Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friday, December 26, 1986

I'll start a letter - it might not get finished.

We had a nice Christmas.  Lar & Kim were at her grandmother's Christmas Eve & morning.  Got here afternoon & we opened our gifts & everyone was remembered with great pleasure.  Thanks so much for your gifts.  We are enjoying the Hickory Farm Box very much.  It's good.  The sweatshirts fit & we like them & I like the potpourri burner.  Kim had given me some mixture at Thanksgiving & Wed. nite I put some in a pan & it smelled so good.  Thanks so much.

Lar, Kim & Dale gave me a mother's ring with 4 stones in it.  It is nice to have.  They found a ring of mine & got the size that way & it fits.  I got a 12 cup coffee pot - the drip kind.  I had a 4 cup & wished I had gotten a larger size.  Now I have it.  Also a set of Corelle Christmas design dishes & a school house type clock.  It had a pendulum & strikes on the hour.  It looks nice.  It's on the wall by the freezer - first I tho't I'd put it in the eating area but we decided against that.  Dad gave me a pair of warm slippers, lined moccasin type & they will keep my feet cozy.

Kim likes to collect rocking horses & we found a nicely framed picture of a rocking horse & it says "welcome".  She liked it.

Dale was happy to be home.  He likes the shirt.  They call first to see if it's O.K. for Dale to come home & Dad answered the phone & the man said Dale is very responsible.  At church Christmas Eve, Diane Scarcella told us she had a note from Dale in response to a card she sent.  He mentioned he'd be home for Christmas Day & how hard it was to have to go back after Thanksgiving.  Hard on us, too.  But he is fine & we all are doing O.K.

Gen called on Christmas.  Mentioned she got your card.  And a big thank you for your lovely card.  She has been having back trouble & went to the Dr.  Feels O.K. now.  But she has a crushed vertabrae & that could be a cause.  And she also has the dowager's hump.  None of the other 3 do.  (Edna, Millie, Me.)  Ed plans to retire next July 1.

We're going to Jamestown for dinner.  More later.  We went to Alfie's for a fish dinner; then to the Mall where I got some Christmas things on sale - 1/2 price.  Paper, bows, etc.  Things have gone fast this year & stores crowded today.

We got some shocking news from Stella.  David is divorced!!  Margo left last summer & was gone for 6 weeks before she let them know anything.  The youngest graduated from high school last June & she had planned since his birth to leave when he finished school.  What a shock & Stella always praised her so much. And how she berated Carolyn.  They had counseling but she always stopped short of the heart of the matter.  It must be hard on Stella.

We tried to call Swanson's but no answer & we didn't try again.  No note in their card.  It's their turn to call us.

I gave Mrs. Conaway some Christmas cookies - she still gets around.  And 2 years ago they bro't her home to die.

Dad is really bothered by Barb's letter & her ideas.  We feel she needs help.  We can't understand how she can "live off" other people the way she does.  She should be able to find some kind of job.  She is all wrapped up in Barbara.

Mel & Levina didn't come for Christmas as Levina is in the hospital.  Her back hurt her & she was crippled up with pain.  Then she wouldn't eat & ended up in the hosp. where they could feed her.  She went down to 117 lbs. & she is about my height.  Her Dr. is away so that doesn't help.

We all went together & got Dad a Toro snow shoveler.  It is electric but it will go O.K. - he'll just have to watch the cord.  It will help esp. in shoveling the driveway.

Min was in the hosp. again - fluid build up.

I know you had a great Christmas & wish for you the best of New Years.

We look forward to your visit in May.

The children's room of the library - in the new part - has been flooded twice.  Water coming from heating pipes.  Last one serious enough to close that room & this Christmas they have 2 full weeks of vacation.  Ann L. [Ann Lesser, library director] was really mad that they couldn't fix it after the first spill.

We wonder when the colder weather will arrive - it's been moist but in the 30's, low 40's.  Nice but we miss the snow at Christmas.

Thanks for making our Christmas a good one.  Having JoAnna in the family is real special.


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