Monday, December 22, 2014

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This aft. I rooted for the Braves to beat the Yankees to no avail.  Tonite I'm rooting for the Mets against Boston & I guess I'll be disappointed.  Again the N.L. can't seem to win against the A.L.

We're getting some rain but not like the East Coast to Eastern P.A.  Looks like it might be nice for the 4th.

I was glad to hear your good news.  Soon everything will be back to normal and you'll feel much better.

Another month about gone.  Went to the bank today for the next month expense money.  Then to the drug store for my meds.  I have $250 deductible & then my insurance kicks in.  So, for the rest of the year my meds are cheaper.

Barb washed the car today.  We were going to the Mall this aft. but it got cloudy & Barb wanted the car to stay clean a little longer, so we put it off til Fri. after I get my hair done.  It did rain again.  But she got a bike ride in.

Pittsburgh is all ado about having the All Star Game there.  Been fixing things up, etc.  Good publicity for them.  Too bad their team isn't better.

USA Today has had articles concerning retirement.  How much you should save for it, etc.  The article recommended having a will & permission to "pull the plug" if needed.  My will is up to date & I have a clause saying "the plug could be pulled" if I was lingering & hopeless.  Do you have a will?

I was surprised to hear that Eddie is going out for football.  More power to him.  You'll still have games to go to.

Is the Hellenbrand who plays for Montreal from Middleton by any chance?  I watched the game when the Mets were there, & took notice of him.

Last Fri. Kim, Betsy & Michelle, all teachers, went gambling at Salamanca, N.Y.  Afterwards they would take Kim out to lunch for her birthday.  Tomorrow we'll find out if they were lucky.  They won buyt played more -- came out even.

Thurs pm.

 Kim's class reunion is scheduled for Sat nite at the Holiday Inn.  The last committee meeting is tonite so Kim left early & Lar went to work.  Torey is waiting by the back door for Lar to pick him up.  They enjoyed the hospital party last Sat. nite.

Everything is cleaned up & I'm watching the Mets at Boston.  No score yet so I hope the Mets will do better tonite.

When Dale came home from work, he asked if we'd had rain.  Just a few drops.  He said it rained hard at work.

Not much going on for us so not much to write. about.  We got Andy's thank you notes.  He must have had to write a few thank you notes.

Until next time our love to all.