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April 3, 2004

What a disgusting situation -- my cold has gotten me down & I'm lazy, but I want to make an apple bread & a batch of cookies.  Maybe after lunch.  It's the cough that is the worst part.  I don't think I can go to church tomorrow.  On top of that, we could get a snowstorm.  I was so pleased with myself for not getting a cold all winter; spring arrives & so does a cold.

The library looks so nice.  You have much to be proud of, Paul.

It turns out I have read Robt. B. Parker in the past but never like his books, but this one is more interesting reading & it takes place in the Boston area.  If I remember I think his books are about that area, so I should like him.

Bert wants to take Barb out for her 50th birthday.   For lunch.  She also said she'd help Barb if she had to have an operation.  Bert wants to go to Jamestown so they might eat lunch there.

Remember Vincent, whose parents bot the Johnson house, he is a senior & such a nice fellow.  He plays soccer & baseball.  He came over a few times when Andy & Eddie visited here.

Later.  About 11 AM I got up off my chair & made the apple bread, & choc. surprise cookies. The surprise is a marshmallow under the icing.  Was hungry for them.  Made some for Dale minus the marshmallow.  Fixed lunch for Dale, cleaned up  & will read more of my book.

This A.M., after I got up I browned a pot roast & put it in the crock pot.  Mashed pots. & veggie & I'm all set.  It makes such good gravy.

Later yet.  Our dinner was good.  Barb made an apple raisin bra using oatmeal, whole wheat flour, etc.  She didn't use a recipe & it came out very good.  I had a piece for dessert & it was tasty.  Wonder what it will be like next time.  I prefer a recipe to follow.

I'm enjoying the Parker book -- I like the short chapters.

Sun. Apr 4

Just as I suspected, I didn't get to church.  The cold has a strangle hold on me, but I have to go to the bank for Apr. expenses, I need stamps & a med refill plus groceries.

Mon. Apr. 5

Today Bert & Barb went to Jamestown & had lunch at the Red Lobster.  They went shopping at the Mall & found 2 tops she liked.  Bert's birthday gift to Barb.  Barb got home about 2 p.m. & in the meantime Lynn had called & said Scott was home from school.  Didn't feel good.  He's following Marisa's ways when it comes to school absences.  So seeing she didn't have to pick Scott up she asked if I wanted to get groceries.  I said let's try going to the post office, bank, & CVS first.  I felt OK, so we also went grocery shopping.  I was glad as my day won't be broken up tomorrow.  Today I did my usual work, except for tying up old newspapers & cleaning the basement bathroom.  Maybe tomorrow & I must wash the kitchen floor.  Today I got Easy Off Oven Cleaner so I have a big hob ahead of me.  I'm coughing a lot & during the nite so it upsets my sleep.  And they say it drags on for 2-3 weeks.  More fun!

Watched some baseball today.  Dale was pleased the Pirates beat the Phillies.  And San Diego beat LA & Detroit beat Toronto.  They haven't won a home opener for awhile.  It's so good to have baseball again.  The Mets play tomorrow nite.

Wonder what kind of a summer we'll have.  Hope it's not as cruel as our winter was.  Today it's still winter -- cold & windy.

I was lazy so we ordered pizza tonite.  When I ordered it, of course I had to cough & the fellow at the other end said "I hope you feel better".

When I got my meds today, I expected to pay $37.00 for it -- the most expensive.  But it only cost $16.00.  I have $250.00 deductable & I must have spent it, so that was a nice surprise. I wonder about the new Medicare -- if it will work for me with medical insurance.  It is suppose to help with medication . I haven't read much about it.

Tues A.M., the 6th

I start coughing around bedtime & Barb wanted to go get cough medicine.  She called Kim & their Dr. friend recommended Delsym, the best without a prescription.  I didn't want Barb to go out -- she was in her pj's.  She finally did -- said she wouldn't sleep if I kept coughing.  I took 2 tsp. at 10 p.m. & again this A.M. at 10.  It really helps.  And I slept much better & didn't hear Dale get up to shower.  When Dale left I sat in my chair for 1/2 hr. &U dozed. Took a shower, etc. & felt better.  When Barb left I washed the kitchen floor.  Wrapped newspapers but still need to do the basement toilet.  The Schwan man comes today so I dont' want to miss him so came upstairs.  He just came so I guess I'll go downstairs.  Have to push myself as it's so easy to be lazy.

April 7.  Wed.

Today Warren H. called.  He had an appointment at Warren Dental Arts & they wondered if I could go out to lunch with them afterwards.  I still cough a lot & said it was best if I didn't.  I hated to refuse but it was for the best.

Last nite I watched the Mets beat the Braves 7-2.  It was a good feeling.  Detroit beat Toronto & Milwaukee took 2 from St. Louis.  And Tampa Bay beat the Yankees.  What's going on. Is this the year of the underdog.  I can dream, can't I.

Jerry Howgard didn't last long as a Schwan Man.  He's now working in N. Warren at Casey's Salon.  Lauri Hause, Janet & Dick's daughter, started it.  She married Joe Casey (Betty & Joe Senior), but they got a divorce & she married again, as Joe also did. I'm not sure if she still owns it.  It will be different for Jerry -- he's not the boss anymore. Sheila inherited some of his customers but they plan to stay with Sheila.

Our Easter weather forecast isn't a happy one.  Cold & a possibility of snow showers.  But they do say our weather should improve in another week!  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Dale got a heavy weight pkg. today.  He ordered a cement cutter for bricks, etc.  He said he'll let Lar keep it & use it.  And if Dale wants to use it, he'll get it from Lar.  It was such a good bargain (200.00), he couldn't pass it up.  They rent for $50.00 A DAY.

The weather channel shows tornados in Miss.  So I guess I shouldn't graumble too much!

In our paper I noticed Sheffield Hi principal finally called the State Police. A girl was in his office kicking furniture & cursing the principal.  Other schools call the police & Kim thinks their principal should try it.  He really must have been ticked off this time. Tomorrow nite we'll hear more about it from K.

Good Fri. the only day the teachers & students got off for vacation due to snow days & bomb scares.

I'm still coughing but much better.  I think I'll live!!!

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