Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, June 27, 1986

This is the A.M. to get my hair done & I'm ready early so here goes another letter.

Last nite we were sitting on the front porch in our new, comfortable chairs & Kim stopped by. She was going to take a bike ride (which she never did) but we got talking & time flew by. She is taking care of the horses in Youngsville again for a week & she was telling of one horse that can get the stall opened no matter what they do.  Lar didn't believe it & he was helping & while his back was turned the horse opened the stall with his teeth.  Twice he did it to Lar, so now he believes.  Kim said they have narrowed the date to April or May.

Sun the 29th is World Soccer final game & Lar is having the local soccer players over to watch the game.  He'll have dips, cold meats, beer, etc.  Stag.  The gals will be at a gal's home.  Kim has a baby shower go to go.

Wed. we drove to Thiel College to delivery Dad's 56 books of Luther's Works.  They said they'd like them & Dad will never use them & they came out in reprint 10 years ago & it is good for us, too.  We need to start clearing out.

It was a beautiful day with the puffy clouds against blue sky.  We went a different way - -thru Spartansburg, & what a roller coaster road that is.  Beautiful ride.  Came home via Erie & the Mall but didn't buy anything.  Oh yes Lar & Kim plan to buy a microwave.  Saw one at Sears on sale.

Have you read about the Rainbow people congregating in Marienville area.

We have a hummingbird feeder on the front porch.  As we were sitting out last nite our bird came toward it but our talking must have frightened it.  But maybe they'll come now & feed.  I love to watch them flutter in their air & feed.

The bathroom is back to normal again & the mirror is so nice & makes such a difference. The new lights give much better light.  What can I think of next!

Dad's playing golf this A.M. with Don Greendahl.  Dad gets out twice a week.

Today is Gen's last day of work.  I sent her a retirement gift & enclosed a package of microwave popcorn for the new micro. she plans to get.  Johnny should like that.  Good popcorn, too.

Dad had to do some hospital visitation this week as the pastor is on vacation.  Cindy Andersen Farnham had a mastectomy.  She is young for that, and coming along well.  Also 3 others to visit.  One said she wishes Dad was still the pastor.  Gary told Dad he has had a rough spring.  At a council mtg. one young member really chewed him out & they had to adjourn  the mtg.  Nice to be retired!

New its Tues AM, my day off.  We plan to go to Jamestown for breakfast & then grocery shop.  Still on the cool side but I like it.

More about Cindy Farnham.  This A.M. she is having the other breast removed, will have to have kemo therapy & might have to have her ovaries removed.  She noticed the lump last Nov. but waited.  She is an Aid at Jefferson School & have sick leave, etc. so its too bad she waited.

Edna & Wally spent a week at S. Yarmouth, Ma.  She enclosed the article about Tech & Classical.  I didn't realize Tech's origins.  Have a good 4th.  Ours will be a quiet one.


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