Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday, October 24, 1985

Happy birthday.

We received a lovely fall centerpiece from JoAnna.  Yesterday (Wed) JoAnna called & it was nice talking with her.

Tonight I'm going to VoTech for dinner with the cafeteria workers - a fall mtg.  I forgot it was Rotary Film nite on Bavaria so we'll let Lar & Kim use out tickets as Dad didn't care to go alone.

Last week Dad went to the dentist.  He told Dad that if he took pictures of his teeth & showed them at a mtg. of dentists, they'd guess it was the mouth of a 40-50 year old man!

Yesterday he had a physical with my Dr - Dr McNett.  Tues he will have tests at the hosp.  The day before he can have only clear liquids & must take 2 enemas.  To check on stomach, etc.

Forgot to mention we saw Allan & he said "hello" to all the cousins.  He looks real good & is doing well in his work and marriage.  Last summer they put in an underground pool.  Millie says they have a lovely home.

Chicago has a good football team this year, esp. #72 the 300+ pounder.  Fun to see him go thru the line.  Bet other teams will be looking for a player like that.

I bot 3 chrysanthemum plants & Lar planted them.  Hope to get 2 more if I can find the color I want.  They look nice.

Kim called to wish us a good trip & called me "mother Nelson".  So I asked Lar if he was going to give Kim a diamond for Christmas.  Ans. No!  He hasn't known her long enough - maybe around '89.  He better not lose her!

Marcy isn't calling Dale anymore.  Guess she found out working on his car is more important.  Still a lot to be done.  He's gotten many parts from the Olds as he still hopes to find another one.

JoAnna mentioned about your test grades for the class - and that you were at a lib. convention or something.  She sure is busy, too.

We hope you have a good birthday & we send our love & best wishes.

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