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Saturday, January 11, 2003

We expected more snow Friday, yesterday, & we planned to go to Jamestown as soon as I got my hair done.  Luckily the snow held off til afternoon so we got our errands done & were home by 12:30.  I found a blouse on sale at Sears & a pair of shoes.  Barb found nothing but groceries she gets at Wegman's.

This has been a quiet day.  It was Dale's Sat. A.M. to work.  I had made 2 batches of cookies Fri. Aft. so I didn't bake today.  I did make 3 apple tarts waiting for Dale to come home for lunch.  He never leaves right at quitting time.  Barb came down this A.M. late & since I didn't go upstairs I didn't realize she didn't feel good, until she came downstairs about 5pm.

Dale left at 4 to go to Same B. to watch the Steelers game.  He'll eat there so I just fixed myself a chicken sandwich & had my apple tart.  Now I'm back to watching the game.  An exciting one.

Got your letter today.  Nice to see the programs.  I've never seen any similar programs before -- of big events such as for a gov.

Glad JoAnna got a job she'll enjoy.  It sounds like a lot of work to me.

When we talked about your possible job, Barb hoped you wouldn't take it.  She said the boys are still young & now you are close should there be an emergency.  With a different job you'd both be in Madison & maybe could get away.  I'm sure you were disappointed but things seem to work out for the best   At least you are not unhappy where you are & there is enough variety in your schedule to make it interesting.

Barb was also happy that the Big 10 made such a good showing in the bowl games.  Penn STate didn't make her very happy.

We got the new spring/summer Penney's catalogue but not too much in it interests us.  It is still fun to leaf thru it.

Tues A.M.

Yesterday I did the minimum work as I had an appt. for a perm in the aft.  It is good to have it cut & more curl.  Today I did the same as I'm going to Bible Study at church at 11 A.M.  Bathroom is cleaned & towels in the washing machine.  And Dale's lunch is ready.  I made beef -veggie soup yesterday so he'll have soup & a sandwich.  Unless it's his long Tues (not today) or I serve BLT. he always makes his own sandwich.

It is cold outside.  Yesterday Barb was able to take me to get my hair done & pick me up.  She said the walks were too icy.  I didn't object.

This aft. we'll get groceries.

Wed A.M. 15th

After Dale left I sat in my chair & slept for an hour.  Still dark at 7 A.M.  Now I'm listening to Warren's AM news.  Then get dressed.

Got another Bon Appetit & a lemon rice recipe sounds interesting.

Our temp 15.  The furnace keeps running but we are warm.

Leafing thru Penney's catalog I noticed the Emeril pots & pans.  The set looks very nice -- now I know what yours look like.

The Conewango Club rebuilding is looking good.  They have several columns on the Market St. entrance & it looks very nice.  Very colonial like & inviting.

We got good news -- Big K is not closing in the N. Warren Mall.  We didn't think it would as they have a good business flow.  Neither is the one in Jamestown. We wonder red about that as they never seem as busy.

Last nite the back door bell rang (already locked) & it was Lar & Torey.  Kim was at a mtg & when Lar walked Torey he headed Lar over here.  So we had a little visit after Torey had some treats.  It was cold so a brief warm up felt good.  When Tor comes without Kim  he always looks around to see if she is here.

I'd better get dressed & do a few chores like wash the floor.

Now it's Thurs A.M. 8:00 & I've showered -- in the basement shower & outside temp is 16 -- it wasn't cold with the elec. heater.  SO I'll finish this letter.  This Thurs. a banana pie is already in the fridge.  After I got breakfast ready & before I ate, I made the pie.  We're also having pork loin roast.  On Thurs. Dale can be sure of a good dinner.  He never complains.

It's 8:30 & Barb isn't up yet.  She sets her own schedule.

Lar & Kim are getting a lot of cross country skiing in.  Torey loves it.

Careys left for Fla. yesterday.  They'll leave the cold weather behind.  Dale can park his car in their garage while they are gone.

Oops -- almost forgot t his is garbage collection day so I got 5 min. of fresh air.  I bundled up as it is COLD!  But nice.  Notice the days are getting longer.

Don't have too many chores today.  The house stays straightened up -- I save my energy for getting dinner & cleaning up.  We usually sit an hour or so & talk.  Usually have H&G TV on for Weekend Warriors while I'm cleaning up.  I'm glad for the dishwasher.  I prefer my appliances to "the good old days".
Better get going but wanted to finish my letter.

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