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Saturday, February 16, 2003

Wisconsin Library Association members meet with Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton

The snow was south of us so we just have the cold weather.

This A.M. I made an apple pie & started veg. beef soup.  Both tasted very good.  Figured soup would go with the cold weather.

Mentioned I was to see the Dr. yesterday & all is well.  See Dr. McNett in 4 months.  Barb didn't feel good Fri. A.M. so I walked to get my hair done.  9 degrees but I bundled up & the sun was out.  Walked home from the Dr's visit so I got some exercise.

When I got home I acted on an idea in my mind.  Called Joyce O'Connor & asked if she'd be interested in watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with me.  She said yes, & then asked her to come for dinner. Fixed chicken, baked pot, broc., fruit salad & the leftover cherry dessert.  We had a great visit as we haven't seen each other for some time.  She exercises (walking) at the Y & a couple of the men walkers have made passes at her.  She said why are the married men the ones attracted to me.  When first widowed she wouldn't have minded dating.  She was in her late 40's when Dugey died & he was 51.  But now she isn't interested.  She is so funny talking about her experiences.  We both enjoyed the movie & had some good laughs.  I'll watch it again.  I had 2 Greek girlfriends in high school & they talked about their experiences & both spoke Greek.

Barb didn't come downstairs til noon today & spent the day in her p.j.'s.  As I was enjoying my dessert, after all was cleaned up, she came down dressed to go to BiLo.  She wanted grapes & I had a list of her.

Glad your Legislative Day turned out to be a success.  Guess Mother Nature is an Independent!

Bet it made you think of spring when you attended the Garden Expo.

No school on Mon.  Pres. Day.  But they will miss one of the days over Memorial Day due to a snow day Wed. last.  The first one in spite of our winter.

All for now.  Started a new puzzle so I'll work on that for awhile.

Oh I tho't of something.  Sam's ex wife's house burned down early last Thurs A.M.  At 2:30 A.M. she called Same & his latest gal answered the phone & wondered why she was calling Sam.  But Sam & his ex have a good relationship & when he was without a gal, he would be with her.

We enjoyed golf & watching Tiger play after a lay off.  He's on top as of Sat. nite.

Tues. the 18th

Thanks Andy & Eddie for my valentine.

We really have snow piled high but not as much as the Eastern big cities.  We got about 5-6 inches.  Lots to shovel.

Yesterday there was no school because of the holiday.  Today they had a 2 hour delay.

The main roads are clear so we were able to go to the Mall & get groceries.

Last Fri. when I walked by Beaty in the aft. I saw my first robin.  He's waiting for spring just like everyone else.

Gen called the other nite.  Next summer they'll have to get a new roof & paint the house.

We've gotten some good strawberries at the store.  From Calif.  I remember Andy loves strawberries.

I'm at the kitchen table, looking out the window at the snow piles on the fir trees.  One looks like a little lamb the way it settled on the branches.

When we looked at a window for over the kitchen sink, I would have like the kind you described you'd like.  It would have been more expensive but I've regretted I didn't push for it.

Too bad we aren't closer with Lar & Dale experienced in brick laying.  They did a nice job here but it was a big job.  (Pat & Ted commented on it again today, Thurs.)

This A.M. Bette Davis was on the Perry Mason show.  She was the lawyer while Perry was "sick" (probably on vacation) & it was good to see her again.  She was a great actress.

Thurs. evening the 20th.

This A.M. Ted Benson called & asked if they could take me out to lunch.  Of course I said yes.  They picked me up at 12:30 & we went to Perkins.  Pat said she had cabin fever & wanted to get out.  We had a nice visit & I didn't get home til 3pm.  Just in time for Perry Mason.  Pat & Ted were going to the Mall after they took me home.  I had pork loin tonite. Made the applesauce yesterday and a pecan pie this A.M.  Also made dinner rolls yesterday as well as a batch of cookies.  So things were under control so I could go out this aft.  We hadn't been together since last Nov.  So we had a lot to talk about.

When Kim was walking Torey he stepped in a puddle that had gasoline in it.  Kim didn't realize it until they smelled the gasoline.  They washed his paws but the smell still lingered so they were going to wash him again.

I didn't wear boots today as the sidewalks & roads were clear.  It was lovely to have it a little warmer & the sky was so blue.  BUT snow & colder is forecast for the weekend & colder temps.

Guess I've covered activities for this time.

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