Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2001

We're having a rainy weekend. Just a few raindrops on Sat. so that was nice.  I bro't my umbrella to church & it rained when I walked home.  Now at 7 pm it has cleared & the sun is out.

Barb loves driving the new car.

Remember Cris Johnson, in your class.  Her parents were at the retirement apt. on Oak St. Ethel always came to church & she was getting thinner & thinner.  They had to go to the Rouse Home as she couldn't care for herself & her husband.  They had the Johnson [Allegheny] Hotel.  It is now owned by -- can't feet the name to surface -- not the Elks. Anyway they are finishing the addition that was started & never finished.  Looks nice.  More space for eating & dancing.

The Mets were on TV Sat. Sun & tomorrow.  I never tho't they'd win the game but they came to life in the 8th inning & beat the Marlins.  Tomorrow the Phillys are at Shea & I hope the Mets continue to show a little life.

The Crary Home said Larry could get a cell phone so they can contact him at all hours.  He chose the one he wanted-- it attaches to his pants so it will be with him always.  He got it on Fri. & called me to try it out.  Awhile later the phone rang.  Larry had been fooling around with it, & must have hit the redial button & didn't realize it.  A new toy!

Barb has planted some onions, broccoli, & green beans, as well as all the flowers.  The hanging baskets look so nice on the porch.  They hang so gracefully.

We aren't doing anything special this weekend except sleeping in longer in the A.M. & staying up later.

I got 3 library books to read over the weekend.  Have read 2 books already.  I read Catherine Cookson's The Rag Nymph.  I like her books.  Today I finished A Woman's Place by Barbara Delinsky.  The 3rd one is Aspen Gold by Janet Dailey.  I also got a new puzzle & started putting it together.

When I was growing up, we had to help around the house & I always wanted to clean the bathroom & I still like to clean the bathroom.

The TV said AAA is busy making trip tiks as people still want to travel.  Gas would be higher the summer we travel but we'll split expenses 4 ways.  I called for trip tiks for us a couple of weeks ago & can pick them up June 1, so they must be busy.

Memorial Day

This has been a dark, cold rainy day.  Now at 7:10 pm it is clearing a bit.  I've done only the necessary work -- 1 load wash & meals.  I've been working on my jigsaw puzzle.  All I have left is the sky but they are a variety of blues from dark to light.

The Mets couldn't do it today.  Philly beat them. A bright spot Mike P. hit another home run.  Seattle is still the best team & I hope they keep it up.

Dale didn't want to eat with us tonite.  He's cooking his steak now.  Barb & I had salmon. Made oven fries & green beans.  The gas ran out of the grill but Dale had a second can on hand so he'll be able to cook his steak.  He is sued to eating later.

I could have turned on the heat but I didn't.  It's almost June so I put on a sweater.  It shouldn't be furnace weather!

Tues the 29th - 3:50 p.m.

I'm waiting for Barb to come & we'll go grocery shopping.  I think it will be nicer tomorrow, Wed, so I plan to cash a check for next month's expenses & get more stamps.  Also need to get a chamois to wipe off the car so there will be no spots.

All for this time.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2001

Happy 15th Anniversary.  I'm taking the easy way out & hoping there is still something you'd like for your beautiful new kitchen, by sending you a gift check of money.  Use it for something special.

Thanks for the pictures of the kitchen.  It looks so nice & I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.  Bob & Lynn are putting in a new kitchen, enlarging it as it is quite small, and they will have white cupboards.  Just getting started.

Last nite we went to the Fernwood for dinner & we all enjoyed our meals.  I choked crab stuffed fish.  Delicious.  Lar & Dale had kabobs.  Lar steak & shrimp & Dale just steak & veggies.  Both enjoyed their choices.

Martha Andersen died.  She had some sort of an obstruction & was operated on.  She had gotten so thin.

Last nite Mrs. James Smith was at the Fernwood celebrating her 96th birthday.  Her daughter Betty Berry was there.  You might recall her, knowing her other daughter was Cathleen Rossey, whose 2 sons are Rex (Barb's age) & Randy.  Mrs. Smith always looks so good & feels good.  In church every Sun.

Last nite Kim had to go to Sheffield -- it was prom nite.  Lar drove the van home.  Then he walked Torey over here for ice cream sundaes.

Gen called me the other nite & she sounded very good.  Her back still bothers her & she tires easily, but she is doing her household chores again.  Also driving again.  Was glad to hear that.

A showery week is predicted for our area.  Philly, NYC & Baltimore are in teh 20's for days without any rain.

Yesterday I walked over to Blair's and found a sweater I liked.  Pink & wore it today with a print skirt.  It felt good on me.  Then I went to the library & got 3 books.  Coast Road by Barbara Delinksy & it is so good.  The Black Tower by P. D. James & Agatha Raisin & the Walkers of Dembley by M. C. Beaton, whose books I really enjoy.  I got my new glasses so I can read again.  Can read the hymn board at church better now.  I also have another puzzle about 1/4 together so I have plenty of fun things to do.

Need to get this mailed on Mon. & I've covered all the news.

Will be thinking of you on your anniversary as well as other times & days.  Enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2001

Just got home from a session at east side PNC Bank with a financial investor.  A CD matured today & since interest is down , she suggested putting the money in a fixed annuity where the interest is higher so I did.  I can live on my Soc. Sec. & pension so in 2 years I haven't made any money on the money that accumulated when Dad was sick.  So that was put into a saving acct. that gives more interest & I'll have about 7000 plus in my chk. acct.  If I need more I can call the bank & have money put into my chk acct.  Not sure I understand it all, but I know I wasn't making any money on what sat in my chk acct.  Time will tell.

Last nite I forgot to thank you for the hanging planter.   Pretty purple petunias.  Dale gave me a lighter purple hanging basket of petunias.  They look nice on the porch.  When Ekey's delivered the basket there were no names on the card -- just Happy Mother's Day -- but I figured it came form Paul, JoAnna, Andy & Eddie.

Tomorrow I go to the dentist for a cleaning & check up.  Have to vote for local officials.  They are adding another judge to our area.

Fri. our trip to Erie was spoiled a bit because of the car acting up.  But we got some shopping done.  We didn't eat in Erie as Barb wanted to be closer to home when we ate.  We stopped at the Corry Perkins & had a good lunch.  I got a skirt but it is longer than I like, so will shorten it.  Barb got 2 skirts & other things.  We saw Janice Carlson there.

Your kitchen looks so nice & now that it's complete I'm looking forward to more pictures.

At church I found out Rose S. is in the Wrrn. Hospital, but I don't know why.

I had to turn the furnace on this A.M. as it was very chilly in the house.  We could have frost tonite -- hope it won't harm the plants.  Barb was in a hurry to get them planted.

Once I said to Barb I really like the cherry red van.  Her reply.  I wouldn't drive a red van.  Now that we're looking at end of the year cars, I told her we wouldn't have much choice of car color.  Now she's willing to drive a red car & likes the color.  Time will tell.  Dale didn't have much to say at lunch as it was a busy A.M. for him.  He plans to talk to Eric Nystrom, one of the salesmen.  I'm getting excited & hope it works out.

The Darling's girls wedding was so beautiful.  Lots of flowers, lavendar dresses for teh Maid of ohonor (her sister Elizabeth) & bridesmaids.  The wedding gown was so pretty.  Chris, her brother U& his wife were in the wedding as well as the 9-10 month baby girl, carried in Chris' arm.s  Suppose to be flower girl!  Remember Marie Whipple & her husband -- (your classmate) - their 2 daughters were Jr. bridesmaids & they looked so nice.  10th and 8th graders.  The oldest girl has a steady boyfriend, who was at the wedding.  Elizabeth & Jennifer took care of them when they were small -- the girls & Marie W. & Diane Darling are good friends.

Every other Sat & Sun mornings I like to fix a special breakfast.  So I tried frozen French toast to make it easier.  It bombed -- Dale prefers the Fr. toast I make.  I tried but it didn't work.

Tomorrow Tues the 15th Barb & I will go up to Shults and talk to Eric Nystrom, a salesman & a friend of Dale's.  I hope we can do it.

Tues. May 15th

This has been some day.  We were at Shults at 9:30 A.M. & Eric showed us the car Dale liked.  We rode in it & it was nice.  A maroon color.  Then Eric needed something from our car & Barb went to get it -0- registration, I think.  Barb stopped to look at a red van that was more expensive -- it had the tilted wheel (steering), cruise control, elec. windows, etc. & she said she'd put 2000.00 toward it as the cruise control would be great for the trip.  So while Eric took our car to find out the trade-in value, Barb & I test drove it.  Both ride nice.  So we settled on the red car & we drove it home for lunch.  I had a 1 pm dentist appt & the Tues Dale works late, I try to make a nice lunch for him. Today he made his own lunch.

Sherrie, in charge of finances had a 1 pm meeting in Jamestown so they wanted us to come back.  We said 2 pm but I was at the dentist til 1:45 so I called & asked if we could come after 4 pm.  It was OK so we finished all the signings & paying for the car.  And Sherrie noticed we had received the relative of employee discount which amounted to $750.  $1800 for the old van.  It cost $18,604.14 so we are pretty lucky.  Dodge van.  I didn't realize buying a car could be so tiring.  The A.M. was about 2 1/2 hrs.  Rush home, eat, go to dentist.  Was glad for a little rest before 4 pm.  Barb had to pick up Scott.  Both he & Marisa love the van.  Mr. Carey was outside washing his car.  Barb told him we were going on a trip this summer & wanted a better car.  He said one thing your car will stand out.  Barb took me to the dentist & then went over to show the van to Larry.  He loves it, color & all.  When we were leaving Shults we saw Dale & he said it's a nice color.  When he left for work in A.M., he said don't rush into anything.  And here we had a new car at noon.

Sherrie loves my Danish pastry & asked for the recipe.  She noticed I didn't get the employee discount & added it.t  So I will make rolls &^ bring some to her when we go to the Mall.  She knows Kim & Lar.  When the car business was finished, we went for groceries.  Had an easy supper.   Grilled weiners, baked beans & fruit.  I had a ice cream cone for dessert.  It's nice to sit & watch TV.

On Tuesday, I usually clean my room & the bathroom.  Not today.  Washed towels & will clean tomorrow.

Noticed in the paper today, an ad for a new drive-in theater as you enter Jamestown from Warren.  2 screens so it must be a large area.  Before all the stores & the restaurant where we went for my birthday.

Today was a beautiful day.  Clear & cool.

I hear Dale coming now.  He'll either have what we had for supper or frozen spaghetti or lasagna.  He doesn't mind a frozen dinner & they are nice ot have on hand for when I'm lazy!  I like the lasagna better than the spaghetti.

Should mail this tomorrow so will send my love to all of you

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2001

This is Dale's week to work on Sat. & it cooled off after some summer weather, so I decided to do some baking.  Made dinner rolls, baked the sweet rolls I start the day before, choc. chip cookies & date cookies.  Have to make use of cooler weather.  That was my day's work.

I'm watching the Mets win for a change -- 8-1 over Arizona.  They are starting to hit so it's more fun watching the games.

Barb is switching between baseball & hockey -- Penguins vs. Buffalo.

Dale went to the junk yard looking for auto parts.  Usually looking for parts other want.

Lar & Dale saw a place for sale -- think it is on Elm Blvd. near the Mall & Shults.  Not much of a house & garage but Lar thinks it would be a deal for Dale.  And Larry is willing to help & give advice to Dale on the remodel.  It goes for $32,000 & Dale has more than one half of the money already.  He stopped at the bank to see about a loan.  He doesn't have a credit rating because he pays cash -- doesn't buy new cars because he loves to fix up old ones.  But he's been stable in his job & I'm sure he would get a good recommendation from Shults.  Tues after work -- early week -- he will get to see it with the realtor, & maybe make a bid.  Others have inquired.  Lar thinks it would be a good deal for Dale & it's time for him to think of the future.  I don't know how large the lot is.

Yesterday -- Fri. -- Barb & I went to Jamestown after lunch.  We did a little shopping, but nothing great.  Just little items.

Thurs Barb hosed off the front porch & got the chairs out.  After supper Kim, Barb, Torey & I sat on the porch.  Seemed good to sit out there again.

Maybe you noticed the Women's Club is having a Home Tour.  25.00 is the cost.  One of the homes is Cobham Castle & that is the draw.  Also the house across the st. from us, the former Dunham home.  And the -- I can't remember the former owner, but it is the on that has the circular driveway on Conewango & now owned by Charles Conaway.  He moved back, bo't the house (his wife died & he retired) & has remarried.  She was Lois Bartholomew, divorced & had a daughter Barb's age Mary Beth & a son Tom who was a handsome kid.  The house is in the next block from us.  Sheila is going on the tour but Kim doesn't want to spend 25.00.

Bet the boys had fun seeing the new ballpark & the game.  Nice that Eddie has enjoyed Cub Scouts.

Your kitchen sounds so nice.  It seems like it didn't take too long to get it together.  Probably it did to you folks.  But it's worth it in the end. Now you have a nice new kitchen.

Sun. May 6

This aft. Ted Benson called & said they were coming to Warren for a song service at First Luth & would I want to have them pick me up & go out for a sandwich.  I said yes.  But I changed the plans & we had a sandwich here.  I took chicken breasts out of the freezer, baked them & served them on a roll with mayor, lettuce & tomato.  And date bars for something sweet.  They liked the idea.  Easier to talk there & then I went to church with them.  Combined choirs from the district with a director from Minn.  Very talented & a real inspiration.  Choir numbers & congregational singing.  Fran, our former organist was there -- she is now at St. Joseph.  The choir director from First Meth. was there as well.  I don't like to go to these events alone, so I stay home. Fran said their choir is coming to St. Paul next Sun to do 2 numbers with our choir.  That will be nice.

Tues A.M.  I get a perm. at noon so will mail this.  We've all had colds but they are almost gone now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2001

Wrote a note to Gen & mentioned baseball is back & the Mets are losing but they are still my team.  But it is so discouraging when they can't seem to hit & they have players on the D. L.  One thing they can't get any lower so the only way it up!  But when will it happen.

In hockey Pittsburgh is doing great -- they scored against Buffalo 1-0 but the game isn't over yet.  Won the first one & they're in Buffalo.

It's a lovely day but cool & windy.  The heat still goes on & it gets cold overnite.  No thoughts of gardening yet, but Dale has mowed the lawn a couple of time.

Dale has been working on the brakes for the van.  He will have it in good working order for our summer trip.

Back to baseball.  Watched Seattle beat the Yankees this past week.  I'll root for Seattle to win in the A.L.  I like a lot of their players, especially the D.H. -- Edgar -- can't recall his last name.  I like Lou Pinella but he sure has gotten a big belly on him.

After supper

I have to pinch myself to see I'm not dreaming but the Mets beat St. Louis in 11 innings.  What a game.  At last a win.

Monday aft. the 30th

The Mets victories didn't last.  Was Willie Stargell in the Pirates you remember or was he later.

You should remember Edgar Alfonso or is it Eduardo?  Now I'm mixed up but it's one of those.  He was hit on the hand & out for a couple of games, but his hitting is improving.  Pratt is catcher when they give Piazza a rest.  Ordonez is a great S. S.  Was hit last year & had a broken wrist & was out for the season.  Now he is back --- isn't a great hitter but has gotten some good hits when needed.  His name is Rey & he -- the word won't come -0- left the Cuban team when they were in the U.S. a few years ago  & the Mets won the toss as to which team would get him.

I remember all the names from the '60 Pirates with the exception of Wilmer Mizell.

I figured you'd be eating out some during the kitchen remodel.  After working all day, ti is hard to come home to a "mess" meaning things are out of order because of the remodel & don't want to prepare a meal.  You always have to hunt for what you need, & it's always in the last place you look.

Yesterday was Confirmation at church.  Evan Setile was in the class -- (Karen Seeley).  I talked to Rose about coming for lunch.   Barb will have to pick her up & take her home so I'll have to consult with Barb & call Rose.  This A.M. I made out a menu.  A chicken pasta salad, fruit kabobs & rolls & an angelfood strawberry dessert.  Break up the cake, pour vanilla pudding over it (in a 9x9 pan) & then strawberry jello with frozen berries over that.  Let it set.  Easy & good.

I started another jigsaw puzzle.  When I watch TV I prefer to be doing something.

Summer is here for us.  I've kept the house closed so the house is still cool.  This weekend dis suppose to be cooler -- just the 60s.  From 80s to 60s.

Anne, an older woman, who also works for Bert has been sick.  She stays nights with Bert & has cooked for her & others.  They found she was diabetic, then heart & now they think she has ovarian cancer.  She was in Pittsburgh last Mon. for an exam & on Fri this week, she will have an operation in Pittsburgh.  Her days could be numbered.  She is 76 years old.

Will be anxious to see pictures of the kitchen.  It is hard for me to picture what is happening.

All is well with us.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2001

Baseball & Mets again on TV.  Just hope they can start hitting at the right time & starting winning some games.

It's a cool, dark day & the furnace is still running.  Otherwise I feel cold.  It's suppose to start warming up but the weather is like the Mets -- in a rut.

Yesterday I took Barb out for lunch as it was her birthday.  We went to the Holiday Inn & had a nice lunch.  Fran Decker & Evelyn Berglund were having lunch there, also.

I asked Barb what kind of cake or pie she wanted.  She looked at some cookbooks & chose a cherry choc. cake with a "gooey" icing.  Egg white icing.  It looks pretty -- hope it's OK.  It was a recipe for the microwave & I prefer using the oven which I did.  for the icing you heat egg white, sugar & syrup to boiling in the microwave, & then slowly pour them into the beaten whites (slowly) until thickened.  I added a couple of drop of red coloring so it's a pink icing.

Lar & Kim were going to drive the Miata but seeing it is cloudy, we'll pick them up & all go in the van.  Hope the game goes fast as I have to take a shower & get ready.

I called Millie last Tues -- her birthday.  Gen took another fall.  Going down to do some washing in the basement, she missed the bottom step -- 2nd interruption.  Kim & Torey just stopped over for a cup of coffee.  1st interruption when Dale came home & I fixed lunch for him.

Back to Gen she missed the bottom step and fell on her knees & now they are hurting.  Edith & Gen took Millie to lunch & then to Edith's house for dessert.  Gen was saying how tired she is all the time.  Started making coffee bread & couldn't finish it, & put it in the fridge.  When Millile got home she remembered Allan's wife was always tired before she saw the Dr. & found out she had thyroid trouble.  So Milllie called Gen & asked if she was taking her thyroid pills.  She wasn't -- didn't want to take so many pills.  So maybe that is why she is always tired.  These people that won't take their medications!  Gen has always helped with their income taxes & this year she couldn't do the figures.  She asked Millie how old are you -- 65, 75, & Millie said you know Marion is 80 & I'm older than she is.  I feel so bad for her & I hope Ed will be able to take this set back.  Edith will be a big help.  It will probably get worse.

At camp Lar & Kim have the TV satellite antenna & Kim planned to pay the extra 60.00 but they told her they have to upgrade the works to the tune of $125.00.  Kim said no way but Lar will pay the $125.00 as he wants soccer & Kim will pay the $60.00 for his birthday gift.

My eye is coming along.  It is still red but much improved.

Miracle of miracles, after 6 1/2 innings the Mets are ahead, 4-2.

Thanks for the article on Strawberry.  Haven't read it yet, but you can be sure I will.  It is sad when the "mighty" fall.

Sun the 22nd

Late aft. on Sat. we had a real rainstorm with thunder, but luckily, it stopped raining & warmed up & was nice.  We picked up Lar & Kim & found an open parking spot right in front of Verdino's.  It was busy & very noisy with most of the people from Warren.  Lar & Kim knew many of them & one graduated with Barb.  I chose salmon over the prime rib special which Dale ordered.  It was advertised as peppered prime ribs & that scared me.  Dale said it was spicy.  Barb chose steak & shrimp.  Lar had lasagna as Fri nite he had steak out.  Kim had a noodle dish of some sort.  Our waitress told us they were really busy (we could see that) & short 3 workers & a new one learning the job in the kitchen.  I'm sure they were tired out when it was over, but I'm sure the tips were good.  Ours was $20.00.  It was a nice nite out.  Tell Eddie we missed him as last time we were there, on my birthday, he kept up a good conversation & we enjoyed him.

Did you notice in the Wed. Apr. 18th paper a girl in your class died.  Ronalie Parker Bell.  Her picture was in the paper -- very attractive.  I didn't notice it but Dale did, so I went back & checked it out.

I haven't gotten back to walking again.  Today was nice -- up to 80 -- but I was lazy.  Dale mowed the lawn after work.  This is his early week & he was home by 4:30 pm.  He also did some trimming.

I did clean out the linen closet & my jewelry drawer.  In addition to my Mon. regular chores.

Barb is riding her bicycle again.

Barb is a Pittsburgh hockey fan & she hopes they'll win tonite vs. Washington.  Pitts. is ahead 3-2 at the beginning of the 3rd period.  If they win they'll play Buffalo in the play offs.  2nd round of games.

Soon bedtime so all for this time.

P.S.  Dale got your package.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2001

This A.M. I made dinner rolls & choc. chip cookies.  Then I fixed the sleeves on a dress & did some ironing.  Now I'm watching the Mets. vs. Cincy & seeing I'm just sitting will start a letter.

Dale is on his first trip, this spring, to Seaman's auto junk yard to see what he can find.

My eye is slowly getting better but it is still very red.  I see the Dr. on Mon. & will be glad to have him check it.

Tomorrow, Easter, we will eat after 5:30 pm when Lar & Kim come.  Plan to have stuffed pork chops.  I'm not sure of dessert yet.

Imagine the Mets are glad they are at home playing Cincy & not at their field after what has been going on in that city.  Too bad things like that have to happen.

I started walking this past week & hope to keep it up.  Too bad Eddie and I aren't closer -- we could walk together at Beaty track.  I used to walk the oval 8 times around but they didn't keep it up & it got to be grass.  They might have worked on it lately like last fall.

I made a new confections & it's good.  Melt 1 c. butterscotch chips, i c. choc. chips, & 1/4 c. butter + 1/2 c. peanut butter.  Stir til smooth.  Add 2 1/2 c. miniature marshmallows & 1 c. peanuts.  Mix together.  Pour/greased 13x9 pan.  Chill til set.  I like them.  (Cut in squares.)  Bet they'd be good with pecans as well.  Good with a cup of coffee.

This weekend Lar & Kim have 2 dogs.  Torey's sister Ginger is with them as their friends are visiting his parents over Easter.  In a couple of weeks Ginger will be at a kennel for one week & Kim left bad for Ginger & volunteered to take her.  Today they'll be at camp & will stay overnight.  They'll take Ginger to her home before they come here on Easter.  Kim would never leave Torey in a kennel.

Dale would have loved to have been that close to the Texas racing park & all the excitement.  Once coming from a visit to Middleton, we travelled home on Memorial Day & ran into traffic going to the races at Akron & that slowed us down.

We had a nice sunny morning & now it's turning cloudy.  Suppose to get cooler gain & rain into the week.  Showers on Mon. & I don't like that as I usually walk home from the Dr.

Bar says Marisa has a filthy mouth swearing all the time.  "It's the "in thing" for the "elite" crowd.  Do you find that with Andy & his friends.  Barb says it's a common occurrence & I find it hard to believe.  It's crude language -- up yours -- & all that stuff.  Of course Lynn doesn't like it & Scott learns it all & uses it as well.  It's a sad world.

Monday the 16th

Kim took me to the Dr's office as Barb is working for Lynn.  She was going to the vets in Starbrick & she would look in & see if I was ready to leave.  After I saw the Dr. Kim was sitting there to take me home.  She thinks crossing the bridge is dangerous but I've never had any trouble walking over it.  But I appreciated the thought.

My eye is fine -- he asked if I take aspirin & I do, as Dr. McNett said I should.  But I'll cut down & see if that helps.  Take 1 every other day.  I go back in 3 weeks for a new prescription for glasses.  8;30 A.M.  Barb won't like the early hour & he is off for a week so there isn't much space left.  I prefer the A.M. as Barb can drive me.  At the Dr. I showed Barb L. the snapshot of Andy, Eddie & Julianna.  The boys had their straw hats on.  It's a cute picture.  She was surprised Julianna is so grown up.

Dale took his Blazer out again & Shults supplies the car for driving to Rochester & Dale leaves the Blazer at work.  He wouldn't leave the Monte Carlo up there for 3 days.   He leaves Tues. nite & comes home Fri.

We had a nice Easter.  The stuffed pork chops were good.  I cook them in less time as I find when I bake then 1 hour, they are dried out & then I put out steak knives to help cut them.  Made banana cream pie for dessert -- a favorite of all.

Wed A.M.  A cool day but sunny & the rest of the week will warm up.  Oh happy day!

Called Millie yesterday.  The next letter will contain what we talked about.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2001

You "travelog" came on Thurs & I sat & read it all taking about 1/2 hr. Dale had a lunch meeting at work so I wasn't interrupted. I can see you had a wonderful time seeing many interesting places in history. Julianna is so cute & getting big. I can see the boys love their cousin. They looked so in their straw hats. Lots of miles in 10 days.

My eye is till every red but feels good. I have to put drops in it for 4 week. 4 drops a day, then 3, 2, & 1. So I needed more drops as the bottle is very small & sometimes I miss. I was shocked at the price -- had forgotten how expensive they were. $47.25. Was glad I had enough money in my wallet. But eye sight is worth it.

Dale rescued a microwave thrown away at work.  Mainly because he wanted to see what he could do with it.  It was too noisy.  He said they are not worth getting fixed but he had to satisfy his curiosity.

I'm happy baseball is back & the Mets won 2 out of 3 against the Braves in Atlanta.  They were excellent games, well played & exciting.

As the boys get older, I find it hard to find cards I like so I've gotten cards alike for each one.  I'm sure they don't mind as long as they find something special inside.

Sat. aft.

I'm watching baseball -- Cleveland vs. Baltimore.  Tied score 2-2.  We also can get Pittsburgh games & they are at Houston.

The nurse was surprised to see my age.  She asked me "to what do I attribute my looking younger than 80".  I never know what to say, so I say "it must be my Swedish genes".  She also mentioned smoking as an aging agent.

I finally got some ambition & did some ironing after lunch.  Don't iron that often but a few items need a pressing.

This A.M. we went to the Mall.  Penney's closes the 21st.  I found a housecoat with a zipper in front & got it.  40% off original price.  We still look for bargains.  I wore sunglasses inside the Mall as my eye looks pretty ugly but no pain or anything.  Guess I'll have to wear them to church Palm Sun. as much as I hate to.

They've shown Pittsburgh's new ballpark on TV & it looks very nice.  They renamed the 6th St Bridge to the Roberto Clemente Bridge.  They have a great view of the downtown area & the rivers.

Milwaukee's new stadium looks nice.  Any one at the Opening day game.  Will you make a trip to a game?  Maybe when the Braves or Mets play there!  Andy would choose the Braves.

Now I have to change channels & watch The Masters @ see how Tiger Woods does.  Such a beautiful golf course.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Yesterday I had the cataract removed on my left eye.  Had to be there at 6 15 & in an hour I was in the operating room & home by 9:10 A.M.  A fast job.  T hey gave me a valium pill & there was more in the I.V. to make me sleepy.   You don't feel anything.  Today I had to have it checked & all is well.  More red than the right eye was.  It will go away in about 2 weeks.  I see Dr. Keverline in 2 weeks.  Then I should get my prescription for glasses.

Guess what!  Barb Lucia is working there-- must have just started as they were "breaking" her in.  She said to say hello.  She was working the computer for appointments, etc.

Yesterday I took it easy -- napped in the A.M. & in the afternoon.

Also watched the Mets beat Atlanta in Atlanta.  A great game.  Tonite they are on ESPN & Thurs they will be on TBS.  The Mets should have a good year, I hope.  They play each other 19 times this year.

I think spring is finally here.  It is nice to see the sun & it should warm up.

This week I did my Tues. work on Mon. & not much else since then.  Planned to take it easy this week as I'm an old lady.  Planned easy menus.  I love lemon pie & saw a recipe in last Sun. paper & will make one tomorrow A.M.  It's my favorite -- so so with the others.  Made the crust tonite, rather rolled it out.  The pie dough was in the freezer.  The filling isn't that hard to make.

How was your trip.  I'm sure you had a great time.

Did I mention Marissa broke up with the Loranger kid.  Guess she wants to play the field.  A senior wants to date her but Lynn won't allow it.  Scott has improved since starting medication but Barb thinks it's too late as he is a royal brat!

Talked to Gen & she is still hurting.  She did make breakfast Sun. Apr. 1st & clean up but it was slow.  Every 5th Sun. she helps count the offering & it was her turn.  When they called to check if he could do it, Ed said no.  Gen wanted to do it but Ed was right, I thought.  Start that & they'll want her to do something more.  She's going to have to change her ways after this.

This next week will be busy for you getting your kitchen ready for the remodel.  Bet you are getting excited about it.

Not much to write about so I'll pay attention to the ball game.

Thurs.  My pie looks gorgeous & the lemon part tasted good & the meringue brown a golden brown.

I'm watching Murder She Wrote & resting.  Dale doesn't come home for lunch -- a meeting at work -- so at 11 A.M. I plan to walk & get my drops prescription filled.  It's a lovely day & tomorrow showers are predicted.  Also must get 3 cards for April birthday.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2001

I'm not sure of which week you're visiting in Texas.  If you're gone the letter will be waiting for you.

Barb is busy with the TV remote.  Reason:  Nascar racing, men's skating world's finals, Pittsburgh hockey & tennis.  As of now I'm watching Nascar racing but at 2:30 I'll change to golf to see how Tiger Woods is doing.  He climbed to 2nd place after a slow start.

Last Mon it was just Hollertzs, Bensons, and me.  We had a great time; Five Forks is a nice place & the buffet very good.  It was a beautiful day for a drive.

Fri. aft. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  I got a card for Arlene Hornstrom's birthday & I wrote a note to enclose in her card.  I found a short sleeved sweater at Sears that I liked.  We almost didn't' go into Sears but I wanted to use the rest room.  As we entered Barb looked at blouses & found 2 she liked.  I looked around & thanks to another customer who was looking at the sweater, I noticed it.  They were on piles on a shelf, not out where you could really see them.  I really like it & bot it.

Viola Seaquist told me today she will be 90 this year.  She still drives in Warren & is in church every Sun. & active.  It's not bad to be going on 90 if you are active & have your mind.

Forgot to say Bensons have a new Dodge van.  It is so nice & rides well.  Navy blue.  This summer they'll stay home.  It is hard for Pat to walk.  The past few summers they went to Sweden; then Norway: & last summer Germany.  Also an Alaskan cruise.

When Dale went back to work on Thurs. he had to check a transmission on a new van.  He got it out & the reason was a bad part.  He had to put it back together so they could get credit from the Co.  Then he had to take a transmission out of another new van & put it in the first van.  When they order & get a new transmission he'll have to put it back into the 2nd van.

Once when we went to Synod at Greenville, Warren H. got us to skip the aft. session & we went to Sharon & had lunch at the Quaker Steak & Lube.  An interesting place to eat but we didn't have time for any other sightseeing.

Dale said I could use his computer but I don't have much desire yet.  He is still learning about the computer himself.  But I don't think the E Book would interest me.  I like to sit in different places to read like the front porch in the summer.  And i like to walk to the library & look thru the books.  Sometimes I even find a new author.  It sounds like quite a process to learn & conquer.

I got a new jigsaw puzzle I'm working on.  It's calling me now!

Mon AM.  It's really snowing.  Barb will mail.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2001

Thanks for the pictures. Andy looks good in his basketball outfit. I like the bookcase. It can hold a lot of books, etc.

When I read your letter about Eddie being sick -- it was before lunch so I wasn't eating.

Dale has to go to Rochester for 3 days.  Mon-Wed.  He'll leave about 4 on Sun. so he can drive during the daylight.  The sessions are on transmissions.  Dale said Chrysler will be closing this school and in order to get the warranty money, they have to have so much schooling each year.  Hope the next school isn't too far away.

I got 3 library books on Fri. but I only like 1 of them.  One I can't get interested in & the other ones are short stories & I don't like to read short stories.

Dale had a call today from Ken Dunham -- your age -- one of the twins  they lived by Yostens.  He wanted Dale's opinion on buying a used Jeep.  He has 3 daughters ages 27, 25, 21.  One is married.  They had quite a conversation.

Dale went to Jamestown this aft. & on the way home he stopped at Camp.  Lar & Kim were cleaning there as the bedroom floor is completed.  Kim had ordered some blinds from Penney's & they were putting them up.

Barney Miller is on TV all day today & Sun & I've been watching some of them.  They are so good.

Gen called me this past week & she is in a lot of pain.  She had xrays & there are many breaks.  Ed had to get medicine & had to sign for it as it is a narcotic.  Gen hopes it will be better in a couple of weeks.  I bet it will take a lot longer to heal.

Barb decided to defrost the freezer now.  No problem with me.  She did it in Nov. & this will help because in the summer a  lot of frost comes on it.

Tomorrow, no Mon, I'm going out to lunch with Bensons, Hollertz, etc.  We're going to 5 Fords Restaurant in Tionesta.  It serves hot buffet, salad bar, & dessert bar.  Dad & I drove by it but never ate there.  Benson's will pick me up.

Kim & Lar went to a credit union dance.  There were 9 couples at their table.  They sold 50-50 tickets.  Lar bot some, Kim decided not to, the gal next to Kim did & she won  the 50-50, about $171.00.  If Kim had bo't tickets she'd won.  6 of the 8 couples at their table won the prizes.  Lar & Kim, & Betsy & her husband won nothing.  It was at St. Paul Center, Saybrook, & Kim said the food was delicious.  Ladies of the church served the meal.  It wasn't the usual fare.  They served chicken broccoli rice casserole, stuffed peppers, etc. salads & desserts.

We were supposed to get a snow storm Fri nite into Sat.  So far just flurries.  Hope it stays away.

Thurs. nite Larry did my taxes for me so that is out of the way.  Barb & Dale have their all completed.

When I talked to Gen she said John was in Holland.  Sent there by the company eh works for.  He was to be home the end of the week.

Sun. Mar. 18th

Our pastor was gone today so Roger Thelin preached & John Check had the liturgy.  They always do a good job.  I'm enclosing an interesting article from the Buffalo paper.  Roger had an interesting illustration to close his sermon.  He has spoken of using our talents -- too many have excuses so the future is in our hands.  They story -- a wise man lived on a mountain & 2 college boys wanted to play a joke on him.   They (a boy) showed him a bird caged in his hands.  Tell me is the bird dead or alive in my hand thinking if he said alive, they'd crush it & let it drop; if he said dead, they'd let it fly away.  His answer was "it's on your hand whether it lives or dies."  And so a lot of things are in our hands whether they live or die.  In today's world we are letting a log of good things die due to our neglect.

Dale will eat around 3 pm & be ready to leave by 4 or so.  It will be different without him to talk to.

We awoke to a thin layer of snow but by the time I went to church the sidewalks were clear, due to the March sun.  Really the sun & it is so nice to see, even tho it was 29.

Should start thinking about my grocery list & menus.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2001

I just called & got motel reservations in the Iron Mt. Motel 8.  Got the combination numbers for 2 rooms.

Your kitchen plans sound wonderful./  Lots of cupboard space.  Bet you can hardly wait for them to get started.  But you will need the time to take out the cupboards, etc.  Will be fund to see it in July.

It doesn't seem to want to stop snowing.  We haven't had a lot this past week -- after the 6" we got -- but flurries each day.  Today it 's been strange, cloudy, flurries, & then sunshine but it doesn't last.

We know what is going into the former CVS & KB toy store at the Mall -- a Dollar Store.  Already there is one in the Market St. Plaza -- opposite BiLo.  Kim goes in there & finds bargains so I hope it will work at the Mall.  They have a sign in the window (Mall) concerning hiring.  One down & several to go.

I didn't get any library books on Fri.  I decided I couldn't spend the weekend reading.  In the Apr. 3 Family Circle there is an article on bumper stickers & one caught my eye -- from Appleton, Wi.  "Librarians are novel lovers."  Another one I saw was cute.  "I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go."

Did you notice Penn State beat Mich. State in the Big Ten tournament.  Go Penn State!!!

Got a letter from Millie & she said Gen broke 1 or 2 vertabrae when she fell.  She went to emergency room Mon A.M.  The Dr. gave her pain medicine & she is in a lot of pain.  Can't do anything so Ed has the responsibility of meal, etc.  She sleeps a lot.  Larry said they should get 2 way radios & contact Ed that way.

Millie wrote Linda was home for 5 days & they went shopping.  Millie got a new wreath for her front door.  She has a little storage shed & the window box she had for it was broken.  She got a new one to be put up if spring ever comes.  She had 3 boys shovel for her.  Lots of drifting snow.

The Warren Co. teachers finally got their new contract after waiting 8 months.  They didn't get everything they wanted but some of the things that were important were given them.  Kim was happy.  Lar has the bedroom floor half done.  They get Fri thru Mon, the 16-19 off so Kim hopes it will be done so she could start cleaning -- dust, etc.  Then the house is completed.  He's talking garage.  Thinks he could do it himself, with Dale's help.  And he'd like to get cement siding as the squirrels are gnawing on their siding.  He'd do the job himself.

Sun. aft the 11th

We had snow this A.M. & it came down fast.  Bet we got 3 inches.  It's clear now -- 1:45 pm.

All our 3 TVs have NASCAR racing.  Barb upstairs, Dale in the kitchen.  I'm in the L.R.  During the 3rd lap, 700 balloons were released in memory of D. Earnhardt & everyone saluted with 3 fingers in the air.  The one who is driving in place of D. E. is doing very well. He's just a young one starting out & didn't figure to race NASCAR this early in his career.

Don't laugh, but I've already started making a lit of what I'll need to bring on the trip.  I like to make lists.

Supper is over & the kitchen is cleaned up.

The end of the race was so exciting.  Kevin Harvick who now races D. E. car with a different number, 29, beat Jeff Gordon by 1/1000 of a second.  You should have heard the cheering & seen the #3 flags waving in the grandstands.  This is only his 3rd Nascar race & he won.  He wasn't suppose to NASCAR race until next spring & then ease into it gradually.  What a thrill for him.  Guess you'd say we're into racing as much as ever.

Penn State didn't do so good in their 2nd game.  Guess winning over Mich . State wore them out.

You're probably watching the college playoff of basketball games.  I'm not into basketball, except if Penn State is winning & I want to see if they win the game.

Tues. Mar. 13th.  My room & the bathroom are cleaned & towels are washing.  Put Swiss steak in the cork pot & it smells good.  We get groceries today so it will be nice to have dinner cooking.  It's raining her e-- more showers.  Love to all.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2001

Last nite I started reading "Light a Penny Candle" by M. Binchy.  Didn't do much today but read & now at 9 pm I finished it.  I enjoyed it so much.  Even ordered pizza for supper so I was really lazy today & it was fun.

Kim stopped by today.  Barb smiled when she read about your dream & Kim said you must have eaten late that nite before you retired.

Got your letter today & one from Gen but hers was very disappointing.  It contained some newspaper articles & a page on what they youth group at church did last Nov. & Dec.  Not a word form her -- very disappointing.

Your ribs sounded delicious.  I've never fixed them -- maybe I'll get courage & try fixing them.  I should use my crock pot more.

Now it's Sun. the 4th.  After church I had lunch, scanned the Buffalo paper, & made out my grocery list.  And I've been watching the Weather Channel for news of the big storm. I was hoping for a nice Mon. as I see the eye Dr. at 8:40 A.M.  So I've been keeping my eye on the weather channel.

We are suppose to get a new channel the 30th of Mar.  National Geographic Channel.  Should be interesting.

Have another book to read Fern Michaels Yesterday.  Maybe I'll start it later this aft.  When I get a good book I hate to lay it down but I can't put off a meal tonite.  I have a good chicken-spaghetti recipe that is easy & tasty.  With garlic bread & a salad it makes a good meal.

Our snow has started -- 2 pm.

At the Mall, they've taken out the wall that divides the former K Bee stores & CVS, so something must be going in there.   A new rumor -- Blairs Store will go into the former Penney's.  There are so many rumors.

I have a couple of pair of slacks to shorten for me.  Barb said they weren't too long but I felt an inch taken off would be better.  Got them ripped out -- the seam -- but that's all.  I'll put it on my list for this coming week.

Barb & Lynn had a discussion on NASCAR racing.  According to Lynn it's a "redneck" sport & it uses too much gas.  Barb disagreed but didn't argue.  But at home she said they have a boat at the lake & Bob drives a large SUV & they take a lot of gas.  That's a different story.

Last nite Barb had to chauffer Bert, Jo Africa & the one who is staying at the Holiday Inn to dinner over town.  Then she picked them up afterwards.  Barb picked Jo Africa up first & she had to sit in the front seat as she gets dizzy in the back seat.  So Bert had to climb in the back seat & that is harder for her.  J. Africa doesn't drive at nite.

Just called Gen -- Ed answered.  Gen slipped on some ice & went down hard & has a very sore back.  Ed had to make meals today.  He wasn't sure if Gen would come to the phone but she wanted to but we didn't talk too long.  She wouldn't go to the emergency room -- it happened on Sat. & now with this storm she might not get there until the middle of the week.  With her bad back, she could have broken a bone.  She'll need an xray, I bet.

Mon the 5th.
Just got home from Dr. Keverline.  I need to have the cataract removed from the left eye.  I chose Apr. 3rd as I hope by then, the weather will be nicer, and everything will be over by Easter.  We didn't get more snow during the night & I was able to walk home.  Just a little frozen rain.  The bridges weren't cleared & the sidewalk over the Hickory St. Bridge is very narrow.  I met a man coming toward me & he wouldn't walk in the deeper snow, so I had to.  The 3rd Ave bridge wasn't cleared either but most sidewalks were.  Our neighbor cleared our walk around 6 A.M.  I'll have to make cookies for them -- maybe around Easter. Snow should be gone by then.  Got home in time to watch Murder She Wrote.  Now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee.

I've gotten a good start on my book Yesterday & it is another good one.  I just finished it & it was so good. 9 pm.  I did make dinner, tho & clean sheets for Dale's bed.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, February 22, 2001

This has been a hard week because of Dale Earnhardt's death & TV reminders.  Today from 11 A.M.-1 pm they had the tribute to D. E.  The actual church service was only 1/2 hour.  His Lutheran pastor read the Bible story of Martha, Mary & Lazarus rising from (the) death.  The NASCAR chaplain had the meditation & it was very inspiring.  An Alabama member sang 2 numbers.  It helps putting a closing to everything.;  It should end the tears.  He died doing what he loved.

Tonite Lar & Kim come for dinner.  I'm having a chicken rice casserole that is tasty.  Plus a broccoli salad & pecan pie with choc. chips on the bottom.  It's good that way.

I remembered the name when I heard of Eddie Matthews' death.  I'm probably more familiar with baseball names over other athletes.  Baseball must be my favorite sport.

It's funny, when Barb first came home sports meant nothing to her.  Then she got interested in Michael Jordan, Buffalo Bills, & the latest is Pittsburgh hockey.  She knows the names & now with Fox sports she can watch more games.  And of course NASCAR & I'm sure after awhile she will go back to watching it.  Oh yes, golf is also important to her.

With Dale it's NASCAR & the Steelers.

Scott realized Barb was sad over Dale E. death.  Mon nite Scott & Lynn were at KMart & Scott said "Barb is so sad, we should buy her a D. E. car".  Someone overheard Scott say that & said "we are sold out of D. E. memorabilia."  It went fast everywhere.

Sat the 24th.

Fri. we went to the library before we went to the Mall.  I got 3 books -- Bean Trees by B. Kingsolver, Echoes by Maeve Binchy & Fern Michaels Celebration.  I started reading it Fri. & finished it this A.M. *& it was so good.  This is Dale's week to work Sat A.M. so I was up at 6 A.M. & by 8:30 I had a coffee cake made & choc. chip cookies.  Then I got dressed, made my bed & finished the book.  I had to do my baking first or I was afraid I'd put it off.  I like my cookies pressed own as they come out nice & crisp.  Barb & Dale like them not pressed down so I divided them -- 2 pans for them, 1 1/2 for me.  All are happy.

The other nite I was going thru the TV channel & came across your former Gov. giving his state address, or whatever you call it.  I was so surprised with his appearance.  Not the man I pictured in my mind from your letters.  I pictured a large important looking man.  From what I saw he just the opposite.  Didn't linger that long.

Was supposed to see the Dr yesterday but ti was postponed because of trouble with pipes.  They must have frozen or something.  Now it will be the last Fri. in Mar.  Fri. is better as Barb can take me over & I hate to have Lar take time off to take me on the other days as usually appt are mid afternoon.

Tues. after work Dale goes to Rochester for a Wed., 1 day only, class.

What are you doing about your back.  Have you had an Xray?  You need to do something.

I'm looking forward to spring.  But first we have to get thru St. Patrick's Day as some 40 years ago they had a huge snow storm here.

Sun. Feb 25.

The NASCAR race in on TV.  Everyone going into the grandstand was given a Dale Earnhardt #3 banner.  It's a full house.  All the drivers are wearing (before the race) D. E. baseball caps.  Even in golf Davis Love III was wearing a D. E cap as well as 3 other guys from N. Carolina.  D. E. made a great impact on people.  I asked our Dale once, if he liked his name.  Because of Dale Evens (Roy Rogers) he didn't when he was little but when D. E. came along, all that changed.  Already a crash when they bumped together.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in the crash & he was limping a bit.  Too bad but it was only the first lap so maybe he can get back.  4 cars involved.

Today is spring but for 1 day only.  I wish it would stay longer.  Mon. more winter.

The race had to be cancelled due to rain.  It will be run Mon at 11 A.M.  There is also rain at the golfing event but they are still able to play.

Mon. Feb. 26

This is Dale's early week so I was up early.  After breakfast I read for an hour.  Did dishes, got dressed, did Dale's sheets & other clothes.  Then I cleaned the basement shower.  A 2nd load of clothes.  Read my book.  Made Dale's bed, made lunch.   Read my book.  Dale had a headache last nite & didn't eat dinner so he's having that tonite so I didn't have to make a meal.  Finished my book by Binchy & it was so good I wished it was longer.  So I mostly read today.  Fun./  I hope there are 1 or 2 more books of hers I can read.  Enjoyed the Bean Trees but the other I liked better.

Also had the race on today while I was reading.  The end was exciting & the Dale Earnhardt car won this week.  Steve Park drove the #1 car.  His car also won last week.  He had 3 cars own by the D. E. racing team.  D. E. raced for Childress racing team.

Guess this is all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saturday, February 17, 2001

We've had snow during the day - spot showers & looking out the window now we have a storm. Lar, Kim & 3 other couples planned to go to Jamestown for dinner.  Dale went to Jamestown this aft. & coming home there was a sudden storm & he couldn't see the car in front of him.  T hen he went into sunshine.  Hope the driving isn't too bad -- they're going to Verdina's. where we went for my birthday.  They went.

Thurs. nite we were talking about the reunion & now it sounds like Barb is changing her mind & wants to attend.  We would need 2 motel rooms.  Barb said she would start saving for it.  When we're at your place I would like to go to the Mall, one that is larger than what we're used to.

Gas bills are high.  Barb said Bert's gas bill for 1 mo. was $10,000.00  No insulation, etc. in her old house.  It was $2,000.00 at church & they are asking for more money.  We've been spoiled with our warmer winters.  Not this winter.  We're on the budget -- pay each month of the year -- & our bill was $99.00.

It's a cold Sun. Feb 18 but the sun is out so I'll sit at the kitchen table & read Maeve Binchy's "The Copper Beech".  This book & the last one (maybe all) are character studies of people in the book.  It's an interesting theme.  First day of Nascar --Daytona 500 & it's nice to have Fox sports as they have so many interesting features.  Barb & Dale will watch it.

How are plans for your kitchen coming.  How long will it take once they get started?

By now you've heard that Dale Earnhardt was killed at the Daytona race.  It was practically over when the accident happened.  Barb took the death very hard.  She won't watch racing anymore.  It is very sad -- he had so many fans.  It just doesn't seem possible it happened.

Lilith Johnson, Denise's mother, had a heart attack & hospitalized. She is home now & didn't want to get out of bed.  But Bob finally got her to get her hair done -- she goes where I go & on Fri.  But Bob does all the cooking & he's never done that before.  Bob's mother is in her 90s & Bob goes to see her.  So he has his hands full.  And last week Bernie Bloom had a hip replacement.  I think he has Parkinson's as well.

Finished "The Copper Beech".  It was a good book.

I made a new cookie and it's good.  You can use Pillsbury peanut butter cooky dough or your own P.B. cooky recipe, which I did.  Form into little balls & then mold into the tiny cup cake tins.  Bake 9-12 min. & then remove from oven & press in a small Reese P.B. cup.  Let stand 10 min.  Then remove from tins.  Makes 36 cookies.  Very tasty.  The chocolate melt but hardens as they cool.

Monday the 19th.  Barb is a bit teary today & Dale doesn't say much but it is on our minds.  Guess it doesn't pay to be such ardent fans.  It hurts when something like this happens.

Kim seems to have a knack for finding good buys.  Sh e went to Blair Outlet & found a coverlet for their bed at camp.  It has squares of various birds on it & she plans to use her bird house collection to decorate.  She also got a pair of pants for Lar.  All items on a good sale price.

Gen called me on Valentine's -- Wed.  During the night she got up & was dizzy & afraid of falling.  She called Ed to help her.  Ed said we go to the Dr.  It was her thyroid.   She had stopped taking her medication.  She kept putting off calling the Dr. for an appt.  She also had trouble getting my telephone number dialed & blamed it on a new phone.  I asked her if she had her glasses on. She didn't & said she could see without them.  She won't change her ways of neglect.

Tues the 20th.  Barb has a sick headache so she is still in bed & hopes it is better by noon.  Maybe we won't be able to go grocery shopping today.  I still cleaned my room & the bathroom this A.M.  Am washing dishes (dishwasher) & will do a load of towels when the D.W. shuts off.  Soon time for "Murder She Wrote" so I'll watch that.  This is the Tues. Dale works til 8 pm so I usually have pancakes, egg & sausage or French Toast or waffles.  Today it's Fr. toast.  They get 1/2 hr. from 5-5:30 to eat if they want to.  Dale has snacks to tide him over.  No wonder he's happy at home.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday, February 9, 2001

We went to the Mall this aft.  I got 2 extra large bath towels at Penney's on sale.  Dale & Barb like the larger ones.  Then I checked out the discount shoe store & got a pair of black flats for walking.  Naturalizers. Slip ons & comfortable.  Then to KMart for soap, cleaners, etc.
Lynn asked Barb to work Mon-Thurs from 1-4:30 doing cleaning, changing beds, etc.  Next week Bert has a cataract removed & wanted Barb to sit with her that aft.  But Barb can't do it.  Barb wondered, with all her friends, why Bert would need her.

I now watch Barney Miller from 4-5 pm.  I call it my hour of laughing.  Some scenes are so funny -- it's fun to watch & makes me feel good.

Was supposed to see Dr. McNett today but he wouldn't be in so I'll see him 2 weeks from today.

Sat evening the 10th

Got your letter today.  I don't think the O.T. stories were used much in S.S.  I remember using a flannelgraph about Naaman being cleansed from leprosy.  The most I remember about Jacob was that he was in love with Rachel & he was willing to wait 14 years for her after being ticked by Laban.  But I guess he didn't really wait 7 more years until he "had" her before.   But usually the theme was patience & you'll get your reward.  You made things sound very interesting & I'm sure no one was bored in that session.  What will your book be for the April session.  I once was asked to give a book report to a YW group of women at Gt. Falls.  I did it

Kim stopped in today.  She thinks Lar should go to the reunion & Dale would like to go.  Barb isn't interested & Kim is on the committee for Warren Hi class reunion & that is the next week &^ she figures she'd be busy with duties for that.  So maybe the 3 of us will come, but nothing is definite yet.

Larry got the flooring for their bedroom at the camp -- hickory wood.  They have a friend in Youngsville they get it from him.

Just finished reading an interesting book The Thin Woman by Dorothy Cannell.  Easy reading.  The author was born in England but now lives with her family in Peoria, Il.  It's her first book but I'm sure I saw another book by her a week ago at the library.  I'll keep a lookout for it.  I'm tired of reading books with a lot of swearing & sex.  Kim was saying a teacher took a busload of kids to a hockey game in Erie & the kids had a great time.  Why -- in front of them they had a ball -- watching a drunk who was finally escorted out.  And one of the hocked players name was Pecker & the audience kept shouting "Pecker, Pecker".  Because of some of the books I've read, I knew the meaning of that.  It wasn't something I learned as a teenager!  How times have changed.

Scott is now on Ritalin & Barb can see an improvement.  I'm sure the teacher was glad.  He was really out of hand.

I'm also ready Evening Class by Maeve Binchy.  I like her books.

Now it's Sun the 11th.

Read Evening Class til 11 pm last nite.  It is a good book.  After lunch today I read & then took a nap.  Now I'll add a bit while I have a coffee break.

The sun is shining but it is a cold day.  Was cold walking to church.

If we visit Mim & Tom's cabin would we stay in a motel.  I know Ruth spoke of staying in a motel up there & I would prefer it for myself.  Getting up during the nite is always a problem & it's part of my life now.

How said for Lila & Gen. Gen isn't able to do all that is necessary.   Hope they will get into a home & get proper care.  They should have the means for it -- there must be some sort of help for them.

Tues A.M.  I finished my Tues AM chores & I'm going for a walk.  A nice sunny day, again.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday, February 3, 2001

We have more snow -- up to 3", I think. Enough to have to shovel.

This aft. Dale went to Jamestown.  I asked him if he was going to Sam's Club and if he did would he get me pecans & toilet tissue.  The pecans are 7.29 for 2 lbs & around 12.00 for 30 rolls of .T. T. -- the good brand that is soft.

Yesterday Kim was at school til after 10 pm.  Reason:  school dance from 7-10 pm.  After school they had to decorate & foolish to drive home & have to turn around practically right away.  After 10 pm they'd have to clean up decorations, etc. & she hoped to be home by 11 pm.  She didn't come over today.  I'm sure they went skiing with the new cover of snow.

Fri nite Lar & Mike went out to eat.  Then Lar walked Torey with Torey leading the way.  They went to Jackson, over Buchanan & Lar decided to shovel Cary's walk.  I heard Torey barking & called to him & in he came.  Lar came when he finished.  Torey got fed & then he settled down.  I was working on my puzzle -- it's a hard one but the end is in sight -- & Lar sat down & watched TV.  Torey wasn't in any hurry to leave so Lar stayed awhile.

Barb & I went to the mall late morning.  Went to Penney's & everything is 25% off & I found a spring jacket I like so I bo't it.

I'm proud of Andy doing so well in his studies.  Isn't it nice to have a son who applies himself to his studies, Paul!!!  I remember someone who could have but didn't, but you still turned out to be a good guy & I'm proud of you.  You certainly are doing well in your career.

I'm watching the All Star Hockey doings tonite.  Sun. is the All Star Game.  It's fun to watch & see the All Stars introduced.  Skill competition tonite.

Dale & I had hamburgers for supper -- Barb made herself a steak salad.

Finally, I finished my puzzle with 2 pieces missing.  [Found 1 on the floor.]  An old puzzle as we save them -- when I vacuumed on Wed. I heard one eaten up by the vacuum cleaner & I thought I had checked thoroly.

Back to hockey -- North American All Stars vs. the World All Stars.  N. Amer. All Stars won the skill contest.

Sun. Feb 4th

In church today the Bishop's assistant preached & it was nice to hear a good sermon and one using the text for the day.

After church I was talking to Patty Welsh Phillips & she said she is now retired.  Her husband has been retired for 2 years & they have plans to travel, etc., so she left her job.  She was secretary to a lawyer.  She isn't that much older than you is she, Paul?  I know she isn't ready for Soc. Security.

Today I watched the Hockey All Star game & it was so good.  The N. Americans beat the World All Stars.  I think the score was 14-11 & that is a big score.  I didn't watch the football All Stars and I saw the end of the golf.  Tiger Woods hasn't done too well so  far.

Your telephone call gave me something to think about pro & con.  No answers for while.  It's a long trip.

Started reading again -- got 2 books at the library last Fri.  Our governor is giving more money -- statewide -- to the libraries.

Karen S. Setili's son is very different.  Very smart in studies.  I feel sorry for him -- he has been too much of a mama's boy.  The daughter who is in her first year of college, is different but no like Evan.

One of Dale's friend's mother died a year ago & the father died this last week.  He was 65 & his wife was in the early 60's.  He had sugar.  Tough to lose both parents in a years time.  The grandmother was a member of St. Paul & she lived to an old age.  After her husband died she came back to Warren so I don't think you knew her Paul,  She was Helen Leonard.

Tues A.M.  Want to get this mailed -- it's grocery day.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday, January 26, 2001

Did I say Dale made an end table & it came out so nice.  He has been getting equipment to help him make things.  Kim liked it a lot.

Larry is ready to paint the bedroom at camp so it should soon be done.  Still has the floor to do.

Barb borrowed Saratoga Trunk from the library, starring Ingrid Bergman & Gary Cooper & she loved it.  Made in 1945 -- French flavor, so Barb thinks JoAnna would like it.  Have you seen it.  Today (Mon) she got the book at the library.

Gen called this week.  She said she calls John but he is either out or won't answer the telephone.  She is a worrier & feels bad him go.  I think she realizes that but can't do it.  He might come over more if they let him go.  She wondered if we had a lot of snow, but it missed us.  Went south to the coast.  They had 12".

We heard that Rex Electronic will be in the mall taking the KBee toy store & CVS store so there will be some remodeling.  Also Big Lot store -- Kim & Dale's favorite in Jamestown -- will take over the former grocery store (County Mkt.) by the mall.  Be easier to go there now.  And the theater might reopen.

We've Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast -- Barb & Dale like the garlic toast but I like the mozzarella & monterey toast.

We're getting snow today -- 3-4".  Imagine Lar & Kim went out skiing.

I'm watching golf play in Arizona & it is cold & rainy out there.  Tiger isn't doing so good.

We're having peppercorn pork loin roast.  We had it before & it was too highly seasoned for all of us -- Lar & Kim also -- so I trierd to wash the peppers off but I'm sd help.  Wouldn't you know I got 2 peppercorn roasts at the time & I wanted to use this & get it out of the way.

Sun aft.

Just finished lunch, enjoying coffee & "Murder She Wrote"on A&E & will continue my letter so excuse any mistakes.

Last Fri. I went to the bank to get money for Feb & as I was leaving Dave Blair was entering.  We talked a moment & he asked if you are still in Wisc etc.  I said you are.  I can't get over how old he looks for a young man.  You are still young, Paul!

Kim stopped in yesterday.  She was looking for the "snow" sprayed at Christmas.  She finally found it at Eckhard's.  She went to pay for it & Barb Lucia was arguing about the price of having pictures developed & she had a 2.00 discount coupon.  The bill was over 8.00 & she only pays 5.99 at KMart.  After several minutes she finally paid for them & said from now on I'll go to KMart.  Naturally Kim was getting restless being held up.  Object of the story -- coupons don't always make things cheaper than KMart's price.  I still collect & use them.

After services today, we had the annual meeting.  Everything went smoothly.  After the business, a few had some questions.  Tom Morelli's wife is on the council & she said a few words encouraging others to say "yes" when asked to help.  She is a very capable asset in the congregation.

I changed my menu -- we're having steak for "Super Sun."

Dale has been in bed all day -- not feeling good & sleeping.  He got up to eat dinner with us -- he thought he'd be able to eat -- but he couldn't eat.  He did drink some ginger ale.  He's asleep on the davenport now.

I had the football game on in the kitchen -- Baltimore was on the 1 yard line but I didn't wait to see if they got a T.D. & haven't turned it on here.  Not that interested.  My nose has been running all day -- it must be an allergy.  Dale is awake & wants to watch the game, so it's on now.

Now it's Mon the 29th.  Before Sun. bedtime I fixed soup for Dale & he ate it all.  He went to work today -- still a little wemuch food in his tummy all day Sun.

Do you remember the Rosenquists from church.  The youngest Rick (younger than Dale) was quite wild in his high school days & later on.  Now he is the weekend cook at the Crary Home.   He has had instruction & is a good cook & the people like him & his food.  And he isn't lazy.  Lar has had Rick helping him getting a house ready for rental.  I think they have gotten 3 houses on the block.  Rick is married & has a young son.  She works at Blair's.  Rick has lost his license & can't drive.  His wife goes to the Jehovah Witness Church & they don't recognize any holidays -- Christmas, etc.  I think it is more of an Old Testament church in beliefs.  The weekly cook is lazy & just does enough to satisfy.  They would like her to quit & then Rick could have her job.  Rick tried to have a pizza shop but it didn't work out.  He probably lost money on that.  He doesn't want evening work as he wants to be around evenings for his son.  I think it was Grandma Rosenquist who kept the family together -- the children were confirmed but we never saw the parents.

When I was at the bank last Fri, I mentioned this might be my last time cashing a check -- (closing) -- but the teller said they aren't sure now.  Maybe public outcry set them to thinking about closing it.  Otherwise I go to the East Side or change to Northwest Savings.  That means changing S. Security & Pension checks.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Last nite I made pasties using leftover beef rom Sun & they were tasty.  Got rutabaga & that adds flavor.

Tonite I fixed chop suey so I have been more on the ball menu wise.

I'm a little disappointed in the Food Channel.  Guess I don't watch it enough to get the right programs.  I've discovered "Barney Miller" in the aft. after my soap.  I always liked that program & actors.

Barb said Lynn is taking Scott to a new Dr. & thinks it's time for medication, because he can't settle down to learn.   Lynn never wanted to use medication & I think Barb supported her decision.  Both are now realizing something more needs to be done, for their sakes as well as Scott's.  He is very hyper.

Glad you're feeling better, Paul.  It really had you down & out.  My nose still bothers me at times but I'm not sick.  I'm glad as Sun. the 28th is the annual meeting at church & I like to attend.  Last year I missed it.  Jan. has been better to me this year.

Kim & Lar brought some wine for Christmas & Barb likes it so she has been having a glass with her dinner:  Beringer's White Zinfandel.  They have it at the liquor store so it's available for her to buy.

I'm getting used to the new telephone.  It's worth the 7.50 a month to have the caller ID.  There haven't been as many calls to Dale (trying to sell him coins, etc.) since I don't have to answer.  They hang up when answering service comes on.

We haven't changed the message -- use the one on the phone.  You can carry the phone anywhere & that is nice.

Thurs. the 19th 9:50 A.M.

I'll brag a little -- up at 5:50 -- breakfast, got the garbage out -- started soup for lunch with beef cubes I saved for this reason, cleaned the sink & toilet by the washer -- have a load in the washer, & washed the utility room floor -- all before Barb is downstairs.  Have to wash the kitchen floor after Barb leaves.  Pretty good for an 80 year old lady!  I'm just glad I can do it.  That about completes my work but I have to make my bed.  Use flannel sheets so I have to wait til they are dried.  Lar & Kim come tonite -- will have oven fried chicken, etc. Mad a spice cake yesterday -- from scratch.  It is good.  Will serve it with ice cream.  Off to the dryer--

Marissa J. is dating a Loringer boy -- he is in 11th grade.  They live in the former -- now I can't remember the name -- he was the Pres. the Forge -- home that is across the st. from church.  He calls to have her come & watch a movie with him & Barb has taken her there on her way home from tending Scott. The Loringers are divorced.  I'm sure Lynn has more worries now as to how well chaperoned they are.  Barb just left so I'll wash the floor.  Much easier now with the new mop.  Very easy now.

Sunday aft. Jan 21

Thurs. nite Lar had some gossip for us & since you're not in Warren I'll tell you.  Mr. Carey called Lar to tell him they had to take a quick trip to Susan's.  Remember her husband died of a heart attack & after the baby was born Susan had some problems & the in-laws know about them.  Now the in-laws want to take the child from Susan & I guess started proceedings as Susan had to get a lawyer.  She moved from her home to a condo -- less work for her & she has a new man in her life.  She is a good mother.  Barb has watched her Sarah when they visit & the adults go out for dinner & Barb says she is a very darling child.  Sure hope it works out for Susan.  Her name is Sarah -- it just came to me.

Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend.  Good food, good fellowship, good cards but now winter sports. Nice you can get away like that.

Careys left last Thurs. for Fla.  Lar checks on the house.  One of their dogs had to be put to sleep due to illness.  The sale sign is down but the agent can show the house if she finds an interested person.  Too many houses for sale.

You'll notice, when the paper arrives, that Penney's is closing at our mall.  They toy store went out so there isn't much at that end of the mall.  We can always to go the Lakewood Mall, but I'll miss it.  Didn't see much of interest in the Spring Summer catalog.

It's time for the van's inspection & Dale has been going over it.  He said we'll need new brakes in a few months.

We didn't get much of the storm that hit the East Coast -- a few flurries.  The aft we have sunshine & blue sky.  Walking to church was cold -- temp. 21 but I dress warm.

Seems strange with no football on TV.  The Warren paper had an easy recipe for chicken wings.  It will just be the 3 of us next Sun but I think I'll try making them & have potato salad, etc.  Lar & Kim are usually with friends.

Lar thinks he could build his own garage.  Has some thoughts on a pole building -- whatever that is -- & thinks with Dale's help he could do it.  A project for next Fall.  He said Blair's near them have been cutting trees on their own property -- maybe for their fireplaces.

Nothing much going on so I'll work on my puzzle.  A floral design with colors so I sit & stare a lot & come up with a match now & then.  I finished it.  Will have another going soon.