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Tuesday, January 9, 2001

I'll start a letter and keep adding to it.  With Dale gone, Barb & I went to Holiday Inn for lunch.  I had the salmon with roasted potatoes & carrots (baby) & it was delicious.  The salmon was a larger piece that I've had before.  Barb had a Philly Beef sandwich.  We had dessert -- Barb carrot cake & I had Bourbon Pecan pie.  It was a nice outing.  I won't have to make supper.  We'll each get something easy.  Then we went grocery shopping.  They say it's best to go grocery shopping on a full stomach.

Wed. the 10th

Received Charles & Sandra's Christmas card & letter today.  I'll have to keep their address in my file.  They are made for each other.  He plays & she sings.

Today we have sun & clear blue skies & I can hear the icicles crashing to the ground.  Nice to see the sunshine.  Good weather for Dale & the other fellow to drive home form Rochester.  This session was on Dodge trucks.  Dale said the other fellow only had 15.00 & had brought food from home.  Dale had a couple of hundred $ on him.

Fri the 12th

Yesterday the UPS driver was here & I had to sign a paper I didn't receive the box.  It's our regular man & he said he always put small pkg. between the front door & screen door.  I order from Penney's & Dale orders a lot & we've never had any problems.

This A.M. after my hair appt. I went to D&K for some silk flowers.  Got 2 large cream roses -- about 5" in diameter & put them in a tall, blue, slender vase Lar gave me years ago.  Put it by the fireplace & it really looks nice.  Got some smaller pink roses & put them in a pink (deep) vase that was a wedding gift & they look nice.  They are in the dining room.

This aft. we went to the mall (missed an exciting part of my soap!!) & I paid the Penney's bill.  Barb got 2 tops at Bon Ton & then we went to Big K.  As we entered we saw some Christmas ornaments 1/2 price & some 75% off.  Got 2 boxes of ornaments & 2 wreaths.  They are gold trimmed with 3 pine cones & 2 roses.  Thought I'd like to put one over each light by the front door.  The other lights really light up the porch so they would be visible from the st.  They also have a lighter gold bow.  So I'd better be ambitious next Dec.

My nose & upper lip area were a mess.  The skin started to peel & what a mess.  Finally tried Neosporin & that healed it fast so it doesn't look as bad today.  Never had anything like that.

The nite stand Barb & I gave  Dale looks like a smaller version of the old iceboxes but only one door.  Inside there is no shelf so Dale is making one.   He does a nice job & has invested in tools.  Did I write he also got a large bookcase but hasn't had time to put it together.  He also put some of his money into a CD.  Last nite Larry mentioned he got a small TV (99.00 at Big K) for the greenhouse.  He can watch H&G TV when he is working.

Shults has a monthly lunch meeting.  Dale said they other Shults businesses (Jamestown, Bradford, Dunkirk) will be run like the Warren Shults as they make the most money.  I know they have a good business.  I'll brag & say they have a good man with Dale working there.

The moon was beautiful last nite.  The days are getting longer & I like that.

Sun the 14th

I'm ready for church but have time to write.

Torey is here.  Lar called yesterday to ask if we'd "baby sit" Torey.  They are on their way to Erie now.  9:40 A.M.  I was taking a shower & when I came up the stairs Torey was here so they wanted an early start.  When he saw me dressed he thought I was getting ready to take him for a walk.  He won't like it when I leave.  Dale is up & has had breakfast.  Barb is still in bed & as soon as she is dressed she'll leave to get the paper.  I put an old mattress pad on the davenport so he could be on that but he is on the floor.

Later on Sun.

Good football.  I'm still rooting for the Giants to be Baltimore.  Wsa rooting for Oakland.  Should be a good Super Bowl.

Are you away this weekend.  It is Martin Luther King weekend isn't it?  No, I'm a week early right the first time.

I took Torey for a walk around the block.  He was getting "antsy" waiting for Lar & Kim.  They picked him up about 4 & Kim walked Torey home.  Then they were going up to camp to take the furniture out of the bedroom as Larry wants to concentrate on finishing it.

Bet you're anxious to hear more from the contractor concerning the kitchen plans & costs!

Dale bo't himself a couple of shirts.  One is flannel lined.  He really is surprising me.  The other is a flannel plaid.  He plans to go thru his closet & get rid of old shirts.  I'll wash them & give them to the Salvation Army.

We had a beef roast for dinner.  It's been a long time since I fixed a roast & it was tasty.  Barb saw a roast & suggested it for a meal.  Nice to get ideas from someone else.

Guess I've covered the news from here.

P.S.  Great news about Eddie & his picture drawn for church.

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