Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, September 14, 1986

We've had our fish dinner & now it will be baseball - Mets vs. Phila. & they should win the final game to clinch the playoffs - and writing letters.  (Still more games to play.)

Heard from Edna today.  Larry & Debbie were home but Edna missed seeing the new baby - Brian.  Larry is so happy to be a daddy!

This aft. I had Lauri's (hairdresser) 10 month girl Allison for about 1/2 hr. while she picked Danny up from pre-school.  She was good & didn't mind her mom leaving & naturally I enjoyed having a baby to hold & cuddle!!!

Dale started the work release program yesterday.  We saw him as we had to b ring contact cleaner, etc., his last paycheck.  It was good to see him - looks good.  Has a moustache now.  Hoped he could come home for lunch but he's not to leave his place of employment.  They pack him a lunch.  He was glad to be working again & we're happy for him.

Once in awhile I buy an instant lottery ticket.  I got 2.00, turned it in for 2 more.  Got a few free tickets & finally won $25.00.  A nice surprise.  When I turned it in, I got 5 more tickets for 20.00.  Out of the 5,  I got 1 free ticket but haven't redeemed it yet.  I don't spend too much money for tickets.

Next Mon. nite we're going to Ridway to have dinner with Warren & Anna.  We'll go down to DuBois to eat.  Did you know that Tom Mix (actor) grew up in DuBois & this week they are celebrating in his honor, memory or whatever.

Dad couldn't play golf today - rain.  But he was glad to see the rain as he fertilized the lawn the early part of the week.  This aft. Lar planned to put in a lawn at Pam Bonace Lyle's new home.  He said it is nice - soon ready for them to move in.  He'll start the landscaping & finish next spring.
Guess this is all the news.

P.S.  I got Searching for Caleb by Anne Tyler.  I've also been reading Nicola Thorne's books - historical romance & they are good.

PS2.  Sonya Thelin left Robt. Morris College for a library job in Claremont, Ca.  Vi Lilja said it has to do with the computer & she will travel a lot.  Has to come back to Ohio for training.  The job has some initials I don't remember.  I admire her going so far from home & relatives.  She was engaged but broke it off when she found him with a gal at his apt & it was obvious they were lovers.  Ruth & Russ are in Erie now & so is Steve - a lawyer & he has his own apt.

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