Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 9, 1986

It's still too warm & muggy to clean so I'll put it off til Thurs. & writer letters.  Dad went to get a haircut & then we'll get groceries.

Yesterday was a fun day.  Ate breakfast at Perkins & decided to drive to Erie.  Went to the Factory Outlet Mall & got a couple of things.  Then to Millcreek Mall & found 2 skirts on sale & Dad got a pair of pants.  At lunch at the Brown Derby, walked around some more & returned home.  Tried on my purchases & then went out to eat dinner.   My kind of day.

Interrupted by the phone & it was Ruth to tell us Svea had a stroke & is in the hospital.  She can talk but is paralyzed.  Now things might come to a head & she'll realize she can't live alone in that big house -- keep it up, lawns, etc.

Min, Lila & Gen might go down there to be with her as they were planning a trip.

And Stella won her case but doesn't know yet how much money she'll get back.  Not all of it.

And Dan decided he should go back to Palmer so his wife called & they were having a crash course (10 days) on Therapy (what he needed).  He was accepted, got the money & got there & got 2 A's on the courses.  Now he'll have two more Utah tests to take & then he'll be able to be a Chiropractor.  A new Dr. is in Utah & he became friends with Dan & encouraged him & maybe after the 1st of the year Dan's dreams can be fulfilled.  He can go into practice with this Dr.  Now he is a school custodian & that can't support his family too easily.

Joyce & Greg bot a house on Puget Sound, South of Everett.  They'll be moving soon.

We had a quiet 4th.  Lar & Kim stopped by in the evening.  I got a corn popper for the microwave & it works well.  Cheaper than buying the micro popcorn.  With this you can use the regular popcorn.

Afternoon baseball as the Mets play the Reds - they'd better win this aft.

Dad hasn't played golf yet this week.  Mon. to hot; yesterday we were gone; today wet.  Maybe tomorrow as it is suppose to be nicer.

Last nite Lar & Kim & Lee Borger & his wife rode their motorcycles to Nik l Inn for dinner.

Next Mon. we are going to Peek'n'Peak with Bensons, Hollertzs & Shaffers.

How are things with you.

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