Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturday, February 28, 2004

I did my usual Sat. A.M. baking.  Coffee cake, & rolls for the freezer.  I like to have Danish on hand & they were getting low.  Lunch is over & I'm watching gold on TV. It is very interesting to watch.

We got a misses woman's catalog from Penney's & both Barb & I were surprised to see dresses, etc. that we wouldn't mind wearing.  Finally, as so many past pages were not very interesting.  Maybe the sales were down.

Barb isn't feeling good today -- headache.  It started yesterday.

If you watch the Weather Channel, you know we are under a "high" & the weather is so nice & much warmer.  We're enjoying it while we can.

Yesterday I took some of my slacks to store in the attic & took down spring things.  Not that I'll be wearing them yet, but you know the bats like our attic & I don't' care to go up there then.

By the time you read this, the library should be back to normal & I'm sure you have a big sigh of relief. It sounds wonderful.

Are you going to see "The Passion of the Christ"?  It holds no interest for me -- I prefer to read the Passion Story in the Bible.  I know it was a "gory" story but it is the meaning that is important.  Christ died to forgive us our sins.

Dale is cleaning out his closet today & getting things ready to give to the Goodwill, who have facilities at the Mall now.  Barb & I have accumulated a few bags to bring there.  If I can maintain my present weight, I'll have slacks for them next Fall.

Sun the 29th.

Still watching golf -- no NASCAR today.  It's Tiger vs. Love.  It's match play & fun to watch.

Think I mentioned Alice Nasman sits with us in church.  She was saying she doesn't know if she should sell her house & get an apt.  She said, "I really would like to be up there" -- looking up towards heaven.  It's 2 years since her husband died.  Not me, I hope to see more of Andy & Ed's lives unfold if I'm lucky enough to live to my 90s.

This A.M. after Dale ate his breakfast, he cleaned around the sink &  behind jars  etc.  He told me he cleaned there & found crumbs.  And we must be careful as ants are attracted to crumbs.  Last year we had trouble with ants, after an absence of several years.

The pastor announced a group asked about seeing "The Passion of the Christ" & those interested could come.  It will be the 1st Sat. in March & then they'll come back to church for coffee & discussion.   I'm still not interested.

Mon. Mar. 1

Tonite I fixed a meal I like.  Meat loaf & scalloped potatoes.  Fixed the pot. I wrote about, for Dale as he likes them better.  Dale said he likes meat loaf if it's made right!  I used a recipe from one of my magazines...eggs, oatmeal, ketchup, Worcestershire & seasoning.  It tasted good to me & it was firm & didn't fall apart.

We got groceries today as it might shower tomorrow.  Besides, I want to make dinner rolls & pie crust tomorrow.  Have to make a good lunch for Dale as it's the Tues. he works til 8 pm.  The weeks go by so fast.

Can't remember if I told you this but Dale said they'll be going to school more often because of the new cars & how they work.

Barb found a mistake in the afghan for Marisa so she thinks she'll have to reknit it.  So now when she knits, she does a few inches & then checks her work.  The mistake is in the first part of the knitting.

Wed the 3rd.

Lar & Kim come tonite so I made a pecan pie this A.M. & started a fresh fruit salad.  Started with grapes & oranges & will add apple & bananas.  We're having chicken.  It seems it's either chicken or pork & steak as a change & it's soon time for steaks.

The snow is melting away.  It's about gone on the opposite side of the st. -- they get the aft. sun.  Our side is dirty & soon gone.  It's the piled up snow from shoveling that takes the longest to melt.

The mail just came & Barb got something from the U. of Wisc. alumni assn.  She left earlier today.  Went to Bert's to check up & then the dentist.  Then to BiLo's for supplies for Bert who will finally be home this week Thurs.

Wed. aft.  Guess what I'm doing -- watching spring training baseball -- Mets vs. L.A.  I know it doesn't count, but the Mets are ahead 3-0.  All 3 runs came in the 1st inning so maybe there will be more.   Fun to see baseball again.  I'll even skip my "soap" but will check in during commercials.  The Mets have a few new players & I'll soon know their names.  It has to be better than last year -- couldn't be much worse.

Thurs. the 4th.

Last nite Lar figured out my state tax so that is out of the way.

This A.M. I took it easy.  Just had 2 loads of laundry.  I'm working on the puzzle Barb bot.  We're having hamburgers & macaroni & cheese for supper.  An easy one.

The Mets started out good in t he 1st inning & then died.  Good it was just a practice game.  The Mets used pitchers to see if they are ready for the big time.  At least baseball will soon start in April.

I get a perm next Mon & I need it.  Barb said she wouldn't have another perm.  Then she went & made an appointment for next Tues. at 5 pm.

Fri.  Just got home from my hair appt.

Bert got home about 7 pm yesterday.  She was a little put out no one was there to greet her.  The one who sleeps overnite didn't get there til 9:30 pm

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