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Monday, February 23, 2004

I was mistaken -- last week Dale went to Pittsburgh for schooling & Utes A.M., he & Mark go to Pitts again, this time for 2 days.  He'll take a lunch again but he isn't sure what will happen.  Mark is married & has 2 children & I guess money is tight.  Not for Dale living at home -- his day will come.

I always read your letter fast the first time & then read it again slower to savor the news.  I laughed both time when I read, "I'm sure you're finding this incident tremendously amusing, Mom."  As I read it to Dale -- I said, I have to have one child with children so they can see what it is to raise children.  More fun.  You are the lucky one, you & JoAnna, to have 2 nice sons -- they do bring "sun" into your lives.

This A.M. we went to Jamestown -- a short trip.  I wanted to return one of the sweaters I got.  I didn't like how it fit around the hips.  I did one load of wash before we left & got Dale's bed made up clean. Now the 3rd load -- towels -- are about set to go in the dryer.  After lunch I cleaned the bathroom.

I've lost some weight & my slacks are too large so I've been buying new ones.  Got a pr. this A.M. at Sears & a knit top.  We didn't go into Penney's -- their styles are all for the younger group.  A while ago I got a sweater red & blue poppys on a black background.  It looked bare around the neck.  So last Sat. I got a red expensive scarf & it looks nice with the sweater. Wore it to church yesterday & it felt good.  Today I got a blouse at Bon Ton -- alight salmon color & it is worn over the pants.  3/4 length sleeves.  It's like the 2 tops Barb bot.

We went to Walmarts this A.M. -- heavens forbid -- & Barb got more yarn.  She finished Marisa's & started one for herself.  She got yarn for one for Kim -- she'd like a maroon afghan.  We also got cranberry juice.

I've started another puzzle -- an old one.  Another floral.

Sat. nite we had subs from Quizno's.  They were good -- I had the traditional -- beef, ham & turkey.  Barb & Dale had the Philly cheese steak.  We liked them & we'll try them again.

Wed. A.M. the 25

Dale is at school so I slept in a bit til 7 A.M.  But he forgot to turn off his alarm & it went off at 4:30 A.M.  I shut it off & was able to go back to sleep.  I'm taking it easy today -- just preparing things for dinner -- Lar & Kim come (my tho'ts got ahead of my hand) -- Dale will be home about 6:45 PM.  Tues A.M. the weather wasn't so good.  Pittsburgh was fogged in. Today will be sunny & warmer.  I'll be glad to see the snow melt away.

Yesterday I made applesauce & choc. cake for tonite.  Of course I sampled the case last nite.

At dinner tonite Lar & Dale were talking about the 2006 Pontiac Solstice, a sport car bargain for about $20,000. Dale's magazine Automobile had a 2 page picture.  Lar says that it's his next car.  It's a 2 seater.  Kim asked is she could have the Meata -- is that spelled correctly, & Lar said yes.  He has 3 more payments on his back hoe & he thinks the truck will hold out for awhile.  The Solstice is just a dream now.  It doesn't come out til summer of '05.

Larry was sick Mon & Tues.  The flue.  He said he thinks he'll get a flu shot next year.  He always seems to get the flu for a few days.  He'll take me to the Dr. tomorrow as Barb has to work at Lynn's.  I'll have to remember to get a Fri. appt -- the 2 or 4 Fri. & then  Barb can take me.

Bert will be back next Wed. & she will be needing more help around the dinner hour.  She won't be able to climb the stairs as often as she did.  She is too think & doesn't have any resistance  to cold, etc.

Fri the 26th

Saw the Dr today.  First a physician -- I can't recall the word, examined me first.  Then the (Physician Practitioner.  Finally got it!) Dr. came in & examined me.  I see him in 3 months. The nice thing -- I can have my blood tests in the office.  He also wants me to have a mammogram but I call for the appt. myself.  I miss Dr. McNett.  My blood pressure was good.  I weight 145 lbs. so I've lost weight.  I'm eating less, but I still like sweets.  That's why I've needed slacks that fit.

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