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Wednesday, February 5, 2003

I'm watching Perry Mason -- I really enjoy these series.  I'm also having a cup of coffee & a dinner roll.  This A.M. I made 2 batches of cookies & started dinner rolls   I always have to sample my baking.  Also baked a pie crust -- plan to make a lemon meringue pie Thurs A.M.

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown & I did some shopping.  A pair of slacks at Bon Ton & got the good sales at Penney's.  A pretty blue sweater -- zips up, has a collar.  It was 44.00 & I paid 14.49.  A blue shirt style top in a soft polyester -- 44.00 & I paid 14.49.  Barb saw some dressier blouses on sale & I got an off white shirt style for 5.00.  Then we went to Davidson's for their fish fry & it was so good.  Barb knew I liked Davidson's so we went there even tho she prefers the Red Lobster.  It was a nice outing.

Last Sun. Ken Lundahl & wife Nancy were in church.  Nancy's brother's baby was being baptized.  He is married to Kellie Gustafson Moore Carlson.  Nancy & Ken being Jeff's brother were invited.  Both sides had a large group in church so it was nice to see a larger group in church.  I talked with Ken L & he seemed very happy to visit old friends.  He asked about the family, etc  I remember Dad visiting the Carlson's several times but they never were interested in coming to church.  Kellie is active at church & Jeff comes with her sometimes.  Dad would have been happy.  Excuse the cross outs -- I mixed things up. 

Back to the blue sweater.  When I got home & examined the sweater, I noticed the bar thing, that keep one from stealing, was on it & it never made a noise when we walked out.  It didn't work when we went thru Sears either.  So I'll have to take it & the sales slip back for them to remove it.  Barb plans to take Bert & Bert's friend to Jamestown, so she will go to Penney's & get it off.

Mon. we went to the library & I got 2 books.  Started reading right away Riptide by Catherine Coulter & finished it on Tues.  It was so good.  Haven't started Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy yet, but it sounds good.  Glad to be reading again.

We got 3" of snow overnite.  Barb did some shoveling last nite & this A.M.  Our neighbor plowed this A.M.  Guess I'm not in a thinking mood considering my letter writing.

I'm making a stove top Beef Mac & cheese.  Dale likes that type of meal & so do I because it's easy.  It's from my Quick Cooking book.

Forgot to mention that on Sun. the pastor said there would be 5 more baptisms coming up. That sounds good for future S. S.

Thurs. nite.

Dishes are done & I'm going to have a 2nd piece of pie. Barb didn't want any.  Lar took a piece home & there is one for Dale.  It came out good.

Last Thurs. when Kim left to go to BiLo she took s left turn onto Conewango.  She didn't notice a car pulled over by the police.  She tho't glad it's not me.  As she drove toward Penna. Ave. she noticed police lights behind her.  She stopped, he stopped. She was going 41 M.P.H. in a 25 mi. zone.  (Although Lar & Dale don't think it is a 25 mph zone) so she got stopped.  5th Ave. from the high school & parts of Conewango were part of a stopping for speeding zone.  Kim was disgusted & it cost her $129.00.  She gave him her 2 cents worth. She was going to tell everyone that they are cracking down on speeding.  Barb said she is going to be more careful.  Kim admits she has a heavy foot on the pedal. They caught about a dozen speeders in an hour.  They must need more money.  The fine is a hefty one.  They always print in the paper when they have a D.U.I stoppage but nothing about this crackdown.

Soon time to get ready for bed.

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