Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friday, December 26, 1986

I'll start a letter - it might not get finished.

We had a nice Christmas.  Lar & Kim were at her grandmother's Christmas Eve & morning.  Got here afternoon & we opened our gifts & everyone was remembered with great pleasure.  Thanks so much for your gifts.  We are enjoying the Hickory Farm Box very much.  It's good.  The sweatshirts fit & we like them & I like the potpourri burner.  Kim had given me some mixture at Thanksgiving & Wed. nite I put some in a pan & it smelled so good.  Thanks so much.

Lar, Kim & Dale gave me a mother's ring with 4 stones in it.  It is nice to have.  They found a ring of mine & got the size that way & it fits.  I got a 12 cup coffee pot - the drip kind.  I had a 4 cup & wished I had gotten a larger size.  Now I have it.  Also a set of Corelle Christmas design dishes & a school house type clock.  It had a pendulum & strikes on the hour.  It looks nice.  It's on the wall by the freezer - first I tho't I'd put it in the eating area but we decided against that.  Dad gave me a pair of warm slippers, lined moccasin type & they will keep my feet cozy.

Kim likes to collect rocking horses & we found a nicely framed picture of a rocking horse & it says "welcome".  She liked it.

Dale was happy to be home.  He likes the shirt.  They call first to see if it's O.K. for Dale to come home & Dad answered the phone & the man said Dale is very responsible.  At church Christmas Eve, Diane Scarcella told us she had a note from Dale in response to a card she sent.  He mentioned he'd be home for Christmas Day & how hard it was to have to go back after Thanksgiving.  Hard on us, too.  But he is fine & we all are doing O.K.

Gen called on Christmas.  Mentioned she got your card.  And a big thank you for your lovely card.  She has been having back trouble & went to the Dr.  Feels O.K. now.  But she has a crushed vertabrae & that could be a cause.  And she also has the dowager's hump.  None of the other 3 do.  (Edna, Millie, Me.)  Ed plans to retire next July 1.

We're going to Jamestown for dinner.  More later.  We went to Alfie's for a fish dinner; then to the Mall where I got some Christmas things on sale - 1/2 price.  Paper, bows, etc.  Things have gone fast this year & stores crowded today.

We got some shocking news from Stella.  David is divorced!!  Margo left last summer & was gone for 6 weeks before she let them know anything.  The youngest graduated from high school last June & she had planned since his birth to leave when he finished school.  What a shock & Stella always praised her so much. And how she berated Carolyn.  They had counseling but she always stopped short of the heart of the matter.  It must be hard on Stella.

We tried to call Swanson's but no answer & we didn't try again.  No note in their card.  It's their turn to call us.

I gave Mrs. Conaway some Christmas cookies - she still gets around.  And 2 years ago they bro't her home to die.

Dad is really bothered by Barb's letter & her ideas.  We feel she needs help.  We can't understand how she can "live off" other people the way she does.  She should be able to find some kind of job.  She is all wrapped up in Barbara.

Mel & Levina didn't come for Christmas as Levina is in the hospital.  Her back hurt her & she was crippled up with pain.  Then she wouldn't eat & ended up in the hosp. where they could feed her.  She went down to 117 lbs. & she is about my height.  Her Dr. is away so that doesn't help.

We all went together & got Dad a Toro snow shoveler.  It is electric but it will go O.K. - he'll just have to watch the cord.  It will help esp. in shoveling the driveway.

Min was in the hosp. again - fluid build up.

I know you had a great Christmas & wish for you the best of New Years.

We look forward to your visit in May.

The children's room of the library - in the new part - has been flooded twice.  Water coming from heating pipes.  Last one serious enough to close that room & this Christmas they have 2 full weeks of vacation.  Ann L. [Ann Lesser, library director] was really mad that they couldn't fix it after the first spill.

We wonder when the colder weather will arrive - it's been moist but in the 30's, low 40's.  Nice but we miss the snow at Christmas.

Thanks for making our Christmas a good one.  Having JoAnna in the family is real special.


Thursday, December 11, 1986

I'll start a letter to go in your card. Today (11th) the Ministerial Assoc. met at First Meth. with the wives invited. We had a good time & there was a nice representation.

Tonite we go to church for our 2nd potluck this week. Tues the Senior group met at noon. Lots of good food. Tonite is for the family - carol sing & 2 films.

Fri. nite I go out with the "girls" from work - a combined Christmas & retirement party for one who turned 62.

Dad attended a mtg. in Sheffield for Luth. Roman Cath. & Episcop. One of the priests asked Dad which church he served. When Dad said he was retired the priest said, "I bet you're the happiest man here".

Today we finally had sunshine - think that last time we saw it was Dec. 1st. Maybe we'll see the moon tonite as it's almost full.

We haven't sent you pkg. yet as I'm waiting for something. But it'll get there as U.P.S. goes fast. All my gifts are wrapped. So is the tree up & decorations so it looks like Christmas is soon here. Cards are coming & it's fun to hear from old friends & what is happening in their lives.

Lar didn't wait for the lib. address & sent your pkg. to the apt. as you must know by now.

We heard from Svea & she is walking with a cane & hopes to be able to come to the wedding.

Fun to hear baseball news - the trades, etc. It won't be long & it will be here again. Doesn't look like Ray Knight will be a Met next yr. He wants too much money. We saw on N.Y. channel that Lenny Dykstra has a poster that will go on sale - I'm not interested!! Keith Hernandez would be another story!!! Ha!Ha!

Did I mention Dad put up the elec. train set in the D.R. on the window seat. It's on a board that overlaps. Has the lighted village scene & it looks nice & fun to "play" with - watch it go round, etc.

Read a good book "The Officer's Wives" by Thomas Fleming & really enjoyed it. About a class of '50 West Point grads, their wives & their experiences in "getting to the top". Talked about the unpopular war in Vietnam, how 1 wife pushed & schemed to get her husband to top rank, etc. It made me think - I lived thru that war, peace marches, long haired kids, and all & really didn't realize history was being made & a lot of it on the bad side. Usually I don't read books to make me think but this was a good exception. 645pp.

Haven't made cookies yet but plan to the week of the 14th. Will make caramels - they are so good. Got dad a box of Russell Stover Choc. for a gift - one we'll all enjoy!

The Chinese Golden Dragons - Acrobats & Magicians of Taipe are coming to the Library Theater Mon. Jan 12 & I want to see them. Later on (Feb or Mar.) the Penn State Glee Club will perform &^ I want to go to that also.

Sat A.M. I beautiful but cold day. Walked to the library & it felt good to exercise.

Dad called & got Dennis' phone number & we just talked to Barb. She promised to write & tell us what is happening in her life. Wouldn't say over the phone. We told her about Dale. Something is happening & I can't imagine what it could be. I hope she keeps her promise & writes. Hope it's not some crazy dream & that she is realistic.

If I get ambitious I might make cookies this aft. We went out for breakfast so will eat supper at home.

P.S. Your pkg. might be late because I couldn't make up my mind & ordered late. I'll try to be better next year. This is the 18th & I'm hoping I'll be able to send it by U.P.S. today. It will go to the library.

We have rain but it's suppose to turn to snow later today.

I've made cookies & plan to make some more. Otherwise we're all set. Lar & Kim won't be here til Christmas Day aft. as they open their gifts in the A.M., too Lar wasn't sure about Christmas Eve.

If you call, call later if you want to talk to Lar & Kim. Dale will be here at 9 A.M.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Saturday, November 16, 1986

Did you go to the Ohio  It is interesting even if O.S. is ahead.

Dale will be home for Thanksgiving - it is counted as a work release day so I suppose he'll be home from 8-5.  We'll eat at 1 pm.  Mel & Levina will be here as well as Lar & Kim.  Lar & Kim will also go to her grandmother's later.  Dale will be home at Christmas so that makes me happy.  Be nice if he could be here Christmas Eve & overnite.  He is fine.  It will be nice to see him & be able to talk to him.

We changed the wall paper in the dining room.  What we had was stop gap - we couldn't find what we liked & what we ended up with was on sale.  Dad is finishing up & it looks so nice.  A lighter background & makes everything look so nice.  He also plans to paper the eating area in the kitchen.  Since the new window was put in, Dad had to patch by the window & it doesn't look right.  He'll do it after the holidays.  Have to have everything looking good for the relatives.  Gen, Ed & John will come & I'm sure Edna & Wally will.  We'll have to look into motels.  Now they're talking about a 7 pm wedding & a reception at The Women's Club.

A week ago we went to Erie & ended up spending some money.  At Dahlkemper's they had an entertainment center on sale & we got one.  Put it together that nite & it looks good.  We had to rearrange furniture, tho.  Then we looked at T.V. & bot one at Sears.  Cable ready, so we don't need a box.  Now the stereo, V.C.R., T.V. are all in one spot & it's nice.  Larry took the old T.V., which needed some work - new tubes, etc. & gave it to Kim's grandmother & she was pleased to get it.  The entertainment center sits in the corner by the D.R., the outside wall & on an angle.  Large sofa in front of hte window & love seat where the stereo was.

We had some snow but it didn't last.  Been cold, tho.

Next Sun. Dad preaches at Wilcox (9 AM) & Johnsonburg (11 AM) for the pastor who is on vacation.  It's hard to say no & it means getting up early.

I'm thinking of Christmas & hope you don't mind but we think we'll send you money & you can get what you'd like, plus some little things to open.

Do you have an address for Barb.  She hasn't written & we will want to remember her at Christmas.

Soon it's time to watch Penn State-Notre Dame game.  It should be a great game.

How was Roger's concert & your visit at Gr. Bay.  Did Pat get the job he applied for.

All is well with us.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, October 5, 1986

Nice to get your letter.  Thanks JoAnna for having Paul write.

Finally we've seen a little blue sky & sunshine after a long spell of clouds & rain.  Last Fri. they thot the pool at the top of the Dam that supplies electricity to Cleveland had a crack & they expected a sheet of water to come down.  It turned out to be a false alarm - a sensor was faulty & triggered the alarm - caused by excessive rains.

Lar was saying they are thinking of having a dinner at the Holiday Inn after the reception.  For the wedding party & out of town relatives.  I hope those plans work out.  Her aunt, who is a waitress at H.I. is looking into it. 

Last weekend Kim was housesitting & she was thru earlier than expected so she called here to see if she could locate Lar.  Said she had washing to do, etc.  So Mon nite I asked Lar if Kim got her washing done (she was out with a girlfirend) & he said yes - at his place.  So I asked him, kiddingly, if he charged her and he said no!  I said how come as he has teased her & said she could wash at this place if she paid him - he replied she is living with me now to save rent.  It happened the 1st of Sept.  Somehow I always seem to find out what's going on & this is all innocence.

I got my autographed Gary Carter baseball card.  His mother died in '66 of M.S. & that is the reason he is doing this - to make money for M.S. research, etc.

Guess what Dad got from the Nat. G.O.P. party - a picture of our pres. & wife - Ron & Nancy.  Tho't I might send it to JoAnna - Ha, Ha - but maybe Paul would use it for dart practice.

We called Beloit today & talked to Svea.  She sounds good & is doing well.  It takes time.  Roger comes on Wed. & she is happy.

Last Fri. we bought a rug for the Den - a gray textured & it will be installed this week.  We should be getting our new love seat soon.  Should be in Oct. 7th.

Play offs this week & I hope the Mets can do it.  They are really beating the Pirates this aft. 

A busy week ahead.  L.C.W. Mon. nite.  Tues. our day out.  Wed. we meet Hollertzs for dinner - we go to Ridgway - Thurs. a retirement party for Sara Lyle who retired last summer - out for fish Fri & Sat nite Alice & Jim Greenlund invited us for dinner.  Will miss some  ball games but we can tape them.

We noticed a restaurant The Grainery advertised in the Jamestown paper 6 mi. E. of Sinclairville across from Cockaigne ski area & it sounds interesting.  Today they advertised Seafood Royale consisting of crabmeat, scallops & shrimp, broiled with a wine & caper sauce.  Includes salad or soup, potatoes, veggie & a selection of home baked rolls & muffins.  $11.50.  But dinners start at $7.25.  We plan to try it sometime.

Dale asked to work 6 days a week & he is allowed to & Schultz needs the help so that is good for Dale.  Adelaide W. told me today that their truck needed a muffler & Dale did the job & Bill said he knows what he is doing.  Good he knows his job or maybe Schultz would have let him go.

We might take a walk so I'll bring this to a close.  Did Pat get the directorship.  How come Oshkosh L. is having such a turnover.  We watched Wis. v. Mich. a little while last nite but turned to The Golden Girls at 9 pm.  They were more interesting.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, September 28, 1986

Joyce O’Connor came over to show me the afghan she made for you & it’s beautiful. Blue, Yellow, blue. Yellow & blue stripes made in the cable design. Think you’ll like it. She might make one for Larry & Kim. She is making afghans for her grandchildren. Is on her 2nd one.

Larry & Kim have decided to be married at St. Paul & will have the reception there, too. I think it’s a good idea when Kim doesn’t have parents to help financially. The ladies at church help with receptions & that makes it easy. May 23rd – Min & Lila’s anniversary.

We called Signe & Geo. Yesterday & the back end of their car was hit by someone who didn’t stop for a stop sign. It shook Geo. Up & his neck hurts. Good he was wearing his neck brace. Or he could have really been hurt. The car is in the garage & they have a loan car. They are in Rkfd. today for the 85th birthday of a Nelson cousin. Svea is back in Beloit. & has therapy 3 times a week. Roger will be in Rkfd. for 4 days before his recital. Dick will be in Rkfd. for the recital also. Still planning to go I hope.

Have you attended church yet – don’t get too busy! (Mother preaching a bit!)

Fri. nite we met Bensons for dinner at the Willows, near the Dam out of Corydon & we had the best meal. Juicy & tender steaks. I want to go there again. A beautiful ride - took about 1 hr. We really enjoyed it.

Dale is doing OK. Lar saw him & he said he wished he could work 6 days a week. It would be O.K. with Shultz’s but I’m not sure about the other officials. Said time is going pretty fast.

I’m enclosing a “democratic” recipe. Sound good – in today’s paper. I hope to try it sometime when I have company.

Will you be at the Wi. Game next Sat. Noticed it is a home game. Have you been to any. Benson’s go to all the home Penn State games. Their youngest is a senior but they still plan to attend games next year. Their 3 all graduated (or will) from P. State.

We are fine here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, September 14, 1986

We've had our fish dinner & now it will be baseball - Mets vs. Phila. & they should win the final game to clinch the playoffs - and writing letters.  (Still more games to play.)

Heard from Edna today.  Larry & Debbie were home but Edna missed seeing the new baby - Brian.  Larry is so happy to be a daddy!

This aft. I had Lauri's (hairdresser) 10 month girl Allison for about 1/2 hr. while she picked Danny up from pre-school.  She was good & didn't mind her mom leaving & naturally I enjoyed having a baby to hold & cuddle!!!

Dale started the work release program yesterday.  We saw him as we had to b ring contact cleaner, etc., his last paycheck.  It was good to see him - looks good.  Has a moustache now.  Hoped he could come home for lunch but he's not to leave his place of employment.  They pack him a lunch.  He was glad to be working again & we're happy for him.

Once in awhile I buy an instant lottery ticket.  I got 2.00, turned it in for 2 more.  Got a few free tickets & finally won $25.00.  A nice surprise.  When I turned it in, I got 5 more tickets for 20.00.  Out of the 5,  I got 1 free ticket but haven't redeemed it yet.  I don't spend too much money for tickets.

Next Mon. nite we're going to Ridway to have dinner with Warren & Anna.  We'll go down to DuBois to eat.  Did you know that Tom Mix (actor) grew up in DuBois & this week they are celebrating in his honor, memory or whatever.

Dad couldn't play golf today - rain.  But he was glad to see the rain as he fertilized the lawn the early part of the week.  This aft. Lar planned to put in a lawn at Pam Bonace Lyle's new home.  He said it is nice - soon ready for them to move in.  He'll start the landscaping & finish next spring.
Guess this is all the news.

P.S.  I got Searching for Caleb by Anne Tyler.  I've also been reading Nicola Thorne's books - historical romance & they are good.

PS2.  Sonya Thelin left Robt. Morris College for a library job in Claremont, Ca.  Vi Lilja said it has to do with the computer & she will travel a lot.  Has to come back to Ohio for training.  The job has some initials I don't remember.  I admire her going so far from home & relatives.  She was engaged but broke it off when she found him with a gal at his apt & it was obvious they were lovers.  Ruth & Russ are in Erie now & so is Steve - a lawyer & he has his own apt.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, September 1, 1986

We arrived in Warren at 9:30 pm after a good trip.  Good to arrive home safe & sound.  We stopped at Toledo & had a good meal at The Red Lobster.  We had to wait about 15 min. for a table but it was well worth it.

Thanks for a nice visit with you.  We enjoyed our visit - the farmer's market, seeing parts of the University, the library, your apt etc.  You have many reasons to be thankful & happy.

We brought in all the luggage last nite & dropped it, washed our faces & fell into bed & dreamland.  I was really tired.

Today we got things put away & I washed clothes, did some pressing & now I'm lazy.  Watched the Mets beat San Francisco this aft. & either the Yankees or Braves will be on tonite.  Tomorrow nite Bensons etc. & we'll miss Gooden pitching.  Thurs. nite the Mets play Boston in a special game & it will be on N.Y. T.V.  Should be good.

There were lots of tomatoes to pick & also cucumbers.  Will have to pick yellow beans as well.

I enjoyed looking at the recipes in the library cookbook.  Saw several I'd like to try.

Just wanted to let you know we arrived home safe & sound.

Your picture looks very nice in the living room!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Friday, August 15, 1986

Thanks for the letter & newspaper article.  We were pleased to read the article & feel proud of both of you.   Your job sounds interesting, JoAnna, and I bet you have to do some digging to get the info.  Lar read your letter last nite.

You could write to Dale at Wrrn. Co. Jail, Market St. & I'm sure he'd get it.  Last week at the Courthouse they moved furniture from 1 office to another & Dale helped.  He saw Beth Beyer & talked with her & said he was doing O.K. & that the food is good.  Next Mon. the 18th he starts work release & that will help.

Glad you'll be at the lake longer than just the weekend.  We'll arrive later on Sat. as we won't leave Fri. til 12:30.  Been wondering about Barb.  Do you know anything as to what she is doing, etc.  We've wondered if you could contact her, see if she wants to come to the lake & wonder if you could give her a ride.  We'll take her back on the way to see you.

Thanks for the bumper sticker.  We'll make use of it.

I'm sure the Mets will win the Nat. League East but I'm not sure how they'll do against the Astros.  We sent Dick Howser a get well card & got a thank you (printed) the other day.  We were pleasantly surprised.

We plan to bring the article to the lake so we can show it to the relatives!

I'm on my way to get my hair done.

See you at the lake.  Am looking forward to pasties, pizza & eating out!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tuesday, July 29, 1986

This is the only paper I can find [St. Paul's Lutheran Church letterhead] and I want to type a letter.

We haven't heard anymore from Dale but Roger Thelin called and said that they wanted to do some testing so he won't get work release for 3 week.s  Hope he will learn patience.

Gen called last nite and said they were putting in an in ground swimming pool.  They hope it will be completed so they can use it this year.  Will have underwater lights.  Maybe we'll visit them next 4th of July.  She is getting used to retirement altho she does help out at work now and then.  The boss wants her to be available for minutes of annual mtgs, etc. and she just as soon stay in touch.  Ed will work for 1 more year.

I've had to stay busy to forget things so last week I cleaned Dale's bedroom and got rid of some things he never wears.  Got a new bedspread from Sears and it came today.  Plan to get new draperies.  Yesterday I cleaned the guest room and rearranged the dresser and it looks nice.

This a.m. we went out to breakfast with Benson's from Mt. Jewett.  They had to bring their car to Warren for a check up as they leave for Atlanta tomorrow.  We had a nice breakfast at Perkins and sat and talked for quite awhile.

USA Today gave Dick Howser's address and I sent him a card.  Have you noticed how well the Mets are doing.  Just hope the incident in Houston won't harm them.

Lar and Kim will drive with us and we won't be able to leave til Fri. noon and will go as far as Toledo.   You won't have room for 4 of us so will you get a motel for us for the 2 nites.  It will be nice to see y our apt. and to visit with you even tho it will be a short one.  We got a carrier for the top of the car so it will be nicer not to have the back so crowded.  Larry teased Kim about taking too much stuff - hope she doesn't feel we got it because of that.  We should have had it last year.

Last Sun. dad preached at St. Paul and it was hard but he did real well and everyone was so glad to hear him again.  Today we got a note from Paul Johnson (Buchanan St.) saying how much he liked having Dad back and saying you don't appreciate things until you don't have them.  A nice note.

Dad is putting new downspouts in the front of the house.  He is also thinking of siding for the house...hopes to do it himself.

Back to visiting you.  We will leave for the lake on Fri. and be with you that nite and Sat. and leave for home on Sun.  That way we shouldn't run into a lot of traffic.

Have you heard anything concerning Barb.  We haven't heard since the wedding.

We had a lot of excitement on our St. last Wed.  3 fire trucks stopped in front of Africa's and naturally the neighbors gathered to see what happened.  They were out and had left a pan on the stove and it burned dry.  No damage except lots of smoke.  The next nite Kim stopped by.  She had been to her grandmothers but she wasn't home.  In front of Quality Mrkts. a lot of people had gathered and as she came closer to town and crossed the 5th Av. bridge people were looking into the creek, also 3rd Av. bridge.  A 15 yr. old had been swimming with 2 other boys and he didn't make it and was swept away.  They should have known better as with all the rain the creek was high and very swift.  The body was found Mon.  Parents were divorced and he was visiting his mother this summer.

We're going to Jamestown later this aft. so will get this ready to mail.

Lar & Kim are thinking of the 3rd Sat of May for their wedding.  She has seen a dress she likes.


Wednesday, July 9, 1986

It's still too warm & muggy to clean so I'll put it off til Thurs. & writer letters.  Dad went to get a haircut & then we'll get groceries.

Yesterday was a fun day.  Ate breakfast at Perkins & decided to drive to Erie.  Went to the Factory Outlet Mall & got a couple of things.  Then to Millcreek Mall & found 2 skirts on sale & Dad got a pair of pants.  At lunch at the Brown Derby, walked around some more & returned home.  Tried on my purchases & then went out to eat dinner.   My kind of day.

Interrupted by the phone & it was Ruth to tell us Svea had a stroke & is in the hospital.  She can talk but is paralyzed.  Now things might come to a head & she'll realize she can't live alone in that big house -- keep it up, lawns, etc.

Min, Lila & Gen might go down there to be with her as they were planning a trip.

And Stella won her case but doesn't know yet how much money she'll get back.  Not all of it.

And Dan decided he should go back to Palmer so his wife called & they were having a crash course (10 days) on Therapy (what he needed).  He was accepted, got the money & got there & got 2 A's on the courses.  Now he'll have two more Utah tests to take & then he'll be able to be a Chiropractor.  A new Dr. is in Utah & he became friends with Dan & encouraged him & maybe after the 1st of the year Dan's dreams can be fulfilled.  He can go into practice with this Dr.  Now he is a school custodian & that can't support his family too easily.

Joyce & Greg bot a house on Puget Sound, South of Everett.  They'll be moving soon.

We had a quiet 4th.  Lar & Kim stopped by in the evening.  I got a corn popper for the microwave & it works well.  Cheaper than buying the micro popcorn.  With this you can use the regular popcorn.

Afternoon baseball as the Mets play the Reds - they'd better win this aft.

Dad hasn't played golf yet this week.  Mon. to hot; yesterday we were gone; today wet.  Maybe tomorrow as it is suppose to be nicer.

Last nite Lar & Kim & Lee Borger & his wife rode their motorcycles to Nik l Inn for dinner.

Next Mon. we are going to Peek'n'Peak with Bensons, Hollertzs & Shaffers.

How are things with you.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, June 27, 1986

This is the A.M. to get my hair done & I'm ready early so here goes another letter.

Last nite we were sitting on the front porch in our new, comfortable chairs & Kim stopped by. She was going to take a bike ride (which she never did) but we got talking & time flew by. She is taking care of the horses in Youngsville again for a week & she was telling of one horse that can get the stall opened no matter what they do.  Lar didn't believe it & he was helping & while his back was turned the horse opened the stall with his teeth.  Twice he did it to Lar, so now he believes.  Kim said they have narrowed the date to April or May.

Sun the 29th is World Soccer final game & Lar is having the local soccer players over to watch the game.  He'll have dips, cold meats, beer, etc.  Stag.  The gals will be at a gal's home.  Kim has a baby shower go to go.

Wed. we drove to Thiel College to delivery Dad's 56 books of Luther's Works.  They said they'd like them & Dad will never use them & they came out in reprint 10 years ago & it is good for us, too.  We need to start clearing out.

It was a beautiful day with the puffy clouds against blue sky.  We went a different way - -thru Spartansburg, & what a roller coaster road that is.  Beautiful ride.  Came home via Erie & the Mall but didn't buy anything.  Oh yes Lar & Kim plan to buy a microwave.  Saw one at Sears on sale.

Have you read about the Rainbow people congregating in Marienville area.

We have a hummingbird feeder on the front porch.  As we were sitting out last nite our bird came toward it but our talking must have frightened it.  But maybe they'll come now & feed.  I love to watch them flutter in their air & feed.

The bathroom is back to normal again & the mirror is so nice & makes such a difference. The new lights give much better light.  What can I think of next!

Dad's playing golf this A.M. with Don Greendahl.  Dad gets out twice a week.

Today is Gen's last day of work.  I sent her a retirement gift & enclosed a package of microwave popcorn for the new micro. she plans to get.  Johnny should like that.  Good popcorn, too.

Dad had to do some hospital visitation this week as the pastor is on vacation.  Cindy Andersen Farnham had a mastectomy.  She is young for that, and coming along well.  Also 3 others to visit.  One said she wishes Dad was still the pastor.  Gary told Dad he has had a rough spring.  At a council mtg. one young member really chewed him out & they had to adjourn  the mtg.  Nice to be retired!

New its Tues AM, my day off.  We plan to go to Jamestown for breakfast & then grocery shop.  Still on the cool side but I like it.

More about Cindy Farnham.  This A.M. she is having the other breast removed, will have to have kemo therapy & might have to have her ovaries removed.  She noticed the lump last Nov. but waited.  She is an Aid at Jefferson School & have sick leave, etc. so its too bad she waited.

Edna & Wally spent a week at S. Yarmouth, Ma.  She enclosed the article about Tech & Classical.  I didn't realize Tech's origins.  Have a good 4th.  Ours will be a quiet one.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 18, 1986

After all our rain, it turned cool so I baked cookies.  It's almost too cool now - like Two Rivers!  It's nice to see the clear skies, tho.

Carl thanks you for the cheese & beef stick package.  It is tasty & we are enjoying it.

We tired T.V. pop corn (Lar gave us a package) & it is very good.  Only takes about 3 min. on hi & very tasty.

Sat. is Kim's birthday & she & Lar will be here for dinner on Sun.  It is also Edna & Wally's wedding anniversary.

We call Sig & Geo. last Sun. as it was their 40th anniversary.  Linda & Rol & family were down & they all, Carolyn, Ken & Paul, too celebrated.  When we called, Geo. was experiencing a lot of pain.  Outings are hard for him.

Gen also celebrated a birthday.  Johnny got her a beautiful blouse but it was a size 38, much too large for Gen.;  Guess he went by the looks & not size.  Ed gave her money for a microwave.  This is Gen's last month of work & she is looking forward to retirement.

Kim told us about a new restaurant in the area - it has changed hands & they have added onto the eating area.  Gamecock Inn, beyond Jackson Valley Country Club.  Looks nice from the outside & Kim's grandmother went there & said the Prime Rib is delicious & they serve it Thurs.-Sun. 9.95.  We plan to try it soon.  We're always open for a new eating place.  Last Sun. we went to Nic L Inn & enjoyed a nice dinner.

Sat A.M. we met Benson's, Hollertz's, & Shaffer's at Clarion & ate at the Clarion Clipper & it is really nice.  Our next outing will be at Peek N Peak.

We're been getting wine coolers & they are thirst quenching.

How's the new job.  Am anxious to hear about it.

Tomorrow we plan to pick strawberries.  .We've bought some & they've been good.

Have you noticed how well the Mets are doing.  Maybe it will be the Mets & Boston in the World Series.

Dad sends you his thanks.  He leaves the letter writing to me.  Things are as usual here.

Sunday, June 8, 1986

We've had some busy days since the wedding.  Enjoyed our visit with Rol & Linda.  Enjoyed their home.  Tues. we went to Door County to a Swedish Restaurant with a sod roof & goats eating the grass.  A smaller roof was being mowed.  An interesting sight.  Linda told us more about Carolyn & Jim. She visits him in Calif. & his son told her his mother is moving to Cal. & plans to live with her husband.  Linda is afraid Carolyn will end up holding the bag.  Also she & Ken are buying a condominium & she will live in the condo 2 weeks & Ken will live at home with Paul & then they'll exchange.  Doesn't sound very practical.  I talked with Carolyn at the wedding & it sounds like she isn't active at church anymore.

Had a nice visit in Rkfd.  More sad news there when Stella moved to Rkfd. a friend got her to invest her savings with him.  The money from the house was invested O.K. but she had 30,000 in savings & he persuaded her to invest it in a mall in Fla.  So she thot!  Came to find out it was invested in a Fla pub & you know how much she is against liquor, & the place went bankrupt & she lost the money.  She took him to court but I don't know how much hope there is.  She withdrew the other investment and invested it elsewhere.  Some people learn the hard way & she doesn't have it to lose.

It was good to get home but on Thurs. we left for Synod at Thiel - our last if merger goes thru.  We will be in N.W. Pa. synod with Erie as the large city.  3 were ordained & 2 were women.  It was an inspiring service.

Now we're home & we'll have to work inside & on the lawn.  I ordered a large mirror for over the sink in the bathroom & another cabinet to go on the side wall.  And we got a hanging lamp for the bathroom with 2 bulbs that hang down.  Got the idea from Linda's bath & also Joyce's home.  Greg has been transferred to Seattle & started there already.  Joyce is out there looking for a house with Greg.  They are thinking of the Edmonds area.  Their Rkfd. home is lovely.  Master bedroom has its own bath & a large closet.
y now you are in the apt. & Paul is looking forward to his first day on a new job.  And JoAnna is thinking about a job.  Right?

At church this A.M. people were anxious to hear about the wedding & they want to see pictures.  Lar's came out good & I'm getting reprints made.  The one taken with Barb didn't come out so I was disappointed.  In the Rkfd. paper we saw an ad for a Nanny for a couple in Austria.  Baby sitting & light housework & pocket money.  Ruth called & the couple was flying in.  But then I thot about light housekeeping & pocket money so I didn't try to get in touch with Barb.

Got my yearly physical & all is well except the scale goes up so I'm really going to have to try to stop that!

Lar & Kim's engagement was announced in the paper but no picture.  Kim wanted it that way.  Camera shy!  No date yet but I think it'll be '87 & maybe Oct.

I'm not sure how to address the envelope so I did it the "old fashioned" way.  Let me know how to do it.

We're grilling steaks & they are ready & the Mets are coming on.  The wedding still brings many happy memories.

P.S.  When we got home on Sat. a letter from Soc. Security saying they regularly review the accounts & found that I was due more money.  So I have a 13.00 a month increase plus a lump sum of what was past due.  That will come after July 2.  I'll put it in the bank.

Have you noticed the Mets are 9 games in front.  Rol has a bet with the neighbor - Sox vs Milwaukee & I think this year Roll will lose 5.00.  But he won 10.00 when the Bears won last Fall.  They have nice neighbors.

Better quit for sure!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday, March 6, 1986

It's a snowy afternoon so I'll type a letter and hope to remember a number of things I want to say.

Mon. nite was LCW and Robert Silzie showed slides of oldtime Wrrn. and he used 2 screens and showed the sight today.  Very interesting.  He also passed out sheets with interesting facts of Wrrn. and I'm sending one to you.

Today we were at First Meth. for the Lenten noonday service.  Ate lunch with Vi Lilja, Arlene H., and Eva Terry.  The subject of St. Paul pastor came up and Arlene, who is outspoken, said she hoped he didn't stay 23 years.  No one else said anything but you could read their thoughts by the silence.  He isn't too well liked and it is too bad as it is a good situation but he doesn't call and isn't the least big friendly.  It's sad as we have such a good group of people.

Denny [high school classmate] and Brenda Brader are moving to Fla.  They left yesterday with a load of things.  Brenda has a job but Denny will have to find one.  He will be back as they haven't sold their home yet.  Bill and Gen aren't too happy but Bill will teach the girls the insurance business as he will have to have help and wants to keep it in the family.  Bill said he'd keep the job open for Denny a year.

Last Fri. we went to Erie and found some good bargains.  Dad got a nice wool sports jacket for 39.00 and it looks nice on him.  I found a dress and 3 blouses.  2 are summer blouses to wear with suits and slacks.

Last Sat. nite Myrt and Jer Wallin, Alice and Jim Greenlund and Joyce came to supper.  First we had juice and crackers and a relish tray in the living room.  I used the tray you gave me and had dip in the center dish.  After dinner we played UNO around the dining room table and had more fun.

This weekend Dad goes to Dagus Mines but I won't go with him as a group is coming in from Alberta, Can.  They have been touring the US and will have charge of the Sun. a.m. service.  Housing is needed and people weren't responding so I asked Dad if he would go alone to Dagus and then we could have a couple of the young people overnite.  He agreed and they will be here for supper Sat. nite and for breakfast and there will be a potluck after church.  Should be interesting but Dale said he'd have to make arrangements to be away.  That's my kids.

Got the announcement from Ft. Worth announcing the birth of a daughter to Michelle and her husband.  And in the r.r. [round robin] June said that Curt and his wife are expecting a 2nd child in June.

Joyce O'Connor got a new Mercury Topaz and it is nice.  She also sold the apt. on the corner of 5th and Conewango.  She is glad to be rid of that.

Some of the tiles above the tub surround were coming loose from the moisture so Dad is replacing them with a sheet of tile.  Couldn't match the gray but this is a blue and white and blends nicely with the blue tub surround and you don't really notice that it is different from the gray tile.  We are all fine.  How are plans coming.

Monday P.S.

A brief note & then we'll mail your letter.

The youth group from Canada had the Sun. A.M. service & they were great.  Good group in church, too.  2 boys stayed with us.  One from B.C. & the other from Edmonton, Alb.  He shops at that big Mall there - we've seen it on T.V.  They made themselves at home - did a load of clothes; soaked in the tub; in stocking feet.  They loved the dinner & homemade rolls.

A pot luck after church & a good group out for that.  They are in the Pittsburgh area today - will go to N.Y. & Maine.  Left last Sept. & be back in Can. in June.  They said in N. Dak. & Minn. they were served sloppy joes for about 2 months.  The church wouldn't mind entertaining a similar group sometime again.  They really had the electronic equipment.

It's warming up finally.  My washing is done.  Dad is washing the car & then we'll go out for lunch & get groceries.  Tomorrow A.M. I have a dental appt. & that's the A.M. we get groceries.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sunday, March 16, 1986

We're going to Perkins for breakfast.  Then to First Luth, Jamestown.  Their choir is giving a Cantata & they have an excellent leader & choir.

Thot you might be interested in this wedding.  It was a large one - lots of young friends.  We received an invitation as did Mel & Levina, Eva Terry & Jack & Carribelle Hoffman, and we were with them.  More fun when you know some of the guests to be with.

Reception at Pleasant T. Firehall.  Buffet beans meatballs, ham, macaroni salad, etc.

A band but so loud.  In 2 months it will be your wedding & reception.  Men wore light gay Tux.  Very nice.  Girls had emerald green dresses & Cathy looked nice.

We've seen our first robins in the school yard.

It was nice yesterday - wore a suit & no coat.  Cloudier today.

Mon. 17th we meet with Bensons & Hollertzs to celebrate St. Patricks day at a restaurant in Smethport.  We're each bringing something green to share.

Last Fri we saw Mary, Mary at Players Club.  It was good - we have excellent ordinary actors & actresses in Wrrn.

Will mail this on the way to Perkins.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wednesday, February 26, 1986

Just a brief note to tell you how pleasantly surprised we were when we turned the page Tues, the 25th & saw the announcement of your engagement.  It's a lovely picture.  Yesterday was the senior group at church & many favorable comments came our way.  And I'm sure we'll hear more tonite at Lenten Midweek.  At the mtg. Tues the Nazarene pastor spoke of his travels to U.S.S.R.  So very interesting - we prefer a speaker to slides.

Last Sun. we had company for dinner - Mel, Levina & Loren Bohman.  We had a nice time visiting.  This Sat nite company again as Dad doesn't preach the 1st Sun.  Alice & Jim Greenlund, Myrt & Jer Wallin & Joyce O'Connor.  We'll eat early so we can play games.  We have fun.

Back to Loren - he is an '80 grad of Augustana & his grandfather was a pastor.  He spent 6 weeks in Sweden & goes to Jamestown to be with the Swedish folk dancing group.  (I'll get it after awhile.)  [Some crossouts in this paragraph.]

Lar was sick last week - sore throat, ache, & it went into his chest.  When he called on Sat. he sounded terrible.  I sent a meal over with Kim.  He is better now.  Kim had the flu but a different kind & Dale's was still different.  Dad & I (knock on wood) haven't been sick & hope we stay healthy.  Lent is too busy a time to get sick.

Have to go grocery shopping & this is just a note.

How's the apt. or house hunting?

Sunday, February 16, 1986

We just got back (3:30 p.m.) from the Valley & the annual mtg. which got a little "warm" this year.  The L.C.W. [Lutheran Church Woman] put $5,000,00 into a Historical Fund for church upkeep & according to the constitution that isn't legal as any decision & money spent on the church bldg. must be authorized by the Council so finally it was changed so all is legal.  The L.C.W. is run by e ladies & they don't want anyone else to have a say, but when that amt. of money is in question it must be run, so to speak, by the congregation.  Even the Church Council can spend only 500.00 without the congregation's OK.  Dad even threatened to resign if they wouldn't do things legally. It's in the past.  Dad may seem easy going, but if it's not according to Hoyle, he'll work to make it so.

I'm enclosing the measurements.

The flowers are beautiful - thanks so much.

Dale finally has his car running so he doesn't have to depend upon others for rides.  It's a nice little car & he says it rides good - esp. when he let some air out of the tires.  Over 40 lbs. in each tire before.

We're all getting anxious for spring & warmer weather & no snow.  It snowed again this A.M.  Suppose to warm up.

Lent has started & now there are Wed. midweek services & Thurs. noon services at 1st Meth. followed by a soup & pie luncheon.  We enjoy them.  Tues. nite I'm leader for Circle & the topic is Unity & I have to put some finishing touches on that.

We never hear from Barb - we wonder what she is going & what her plans are.  Maybe we'll find out sometime.

Some kids are playing basketball in the snow.  Be cold on the hands.

Last nite 56 members & friends in Hessel Valley church had a Valentine dinner at Maplehurst County Club.  Walter & Emma Johnson went with us (he doesn't drive at nite) & we had a great time.  Good food & a little program with a Covenant pastor who spoke.  Old & young alike.

Next Sun. Mel & Levina Karlson & a young man who started working at the hosp. in Jan. & comes to church, will come for dinner.  So I'll have to clean the house this week - didn't dust this past week so it is time to get busy.  Have my menu planned.  He is from Pittsburgh area - went to Augustana & I thot it would be nice to be sociable & I like to entertain.

On Easter we will go to Dagus Mines.  They wanted a pastor for that day & it's hard to say no.  We'll go to the Vally on Palm Sun. for Communion, so we'll be free the 1st and 3rd Sun. in Mar.

Things are fine here.

Mon A.M. P.S.  Tonite the N.Y.C. channel has 2 hrs. of Jackie Gleason's Honeymooners which we'll tape for future viewing!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, February 2, 1986

Hope you got the pkg. all right.

I'm watching the last football game - Dad is watching golf.  Soon we'll be watching our favorite team -- The Mets!

Doesn't seem possible it's Feb. 2nd.  If you want to move in Mar. you'll have to get busy.

The boys don't think much of the Cavalier.  Said it's a car for a school teacher marm - they like the Nova, or the Nissan.  The Datsun has given you good service & is like an old horse now - wants to be put to pasture!

The boys will get busy on measurements.  I suggested they go to Carnahan's & have Ed measure them - he know them from when they worked there.

Any housing arrangements you make are fine with us.  How many can stay there.  I'm hoping Barb will still be around & Kim might be coming so there could be 7 of us.  We plan to get there on Thursday.  Ruth wants us to visit after the wedding.  And Linda invited us to visit them before the wedding.

The church in Dagus Mines might call a senior seminarian so that mean he would start in June so just 4 more months of visits for us.  We go there next Sun, then meet Hollertz's for lunch, then go to the Installation of the new pastor (woman) in Johnsonburg.

The 15th about 40 from the Hessel Valley church are going out to dinner at Maplehurst County Club.  Walter Johnsons go out there & they will ride with us to the dinner.  A Valentine celebration.

The 16th we meet Bensons & Hollertzs in Kane for dinner.  We're each bringing a Valentine to exchange & we got 2 cute, funny ones.

Heard a cute joke - Where did the Statue of Liberty get AIDS?  From the Staten Island ferry!

Dale went snowmobiling last Fri nite & had a good time.  With 2 from work - both married & Dale didn't get in til 3AM.  The poor wives!

Dale has his license back but his car isn't ready - maybe this week he'll be driving it.

Signe had a nice 75th birthday.  Carolyn & Ken had a party for her.  She bot a microwave with birthday money.  Roland took video pictures & after they heard we had a V.C.R. they decided to get one.  So we're not the only one to spend, spend, spend!!

We got a ceiling fan on sale for 32.00 & Dad hopes to put it in the upstairs hall.

Lar got nice vinyl for his bathroom walls & has it finished.

We attended church in Wrrn. today & met a young man from the Pitts. area now working at the hosp.  A nice young man and we invited him to dinner the last Sun. of the month.  Will ask Mel & Levina, too.  Have a good chicken recipe I can make ahead & them it bakes in 1 hr.  I'll have juice & crackers & we'll be able to eat by 1:30.  His parents are active in synod affairs so I tho't it would be nice to get better acquainted.

A week ago Gen & Bill Brader came for supper & we had a nice evening.  He gave us some records & Dad taped them.  Bill gave me an Oak Ridge Boys Tape & he's taping some Yorgy Jorguson records for us.  Lot of people don't like Bill but we enjoy their company.  We've learned to overlook some quirks.  When you look a little deeper you find nice people.

All is well with us.  Time will go fast.  Everyone who sees my dress likes it.

Joyce O'Connor will be 60 this week & eligible for Soc. Sec.  We plan to take her out to lunch to celebrate.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday, January 5, 1986

Chicago won - I should have had a bet with Dale!

We're sitting in front of a nice fire & I've written 2 letters.  Also made a batch of cookies & gave some to Lar as he was here to shovel 2 walks.

Imagine you got off OK - it was foggy driving home until we got to Corry.  We were glad to get home safe & sound.  Heard this A.M. that Milwaukee has a lot of snow.  We woke up to about 3" inches of snow & more during the A.M.

Because of the early game we decided not to eat out but will cook steaks.  Football comes first!

We took the tree down Sat. & cleaned a bit.  But I wanted to go to & we went for lunch.   Looked around & got some Christmas wrap for 50% off.

When I washed Sat. & took dirty clothes from the hamper I found 2 pr. of your socks.  Don't know how they got there.  I'll send them when Dale gets your batteries so it might be 2 weeks or so.

Just talked to Signe & Geo.  Geo is in a nursing home (as long as Medicare will allow) as he gets therapy there.  Is feeling pretty good.  Talked to Sig first & she gave us Geo. telephone no.  Sig has a bad cold & some flu so she was in bed.

Irma Thelin has a bridal shop so plan to talk to her about dresses.  Maybe she can find one for me.

Geo. said when Roland got home after the holidays there was 5 ft. of snow in their yard.

It was so nice having you & JoAnna home.  We are so pleased with your choice of JoAnna.  We like her so much.

I'm enclosing pictures of the fire.  It will take a while for final decision as to what they'll do - tear it down or whatever.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monday, November 11, 1985

My Christmas shopping is almost completed.  Will you & JoAnna be coming here or do I send the pkg.

I thot I'd give you a couple of suggestions if you choose books.  Dad thinks he'd like to read Texas by Michener.  And Steele has 2 books I haven't read yet.  The latest is Secrets by D. Steele.  I eventually get them at the library but it would be nice to hvae one.  Both books are on the best seller list - Texas is first.

Did I write that Cliff Terry died & was buried Oct 31.  He had cancer but was active til the end.  He got sick on Sun, hospitalized & died Mon A.M.

We invited Mel & Levina for Thanksgiving but they'll got to Kane to be with relatives.  Lar will invite Kim if she isn't with her grandmother.  Maybe she can be at both places - at different times!

We bot a pre-Christmas gift - a V.C.R.  Lar got one first.  A Mitsubishi.  It's nice.  We watched A Passage to India & it was excellent.  We hope to get Amadeus.  Dad also invested in a new camera, a Minolta talker & a with angle & telephoto lens so we'll be set to take pictures at the wedding.  We'll give Dale the old camera.  No money went into the savings acct. this month.  We might as well enjoy it - can't take it with us.

Dad had a full exam by the Dr. & at the hospital & all is well.  He went to my Dr. & he is so thorough.

Choir had a korv dinner last week at church & it was delicious.

Dale's getting the motor of his car closer to completion.  He plans to paint it black.  Changed his mind from red.  He's been busy lately working on friend's cars & earning a little extra cash.

Did you have a nice birthday?


Monday, October 28, 1985 (to JoAnna)

It is a lovely day and we just returned from a trip to the library and now I have 4 books to read.  But before I can start reading I must get a letter off to you.

It was good to talk to you and it was a pleasant surprise.  And the flowers are so pretty.  They are sitting on the dining room table.  Again thanks so much.  We called Paul yesterday and had a nice visit.  Later on in the afternoon Lar, Kim, Carl and I went to Nik-L-Inn (think that is how they spell it) for dinner and we had a good meal and a good time.  For dessert we buy the homemade fudge they have an it is so good with a cup of coffee.  Dale didn't come with us as he had to watch the Steeler game and it came on at 4 p.m.

Were you able to see any of the World Series games.  Sat. and Sun. nite gaMES WERE SO GOOD AND WE WERE ROOTING FOR Kansas City.  We were disappointed when the Mets lost but we'll look ahead to next year.  (Every once in awhile I hit the wrong key and get the caps so please overlook it.)  Typing goes faster than writing.

Carl is on liquids today as tomorrow he goes to the hospital for some tests.  He changed doctors and this one wants a thorough testing so he knows all about the person.  Blood test, chest x-ray, Barium enema, ekg. etc.  He is a very good Dr. and we like him a lot.  His nurse couldn't believe that he is 70.

The girl who gives me a permanent is expecting in Nov.  She has a little boys 3 years old and he loves to come over here so I help her out.  She was suppose to see the Dr. this aft. but he was delivering a baby so she had to come back.  Danny was with me and he didn't want to go home.  But he might be back tomorrow a.m. for awhile so we can play longer.  Got some toys from the attic -- cars, blocks so we have things to play with.  He's a nice little kid and fun to have around.  He likes my cookies, too.

We've had a frost so the tomatoes are gone and it won't be long before the flowers are gone.  The colors were beautiful this year.

We had a good trip to Mass.  Fun to be with my sisters.  We packed a lot of shopping and eating into a short time.  Left on a Tues. and came back the following Mon.  Saw my 86 year old aunt and she really looks good.  Still lives alone and will drive to the store but not in a lot of traffic.

I'm enjoying retirement.  The time goes fast and it is fun to do and go as we please.  We still like to eat out several times a week.  We're talking of going to Erie this week for some shopping at a larger Mall.

You are really keeping busy but that makes the time go faster and May will be here before you are ready.

Best wishes and love from all of us.

Thursday, October 24, 1985

Happy birthday.

We received a lovely fall centerpiece from JoAnna.  Yesterday (Wed) JoAnna called & it was nice talking with her.

Tonight I'm going to VoTech for dinner with the cafeteria workers - a fall mtg.  I forgot it was Rotary Film nite on Bavaria so we'll let Lar & Kim use out tickets as Dad didn't care to go alone.

Last week Dad went to the dentist.  He told Dad that if he took pictures of his teeth & showed them at a mtg. of dentists, they'd guess it was the mouth of a 40-50 year old man!

Yesterday he had a physical with my Dr - Dr McNett.  Tues he will have tests at the hosp.  The day before he can have only clear liquids & must take 2 enemas.  To check on stomach, etc.

Forgot to mention we saw Allan & he said "hello" to all the cousins.  He looks real good & is doing well in his work and marriage.  Last summer they put in an underground pool.  Millie says they have a lovely home.

Chicago has a good football team this year, esp. #72 the 300+ pounder.  Fun to see him go thru the line.  Bet other teams will be looking for a player like that.

I bot 3 chrysanthemum plants & Lar planted them.  Hope to get 2 more if I can find the color I want.  They look nice.

Kim called to wish us a good trip & called me "mother Nelson".  So I asked Lar if he was going to give Kim a diamond for Christmas.  Ans. No!  He hasn't known her long enough - maybe around '89.  He better not lose her!

Marcy isn't calling Dale anymore.  Guess she found out working on his car is more important.  Still a lot to be done.  He's gotten many parts from the Olds as he still hopes to find another one.

JoAnna mentioned about your test grades for the class - and that you were at a lib. convention or something.  She sure is busy, too.

We hope you have a good birthday & we send our love & best wishes.