Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday, January 5, 1986

Chicago won - I should have had a bet with Dale!

We're sitting in front of a nice fire & I've written 2 letters.  Also made a batch of cookies & gave some to Lar as he was here to shovel 2 walks.

Imagine you got off OK - it was foggy driving home until we got to Corry.  We were glad to get home safe & sound.  Heard this A.M. that Milwaukee has a lot of snow.  We woke up to about 3" inches of snow & more during the A.M.

Because of the early game we decided not to eat out but will cook steaks.  Football comes first!

We took the tree down Sat. & cleaned a bit.  But I wanted to go to & we went for lunch.   Looked around & got some Christmas wrap for 50% off.

When I washed Sat. & took dirty clothes from the hamper I found 2 pr. of your socks.  Don't know how they got there.  I'll send them when Dale gets your batteries so it might be 2 weeks or so.

Just talked to Signe & Geo.  Geo is in a nursing home (as long as Medicare will allow) as he gets therapy there.  Is feeling pretty good.  Talked to Sig first & she gave us Geo. telephone no.  Sig has a bad cold & some flu so she was in bed.

Irma Thelin has a bridal shop so plan to talk to her about dresses.  Maybe she can find one for me.

Geo. said when Roland got home after the holidays there was 5 ft. of snow in their yard.

It was so nice having you & JoAnna home.  We are so pleased with your choice of JoAnna.  We like her so much.

I'm enclosing pictures of the fire.  It will take a while for final decision as to what they'll do - tear it down or whatever.

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