Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, February 2, 1986

Hope you got the pkg. all right.

I'm watching the last football game - Dad is watching golf.  Soon we'll be watching our favorite team -- The Mets!

Doesn't seem possible it's Feb. 2nd.  If you want to move in Mar. you'll have to get busy.

The boys don't think much of the Cavalier.  Said it's a car for a school teacher marm - they like the Nova, or the Nissan.  The Datsun has given you good service & is like an old horse now - wants to be put to pasture!

The boys will get busy on measurements.  I suggested they go to Carnahan's & have Ed measure them - he know them from when they worked there.

Any housing arrangements you make are fine with us.  How many can stay there.  I'm hoping Barb will still be around & Kim might be coming so there could be 7 of us.  We plan to get there on Thursday.  Ruth wants us to visit after the wedding.  And Linda invited us to visit them before the wedding.

The church in Dagus Mines might call a senior seminarian so that mean he would start in June so just 4 more months of visits for us.  We go there next Sun, then meet Hollertz's for lunch, then go to the Installation of the new pastor (woman) in Johnsonburg.

The 15th about 40 from the Hessel Valley church are going out to dinner at Maplehurst County Club.  Walter Johnsons go out there & they will ride with us to the dinner.  A Valentine celebration.

The 16th we meet Bensons & Hollertzs in Kane for dinner.  We're each bringing a Valentine to exchange & we got 2 cute, funny ones.

Heard a cute joke - Where did the Statue of Liberty get AIDS?  From the Staten Island ferry!

Dale went snowmobiling last Fri nite & had a good time.  With 2 from work - both married & Dale didn't get in til 3AM.  The poor wives!

Dale has his license back but his car isn't ready - maybe this week he'll be driving it.

Signe had a nice 75th birthday.  Carolyn & Ken had a party for her.  She bot a microwave with birthday money.  Roland took video pictures & after they heard we had a V.C.R. they decided to get one.  So we're not the only one to spend, spend, spend!!

We got a ceiling fan on sale for 32.00 & Dad hopes to put it in the upstairs hall.

Lar got nice vinyl for his bathroom walls & has it finished.

We attended church in Wrrn. today & met a young man from the Pitts. area now working at the hosp.  A nice young man and we invited him to dinner the last Sun. of the month.  Will ask Mel & Levina, too.  Have a good chicken recipe I can make ahead & them it bakes in 1 hr.  I'll have juice & crackers & we'll be able to eat by 1:30.  His parents are active in synod affairs so I tho't it would be nice to get better acquainted.

A week ago Gen & Bill Brader came for supper & we had a nice evening.  He gave us some records & Dad taped them.  Bill gave me an Oak Ridge Boys Tape & he's taping some Yorgy Jorguson records for us.  Lot of people don't like Bill but we enjoy their company.  We've learned to overlook some quirks.  When you look a little deeper you find nice people.

All is well with us.  Time will go fast.  Everyone who sees my dress likes it.

Joyce O'Connor will be 60 this week & eligible for Soc. Sec.  We plan to take her out to lunch to celebrate.


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