Friday, March 29, 2013

Monday, February 23, 2004

I was mistaken -- last week Dale went to Pittsburgh for schooling & Utes A.M., he & Mark go to Pitts again, this time for 2 days.  He'll take a lunch again but he isn't sure what will happen.  Mark is married & has 2 children & I guess money is tight.  Not for Dale living at home -- his day will come.

I always read your letter fast the first time & then read it again slower to savor the news.  I laughed both time when I read, "I'm sure you're finding this incident tremendously amusing, Mom."  As I read it to Dale -- I said, I have to have one child with children so they can see what it is to raise children.  More fun.  You are the lucky one, you & JoAnna, to have 2 nice sons -- they do bring "sun" into your lives.

This A.M. we went to Jamestown -- a short trip.  I wanted to return one of the sweaters I got.  I didn't like how it fit around the hips.  I did one load of wash before we left & got Dale's bed made up clean. Now the 3rd load -- towels -- are about set to go in the dryer.  After lunch I cleaned the bathroom.

I've lost some weight & my slacks are too large so I've been buying new ones.  Got a pr. this A.M. at Sears & a knit top.  We didn't go into Penney's -- their styles are all for the younger group.  A while ago I got a sweater red & blue poppys on a black background.  It looked bare around the neck.  So last Sat. I got a red expensive scarf & it looks nice with the sweater. Wore it to church yesterday & it felt good.  Today I got a blouse at Bon Ton -- alight salmon color & it is worn over the pants.  3/4 length sleeves.  It's like the 2 tops Barb bot.

We went to Walmarts this A.M. -- heavens forbid -- & Barb got more yarn.  She finished Marisa's & started one for herself.  She got yarn for one for Kim -- she'd like a maroon afghan.  We also got cranberry juice.

I've started another puzzle -- an old one.  Another floral.

Sat. nite we had subs from Quizno's.  They were good -- I had the traditional -- beef, ham & turkey.  Barb & Dale had the Philly cheese steak.  We liked them & we'll try them again.

Wed. A.M. the 25

Dale is at school so I slept in a bit til 7 A.M.  But he forgot to turn off his alarm & it went off at 4:30 A.M.  I shut it off & was able to go back to sleep.  I'm taking it easy today -- just preparing things for dinner -- Lar & Kim come (my tho'ts got ahead of my hand) -- Dale will be home about 6:45 PM.  Tues A.M. the weather wasn't so good.  Pittsburgh was fogged in. Today will be sunny & warmer.  I'll be glad to see the snow melt away.

Yesterday I made applesauce & choc. cake for tonite.  Of course I sampled the case last nite.

At dinner tonite Lar & Dale were talking about the 2006 Pontiac Solstice, a sport car bargain for about $20,000. Dale's magazine Automobile had a 2 page picture.  Lar says that it's his next car.  It's a 2 seater.  Kim asked is she could have the Meata -- is that spelled correctly, & Lar said yes.  He has 3 more payments on his back hoe & he thinks the truck will hold out for awhile.  The Solstice is just a dream now.  It doesn't come out til summer of '05.

Larry was sick Mon & Tues.  The flue.  He said he thinks he'll get a flu shot next year.  He always seems to get the flu for a few days.  He'll take me to the Dr. tomorrow as Barb has to work at Lynn's.  I'll have to remember to get a Fri. appt -- the 2 or 4 Fri. & then  Barb can take me.

Bert will be back next Wed. & she will be needing more help around the dinner hour.  She won't be able to climb the stairs as often as she did.  She is too think & doesn't have any resistance  to cold, etc.

Fri the 26th

Saw the Dr today.  First a physician -- I can't recall the word, examined me first.  Then the (Physician Practitioner.  Finally got it!) Dr. came in & examined me.  I see him in 3 months. The nice thing -- I can have my blood tests in the office.  He also wants me to have a mammogram but I call for the appt. myself.  I miss Dr. McNett.  My blood pressure was good.  I weight 145 lbs. so I've lost weight.  I'm eating less, but I still like sweets.  That's why I've needed slacks that fit.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunday, February 15, 2004

First Sun. racing of the year at Daytona & I'm watching it.  Dale is at Sam B's watching it & some other guys.  Randy Swanson picked Dale up.

Looking out the window one sees blue skies & sunshine but it is deceiving as it is cold out. Suppose to be minus degrees tonite.

When I got up this A.M. the question was do I go to church this A.M. or do I stay home.  I went to church & glad I did.  Lois Himes has cancer & is in a wheel chair & she & Junior are in church every Sun. so I said to myself there is no reason for you to stay home.  It was a good service.

Many crashes in the race today & it affects many cars as they take other cars out with them.

We went to Jamestown last Fri.  I found a top I liked & got it.  More expensive but 25% off. We had lunch at the Red Lobster, Barb's favorite.

We also stopped at WalMart as Barb wanted to look at yarn -- she found some.  I got some birthday & get well cards to have on hand.

Viola Seaquist has been in the hospital & now is in a nursing home.  She is 94 years old so it is critical.

This week I have to get a blood test & the 26th I see the Dr.

We didn't get our USA Today on Fri & it wasn't in the mail box on Sat.  No mail on Mon so I doubt we'll ever see it.  It's the puzzle I like but I always check out each section.

Barb & I each got a puzzle at Walmarts & I started mine yesterday.  It's a pretty one with bright colors & it is going together pretty fast.

Tues. the 17th is a busy day in Wi. with all the hype for the Dem. race to become the nominee for pres.  Barb has switched her loyalty to Kerry.  Sounds as if he is the lucky one.  Dean shot himself in the foot.

I've recently discovered the "Viewpoint" section of the Buffalo Sun.  paper.  It has good articles.  Dale likes to read that section as well.

Mon. Feb 16

Yesterday I watched the Daytona race & golf switching between the 2.  John Daly won in golf & we were rooting for him.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Daytona race & we were rooting for him. The Sat. Busch car race was rained out so they finished it this A.M. & Dale Jr. won that race.  Dale is happy the faces are back.  He said he'd never go to Sam's again to watch the race as it was too smoky to suit him. Both Sam & Nancy smoke & I'm not sure about Randy.

I used a new recipe yesterday for potatoes & they were good.  Peel potatoes, dip them in melted butter, then crumbs & bake them in a pan in the oven til done, almost an hr.  They are good & I had oven fried chicken & broc. for veg. with them.  I might have the same menu Wed nite when Lar & Kim come over.  I'm putting "Pammed" foil in the bottom of pan so I don't have to scrub them.  Works for fudge & bar cookies.  Anything to make cooking easier.

Tues aft. 17th

What a wonderful surprise to read about your award from the WLA.  I know you worked hard on the committee you chaired & how nice to receive the award.  I'm very proud of you, Paul. You have made use of your God given abilities.  And the newspaper's article on the library is nice to read.  A feather in your cap to make this come true, under your capable leadership.

Reading your letter, I remember we didn't stay up til you all got home from dates or just "out".  Maybe we should have!

The article you wrote (quoted) about cookbooks & food is interesting.  When I'm just sitting & don't know what to do, I'll get a cookbook & go thru it.  It seems something often takes my eye that I've missed before.  Depends upon my mood, I guess.

Dale is starting to eat earlier so often he eats when it's ready so I don't  have to fix a plate for him. Many times Barb fixes her own mail, esp., if she doesn't want what I've fixed.

Thurs. Dale has to go to Rochester for school, along with Mark Peterson.  He is the son of Mr. P at Beaty, the shop teacher.  Now they can't go the day before but make it a one day trip.  They'll have to leave at 5 A.M. so that will make a long day.  Next week they go for a 2 day trip so they'll have to stay overnite.

I can remember from the "dark days" of high school how the girls always had their eyes on the athletes & wishing they could catch his eye & snag him.  A difficult job.  It was fun to dream!  Now Andy is the athlete taking the girl's eye.

This is Dale's late day -- I made veg. soup to go with deli beef sandwiches.  Not ready made. Tomorrow I'm making strawberry pie for dessert.  Will use frozen berries for the filling that pours over fresh berries.  Think spring!

Benson's grandson is in his first year of college & they are still going to his meets.  He runs & is good oat it.  The granddaughter is a senior & she also runs on her college team.  She goes to Allegheny College & he goes to Lock Haven.

This A.M. I went to get a blood test & the info wasn't there.  Dr. McNett ordered it but since I have a new Dr. I don't' know what happened   I asked, at the time, are you sure it will be there & they said "yes".  They called from the hosp. to the new Dr. but I decided not to wait around.  I see the Dr. next week & will get a sheet from him for the info, that's for sure.

Gen called last nite -- she tired for 3 nites & finally got me*.  She always calls John - "Ed". Ed does this for her, etc.   Millie sold her house so she'll be moving.  I'll have to call for more info.

*It's her dialing -- she misses & gets the wrong number.

Sounds like Ed is growing up.  Would be fun to see him with his friends.

Wed A.M.

Called Millie last nite -- got her new address & she hopes to be living there by the middle of March.  The house is sold but she's waiting for the money & then she'll be sure. She deeded the house to her children & they'll get the money.  Millie said she has enough to go on from pensions & S.S.  She worked at Steiger's 38 yrs & she gets a pension even tho they went out of business.

Barb was all excited last nite with Kerry's headquarters in Middleton.  She kept watching in as she would see JoAnna in the crowd.  More candidates will be left by the highway.

This A.M. I made the strawberry pie & started sweet rolls.  After my time out, I have to dust downstairs, etc.  It's a sunny day making one feel good & ambitious.

Later.  The potatoes went over big tonite.  Lar really liked them & he was the one I wasn't sure of.

Dale & Mark P. decided to take a lunch for tomorrow & Dale said he'd have some of the fruit salad I made for dinner.  But just a little was left so I added an orange & a couple of strawberries to it so there is salad for him.  I'll make a ham sandwich in the A.M.  He has juice & chips ready to go.

Kim didn't have her glasses so Lar read the award article aloud.  Such a nice article. Reading aloud sounded so good.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday, February 7, 2004

Here I am starting a letter & I haven't mailed the one I just sealed yet.  Too hard to get to the mailbox.

This A.M. as I was doing breakfast dishes & looking out the window, it was snowing & dark & I thought how much longer can I endure this weather.  Then I got dressed, made my bed, came downstairs & started dinner rolls.  After awhile, so the dough could rise, I made a coffee cake & my dark period was over.  Baking is one thing I love & I was at peace with the snow.  By the way, it's snowing again (2:30 pm)

Last Thurs when Lar & Kim were here they told us on Fri their furnace didn't work -- they had heaters but it was still cold.  Sat. aft. they went to camp where it was warmer & upon entering there was a terrible smell.  Lar had left poison out for squirrels & figured one died. He has a small opening into the attic & when he opened it, 2 squirrels got out & Lar noticed a dead one, which he threw out.  One was in the kitchen & he got that one & one in the guest room & he got that one.  He found where they were coming in & got it fixed so they can't get in now.  Then Larry sprayed something between the smells it was something else.  Kim lighted candles.  So they had an eventful weekend.  The furnace is fixed.

We got a Penney's home sale catalog & Barb likes some sheets that are on sale.  The old fitted sheets are tight for the new mattress.  The sale is on til March sometime so she'll wait awhile to see if there will be a free postage deal.  Had one that expired yesterday & this catalog came today.

Thurs. we went to the library & I got 3 books.  Catherine Coulter "The Nightingale Legacy" & I'm not sure but I might have read it.  M. C. Beaton "Death of a Dentist" set in Scotland & a small town copper.  I enjoy her stories.  Another new author Luanne Rice "The Secret Hour" -- it was so good & she has written several books I'll be looking for.

Miracle the sun is out & there are snow flurries.

Dad & I always ate out Fri. nite & I still find it hard to prepare a Fri. nite meal.  Last nite Dale had froz. pot pie & Barb had a froz. meal  I fixed scrambled eggs for myself.  Time for me to fix a Fri. meal.  We'll see.  We're having chicken spaghetti tonite & pork chops Sun.

Mon A.M.

I'm doing good on my chores -- the washer & dryer are doing the work right now.  Have to do 2 loads of dark clothes as Dale had a work jacket & hooded sweatshirt this week.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a top I got on sale -- a lavendar fleece cardigan.  I wore this past week & it is warm & feels good against the skin.  Barb got a turtleneck fleece on sale -- just over 6.00 with 75% off plus coupons.  If any are left I'd like one since they are warm to wear when the house is harder to heat.  Interruption -- Barb was up at 9 A.M. so I could get in & clean the bathroom.  Most of my regular chores are done, one more load to go.  This is Dale's early week so I get an early start.  It is nice to have it lighter earlier as then I have more ambition to get going.

Our pastor has relatives in Fla. & they are on a 2 week vacation in Fla.  Ray Forstrom preached yesterday & we are using a more difficult liturgy that is hard to sing.  It would work well with a larger church & choir.  Maybe I'll skip church next Sun. as Pastor Beth will still be away.  Depends on my conscience conscious (I was right the first time) CONSCIENCE!

Over the weekend I finished my books & all were good reading.

Tues. evening

Mailed your letter today when we got groceries so it is really late.  No one likes to mail my letters -- guess it is too hard to stop the car & drop it in the slot.  We got groceries in the A.M. today & then went to the Mall.  I got 2 fleece shirts for a little over 12.00  Put the rose colored one on & then I have a lavendar one -- pullover.  I really like them.

I just made a chicken-macaroni casserole tonite.  Tomorrow we'll have a good meal.  Good Lar & Kim come once a week as I try to have a good meal then.  Got my dessert made today.

You've been busy moving things at the library.  Glad it hasn't affected your back.  Do you do stretching exercises?  It helps.  It must be getting close to completion.  What a happy day that will be.

If Ed starts to entertain, you'll have to set up a schedule for the boys.

Yesterday the weather channel said 40 days til spring.  That sounds nice.

Thurs A.M.

Just got the garbage out -- 3 bags & one bag kept slipping off the piled up snow but it finally stayed put.

Am washing my sheets now & plan to wash my bedspread, a job I've been putting off.

Lar & Kim will be coming on Wed nites for the next 4-6 weeks.  They have a soccer league that plays on Thurs. & they needed help so Lar said he would help out.  Kim likes it on Thurs. nites better as then there is only 1 work day left.

I'm thinking of making cookies & will bring some to Sheila & Sue for Valentine's Day.  A sandwich cooky recipe from St. Paul cookbook.  It's Fran Decker's mother's recipe & it's a good one.

We might go to Jamestown tomorrow -- the weather sounds OK.  Dale said the roads are really bad with potholes.

I'm getting tired of politics on TV.  It will be worse as it gets closer to election in the falls.

This is getting to be an epistle & I think I'm at a standstill so love to all.

P.S.  Kim was saying she knew someone laid off from Seneca Eye Surgeons where Barb L. worked.  They changed their bookkeeping so I suppose those in seniority bumped those with less service.  Too bad for Barb.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Scott was sick yesterday so Barb went up there as soon as I was thru getting my hair done. So we didn't get to the Mall. This A.M. we went to CVS for a prescription refill & then to the Mall.  Barb got a pair of jeans plus 3 blouses -- 1 style -- 3 different colors.  Blue, off white & tan.  The latter will be a birthday gift from me.  It's a style I like.  I got a pr. of slacks -- my size 16 are too large, esp. in the seat & I don't  like that, & a top on sale -- jacket type, nice for cold days.  I wear 3 layers to feel comfortable in the house.  I only turn up the thermostat on Thurs. when Lar & Kim come.

Last nite Ted Benson called & said they'd like to go to church with me Feb. 1.   He has a small church in Kanesholm much like Chandlers Valley.  They don't heat the church in Jan. & Feb. & no one needed his services so they decided to come here.  Probably want to hear & see our new pastor.  They will pick me up -- it will be nice to see them.

After lunch I made an apple bread -- it is really delicious.  Now I'm watching Senior Skins with Jack N, Arnie P, Lee Trevino, & Tom Watson.

Did I mention Bert broke a couple of ribs & it is painful for her, but she hopes to get back in a couple of weeks.  I will really be glad because Barb will have to get up & get going.  Lately she watches tennis from Australia starting at 10:30 pm & then sleeps in.  I used to try to be quiet but no more.  I like to clean in the A.M. U& I've started to work around it.

Carolyn has a birthday in Feb. & I plan to send her a card as I didn't have her address at Christmas time.  Finally heard from them.  It's also Joyce OConnor's birthday & I have a card for her.

A small town in N.Y. whose name I can't remember has 72" of now & are having trouble to find places to put the plowed snow.  Maybe you saw the report on the Weather Channel. We have 12" & that's more than plenty as far as I'm concerned.

Just got supper into the oven.  Could have put it in the crockpot but I put it off.  So I used the oven bags & then I didn't have the onion soup mix needed.  I told myself to check what is needed for menus but guess I didn't listen.  Looked at another recipe & used canned diced tomatoes with garlic & olive oil.  Dale likes tomatoes so I hope it tastes good.  Also added a bay leaf as that makes for good flavoring.  I've had this roast beef meat in t he freezer & decided I should use it.  Left6overs for tomorrow.  Dale isn't that interested in the Super Bowl -- some NASCAR program is what he'll watch.  Barb & I aren't that interested.  There is golf to watch.  Phil Mickelson finally won a tournament last week.

We have a new sub shop, Quisno I think it is, a franschise - was right the first time but it didn't look right so out with the dictionary -- & Kim & Lar tired them & said they are excellent.  We talk about getting some & Barb said we should do it this week.  I'm all for it & it's up to Barb to get them.  We'll see what happens.  An added push - -coupons worth 2.00 came in the mail.

My puzzle is calling & I have a good start on this letter.

Just remembered -- Dale's Dr. Strassburg is from Madison.  Lar has played either basketball or soccer at the Y with him.  Lar mentioned his brother was Lib. Director in Middleton.  He's a nice "guy" they both say.

Barb might go to Jamestown tomorrow.  There are a few groceries she wants & can only get at Wegman's.

Yesterday's paper said they hope to start the new bridge in May to be finished by Nov.  That will be great.

Later.  Supper was delicious.  Meat tasty & tender.  Enough for leftovers on Sun.

We got the Spring Summer Penney's catalog but I dont' see much that interests me.

Sunday Feb 1.

I think Ted & Pat were impressed with our pastor.  I know Ted thanked her for her message. After church we went to Ponderosa to eat -- we all had the Buffet Bar.  They enjoy visiting around.  This coming Fri. we are suppose to go to Peek'n'Peak for lunch.  We always enjoy going there.  We just hope the weather will cooperate.

A Deacon's Bench was given to the church in memory of Mildred Traub by the Traub, Himes & Darling families.  It is in the hallway you enter from parking lot between the sanctuary & the wing.  It is nice to have to sit on while you put boots on.  Ted used it today.  A nice addition.  We have new blue paraments for next Advent & green paraments are on order. The handicap lift is completed & being used.  So things are happening.

Barb finished her afghan & started one for Marisa's graduation gift.  They are nice.

Feb 3rd

No school today.  At 6 A.M. the radio said sleet so school would have a 2 hr. delay.  When the snow started they changed it.  I bet they'll have to dd onto the school year.  This extended weather is getting me down.  We had 5" & it is heavy snow.  It always comes when Dale has to work til 8 pm.  Barb shoveled here & at Bert's.

I'm lazy these days & don't accomplish much.  Dusted downstairs today & that's about all plus meals.  My puzzle is going slowly.  Only tans & browns to fit in & that is harder.

Fri A.M. the 6th

No school today -- sleet & icy roads.  I'll finish this but I'm not sure it will get mailed today. Too much snow around the mail boxes & we won't be going  out, except for my hair appt. We'll never forget the winter of '04.

More to write but I'll save it for the next letter. Nothing of importance -- just daily happenings.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saturday, January 24, 2004

At the library I got 3 more books.  Started & finished "Paradise County" by Karen Robards & I liked it.  I skim a lot & stayed up til 10:30 to finish it.  Started "Cyanide Wells" by an author new to me, Marcia Muller & it is a good one.  Have another K.R. "The Senator's Wife" to read.  Started another puzzle & didn't get very far.  The books take precedence.

The only baking today was making boxed brownies with a peanut butter candy topping for the bake sale at church.  Haven't sampled them yet -- too warm.

We might not get to Jamestown next Mon. the 26th.  Sleet & ice are forecast for Sun into Mon A.M. Just as well.  Tues is Bob J. birthday & since he & Scott love my Danish, I'll make some for his day.  Tues A.M. is Bible Study at church plus a pot luck lunch.  I hope to go & have to think about what I should bring.

I'm still working on menus so I can have what I need on hand.  I'm getting there "slow but sure".

Thanks for the picture of Andy.  He sure looks good.

I made a soup this week for lunch & it just about burned our mouths.  You know I'm a bland "cooker" & I didn't notice the canned tomatoes I used had hot peppers in them.  I didn't finish my bowl.  Dale did but the next day he didn't want any.  Too hot.  He told me I needed to read the labels better!

When do you think you'll buy a car?  If you don't trade in the van it will be Andy's car.  Right.

Tues the 27th

Will this weather ever end.  I'm getting tired of it.  School was called off today due to bad roads   Dale said the roads were bad this A.M.  It's a good day [for soup] & I'm making veg. soup for supper   (Lost my thought)  Soup day -- this must go with "It's a good..."

Haven't done much today except to read the papers & watch TV. It's that kind of day.  Did finish rolls for Barb to bring to Bob.  There was Bible Study at church this A.M. but I didn't care to go out.  Maybe it was called off.

I watched a lot of CNN news of the events in New Hampshire.  Also on CSpan.  Who are you for among the Dem. "entourage".  I'm sure more will be out before long.  Some never had a chance.

Thurs. the 29th

I was working on my puzzle & decided I should finish my letter.  Lar & Taury just left -- Kim left earlier to go out with the girls.

"All in the Family" is on & it's hard not to watch it.

Dale had to work on another car that hadn't had an oil change, so make sure Andy knows oil needs to be changed to keep it running good.

All in the Family was about Archie & Edith's 25th wedding anniversary -- it was so funny.

Nothing happening here but snow & more snow & cold temps.  We are all well here.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Soon time for the football game.  Have been working on my puzzle & it is soon finished.  No help needed this puzzle.

After church today, they were having a potluck.  I didn't go as I had to make dinner here.  It was to be a Thank You for Marv Gustafson who was responsible for holding the church together during the vacancy.  He is a good leader & has a lot of experience in his job before retirement.  But he was sick today & couldn't be there.  He joined the church during Dad's time & has been very faithful.

Congratulations to Any for passing the test the first time.  Way to go!  The other nite the telephone rang & it was unknown number so I didn't answer.  Then a voice said "pick up grandma" & I did & said "Andy".  He answered "I must have the wrong number".

Called Millie Fri. nite & we must have talked 3/4 hr.  She could move into her place Feb. 1st but she wants to sell her house first.  It's had a few showings.  One couple is coming back for a 2nd look.  She hopes to move in Mar 1st.

Gen isn't doing well at all.  John turned off the stove -- disconnected it -- so she can't turn it on & forget.  And she has forgotten how to use the microwave.  She doesn't get out except when John takes her out at dinner time, but that's not really getting out in my estimation.   Millie said Edith's house sold for over $200,000. Lucky guy -- John got the money.

Did you ever meet Warren Luthgren, my cousin.  He used to work for Milton Bradley but he & a friend started their own business & did very well.  He sold out his part & retired.  He & his wife both had back operations.  Warren is a paraplegic but Millie didn't know how it came about.  He's doing well, has a special van so he can drive & get about.  He sings in the church choir & in a men's group & they sing in nursing homes, etc.  I haven't seen him since I left home -- we were never that close.  He had 2 sons.  A sister, Barbara is married & no children.

Millie also said she will be the oldest person in the retirement home.  Usually at her age people need assisted living.  She hopes she can have happy years there.  She'll be glad not to have the responsibility of owning a home.

The last week of Jan. there will be not tax on clothing in New York.  So Barb & I hope to go to the Mall Jan 26th.

The sun is out & it is so nice to see it, but the temps are still low.

Barb talked to Bert & she might not be home by the end of the month.  She made a quick turn & lost her balance, fell & hurt her back.  So more doctoring.  When you're older it is so easy to make a move & lost your balance.  You forget some things you can't do anymore.  I know because it has happened to me, but so far I've been able to catch myself.  I'm also very careful using stairs as I don't want to fall.

I can see it is an exciting time at the library.  Before you know it things will be back to normal.  The interview of Grace F. was very interesting & very complimentary to the staff & of course my son!  After all you are the leader that makes it work!  After all you are in the picture -- you work the desk, etc.  In my years here, I've never seen the library director in our library.

Tues the 20th
We went for groceries Mon. aft. as the weather report said 3-5" of snow overnite.  But it didn't turn out that way, but I was glad we didn't have to go out.  This A.M. I started Danish.  Made pie crust for a pumpkin pie to go with chili for supper.  Also made dinner rolls.  So I'm glad to sit & watch TV.  This is Dale's late Tues.

I'm watching WJET TV Erie & our temp is 11 with a 0 wind chill.  Cold & snow all week. Where, oh where is our Jan. thaw!  Edinboro has already had 85" of snow -- some 60" for Erie.  We have winter & piles of snow.  What about you?

A group of young people hope to go to Juarez, Mexico in June, so they are raising funds. The last Sun. of the month they will have a bake sale after services so I've been looking over cooky recipes.  They will assist in building 2 homes for needy families.

Thurs. the 22nd
The weather channel said Green Bay is minus 15" snow & Cleveland is quite a bit above its regular amt. of snow.  I'm sure Wrrn. is above its regular now level, & I'm getting tired of snow & the cold temps.

I called Betty Casey yesterday to see how she is doing   On top of everything she's had the flu.  Next week she goes to Erie to see a cardiologist.  Then I called Rose S. to see how things are with her.  Karen is home to have a gall bladder operation.  But she plans to return to Canada.  I think Rose has a real concern with all the problems of Karen.  Even if Karen is a grown woman, she is still a concern for Rose.  Last nite when I got up to go to the bathroom, I noticed Dale's door was completely opened -- it's usually opened just a bit -- so I turned on the hall light to see if he was in bed. It was 2 A.M.  He was.  So as long as they are home, they are a mother's concern, even if they shouldn't be,

Tomorrow I get a trim when I get my hair done & I really need one.

Then we'll go to the library to return books & get more.

Then to the Mall -- I have a check to cash.  Barb used my chg. card to buy a TV & there was a $20.00 rebate so I'll cash that.  It goes in the food money & then I make my check for food less.  That's how I use the money she repays me -- otherwise I'll just spend it unwisely.  In Feb I just take 1/2 of my budget for food.  Can you understand my wanderings.  Enough of that.

All is well with us.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Fri. after I had my hair done, Barb & I went to the library.  She get videos & I get books. Started reading "Whispers at Midnight" by Karen Robards Fri. aft. & finished it this A.M.  It was so good.  She writes so you can form a picture in your ind & some situations were so funny.  I had to laugh out loud.  Also got "Yesterday" by Fern Michaels, & found an author new to me.  Pat Booth's "American Icon".

Then we went to the Mall.  Barb had a check to cash.  Dale gave her money for Christmas & she found an expansive sweater marked down .  It is a deep rose & looks good on her.  I just got some necessary items for the medicine cabinet.

Barb wants to go to Jamestown Mon. as it is suppose to warm up Sat & Sun before it turns cold again.

Did some baking this A.M. -- apple bread & pumpkin pie, a favorite we don't tire of.  After lunch I took a nap -- tonite I want to watch the first half of the New England-Tennessee game & it will be a freezing night.  The first game comes on at 4:30 p.m. in about 20 min.  Been watching the East-West Shrine game at San Fran.  East is getting whipped.

Bert is still in NYC.  Doctoring.  She won't be home until the end of the month.  Barb isn't working that much.  Bert said she'll make up the hours when she gets home as she'll  need Barb more then.

Scott has a girlfriend in 6th grade & he really "loves" her.  She is cooler to him.  Lynn didn't let him join the ski club -- they go to Peak n Peek & most of his friends did.  Now she regrets it.  They were suppose to ski yesterday but it would have been very cold. We don't know it they postponed it.

Tues.  Warren Hi had a bomb scare & they have to evacuate the school, so they are taken by school bus to Beaty.  It disrupts both schools.

Officials are very upset as well as teachers & even students.  They had an assembly at Warren telling what could happen if caught.  In this A.M. paper Judge Millen had an article telling what could happen -- they'd be treated as an adult & it wouldn't be easy on the persons.  Why are kids so stupid.


Carolina won & I was rooting for them.  Now it's time for the 2nd half on NEVS Titans & N.E. leads & I'm rooting for them.  I'm ready for bed -- sitting my in my chair with an afghan covering me.  Keeps me cozy warm.  And my elec. blanket is on so my bed will be warm when I get to bed. Will stay up til 11pm.

Mon the 12th

This A.M. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  It was a messy drive but the weather was warmer . Went to JoAnne's Fabric to look at yarn.  Barb needed more for her afghan.  She is also planning to make one for Marisa for graduation.  Bon Ton was closed for inventory.  Both of us bot a top.  Barb's is for wear now.  Mine is for spring & summer, tow ear with slacks.  We stopped at Walmarts so Barb could look for yarn & I must looked around.  Got a puzzle & a few other things.  We ate lunch at Davidson's.  Barb had the fish fry & I had the broiled fish & their fish is so delicious.  Barb went to Wegman's for groceries & I went into KMart.  Home about 1 pm.  After my soaps  leaned the bathroom & finishedthe washing.  Got 1 load done before we left, had one in the washer & did the 3rd load after I cleaned the bathroom.

This is Dale's early week - 7:30 - 4:00 pm.  He didn't get home 'til 7 pm.  Why? - he rotated the tired, changed the oil, etc.  Then he cleaned up his area -- couldn't stand the mess any longer.  Since we had our meal at noon, Dale had to have a frozen dinner.  He'll have a chicken pot pie & salad.  HJ e usually has ice cream before bedtime.

Bet you were unhappy Gr. Bay lost.  We were rooting for them.  I'd like Indy to go all the way. They are fun to watch.

Wed A.M. the 14th

It is cold!  Just put 2 bags of garbage out for Thurs. pick up.  Glad I don't have to go out. Barb gives some of Scot's friends a ride home from school & for sure she'll have to today. One aft. she didn't take 2 girls (boy's sisters) because she didn't want them to mess up the floor as they had to sit in the 3rd seats.  I said she should have taken them no matter what. So she put plastic mats back there & will take all of them..  I bundled up & it was still cold the few minutes I was out.

We finished the puzzle with 1 piece missing.  We looked on the rug but couldn't find it.

I've had my coffee so I'd better do something besides watch TV.  Started another puzzle.

The author Pat Booth, new to me, isn't one I'll read.  I started the book & I just couldn't get interested so I gave up on it.  I have enough authors whose books are so enjoyable to read.

Fri A.M.  Ready to get my hair done.  It is COLD & there is a 2 hr. school delay.  We also plan to go to the Mall as Barb has a check to cash.

Scott got to join the ski club -- it's expensive.  For bus, etc. thru the ski period it cost over $200.00.  And Lynn got Scott a cell phone in case anything should happen.  She's a worrier.

Last nite I turned the thermostat to 72 & it was warmer.  It is 68 during the day & 80 starting at 3 pm.  If I feel cold l'll add a sweater.

We got some good early strawberries & they are tasty so I made an angel food cake & added strawberries for dessert & they liked it.

Hope you can read my letters.  Usually I sit in my chair writing letters & it's not as good as a table.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, January 4, 2004

We're watching Green Bay & Seattle & at the moment they are tied.

New Years Day was so mild & I walked to the 5th Ave. mailbox & 2 fellows were playing tennis, & guys were at Beaty field playing football.  Dale even raked the lawn to get rid of fallen twigs.  How often does that happen on Jan 1.

But this week winter returns according to weather news.

Sat. was Dale's free Sat.  He took the bare tree down.  Fri. I had taken decorations off the tree & got things ready to go to the attic.  As usual, I had forgotten some things & it meant several trips to the attic.  Also dusted & it is nice to have order restored again.

Barb borrowed videos from the library.  She wanted me to see "Firefly" with Jeanette McDonald.  We played Scrabble & watched it.  But I couldn't concentrate on 2 things but I enjoyed the music.  Barb beat me 3 times but just by a couple of points so I'm improving  Often times I don't see plays that would give me more points.

Seeing the card table was up, I used it to start a puzzle.  1000 pieces.  Haven't done one for awhile.

Dale worked all day in the attic & is getting rid of a lot of junk.  Got rid of all the boxes we saved for sending gifts.  But more will accumulate during the year.  We're all talking about thinning out our closets.  After so many years clothes get stale, if that's the correct word, & they don't feel right.

G. B. just got a TD -- can they hold off S. for about 2:44 minutes.  Hope so -- we're rooting for your team.

It was nice that Lar & Kim could talk with you last Thurs.  Barb enjoyed it as well.  If Dale is around when you call he will talk.

Tues the 6th

Barb & I have been working on the puzzle -- it's a harder one.

Lar & Kim heard from the Carey's at Christmas.  They didn't build in Fla, kept their condo there & bot one in Buffalo for summers.  That doesn't make Paul's husband very happy. Susan bot a house in Buff. a couple of blocks from John & Paula's.  Now the parents.

It is cold tonite so winter has arrived.  The moon is out tonite & it is so pretty to see.

Made swiss steak for supper & it was good.  This is Dale's late or long day so he's eating now.  9pm. Think I'll make veg. soup tomorrow & a pie.  Soup sounds good for a cold day & preferably homemade.

Lucky JoAnna to be able to attend the exciting game & see the finish making Gr. Bay the victor.  We were happy for you folks.  And thanks for the pictures -- of the boys & the family room.  The boys look good & so does the family room.

Dad & I stopped at Schreiner's a few times & enjoyed it.  The Nelson's always stopped there on their way to the lake.

Thurs the 8th

When I was in the basement I heard dripping but none of the faucets dripped.  Barb found something under the sink was the culprit.  Dale is fixing it.  Another proof I'd never live alone in this house.  Joyce O'Connor has lived alone for -- I think she said it was 20 yrs. since Dugey died.

Lar & Kim were over tonite & we had a nice visit.  Lar got a printer for his digital camera & said it works well.  I told Dale he should get one for his camera.

It is nice to have things back to normal after the holidays.  My bedroom is in good order again & that makes me feel good.  I can only stand disorder so long & then I have to get busy & fix it up.

I even started working on a menu for the month.  Just hope I keep it up.

Dale cleaned out the area under the sink & is now putting things back & wondered if some stuff could be thrown away -- I said yes.

Soon bedtime so good nite to all.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday, December 27, 2003

It's a beautiful Sat. aft. with sun shining in on the kitchen table.

This A.M. Barb & I went to the library &^ I got 2 books.  Blind Side by Catherine Coulter & The Forgotten by Faye Kellerman.  Read a few pages from each & think I'll read Blind Side, an FBI thriller first.  Then we went to the Mall& looked around.  Barb got 2 calendars at half price & I got a couple of necessities.

When I got the mail was pleased to see a letter.  I thought you might be too busy to write. An added pleasure.

Mon. we plan to go to Jamestown.  Barb needs some foods from Wegmans she can't find in Warren.  Maybe they will still have some bargains at the Mall.

Watched Pitt get beat by UVA.  Just turned to see Buff. getting beat by New England.  Buff. front line has injuries & they can't protect the QB.  It hasn't been a pretty season for Buff. fans but each home game has been a sellout.

The only thin I've done today is make a coffee cake.  Nice to be lazy.  I should do some ironing but it will still be there next week.

Called Gen last nite as I  haven't heard from her.  She lost my telephone number again.  She did mention Millie had water in her basement & she had Christmas Eve & they always use the basement.  It was something Ed had told Millie years ago to keep an eye on.  Today her grandsons are going to fix it for her.

Ray Forstrum (Youngsville) preached today as our pastor had the flue.  He was called at 7 A.M., so he didn't have much time to get ready.

Betty Casey had a slight stroke & should get out of the hosp. today.  Alice Nasman was back in church today but I didn't get a chance to talk to her.  She had been in the hosp. Janelle Welsh (don't recall her married name) was in church today -- home for a week.  Her daughter died recently.  Janelle asked about Barb.  She is in Calif. since her marriage.

Kim just called to see if we remembered we're invited for dinner at 6.  I won't forget that I don't have to fix a meal today.

I'm watching football.  Dallas vs. New Orleans.  I'm sure you were rooting for Seattle to lose last nite but they turned the tables & won.

Tues. Dec. 30

We had a nice time at Lar & Kim's.  The meal was delicious.  Tender meat, large stuffed potato halves.  I'd like to do that during the holidays to make it easier for me.  Maybe I will next Christmas.

Yesterday we went to Jamestown.  I got some Christmas decorations 1/2 price & that's about all.

We ate lunch at a new Italian place == Barb had lasagna & salad & I had 1/2 meatball sub. Very good but too much food.  I ate my meatballs & part of the rolls -- too much to eat but very tasty.

This aft. we're going grocery shopping.  Also to the bank to cash a check for Jan. expenses; to CVS for medication & to the Mall.  Kim gave me a top & it is too big so I'll exchange it.

New Year's Eve

Didn't know what to make for supper so it turned out to be homemade chicken soup & pumpkin pie.  Both are good.  I had warm pumpkin pie & coffee at 4 pm & soup at 5 pm.  It's a help yourself meal.

I always tho't Lar & Kim were busy New Years Day & when I mentioned it, Kim said no.  So they will be here for dinner.  In Pa. pork & sauerkraut are popular for New Years & we'll have pork loin.  Kim isn't fond of sauerkraut but I have a small can & might have it for any who like it.  I learned to like it while working at Beaty.

Kim & Lar are going to a party at Betsy Singer.  Finally remembered her last name. You might see her picture with 2 others in our paper concerning hospital doings.  She has a part time job at the hospital.

We'll take the tree down sometime on Fri.  I'm ready to have the house back in normal order.

Dale worked 1/2 day today but it was 3:30-4 pm before he got home.  A fellow who used to work at Shults but now has his own shop had gotten a run down van.  Had it towed to Shults & asked Dale to check it.  It didn't run. Dale got it to run & he earned $50.00.  He's not as free in sharing his time & talent after working 8 hrs a day on cars.

Didn't see U of Wis. lose today but did watch part of Ore. vs. Minn.  The ending was exciting when Mn. won in the last seconds.

I doubt if I'll be awake to see the New Year in.  Early to bed, earlyi to rise is for me.

Jan 1.  Happy New Year

I'm watching the Honeymooners & it's a crazy episode.  I laugh so hard I get tears.  They are on a train & handcuffed & try to sleep in a sleeping car.  Suppose to be going to Minneapolis but end up in Va.   One of the funniest ever.

The sun is shining but cold.  I think I'll end this & walk to the 5th Ave. mailbox & get a little fresh air.

It's a lazy day, not rushed like Christmas, so I'm enjoying it.

So far Iowa is running over Fla.  Barb says we have to root for Iowa.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saturday, December 20, 2003

It's almost 7 pm our time so Ed's party is still going strong.  Forgot to ask -- any girls in the group.

I'm watching & have been watching football.  Was rooting for Atlanta (underdog) & they beat Tampa Bay by 2 points.  Exciting finish but T. B. couldn't do it.  Now halftime is just about over for Minn. vs. K.C. & Mn is ahead.  Barb said your Green Bay fans wouldn't like this but I want Mn. to win!  At 8:30 New England is at the Jets & it will be cold.

Barb is cleaning out the freezer because it needs organization!  She's the organizer.

Dale got a 900.00 check from work.  Profit sharing & a week's pay + a day for not taking the 3rd week of vacation.

Barb's T.V. wasn't working.  Lar & Dale looked it over & came to the conclusion something was overheating & caused snow.  On Fri. we went to Warren Sears (which has relocated & has a larger store) & she got a Sylvania 19" with a DVD.  Now she will be wanting DVD's. Next time we go to Erie we'll go to Best Buy & check it out.

Millie's Christmas card said she can get her place at the retirement home next April & she will put her house up for sale in Jan.  I think they bot the house in the 50s & should get triple what they paid for it.  It's been kept up in good condition.  But it is small.

Christmas Eve Day.

I backed baked 3 batches of rolls today.  Dale took 42 for their pot luck lunch.  I took 4 rolls plus cookies to Viola Seaquist.  She was napping but Brian Scarpo was there to receive them.

Your pkg. came on Mon. & the gifts are by the tree.  With the decorations, tree, gifts, etc. I know it is Christmas time but it just seems to have come around too fast.

Heard from Carolyn & Jim so I have their new address, & also heard from Mim & Tom.   I haven't hard from 2 families in Auburn.  One is an older couple & they haven't been that well but the other couple re around 20 yrs. younger than I so it makes me wonder what happened.  I usually hear from them early in Dec.  My list grows smaller each year.

Our snow melted with rain & warmer temps.  But we are suppose to get snow tonite & tomorrow.

I made doggy bones for Torey but formed them as bones as I didn't get Kim's bone cutter. Cheese, whole wheat flour, oleo & a little milk & garlic (dogs are suppose to like garlic) & easy to make.  Tonite will tell if he likes them.

Christmas Day evening  Everything is quiet & my work is done.  Each Christmas Kim & Lar are invited to her friend Nancy's Mother for lobster flown in from Maine & she said it's so good.  So next year they plan to order some for our Christmas Eve dinner.  The little ones I get are nothing compared to the real thin.  They come packed in ice overnite & it is just the lobster meat.  You'd just have to heat it up.

We'll see your gift to Kim Sun. nite as we are invited over for dinner.  Lar got a $100.00 gift certificate from the Crary Home & it is from BiLo.  They prepare dinners & they have a Prime Rib dinner with stuffed baked pot., green bean casserole & rolls that Kim will get.  I know when Warren & Anna H. have Thanksgiving for their family they get 2 turkey dinners & those dinners include pumpkin pie & they are very satisfied.  If it is good, I'd like to do that next year -- the prim rib -- as it is a lot to get 2 dinners & a breakfast.  Tonite wasn't bad as I had Uncle Ben's wild rice & it is very good.  Fresh green beans & fruit salad.  Cookies for dessert.

Thank you for all your nice presents.  But you were too generous with a $100.00 gift cert. Barb's writing table is to nice.  Kim & Lar gave me a paper shredder.  I got a cheap one & clogged it up by using too much paper.  Dale couldn't fix it so I'll be more careful with this one.  Dale got me a plastic upright container with 7 drawer -- 3 lge ones & 4 smaller ones. I'll try to fit it in my bedroom to get rid of some of the clutter.  Dale got several Dale Earnhardt books -- 2 I got him , 2 put out by Nascar -- the yearbook &^ another one on D.E. Walden Books had some books of D. E. & I got one that told about his family.  He reads a lot now. 2 nice sweaters & 2 sweat shirts.  One like I gave you for your birthday & the one I gave Andy.  Also gave one to Lar.  They are nice because they are la little dressier if that is the correct word.

Scott gave Barb a Christmas Golfing Santa like JoAnna's & she gave one to Kim.  We all got lots of nice gifts and we thank you for yours.  Kim liked the tablecloth I gave her.  She said we'll see it Sun nite.

All in all it's been a nice Christmas season & now we look to 2004.  Seems like we were just looking forward to 2000.

It was good to talk to you today.  Your family room sounds so nice.  I like the neutral colors.

Pa. finally decided on a budget & the gov will sign it so they schools will be getting money that was due months ago.

I've been listening to C.D. & it's very relaxing.  Barb also got a "snow baby" figurine from Scott & family.

The dishwasher is just about thru & I turn it off & don't do the dry cycle to save on electricity. It's very hot & they dry OK.

Soon bedtime -- did sleep in til 8 A.M.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Yesterday Patty. W. Phillips called to ask if I'd like to go to our pastor's open house in Sheffield.  I said yes -- she also picked up Marie Mathis & Betty Casey.  The roads were fine & we enjoyed the visit.

Today we have between 4-6" of snow as it has snowed all day as of 3:50 p.m.

Last nite was Shults Christmas party at the Country Club.  Dale didn't stay for the dancing & drinking.  He said the parts mgr. was already feeling good.  He wasn't impressed with the food.  They had prime rib & the meat was OK.  He likes Jackson Valley better.

Yesterday I finally finished shopping for Kim.  They got a new dining room set & this table is rectangular so I got a table cloth to fit it -- on sale plus discount6 & the glassware was on sale plus coupon & I got a relish dish.  One side is divided into 3 parts & the other is plain.  I like it a lot so I hope Kim will.  Larry likes a gift certificate from Lawn &^ Garden & he can get what he wants.  Kim says Lar is shopping there a lot.  Did I mention he wanted a slim TV &^ bot one.  It is by the computer so he can "compute" & watch TV at the same time.

We have a new artificial tree at church & it is beautiful.  Tall & full.  courtesy of Ron & Marilyn Thelin Passenger.  It is on the left side by the piano.  Next Sun. the children's program will be at 6 pm followed by a reception -- cookies & punch.  Coffee as well as no coffee in a Luth church wouldn't be acceptable.

I took chicken from the freezer for dinner & asked Dale how I should fix it.  Chicken & spaghetti was the answer.  We both like it that way.  Barb is making herself a salad, a big one.  She doesn't always want what I serve so she makes her own.

Soon you'll have another teenager.  How time flies.  And it does -- I can't believe I have to bring Sheila's money gift this coming Fri.  And I have to make cookies.  Some for Sheila & Sue, the other gal & I think I'll bring some to Viola Seaquist. She doesn't get to church in this winter weather & she might appreciate some.  It's good her one grandson came back from Calif. as he lives with her & makes meals, etc.  Brian Scarpo.  Barb makes up a tray for Johannsons.

Nice Rachel will have another child.  Have you noticed many times only children want more than one child.

I still haven't decided what to have Christmas Eve.  My books & magazines haven't given me any ideas.

Wed. the 10th

I had to be sure there would be enough Danish for Christmas breakfast so I started a batch & baked them this A.M.  Last Sat I didn't get to bake so Dale's A.M. treat is Danish from the freezer.  I've started  baking cookies but a couple of batches I like to make just before Christmas.  I've made Spritz & Russian Tcakes, a cookie that has several names.  I got my recipe from Stella.

Weather report -- more snow today & tomorrow & snow flurries on Fri.  Let it snow, let it snow...

Just have a couple of gifts left to wrap.

Yesterday I got Cornish hens for Christmas Eve.  Have til Mon. to decide what to have for Christmas Day.  I'd have lamb but Barb & Kim wouldn't be happy.

Better get on with my "schedule" -- just took a little rest period.

Later -- Quality had tilapia froz. fish -- buy 1 get 1 free.  That's what we had for sup per -- pan fried for about 5 min. with lemon juice.  Delicious & it doesn't smell up the house & it is one fish Dale likes.  Baked pot, gr. beans.

And Barb & I decided to have a shrimp cocktail, steak, baked pot., salad for Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we'll have Cornish hens, herbed rice, veggie, relish tray & I might try a recipe I saw Egg Nog pie. Maybe cookies & a pudding Christmas Eve.

Thurs A.M.  I used a plastic sled to take the garbage to the curb.  We must have 6" of snow. Then I swept the snow from the font steps & made a path for the mailman.  Before that I made a banana cream pie (made the shell yesterday) & started dinner rolls.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday, December 6, 2003

I hope you had a nice birthday.  Decided to try calling in the A.M. this time but it still didn't work out.  Maybe it will work for Ed's birthday.  I called at 10 A.M. your time.  Andy said I didn't get him out of bed, but maybe he was just being nice.

Yesterday I made 2 pies for church -- a graham cracker but I was disappointed with the meringue but the vanilla pudding came out good.  The 2nd pie had a cheesecake type felling & pie filling cherries on top.  It looked good.  I also made cookies, a new recipe from the latest "family Circle" magazine.   you make a cooky crust & bake it 20 min.  Then a syrup of butter, brown sugar & honey.  Bring it to a boil & boil 5 min.  Then add 1/2 c. cream & 3 cups pecans & cashews.   Pour it over the crust & bake.  Very rich & delicious   Barb says like pecan pie.  Plan to make another batch before Christmas.  Will give some away. After I got them to church & came home & made a pumpkin pie.  Just had a piece -- I love pumpkin pie, and a apple loaf for Dale's snack.  I sample one crust & it is a good recipe.

Dale has to go to school 2 days this week.  Leaves Tues. after work & home on Thurs. Rochester this time.

Also finished wrapping gifts & so did Barb.  They look pretty under the tree.

After lunch I took a little nap in my chair.  Finished a.m. ironing -- just a small amount -- mostly pressing.  The only reason it got done, I wanted to wear my new slacks on Sun. so that pushed me.  And I still had time to address Christmas cards.  I want to start writing small notes to some I only hear from at Christmas.

Now I'm taking it easy as all may chores have been accomplished.

When I read your letter & you said only 3 of the football team went out for basketball, I got the picture out to see the other two playing basketball.  Also looked at Miles again as his name comes up a lot in your letters.

I'm thinking of having something different for Christmas -- cornish hens.  I'd like something different for Christmas Eve as well but I haven't come across anything interesting.

Mon. Dec 8

After lunch I got a perm & it's nice to have more curl again.

Made lasagna for supper & it was pretty good but I'd like to improve on it.  Used the "no boil" lasagna. I can never cook the other because they always split a bit.

After I did my Mon. chores I started on notes for Christmas cards.  My list isn't as large so it's easier.  On the thank you card from Gerald I noticed the address was different:  1474 Railroad Lake Rd.  Florence.  It surprised me.

Barb got a large fire truck for the boy from the name on the Salvation Army.  He'll get 3 toys & pants, shirt & pj's so one 6 yr. old should be a little happier on Christmas.  Next year I'll take an older children's name & have Barb & Dale go in on gifts.  Older ones want more expensive things & clothes, etc. are more expensive.  Some ask for bicycles, etc.

Wed. Dec. 10

Just came back from the dentist -- lost a filling.  Last Fri. as I was eating one of my cookies I'd made, I felt something hard & moved my tongue around & felt a hole.  So I called & was lucky to get in today.  As soon as I got there my name was called & the dentists started right in so I was only there 1/2 hour & it cost me 60.00, but worth it to keep my teeth.

Dale doesn't go to Rochester until today -- they'll be 2 of them, leave right way after work & Dale will be home Fri. maybe around 7-8 pm  He told me what it was for but I can't remember it.

I haven't done much this week -- just taking it easy.  It's hard to dust with the Christmas decorations & Dale vacuums the rugs.

Closer to Christmas I'll make 4 kinds of cookies, maybe a couple more & then I have to make 2 batches of my rolls for Dale at work.  Christmas Eve day they don't do much & have a pot luck at lunch & then they are thru.  And they always want Dale to bring my rolls.  I'll do it as long as I can. 2 weeks & the big day will be here -- or the 2 big days.

Thurs. the 11th

We will be only 3 for dinner.  Kim will be with girl friends for a get together.  Next week we'll eat earlier as Kim will have a get together at her place.

I have 2 more notes to write in cards & then I'll be thru.  The rest are sealed, stamped & ready to mail.  I'm glad that's over.  Now to making cookies but I wait a bit on that.

Yesterday Barb took me to the dentist & I said I'd walk home.  Dr. Walters' office is in the lower level so I had steps to climb.  I was a little scared but had no reason to be.  No problem with the stairs or walking home.  Funny how we make things hard for ourselves by imagining things.  Haven't walked over town but I'm sure I can.  Not being able to walk compares to one having to give up driving & deending on others.  At least for me.

Made apple crisp for dessert & of course I had to sample it & it's good.  One of my favorites.  In a short time Ed will be 13 years old.  Another teenager!  Of course one forgets but things weren't  so bad when you 4 were teenagers.

Fri A.M.

We're having snow flurries but we still plan to go to Jamestown after I get my hair done.  I know I had a perm on Mon. but I like ti washed on Fri as usual.

Soon time to go.