Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Before I forget, I want to tell you about the dwarf dahlia Bar planted in pots.  They have been so beautiful all summer & are still in full bloom.  You might want to try some when getting plants next spring.

When you write about Andy's doings, I always check the names on the football team & find them in the picture.

I've got the jigsaw puzzles out again & am putting one together.

I'm watching Fox TV & they have the Braves-Phillies game on -- wish they had the Pittsburgh-Cubs game on Phillies are out of it.  Barb is watching Pa. State vs. Minn.  Dale went to Jamestown.

Sun the 28th

Roger T. preached today as no pastor was available.  He always does a good job.  I gave him Dad's cross after the service & he was so appreciative.  It took awhile to find silver polish to clean it.

Guess what Dale is doing -- he is putting new foam filling on the long bench in the eating area.  And what a difference it will make.  The old foam had lost its comfort zone!  Still can use the present covering.

I have a pot roast in the crockpot for an easy meal.

The old bridge is completely down but not all junk from the river.  When you get a paper, you'll see the picture plan of the new bridge to come.  The 5th Ave bridge is closed for repairs & that makes more traffic for 3rd Ave. bridge, esp. when school is in session.

Dale finished his project -- he reversed the covering so the pattern is upside down, but that doesn't matter.  Comfort matters.  It will be more comfortable when I sit there doing the USA Today puzzle.

Pittsburgh & Buffalo aren't doing so well today.  Pitts. has scored but are behind & Philly is 13-0 against Buff.  Neither Buff. or Pitts. won, but Nascar racing had an exciting finish. Chevies won.  Michael Waltrip was first & Dale E. Jr. was a lap down.  We watched the ending as I was putting the finishing touches on our meal.  The meat was so good -- Dale enjoyed it & so did I.  Barb didn't eat with us -- she didn't want beef , so she makes her own meal.

We didn't have communion in church because Roger isn't ordained.  I didn't think I'd miss it, but I did.  It seemed like something was missing.  Some members don't like it every Sun.

Tues. Sept 30

Yesterday I went to the bank to cash a check, then to CVS to pick up a medication, then to the Mall & finally to Quality for groceries.  Of course, Barb drove me around.

Enjoyed watching the Twins beat the Yankees this aft.  At 4 pm the Giants & Marlins came on & I wasn't surprised when S. F. won.  At 8 pm I'll watch the Braves & Cubs.  But it will most likely be a late game so I'll miss the ending.

Barb rode her bike after lunch.  She's getting close to the 1000 mi mark she set in the spring.  If she hadn't taken that fall, she would have reached it by now.

I had to turn the furnace on the past days.  And the elec. blanket as well.  The heat feels good.

Wed. Oct 1st (already)

Finished my jigsaw puzzle today -- 4 pieces are missing.  I'll start another one , maybe on Fri.  Watching baseball again.  Giants & Marlins this aft. & now Cubs at the Braves. Exciting game.

Thurs the 2nd

Kim won't be coming tonite as they have open house at school.  Last year it was on Thurs -- they changed the day this year.

It's been a funny day -- dark &^ cloudy at times, bright & sunny other times.  And in the 40s. Maybe snow flurries tonite.  Notice Wisc. & Mich  got snow.  Too early.  I hope nicer weather comes in Oct -- milder.  (Where was I when I wrote this paragraph.)

Lar mentioned Paula Carey expects a baby next Jan.  She quit her job to take it easier since she's had 2 miscarriages.  Remember they adopted a Russian boy last Dec.

Not much going on here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Saturday, September 20, 2003

The Mets are playing(?) vs. Montreal.  Barb says they won't win another game -- 9 after today .  They have no offense. (The 22nd.  They beat Pittsburgh last nite 1-0.)

I get a lot of smiles out of your letters when it comes to stories about Andy & Ed.  If you hair hasn't started getting gray, it will, with Andy dating & getting his license next Dec.  More fun.  You know how white my hair is -- from all you kids' antics!  HaHa.  It's the genes.

Yesterday I walked to get my hair done.  Afterwards I started walking home -- came out Liberty St. entrance & onto 3rd.  I started feeling funny & was almost to that bldg. opposite the post office & my leg wouldn't hold me up so down I went.  A mail man came to help me up & sat me on the bldg. steps.  They called 911.  A younger lady stopped her red SUV & stayed with me til the 911 came.  I said I didn't want to go to the hosp.  They asked me who the pres is, the year, the day & I could answer.  After sitting awhile I got up & walked home & I was glad to get here.  Took it easy the rest of the day & should have taken it easier on Thurs. but I didn't.

Guess I'm not the only forgetful one, Paul.  In fact, Barb is soon catching up.  (telephone deal)

When I talked to Andy, I asked him if he was home enough to watch his own TV.  Bet Ed can hardly 'til he's 16.

The new pastor & her husband moved into the Sheffield parsonage today but ours doesn't start 'til Oct. 15th.  They want time to get settled & relatives will be here for her ordination Oct. 11.

Are Tyler & Ross Hellenbrand brothers.  They look alike but differ in height.  Notice that Ross H. is also on the varsity roster.  How many boys are there-- notice 2 more in the freshman roster.  Notice a different last name:  Bonebreak -- sounds like it could be a Amer. Indian name.  A study on names would be interesting.

You have a nice booklet for fundraising.  I can visualize it now.  Andy results yet?

Wed the 24th aft.

Barb & I went to the Mall this A.M.  Many sales at Bon Ton but nothing for me.  It is a beautiful day, on the cool side - & Barb is riding her bike.

Haven't turned the furnace on yet but one of these days I will.  It was 45 this A.M.  Think I'll get my winter nighty out.

I'm sure you've heard about that bank robbery in Erie where the robber was blown up.  It still makes the Erie news broadcast but nothing definite has turned up.  Really weird.

Warren H. called & we're going out to lunch on Fri.  Bensons, Warren & Anna, & me.  At Cable Hollow golf course.  Warren & Anna are home for a week & then off again.

Just called Cable Hollow & they have a banquet on Friday and aren't open to the public.  I got Ted & he suggested Holiday Inn so we'll go there.  Hollertzs weren't home so I'll try later.

What is an X Box game player?  Barb was wondering if she, Dale & I should go together & get you & JoAnna a large gift, or more expensive but if it's too big, it would be hard & expensive to mail.  Think it over.  Otherwise it will be a small gift to open & money for after Christmas sales.  Do you plan to have a Christmas party this year.

I'm watching baseball again.  San Fran is ahead of Houston 1-0.  I'm hoping San Fran gets home field advantage.  We can watch the Mets for 3 nites playing the Pirates as it's on Fox network, Pittsburgh.  Last Sun. was the Mets' last broadcast.

I'm making Swiss steak for supper.  Made plans for the week & had planned on cabbage rolls but forgot to buy cabbage on Tues.  Left my list at home but forgot only a couple of things

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Friday, September 12, 2003

I didn't mention this in my last letter, but I enjoyed your interview in the library newsletter.  I didn't realize there were 3 openings in the Oshkosh library.  Erie might have to close 5 branch libraries because of the cut in state aid.  I know our lib. has to cut hours.  It's too bad.

I got the Chadwick catalog & I might get a blazer there.  There sure isn't much in the stores I like.

Someone, Marsha Bines Swanson, in your class died of cancer.  Last week there was a death notice of someone in Dale's class, no he was a yr. older but Dale knew him.  Heart.

Dale is cleaning out under the basement stairs.  Think I mentioned a post is rotten & he plans to put a new one in.  Lot of junk to be thrown out.  Even found the wading pool we bo't for the boys one summer you were here.

I'm watching the Braves at Fla.  Braves are ahead but it's only the 1st inning.

Noticed the weather report said rain for Wisc.  So I wonder if Andy is playing football in the rain.

Sheila & Sue (another operator) are leaving Jerry's shop & opening their own on upper Conewango across the from dance studio.  Jerry was to receive a registered letter today with the news.  Sheila & Sue have a good following & will take a lot of business from Jerry.  If he gets tough with them, they'll leave immediately as the shop is ready.  If he accepts it OK, they'll stay on awhile so he can cover the bills.  The other girls there don't have much of a following so they don't bring in much profit.  Sheila & Sue don't feel they are getting full pay for all their long hours.  And they found out Jerry used the shop credit card for personal use. I'll find out more on Mon. when I get a perm.  '

I'm pretty well set for next Wed.  I decided on a pumpkin dessert.  Cake mix makes a crust-mixed with melted butter & nuts -- then a pumpkin filling & saved 1 c. crumbs for on top.  I'll have 2 kinds of cookies & ice cr. if someone doesn't like pumpkin.  A bar cooky for one & note quite decided on the other. (changed my mind & served cake)

Lilith Johnson called today to say they won't be coming.  Just found out she has to see a heart specialist & she has sugar so bad it has affected her eyes.  She can hardly see anymore.

Barb says 6 more sizes & Andy will catch to the L.A. Laker, whose name won't come to the surface.  I'm sure you know who I mean, or is it whom?  Shack O'Neal is the name I want.  I'm not sure of the spelling.

Not it's Sat. the 13th & what a day for college football.  Both Barb & I didn't think Ohio State would win but they did by holding on the goal line.

Made my regular coffee cake this A.M. & Spritz and I made pie crust -- I like to have it in the freezer.

Now I'm watching my poor Mets at Montreal.

Dale is fertilizing the lawn U& Barb is working upstairs & she'll be switching TV between checking on the Mets & watching Penn State football & they are having some troubles.

Wed the 17th.  My meeting is in the past & all went well -- but I could have done better.

Dale left for Rochester again but only for Thurs.  This time the session in on electronics in the new cars.  I think that's what he said as he left, but don't quote me!

Tues & Wed. have been beautiful fall days.  But late Thurs. & Fri we are to get Isabel's rains.

Today Ret. Gen Wesley Clark announced he will run for pres. on the Dem ticket.  Barb likes him -- she has listened to him on T.V.  What do you think his chances are?

In today's USA puzzle -- I started it & when I get stuck Barb takes over.  If she' can't complete it, it comes back to me & I try to finish it.  Today's puzzle had "Virgin of Kocanic paradise".  Finally there were enough letter to make me think it was HOURI.  I looked it up in the big dictionary & I was right.  I've had it before & my memory is still good!!

After having the ladies here this aft, I wasn't in the mood to make supper so we had Pizza Hut pizza.  It was fine with Dale as he wanted to leave by 6 pm.  It takes almost 3 hours.

Dale fertilized the lawn at the right time as we had a nice gentle rain & you can already see the difference.

Next week I have to clean out my closet  part with things I don't wear.  Hope I follow thru.

It was nice talking to Andy on his birthday.  I like the football program you sent me.  If I counted right there are 9 fellow 6' or over.  Dale commented on #71 John Stucki 5'7" weighing 2498.  Is it muscle -- he doesn't look that big.  I recognize many names of Andy's friends from your letters.


Thurs.  I'm tired tonite & it will soon be bedtime.  Seems like I was at the sink most of the day.  First I made an apple pie & it came out real good this time.  I'm wrong first I set dinner rolls & while they raised I made the pie.  Made applesauce as I fixed stuffed pork chops, Andy's favorite.  We didn't eat 'til 6:30 & Dale got home at 6:45.

Today I've been watching the Weather Channel a lot -- what a storm.  We're expecting to get rain late tonite & tomorrow.  They are playing high school football Sat. instead of Fri due to the expected rain.

Guess I'll get ready for bed.  All is fine here.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday, September 6, 2003

I did something today I seldom do on Sat. I worked. (When I bake it isn't work.)  First I washed a load of underwear, socks, etc. -- waited for Dale's dirty clothes.  Then I decided to wash the L.R. draperies.  With my extension brush, I dusted the walls, corners, etc. Washed windows & polished the furniture.  Need to vacuum the furniture, but that can wait til next week.  Got the draperies up & washed trinkets I have around.  So things are in order -- it's good enough for me.  Also washed the light fixture by the stairs & my fingers aren't as agile as they were so it took me some time to get it back in order.  Took me awhile to get the wires into the small holes.  I had the "dangles" upside down so I had to start over. Next week I'll get my bedroom in order & the kitchen.  Before I sat down I Put a pumpkin pie in the oven.  Fall is her e-- our first pumpkin pie.  Oh yes I washed 3 of the kitchen rugs & they are on the line.  It's a beautiful day & I didn't want to wait any longer.

Dale enjoyed his 3 days of school.  It's good to have him back. He is in the sun now & will now the lawn later.

Barb got a bike ride in this A.M.  She's so concerned she won't get all the miles in she plans on.  She has to go to Bert's to mow the lawn.  She's been sitting in front of the TV watching tennis.  That is her priority.  Job comes second or third.

Last week Warren got whipped by Oil City, but the Wrrn. QB was sidelined by some infraction.  Last nite he played & Wrrn. won big.  The QB's dad is Barb's doctor.  They have all boys, one in college at St. Bonaventure & 2 in high school & I'm not sure about any younger ones.  Your next letter will tell me about Andy's games.

Later 6:45 P.M.

I'm set to watch the Mets at Philly.  Dale likes salads so I made a tossed salad with chicken.  It was good.  And the pie was so good -- one of my favorites.  Barb & Dale will have their dessert later.  Yesterday's USA Today mentioned that people aren't ordering dessert because they dont' have time & dohnt' order them because of the economy slowdown.  My problem many times, I don't know what to make.  Mostly it's pies but a change is nice sometimes.

Just watched the end of the tennis game.  3 1/2 hrs. & Andy Roddick was down 2 sets but came back & won.

I sent out the invitations for the cottage meeting.  Howard Ford called today & said they'd be away.  The other 2 couples are Denise Johnson's folks & Lilith isn't well so I don't really expect them.  And I doubt if Jr. & Lois Himes will come as Lois isn't well & having kemo therapy.  The others are widows, Marie Mathis, Betty Casey, Irene Bloom, Lois Mattone, Alice Nasman (Wayne's mom), and Jessie Franberry.  All widows.  I would think most of them will come.  Did I say these are 9 home & 7 Bible leaders, so someone takes more than 1 lesson.  But I'm not doing it.

Tues. the 9th

Am I glad I know what we're having for supper tonite!  Hamburgers & corn on the cob.  Today I cleaned the kitchen my way.  Washed all the cupboards on the outside, cleaned off the counters.  Moved the microwave, toaster, & carts --vacuumed & washed the floor & will have to go over it before the 17th.  But to my eyes things look OK.  I'll stilt have to dust etc. & decide on refreshments.  Tomorrow I'll highlight my bedroom.  After my 2 pm soap, I took a shower, got dressed & sat in my chair & took a nap.  Barb did the D.R. windows & the ones in the eating area -- on the outside.  And she will clean the D.R. fan as I'm not steady on a ladder.  I'm just glad I can do this much.

Today I got a big order from Schwan's.  Tried their individual lasagna & pot pies.  Got sausage links as Dale likes them & tried their peas.  And the chicken which I always get every 2 weeks.  They must have a hard time getting driver salesmen.  I've had several different ones -- the hours are very long -- most come from Titusville.  The last one up & quite & it didn't surprise me to have a new one this week.  He said he likes the job but the hours are long.  I could see he was marred so a job is a necessity.  I told him I usually only order chicken but wanted to try the lasagna & pot pies.  I hope they are tasty as it would be a meal plan booster.

Last nite Marie Mathis called & we talked for about 40 min.  About church, about some bringing their children to S.S.  Tim Passinger will be S.S. superintendent so that is a plus. We're getting different younger people to each S.S. & that is a plus.  Our pastor will start Oct 15th.

I'm glad I'm not buying clothes & shoes for children now.  But you are making much more than Dad did.

Thurs A.M. the 11

Just walked to the mailbox on 5th & mailed birthday cards to Andy from Dale & mine.  Just think 16 yrs old.  Where has the time gone.

Thanks for the pictures of your front door.  I like it a lot.  It's nice you like to keep your home & yard in such good conditions.  A good hobby.  And it is nice that you work together on projects.  When Dad worked I was the go for helper & he did the real work.  I remember how hard he worked trying to get elec. wiring thru the walls for new plugs.  Old houses don't have many elec. outlets & Dad added a lot of them.  He'd be in the room trying to get wires thru & I'd be at the opening trying to pull it thru.  Many happy memories.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday, August 29, 2003

Before I got my hair done, I went to CVS & picked up a refill prescription  had my hair done; & went to the bank for Sept. expenses.  After I put it in each envelope (food, hair, spend, etc.)  Then Barb & I went to Jamestown.  No decent styles for older women.  Sears now has Lands End & I got a pair of those 29.50 shoes they advertise.   Good for bad weather. Ordered a pair last yr. & the size was way too big.  The 8 1/2 B fit perfectly.  Barb got a pair of light purpose jeans at Penney's.  Stretch material.  I looked for a birthday gift for you Paul, but nothing appealed to me.  So I plan to send money for birthday & you can choose your own sweater or shirt or whatever appeals to you.

We got the Penney's Christmas catalogue this past week.  If you have suggestions, please sent them.  Otherwise it will be money & yo can buy for the boys or they can spend it at after Christmas sales.

Barb & I have talked bout going out to lunch or dinner & we finally went tonite.  I told Dale I wasn't preparing dinner -- I needed a vacation -- & the 3 of us went to Chiodo's.  Dale & I had steaks & Barb had the fish fry.  I had coconut cream pie.  I really celebrated!  They have good food.  Laurie Heckler was our waitress.  Danny is a senior in college & Allison a senior at Warren.  She is a good athlete & has the body for it.

The Mets had a great series against the Braves.  Last nite's game was so exciting.  The Mets made 2 errors in the 9th inning & I thought they'll lose.  "O ye of little faith".  They wont the game 3-1, as well as the series.

Tonite the Braves are at Pittsburgh & in the 3rd inning the Pirates lead 3-1.

Dale has found things in the attic he forget he had.  All the instruction sheets of the stereo equipment he bought.  He saved magazines & now he realizes he needs to get rid of them. Someone in Sugar Grove takes paper, plastics, etc.

Sat Aug. 30

Made an apple pie & our favorite choc. cookies this A.M.  The heat of the oven felt good as it turned cool.  We had burgers & corn on the cob for supper.  Soon I'll have pie & coffee.  I'm watching the Mets vs. Phila.  Thankfully the rain is over.  The field is wet as they had an aft. rain .  The Mets lost last nite but no score yet in the 3rd inning.

Watched the W.V.-Wisc. game this aft. & fell asleep so I missed the winning score for Wisc.  I'm back in my 2nd childhood -- as kids if we were going to stay up past our bedtime, we had to take a nap.  My bedtime is usually 10 pm  & I'm ready to get up at 6 A.M.  Tonite's game is going fast so maybe I won't stay up past my bedtime.

Labor Day

By choice, this was my regular duty day to change Dale's bed, 3 load of wash & because it is rainy & cool, I made a coffee cake & dinner rolls.  The kitchen is cleaned up & I'm watching the Mets play Atlanta.  A little rain but I hope it can be a complete game.  Right now it is 202.

Tues the 2nd.

When Dale came home for lunch today he was a little upset.  He was told he has to go to school in Rochester for 3 days.  He would have to leave after work.  He left about 6:45 & should be there by now.  He won't be home til Fri.  They provide the car & it was a van.  It was that or a Neon & he preferred the van. These sessions have something to do with trucks. He told me but I can't remember.

Again I'm watching Braves vs. Mets, on TBS.  The Mets won Sun. & are ahead 2-1 but it's only the 6th inning & a lot can happen.

Wed the 3r4

I got the glassware in the dining room washed this A.M.  so the things open to the eye are clean & shiny.

This aft. I'm watching the Mets-Brave game on ESPN and it looks like the Mets will take the series.  6-1 in the 8th.  Trachsel is pitching -- one more inning to go & he'll have pitched the entire game.  That doesn't happen very much anymore.


Not much is happening here.  Lar & Kim were here.  Torey missed Dale to give him treats. He got them from Lar & Kim.  Finally nice weather in coming.