & letters to mail.  Went into the P.O. U& mailed the letters & something was missing.  I had put my purse on the floor & forgot to take it when I got out.  So I started walking to Bert's house & had gotten to 5th Ave. when I saw Barb coming.  So I got my purse.  Then went to Blair's store & looked around.  After it was the library to return books & get 2 more -- one of which I've already read.  Didn't scan it far enough to see if I remembered reading it.

Bert was pleased to hear I'd forgotten my purse.  You know "Misery loves company!"

Also made cookies this afternoon so I was busy.

Last weekend Dale cleaned the exterior of the stove, dishwasher & washer & dryer.  Guess their looks didn't please him. They shine now.

Yesterday we went for groceries.  If you spent $75.00 or more you got a free turkey -- not a brand name.  I did buy a turkey & got the free turkey as well.  Dale gets a turkey from work so Barb drove by the Salvation Army & gave them the free turkey.  They sponsor a free Thanksgiving dinner & were asking for turkeys.

Warren had a 3rd murder yesterday.  What's happening in our small city?  Man & wife fighting & he hit her too hard.  Head injury I think. Not a gun this time.

Finally found more Iris Johansen books.  They are good.

Thurs the 21st.

Got your letter today.  No gift list!  Eddie is the only one we really need.  Andy gave me his desire; Barb & I have started shopping.  Need ideas for Dale.  Barb has ideas of her own.'

Our TV isn't working.  I'm at a loss as to what to do in its place.  Dale said I should call if it keeps "snowy".  But it could be a loose connection outside.  And I'd hate to pay to have them put it together.  If there is no TV tonite I'll be in the dog house.

When I read your letters, I think back & wonder what I could have done to get you to make the Honor Roll!!!!  I know you made it once in awhile but you could have made it every report card!  Of course they didn't have Playstation 2 back then.

We have a cloudy day & rain is suppose to start this afternoon.  When we had TV this A.M., I think I heard it was snowing in Madison.

Lar & Kim come tonite & Torey too.