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Saturday, April 14, 2001

This A.M. I made dinner rolls & choc. chip cookies.  Then I fixed the sleeves on a dress & did some ironing.  Now I'm watching the Mets. vs. Cincy & seeing I'm just sitting will start a letter.

Dale is on his first trip, this spring, to Seaman's auto junk yard to see what he can find.

My eye is slowly getting better but it is still very red.  I see the Dr. on Mon. & will be glad to have him check it.

Tomorrow, Easter, we will eat after 5:30 pm when Lar & Kim come.  Plan to have stuffed pork chops.  I'm not sure of dessert yet.

Imagine the Mets are glad they are at home playing Cincy & not at their field after what has been going on in that city.  Too bad things like that have to happen.

I started walking this past week & hope to keep it up.  Too bad Eddie and I aren't closer -- we could walk together at Beaty track.  I used to walk the oval 8 times around but they didn't keep it up & it got to be grass.  They might have worked on it lately like last fall.

I made a new confections & it's good.  Melt 1 c. butterscotch chips, i c. choc. chips, & 1/4 c. butter + 1/2 c. peanut butter.  Stir til smooth.  Add 2 1/2 c. miniature marshmallows & 1 c. peanuts.  Mix together.  Pour/greased 13x9 pan.  Chill til set.  I like them.  (Cut in squares.)  Bet they'd be good with pecans as well.  Good with a cup of coffee.

This weekend Lar & Kim have 2 dogs.  Torey's sister Ginger is with them as their friends are visiting his parents over Easter.  In a couple of weeks Ginger will be at a kennel for one week & Kim left bad for Ginger & volunteered to take her.  Today they'll be at camp & will stay overnight.  They'll take Ginger to her home before they come here on Easter.  Kim would never leave Torey in a kennel.

Dale would have loved to have been that close to the Texas racing park & all the excitement.  Once coming from a visit to Middleton, we travelled home on Memorial Day & ran into traffic going to the races at Akron & that slowed us down.

We had a nice sunny morning & now it's turning cloudy.  Suppose to get cooler gain & rain into the week.  Showers on Mon. & I don't like that as I usually walk home from the Dr.

Bar says Marisa has a filthy mouth swearing all the time.  "It's the "in thing" for the "elite" crowd.  Do you find that with Andy & his friends.  Barb says it's a common occurrence & I find it hard to believe.  It's crude language -- up yours -- & all that stuff.  Of course Lynn doesn't like it & Scott learns it all & uses it as well.  It's a sad world.

Monday the 16th

Kim took me to the Dr's office as Barb is working for Lynn.  She was going to the vets in Starbrick & she would look in & see if I was ready to leave.  After I saw the Dr. Kim was sitting there to take me home.  She thinks crossing the bridge is dangerous but I've never had any trouble walking over it.  But I appreciated the thought.

My eye is fine -- he asked if I take aspirin & I do, as Dr. McNett said I should.  But I'll cut down & see if that helps.  Take 1 every other day.  I go back in 3 weeks for a new prescription for glasses.  8;30 A.M.  Barb won't like the early hour & he is off for a week so there isn't much space left.  I prefer the A.M. as Barb can drive me.  At the Dr. I showed Barb L. the snapshot of Andy, Eddie & Julianna.  The boys had their straw hats on.  It's a cute picture.  She was surprised Julianna is so grown up.

Dale took his Blazer out again & Shults supplies the car for driving to Rochester & Dale leaves the Blazer at work.  He wouldn't leave the Monte Carlo up there for 3 days.   He leaves Tues. nite & comes home Fri.

We had a nice Easter.  The stuffed pork chops were good.  I cook them in less time as I find when I bake then 1 hour, they are dried out & then I put out steak knives to help cut them.  Made banana cream pie for dessert -- a favorite of all.

Wed A.M.  A cool day but sunny & the rest of the week will warm up.  Oh happy day!

Called Millie yesterday.  The next letter will contain what we talked about.

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