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Sunday, December 15, 2002

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown.  I needed more cards & found some I like.  I mailed cards last Fri. so that is accomplished & all my gifts are wrapped & under the tree.  Just a few cookies to make & rolls for Dale for the lunch the "guys" at work have the last day before Christmas.  Last nite he enjoyed the Prime Rib dinner given by Shults at Jackson Valley.  Next Wed. nite is another dinner because they are a "5 star" organization.  Dale looked so nice last nite.  He wore tan pants with a rust-brownish shirt.  The shirt needed pressing & he did it himself.  Barb was surprised.  Dale has a pair of black pants he thinks are an inch too long.  He wants me to show him how to use the sewing machine so he can shorten them.  He said all he'd have to do is take the hem out, press them, cut off an inch & sew.  Sounds easy -- we'll see how he does.  (I did it on a pr. of tan pants.)

We didn't go to Jamestown just for cards -- Barb did some shopping; we ate lunch at the Red Lobster, & then to Wegman's for groceries we like to get there.

The opening paragraph of your last letter, Paul, sounded like the beginning of a story or book!  You might not remember what your wrote, it was nice.

I'm watching the G.B. vs. S.F. game & it is exciting.  I just hope G.B. can hold on as they are ahead as of now.

I'm having more fun with my "electronic" toy.  One of the best buys I've made.  Barb won 2 games in a row as I've been working toward that & I finally won 2 games in a row this aft.  Not much to keep me amused!

Your team won.  I'm happy so I'm sure you are all doubly happy or even more.  Pittsburgh & Buffalo both won so we're one happy family.

Mon A.M., 16th

We awoke to some snow this A.M. & it will go down to 5 overnite.  Had 2 loads of wash - Dale has flannel sheets so they get washed & back on the bed.  I have another set but where I stored them is a deep secret & I don't have the answer.  Last year I couldn't find the holders for the Christmas stockings.  Still haven't found them.  They are somewhere in the attic.  Barb cleans up there & then I can never find anything.

Sat. aft.  Larry walked Torey over here & then he checked on Carey's house.  Torey stepped in a mud puddle & it got on the back stairs carpet leaving a spot.  After they left Dale got busy & removed the spot before it set!  When you're older spots don't bother as much so it is nice to have someone else to do the work.  Even tho it sounds like I'm getting lazy, I'm still a good homemaker!

Can't remember if I wrote this -- Carey's are in Buffalo baby sitting the dog while Paula & John get a 18 mo. boy in Russia.  In the latest Family Circle there is an interesting article about a couple who had problems conceiving; a mother changing her mind & keeping the baby; they heard about babies in Russia.  They got a 18 mo. boy name Boris.  The hosp. records scared them (they got them when ready to go home) but he is fine, learning English & no problems.  They call him "Bo" not changing his name.  Paula plans to give hers a new name.  Careys won't be there on Christmas Eve when they get home.  The agency suggests no one be there at first.  Careys plan to go to Lisa's place for the holiday.  Soon after, back to Fla.

I see the Mets traded Edgardo Alfonzo to San Fran. & Rey Ordonez to Tampa Bay.  It doesn't say, as of today's paper, who they got from San Fran.  2 players to be named from Tampa Bay.

When I went to move the sewing machine, I noticed a gift had been hidden from my view.  A gift for Eddie so I got it ready to mail & will send it tomorrow when we get groceries.  We're going early again.  So one more small box to look for.

After Christmas you'll have to take Eddie on a shopping trip.  He's getting money, mainly due to no suggestions & I didn't want to send gifts he might not choose himself.  Hope he will understand & have a fun shopping time.


Just finished making & baking 3 batches of cookies.  The kitchen is cleaned; garbage ready for collection on Thurs. & I'm "done in".  Sitting in my chair & catching my breath.  Dale is out tonite & I'm hungry for mac & cheese & that is easy to make.  From scratch!

Barb has met her match in Bert.  If Barb has a different viewpoint than yours she'll let you know in no uncertain terms she knows best.  If I bring up something she doesn't agree on I just let her go on & clam up.  Not with Bert.  Bert lets her know that she doesn't like it.  Barb is beginning to get it, that it doesn't work with Bert.  Both think they are right & both don't want to give in.

I heard the mail man come & I had an envelope (gift of 10.00) for him so I got up fast to catch him & now I can't see the pen I was writing with.

Just read Dick & Irene (Nyquist) card & to quote Dick "I am presently back at Dow editing a project (300 hours) infrared spectra that they are giving to the National Inst. of Sciences & Technology.  They will get a tax write off for this contribution.  Irene had both her hip & knee replaced this year -- is free of pain now.  Youngest son Rob is a major in the Air Force & spent 3 months in Pakistan & the temp was 103.  They are now in N.C.  Jean, Jim & Kay will be home for Christmas.  Nice to hear form friends & relatives.

I tried a new cooky recipe today.  Brownie Surprise Cooky.  You bake them 507 min, take out of oven & push gently a marshmallow cut in half & bake another 5-7 min.  When cool, frost.  Delicious. Barb likes them but doesn't want to eat any.  Calories, calories.  Makes 2 doz.

Mrs. Africa is at the Rouse Home with cancer & she isn't good.  Mrs. Eaton is there as a result of brain surgery.  Both are friends of Bert's.

Guess this is all for this time.

Thurs A.M. - P.S.

Warren H. called at 10:30 pm (I was in bed) & said they are going to Jamestown today for Swedish food -- (Eklund's Bakery, etc.) & would I want to come along.  Thurs. are a bad day to be gone in the aft.  But they will pick me up for lunch in Wrrn so I'll have a chance to see them & have a nice visit. Anna is doing fine but still has to take it easy.  All children & families will be home for Christmas.  17 in all.

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