Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2001

I just called & got motel reservations in the Iron Mt. Motel 8.  Got the combination numbers for 2 rooms.

Your kitchen plans sound wonderful./  Lots of cupboard space.  Bet you can hardly wait for them to get started.  But you will need the time to take out the cupboards, etc.  Will be fund to see it in July.

It doesn't seem to want to stop snowing.  We haven't had a lot this past week -- after the 6" we got -- but flurries each day.  Today it 's been strange, cloudy, flurries, & then sunshine but it doesn't last.

We know what is going into the former CVS & KB toy store at the Mall -- a Dollar Store.  Already there is one in the Market St. Plaza -- opposite BiLo.  Kim goes in there & finds bargains so I hope it will work at the Mall.  They have a sign in the window (Mall) concerning hiring.  One down & several to go.

I didn't get any library books on Fri.  I decided I couldn't spend the weekend reading.  In the Apr. 3 Family Circle there is an article on bumper stickers & one caught my eye -- from Appleton, Wi.  "Librarians are novel lovers."  Another one I saw was cute.  "I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go."

Did you notice Penn State beat Mich. State in the Big Ten tournament.  Go Penn State!!!

Got a letter from Millie & she said Gen broke 1 or 2 vertabrae when she fell.  She went to emergency room Mon A.M.  The Dr. gave her pain medicine & she is in a lot of pain.  Can't do anything so Ed has the responsibility of meal, etc.  She sleeps a lot.  Larry said they should get 2 way radios & contact Ed that way.

Millie wrote Linda was home for 5 days & they went shopping.  Millie got a new wreath for her front door.  She has a little storage shed & the window box she had for it was broken.  She got a new one to be put up if spring ever comes.  She had 3 boys shovel for her.  Lots of drifting snow.

The Warren Co. teachers finally got their new contract after waiting 8 months.  They didn't get everything they wanted but some of the things that were important were given them.  Kim was happy.  Lar has the bedroom floor half done.  They get Fri thru Mon, the 16-19 off so Kim hopes it will be done so she could start cleaning -- dust, etc.  Then the house is completed.  He's talking garage.  Thinks he could do it himself, with Dale's help.  And he'd like to get cement siding as the squirrels are gnawing on their siding.  He'd do the job himself.

Sun. aft the 11th

We had snow this A.M. & it came down fast.  Bet we got 3 inches.  It's clear now -- 1:45 pm.

All our 3 TVs have NASCAR racing.  Barb upstairs, Dale in the kitchen.  I'm in the L.R.  During the 3rd lap, 700 balloons were released in memory of D. Earnhardt & everyone saluted with 3 fingers in the air.  The one who is driving in place of D. E. is doing very well. He's just a young one starting out & didn't figure to race NASCAR this early in his career.

Don't laugh, but I've already started making a lit of what I'll need to bring on the trip.  I like to make lists.

Supper is over & the kitchen is cleaned up.

The end of the race was so exciting.  Kevin Harvick who now races D. E. car with a different number, 29, beat Jeff Gordon by 1/1000 of a second.  You should have heard the cheering & seen the #3 flags waving in the grandstands.  This is only his 3rd Nascar race & he won.  He wasn't suppose to NASCAR race until next spring & then ease into it gradually.  What a thrill for him.  Guess you'd say we're into racing as much as ever.

Penn State didn't do so good in their 2nd game.  Guess winning over Mich . State wore them out.

You're probably watching the college playoff of basketball games.  I'm not into basketball, except if Penn State is winning & I want to see if they win the game.

Tues. Mar. 13th.  My room & the bathroom are cleaned & towels are washing.  Put Swiss steak in the cork pot & it smells good.  We get groceries today so it will be nice to have dinner cooking.  It's raining her e-- more showers.  Love to all.

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